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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6343

Chapter 6343 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Malm L., 1988: Rhinomanometry and nasal peak expiratory and inspiratory flow rate

Sunden L., 1982: Rhinomanometry and septo plasty

Bende M., 1987: Rhinomanometry at selection for adenoidectomy

Unno T., 1986: Rhinomanometry by air and helium oxygen mixture part i

Beckingham E., 1987: Rhinomanometry do the anterior and posterior methods give equivalent results

Malm L., 1985: Rhinomanometry in routine allergen challenge

Unno T., 1984: Rhinomanometry in the assessment of nasal patency

Connell J.T., 1982: Rhinometry measurement of nasal patency

Whitehead D.R., 1980: Rhinoncus bruchoides new record for the western hemisphere and a revised key to the north american species of the genus rhinoncus coleoptera curculionidae ceutorhynchinae

Butenko, O. M., 1976: Rhinonyssids gamasoidea rhinonyssidae parasites of rails from the region of the lenkoran ussr hibernation site

Tacheix V., 1984: Rhinopharyngeal and oropharyngeal carriage of haemophilus sp in children

Sandri, G. L.; Blasi, M., 1986: Rhinopharyngeal cysts considerations on 3 cases

Herstoff, J. K.; Bogaars, H.; Mcdonald, C. J., 1978: Rhinophyco mycosis entomophthorae

Traaholt, L.; Larsen, T. E., 1978: Rhinophyma and angio sarcoma of the nose a case report

Van Gemert M.J.C., 1983: Rhinophyma treated by argon laser

Rebello C., 1985: Rhinoplasty general considerations

Manestar D., 1987: Rhinoplasty in two acts problem of the nasal tip

Klastersky J., 1982: Rhinorrhea and pseudomonas aeruginosa meningitis associated with a rhino pharyngeal tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342018

Sale J.B., 1986: Rhinos reestablished in uttar pradesh india

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342020

Torjussen W., 1979: Rhinoscopic findings in nickel workers with special emphasis on the influence of nickel exposure and smoking habits

Sullivan M., 1987: Rhinoscopy a diagnostic aid?

Lukoschus F.S., 1980: Rhinoseius rafinskii new species from ecuador and venezuela acari gamasina ascidae

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342024

Dan V., 1984: Rhinosinusitis in the child particular clinical and therapeutic aspects

Mukhamedzhanov N.Z., 1985: Rhinosinusogenic cerebral abscesses

Parfenova N.D., 1986: Rhinosinusogenic optochiasmal arachnoiditis the importance of early diagnosis

Cooper K., 1987: Rhinosporidiosis at king edward viii hospital durban south africa 1976 1985 a report of 6 cases

Thiruneelakantan K., 1980: Rhinosporidiosis in a south indian village

Al Hilli F., 1985: Rhinosporidiosis in bahrain arabian gulf

Balachandran C., 1987: Rhinosporidiosis in bovines of kanyakumari district tamil nadu india

Pospischil A., 1980: Rhinosporidiosis in the horse histological and electron microscopic study of a case

Dingemans K.P., 1983: Rhinosporidiosis in the netherlands a case including ultra microscopic features

Jamalabadi M.H., 1983: Rhinosporidiosis in trinidad

Hannah P., 1987: Rhinosporidiosis of vagina a case report

Kracker C., 1984: Rhinotracheitis of turkeys caused by a bacteria belonging to the bordetella bronchiseptica alcaligenes sp group in brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342037

Gwaltney J.M.Jr, 1980: Rhinovirus inactivation by aqueous iodine in vitro and on skin

Hendley J.O., 1985: Rhinovirus inactivation by nasal tissues treated with virucide

Ohmit S., 1987: Rhinovirus infections in tecumseh michigan usa frequency of illness and number of serotypes

Smith C.R., 1988: Rhinovirus inhibition by bufadienolides

Macnaughton, M. R.; Cooper, J. A.; Dimmock, N. J., 1976: Rhinovirus multi stranded rna dependence of the replicative form on the presence of actinomycin d

Dolan, T. M.; Fenters, J. D.; Fordyce, P. A.; Holper, J. C., 1968: Rhinovirus plaque formation in neopl wi 38 cells with methyl cellulose overlay human

Gwaltney, J. M-Jr ; Hendley, J. O., 1978: Rhinovirus transmission 1 if by air 2 if by hand

Gauntt C.J., 1979: Rhinovirus type 14 persistence in hela cells studied by use of guanidine

Griffith, M. M.; Gauntt, C. J., 1975: Rhinovirus type 14 rna polymerase complexes

Foy H.M., 1985: Rhinoviruses in seattle washington usa families 1975 1979

Hamparian V.V., 1979: Rhinoviruses kinetics of uv inactivation and effects of uv and heat on immunogenicity

Kingsolver J.M., 1984: Rhipibruchus jujuyensis new species of bruchidae coleoptera from argentina

Askenase P.W., 1983: Rhipicephalus appendiculatus larval feeding sites in guinea pigs actively sensitized and receiving immune serum

Batelli, C.; Gallo, C.; Riili, S.; Sobrero, L., 1977: Rhipicephalus of the sanguineus group of the sicilian archipelago italy rhipicephalus pusillus rhipicephalus sanguineus and rhipicephalus turanicus

Gallo, C.; Rilli, S.; Sobrero, L., 1977: Rhipicephalus pusillus in italy

Dell'uomo G., 1980: Rhipicephalus sanguineus ixodidae in the outskirts of rome italy

Ourth D.D., 1982: Rhipicephalus sanguineus localization of vitellogenin synthesis by immunological methods and electron microscopy

Szymanski S., 1979: Rhipicephalus sanguineus new record of the polish fauna of ticks parasitiformes ixodidae

Saratsiotis, A.; Battelli, C., 1975: Rhipicephalus turanicus in italy morphological comparison with rhipicephalus sanguineus acarina ixodidae

Corwin M.D., 1981: Rhipicephalus zambeziensis new species of tick from eastern and southern africa together with a re description of rhipicephalus appendiculatus acarina ixodidae

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342059

Huisman J.M., 1985: Rhipidothamnion secundum new genus new species and spermothamnion miniatum new species ceramiaceae rhodophyta from eastern australia

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342061

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342062

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342063

Thomas A.G.B., 1986: Rhithrogena ayadi new species a new mayfly from the moroccan moyen atlas ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Sartori M., 1985: Rhithrogena gorrizi and rhithrogena castellana new description of the imagos ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Sartori M., 1986: Rhithrogena gratianopolitana new species belonging to the hybrida group ephemeroptera heptageniidae from the french and swiss alps

Braasch D., 1983: Rhithrogena iranica new species from iran insecta ephemeroptera

Tanasijevic M., 1985: Rhithrogena jahorinensis new species from bosnia yugoslavia ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Degrange C., 1987: Rhithrogena of the hybrida group ephemeroptera heptageniidae from the french alps

Mohati A., 1985: Rhithrogena ourika new species a new mayfly from the moroccan haut atlas ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Braasch, D., 1977: Rhithrogena piechockii new species from mongolia ephemeroptera heptageniidae results from the mongolian german biological expedition for 1962

Kazanci N., 1986: Rhithrogena pontica new species ephemeroptera heptageniidae from turkey

Belfiore C., 1983: Rhithrogena reatina new species of the hybrida group from central italy ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Soldan T., 1987: Rhithrogena ryszardi new species a new ephemeroptera species from the middle atlas morocco and a redescription of rhithrogena soteria navas 1917 heptageniidae

Zimmermann, W., 1977: Rhithrogena teberdensis new species a new heptageniidae ephemeroptera from the drainage area of teberda river ussr west caucasus

Klonowska M., 1987: Rhithrogena wolosatkae new species a new species of the hybrida group from southern poland ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Braasch D., 1986: Rhithrogeniella tonkinensis new species ephemeroptera heptageniidae from vietnam with descriptions of the nymphal stages and biology of the genus

Kazanci N., 1985: Rhitrogena anatolica new species ephemeroptera heptageniidae from turkey

Warcup J.H., 1985: Rhizanthella gardneri orchidaceae its rhizoctonia endophyte and close association with melaleuca uncinata myrtaceae in western australia

Sparrow, F. K., 1977: Rhizidiomycopsis bullatus new species a new zoo sporic fungus

Sparrow, F. K., 1977: Rhizidiomycopsis stomatosa new species on azygo spores of gigaspora margarita

Seaby, D., 1977: Rhizina undulata on picea abies transplants

Bennett R.H., 1980: Rhizo stolons in eucalyptus

Pauli F.W., 1980: Rhizo zoogloeae at the soil plant interface fluorescence microscopic and polarization microscopic insight

Kuwata H., 1988: Rhizobacter daucus new genus new species the causal agent of carrot bacterial gall

Echandi E., 1983: Rhizobacteria influence of cultivar and soil type on plant growth and yield of potato

Schroth M.N., 1982: Rhizobacteria of sugar beets effects of seed application and root colonization on yield

Neilands J.B., 1985: Rhizobactin a structurally novel siderophore from rhizobium meliloti

Faizah, A. W.; Broughton, W. J.; John, C. K., 1980: Rhizobia in tropical legumes 11. survival in the seed environment

Tan, I. K. P.; Broughton, W. J., 1981: Rhizobia in tropical legumes 13. biochemical basis of acid and alkali reactions

Tan, I. K. P.; Broughton, W. J., 1982: Rhizobia in tropical legumes 14. ion uptake differences between fast growing and slow growing strains

Ikram, A.; Broughton, W. J., 1980: Rhizobia in tropical legumes 7. effectiveness of different isolates on psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Ikaram, A.; Broughton, W. J., 1980: Rhizobia in tropical legumes 8. serological characteristics of psophocarpus tetragonolobus isolates

Ikram, A.; Broughton, W. J., 1980: Rhizobia in tropical legumes 9. pot and field trials with inoculants for psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Jarrell W.M., 1987: Rhizobial ecology of the woody legume mesquite prosopis glandulosa in the sonoran desert

Jarrell W.M., 1988: Rhizobial ecology of the woody legume psorothamnus spinosus in a sonoran desert california arroyo

Fjellheim K.E., 1984: Rhizobial polysaccharide degrading enzymes from roots of legumes

Brink B.A., 1988: Rhizobial purine and pyrimidine auxotrophs nutrient supplementation genetic analysis and the symbiotic requirement for de novo purine biosynthesis

Wills B.J., 1982: Rhizobial rhizobium inoculation of siberian pea shrub caragana arborescens for semi arid re vegetation

Vance C.P., 1982: Rhizobial strain preference of alfalfa medicago sativa populations selected for characteristics associated with nitrogen fixation

Barrios, S.; Gonzalez, V., 1971: Rhizobial symbiosis on venezuelan savannas

Madtes P.C., 1986: Rhizobins a group of peptide in the free amino acid pool of the soybean and rhizobium system

Angle J.S., 1988: Rhizobiophage effects on bradyrhizobium japonicum nodulation and soybean growth

Eaglesham A.R.J., 1986: Rhizobitoxine a phytotoxin of unknown function which is commonly produced by bradyrhizobia

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342107

Freire, J. R. J., 1977: Rhizobium and leguminosae a symbiosis of benefit to mankind

Kondorosi A., 1988: Rhizobium fix genes mediate at least two communication steps in symbiotic nodule development

Ludwig R.A., 1984: Rhizobium free living nitrogen fixation occurs in specialized nongrowing cells

Beunard P., 1984: Rhizobium growth in institute for tropical agriculture research fermentors and survival in inoculants

Tucker C.L., 1982: Rhizobium host specificities in phaseolus coccineus and phaseolus vulgaris

Kabi, M. C.; Bhaduri, P. N., 1980: Rhizobium induced chlorosis in soybean 2. effect of aging

Kijne J.W., 1986: Rhizobium induces marked root hair curling by redirection of tip growth a computer simulation

Bauer W.D., 1984: Rhizobium infection and nodule development in soybean glycine max cultivar williams are affected by exposure of the cotyledons to light

Rolfe B.G., 1988: Rhizobium infection of leucaena leucocephala via the formation of infection threads in curled root hairs

Pueppke S.G., 1983: Rhizobium infection threads in root hairs of glycine max glycine soja and vigna unguiculata

Tran-Phuoc-Duong ; Cao-Ngoc-Diep ; Nguyen-Tri-Khiem ; Nguyen-Huu-Hiep ; Nguyen-Van-Toi ; Nguyen-Van-Lich ; Le-Thi-Kieu-Nhan, 1984: Rhizobium inoculant for soybean glycine max cultivar mtd 10 in mekong delta vietnam 2. response of soybean to chemical nitrogen fertilizer and rhizobium inoculation

Tran-Phuoc-Duong ; Cao-Ngoc-Diep ; Nguyen-Tri-Khiem ; Nguyen-Huu-Hiep ; Nguyen-Van-Toi ; Nguyen-Van-Lich ; Le-Thi-Kieu-Nhan, 1984: Rhizobium inoculant for soybean glycine max in mekong delta vietnam 1. response of soybean to rhizobium inoculation

Ikram A., 1983: Rhizobium inoculation of calopogonium caeruleum

Patil R.B., 1981: Rhizobium inoculation of legumes and their effect on associated finger millet eleusine coracana under dry farming conditions

Kuykendall, L. D.; Elkan, G. H., 1976: Rhizobium japonicum derivatives differing in nitrogen fixing efficiency and carbohydrate utilization

Arp D.J., 1985: Rhizobium japonicum hydrogenase purification to homogeneity from soybean nodules and molecular characterization

Kabi, M. C.; Bhaduri, P. N., 1979: Rhizobium japonicum induced chlorosis in soybean 1. effect of population density of the inoculants

Chakraborty B.N., 1981: Rhizobium japonicum macrophomina phaseolina interaction affecting phyto alexin production and disease resistance of soybean glycine max

Maier R.J., 1981: Rhizobium japonicum mutant strains unable to grow chemo autotrophically with hydrogen

Merberg D.M., 1982: Rhizobium japonicum mutants that are hyper sensitive to repression of hydrogen uptake by oxygen

Acquaah G., 1984: Rhizobium japonicum nitrogen and phosphorus effects on nodulation symbiotic nitrogen fixation and yield of soybean glycine max in the southern savanna of ghana

Hennecke H., 1984: Rhizobium japonicum nitrogenase iron protein gene nif h

Wollum A.G.II, 1985: Rhizobium japonicum nodular occupancy nitrogen accumulation and yield for determinate soybean glycine max under conservation and conventional tillage

Chartrain N., 1988: Rhizobium japonicum usa 191 has two nod d genes that differ in primary structure and function

Blondeau, R., 1977: Rhizobium legume symbiosis and problems of infectivity efficiency and host specificity

Brun' G.A., 1981: Rhizobium leguminosarum ability to transform l tryptophan and synthesize indolic compounds

Kutin A.A., 1979: Rhizobium leguminosarum nitrogen fixing activity in different phases of host plant growth

Patel J.J., 1982: Rhizobium loti new species of legume root nodule bacteria

Philpotts H., 1979: Rhizobium lupini strains and inoculation rate for direct drilled lupines

Cho M.J., 1986: Rhizobium meliloti 102f51 mutants defective in heme synthesis

Kondorosi A., 1985: Rhizobium meliloti carries 2 megaplasmids

Brill W.J., 1984: Rhizobium meliloti competitiveness and the alfalfa medicago sativa agglutinin

Han S., 1988: Rhizobium meliloti genes required for c 4 dicarboxylate transport and symbiotic nitrogen fixation are located on a megaplasmid

Ditta G., 1986: Rhizobium meliloti genes required for nodule development are related to chromosomal virulence genes in agrobacterium tumefaciens

Ausubel F.M., 1987: Rhizobium meliloti has three functional copies of the nod d symbiotic regulatory gene

Kondorosi A., 1987: Rhizobium meliloti insertion element isr m 2 and its use for identification of the fix x gene

Walker G.C., 1988: Rhizobium meliloti mutants that overproduce the rhizobium meliloti acidic calcofluor binding exopolysaccharide

Puehler A., 1987: Rhizobium meliloti nif n fix f gene is part of an operon regulated by a nif a dependent promoter and codes for a polypeptide homologous to the nif k gene product

Ausubel F.M., 1984: Rhizobium meliloti nodulation genes allow agrobacterium tumefaciens and escherichia coli to form pseudonodules on alfalfa

Long S.R., 1985: Rhizobium meliloti nodulation genes identification of nod dabc gene products purification of nod a protein and expression of nod a in rhizobium meliloti

Ausubel F.M., 1987: Rhizobium meliloti ntr a rpo n gene is required for diverse metabolic functions

Schmitt R., 1987: Rhizobium meliloti swims by unidirectional intermittent rotation of right handed flagellar helices

Bisseling T. , 1987: Rhizobium nod genes are involved in the induction of two early nodulin genes in vicia sativa root nodules

Rolfe B.G., 1985: Rhizobium nodulation genes involved in root hair curling hac are functionally conserved

Sandhu G.R., 1979: Rhizobium phaseoli inoculation as an aid in mung bean phaseolus aureus vigna radiata cultivation

Cevallos M.A., 1984: Rhizobium phaseoli symbiotic mutants with transposon tn 5 insertions

Jones D.G., 1987: Rhizobium population genetics effect of clover variety and inoculum dilution on the genetic diversity sampled from natural populations

Young J.P.W., 1985: Rhizobium population genetics enzyme polymorphism in isolates from peas clover beans and lucerne grown at the same site

Apte R.G., 1987: Rhizobium population genetics enzyme polymorphism in rhizobium leguminosarum from plants and soil in a pea crop

Steele K.W., 1985: Rhizobium populations in maize fields of the north island new zealand

Date R.A., 1986: Rhizobium requirements for two accessions of gliricidia maculata

Panitz R.B., 1984: Rhizobium screening for a range of crop and pasture legumes lists of strains of rhizobium and host legumes forming effective nitrogen fixing associations

Norris D.O., 1979: Rhizobium screening of stylosanthes species for effectiveness in nitrogen fixation

Ludwig R.A., 1984: Rhizobium sp strain ors 571 ammonium assimilation and nitrogen fixation

Ludwig R.A., 1986: Rhizobium sp strain ors 571 grows synergistically on nitrogen and nicotinate as nitrogen sources

Harfold M., 1982: Rhizobium species 32h 1 associated with wheat triticum aestivum cultivar arkas and petunia petunia hybrida cultivar cyanidintyp invasion of plant root tissue

Kumarasinghe, R. M. K.; Nutman, P. S., 1977: Rhizobium stimulated callose formation in clover root hairs and its relation to infection

Dobereiner J., 1985: Rhizobium strain effects on nitrogen transport and distribution in soybeans glycine max

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342171

Rosendahl L., 1984: Rhizobium strain effects on yield and bleeding sap amino compounds in pisum sativum cultivar bodil

Butler K.L., 1983: Rhizobium strain evaluation of glycine max cultivar davis vigna mungo cultivar regur and vigna unguiculata cultivar caloona for 3 soils in glasshouse and field experiments

Clark K.W., 1980: Rhizobium strain selection for faba beans vicia faba

Ausubel F.M., 1987: Rhizobium symbiotic genes required for nodulation of legume and nonlegume hosts

Poelt J., 1985: Rhizocarpon bryonthae new species from greenland a parasitic lichen on the bryicolous pertusaria bryontha

Poelt, J., 1988: Rhizocarpon ram. em. th. fr. subgenus rhizocarpon in europe

Timdal E., 1986: Rhizocarpon santessonii new species a new parasitic lichen from norway

Somerton D.A., 1986: Rhizocephalan infection in blue king crabs paralithodes platypus from olga bay kodiak island alaska usa

Poorman L.H., 1981: Rhizochilus neogastropoda coralliophilidae in the gulf of california usa

Reaser D.F., 1980: Rhizocorallium in the upper austin chalk ellis county texas usa

Loeffler W., 1988: Rhizocticins new phosphono oligopeptides with antifungal activity

Addor E., 1982: Rhizoctonia blight on water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes in the usa

Olofsson B., 1987: Rhizoctonia canker and black scurf rhizoctonia solani kuhn on potatoes

Burpee L., 1980: Rhizoctonia cerealis causes yellow patch of turf grasses

Fehrmann H., 1979: Rhizoctonia cerealis on cereals in west germany

Akhavizadegan D., 1986: Rhizoctonia crown and root rot of pepper in iran

Castanho, B.; Butler, E. E., 1978: Rhizoctonia decline a degenerative disease of rhizoctonia solani

Castanho, B.; Butler, E. E., 1978: Rhizoctonia decline studies on hypo virulence and potential use in biological control

Hall D.H., 1982: Rhizoctonia disease of potato solanum tuberosum effect on yield and control by seed tuber treatment

Russell W.A., 1981: Rhizoctonia disease on potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar netted gem in southern manitoba canada in 1980

Martin S.B., 1985: Rhizoctonia foliar blight of cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata in new york state usa

Hoffmann G.M., 1980: Rhizoctonia like fungi and rhizoctonia solani thanatephorus cucumeris on cereals

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342196

Ui T., 1981: Rhizoctonia root rot of bean phaseolus vulgaris soybean glycine max and adzuki bean phaseolus radiatus var aureus seedlings

Petersen R.R., 1986: Rhizoctonia root rot of small grains favored by reduced tillage in the pacific northwest

Sohi H.S., 1983: Rhizoctonia seed rot of bitter gourd momordica charantia and muskmelon cucumis melo

Vidie M., 1986: Rhizoctonia solani a parasite of soybeans in yugoslavia

Yap M.Y., 1979: Rhizoctonia solani a seed borne pathogen of french bean in malaysia

Verma, H. S.; Thapliyal, P. N., 1976: Rhizoctonia solani aerial blight of soybean

Scott D.B., 1985: Rhizoctonia solani associated with crater disease stunting of wheat in south africa

Kurppa A., 1984: Rhizoctonia solani damping off on spring turnip rape and spring rape brassica spp in finland

Mall, S., 1975: Rhizoctonia solani diseases of legume crops as affected by trichoderma viride

Orellana, R. G.; Sloger, C.; Miller, V. L., 1976: Rhizoctonia solani rhizobium japonicum interactions in relation of yield parameters of soybean

Sankaran K.V., 1984: Rhizoctonia solani web blight of albizia falcataria in india

Grisham M.P., 1983: Rhizoctonia spp associated with brown patch of st augustine grass stenotaphrum secundatum

Christensen M.J., 1979: Rhizoctonia spp associated with diseased turf grasses in new zealand

Sivasithamparam K., 1985: Rhizoctonia spp associated with root rots of subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum in western australia

Gladders, P.; Coley-Smith, J. R., 1978: Rhizoctonia tuliparum a winter active pathogen

Judy W.H., 1982: Rhizoctonia web blight of soybeans glycine max cultivar davis in puerto rico

Nishikawa, T.; Ui, T., 1976: Rhizoctonias isolated from wild orchids in hokkaido

Asenov R., 1981: Rhizoctoniosis rhizoctonia solani of potato seed producing fields in the middle rhodope mountains bulgaria and the possibilities of its chemical control

Andrews S.M., 1985: Rhizodont crossopterygian fish from the dinantian of foulden berwickshire scotland uk with a reevaluation of this group

Hambleton E.J., 1979: Rhizoecus mealybugs of texas usa with description of rhizoecus brevirostris new species homoptera pseudococcidae

Magaritz M., 1987: Rhizofossils and root grooves in the judean desert and their paleoenvironmental significance

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Thuault, R., 1976: Rhizogenesis of hypocotyl fragments of 2 halophytes atriplex arenaria and atriplex littoralis effect of light on neo formation of roots

Vartanian N., 1983: Rhizogenic activity during water stress induced senescence in brassica napus var oleifera

Cerruti M.C., 1979: Rhizogenic rhythm in vitro and cambial activity in aucuba japonica in toto

Lener M., 1981: Rhizogenous efficiency of chlorogenic acid by a biological test

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342227

Thorens D., 1985: Rhizoglyphus robini acari astigmata acaridae as a soil mite

Blaschke H., 1981: Rhizographic investigation of fine root systems of silver fir abies alba stands in bavaria west germany

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Nagata, Y., 1979: Rhizoid differentiation in spirogyra 3. intra cellular localization of phytochrome

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Risse S., 1985: Rhizoidal tubers on ditrichum heteromallum

Balazy S., 1984: Rhizoids of entomophthora muscae entomophthorales entomophthoraceae

Horak, I.; Schloesser, E., 1980: Rhizomania 4. symptom expression yield reduction

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342236

Sultana, T., 1976: Rhizomastix dastagiri new species mastigophora rhizomastigida a new flagellate from the gut of the cockroach periplaneta americana

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342238

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Halle N., 1979: Rhizome architecture of some african and pacific zingiberaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342241

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Fraile Ortega M.E., 1982: Rhizome scale diversity and structure in microgramma polypodiaceae sensu stricto pteridophyta

Brooke B., 1985: Rhizomes and roots below clipped pinegrass calamagrostis rubescens tillers have a higher percent carbohydrate when attached to other nonclipped tillers

Markham K.R., 1986: Rhizomnium magnifolium and rhizomnium pseudopunctatum the first mosses to yield flavone glucuronides

Crundwell, A. C., 1978: Rhizomnium magnifolium new record in the british isles

Koponen, T.; Lai, M. J., 1976: Rhizomnium tuomikoskii new record mniaceae newly recorded from taiwan

Colotelo N., 1984: Rhizomorph exudate of armillaria mellea

Watanabe T., 1986: Rhizomorph production in armillaria mellea in vitro stimulated by macrophoma sp and several other fungi

Fiil N.P., 1988: Rhizomucor miehei triglyceride lipase is synthesized as a precursor

Maggenti A.R., 1983: Rhizonema sequoiae new genus new species from coast redwood sequoia sempervirens

Tomlinson, P. B., 1978: Rhizophora in australasia some clarification of taxonomy and distribution

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Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342258

Monoharachary, G.; Venkateshwarlu, K., 1976: Rhizoplane myco flora of some oilseed vegetable and medicinal plants

Section 7, Chapter 6343, Accession 006342260

Lapis K., 1979: Rhizoplast in experimental and human liver tumors

Melkonian M., 1979: Rhizoplast membrane associations in the flagellate tetraselmis cordiformis chlorophyceae revealed by freeze etching and thin sections

Adamkova, A.; Vanova, M.; Lavicka, M., 1978: Rhizopus cohnii as the case of mucor mycotic abortion in cattle

Thompson T.E., 1979: Rhizopus head rot of cultivated sunflower helianthus annuus in texas usa

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