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Rheological and particle size changes in corn oil in water emulsions stabilized by 7s soybean proteins

Reeve, M.; Sherman, P.

Food Microstructure 5(1): 163-168


Accession: 006341403

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The viscoelastic properties and mean drop size (Dm) of corn oil-in-wter emulsions stabilized by 0.5-1.5% (wt/wt) 7S soybean proteins have been examined at various pH's. Changes in these parameters when the emulsions were stored at 4-5.degree. C were measured also. Viscoelasticity parameters were derived from time-dependent strain behaviour at a constant low shear stress of 41.7 dyne cm-2. Although each emulsion showed a continuous increase in Dm during storage, due to drop coalescence, its instantaneous elastic modulus (Go) rose initially over several days to an optimum value and then subsequently decreased. The trends in Dm and Go, which indicated that the dominant process during early storage was drop flocculation and drop coalescence at longer times, were used to deduce the structure of the flocculated drop networks.

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