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Revision of the genus macropostrongylus and descriptions of 3 new genera popovastrongylus new genus dorcopsinema new genus and arundelia new genus nematoda trichonematidae

Revision of the genus macropostrongylus and descriptions of 3 new genera popovastrongylus new genus dorcopsinema new genus and arundelia new genus nematoda trichonematidae

Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 101(2-4): 51-62

The genus Macropostrongylus is redefined and revised. Species retained in the genus are M. macropostrongylus, M. macrostoma, M. yorkei, M. lesouefi and M. irma. New genera are proposed: POPOVASTRONGYLUS for M. wallabiae, M. pearsoni and M. irma n. sp.: DORCOPSINEMA for M. dorcopsis; ARUNDELIA for M. dissimilis, M. australis, M. cornutus and M. minor are referred to Cloacina; M. labiatus to Zoniolaimus, and M. baylisi to Macroprostrongyloides. The genus Gelanostrongylus is suppressed. Cloacina daveyi nom. nov. is proposed for C. australis Johnston and Mawson nec C. australis (Yorke and Maplestone).

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Accession: 006340316

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