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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6345

Chapter 6345 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Wang K.; Herrera Estrella L.; Van Montagu M.; Zambryski P., 1984: Right 25 base pair terminus sequence of the nopaline t dna is essential for and determines direction of dna transfer from agrobacterium to the plant genome

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Yadav L.D.S.; Misra A.R.; Singh H., 1988: Ring transformation of michael adducts of 4 benzylidene 5 oxazolones and 3 mercapto s triazoles to 2 3 dihydro 4h s triazolo 3 4 b 1 3 thiazin 4 ones with some antifungal activity

Sugimoto T.; Nishioka N.; Murata S.; Matsuura S., 1987: Ring transformation of pterins to guanines

Charushin V.N.; Van Der Plas H.C., 1983: Ring transformations in reactions of hetero cyclic compounds with nucleophiles 1 3 cyclo adducts and 1 4 cyclo adducts as intermediates in the pyrimidine to pyridine ring transformation of 5 nitro pyrimidines by alpha phenyl acetamidines

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Wyss U.; Bickel H., 1988: Ripe beans of canavalia ensiformis jackbean as feed ingredient for monogastric animals

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Labussiere J.; Ruiz M.C.; Combaud J.F., 1979: Rise in the intra mammary pressure of the ewe after injection of water into the inguinal artery

Ekelund, R., 1977: Rise in the ratio heavy to light extractable ribosomal rna during sprouting of bird cherry buds

Belizan J.M.; Pineda O.; Sainz E.; Menendez L.A.; Villar J., 1981: Rise of blood pressure in calcium deprived pregnant rats

Crane D.; Haeussinger D.; Sies H., 1982: Rise of coenzyme a glutathione mixed di sulfide during hydro per oxide metabolism in perfused rat liver

Koizumi O.; Maeda N., 1981: Rise of feeding threshold in satiated hydra japonica

Corongiu F.P.; Milia A., 1982: Rise of hepatic glutathione concentration induced in rats by chronic lead nitrate treatment its role in afla toxin b 1 intoxication

Eguchi, Y.; Arishima, K.; Morikawa, Y.; Hashimoto, Y., 1977: Rise of plasma cortico sterone concentrations in rats immediately before and after birth and in fetal rats after the ligation of maternal uterine blood vessels or of the umbilical cord

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Hruskova, H., 1983: Rise of tillering zone in lucerne 4. root collar in 3rd and 4th years of ontogenesis

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Uppal H.L.; Mangat N.S., 1983: Rise of water table and development of waterlogging in the kotkapura tract india causes and cures

Taylor P.; Rixon F.; Desselberger U., 1985: Rise per base pair in helices of double stranded rotavirus rna determined by electron microscopy

De-Groot, G.; Boontje, W.; Greve, J.; Boersma, H. J., 1977: Rise process of electric birefringence for arbitrary fields

Blankenship, R. E.; Mcguire, A.; Sauer, K., 1977: Rise time of epr signal ii vf in chloroplast photosystem ii

Suzuki T.; Horiuchi K., 1981: Rise time of pure tone stimuli in brain stem response audiometry

Freeman R.; Gould F.K., 1985: Rises in antibody to enteric gram negative bacilli after open heart surgery a possible mechanism for postoperative pyrexia

Schrems W.; Glaab Schrems E.; Krieglstein G.K., 1985: Rises in intraocular pressure in postcataract surgery with the neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser

Schmidt O.W.; Allan I.D.; Cooney M.K.; Foy H.M.; Fox J.P., 1986: Rises in titers of antibody to human coronaviruses oc 43 and 229e in seattle washington usa families during 1975 1979

Daunter B., 1985: Rish iv immunoglobulin diversity

Woodward S.; Pegg G.F., 1986: Rishitin accumulation elicited in resistant and susceptible isolines of tomato by mycelial extracts and filtrates from cultures of verticillium albo atrum

Beczner J.; Lund B.M.; Bayliss C.E., 1979: Rishitin phytuberin lubimin and solavetivone in tissue of tubers infected with erwinia carotovora var atroseptica or with phytophthora infestans

Storr J.; Barrell E.; Lenney W., 1988: Rising asthma admissions and self referral

Nicholson, J. R.; Aust, J. C., 1978: Rising carcino embryonic antigen titers in colo rectal carcinoma an indication for the second look procedure

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Hagerty D.J.; Lippert K., 1982: Rising ground water problem or resource?

White E.; Daling J.R.; Norsted T.L.; Chu J., 1987: Rising incidence of breast cancer among young women in washington state usa

Nayyar K.C.; Stolz E.; Michel M.F., 1979: Rising incidence of chancroid in rotterdam netherlands epidemiological clinical diagnostic and therapeutic aspects

Boyce W.J.; Vessey M.P., 1985: Rising incidence of fracture of the proximal femur

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Compton P.A., 1985: Rising mortality in hungary

Chung M.; Leitz F.H.; Maier G.; Patrick J.E.; Gural R.P.; Symchowicz S., 1986: Rising multiple dose pharmacokinetics of labetalol in hypertensive patients

Reznik Y.; Herrou M.; Dehennin L.; Lemaire M.; Leymarie P., 1987: Rising plasma levels of 19 nortestosterone throughout pregnancy determination by radioimmunoassay and validation by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Gault M.H.; Gallway B.; Fine A.; Vasdev S., 1984: Rising serum digoxin without further dosage in acute renal failure

Eto H., 1988: Rising tail in bradford distribution its interpretation and application

Ruedell E.; Bonte W.; Sprung R.; Frauenrath C., 1981: Rising tide symptomatology after excessive drinking

Riley, R. L., 1976: Rising tuberculosis rate in baltimore city

Penners B M.; Bilzer N., 1987: Rising up eructation and breath alcohol concentration

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Fletcher R.I., 1985: Risk analysis for fish diversion experiments pumped intake systems

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Matsubara J.; Ishioka K.; Shibata O.; Katoh K., 1986: Risk analysis of multiple environmental factors radiation zinc cadmium and calcium

Nullet D.; Giambelluca T.W., 1988: Risk analysis of seasonal agricultural drought on low pacific islands

Singels A.; De Jager J.M., 1988: Risk analysis of wheat production in the central orange free state south africa using a growth model

Isenberg G., 1979: Risk and advantages of using strongly beveled micro electrodes for electro physiological studies in cardiac purkinje fibers

Ruckhaeberle K E.; Vogtmann C.; Viehweg B., 1981: Risk and benefit of intra venous tocolytic therapy for imminent premature birth with premature rupture of membranes

Popp J.W., 1987: Risk and effectiveness in the use of agonistic displays by american goldfinches

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W, H. O., 1978: Risk approach for maternal and child health care a managerial strategy to improve the coverage and quality of maternal and child health family planning services based on the measurement of individual and community risk/

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Hinderer U.T.; Urriolagoitia F.; Vildosola R., 1986: Risk areas in rhytidectomy

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Beliles R.P.; Parker J.C., 1987: Risk assessment and oncodynamics of ethylene oxide as related to occupational exposure

Suter G.W.II; Vaughan D.S.; Gardner R.H., 1983: Risk assessment by analysis of extrapolation error a demonstration for effects of pollutants on fish

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Feagans T.B.; Biller W.F., 1981: Risk assessment describing the protection provided by ambient air quality standards

Muschett F.D., 1981: Risk assessment developing standards within a geographic perspective

Fischhoff B.; Whipple C., 1981: Risk assessment evaluating error in subjective estimates

Camargos P.A.M.; Guimaraes M.D.C.; Antunes C.M.F., 1988: Risk assessment for acquiring meningitis tuberculosis among children not vaccinated with bcg a case control study

Dubin N.; Pasternack B.S., 1986: Risk assessment for case control subgroups by polychotomous logistic regression

Mirkova E., 1980: Risk assessment for injuries during pregnancy under the effect of the thiazole accelerant altax

Cordle F.; Locke R.; Springer J., 1982: Risk assessment in a federal regulatory agency an assessment of risk associated with the human consumption of some species of fish contaminated with poly chlorinated bi phenyls

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Brand K.G.; Brand I., 1980: Risk assessment of carcinogenesis at implantation sites

Kim S.K., 1981: Risk assessment of earthquake disaster mitigation program at shimizu city shizuoka prefecture japan mass evacuation

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