Revision of the genus acroleucus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Brailovsky, H.

Folia Entomologica Mexicana 44: 39-120


Accession: 006340149

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Acroleucus Stal is revised. New species described are: A. gollnerae (Ecuador), A. hoberlandti (Brazil), A. inimicus (Ecuador), A. devius (Peru), A. marinoi (Colombia), A. lamothei (Trinidad), A. daedalus (Colombia), A. dollingi (Colombia), A. argutus (Colombia) and A. phoenix (Peru and Ecuador). A. sulcatus Osborn, 1901 and A. sceleratus Distant, 1893 are considered synonyms and are included within A. signaticollis Stal, 1871 and A. signoretii Stal, 1871, this being the valid species. A. flavosepius is tentatively maintained within this genus as incertae-sedis. A. vicinalis Distant is removed from this genus and a new generic status is sugested for it. New distribution data are given for most species and the zoogeography of the group is discussed. It is of Neotropical origin with its dispersion center being northern South America. Polymorphism of some species is discussed. A key to the species is given, with illustrations of the majority and drawing of the genitalia of both sexes.