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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6348

Chapter 6348 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stark D.B., 1988: Robust alternatives to traditional analysis of variance welch w james j i james j i i brown forsythe bf

O'neill R.V., 1982: Robust analysis of aggregation error

Swindler D.R., 1982: Robust and least squares orthogonal mapping methods for the study of cephalo facial form and growth

O'beirne H., 1986: Robust computer algorithm for detecting breaths in noisy ventilatory waveforms from infants

Stanovich K.E., 1986: Robust effects of syntactic structure on visual word processing

Isenberg I., 1983: Robust estimation in pulse fluorometry a study of the method of moments and least squares

Overton W.S., 1979: Robust estimation of population size when capture probabilities vary among animals

Mayer L.W., 1986: Robust estimation of standard curves for protein molecular weight and linear duplex dna base pair number after gel electrophoresis

Hampton J., 1987: Robust estimation of the natural mortality rate in a completed tagging experiment with variable fishing intensity

Miller, R. G.; Halpern, J. W., 1980: Robust estimators for quantal bioassay

Aastveit A.H., 1983: Robust estimators on laboratory measurements of fat and protein in milk

Walter E., 1988: Robust experiment design via maximin optimization

Walter E., 1985: Robust experiment design via stochastic approximation

Davison B.A., 1987: Robust feeding following central administration of neuropeptide y or peptide yy in chicks gallus domesticus

Beaty, T. H.; Liang, K. Y., 1987: Robust inference for variance components models in families ascertained through probands i. conditioning on proband's phenotype

Beaty, T. H.; Liang, K. Y.; Seerey, S.; Cohen, B. H., 1987: Robust inference for variance components models in families ascertained through probands ii. analysis of spirometric measures

Zahniser N.R., 1986: Robust modulation of tritiated dopamine release from rat striatal slices by d 2 dopamine receptors

Ridelman D., 1983: Robust multi variate analysis for the comparison of several samples

Loehle C., 1988: Robust parameter estimation for nonlinear models

Endrenyi L., 1986: Robust regression of enzyme kinetic data

Dumermuth G., 1986: Robust spectral analysis of the electroencephalogram

Rocke D.M., 1983: Robust statistical analysis of inter laboratory studies

Hoffmann R.S., 1985: Robust statistics for spatial analysis the bivariate normal home range model applied to syntopic populations of 2 species of ground squirrels

Airoldi J.P., 1985: Robust statistics for spatial analysis the center of activity

Harlow L.L., 1987: Robust structural equation models implications for developmental psychology

Shaarawi A.H.E., 1985: Robust univariate two way classification

Lal, K.; Zarate, E. A.; Youngs, W. J.; Salomon, R. G., 1988: Robustadials 2. total synthesis of the bicyclo 3.2.0 heptane structure proposed for robustadials a and b

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347028

Westfall P., 1988: Robustness and power of tests for a null variance ratio

Schoorl D., 1983: Robustness of a model predicting bruising in impacted multi layered apple packs

Bauer P., 1981: Robustness of hotellings t 2 test

Mode, C. J.; Littman, G. S., 1978: Robustness of life table methods in large populations a study by computer simulation

Rudolph P.E., 1988: Robustness of multiple comparison procedures treatment versus control

Russell J.M., 1987: Robustness of path analysis of family resemblance against deviations from multivariate normality

Rasch D., 1987: Robustness of selection procedures

Rasch D., 1985: Robustness of sequential tests for means

Marrero O., 1985: Robustness of statistical tests in the two sample location problem

Agresti, W. W.; Mayzner, M. S., 1978: Robustness of the dynamic visual movement effect

D'agostino R., 1987: Robustness of the two independent samples t test when applied to ordinal scaled data

Thompson P.A., 1987: Robustness properties of nonorthogonal analysis of variance

Elliott W.R., 1981: Robustocheles infernalis new species acarina actinedida rhagidiidae from cueva del diablo veracruz mexico

Pugsley C.W., 1988: Robustocheles occulta new species a new troglobitic mite acari prostigmata rhagidiidae from north american caves

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347043

Valentini A., 1988: Roc analysis of tsh test results for the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism

Viethen B., 1987: Roccella guanchica new species a new lichen from the roccella canariensis group

Tehler A., 1985: Roccellina jamesii new species and dirina insulana new record roccellaceae from ascension island

De Vita C., 1983: Rocefin for acute middle ear infections

Matile L., 1988: Rocetelion new genus a new holarctic genus of the keroplatidae diptera mycetophiloidea description phylogenetic and biogeographic notes

Schwartz M.K., 1984: Roche radio immunoassay and abbott enzyme immunoassay carcino embryonic antigen assays compared

Hall, M. J.; Nisbet, L. J.; Westmacott, D.; Wong-Kai-In, P., 1984: Roche susceptibility test medium a defined formulation for susceptibility testing 1. nutrient interaction and optimization studies

Hall, M. J.; Kern, A. C.; Middleton, R. F.; Worthington, H. E. C., 1984: Roche susceptibility test medium a defined formulation for susceptibility testing 2. manufacture stability and use

Subissi, A.; Maggi, C. A.; Meli, A., 1986: Rociverine citrate a new spasmolytic agent potentially useful in the treatment of urinary bladder hyperreflexia

Intrieri L., 1986: Rociverine for nocturia in the elderly

Girasole G., 1986: Rociverine for nocturia in the elderly medium term controlled clinical trial

Takeyama I., 1986: Rock concerts and auditory damage

Peasley B.A., 1981: Rock flumes an alternative method of runoff disposal suitable for black soils

Johnson, P. G., 1978: Rock glacier types and their drainage systems grizzly creek yukon territory canada

Matthews J.A., 1987: Rock glaciers protalus ramparts and related phenomena rondane norway a continuum of large scale talus derived landforms

Cancino J., 1979: Rock ground patchiness in a simple liolaemus lizard community reptilia lacertilia iguanidae

Lawrence L., 1982: Rock lobsters jasus lalandii mussels aulacomya ater and man a mathematical model

Moor M., 1979: Rock pear shrubbery cotoneastro amelanchieretum a natural ground cover association in the jura switzerland

Timmer L.W., 1985: Rock phosphate as a source of phosphorus for vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal development and growth of citrus in a soilless medium

Bangar K.C., 1986: Rock phosphate composting transformation of phosphorus forms and mechanisms of solubilization

Van Diest A., 1981: Rock phosphate mobilization induced by the alkaline uptake pattern of legumes utilizing symbiotically fixed nitrogen

Williams D., 1986: Rock phosphate the source of mercury pollution in a marine ecosystem at albany western australia

Daftardar S.Y., 1988: Rock phosphate with green manure and farmyard manure as phosphorus source for rice bean crop sequence on lateritic soil

Colman S.M., 1981: Rock weathering rates as functions of time

Houghton, P., 1977: Rocker jaws

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347072

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347073

Meagher R.B., 1982: Rocket immuno electrophoresis assay for cauliflower mosaic virus

Haddad J.G., 1982: Rocket immuno electrophoresis assay of vitamin d binding protein gc globulin in human serum

Lee, L. D.; Baden, H. P.; Cheng, C. K., 1978: Rocket immuno electrophoresis in the presence of denaturing agents

Curd J.G., 1981: Rocket immuno electrophoresis of complement c 4 and complement c 4d a simple sensitive method for detecting complement activation in plasma

Bulla L.A.Jr, 1980: Rocket immuno electrophoresis of the entomocidal parasporal crystal of bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki

Lin Y., 1986: Rocket immunoelectrophoresis of c 3 and c 3d a simple sensitive method for detecting complement activation in plasma

Hau J., 1985: Rocket line immunoelectrophoresis an improved assay for simultaneous quantification of a mink parvovirus aleutian disease virus antigen and antibody

Stoll, A. M.; Piergallini, J. R.; Chianta, M. A., 1980: Rocket plume burn hazard

Dejournette, R. L., 1977: Rocket propellant inhalation in the apollo soyuz astronauts

Petry S., 1984: Rocket ship psychophysics assessing visual functioning in young children

Ojala T., 1980: Rocking and twisting moments in extraction of teeth in the upper jaw

Horowitz F.D., 1981: Rocking as a soothing intervention the influence of direction and type of movement

Ojala T., 1980: Rocking moments in extraction of teeth in the lower jaw

Kourouclis, C.; Papadopoulos, A.; Papadopoulos, P.; Avgoustakis, D., 1977: Rocking motion of the right cardiac cavities in ebsteins anomaly a specific cine angiographic sign

Vinas J.M., 1985: Rocking shoes for beds prevention and treatment of pressure sores

Kramer, L. I.; Pierpont, M. E., 1976: Rocking water beds and auditory stimuli to enhance growth of preterm infants preliminary report

Blunden, G.; Jaffer, J. A.; Jewers, K.; Barbour, J., 1977: Rockogenin formation during the processing of agave sisalana leaves for hecogenin

Santana Sosa B., 1981: Rocks soils and its geo morphology

Protas A., 1981: Rocks soils and water quality relationships and implications for effect of acid precipitation on surface water in the northeastern usa

Gulliksen, B., 1978: Rocky bottom fauna in a submarine gully at loppkalven finnmark northern norway

Lusk S., 1979: Rocky chutes and the fish stock of streams

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347095

Lea R.N., 1986: Rocky intertidal fish communities of california usa temporal and spatial variation

Johnson, D. W.; Landis, T. D.; Gillman, L. S., 1976: Rocky mountain juniper a new host of armillariella mellea in colorado

Westerman E.L., 1982: Rocky mountain spotless fever a dilemma for the clinician

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347107

Walker D.H., 1986: Rocky mountain spotted fever hepatic lesions in childhood cases

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Gilbert V.E., 1987: Rocky mountain spotted fever use of edema toxemia and headache as a diagnostic triad

Lang J.V., 1983: Rocky mountain spotted fever vaccine in an animal model

Gruet, Y., 1977: Rocky shore communities at sion sur locean vendee and associated fauna of sabellaria reefs sabellaria alveolata annelida polychaeta

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Kaandorp J.A., 1986: Rocky substrate communities of the infralittoral fringe of the boulonnais coast northwestern france a quantitative survey

Quinlan M.P., 1983: Rod and cone activity in patients with dominantly inherited retinitis pigmentosa comparisons between psycho physical and electro retinographic measurements

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347134

Anderson D.H., 1980: Rod and cone disc shedding in light entrained tree squirrels

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347145

Ehrlichman, H., 1976: Rod and frame in immediate perception

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347188

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347189

Albright C.D., 1983: Rod myopathy with extensive systemic and respiratory muscular involvement

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347191

Lavail, M. M., 1976: Rod outer segment disc shedding in rat retina relationship to cyclic lighting

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347198

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347211

Raviola G., 1980: Rod shaped bodies and crystalloid inclusions in ocular vascular endothelia of adult and developing macaca mulatta

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347214

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347222

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347228

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347244

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347255

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347270

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347272

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347281

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347290

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347300

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347574

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Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347592

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347593

Tanaka A., 1982: Role and metabolism of high density lipo protein subfractions analysis of serum high density lipo protein 2 cholesterol and high density lipo protein 3 cholesterol in patients with various diseases by high performance liquid chromatography

Graf H., 1987: Role and properties of lactonase in a cellulase system

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347596

Weidemann M.J., 1979: Role and regulation of glucose metabolism in proliferating cells

Guder G., 1987: Role and regulation of glycerophosphorylcholine in rat renal papilla

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347599

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347600

Endert G., 1980: Role and results of placental scintigraphy in modern obstetrics

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Nisonoff A., 1981: Role and strain distribution of genes controlling light chains needed for the expression of an intra strain cross reactive idiotype

Rubenstein D.I., 1981: Role assessment reserve strategy and acquisition of information in asymmetric animal conflicts

Mackinnon C.E., 1982: Role asymmetries in interactions among school aged children their younger siblings and their friends

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347606

Verbrugge L.M., 1986: Role burdens and physical health of women and men

Montgomery R.L., 1982: Role conflict for aides in a homemaker aide program for frail elderly persons

Miller S.E., 1979: Role definition and confidentiality in the drug treatment process

Reid R.L., 1982: Role differentiation and seating arrangements a further study

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347612

Nester E.W., 1985: Role for 2 linked beta d glucan in the virulence of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Wing, E. J.; Remington, J. S., 1978: Role for activated macrophages in resistance against trichinella spiralis

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347615

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347616

Anders M.W., 1987: Role for an episulfonium ion in s 2 chloroethyl dl cysteine induced cytotoxicity and its reaction with glutathione

Ichikawa I., 1986: Role for angiotensin ii in an overt functional proteinuria

Hinrichs D.J., 1981: Role for antibody in coxiella burnetii infection

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Filkins J.P., 1984: Role for calcium in the insulin hypersecretory state of the endotoxic rat pancreas

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Landy A., 1983: Role for dna homology in site specific recombination the isolation and characterization of a site affinity mutant of coli phage lambda

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Gutnick D., 1986: Role for emulsan in growth of acinetobacter calcoaceticus rag 1 on crude oil

Bhimji S., 1982: Role for endo toxin in the leukocyte infiltration accompanying escherichia coli inflammation

Love B., 1982: Role for endocytosis in conjugation in tetrahymena thermophila

Locksley, Rm; Wilson, Cb; Klebanoff, Sj, 1982: Role for endogenous and acquired peroxidase in the toxoplasmacidal activity of murine and human mononuclear phagocytes

Cronan J.E.Jr, 1983: Role for fad r in unsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347631

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347632

Cresswell P., 1988: Role for intracellular proteases in the processing and transport of class ii hla antigens

Spielman W.S., 1987: Role for intrarenal adenosine in the renal hemodynamic response to contrast media

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347635

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Kurland, J. I.; Broxmeyer, H. E.; Pelus, L. M.; Bockman, R. S.; Moore, M. A. S., 1978: Role for monocyte macrophage derived colony stimulating factor and prostaglandin e in the positive and negative feedback control of myeloid stem cell proliferation

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347641

Gupta K.K., 1982: Role for proteases and alkaline phosphatase in streptomycin biosynthesis

Derubertis F.R., 1987: Role for protein kinase c in a 23187 induced glomerular arachidonate release and pge 2 production

Derubertis F.R., 1988: Role for protein kinase c in the modulation of glomerular pge 2 production by angiotensin ii

Philipson K.D., 1986: Role for sulfur containing groups in the sodium calcium exchange of cardiac sarcolemmal vesicles

Chatis, P. A.; Holland, C. A.; Hartley, J. W.; Rowe, W. P.; Hopkins, N., 1983: Role for the 3' end of the genome in determining disease specificity of friend and moloney murine leukemia viruses

Goldberg A.L., 1982: Role for the atp dependent proteolytic pathway in reticulocyte maturation

Muller U.R., 1983: Role for the j f inter cistronic region of bacterio phages phi x 174 and g 4 in stability of messenger rna

Brody M.J., 1987: Role for the median preoptic nucleus in centrally evoked pressor responses

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347650

Strauss P.R., 1986: Role for topoisomerases in the release of dna into the detergent soluble fraction of eukaryotic cells

Reid L.M., 1983: Role in nude mice of interferon and natural killer cells in inhibiting the tumorigenicity of human hepato cellular carcinoma cells infected with hepatitis b virus

Bernard A., 1987: Role in t cell activation for hla class i molecules from accessory cells further distinction between activation signals delivered to t cells via cd2 and cd3 molecules

West M.A., 1987: Role innovation in the world of work

Humphrey, J. A., 1978: Role interference an analysis of suicide victims homicide offenders and nonviolent individuals

Toner I.J., 1981: Role involvement and delay maintenance behavior in preschool children

Abou Zeid A Z.A., 1980: Role micro nutrients on biosynthesis of spiramycins

Jimenez, S. A.; Yankowski, R., 1978: Role molecular conformation on secretion of chick tendon pro collagen

Borkowski, P. R.; Horn, J. S.; Rapoport, H., 1978: Role of 1 2 dehydro reticulinium ion in the biosynthetic conversion of reticuline to thebaine

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347661

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347662

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347663

Castagnoli N.Jr, 1987: Role of 1 methyl 4 phenylpyridinium ion formation and accumulation in 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine toxicity to isolated hepatocytes

Van Duin J., 1980: Role of 16s rna in ribosome messenger recognition

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347666

Etienne A L., 1984: Role of 18 and 24 kilodalton proteins in the reactivation of photosystem ii particles from which 18 and 24 kilodalton proteins have been extracted by calcium

Haranaka R., 1984: Role of 1st stimulating agents in the production of tumor necrosis factor

Srivastava V., 1982: Role of 2 4 d on growth and macro molecular synthesis in a cyanobacterium anabaena cylindrica

Silverstein S.C., 1985: Role of 2 deoxy d glucose in the inhibition of phagocytosis by mouse peritoneal macrophage

Martin R.P., 1981: Role of 2 dimensional echo cardiography in the evaluation of patients with ventricular septal rupture post myo cardial infarction

Harrison C.E., 1984: Role of 2 dimensional echocardiography in the prediction of in hospital complications after acute myocardial infarction

Danchin A., 1984: Role of 2 keto butyrate as an alarmone in escherichia coli k 12 inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity mediated by the phosphoenol pyruvate glycose phospho transferase transport system

Krug R.M., 1981: Role of 2 of the influenza virus core p proteins in recognizing cap 1 structures on rna and in initiating viral rna transcription

Moser J.C., 1983: Role of 2 phoretic mites in transmission of blue stain fungus ceratocystis minor

Emery T., 1982: Role of 2 siderophores in ustilago sphaerogena regulation of biosynthesis and uptake mechanisms

Nilsen, T. W.; Weissman, S. G.; Baglioni, C., 1980: Role of 2' 5' oligo adenylic acid polymerase in the degradation of rna linked to double stranded rna by extracts of interferon treated cells

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347678

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347679

Toma L., 1979: Role of 24 hydroxylated and 28 hydroxylated intermediates in the metabolism of beta sito sterol in the insect tenebrio molitor

Murata T., 1985: Role of 3 5 dichlorophenylmethylsulfone a metabolite of m dichlorobenzene in the induction of hepatic microsomal drug metabolizing enzymes by m dichlorobenzene in rats

Haeder, D. P.; Wenderoth, K., 1977: Role of 3 basic light reactions in photo movement of desmids

Maraviglia B., 1982: Role of 3 dimensional imaging in small scale nmr tomography

Steele R.D., 1982: Role of 3 ethyl thio propionate in ethionine metabolism and toxicity in rats

Nambudiri, A. M. D.; Ranganathan, S.; Rudney, H., 1980: Role of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec activity in the regulation of ubi quinone synthesis in human fibroblasts

Karska Wysocki B., 1982: Role of 3 methyl adenine dna glycosylase in host cell reactivation of methylated t 7 bacterio phage

Altaner, C.; Reinerova, M., 1982: Role of 3' end of viral genome in tumor hetero induction by the avian sarcoma virus

Voellmy, R.; Leisinger, T., 1976: Role of 4 amino butyrate amino transferase in the arginine metabolism of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Section 7, Chapter 6348 , Accession 006347689

Heusele, C.; Bonne, D., 1985: Role of 4' 6 diamidino 2 phenylindole in microtubule reactions at steady state

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347691

Hess M.L., 1986: Role of 5 ht 2 receptor inhibition in pulmonary embolization

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347693

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Pycock C.J., 1981: Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in dopamine dependent stereotyped behavior

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Ellam L.D., 1981: Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the morbidity of cerebral infarction a study in the gerbil stroke model

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347699

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Williams B.B., 1986: Role of 5 hydroxytryptamine in the regulation of brain neuropeptides in normal and diabetic rat

Maity C.R., 1986: Role of 5 hydroxytryptamine in the uterotonic action of prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Dey P.K., 1984: Role of 5 hydroxytryptamine on increased permeability of blood brain barrier under heat stress

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347704

Ramos-Salazar, A.; Baines, A. D., 1986: Role of 5' nucleotidase in adenosine mediated renal vasoconstriction during hypoxia

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Matsubara K., 1983: Role of 9 repeating sequences of the mini f genome for expression of f specific incompatibility phenotype and copy number control

Lacorbiere M., 1980: Role of a 16s glyco protein complex in cellular adhesion

Levine M.M., 1987: Role of a 60 megadalton plasmid and shiga like toxins in the pathogenesis of infection caused by enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli o157 h7 in gnotobiotic piglets

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347711

Bandazhevskii Yu I., 1987: Role of a bacterial lipopolysaccharide pyrogenal in arising congenital defects in the embryos of golden hamster of the second generation

Bains S.S., 1981: Role of a braconid parasite and a viral disease in the population decline of armyworm mythimna separata noctuidae lepidoptera during an outbreak

Uhlenbeck O.C., 1987: Role of a bulged a residue in a specific rna protein interaction

Fisher J.D., 1983: Role of a catheter lead system for trans venous counter shock and pacing during electro physiologic tests an assessment of the usefulness of catheter shocks for terminating ventricular tachy arrhythmias

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347716

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Khorobrykh V.V., 1985: Role of a cells in the mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes by mycoplasmas

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347719

Kuzin, A. M.; Vagabova, M. E., 1978: Role of a combined effect of visible light and ionizing radiation in stimulating the development of plants

Fedotov A.B., 1984: Role of a complex diagnosis of bronchoscopic study in the central peribronchial cancer of the lung

Kolchina N.A., 1984: Role of a cultivar in the programmed maintenance of high spring wheat yields on irrigated soils

Osanov D.P., 1986: Role of a damage to vascular plexus in the development of radiation injury to swine skin

Mccarty R.E., 1984: Role of a disulfide bond in the gamma subunit in activation of the atpase of chloroplast coupling factor 1

Ozato K., 1984: Role of a disulfide bridge in the immune function of major histocompatibility class i antigen as studied by in vitro mutagenesis

Imai K., 1985: Role of a ferric ion reducing system in sulfur oxidation of thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Anderson J.W., 1984: Role of a flavonoid in the peroxide dependent oxidation of glutathione catalyzed by pea pisum sativum cultivar massey gem extracts

O'malley E., 1983: Role of a flutter valve in a continent ileostomy an experimental study in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347729

Norris J.S., 1987: Role of a guanine nucleotide binding protein in alpha 1 adrenergic receptor mediated calcium mobilization in ddt 1 mf 2 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347731

Snyderman R., 1987: Role of a guanine nucleotide regulatory protein in the activation of phospholipase c by different chemoattractants

Williams L.S., 1982: Role of a his u gene in the control of stable rna synthesis in salmonella typhimurium

Antonov I.N., 1986: Role of a humoral factor and postsynaptic sensitization in the heterosynaptic facilitation

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347735

Hoff J.T., 1986: Role of a hydrostatic pressure gradient in the formation of early ischemic brain edema

Schmidt, G.; Mannel, D.; Mayer, H.; Whang, H. Y.; Neter, E., 1976: Role of a lipo poly saccharide gene for immunogenicity of the enterobacterial common antigen

Malyzhev, V. O.; Valuyeva, T. K.; Davydova, T. I., 1976: Role of a low molecular weight humoral factor of the thymus in the formation of delayed type hyper sensitivity reactions

Pastan I., 1984: Role of a low ph environment in adenovirus enhancement of the toxicity of a pseudomonas exotoxin epidermal growth factor conjugate

Lutkenhaus, J. F., 1977: Role of a major outer membrane protein in escherichia coli

Gold, M. H.; Hahn, H. J., 1976: Role of a mannosyl lipid intermediate in the synthesis of neurospora crassa glyco proteins

Kabat D., 1986: Role of a membrane glycoprotein in friend virus erythroleukemia nucleotide sequences of nonleukemogenic mutant and spontaneous revertant viruses

Kabat D., 1985: Role of a membrane glycoprotein in friend virus induced erythroleukemia studies of mutant and revertant viruses

Mccloskey M.A., 1979: Role of a membranous sialyl transferase complex in the synthesis of surface polymers containing poly sialic acid in escherichia coli temperature induced alteration in the assembly process

Fujiyama Y., 1986: Role of a metabolite in allergenicity of sudan i

Drapeau, G. R., 1978: Role of a metallo protease in activation of the precursor of staphylococcal protease

Buyak L.I., 1980: Role of a microbial factor stimulating biosynthesis of exo proteases in aspergillus kanagawaensis in the process of its growth and development

Egorov N.S., 1987: Role of a microbial polysaccharide in interactions between populations inside a model bacterial association

Eakin, R. T., 1974: Role of a mitochondrial gene in the conformation and optical properties of mitochondrial cytochromes in neurospora crassa

Goodwin N., 1982: Role of a modified ovitrap in the control of aedes aegypti in houston texas usa

Paul W.E., 1979: Role of a nonimmunoglobulin cell surface determinant in the activation of bone marrow derived lymphocytes by thymus independent antigens

Parvez S., 1982: Role of a nonionic detergent upon maintenance and radio isotopic determination of enzymes catechol o methyl transferase and mono amine oxidase in brain and adrenal tissues

Arlashchenko N.I., 1980: Role of a nonspecific afferent system in reactions of the vestibular analyzer with regard to the genesis of motion sickness

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347755

Aswanikumar, S.; Schiffmann, E.; Corcoran, B. A.; Wahl, S. M., 1976: Role of a peptidase in phagocyte chemo taxis

Crill W., 1980: Role of a persistent inward current in moto neuron bursting during spinal seizures

Grewal I.S., 1986: Role of a pertussis substrate in the control of lectin induced cap formation in human neutrophils

Danilo P.Jr, 1988: Role of a pertussis toxin sensitive protein in the modulation of canine purkinje fiber automaticity

Weller D.M., 1988: Role of a phenazine antibiotic from pseudomonas fluorescens in biological control of gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Makarov A.D., 1985: Role of a proton gradient and electron transport in conformational oscillations of chloroplasts

Grinyuvene, B. B.; Grinyus, L. L.; Kyaushinite, R. Yu ; Khaustova, L. P.; Yasaitis, A. A., 1978: Role of a proton motive force in the process of genetic transformation of bacillus subtilis

Yamamoto M., 1986: Role of a ras homolog in the life cycle of schizosaccharomyces pombe

Pearce F.L., 1981: Role of a renal arginyl estero peptidase in the production of a renotropic factor in unilaterally nephrectomized rats

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347765

Lenkey B., 1982: Role of a secretagogue immuno globulin in gastric acid secretion

Zeisel S., 1988: Role of a ser immune suppressor in immune surveillance

Friedman B., 1988: Role of a serum factor in enhancing transferrin iron uptake by human macrophages in inflammation

Wu Z., 1985: Role of a single genome in the development of the gynogenetic haploid of rana limnocharis

Pouyssegur J., 1985: Role of a sodium dependent chloride bicarbonate exchange in regulation of intracellular ph in fibroblasts

Kyogoku M., 1979: Role of a soluble cyto toxic factor in concanavalin a induced cellular cyto toxicity to rabbit erythrocytes

Kiss, Z., 1977: Role of a specific choline pool in sphingomyelin synthesis in rat heart

Johnson, J. G.; Wilson, D. B., 1977: Role of a sugar lipid intermediate in colanic acid synthesis by escherichia coli

Dushauskene Duzh R.F., 1986: Role of a suspension in lead 210 extraction and bottom sediment formation in the baltic sea

Sreng, L.; Quennedey, A., 1976: Role of a temporary ciliary structure in the morphogenesis of insect glands an electron microscope study of the tergal glands of male blattella germanica dictyoptera blattellidae

Potworowski E.F., 1979: Role of a thymic stromal fraction in the homing of bone marrow precursor cells to the thymus

Schuldiner, S.; Fishkes, H.; Kanner, B. I., 1978: Role of a trans membrane ph gradient in epinephrine transport by chromaffin granule membrane vesicles

Sinclair A., 1983: Role of a trauma center in disaster management

Green, R. H., 1980: Role of a unionid clam population in the calcium budget of a small arctic lake

Riegle G.D., 1983: Role of a uterine placental factor in the cessation of the semi circadian rhythm of tubero infundibular dopaminergic neuronal activity at mid pregnancy in the rat

Goryainov V.M., 1986: Role of a vascular factor in the pathogenesis of acute renal insufficiency and principles of its treatment

Yagan, R.; Khan, M. A.; Marmolya, G., 1987: Role of abdominal ct when available in patients' records in the evaluation of degenerative changes of the sacroiliac joints

Feldmann M., 1983: Role of aberrant hla dr expression and antigen presentation in induction of endocrine auto immunity

Chand R., 1987: Role of abiotic factors in governing the activity of a coprophagous beetle

Toor H.S., 1980: Role of abiotic factors in the embryonic development of scale carp cyprinus carpio communis

Kozachenko V.P., 1987: Role of abnormal dysdifferentiation in the exfoliation level of elements of stratified squamous epithelium in the cervi uteri

Ichikawa I., 1987: Role of abnormally high transmural pressure in the permselectivity defect of glomerular capillary wall a study in early passive heymann nephritis

Losick R., 1987: Role of abr b in spo o a dependent and spo o b dependent utilization of a sporulation promoter in bacillus subtilis

Sanders D.E., 1979: Role of abscised cotton flowers bolls and squares in production of inoculum by boll rotting fusarium spp

Crouch M.L., 1985: Role of abscisic acid in maturation of rapeseed brassica napus cultivar tower embryos

Varma, S. K., 1976: Role of abscisic acid in the phenomenon of abscission of flower buds and bolls of cotton gossypium hirsutum and its reversal with other plant regulators

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Adams, M. A.; Attiwill, P. M., 1984: Role of acacia spp in nutrient balance and cycling in regenerating eucalyptus regnans forests 1. temporal changes in biomass and nutrient content

Singer A., 1984: Role of accessory cell processing and presentation of shed h 2 allo antigens in allo specific cyto toxic t lymphocyte responses

Boswell, H. S.; Ahmed, A.; Scher, I.; Singer, A., 1980: Role of accessory cells in b cell activation 2. the interaction of b cells with accessory cells results in the exclusive activation of an lyb 5 positive b cell sub population

Boswell, H. S.; Nerenberg, M. I.; Scher, I.; Singer, A., 1980: Role of accessory cells in b cell activation 3. cellular analysis of primary immune response deficits in cba n mice presence of an accessory cell b cell interaction defect

Morrissey, P. J.; Boswell, H. S.; Scher, I.; Singer, A., 1981: Role of accessory cells in b cell activation 4. ia positive accessory cells are required for the in vitro generation of thymic independent type 2 antibody responses to poly saccharide antigens

Boswell, H. S.; Sharrow, S. O.; Singer, A., 1980: Role of accessory cells in bone marrow derived cell activation 1. macrophage presentation of tri nitro phenyl ficoll evidence for macrophage bone marrow derived cell interaction

Huenig, T.; Loos, M.; Schimpl, A., 1983: Role of accessory cells in poly clonal t cell activation 1. both induction of interleukin 2 production and of interleukin 2 responsiveness by concanavalin a are accessory cell dependent

Thorsby E., 1988: Role of accessory cells in the activation of pure t cells via the t cell receptor cd3 complex or with phytohemagglutinin

Clark D.A., 1980: Role of accessory cells in the in vitro growth of aggregate derived murine t cell colonies

Collavo D., 1983: Role of accessory cells in the induction of a secondary cyto toxic response to moloney murine sarcoma virus induced tumors

Leo, O.; Foo, M.; Henkart, P. A.; Perez, P.; Shinohara, N.; Segal, D. M.; Bluestone, J. A., 1987: Role of accessory molecules in signal transduction of cytolytic t lymphocyte by anti t cell receptor and anti ly 6.2c monoclonal antibodies

Rochow W.F., 1980: Role of accessory salivary glands in aphid sitobion avenae transmission of barley yellow dwarf virus

Troshina K.A., 1986: Role of accumulation and reutilization of nutrients in seed productivity formation in pea cultivars

Hassinen I., 1983: Role of acetaldehyde and acetate in the development of ethanol induced cardiac lipidosis studied in isolated perfused rat hearts

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347809

Nakazawa Y., 1987: Role of acetaldehyde in ethanol induced increase in the activity of phosphatidate phosphatase in rat liver

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Lees, G. J.; Jago, G. R., 1978: Role of acetaldehyde in metabolism a review part 2 the metabolism of acetaldehyde in cultured dairy products

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Sorrell M.F., 1987: Role of acetaldehyde in the ethanol induced impairment of hepatic glycoprotein secretion in the rat in vivo

Ben Arie R., 1988: Role of acetaldehyde production in the removal of astringency from persimmon fruits under various modified atmospheres

Corts, C. P. M., 1975: Role of acetate metabolism in sporulation of saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Gay R., 1986: Role of acetic acid and butyric acid in the induction of nadh rubredoxin oxidoreductase in clostridium acetobutylicum

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347818

Tisdale M.J., 1984: Role of acetoacetyl coenzyme a synthetase in acetoacetate utilization by tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347820

Savina L.S., 1979: Role of acetyl cholin esterase in the development of hemolytic anemia

Moro G., 1981: Role of acetyl cholin esterase inhibition in toluene di iso cyanate induced broncho constriction

Dickinson S.L., 1982: Role of acetyl choline and dopamine in myo clonus induced by intra striatal picro toxin

Chernukh A.M., 1980: Role of acetyl choline catecholamines and serotonin in the regulation of portal and systemic circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347825

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347826

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Shigesada, K.; Aoyagi, K.; Tatibana, M., 1978: Role of acetyl glutamate in ureotelism variations in acetyl glutamate level and its possible significance in control of urea synthesis in mammalian liver

Kumahara Y., 1985: Role of acetyl glyceryl ether phosphorylcholine in blood pressure regulation in rats

Mellis C.M., 1984: Role of acetyl salicylic acid and sodium meta bi sulfite in chronic childhood asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347831

Bushell M., 1980: Role of acid base status in the response of the isolated amphibian gastric mucosa to back diffusion of hydrogen ion

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347833

Abou-Donia, M. B., 1978: Role of acid phosphatase in delayed neuro toxicity induced by leptophos in hens

Lemanski, L. F.; Aldoroty, R., 1977: Role of acid phosphatase in the breakdown of yolk platelets in developing amphibian embryos

Shapiro P., 1981: Role of acid phosphatase measurement in management of prostate cancer

Holcomb D.W., 1984: Role of acid phosphate in hydroxylapatite lattice expansion

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347838

Espinos Perez D., 1987: Role of acidosis and ketosis in the dynamic function of the granulocyte in diabetic patients chemotaxis

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347840

Brundrett R.B., 1984: Role of acrolein in cyclo phosphamide teratogenicity in rat embryos in vitro

Muktar A., 1987: Role of acrostichum species in natural regeneration of rhizophora species in malaysia

Sever'yanova L.A., 1981: Role of acth and cortico steroids in rat aggressive defensive behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6348, Accession 006347845

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Mueller W.E.G., 1982: Role of actin and tubulin in the regulation of poly adenylic acid polymerase endo rnase iv complex from calf thymus

Stracher A., 1984: Role of actin binding protein phosphorylation in platelet cytoskeleton assembly

Parthasarathy M.V., 1985: Role of actin in chloroplast clustering and banding in leaves of egeria elodea and hydrilla

Pinaev G.P., 1983: Role of actin in spontaneous gelatinization of sarcoplasmic proteins in ambulacrum of the sea star asterias amurensis

Hall P.F., 1984: Role of actin in the responses of adrenal cells to acth and cyclic amp inhibition by dnase i

Norberg B.O., 1988: Role of actin polymerization in monocyte phagocytosis of yeast cells effect of cytochalasin b

Shafer R.H., 1982: Role of actinomycin penta peptides in actinomycin dna binding and kinetics

Toledo Pereyra L.H., 1985: Role of activated carbon hemoperfusion in the recovery of livers exposed to ischemic damage

Sibony J., 1982: Role of activated carbon porosity in washed biological filters

Jesty J., 1981: Role of activated factor x in the control of bovine coagulation factor vii

Cohn Z., 1980: Role of activated macrophages in antibody dependent lysis of tumor cells

Mogensen, S. C.; Andersen, H. K., 1978: Role of activated macrophages in resistance of congenitally athymic nude mice to hepatitis induced by herpes simplex virus type 2

Williams, D. M.; Sawyer, S.; Remington, J. S., 1976: Role of activated macrophages in resistance of mice to infection with trypanosoma cruzi

Miranda L.D., 1983: Role of activated protein c on platelet aggregation induced by thrombin

Wachter H., 1987: Role of activated t lymphocytes in mycosis fungoides

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Herscowitz H.B., 1988: Role of activation in alveolar macrophage mediated suppression of the plaque forming cell response

Patscheke H., 1980: Role of activation in epinephrine induced aggregation of platelets

Olson M.S., 1987: Role of activation of myocardial branched chain 2 oxo acid dehydrogenase complex in the regulation of leucine decarboxylation during cardiac work in vitro

Derubertis F.R., 1987: Role of activation of protein kinase c in the stimulation of colonic epithelial proliferation and reactive oxygen formation by bile acids

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Rossi, L.; Vitagliano-Tadini, G., 1978: Role of adult feces in the nutrition of larvae of asellus aquaticus isopoda

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