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Role of endogenous substances in enhancing radio resistance background part 11 nature of different radio resistance of yeast cells in experiments on different strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Goncharenko, E.N.; Gorskaya, T.G.; Gudz', T.I.; Zolotareva, L.T.; Kovaleva, Z.I.; Peshkova, E.N.

Radiobiologiya 18(6): 900-902


Accession: 006349987

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S. cerevisiae of wild type diploid cells are characterized by a higher content of endogenous biologically active substances, which have radioprotective ability (amines and SOD [superoxide dismutase]) and a lower level of radiosensitizing substances (hydroperoxides of higher unsaturated fatty acids). With S. cerevisiae, bearing mutation rad 51, not all the components of the radioresistance background show this dependence. This indicates the presence of additional factors affecting radioresistance of these cells.

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