Section 7
Chapter 6,347

Robertsonian changes in the chromosomes of indian murrah buffalo bubalus bubalis

Gupta, P.; Chaudhuri, S.P.R.

Nucleus (Calcutta) 21(1): 90-97


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-568X
Accession: 006346950

The karyotypes of the Indian Murrah breed of buffalo, Bubalus bubalis (2n = 50) and Indian humped cattle, Bos indicus (2n = 60) are related through Robertsonian changes for 5 fusions or fissions. Computation of the relative lengths, centromeric indices, and C-[constituitive heterochromatin] and G-[giemsa] banding analysis of their chromosomes revealed the identity of the elements involved in the process. Contrary to reports for other Bovidae, the X and Y chromosomes of the buffalo show deeply stained centric heterochromatin. The G-banding sequence studies of the X chromosomes of the 2 spp. reveal only partial homology. The X chromosome of the buffalo is significantly larger than that of the cattle.

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