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Risk of pulmonary complications in surgical patients

Resuscitation 10(1): 33-42

Risk of pulmonary complications in surgical patients

Pulmonary complications in a group of > 20,000 surgical patients between 1971 and 1980 were examined, as well as the pulmonary state of 100 surgical patients who died within 10 days of operation. The factors related to the patient's constitutions, nature of the surgical disease, operation and anesthesia. Equal and homogeneous groups were considered in respect to all factors, which were analyzed retrospectively from 1980 to 1971. The mean frequency of pulmonary complications in the department of general surgery was 12%. The main risk factors of pulmonary complications were duration > 4 h of the operation (59%), age > 70 yr (48%) and obesity (35%). They were followed in decreasing order by sepsis, hypovolemia and particular sites of operation. Severe pulmonary complications, bronchopneumonia, pneumonia and thromboembolism contribute to mortality.

Accession: 006345665

PMID: 6291116

DOI: 10.1016/0300-9572(82)90006-5

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