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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6347

Chapter 6347 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhdanov V.M., 1979: Rna and proteins of influenza a ussr 90 77 viruses

Galehouse, D. M.; Duesberg, P. H., 1976: Rna and proteins of the kirsten sarcoma xenotropic leukemia virus complex propagated in rat nrk kidney and duck cells

Jiranova A., 1984: Rna and ribosomal protein patterns during aerial spore germination in streptomyces granaticolor

Zalewski K., 1982: Rna and ribosomal protein synthesis during germination of unripe and aged wheat caryopses

Staurengo Da Cunha M.A.P., 1985: Rna and the phases of oogenesis in workers of scaptotrigona postica hymenoptera apiidae

Grabiec S., 1984: Rna and total protein in tissues of host snails lymnaea tomentosa during larval invasion of fasciola hepatica

Axelsen N.H., 1982: Rna antigen from the reiter treponeme used in an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for antibodies in syphilis

Penin Yu V., 1982: Rna as a modulator of secondary immunological deficiency and dys nucleotidosis

Cech T.R., 1988: Rna as an rna polymerase net elongation of an rna primer catalyzed by the tetrahymena ribozyme

Markelova N.Ju, 1986: Rna assimilation by the extracellular bacterial parasite micavibrio admirandus

Paterson, B. M.; Segal, S.; Lueders, K. K.; Kuff, E. L., 1978: Rna associated with murine intra cisternal type a particles codes for the main particle protein

Ota M., 1988: Rna association with androgen receptor from rat submandibular gland

Engelberg, H.; Soudry, E., 1971: Rna bacterio phage release requirement for host controlled protein synthesis

Zennaro E., 1980: Rna base or whole cell nucleotide composition of yeast

Olson M.O.J., 1987: Rna binding fragments from nucleolin contain the ribonucleoprotein consensus sequence

Bautz E.K.F., 1988: Rna binding properties of heterogenous nuclear rnp proteins

Gorbalenya, A. E.; Chumakov, K. M.; Agol, V. I., 1978: Rna binding properties of nonstructural poly peptide g of encephalomyocarditis virus

Holmes K.V., 1986: Rna binding proteins of bovine rotavirus

Holmes K.V., 1986: Rna binding proteins of coronavirus mouse hepatitis virus detection of monomeric and multimeric n protein with an rna overlay protein blot assay

Ovchinnikov, L. P.; Seriakova, T. A.; Avanesov, A. T.; Alzhanova, A. T.; Radzhabov, H. M.; Spirin, A. S., 1978: Rna binding proteins of rabbit reticulocytes isolation and electrophoretic characteristics

Chulitskaya E.V., 1979: Rna binding proteins of rana temporaria oocytes incorporation into informosomes of oocytes in vivo

O'brien T.W., 1988: Rna binding proteins of the large subunit of bovine mitochondrial ribosomes

Elizarov, S. M.; Stepanov, A. S., 1978: Rna binding proteins of the oocytes of the frog rana temporaria isolation by affinity chromatography and radioactive labeling in vitro

Uhlenbeck O.C., 1987: Rna binding site of r17 coat protein

Burdon, R. H., 1976: Rna biosynthesis

Aver'yanov, A. V.; Mikhailov, G. A.; Zerov-Yu, P.; Khovanskikh, A. E., 1978: Rna biosynthesis and control of protein biosynthesis in chick liver in experimental coccidiosis

Shilov, L. A., 1977: Rna biosynthesis in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells and zajdela hepatoma during blocked oxidative phosphorylation

Micu, D.; Mihailescu, E.; Ion, V.; Olinescu, V., 1977: Rna biosynthesis in lymphocytes from various chronic diseases cytochemical and cyto auto radiographic optic and electronic study

Galkin, A. P.; Mitrokhin-Yu, I.; Todorov, I. N., 1976: Rna biosynthesis in mitochondria during prolonged inhibition of protein biosynthesis in rat liver cytoplasm

Paskevich I.F., 1984: Rna biosynthesis in rat tissues during experimental peritonitis

Zeichner, M.; Rojkind, M., 1976: Rna biosynthesis in the chick embryo during development and its relation to collagen synthesis

Smulson, M. E.; Thomas, J., 1969: Rna biosynthesis of human cells during amino acid deprivation

Tempel K., 1981: Rna breakdown in spleen and thymus cells of rats after whole body x irradiation

Shuman S., 1982: Rna capping by hela cell rna guanylyl transferase characterization of a covalent protein guanylate intermediate

Hurwitz J., 1984: Rna capping by the vaccinia virus guanylyltransferase structure of enzyme guanylate intermediate

El-Gewely, M. R.; Tyson, H., 1978: Rna changes in environmentally induced flax linum usitatissimum genotrophs

Hollis T.M., 1981: Rna changes in medial cells in evans blue positive regions of the dog aorta

Gigova L., 1986: Rna colony hybridization method

Huth W., 1988: Rna complementary dna hybridization and infectivity tests suggest that barley yellow mosaic virus isolate m has a bipartite genome

Feldman L.T., 1987: Rna complementary to a herpesvirus alpha gene messenger rna is prominent in latently infected neurons

Loesch Fries L.S., 1987: Rna complementary to alfalfa mosaic virus rna 4 is not translated in vitro

Rogers J.C., 1988: Rna complementary to alpha amylase messenger rna in barley

Araullo Cruz T., 1988: Rna complementary to herpes simplex virus type 1 icp0 gene demonstrated in neurons of human trigeminal ganglia

Stavnezer, E.; Ringold, G.; Varmus, H. E.; Bishop, J. M., 1976: Rna complementary to the genome of rna tumor viruses in virions and virus producing cells

Davidson E.H., 1979: Rna complexity in developing sea urchin oocytes

Pironcheva G.L., 1982: Rna components of 40 heterogeneous ribo nucleo protein particles in rat liver and brain

Maisel, J.; Klement, V.; Lai, M. M. C.; Ostertag, W.; Duesberg, P., 1973: Rna components of murine sarcoma and leukemia viruses

Anon, M. C.; Grau, O.; Segovia, Z. M.; Franze-Fernandez, M. T., 1976: Rna composition of junin virus

Chernysheva S.V., 1979: Rna concentration in moto neurons and glial cells of the spinal cord under prolonged antidromic activation

Bamstedt U., 1983: Rna concentration in zoo plankton seasonal variation in boreal species

Skjoldal H.R., 1980: Rna concentration of zoo plankton relationship with size and growth

Meares C.F., 1986: Rna contacts subunits iio and iic in hela rna polymerase ii transcription complexes

Duprey P., 1985: Rna containing b 2 repeated sequences are transcribed in the early stages of mouse embryogenesis

Worgul, B. V.; Iwamoto, T.; Merriam, G. R-Jr, 1977: Rna containing cytoplasmic inclusions at the termini of maturing fibers in the rat lens

Meignoz R., 1981: Rna containing intra cellular particles in cytoplasmic male sterile faba bean vicia faba

Rossini G.P., 1984: Rna containing nuclear binding sites for glucocorticoid receptor complexes

Naim M., 1988: Rna content and thionin binding capacity of brain a quantitative approach to determine cellular degradation

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346059

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346060

Uemura, E.; Hartmann, H. A., 1978: Rna content and volume of nerve cell bodies in human brain part 1 prefrontal cortex in aging normal and demented patients

Hartmann H.A., 1979: Rna content and volume of nerve cell bodies in human brain part 2 subiculum in aging normal patients

Golubev A.K., 1986: Rna content dynamics in the cultivation of bovine oocytes

Portugalov V.V., 1982: Rna content in autonomic nervous system structures of rabbits during acute emotional stress

Dmitrieva N.I., 1979: Rna content in cerebral neurons and glia of mice with trisomy or with translocation involving autosome t 6

Andreeff, M.; Beck, J. D.; Darzynkiewicz, Z.; Traganos, F.; Gupta, S.; Melamed, M. R.; Good, R. A., 1978: Rna content in human lymphocyte sub populations/

Malinauskaite, L. D.; Pevzner, L. Z., 1976: Rna content in the neuron neuro glia systems of the retina and the visual cerebral cortex following light deprivation and light stimulation

Novakova V., 1988: Rna content of neurons in the ventromedial nuclei and lateral hypothalamic area relative to feeding status

Murray M., 1985: Rna content of normal and axotomized retinal ganglion cells of rat and goldfish

Johnson T.C., 1981: Rna degradation defect in central nervous system isolates of vesicular stomatitis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346071

Fujikawa Yamamoto K., 1982: Rna dependence in the cell cycle of v 79 cells

Litvak S., 1986: Rna dependent activity for wheat germ dna polymerase a

Fromageot P., 1980: Rna dependent atpase from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Scolnick, E.; Rands, E.; Aaronson, S. A.; Todaro, G. J., 1970: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity in 5 rna viruses divalent cation requirements

Onions D., 1980: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity in canine lympho sarcoma

Brun G., 1984: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity in cauliflower mosaic virus infected plant leaves

Wunderlich, V.; Zotter, S.; Sydow, G., 1976: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity in intra cytoplasmic type a particles of mouse mammary tumors

Steel L.K., 1980: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity in ocular granulocytic sarcoma associated to acute myelo monocytic leukemia in turkish children biochemical and immunological characterization of the enzyme

Katinka M.D., 1987: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity in paramecium tetraurelia what for

Chermann J C., 1988: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity is regulated by ecdysterone in a drosophila cell line

Leis, J. P., 1976: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity of rna tumor virus part 6 processive mode of action of avian myeloblastosis virus polymerase

Hurwitz, J.; Leis, J. P., 1971: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity of rna tumor viruses part 1 directing influence of dna in the reaction

Leis, J. P.; Hurwitz, J., 1971: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity of rna tumor viruses part 2 directing influence of rna in the reaction

Leis, J.; Schincariol, A.; Ishizaki, R.; Hurwitz, J., 1975: Rna dependent dna polymerase activity of rna tumor viruses part 5 rous sarcoma virus single stranded rna dna covalent hybrids in infected chicken embryo fibroblast cells

Archer, B. G.; Crawford, T. B.; Mcguire, T. C.; Frazier, M. E., 1977: Rna dependent dna polymerase associated with equine infectious anemia virus

Hizi, A.; Joklik, W. K., 1977: Rna dependent dna polymerase ec of avian sarcoma virus b 77 part 1 isolation and partial characterization of the alpha beta 2 and alpha beta forms of the enzyme

Hizi, A.; Leis, J. P.; Joklik, W. K., 1977: Rna dependent dna polymerase ec of avian sarcoma virus b 77 part 2 comparison of the catalytic properties of the alpha beta 2 and alpha beta enzyme forms

Lin, F. H.; Thormar, H., 1970: Rna dependent dna polymerase in visna virus

Ficq, A.; Brachet, J., 1971: Rna dependent dna polymerase possible role in the amplification of ribosomal dna in xenopus oocytes

Bauer, G., 1977: Rna dependent dna polymerase reverse transcriptase

Auld, D. S.; Kawaguchi, H.; Livingston, D. M.; Vallee, B. L., 1974: Rna dependent dna polymerase reverse transcriptase from avian myeloblastosis virus a zinc metallo enzyme

Hiipakka R.A., 1980: Rna dependent release of androgen receptor and other steroid receptor complexes from dna

Bryant J.A., 1985: Rna dependent rna polymerase activities in tomato lycopersicon esculentum plants susceptible or resistant to tobacco mosaic virus

Chow, N. L.; Simpson, R. W., 1971: Rna dependent rna polymerase activity associated with virions and sub viral particles of myxoviruses

Brian D.A., 1982: Rna dependent rna polymerase activity in coronavirus infected cells

Penhoet, E.; Miller, H.; Doyle, M.; Blatti, S., 1971: Rna dependent rna polymerase activity in influenza virions

Ter Meulen V., 1983: Rna dependent rna polymerase activity in murine coronavirus infected cells

Accotto G.P., 1988: Rna dependent rna polymerase activity in two morphologically different white clover cryptic viruses

Ikegami, M.; Francki, R. I. B., 1976: Rna dependent rna polymerase associated with sub viral particles of fiji disease virus

Cao T., 1987: Rna dependent rna polymerase associated with wheat rosette stunt virions

Hall T.C., 1984: Rna dependent rna polymerase isolated from cowpea chlorotic mottle virus infected cowpeas vigna sinensis is specific for bromo viral rna

Ikegami, M.; Fraenkel-Conrat, H., 1978: Rna dependent rna polymerase of tobacco plants

Hirth L., 1979: Rna dependent rna polymerases from healthy and tobacco necrosis virus infected phaseolus aureus assay of localization in fractions of cellular homogenates

Le-Roy, C.; Stussi-Garaud, C.; Hirth, L., 1977: Rna dependent rna polymerases in uninfected and in alfalfa mosaic virus infected tobacco plants

Romaine, C. P.; Zaitlin, M., 1978: Rna dependent rna polymerases in uninfected and tobacco mosaic virus infected tobacco leaves viral induced stimulation of a host polymerase activity

Hespell, R. B.; Miozzari, G. F.; Rittenberg, S. C., 1975: Rna destruction and synthesis during intra periplasmic growth of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346108

Rae Venter Huff B., 1984: Rna directed dna polymerase activity in human breast cancer biopsy specimens relation to estrogen receptor protein

Waite, M. R. F.; Allen, P. T., 1975: Rna directed dna polymerase activity of reticuloendotheliosis virus characterization of the endogenous and exogenous reactions

Wu, A. M.; Ting, R. C. Y.; Gallo, R. C., 1973: Rna directed dna polymerase and virus induced leukemia in mice

Mondal, H.; Gallagher, R. E.; Gallo, R. C., 1975: Rna directed dna polymerase from human leukemic blood cells and from primate type c virus producing cells high and low molecular weight forms with variant biochemical and immunological properties

Temin H.M., 1979: Rna directed dna polymerase from particles released by normal goose cells

Faras, A. J.; Dibble, N. A., 1975: Rna directed dna synthesis by the dna polymerase of rous sarcoma virus structural and functional identification of 4s primer rna in uninfected cells

Dahlberg J.E., 1979: Rna directed dna synthesis in moloney murine leukemia virus interaction between the primer transfer rna and the genome rna

Fraenkel Conrat H., 1986: Rna directed rna polymerases from healthy and from virus infected cucumber

Carter D.M., 1987: Rna dna and cell surface characteristics of lesional and nonlesional psoriatic skin

Barzilai D., 1981: Rna dna and the enhanced growth of murine fibro sarcoma

Kokoglu E., 1987: Rna dna and total protein levels in subcellular fractions of human brain tumors

Fluegel, R. M.; Rapp, U.; Wells, R. D., 1973: Rna dna covalent bonds between the rna primers and the dna products formed by rna tumor virus dna polymerase

Petrelli, F.; Marsili, G.; Moretti, P., 1976: Rna dna histones and interactions between histone proteins and dna in the liver of biotin deficient rats

Grigliatti T.A., 1982: Rna dna hybridization analyses of valine transfer rna 3b in drosophila melanogaster

Williams P.H., 1986: Rna dna hybridization analysis of transcription of the plasmid col v k 30 aerobactin gene cluster

Young, B. D.; Paul, J., 1973: Rna dna hybridization as a second order reaction

Gillespie, S.; Gillespie, D., 1971: Rna dna hybridization in aqueous solutions and in solutions containing formamide

Vogelstein, B.; Gillespie, D., 1977: Rna dna hybridization in solution without dna re annealing

Buckley L.J., 1984: Rna dna ratio an index of larval fish growth in the sea

Stanley J.G., 1983: Rna dna ratio as an index to growth in salmonid fishes in the laboratory and in streams contaminated by carbaryl

Kravetz-De-Srulijes, L.; Israeli, E.; Barzilai, D., 1977: Rna dna ratios in human tumors

Brandes J.M., 1979: Rna dna ratios in ovarian human tumors

Satomi, Y., 1978: Rna dna ratios in the tissues of 3 cyprinids reared in fertilized fish ponds

Taghon G.L., 1988: Rna dna ratios of the hydrothermal vent vestimentiferan ridgeia piscesae and ridgeia phaeophiale indicate variations in growth rates over small spatial scales

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346133

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346134

Rosenberg, J. M.; Seeman, N. C.; Day, R. O.; Rich, A., 1976: Rna double helices generated from crystal structures of double helical di nucleoside phosphates

Il'nitskaya, S. I.; Tomsons, V. P.; Nikolin, V. P.; Gruntenko, E. V., 1978: Rna effect on the lymphocyte capacity to inactivate nonsyngeneic stem cells

Estes M.K., 1984: Rna electropherotypes of human rotaviruses from north and south america

Kieff E., 1983: Rna encoded by the ir 1 u 2 region of epstein barr virus dna in latently infected growth transformed cells

Klenikova V.A., 1979: Rna extraction procedure which does not extract dna and proteins from nervous tissue cells

Paque, R. E.; Nealon, T., 1977: Rna extracts with poly adenylic acid sequences transfer specific sensitivity for a low molecular weight antigen

Russell P.K., 1983: Rna fingerprinting as a method for distinguishing dengue virus type 1 strains

Bergmann I.E., 1986: Rna fingerprinting of south american prototype aphthovirus strains

Kole R., 1987: Rna fingerprinting using a small horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis apparatus

Nussinov R., 1982: Rna folding is unaffected by the nonrandom degenerate codon choice

Chichinadze, M. V.; Kalinovskii, V. P.; Goryukhina, T. A., 1976: Rna fractional content of krebs ii tumor ascites cells in mice and ovarian carcinoma in rats

Egorova, V. A.; Blinov, M. N., 1976: Rna fractionation of human thrombocytes

Ivanov, S. D.; Voronova, L. A., 1976: Rna fractions enriched with poly adenylic acid in primary hepatomas induced by di ethyl nitrosamine

Krolichenko T.P., 1983: Rna fragments covalently bound to bacterial dna

Witkin, S. S.; Gibson, K. D., 1972: Rna from aerobically and anaerobically grown rhodopseudomonas spheroides comparison by hybridization to chromosomal and satellite dna

Fraser N.W., 1987: Rna from an immediate early region of the type 1 herpes simplex virus genome is present in the trigeminal ganglia of latently infected mice

Littlefield J.W., 1983: Rna from rat hepatoma cells can activate phenyl alanine hydroxylase gene of mouse erythro leukemia cells

Grierson, D.; Hemleben, V., 1977: Rna from the higher plant matthiola incana molecular weight measurements and dna rna hybridization studies

Hoeijmakers, J. H. J.; Borst, P., 1978: Rna from the insect trypanosome crithidia luciliae contains transcripts of the maxi circle and not of the mini circle component of kinetoplast dna

Davis R.W., 1983: Rna from the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae transposable element ty 1 has both ends in the direct repeats a structure similar to retrovirus rna

Li F S., 1985: Rna genome electrophoretic analysis of rotavirus from feces of epidemic adult diarrhea occurring in shandong province china

Nichol S.T., 1988: Rna genome stability of toscana virus during serial transovarial transmission in the sandfly phlebotomus perniciosus

Siddell, S. G., 1978: Rna hybridization to dna coupled with cyanogen bromide activated sephadex the purification of polyoma messenger rna

Cocucci, S. M.; Sussman, M., 1970: Rna in cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions of cellular slime mold amebas

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Henderson R.J.Jr, 1979: Rna in plasma from normal adults and multiple myeloma patients

Kulka K., 1980: Rna in the embryos of germinating wheat grains of different ripeness

Kulka K., 1979: Rna in the embryos of rye stored at various air humidities

Mitsuhashi, S.; Saito, K.; Kurashige, S.; Yamaguchi, N., 1978: Rna in the immune response

Sahu, C.; Bose, A., 1978: Rna in the vitreous humor of differentiating eye of chick

Noto T., 1979: Rna incorporation into embryonic chromatin structures of the chick

Hawkins E.F., 1982: Rna induced reversal of gluco corticoid receptor activation

Moore S., 1980: Rna inhibitor from bovine brain

Hollander V.P., 1981: Rna inhibits estrogen receptor binding to dna

Hoffman, D. J.; Niyogi, S. K., 1973: Rna initiation with di nucleoside mono phosphates during transcription of bacterio phage t 4 dna with rna polymerase of escherichia coli

Viola, M. V.; Frazier, M.; White, L.; Brody, J.; Spiegelman, S., 1975: Rna instructed dna polymerase activity in a cytoplasmic particulate fraction in brains from guamanian patients

Yaniv, A.; Kleinman, R.; Eylan, E., 1976: Rna instructed dna polymerase associated with c type particles produced in vivo by murine myeloma cells

Diener T.O., 1982: Rna intermediates in potato spindle tuber viroid replication

Dicou E., 1980: Rna involvement in t 4 dna synthesis in toluene treated cells

Vedeckis W.V., 1985: Rna is a component of the oligomeric transformed mouse att 20 cell glucocorticoid receptor

Anderson C.W., 1988: Rna is covalently linked to sv 40 large t antigen

Beale S.I., 1985: Rna is required for enzymatic conversion of glutamate to delta aminolevulinate by extracts of chlorella vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346178

Hill, J. M.; Ab, G.; Malt, R. A., 1974: Rna labeling and nucleotide pools during compensatory renal hypertrophy

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346182

David, M.; Vekstein, R.; Kaufmann, G., 1979: Rna ligase ec reaction products in plasmolyzed escherichia coli cells infected by phage t 4 bacterio phage

Greer, C. L.; Javor, B.; Abelson, J., 1983: Rna ligase in bacteria formation of a 2' 5' linkage by an escherichia coli extract

Konarska, M.; Filipowicz, W.; Gross, H. J., 1982: Rna ligation via 2' phospho mono ester 3' 5' phospho di ester linkage requirement of 2' 3' cyclic phosphate termini and involvement of a 5' hydroxy poly nucleotide kinase

Vorlickova M., 1985: Rna like conformational properties of a synthetic dna double stranded polydeoxyadenylic acid deoxyuridylic acid

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Efstratiadis A., 1985: Rna mediated gene duplication the rat preproinsulin i gene is a functional retroposon

Schmidt P., 1979: Rna metabolism and membrane bound polysomes in relation to globulin biosynthesis in cotyledons of developing field beans vicia faba

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346756

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Oppenheim A.B., 1987: Rnase iii stimulates the translation of the ciii gene of bacteriophage lambda

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346833

Grimsley G.R., 1988: Rnase t 1 is stabilized by cation and anion binding

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Rylander C., 1981: Ro 11 1430 a new retinoic acid derivative for the topical treatment of acne

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346843

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346846

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346847

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346849

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346851

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346852

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346853

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346854

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346855

Lavie P., 1987: Ro 15 1788 decreases hypnotic effects of sleep deprivation

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346858

Schofield C.N., 1983: Ro 15 1788 ethyl 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylate is a potent antagonist of benzodiazepines in the olfactory cortex slice

Lal H., 1982: Ro 15 1788 ethyl 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylate selectively reverses antagonism of pentylene tetrazole induced discriminative stimuli by benzodiazepines but not by barbiturates

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346861

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346862

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346863

Morin, A. M., 1986: Ro 15 1788 suppresses the development of kindling through the benzodiazepine receptor

Lister R.G., 1988: Ro 15 4513 and fg 7142 reverse the reduction in social behavior caused by ethanol in mice

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Jarbe T.U.C., 1988: Ro 15 4513 does not antagonize the discriminative stimulus or rate depressant effects of ethanol in rats

Rufener R., 1988: Ro 15 4513 does not protect rats against the lethal effects of ethanol

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346869

Feely M., 1988: Ro 16 6028 a benzodiazepine receptor partial agonist does not exhibit anticonvulsant tolerance in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346871

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346872

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Welton A.F., 1981: Ro 21 7634 a new anti allergic agent with potent oral activity

Yaremko B., 1984: Ro 22 3747 e 3 6 methylthio 4 oxo 4h quinazolin 3 yl 2 propenoic acid a new anti allergic agent for the treatment of immediate hyper sensitivity diseases

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346879

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346881

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Lee L.A., 1988: Ro ssa antigen in human epidermis

Tolev I., 1986: Roaccutan treatment of acne vulgaris

Vollestad L.A., 1984: Roach rutilus rutilus and bleak alburnus alburnus eating blue green algae

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346944

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346945

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346946

Greer G.J., 1980: Robertsiella new genus and 2 new species of triculinae gastropoda prosobranchia and the transmission of a malaysian mammalian schistosoma sp

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Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346984

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346985

Section 7, Chapter 6347, Accession 006346986

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Becker D., 1981: Robinson drainage

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Mcglothlin J.D., 1986: Robot related fatality involving a usa manufacturing plant employee case report and recommendations

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Brunetaud J.M., 1988: Robotized scanning laser handpiece for the treatment of port wine stains and other angiodysplasias

Knobeloch D.W., 1986: Robots in radiation environments

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