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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6348

Chapter 6348 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gardner R.H.; Cale W.G.; O'neill R.V., 1982:
Robust analysis of aggregation error

Hearn W.S.; Sandland R.L.; Hampton J., 1987:
Robust estimation of the natural mortality rate in a completed tagging experiment with variable fishing intensity

Kuenzel, W.J.; Douglass, L.W.; Davison, B.A., 1987:
Robust feeding following central administration of neuropeptide Y or peptide YY in chicks, Gallus domesticus

Dwoskin L.P.; Zahniser N.R., 1986:
Robust modulation of tritiated dopamine release from rat striatal slices by d 2 dopamine receptors

Cornish-Bowden, A.; Endrenyi, L., 1986:
Robust regression of enzyme kinetic data

Molinari L.; Dumermuth G., 1986:
Robust spectral analysis of the electroencephalogram

Rocke D.M., 1983:
Robust statistical analysis of inter laboratory studies

Koeppl J.W.; Hoffmann R.S., 1985:
Robust statistics for spatial analysis the bivariate normal home range model applied to syntopic populations of 2 species of ground squirrels

Koeppl J.W.; Korch G.W.; Slade N.A.; Airoldi J.P., 1985:
Robust statistics for spatial analysis the center of activity

Huba G.J.; Harlow L.L., 1987:
Robust structural equation models implications for developmental psychology

Balakrishnan N.; Tiku M.L.; Shaarawi A.H.E., 1985:
Robust univariate two way classification

Lal, K.; Zarate, E.A.; Youngs, W.J.; Salomon, R.G., 1988:
Robustadials 2. total synthesis of the bicyclo 3.2.0 heptane structure proposed for robustadials a and b

Mazza, S.M.; Lal, K.; Salomon, R.G., 1988:
Robustadials 3. total synthesis of camphane analogues

Holt J.E.; Schoorl D., 1983:
Robustness of a model predicting bruising in impacted multi layered apple packs

Bauer P., 1981:
Robustness of hotellings t 2 test

Rao, D.C.; Vogler, G.P.; Borecki, I.B.; Province, M.A.; Russell, J.M., 1987:
Robustness of path analysis of family resemblance against deviations from multivariate normality

Marrero O., 1985:
Robustness of statistical tests in the two sample location problem

Milligan G.W.; Wong D.S.; Thompson P.A., 1987:
Robustness properties of nonorthogonal analysis of variance

Zacharda M.; Pugsley C.W., 1988:
Robustocheles occulta new species a new troglobitic mite acari prostigmata rhagidiidae from north american caves

Merz O.; Valentini A., 1988:
Roc analysis of tsh test results for the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism

Feige G.B.; Viethen B., 1987:
Roccella guanchica new species a new lichen from the roccella canariensis group

Tehler A., 1985:
Roccellina jamesii new species and dirina insulana new record roccellaceae from ascension island

Berni Canani M.; D.V.ta C., 1983:
Rocefin for acute middle ear infections

Matile L., 1988:
Rocetelion new genus a new holarctic genus of the keroplatidae diptera mycetophiloidea description phylogenetic and biogeographic notes

Fleisher M.; Nisselbaum J.S.; Loftin L.; Smith C.; Schwartz M.K., 1984:
Roche radio immunoassay and abbott enzyme immunoassay carcino embryonic antigen assays compared

Hall, M.J.; Nisbet, L.J.; Westmacott, D.; Wong-Kai-In, P., 1984:
Roche susceptibility test medium a defined formulation for susceptibility testing 1. nutrient interaction and optimization studies

Hall, M.J.; Kern, A.C.; Middleton, R.F.; Worthington, H.E.C., 1984:
Roche susceptibility test medium a defined formulation for susceptibility testing 2. manufacture stability and use

Subissi, A.; Maggi, C.A.; Meli, A., 1986:
Rociverine citrate: a new spasmolytic agent, potentially useful in the treatment of urinary bladder hyperreflexia

Daccó, L.; Intrieri, L., 1986:
Rociverine for nocturia in the elderly

Toda Y.; Yoshino K.; Yoshikawa Y.; Takeyama I., 1986:
Rock concerts and auditory damage

Peasley B.A., 1981:
Rock flumes an alternative method of runoff disposal suitable for black soils

Shakesby R.A.; Dawson A.G.; Matthews J.A., 1987:
Rock glaciers protalus ramparts and related phenomena rondane norway a continuum of large scale talus derived landforms

Fuentes E.R.; Cancino J., 1979:
Rock ground patchiness in a simple liolaemus lizard community reptilia lacertilia iguanidae

Seiderer L.J.; Hahn B.D.; Lawrence L., 1982:
Rock lobsters jasus lalandii mussels aulacomya ater and man a mathematical model

Moor M., 1979:
Rock pear shrubbery cotoneastro amelanchieretum a natural ground cover association in the jura switzerland

Graham J.H.; Timmer L.W., 1985:
Rock phosphate as a source of phosphorus for vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal development and growth of citrus in a soilless medium

Mishra M.M.; Bangar K.C., 1986:
Rock phosphate composting transformation of phosphorus forms and mechanisms of solubilization

Aguilar S.A.; Van Diest A., 1981:
Rock phosphate mobilization induced by the alkaline uptake pattern of legumes utilizing symbiotically fixed nitrogen

Deshpande A.N.; Kumbhar D.D.; Daftardar S.Y., 1988:
Rock phosphate with green manure and farmyard manure as phosphorus source for rice bean crop sequence on lateritic soil

Colman S.M., 1981:
Rock weathering rates as functions of time

Perry, J.; Gronley, J.K.; Lunsford, T., 1981:
Rocker shoe as walking aid in multiple sclerosis

Hagen T.J.; Taylor D.B.; Meagher R.B., 1982:
Rocket immuno electrophoresis assay for cauliflower mosaic virus

Nitsche J.F.; Tucker E.S.IIi; Sugimoto S.; Vaughan J.H.; Curd J.G., 1981:
Rocket immuno electrophoresis of complement c 4 and complement c 4d a simple sensitive method for detecting complement activation in plasma

Andrews R.E.Jr; Iandolo J.J.; Campbell B.S.; Davidson L.I.; Bulla L.A.Jr, 1980:
Rocket immuno electrophoresis of the entomocidal parasporal crystal of bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki

Stoll, A.M.; Piergallini, J.R.; Chianta, M.A., 1980:
Rocket plume burn hazard

Spadafora A.; Durand A.S.; D.L.s Rios E.; Vinas J.M., 1985:
Rocking shoes for beds prevention and treatment of pressure sores

Blunden, G.; Jaffer, J.A.; Jewers, K.; Barbour, J., 1977:
Rockogenin formation during the processing of Agave sisalana leaves for hecogenin

Santana Sosa B., 1981:
Rocks soils and its geo morphology

Kaplan E.; Thode H.C.Jr; Protas A., 1981:
Rocks soils and water quality relationships and implications for effect of acid precipitation on surface water in the northeastern usa

Gulliksen, B., 1978:
Rocky bottom fauna in a submarine gully at loppkalven finnmark northern norway

Lusk S., 1979:
Rocky chutes and the fish stock of streams

Yoshiyama R.M.; Sassaman C.; Lea R.N., 1986:
Rocky intertidal fish communities of california usa temporal and spatial variation

Johnson, D.W.; Landis, T.D.; Gillman, L.S., 1976:
Rocky mountain juniper a new host of armillariella mellea in colorado

Westerman, E.L., 1982:
Rocky Mountain spotless fever: a dilemma for the clinician

Riley, H.D., 1977:
'Rocky Mountain' spotted fever

Pedersen, C.E-Jr, 1977:
Rocky mountain spotted fever a disease that must be recognized

Sacks J.J.; Janowski H.T., 1985:
Rocky mountain spotted fever acquired in florida usa 1973 1983

Ramphal, R.; Kluge, R.; Cohen, V.; Feldman, R., 1978:
Rocky mountain spotted fever and jaundice 2 consecutive cases acquired in florida and a review of the literature on this complication

Wells, G.M.; Woodward, T.E.; Fiset, P.; Hornick, R.B., 1978:
Rocky mountain spotted fever caused by blood transfusion

Helmick, C.G.; Bernard, K.W.; D'Angelo, L.J., 1984:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever: clinical, laboratory, and epidemiological features of 262 cases

Tenenbaum, M.J.; Markowitz, S.M., 1980:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever: diagnostic dilemma of the atypical presentation

Hattwick, M.A.; O'Brien, R.J.; Hanson, B.F., 1976:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever: epidemiology of an increasing problem

Randall, M.B.; Walker, D.H., 1984:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Gastrointestinal and pancreatic lesions and rickettsial infection

Kelly, D.J.; Osterman, J.V.; Stephenson, E.H., 1982:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever in areas of high and low prevalence: survey for canine antibodies to spotted fever rickettsiae

Bradford, W.D.; Hawkins, H.K., 1977:
Rocky mountain spotted fever in childhood

Linnemann, C.C.Jr ; Schaeffer, A.E.; Burgdorfer, W.; Hutchinson, L.; Philip, R.N., 1980:
Rocky mountain spotted fever in clermont county ohio usa 2. distribution of population and infected ticks in an endemic area

Magnarelli L.A.; Anderson J.F.; Burgdorfer W., 1979:
Rocky mountain spotted fever in connecticut usa human cases spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks and antibodies in mammals

Greene, C.E.; Burgdorfer, W.; Cavagnolo, R.; Philip, R.N.; Peacock, M.G., 1985 :
Rocky Mountain spotted fever in dogs and its differentiation from canine ehrlichiosis

D'angelo, L.J.; Winkler, W.G.; Bregman, D.J., 1978:
Rocky mountain spotted fever in the usa 1975 1977

Walker, D.H.; Lesesne, H.R.; Varma, V.A.; Thacker, W.C., 1985:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever mimicking acute cholecystitis

Bell, W.E.; Lascari, A.D., 1970:
Rocky mountain spotted fever. Neurological symptoms in the acute phase

Marx, R.S.; McCall, C.E.; Abramson, J.S.; Harlan, J.E., 1982:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Serological evidence of previous subclinical infection in children

Dimmitt, S.K.; Miller, D.K., 1982:
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Ultrastructural findings

Gilbert V.E., 1987:
Rocky mountain spotted fever use of edema toxemia and headache as a diagnostic triad

Folds, J.D.; Walker, D.H.; Hegarty, B.C.; Banasiak, D.; Lange, J.V., 1983:
Rocky Mountain spotted fever vaccine in an animal model

Gruet, Y., 1977:
Rocky shore communities at sion sur locean vendee and associated fauna of sabellaria reefs sabellaria alveolata annelida polychaeta

Nunomura, N.; Utsubo, N.; Nakajima, Y.; Fukui, Y.; Inoue, Y., 1975:
Rocky shore fauna of osaka bay japan 1974

Anon, 1986 :
Rocky shore macrobiota of southeastern osaka bay japan results of a series of surveys conducted from 1981 to 1985

Van-Loenhoud, P.J.; Van-De-Sande, J.C.P.M., 1977:
Rocky shore zonation in aruba and curacao netherlands antilles with the introduction of a new general scheme of zonation part 1

Brattstrom H., 1980:
Rocky shore zonation in the santa marta area colombia

Kaandorp J.A., 1986:
Rocky substrate communities of the infralittoral fringe of the boulonnais coast northwestern france a quantitative survey

Kato S.; Negishi K., 1979:
Rod and cone bi polar cell responses in the carp retina

Schaeppi U.; Liverani F., 1979:
Rod and cone components in the compound electro retinogram of the beagle dog

Wouters L.; D.M.or A.; Moens Y., 1980:
Rod and cone components in the electro retinogram of the horse

Stabell, B.; Stabell, U., 1976:
Rod and cone contributions to peripheral color vision

Tabor G.A.; Fisher S.K.; Anderson D.H., 1980:
Rod and cone disc shedding in light entrained tree squirrels

Anderson D.H.; Fisher S.K.; Erickson P.A.; Tabor G.A., 1980:
Rod and cone disc shedding in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta retina a quantitative study

King Smith P.E.; Loffing D.H.; Jones R., 1986 :
Rod and cone electroretinograms and their oscillatory potentials

Fatechand, R., 1978:
Rod and cone generation of wavelets in the frog electro retinogram

Ishida A.T.; Stell W.K.; Lightfoot D.O., 1980:
Rod and cone inputs to bi polar cells in goldfish carassius auratus retina

Hanani, M.; Vallerga, S., 1980:
Rod and cone signals in the horizontal cells of the tiger salamander retina

Saito, T.; Kondo, H.; Toyoda, J.I., 1978:
Rod and cone signals in the on center bi polar cell their different ionic mechanisms

Berent S.; Boll T.J.; Giordani B., 1982:
Rod and frame and minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scores for a group of female psychiatric in patients

Ehrlichman, H., 1976:
Rod and frame in immediate perception

Fernandez Ballesteros R.; Manning L., 1984:
Rod and frame test scores and verbalized strategies

Townes Anderson E.; Macleish P.R.; Raviola E., 1985:
Rod cells dissociated from mature salamander ambystoma tigrinum retina ultrastructure and uptake of horseradish peroxidase

Ranger H.O., 1981:
Rod chromatography a new approach to automating thin layer chromatography

Frumkes, T.E.; Temme, L.A., 1977:
Rod cone interaction in human scotopic vision part 2 cones influence rod increment thresholds

Temme, L.A.; Frumkes, T.E., 1977:
Rod cone interaction in human scotopic vision part 3 rods influence cone increment thresholds

Barris, M.C.; Frumkes, T.E., 1978:
Rod cone interaction in human scotopic vision part 4 cones stimulated by contrast flashes influence rod threshold

Foster, D.H., 1976:
Rod cone interaction in the afterflash effect

Arden G.B., 1985:
Rod cone interaction mechanism and significance in investigating retinal disease

Buck S.L.; Makous W., 1981:
Rod cone interaction on large and small backgrounds

Keunen, J.E.; Van Meel, G.J.; Van Norren, D., 1988:
Rod densitometry in night blindness: a review and two puzzling cases. Rod densitometry in night blindness

Buyukmihci, N.; Aguirre, G.D., 1976:
Rod disc turnover in the dog

Fulton, A.B.; Rushton, W.A.H., 1978:
Rod electro retinogram of the mudpuppy effect of dim red backgrounds

Sandberg, M.A.; Baruzzi, C.M.; Hanson, A.H.; Berson, E.L., 1988:
Rod ERG diurnal rhythm in some patients with dominant retinitis pigmentosa

Rathke, P.C.; Seib, E.; Weber, K.; Osborn, M.; Franke, W.W., 1977:
Rod like elements from actin containing micro filament bundles observed in cultured cells after treatment with cytochalasin a

Foster, D.H., 1977:
Rod mediated and cone mediated interactions in the fine grain movement illusion

Patterson V.H.; Foster D.H.; Heron J.R., 1982:
Rod mediated and cone mediated visual function in multiple sclerosis

Jacobson, S.G.; Meadows, N.J.; Keeling, P.W.; Mitchell, W.D.; Thompson, R.P., 1986:
Rod mediated retinal dysfunction in cats with zinc depletion: comparison with taurine depletion

Dodson, R.F.; Crisp, G.O.; Nicotra, B.; Muñoz, L.; Albright, C.D., 1983:
Rod myopathy with extensive systemic and respiratory muscular involvement

Lavail, M.M., 1976:
Rod outer segment disc shedding in rat retina relationship to cyclic lighting

Organisciak D.T.; Wang H M.; Kou A.L., 1982:
Rod outer segment lipid opsin ratios in the developing normal and retinal dystrophic rat

Tamai, M.; Yagi, T., 1980:
Rod outer segment shedding and phagocytosis in the developing rat retina. Effect of the continuous light

Lolley, R.N.; Lee, R.H.; Chase, D.G.; Racz, E., 1986:
Rod photoreceptor cells dissociated from mature mice retinas

Townes-Anderson, E.; Dacheux, R.F.; Raviola, E., 1988:
Rod photoreceptors dissociated from the adult rabbit retina

Elenius, V., 1985 :
Rod saturation perimetry. Testing of the cone function with achromatic objects

Engbretson, G.A.; Witkovsky, P., 1978:
Rod sensitivity and visual pigment concentration in Xenopus

Massof, R.W.; Finkelstein, D., 1979:
Rod sensitivity relative to cone sensitivity in retinitis pigmentosa

Mcdonald, J.G.; Heath, M.C., 1978:
Rod shaped and spherical virus like particles in cowpea rust fungus

Mcdonald J.G., 1979:
Rod shaped and spherical virus like particles in puccinia sorghi

Paukov V.S.; Belyaeva N.Yu, 1985:
Rod shaped inclusions in the myocardium and brain in experimental alcoholization of rats

Srinivasan, A.; York, D.; Anand, R.; Goldsmith, C.S.; Bohan, C.; Kalyanaraman, V.S., 1987:
Rodent and primate monolayer cells support the expression and assembly of viral particles directed by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) proviral DNA

Lim B.L.; Hadi T.R.; Sustriayu N., 1980:
Rodent and scrub typhus survey in a rice field at kramat tunggak area tanjung priok jakarta indonesia

Kazakova T.V.; Shatov V.A.; Verbina I.A.; Tsymbalenko N.V.; Kravtsov V.D., 1986:
Rodent bone marrow cell transformation by the recombinant plasmid pbrsv

Gottlieb, A.; Keydar, I.; Epstein, H.T., 1977:
Rodent brain growth stages: an analytical review

Marconi P.N.; Kravetz F.O., 1986:
Rodent communities from parque nacional el palmar entre rios argentina according to fire history

Polop J.J.; Sabattini M.S.; Gardenal C.N., 1983:
Rodent communities in sorghum fields of the cordoba province argentina and their possible relation with argentine hemorrhagic fever

Arora K.K.; Pahwa R.; Lal S.; Srivastava J.L.; Kumar A., 1987:
Rodent control in commercial grain warehouses in india

Andersson M.; Jonasson S., 1986:
Rodent cycles in relation to food resources on an alpine heath

Parshad V.R.; Malhi C.S.; Ahmad N.; Gupta B., 1987:
Rodent damage and control in peanut fields in india

Posamentier H.; Alam S., 1980:
Rodent damage and control in wheat in bangladesh during the 1980 season

Posamentier H., 1981:
Rodent damage and evaluation of rodent control in pineapple in bangladesh

Posamentier H., 1981:
Rodent damage assessment method in sown grain crops

Hernandez A.; Drummond D.C., 1984:
Rodent damage to food in some cuban warehouses and the cost of preventing it

Jeffrey, S.M., 1977:
Rodent ecology and land use in western ghana

Smiet A.C.; Fulk G.W.; Lathiya S.B., 1980:
Rodent ecology in sugarcane in lower sind pakistan

Holbrook, S.J., 1977:
Rodent faunal turnover and prehistoric community stability in northwestern new mexico

Wyllie A.H.; Rose K.A.; Morris R.G.; Steel C.M.; Foster E.; Spandidos D.A., 1987:
Rodent fibroblast tumors expressing human myc and ras genes growth metastasis and endogenous oncogene expression

Haas G.E.; Wilson N., 1985:
Rodent fleas siphonaptera in tree cavities of woodpeckers in alaska usa

Feng J Y.; E.A., 1985:
Rodent genotoxic assay of ne 109 a special regulator for rootless bean sprouts

Francis R.L., 1979:
Rodent hearing apparatus for behavioral measurements with ultrasound

Mulder, J.B., 1979:
Rodent housing units for field studies

Moore K.W.; Jardieu P.; Mietz J.A.; Trounstine M.L.; Kuff E.L.; Ishizaka K.; Martens C.L., 1986:
Rodent immunoglobulin e binding factor genes are members of an endogenous retrovirus like gene family

Advani R., 1982:
Rodent infestation patterns in the cereal crops in the indian desert

Bedi, G.S.; Balwierczak, J.; Back, N., 1983:
Rodent kinin forming enzyme systems 1. purification and characterization of plasma kininogen

Bedi, G.S.; Balwierczak, J.; Back, N., 1983:
Rodent kinin forming enzyme systems 2. purification and characterization of an acid protease from murphy sturm lympho sarcoma

Poche R.M.; Mian M.Y.; Sterner R.; Haque M.E.; Sultana P., 1986:
Rodent movements in wheat fields

Halvorson C.H., 1982:
Rodent occurrence habitat disturbance and seed fall in a larch larix occidentalis douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii forest

Morris D.W., 1984:
Rodent population cycles life history adjustments to age specific dispersal strategies and intrinsic time lags

Kravetz, F.O.; De-Villafane, G.; Torres, M.P.; Piantanida, M.J., 1975:
Rodent populations in a wheat field

Sakamoto K.; Okada N., 1985:
Rodent type 2 alu family rat identifier sequence rabbit c family and bovine or goat 73 bp repeat may have evolved from transfer rna genes

Starzycki Z.; Stachura J., 1984:
Rodent ulcer of the palm a case

Maccracken J.G.; Uresk D.W.; Hansen R.M., 1985:
Rodent vegetation relationships in southeastern montana usa

Glazebrook, J.S.; Campbell, R.S.; Hutchinson, G.W.; Stallman, N.D., 1978:
Rodent zoonoses in North Queensland: the occurrence and distribution of zoonotic infections in North Queensland rodents

Daxner-Hoeck, G., 1979:
Rodentia mammalia of the eichkogel mountain top in austria near moedling 1. spalacinae and castoridae 2. review of general rodent fauna

Sridhara S., 1983:
Rodenticide induced bait aversion and neophobia in tatera indica cuvieri/

Agusti, J.; Giberts, J.; Moya, S.; Cabrera, L., 1979:
Rodents and insectivores mammalia of the upper miocene of the seu d'urgell catalonia spain

Sen S., 1983:
Rodents and lagomorphs from the pliocene deposits of pul e charkhi kabul basin afghanistan

Lopez, N.; Michaux, J.; De-Villalta, J.F., 1976:
Rodents and lagomorphs of bagur 2 province of gerona spain new filling of a fissure at the beginning of the mid pleistocene

Kucheruk, V.V., 1976:
Rodents and the anthropogenic transformation of the environment

Jeannet M., 1979:
Rodents and the environment at mont des espelugues lourdes hautes pyrenees france

Alekperov F.P., 1983:
Rodents as a source of leptospirosis in the east transcaucasia ussr

Black C.C.; Krishtalka L., 1986:
Rodents bats and insectivores from the plio pleistocene sediments to the east of lake turkana kenya

Morlok, W.F., 1978:
Rodents from turkey mammalia rodentia

Stamp N.E.; Ohmart R.D., 1979:
Rodents of desert shrub and riparian woodland habitats in the sonoran desert usa

Jeannet M., 1981:
Rodents of the acheulean deposit of orgnac 3 ardeche france essay on paleontology and chrono stratigraphy

Rekovets, L.I., 1978:
Rodents of the desna late paleolithic ways of fauna formation and its paleo geographic analysis

Jacobs, L.L., 1977:
Rodents of the hemphilian age redington local fauna san pedro valley arizona usa

Brown R.E., 1980:
Rodents of the kavir national park iran

Munthe, J., 1980:
Rodents of the miocene daud khel local fauna mianwali district pakistan 1. sciuridae gliridae ctenodactylidae and rhizomyidae

Malaisse F.; Parent G., 1982:
Rodents of the miombo woodland area a nutritional and ecological approach

Giles, C.M.; Gedde-Dahl, T.J. ; Robson, E.B.; Thorsby, E.; Olaisen, B.; Arnason, A.; Kissmeyer-Nielsen, F.; Schreuder, I., 1976:
Rodgers and the hl a region linkage and associations

Roos M.H.; Giles C.M.; Demant P.; Mollenhauer E.; Rittner C., 1984:
Rodgers rg and chido ch determinants on human complement c 4 characterization of 2 c 4 b 5 subtypes one of which contains rg and ch determinants

Dinu, R.; Csiki, I.E.; Negoescu, R., 1986:
Rodilemid therapy in peripheral palsy: a clinical and electrophysiological study

Leino R.L., 1982:
Rodlet cells in the gill and intestine of catostomus commersoni and perca flavescens a comparison of their light and electron microscopic cytochemistry with that of mucous and granular cells

Figueras, M.J.; Guarro, J.; Dijk, F., 1988:
Rodlet structure on the surface of chaetomium spores

Popek R., 1984:
Rodological material from pomorze zachodnie west pomerania poland

Sugita, Y.; Tasaki, K., 1988:
Rods also participate in human color vision

Carter-Dawson, L.D.; Lavail, M.M., 1979:
Rods and cones in the mouse retina 1. structural analysis using light microscopy and electron microscopy

Carter-Dawson, L.D.; Lavail, M.M., 1979:
Rods and cones in the mouse retina 2. auto radiographic analysis of cell generation using tritium labeled thymidine

Herman K.G., 1983:
Rods rhabdoms and rhythms

Sawicka Kapusta K., 1979:
Roe deer capreolus capreolus antlers as bio indicators of environmental pollution in southern poland

Kaluzinski J., 1982:
Roe deer capreolus capreolus mortality due to mechanization of work in agrocenoses

Dzieciolowski, R., 1976:
Roe deer census by pellet group counts

Prusaite Y.A.; Baleishis R.M.; Bluzma P.P., 1983:
Roe deer forage composition depending on forest cover in the inhabited area

Onderscheka K.; Tataruch F.; Steineck T.; Klansek E.; Vodnansky M.; Wagner J.; Echsel H., 1987:
Roe deer losses caused by the consumption of the rape cultivar 00

Ueckermann D., 1986:
Roe deer population analysis on the basis of consumption at winter feeding places

Boyd, J.W.; Cheng, J.; Huynh, M.D.; Williscroft, S.N.; Tsuyuki, H., 1980:
Roe herring clupea pallasi processing preservation and factors affecting firming of roe

Kreiberg H.; Brett J.R.; Solmie A., 1984:
Roe herring impoundment research report of the 1982 1983 studies

Kreiberg H.; Brett J.R.; Solmie A., 1982:
Roe herring impoundment research report on the 1981 1982 studies

Kreiberg H.; Brett J.R.; Solmie A., 1984:
Roe herring impoundment research report on the 1983 1984 studies

Vasil'eva L.A.; Zotova E.G., 1987:
Roel of cortical inhibition in heterosensory interaction of the sensorimotor cortex neurons in cats

Susanna R.Jr; Takahashi W.Y.; Almada A.T.; Hirai A., 1981:
Roennes nasal step study in primary glaucoma

Tikhonov, V.A.; Kulikov, R.I.; Petrov, L.A., 1978:
Roentgen anatomical skeletal characteristics in 47 xyy syndrome

Hoeffel, J.C.; Dally, P.; Legras, B.; Worms, A.M.; Pernot, C., 1986:
Roentgen aspects of isolated pulmonary valvular stenosis on chest plain films

Motohashi N.; Pruzansky S.; Kawata T., 1981:
Roentgen cephalometric analysis of cerebral gigantism report of 4 patients

Hamada, T.; Yamauchi, K.; Yamada, S.; Ito, K.; Tabe, T., 1977:
Roentgen cephalometric analysis of open bite in patients with progressive muscular dystrophy

Savostin-Asling, I.; Nakaiye, R.; Asling, C.W., 1980:
Roentgen cephalometric studies on skull development in rats 3. gigantism vs. acromegaly age differences in response to prolonged growth hormone administration

Toktomushev A.T.; Matveev B.P.; Gabuniya R.I.; Molchanov G.V., 1986:
Roentgen computed tomographic determination of local dissemination of cancer of the urinary bladder

Davachi, F.; Engler, P.E.; Chon, J.D.; Del-Guercio, L.R.M., 1976:
Roentgen densitometry for the detection of intra cardiac shunts in 50 infants and children

Reinbold, W.D.; Kirchner, R.; Dinkel, E.; Kröpelin, T., 1987:
Roentgen diagnosis in diaphragmatic trauma

Zagorodskaya M.M.; Antonova R.A., 1981:
Roentgen diagnosis of acquired bronchial fistulas

Bukhman A.I., 1983:
Roentgen diagnosis of hypo parathyrosis and hyper parathyrosis

Jie W.; Tian Siang G.; Che A.Z.; Kui Zhen C.; Dong Ming C.; Jun Qing D., 1986:
Roentgen diagnosis of industrial skeletal fluorosis a report of 100 cases

Braver, J.M.; Paul, R.E.; Philipps, E.; Bloom, S., 1979 :
Roentgen diagnosis of linear ulcers

Litwan M.; Fliegel C., 1986:
Roentgen diagnosis of mandibular fractures

Vogel H., 1980:
Roentgen diagnosis of the operated bile duct system

Puijlaert, C.B., 1976:
Roentgen diagnosis of traumatic rupture of the aorta

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Roentgenological measurement of the shape of the osteo arthritic ankle

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Roentgenological study of the lumbar spinal canal shape

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Roentgenological study of the mandible using full mouth tomography

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Roentgenological study on the ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament opll of the cervical spine the developmental process of ossification with computed tomography

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Rofenaid in the control of Pasteurella anatipestifer and Escherichia coli infections in ducklings

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Rogas malacosomatos new species hymenoptera braconidae parasite of tent caterpillars malacosoma spp lepidoptera lasiocampidae in canada

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Rogersia a later name for filosporella

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Rogersiomyces okefenokeensis new genus new species in the filobasidiaceae homobasidiomycetes from an aquatic habitat

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Rogersus rogersi new genus new species cestoda caryophyllaeidae from the blacktail redhorse moxostoma poecilurum osteichthyes in the southeastern usa

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Rogor toxicity to preadult stages of brachythermis contaminata

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Rogotruncana kefiana new species foraminifera of the upper senonian of el kef tunisia

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Rohdella siamensis new genus new species aspidogastridae rohdellinae from fresh water fishes in thailand with a reorganization of the classification of the subclass aspidogastrea

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Rohon beard cells and other large neurons in xenopus laevis embryos originate during gastrulation

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Rohon beard cells in frog rana pipiens development temporal and spatial changes in a transient cell population

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Rohon beard neurons in viviparous and oviparous urodeles

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Rojasimalva new genus malvaceae from venezuela

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Rokitansky kuester hauser syndrome observations on 10 cases

Trdat'yan A.A.; Abovyan M.S.; Dolyan G.G.; Simonyan I.V., 1979:
Rokitansky mayer kuster syndrome combined with ectopic pelvic right kidney congenital double sided inguinal hernias and sclerocystosis of the ovary

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Rolandic arteriovenous malformations improvement in limb function by isobutyl 2 cyanoacrylate embolization

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Rolandic epilepsy a frequent form of convulsion in childhood symptomatology electroencephalography etiology therapy prognosis

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Rolandic variation of opercular epilepsy

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Role and evolution of essential oils and their secretory structures

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Role and importance of brewing in the formation of tea aroma

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Role and limits of echography for diagnosis of ovarian tumors

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Role and mechanism of action of tamoxifen in premenopausal women with metastatic breast carcinoma

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Role and metabolism of high density lipo protein subfractions analysis of serum high density lipo protein 2 cholesterol and high density lipo protein 3 cholesterol in patients with various diseases by high performance liquid chromatography

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Role and properties of lactonase in a cellulase system

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Role and regulation mechanism of kanamycin acetyl transferase in kanamycin biosynthesis

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Role and regulation of glucose metabolism in proliferating cells

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Role and regulation of the ortho and meta pathways of catechol metabolism in pseudomonads metabolizing naphthalene and salicylate

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Role and responsibilities of general practitioner organizers of continuing medical education

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Role and results of placental scintigraphy in modern obstetrics

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Role asymmetries in interactions among school aged children their younger siblings and their friends

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Role behavior of an agonadal alpha male rhesus monkey in a hetero sexual group

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Role burdens and physical health of women and men

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Role conflict for aides in a homemaker aide program for frail elderly persons

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Role definition and confidentiality in the drug treatment process

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Role differentiation and seating arrangements a further study

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Role endocytosis and lysosomal ph in uptake of n phosphonacetyl l aspartate and its inhibition of pyrimidine synthesis

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Role for activated macrophages in resistance against Trichinella spiralis

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Role for antibody in coxiella burnetii infection

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Role for atp in regulating the assembly and transport of vesicular stomatitis virus g protein trimers

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Role for calcium in the insulin hypersecretory state of the endotoxic rat pancreas

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Role for dna ligase in dna polymerase i dependent repair synthesis in toluene treated escherichia coli

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Role for endogenous and acquired peroxidase in the toxoplasmacidal activity of murine and human mononuclear phagocytes

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Role for intracellular proteases in the processing and transport of class II HLA antigens

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Role for intrarenal adenosine in the renal hemodynamic response to contrast media

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Role for proteases and alkaline phosphatase in streptomycin biosynthesis

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Role for sulfur containing groups in the sodium calcium exchange of cardiac sarcolemmal vesicles

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Role for the 3' end of the genome in determining disease specificity of Friend and Moloney murine leukemia viruses

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Role for the atp dependent proteolytic pathway in reticulocyte maturation

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Role for the j f inter cistronic region of bacterio phages phi x 174 and g 4 in stability of messenger rna

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Role for the median preoptic nucleus in centrally evoked pressor responses

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Role interference: an analysis of suicide victims, homicide offenders, and non-violent individuals

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Role involvement and delay maintenance behavior in preschool children

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Role micro nutrients on biosynthesis of spiramycins

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Role molecular conformation on secretion of chick tendon pro collagen

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Role of 1 2 dehydro reticulinium ion in the biosynthetic conversion of reticuline to thebaine

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Role of 1 amino cyclo propane 1 carboxylic acid in the control of female flowering in cucurbita pepo

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Role of 18 and 24 kilodalton proteins in the reactivation of photosystem ii particles from which 18 and 24 kilodalton proteins have been extracted by calcium

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Role of 1st stimulating agents in the production of tumor necrosis factor

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Role of 2 4 d on growth and macro molecular synthesis in a cyanobacterium anabaena cylindrica

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Role of 2 dimensional echo cardiography in the evaluation of patients with ventricular septal rupture post myo cardial infarction

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Role of 2 dimensional echocardiography in the prediction of in hospital complications after acute myocardial infarction

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Role of 2 keto butyrate as an alarmone in escherichia coli k 12 inhibition of adenylate cyclase activity mediated by the phosphoenol pyruvate glycose phospho transferase transport system

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Role of 2 of the influenza virus core p proteins in recognizing cap 1 structures on rna and in initiating viral rna transcription

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Role of 2 phoretic mites in transmission of blue stain fungus ceratocystis minor

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Role of 2 siderophores in ustilago sphaerogena regulation of biosynthesis and uptake mechanisms

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Role of 2' 5' oligo adenylic acid polymerase in the degradation of rna linked to double stranded rna by extracts of interferon treated cells

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Role of 2' mercaptopropionylglycine mpg against toxicity of cyclophosphamide in normal and tumor bearing mice

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Role of 24 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol in bone mineralization of hypo kinetics rats

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Role of 24 hydroxylated and 28 hydroxylated intermediates in the metabolism of beta sito sterol in the insect tenebrio molitor

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Role of 3 basic light reactions in photo movement of desmids F.; D.S.mone B.C.; Maraviglia B., 1982:
Role of 3 dimensional imaging in small scale nmr tomography

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Role of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec activity in the regulation of ubi quinone synthesis in human fibroblasts

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Role of 4 hydroxylated estradiol in reducing calcium uptake of uterine arterial smooth muscle cells through potential sensitive channels

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Role of 4' 6 diamidino 2 phenylindole in microtubule reactions at steady state

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Role of 5 bromodeoxyuridine in the formation of sce after gamma irradiation of human lymphocytes at the presynthetic stage of the cell cycle

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Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine and norepinephrine in spinal dopaminergic analgesia

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Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in acute inflammation and anaphylaxis

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Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in amphetamine effects on punished and unpunished behavior

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Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in dopamine dependent stereotyped behavior

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Role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the morbidity of cerebral infarction a study in the gerbil stroke model

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Role of 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 receptors in serotonin induced contractions of nonvascular smooth muscle

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Role of 5 hydroxytryptamine on increased permeability of blood brain barrier under heat stress

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Role of 5 hydroxytryptamine receptors in narcotic induced reduction in gastrointestinal transit in rats

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Role of 9 repeating sequences of the mini f genome for expression of f specific incompatibility phenotype and copy number control

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Role of A alpha chain of fibrinogen in coagulation and platelet interaction investigated with a monoclonal antibody

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Role of a bacterial lipopolysaccharide pyrogenal in arising congenital defects in the embryos of golden hamster of the second generation

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Role of a braconid parasite and a viral disease in the population decline of armyworm mythimna separata noctuidae lepidoptera during an outbreak

Waspe L.E.; Kim S.G.; Matos J.A.; Fisher J.D., 1983:
Role of a catheter lead system for trans venous counter shock and pacing during electro physiologic tests an assessment of the usefulness of catheter shocks for terminating ventricular tachy arrhythmias

Pronin A.V.; Khorobrykh V.V., 1985:
Role of a cells in the mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes by mycoplasmas

Asmolov A.G.; Marilova T.Yu, 1985:
Role of a change of the social status in the reorganization of the motivation semantic sphere in oncological patients

Kuzin, A.M.; Vagabova, M.E., 1978:
Role of a combined effect of visible light and ionizing radiation in stimulating the development of plants

Paderin V.F.; Fedotov A.B., 1984:
Role of a complex diagnosis of bronchoscopic study in the central peribronchial cancer of the lung

Fokeev P.M.; Kolchina N.A., 1984:
Role of a cultivar in the programmed maintenance of high spring wheat yields on irrigated soils

Arkhipova E.E.; Osanov D.P., 1986:
Role of a damage to vascular plexus in the development of radiation injury to swine skin

Nalin, C.M.; McCarty, R.E., 1984:
Role of a disulfide bond in the gamma subunit in activation of the ATPase of chloroplast coupling factor 1

Jablonski P.P.; Anderson J.W., 1984:
Role of a flavonoid in the peroxide dependent oxidation of glutathione catalyzed by pea pisum sativum cultivar massey gem extracts

Donnelly B.J.; O'higgins N.J.; O'malley E., 1983:
Role of a flutter valve in a continent ileostomy an experimental study in dogs

Zakharov I.S.; Mats V.N.; Balaban P.M., 1982:
Role of a giant cerebral ganglion neuron in organization of escape behavior of helix lucorum

Cornett L.E.; Norris J.S., 1987:
Role of a guanine nucleotide binding protein in alpha 1 adrenergic receptor mediated calcium mobilization in ddt 1 mf 2 cells

Blackmore P.F.; Bocckino S.B.; Waynick L.E.; Exton J.H., 1985:
Role of a guanine nucleotide binding regulatory protein in the hydrolysis of hepatocyte phosphatidylinositol 4 5 bisphosphate by calcium mobilizing hormones and the control of cell calcium studies utilizing aluminum fluoride

Verghese, M.W.; Charles, L.; Jakoi, L.; Dillon, S.B.; Snyderman, R., 1987:
Role of a guanine nucleotide regulatory protein in the activation of phospholipase C by different chemoattractants

Storozhuk V.M.; Antonov I.N., 1986:
Role of a humoral factor and postsynaptic sensitization in the heterosynaptic facilitation

Black S.D.; French J.S.; Williams C.H.Jr; Coon M.J., 1979:
Role of a hydrophobic poly peptide in the amino terminal region of nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase in complex formation with p 450lm

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Role of a low molecular weight humoral factor of the thymus in the formation of delayed type hyper sensitivity reactions

Lutkenhaus, J.F., 1977:
Role of a major outer membrane protein in Escherichia coli

Gold, M.H.; Hahn, H.J., 1976:
Role of a mannosyl lipid intermediate in the synthesis of neurospora crassa glyco proteins

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Role of a membrane glycoprotein in Friend virus erythroleukemia: nucleotide sequences of nonleukemogenic mutant and spontaneous revertant viruses

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Role of a metabolite in allergenicity of sudan i

Drapeau, G.R., 1978:
Role of a metallo protease in activation of the precursor of staphylococcal protease

Landau N.S.; Egorov N.S.; Buyak L.I., 1980 :
Role of a microbial factor stimulating biosynthesis of exo proteases in aspergillus kanagawaensis in the process of its growth and development

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Role of a microbial polysaccharide in interactions between populations inside a model bacterial association

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Role of a modified ovitrap in the control of Aedes aegypti in Houston, Texas, USA

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Role of a nonimmunoglobulin cell surface determinant in the activation of bone marrow derived lymphocytes by thymus independent antigens

Arlashchenko N.I., 1980:
Role of a nonspecific afferent system in reactions of the vestibular analyzer with regard to the genesis of motion sickness

Schwindt P.; Crill W., 1980:
Role of a persistent inward current in moto neuron bursting during spinal seizures

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Role of a pertussis substrate in the control of lectin induced cap formation in human neutrophils

Thomashow, L.S.; Weller, D.M., 1988:
Role of a phenazine antibiotic from Pseudomonas fluorescens in biological control of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici

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Role of a proton gradient and electron transport in conformational oscillations of chloroplasts

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Role of a proton motive force in the process of genetic transformation of bacillus subtilis

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Role of a renal arginyl estero peptidase in the production of a renotropic factor in unilaterally nephrectomized rats

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Role of a SER immune suppressor in immune surveillance

Baynes R.D.; Bukofzer G.; Bothwell T.H.; Macfarlane B.J.; Lamparelli R.D.V.; Friedman B., 1988:
Role of a serum factor in enhancing transferrin iron uptake by human macrophages in inflammation

W.Z., 1985:
Role of a single genome in the development of the gynogenetic haploid of rana limnocharis

L'allemain G.; Paris S.; Pouyssegur J., 1985:
Role of a sodium dependent chloride bicarbonate exchange in regulation of intracellular ph in fibroblasts

Nose M.; Kyogoku M., 1979:
Role of a soluble cyto toxic factor in concanavalin a induced cellular cyto toxicity to rabbit erythrocytes

Kiss, Z., 1977:
Role of a specific choline pool in sphingomyelin synthesis in rat heart

Dushauskene Duzh R.F., 1986:
Role of a suspension in lead 210 extraction and bottom sediment formation in the baltic sea

Fournier, M.; Potworowski, E.F., 1979:
Role of a thymic stromal fraction in the homing of bone marrow precursor cells to the thymus

Jacobs L.M.Jr; Goody M.M.; Sinclair A., 1983:
Role of a trauma center in disaster management

Demarest K.T.; Moore K.E.; Riegle G.D., 1983:
Role of a uterine placental factor in the cessation of the semi circadian rhythm of tubero infundibular dopaminergic neuronal activity at mid pregnancy in the rat

Gagua A.M.; Gugushvili L.L.; Demikhov V.P.; Goryainov V.M., 1986:
Role of a vascular factor in the pathogenesis of acute renal insufficiency and principles of its treatment

Yagan, R.; Khan, M.A.; Marmolya, G., 1987:
Role of abdominal CT, when available in patients' records, in the evaluation of degenerative changes of the sacroiliac joints

Chand R., 1987:
Role of abiotic factors in governing the activity of a coprophagous beetle

Kaur K.; Toor H.S., 1980:
Role of abiotic factors in the embryonic development of scale carp cyprinus carpio communis

Bychkov V.I.; Bykov E.G.; Kozachenko V.P., 1987:
Role of abnormal dysdifferentiation in the exfoliation level of elements of stratified squamous epithelium in the cervi uteri

Yoshioka, T.; Rennke, H.G.; Salant, D.J.; Deen, W.M.; Ichikawa, I., 1987:
Role of abnormally high transmural pressure in the permselectivity defect of glomerular capillary wall: a study in early passive Heymann nephritis

Zuber P.; Losick R., 1987:
Role of abr b in spo o a dependent and spo o b dependent utilization of a sporulation promoter in bacillus subtilis

Snow J.P.; Sanders D.E., 1979:
Role of abscised cotton flowers bolls and squares in production of inoculum by boll rotting fusarium spp

Finkelstein R.R.; Tenbarge K.M.; Shumway J.E.; Crouch M.L., 1985:
Role of abscisic acid in maturation of rapeseed brassica napus cultivar tower embryos

Varma, S.K., 1976:
Role of abscisic acid in the phenomenon of abscission of flower buds and bolls of cotton gossypium hirsutum and its reversal with other plant regulators

Adams, M.A.; Attiwill, P.M., 1984:
Role of acacia spp in nutrient balance and cycling in regenerating eucalyptus regnans 2. field studies of acetylene reduction

Adams, M.A.; Attiwill, P.M., 1984:
Role of acacia spp in nutrient balance and cycling in regenerating eucalyptus regnans forests 1. temporal changes in biomass and nutrient content

Boswell, H.S.; Ahmed, A.; Scher, I.; Singer, A., 1980:
Role of accessory cells in b cell activation 2. the interaction of b cells with accessory cells results in the exclusive activation of an lyb 5 positive b cell sub population

Boswell, H.S.; Nerenberg, M.I.; Scher, I.; Singer, A., 1980:
Role of accessory cells in b cell activation 3. cellular analysis of primary immune response deficits in cba n mice presence of an accessory cell b cell interaction defect

Morrissey, P.J.; Boswell, H.S.; Scher, I.; Singer, A., 1981:
Role of accessory cells in b cell activation 4. ia positive accessory cells are required for the in vitro generation of thymic independent type 2 antibody responses to poly saccharide antigens

Boswell, H.S.; Sharrow, S.O.; Singer, A., 1980:
Role of accessory cells in bone marrow derived cell activation 1. macrophage presentation of tri nitro phenyl ficoll evidence for macrophage bone marrow derived cell interaction

Huenig, T.; Loos, M.; Schimpl, A., 1983 :
Role of accessory cells in poly clonal t cell activation 1. both induction of interleukin 2 production and of interleukin 2 responsiveness by concanavalin a are accessory cell dependent

Halvorsen R.; Leivestad T.; Gaudernack G.; Thorsby E., 1988:
Role of accessory cells in the activation of pure t cells via the t cell receptor cd3 complex or with phytohemagglutinin

Gildow F.E.; Rochow W.F., 1980:
Role of accessory salivary glands in aphid sitobion avenae transmission of barley yellow dwarf virus

Novikova N.E.; Lakhanov A.P.; Gavrikova A.A.; Troshina K.A., 1986:
Role of accumulation and reutilization of nutrients in seed productivity formation in pea cultivars

Lees, G.J.; Jago, G.R., 1978:
Role of acetaldehyde in metabolism a review part 1 enzymes catalyzing reactions involving acetaldehyde

Lees, G.J.; Jago, G.R., 1978:
Role of acetaldehyde in metabolism a review part 2 the metabolism of acetaldehyde in cultured dairy products

Görts, C.P., 1975:
Role of acetate metabolism in sporulation of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis

Ballongue J.; Amine J.; Masion E.; Petitdemange H.; Gay R., 1986:
Role of acetic acid and butyric acid in the induction of nadh rubredoxin oxidoreductase in clostridium acetobutylicum

Tisdale M.J., 1984:
Role of acetoacetyl coenzyme a synthetase in acetoacetate utilization by tumor cells

Nishihata T.; Yata N.; Kamada A., 1979:
Role of acetone bodies in the abnormal pharmaco kinetic behavior of chlorpropamide in alloxan diabetic rabbits

Savina L.S., 1979:
Role of acetyl cholin esterase in the development of hemolytic anemia

Trevisan A.; Moro G., 1981:
Role of acetyl cholin esterase inhibition in toluene di iso cyanate induced broncho constriction

Kovalenko N.Ya; Chernukh A.M., 1980:
Role of acetyl choline catecholamines and serotonin in the regulation of portal and systemic circulation

Samaranayaka, M., 1977:
Role of acetyl choline in organo phosphate induced release of adipo kinetic hormone in the locust schistocerca gregaria

Shigesada, K.; Tatibana, M., 1971:
Role of acetyl glutamate in ureotelism part 1 occurrence and biosynthesis of acetyl glutamate in mouse and rat tissues

Masugi, F.; Ogihara, T.; Saeki, S.; Otsuka, A.; Kumahara, Y., 1985:
Role of acetyl glyceryl ether phosphorylcholine in blood pressure regulation in rats

Abou-Donia, M.B., 1978:
Role of acid phosphatase in delayed neuro toxicity induced by leptophos in hens

Young R.A.; Holcomb D.W., 1984:
Role of acid phosphate in hydroxylapatite lattice expansion

Nishiura, A.; Murakami, T.; Higashi, Y.; Yata, N., 1987:
Role of acidic phospholipids in tissue distribution of quinidine in rats

Colome Pavon J.A.; Rubio Perez P.; Jorda Tormo J.; Espinos Perez D., 1987:
Role of acidosis and ketosis in the dynamic function of the granulocyte in diabetic patients chemotaxis

Srivastava P.B.L.; Keong G.B.; Muktar A., 1987:
Role of acrostichum species in natural regeneration of rhizophora species in malaysia

Sever'yanova L.A., 1981:
Role of acth and cortico steroids in rat aggressive defensive behavior

Schroeder H.C.; Zahn R.K.; Mueller W.E.G., 1982:
Role of actin and tubulin in the regulation of poly adenylic acid polymerase endo rnase iv complex from calf thymus

Witztum A.; Parthasarathy M.V., 1985:
Role of actin in chloroplast clustering and banding in leaves of egeria elodea and hydrilla

Podgornaya O.I.; Drozdov A.L.; Guseva A.I.; Pinaev G.P., 1983:
Role of actin in spontaneous gelatinization of sarcoplasmic proteins in ambulacrum of the sea star asterias amurensis

Osawa, S.; Betz, G.; Hall, P.F., 1984:
Role of actin in the responses of adrenal cells to ACTH and cyclic AMP: inhibition by DNase I

Athlin, L.; Domellöf, L.; Norberg, B.O., 1988:
Role of actin polymerization in monocyte phagocytosis of yeast cells effect of cytochalasin B

Mirau P.A.; Shafer R.H., 1982:
Role of actinomycin penta peptides in actinomycin dna binding and kinetics

Toledo-Pereyra, L.H., 1985:
Role of activated carbon hemoperfusion in the recovery of livers exposed to ischemic damage

L.C.oirec P.; Gaid K.; Martin G.; Sibony J., 1982:
Role of activated carbon porosity in washed biological filters

Morrison Silverberg S.A.; Jesty J., 1981:
Role of activated factor x in the control of bovine coagulation factor vii

Mogensen, S.C.; Andersen, H.K., 1978:
Role of activated macrophages in resistance of congenitally athymic nude mice to hepatitis induced by herpes simplex virus type 2

Williams, D.M.; Sawyer, S.; Remington, J.S., 1976:
Role of activated macrophages in resistance of mice to infection with Trypanosoma cruzi

Novoa Santander, E.; Derpich Miranda, L., 1983:
Role of activated protein C on platelet aggregation induced by thrombin

Wolgin, D.L.; Teitelbaum, P., 1978:
Role of activation and sensory stimuli in recovery from lateral hypothalamic damage in the cat

Patscheke H., 1980:
Role of activation in epinephrine induced aggregation of platelets

Craven, P.A.; Pfanstiel, J.; DeRubertis, F.R., 1987:
Role of activation of protein kinase C in the stimulation of colonic epithelial proliferation and reactive oxygen formation by bile acids

Krasnikov N.P.; Naidich S.I., 1987:
Role of active cool down in accelerated recovery of acid base balance and external respiratory function in fatigue

Joshi P.C.; Pathak M.A., 1984:
Role of active oxygen singlet oxygen and super oxide radical induced by crude coal tar and its ingredients used in photo chemo therapy of skin diseases

Deakyne C.A.; Allen L.C., 1979:
Role of active site residues in the catalytic mechanism of rnase a

Sigstrom L., 1981:
Role of active sodium and potassium transport in hypo natremic states in infancy and childhood

Ward T.J., 1984:
Role of acute metal toxicity in structuring seagrass fauna near a lead smelter

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Role of acute renal failure in the course of multiple system organ failure

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Role of acyclic compounds in mono terpene biosynthesis in pinus pinaster

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Role of acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyl transferase ec in cholesterol absorption and its inhibition by 57 118 in the rabbit

Sanford G.L.; Frosolono M.F., 1983:
Role of acyl transferase in the biosynthesis of pulmonary microsomal phosphatidyl glycerol

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Role of adenine in the pathogenesis of mycoplasma pneumoniae infections of tracheal epithelium

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Role of adenine phospho ribosyl transferase in adenine uptake in wild type and adenine phospho ribosyl transferase deficient mutants of cho chinese hamster ovary cells

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Role of adenine ring and adenine ribose of nad in binding and catalysis with alcohol dehydrogenase lactate dehydrogenase and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase

Wesley, R.C.; Boykin, M.T.; Belardinelli, L., 1986:
Role of adenosine as mediator of bradyarrhythmias during hypoxia in isolated guinea pig hearts

Newby, A.C., 1980:
Role of adenosine deaminase ec ecto 5' nucleotidase ec and ecto nonspecific phosphatase ec in cyanide induced amp catabolism in rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Role of adenosine deaminase in lymphocyte proliferation

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Role of adenosine deaminase in the early stages of precursor T cell maturation

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Role of adenosine in cerebral blood flow increases during hypoxia in young vs. aged rats

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Role of adenosine in coronary autoregulation

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Role of adenosine in coronary blood flow regulation after reductions in perfusion pressure

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Role of adenosine in coronary vasodilation during exercise

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Role of adenosine in hyperemic response of coronary blood flow in microembolization

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Role of adenosine in local control of intestinal circulation in the dog

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Role of adenosine in long term cultured islets maintained in media with a low concentration of glucose

Gewirtz, H.; Olsson, R.A.; Most, A.S., 1986:
Role of adenosine in mediating myocardial blood flow response to isoproterenol: observations in closed chest, sedated, domestic swine

Gewirtz, H.; Olsson, R.A.; Most, A.S., 1987:
Role of adenosine in mediating the coronary vasodilative response to acute hypoxia

Kuan, C.J.; Jackson, E.K., 1988:
Role of adenosine in noradrenergic neurotransmission

Jackson, E.K., 1987:
Role of adenosine in noradrenergic neurotransmission in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Role of adenosine in regulation of cerebral blood flow: effects of theophylline during normoxia and hypoxia

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Role of adenosine on ventricular overdrive suppression in isolated guinea pig hearts and Purkinje fibers

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Role of adenosine to recover the acetylcholinesterase activity during inhibition by nicotine treatment in the central nervous system of schizodactylus monstrosus

Dawicki D.D.; Agarwal K.C.; Parks R.E.Jr, 1985:
Role of adenosine uptake and metabolism by blood cells in the antiplatelet actions of dipyridamole dilazep and nitrobenzylthioninosine

Levine, A.J.; Ginsberg, H.S., 1968:
Role of adenovirus structural proteins in the cessation of host cell biosynthetic functions human neopl kb cells enz rna polymerase enz dna polymerase

Bernards, R.; Schrier, P.I.; Bos, J.L.; Van der Eb, A.J., 1983:
Role of adenovirus types 5 and 12 early region 1b tumor antigens in oncogenic transformation

Schoffelmeer A.N.M.; Wierenga E.A.; Mulder A.H., 1986:
Role of adenylate cyclase in presynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptor and mu opioid receptor mediated inhibition of tritiated noradrenaline release from rat brain cortex slices

Kaplan, S.L.; Mason, E.O.; Wiedermann, B.L., 1983:
Role of adherence in the pathogenesis of Haemophilus influenzae type b infection in infant rats

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Role of adherence in the pathogenesis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection in cystic fibrosis patients

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Role of adherence of Streptococcus pneumoniae in acute otitis media

Villeneuve, L.; Brousseau, P.; Chaput, J.; Elie, R., 1980:
Role of adherent cells in graft vs. host induced suppression of the humoral immune response

Hagiwara S.; Maede Y.; Ohsugi T.; Namioka S., 1986:
Role of adherent mononuclear cells derived from adult pigs and suckling piglets in response to pokeweed mitogen induced immunoglobulin production

Arala Chaves M.P.; Porto M.T.; Hope L.; Fudenberg H.H., 1979:
Role of adherent thymus derived cells and of bone marrow derived cells in the immune response to purified protein derivative of tuberculin

Stavric S.; Gleeson T.M.; Blanchfield B.; Pivnick H., 1987:
Role of adhering microflora in competitive exclusion of salmonella from young chicks

Berestovskii G.N., 1981:
Role of adhesion forces in the processes of phagocytosis and cell spreading

Karpatkin, S.; Pearlstein, E.; Ambrogio, C.; Coller, B.S., 1988:
Role of adhesive proteins in platelet tumor interaction in vitro and metastasis formation in vivo

Trave, F.; Canobbio, L.; Au, J.L.; Rustum, Y.M., 1987:
Role of administration route in the therapeutic efficacy of doxifluridine

Narita O.; Masahashi T.; Asai M.; Ohsawa M.; Kikkawa F.; Hanai K.; Ohwaki M.; Suganuma N.; Mizutani S.; Tomoda Y., 1986:
Role of adrenal androgens and defective 11 beta hydroxylation in hyperandrogenic anovulatory women

Iadecola, C.; Lacombe, P.M.; Underwood, M.D.; Ishitsuka, T.; Reis, D.J., 1987:
Role of adrenal catecholamines in cerebrovasodilation evoked from brain stem

Szabo S.; Gallagher G.T.; Horner H.C.; Frankel P.W.; Underwood R.H.; Konturek S.J.; Brzozowski T.; Trier J.S., 1983:
Role of adrenal cortex in gastric mucosal protection by prostaglandins sulfhydryls and cimetidine in the rat

Chumachenko P.A.; Kazantseva G.P., 1986:
Role of adrenal function in the development of female mammary glands

Tsinberg, E.D., 1977:
Role of adrenal gland hormones in the mechanism of the effect of inflammation on the course of experimental leukemia

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Role of adrenal glands and testes in formation of sex steroid pool in peripheral blood of monkeys

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Role of adrenal glands in development of fetal rat kidney sodium potassium atpase

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Role of adrenal glands in the mechanism of cytostatic action of anti tumor antibiotics

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Role of adrenal hormones adrenaline and deoxycorticosterone acetate in experimental hypertension a histopathological study

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Role of adrenal hormones and prostaglandins in the control of mouse thymocyte lysis

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Role of adrenal hormones on the turnover of chemical constituents and the activities of two hepatic enzymes in anabas testudineus bloch

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Role of adrenal medulla in blood pressure elevation induced by salt loading

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Role of adrenal medulla in hemodynamic response to hemorrhage and naloxone

M.X.L.; Zang Y M.; Zhu M Z.; Wang Y M., 1988 :
Role of adrenal medulla in hemorheologic changes during myocardial ischemia in dogs

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Role of adrenal medullary catecholamine release in the response to a cold pressor test

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Role of adrenal steroids in the recovery from platelet activating factor challenge

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Role of adrenal steroids on electro acupuncture analgesia and on antagonizing potency of naloxone

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Role of adrenaline and cyclic amp in appearance of tyrosine amino transferase ec in peri natal rat liver ec in peri natal rat liver

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Role of adrenaline and thyroxine in the development of the thrombo hemorrhagic syndrome

Morozov I.S.; Pukhova G.S.; Ivanov E.R., 1983:
Role of adrenaline epinephrine in the genesis of disturbances of motor habits under emotional stress

Dolgov, V.V., 1975:
Role of adrenaline in changes on ion and energy metabolism in cardiac mitochondria in experimentally induced myo cardial infarction

Wallenstein M.C., 1982:
Role of adrenals in morphine induced hyper thermia in restrained rats

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Role of adrenergic agonists on gastric secretion in the rat

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Role of adrenergic beta cell receptors of insular pancreatic apparatus in insulin secretion a literature review

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Role of adrenergic blocking agents and gluco corticoids on the regulation of pituitary opioid peptide levels

Fievet B.; Motais R.; Thomas S., 1987:
Role of adrenergic dependent proton release from red cells in acidosis induced by hypoxia in trout

Roberts, J.; Kelliher, G.J.; Lathers, C.M., 1976:
Role of adrenergic influences in digitalis induced ventricular arrhythmia

Konsmantinova, M.S., 1979:
Role of adrenergic innervation in the regulation of the secretory activity of supraoptic nucleus cells in rats

Takabayashi, Y.; Kataoka, K.; Matsuki, S., 1980:
Role of adrenergic mechanism in ketogenesis

Viana, A.P., 1977:
Role of adrenergic mechanisms in cardiac and respiratory effects of digoxin

Malik, A.B.; Geha, A.S., 1975:
Role of adrenergic mechanisms in the development of cardiac hypertrophy

Drozdov A.L.; Krauz V.A., 1986:
Role of adrenergic mechanisms in the regulation of reproduction of memory engrams and energy metabolism in the brain structures of rats

Izdebska E.; Trzebski A., 1980:
Role of adrenergic receptors in the central mechanism of the cardio vagal component of the arterial baro receptor reflex

Fukushima, N.; Itoh, S., 1975:
Role of adrenergic receptors in the central thermo regulatory mechanism of the rat

Galal E.E.; E.H.sseini M.; Kandil A.; Fouad S., 1983:
Role of adrenergic stimulants in correcting diabetes induced depression of seminal vesicle responsiveness in albino rats

Dosne, A.M., 1975:
Role of adrenergic stimulation in the fibrinolytic activation induced by histamine shock

Bugaev, S.A., 1976:
Role of adrenergic structures in the functional control of the cerebral blood flow

Legrand A.M.; Boudot J.P.; Coraboeuf E.; Roffi J.; Cavero I., 1981:
Role of adreno cortical hormones on the ontogenesis of ventricular action potential of rat myo cardium

Farber B.L.; Kalishevskaya T.M., 1979:
Role of adreno reactive and cholino reactive hypothalamic structures in regulation of blood coagulation and in its maintenance in the liquid state

Sholukh, M.V.; Pikulev, A.T., 1977:
Role of adreno receptors in the regulation of the activity of aspartate amino transferase ec isozymes from rat hearts

Prakash N.; Jayachandran C.; Murty P.; Achari G., 1980:
Role of adrenoceptor stimulants and blockers in the production of pulmonary edema in mice

Lang, R.M.; Carroll, J.D.; Nakamura, S.; Itoh, H.; Rajfer, S.I., 1988:
Role of adrenoceptors and dopamine receptors in modulating left ventricular diastolic function

Dadkar V.N., 1985:
Role of adrenoceptors in adrenaline induced hyperglycemia in cats

Krysanava A.I.; Razumovich A.N., 1984:
Role of adrenocortical hormones in the effect of butyl 2 4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on the initial stages of carbohydrate metabolism

Akhrem A.A.; Shkumatov V.M.; Chashchin V.L., 1980:
Role of adrenodoxin iron sulfur cluster in self association of the 20s 22r cholesterol hydroxylating system from adrenal cortex mitochondria

Kalishevskaya T.M.; Golubeva M.G.; Andrianov V.V.; Bashkov G.V., 1986:
Role of adrenoreception in the realization of the defense reaction to plasmin in mammals

El-Dib, M.A.; Moursy, A.S.; Badawy, M.I., 1978:
Role of adsorbents in the removal of soluble aromatic hydro carbons from drinking waters

Ten Khak Mun; Kondrat'eva L.M., 1979:
Role of adsorption in microbial colonization of volcanic ashes

Haladjian J.; Bianco P.; Serre P.A., 1979:
Role of adsorption in the electrochemical behavior of cytochrome c at the mercury electrode

Takamura K.; Mori A.; Kusu F., 1981:
Role of adsorption in the electrochemical behavior of nad at a gold electrode

Rossi, L.; Vitagliano-Tadini, G., 1978:
Role of adult feces in the nutrition of larvae of asellus aquaticus isopoda

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