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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6352

Chapter 6352 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Guha S.K.; Rose Z.B., 1983: Role of imp in activating glucose bis phosphatase

Shelp, B. J.; Atkins, C. A., 1983: Role of imp oxido reductase ec in the formation of ureides in nitrogen fixing nodules of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar caloona

Viano D.C.; Lau V K., 1983: Role of impact velocity and chest compression in thoracic injury

Gribbin H.R.; Gardiner I.T.; Heinz G.J.IIi; Gibson G.J.; Pride N.B., 1983: Role of impaired inspiratory muscle function in limiting the ventilatory response to carbon di oxide in chronic air flow obstruction

Popelyanskii Ya Yu; Bogdanov E.I.; Khabirov F.A.; Faskhutdinov R.R.; Khabirov R.A., 1985: Role of impairment of neurotrophic control in the formation of vertebrogenic neural and myodystrophic syndromes

Suen, K. C.; Wood, W. S.; Syed, A. A.; Quenville, N. F.; Clement, P. B., 1978: Role of imprint cytology in intra operative diagnosis value and limitations

Wenzel D.G.; Morgan D.L., 1982: Role of in vitro factors in ozone toxicity for cultured rat lung fibroblasts

Satoh M.; Oshima H.; Abe S.; Yamazaki M.; Mizuno D., 1987: Role of in vivo scavenger function of macrophages in priming for endogenous production of tumor necrosis factor

Baimanova-Kh, M.; Serebrovs'ka, I. O., 1976: Role of inactivation of lung tissue sulfhydryl compounds in the pathogenesis of pulmonary edema

Ferrara N.; Bonaduce D.; Abete P.; Leosco D.; Longobardi G.; Canonico V.; Rengo F., 1987: Role of increased cholinergic activity in reperfusion induced ventricular arrhythmias

Ferrara N.; Bonaduce D.; Abete P.; Leosco D.; Caccese P.; Tuccillo B.; Longobardi G.; Canonico V.; Rengo F., 1987: Role of increased cholinergic activity on reperfusion induced ventricular arrhythmias

Camargo M.J.F.; Atlas S.A.; Maack T., 1986: Role of increased glomerular filtration rate in atrial natriuretic factor induced natriuresis in the rat

Kharat S.B.; Manjrekar M.D.; Dumbre R.B.; Dalvi C.S., 1983: Role of indian bull frog rana tigrina in controlling rice pests

Kumar R.; Swischuk L.E.; Schreiber M.H., 1986: Role of indium 111 chloride imaging in osteoid osteoma

Palacios R., 1981: Role of individual chains of hla dr antigens in activation of t cells induced by allo antigens

Sinitsyn A.P.; Nadzhemi B.; Klesov A.A., 1985: Role of individual components of the cellulase complex on the kinetics of cellulose hydrolysis

Ray R.; Glaze B.J.; Compans R.W., 1988: Role of individual glycoproteins of human parainfluenza virus type 3 in the induction of a protective immune response

Aoki T.; Kawahara A.; Kako Y.; Imamura T., 1987: Role of individual milk salt constituents in cross linking by colloidal calcium phosphate in artificial casein micelles

Tkachenko, K. N.; Sovetov, A. N.; Lebedeva, L. N.; Martsevich, M. S.; Kobozeva, L. P., 1975: Role of individual nuclei of the anterior and central regions of the hypothalamus in the development of experimental athero sclerosis

Romanenko V.D.; Malyzheva T.D.; Evtushenko N.Yu, 1985: Role of individual organs in the mechanisms of regulation of zinc metabolism in fish

Sale G.J.; Randle P.J., 1982: Role of individual phosphorylation sites in inactivation of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in rat heart mitochondria

Samsonaw U.P.; Rubanaw V.S.; Charnow U.P., 1982: Role of individual structural elements of yield during its formation

Shtemberg A.S., 1987: Role of individual typological features of higher nervous activity in the formation and radiation resistance of consolidated motor defensive conditioned reflexes in rats

Faure G.; Boulain J C.; Bouet F.; Montenay Garestier T.; Fromageot P.; Menez A., 1983: Role of indole and amino groups in the structure and function of naja nigricollis toxin alpha

Douidar S.M.; Richrdson J.; Snodgrass W.R., 1988: Role of indomethacin in ductus closure an update evaluation

Daling J.R.; Spadoni L.R.; Emanuel I., 1981: Role of induced abortion in secondary infertility

Okada T.; Ueyama K.; Niiya S.; Kanazawa H.; Futai M.; Tsuchiya T., 1981: Role of inducer exclusion in preferential utilization of glucose over melibiose in di auxic growth of escherichia coli

Belisario M.A.; Pecce R.; De Giulio A.; Mugnoz B., 1985: Role of inducible enzymes on excretion of mutagenic metabolites in urines of rats treated with metronidazole

Kwiecien M., 1986: Role of industrial dusts in the determination of atmospheric nitrogen input in the rybnik coal region poland

Samson, D.; Halliday, D.; Gumpel, J. M., 1977: Role of ineffective erythropoiesis in the anemia of rheumatoid arthritis

Jugdutt B.I.; Michorowski B.L., 1987: Role of infarct expansion in rupture on the ventricular septum after acute myocardial infarction a two dimensional echocardiographic study

Reid J.A.; White D.G.; Caul E.O.; Palmer S.R., 1988: Role of infected food handler in hotel outbreak of norwalk like viral gastroenteritis implications for control

Dombrovskaya-Yu, F.; Klimanskaya, E. V.; Dreizin, R. S.; Rodov, M. N.; Vikhnovich, E. M.; Porubinovskaya, N. M.; Sosyura, V. Kh ; Ponomareva, T. I.; Zhukovskii, A. M., 1978: Role of infection in pulmonary pathology in children

Craft, A. W.; Reid, M. M.; Bruce, E.; Kernahan, J.; Gardner, P. S., 1977: Role of infection in the death of children with acute lympho blastic leukemia

Dragneva M.K.; Stovbun F.I.; Shevrygin B.V., 1981: Role of infection in the development of medial otitis in infants pre treated with antibiotics

Khayat D.; Serban D.; Dux Z.; Schlomo Y.; Jacquillat C., 1986: Role of infection in the modulation of mouse circulating soluble cell free fc 2 b gamma 1 receptor

Singh K.; Nigam J.M.; Singh A.P.; Singh B., 1982: Role of infection in wound healing in rats a histological and histochemical study

Pancic F.; Carpentier D.C.; Came P.E., 1980: Role of infectious secretions in the transmission of rhinovirus

Zanovello P.; D'andrea E.; Ronchese F.; De Rossi A.; Collavo D.; Chieco Bianchi L., 1984: Role of infectious virus expression and immune response in retrovirus induced oncogenesis

Chiappino G.; Vigliani E.C., 1982: Role of infective immunological and chronic irritative factors in the development of silicosis

Seacord L.; Gross C.G.; Mishkin M., 1979: Role of inferior temporal cortex in inter hemispheric transfer

Owens G.R.; Paradis I.L.; Gryzan S.; Medsger T.A.Jr; Follansbee W.P.; Klein H.A.; Dauber J.H., 1986: Role of inflammation in the lung disease of systemic sclerosis comparison with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Villalta, F.; Kierszenbaum, F., 1984: Role of inflammatory cells in chagas disease 1. uptake and mechanism of destruction of intracellular amastigote forms of trypanosoma cruzi by human eosinophils

Villalta, F.; Kierszenbaum, F., 1984: Role of inflammatory cells in chagas disease 2. interactions of mouse macrophages and human monocytes with intracellular forms of trypanosoma cruzi uptake and mechanism of destruction

Kierszenbaum, F.; Villalta, F.; Tai, P. C., 1986: Role of inflammatory cells in chagas' disease iii. kinetics of human eosinophil activation upon interaction with parasites trypanosoma cruzi

Kensler T.W.; Egner P.A.; Moore K.G.; Taffe B.G.; Twerdok L.E.; Trush M.A., 1987: Role of inflammatory cells in the metabolic activation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in mouse skin

Oestreich, S.; Massmann, J., 1978: Role of inflammatory cellular infiltrates in the pathogenesis of human coronary arterio sclerosis

Lichtenstein A.K.; Berek J.; Kahle J.; Zighelboim J., 1984: Role of inflammatory neutrophils in antitumor effects induced by intraperitoneal administration of corynebacterium parvum in mice

Seki Y.; Kawanishi S.; Sano S., 1987: Role of inhibition of uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase in pcb induced porphyria in mice

Marumo F., 1986: Role of inhibitory and stimulative effects of prostaglandins on vasopressin stimulated osmotic water flow in the toad bladder

Pobiner B.F.; Hewlett E.L.; Garrison J.C., 1985: Role of inhibitory guanine nucleotide binding regulatory proteins of adenylate cyclase in coupling angiotensin receptors to inhibition of adenylate cyclase in hepatocytes

Fromm G.H.; Chattha A.S.; Terrence C.F.; Glass J.D., 1981: Role of inhibitory mechanisms in trigeminal neuralgia

Glezer, V. D.; Dudkin, K. N.; Shcherbakh, T. A.; Gauzel'man, V. E., 1977: Role of inhibitory zones of the visual cortical receptive fields in cats in spatial frequency filtration

Nriagu J.O., 1984: Role of inland water sediments as sinks for anthropogenic sulfur

Strelioff D.; Flock A.; Minser K.E., 1985: Role of inner and outer hair cells in mechanical frequency selectivity of the cochlea

Chandhoke P.S.; Saidel G.M.; Knepper M.A., 1985: Role of inner medullary collecting duct sodium chloride transport in urinary concentration

Zinner, N. R.; Sterling, A. M.; Ritter, R. C., 1980: Role of inner urethral softness in urinary continence

Sohal G.S.; Holt R.K., 1980: Role of innervation on the embryonic development of skeletal muscle

Jones, M. B.; Burton, J. C.; Vaughn, C. E., 1978: Role of inoculation in establishing sub clover on california usa annual grasslands

Bhattacharya S.; Chatterjee S.; Biswas P.; Mukherjee B.B., 1981: Role of inoculum weight on physiology of growth and development of corchorus olitorius and nigella sativa tissues cultured in vitro

Gupta S.D.; Ahmed R., 1987: Role of inoculum weight on tissue growth and plantlet regeneration in triticum aestivum l

Anwer M.S.; Hegner D., 1983: Role of inorganic electrolytes in bile acid independent canalicular bile formation

Anderson, L. W. J.; Sweeney, B. M., 1978: Role of inorganic ions controlling sedimentation rate of a marine centric diatom ditylum brightwelli

Mishra S.N.; Srivastava H.S., 1983: Role of inorganic nitrogen in the synthesis and degradation of chlorophyll and carotenoids in maize zea mays leaves

Bacchus A.; Gamble G.; Haddy F.; Scott J., 1979: Role of inorganic phosphate in active hyperemia in skeletal muscle

Puskin J.S.; Gunter T.E.; Coene M.T., 1980: Role of inorganic phosphate in divalent cation sequestration by mitochondria

Roos I.; Crompton M.; Carafoli E., 1980: Role of inorganic phosphate in the release of calcium from rat liver mitochondria

Hanson B.A., 1984: Role of inositol containing sphingolipids in saccharomyces cerevisiae during inositol starvation

Ruzycky A.L.; Crankshaw D.J., 1988: Role of inositol phospholipid hydrolysis in the initiation of agonist induced contractions of rat uterus effects of domination by 17 beta estradiol and progesterone

Bergstrom G.C.; Knavel D.E.; Kuc J., 1982: Role of insect injury and powdery mildew in the epidemiology of the gummy stem blight disease of cucurbits

Hirooka, Y., 1981: Role of insect sex pheromone in mating behavior 3. field observations of male flight of fall webworm hyphantria cunea lepidoptera arctiidae

Hirooka, Y.; Suwanai, M., 1976: Role of insect sex pheromone in mating behavior part 1 theoretical consideration on release and diffusion of sex pheromone in the air

Hirooka, Y.; Suwanai, M., 1978: Role of insect sex pheromone in mating behavior part 2 an aspect of sex pheromone as a volatile material

Hirooka, Y., 1983: Role of insect sex pheromones in mating behavior 4. repeated turnings of male fall webworm hyphantria cunea lepidoptera arctiidae

Hirooka, Y., 1986: Role of insect sex pheromones in mating behavior v. profile of process on male flying approach toward sex pheromone source

Sagar P., 1981: Role of insects in cross pollination of fennel foeniculum vulgare crop at ludhiana india

Factor H.; Habib J., 1985: Role of institutional and community services in meeting the long term care needs of the elderly in israel the decade of the 1980s

Varandani P.T.; Taylor C.A.; Darrow R.M.; Nafz M.A., 1985: Role of insulin and dexamethasone in the expression of bioactivity in rat hepatocytes cultured in a serum free defined medium

Jahoor F.; Herndon D.N.; Wolfe R.R., 1986: Role of insulin and glucagon in the response of glucose and alanine kinetic in burn injured patients

Alekseeva G.G.; Zaripova Z.Kh; Velikanova L.I.; Savushkina A.S.; Yukhlova N.A., 1980: Role of insulin antagonists in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus and its complications

Alekseeva G.G.; Volkova E.A.; Yukhlova N.A., 1983: Role of insulin antagonists in the pathogenesis of insulin sensitive and insulin resistant diabetes mellitus

Cynober L.; Vaubourdolle M.; Aussel C.; Agneray J.; Ekindjian O.G., 1987: Role of insulin degradation in deactivation of insulin mediated sugar uptake in fibroblasts

Ivy, J. L., 1977: Role of insulin during exercise induced glycogenesis in muscle effect on cyclic amp

Spence, J. T.; Merrill, M. J.; Pitot, H. C., 1981: Role of insulin glucose and cyclic gmp in the regulation of gluco kinase ec in cultured hepatocytes

Svaninger G.; Drott C.; Lundholm K., 1987: Role of insulin in development of cancer cachexia in nongrowing sarcoma bearing mice special reference to muscle wasting

Stolz D.J.; Martin R.J., 1982: Role of insulin in food intake weight gain and lipid deposition in the zucker obese rat

Guller S.; Corin R.E.; Mynarcik D.C.; London B.M.; Sonenberg M., 1988: Role of insulin in growth hormone stimulated 3t3 cell adipogenesis

Patsch W.; Franz S.; Schonfeld G., 1983: Role of insulin in lipo protein secretion by cultured rat hepatocytes

Liu F.T.Y.; Sayegh F.S., 1981: Role of insulin in mandibular growth and development

Prior R.L.; Smith S.B., 1983: Role of insulin in regulating amino acid metabolism in normal and alloxan diabetic cattle

Furman B.L.; Sidey F.M.; Wardlaw A.C., 1986: Role of insulin in the hypoglycemic effect of sublethal bordetella pertussis infection in mice

Matsumoto T.; Kawanobe Y.; Ezawa I.; Shibuya N.; Hata K.; Ogata E., 1986: Role of insulin in the increase in serum 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d concentrations in response to phosphorus deprivation in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Helderman J.H., 1981: Role of insulin in the intermediary metabolism of the activated lymphocyte

Roy A.K.; Chatterjee B.; Prasad M.S.K.; Unakar N.J., 1980: Role of insulin in the regulation of the hepatic messenger rna for alpha 2u globulin in diabetic rats

Bryukhanov V.M., 1986: Role of insulin in the regulation of tubular reabsorption of glucose in the kidneys

Ikeda K.; Matsumoto T.; Morita K.; Kawanobe Y.; Ezawa I.; Ogata E., 1987: Role of insulin in the stimulation of renal 25 hydroxyvitamin d 3 1 alpha hydroxylase by phosphorus deprivation in rats

Rothwell N.J.; Saville M.E.; Stock M.J., 1983: Role of insulin in thermogenic responses to re feeding in 3 day fasted rats

Gautier, C.; Vaillant, R., 1984: Role of insulin on the control of postnatal increase in ornithine transcarbamylase ec activity in rat liver

Hayes G.R.; Lockwood D.H., 1987: Role of insulin receptor phosphorylation in the insulinomimetic effects of hydrogen peroxide

Flint D.J.; Sinnett Smith P.A.; Clegg R.A.; Vernon R.G., 1979: Role of insulin receptors in the changing metabolism of adipose tissue during pregnancy and lactation in the rat

Ciavarella A.; Fammini M.; Spoto M.; Capelli M.; Galuppi V.; Vannini P., 1982: Role of insulin resistance and free fatty acids on diurnal variations in glucose response to glucagon stimulation

Kissebah, A. H.; Alfarsi, S.; Adams, P. W.; Wynn, V., 1976: Role of insulin resistance in adipose tissue and liver in the pathogenesis of endogenous hyper tri glyceridemia in man

Mehler P.S.; Sussman A.L.; Maman A.; Leitner J.W.; Sussman K.E., 1980: Role of insulin secretagogues in the regulation of somatostatin binding by isolated rat islets

Channing, C. P.; Tsai, V.; Sachs, D., 1976: Role of insulin thyroxine and cortisol in luteinization of porcine granulosa cells grown in chemically defined media

Mcbride B.C.; Van Der Hoeven J.S., 1981: Role of inter bacterial adherence in colonization of the oral cavities of gnotobiotic rats infected with streptococcus mutans and veillonella alcalescens

Dorman B.H.; Butterworth B.E.; Boreiko C.J., 1983: Role of inter cellular communication in the promotion of c 3h 10t 1 2 cell transformation

Chou K C.; Nemethy G.; Scheraga H.A., 1983: Role of inter chain interactions in the stabilization of the right handed twist of beta sheets

Carlson, A. D.; Copeland, J.; Raderman, R.; Bulloch, A. G. M., 1976: Role of inter flash intervals in a firefly courtship photinus macdermotti

Jahan Parwar B.; Fredman S.M., 1979: Role of inter ganglionic synaptic connections in the control of pedal and parapodial movements in aplysia californica

Timashev S.F., 1981: Role of inter membrane electrical fields in electron and proton transport along the respiratory chain of mitochondria

Morris E.K.; Rosen H.S., 1982: Role of inter observer reliability in the evaluation of graphed data

Sheridan, C. L.; Levinson, D. M.; Hottmann, T. J.; Moore, D. R., 1980: Role of inter problem learning in inter ocular transfer

Boldyrev A.A., 1983: Role of inter protein interactions in regulation of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump

Rakover S.S., 1980: Role of inter trial interval following an escape or avoidance response in bar press avoidance

Sampson M.G.; De Troyer A., 1982: Role of intercostal muscles in the rib cage distortions produced by inspiratory loads

Lambert J.D.H.; Arnason J.T.; Serratos A.; Philogene B.J.R.; Faris M.A., 1987: Role of intercropped red clover in inhibiting european corn borer lepidoptera pyralidae damage to corn in eastern ontario canada

Das S.; Singhal G.S., 1985: Role of interfacial structured water in membrane osmotic properties of l alpha egg lecithin liposomes

Srivastva, R. N.; Sethi, M. S., 1974: Role of interfering agents in protective vaccination against newcastle disease

Mechti, N.; Affabris, E.; Romeo, G.; Lebleu, B.; Rossi, G. B., 1984: Role of interferon and 2' 5' oligo adenylate synthetase in erythroid differentiation of friend leukemia cells studies with interferon sensitive and interferon resistant variants

Guillon J C.; Tsiang H., 1980: Role of interferon and thymus in the pathogenesis of street rabies virus infection in mice

Geniteau Legendre M.; Forestier F.; Quero A M.; German A., 1987: Role of interferon antibodies and macrophages in the protective effect of corynebacterium parvum on encephalomyocarditis virus induced disease in mice

Haq A.U.; Maca R.D., 1986: Role of interferon gamma and alpha in interleukin 1 synthesis and secretion of in vitro differentiated human macrophages a comparative study

Tomkins, P. T.; Ward, G. A.; Morris, A. G., 1988: Role of interferon gamma in t cell responses to semliki forest virus infected murine brain cells

Bishop G.A.; Glorioso J.C.; Schwartz S.A., 1983: Role of interferon in human natural killer activity against target cells infected with herpes simplex virus type 1

Chonmaitree T.; Lett Brown M.A.; Tsong Y.; Goldman A.S.; Baron S., 1988: Role of interferon in leukocyte histamine release caused by common respiratory viruses

Issekutz T.B.; Stoltz J.M.; Webster D.M., 1986: Role of interferon in lymphocyte recruitment into the skin

Robert D.; Quillon J.P.; Ivanoff B.; Beaudry Y.; Fontanges R.; Normier G.; Pinel A.M.; D'hinterland L.D., 1979: Role of interferon in mice in protection against influenza a virus by bacterial ribosomes together with membranal glyco proteins of klebsiella pneumoniae as adjuvant

Fitzgerald P.; Kornstein A.; Von Wussow P.; Lopez C., 1982: Role of interferon in natural kill of herpes simplex virus type 1 infected fibroblasts

Domke Opitz I.; Poberschin P.; Mittnacht S.; Kirchner H., 1987: Role of interferon in persistent infection of macrophages with herpes simplex virus

Weigent D.A.; Huff T.L.; Peterson J.W.; Stanton G.J.; Baron S., 1986: Role of interferon in streptococcal infection in the mouse

Giron D.J.; Liu R.Y.; Hemphill F.E.; Schmidt J.; Pindak F.F., 1980: Role of interferon in the anti viral state elicited by selected interferon inducers

Azuma, M.; Suzutani, T.; Sazaki, K.; Yoshida, I.; Sakuma, T.; Yoshida, T., 1987: Role of interferon in the augmented resistance of trehalose 6 6' dimycolate treated mice to influenza virus infection

Guillon, J. C.; Gresser, I., 1978: Role of interferon in the pathogenesis of an experimental herpesvirus infection in mice

Virelizier, J. L.; Gresser, I., 1978: Role of interferon in the pathogenesis of viral diseases of mice as demonstrated by the use of anti interferon serum part 5 protective role in mouse hepatitis virus type 3 infection of susceptible and resistant strains of mice

Gresser, I.; Tovey, M. G.; Bandu, M. T.; Maury, C.; Brouty-Boye, D., 1976: Role of interferon in the pathogenesis of virus disease in mice as demonstrated by the use of anti interferon serum part 1 rapid evolution of encephalomyocarditis virus infection

Gresser, I.; Tovey, M. G.; Maury, C.; Bandu, M. T., 1976: Role of interferon in the pathogenesis of virus disease in mice as demonstrated by the use of anti interferon serum part 2 studies with herpes simplex moloney sarcoma vesicular stomatitis newcastle disease and influenza viruses

Gresser, I.; Maury, C.; Kress, C.; Blangy, D.; Maunoury, M. T., 1979: Role of interferon in the pathogenesis of virus diseases in mice as demonstrated by the use of anti interferon serum 6. polyoma virus infection

Giron, D. J., 1969: Role of interferon in the propagation of mm virus in l cells

Chmielarczyk W.; Domke I.; Krichner H., 1985: Role of interferon in the resistance of c 3h hej mice to infection with herpes simplex virus

Piantelli M.; Lauriola L.; Maggiano N.; Ranelletti F.O.; Musiani P., 1981: Role of interleukin 1 and 2 on human thymocyte mitogen activation

Phadke K.; Carlson D.G.; Gitter B.D.; Butler L.D., 1986: Role of interleukin 1 and interleukin 2 in rat and mouse arthritis models

Howard M.; Mizel S.B.; Lachman L.; Ansel J.; Johnson B.; Paul W.E., 1983: Role of interleukin 1 in anti immuno globulin induced b cell proliferation

Chu E.; Rosenwasser L.J.; Dinarello C.A.; Lareau M.; Geha R.S., 1984: Role of interleukin 1 in antigen specific t cell proliferation

Riveau G.R.; Novitsky T.J.; Roslansky P.F.; Dinarello C.A.; Warren H.S., 1987: Role of interleukin 1 in augmenting serum neutralization of bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Howe R.C.; Lowenthal J.W.; Macdonald H.R., 1986: Role of interleukin 1 in early t cell development lyt 2 negative l3t4 negative thymocytes bind and respond in vitro to recombinant interleukin 1

Kobayashi K.; Allred C.; Cohen S.; Yoshida T., 1985: Role of interleukin 1 in experimental pulmonary granuloma in mice

Onozaki K.; Matsushima K.; Kleinerman E.S.; Saito T.; Oppenheim J.J., 1985: Role of interleukin 1 in promoting human monocyte mediated tumor cytotoxicity

Ghezzi, P.; Saccardo, B.; Villa, P.; Rossi, V.; Bianchi, M.; Dinarello, C. A., 1986: Role of interleukin 1 in the depression of liver drug metabolism by endotoxin

Itoh K.; Tilden A.B.; Balch C.M., 1985: Role of interleukin 2 and a serum suppressive factor on the induction of activated killer cells cytotoxic for autologous human melanoma cells

Migliorati G.; Cannarile L.; Herberman R.B.; Bartocci A.; Stanley E.R.; Riccardi C., 1987: Role of interleukin 2 il 2 and hemopoietin 1 h 1 in the generation of mouse natural killer nk cells from primitive bone marrow precursors

Elliott L.; Brooks W.; Roszman T., 1987: Role of interleukin 2 il 2 and il 2 receptor expression in the proliferative defect observed in mitogen stimulated lymphocytes from patients with gliomas

Elfenbein G.J.; Adams J.S.; Bellis M.M.; Santos G.W.; Smith K.A., 1984: Role of interleukin 2 in depressed t cell mitogenesis after allogeneic marrow transplantation in man

Ralph P.; Nakoinz I.; Rennick D., 1988: Role of interleukin 2 interleukin 4 and alpha beta and gamma interferon in stimulating macrophage antibody dependent tumoricidal activity

Nitta T.; Konno Ejiri H.; Okumura S.; Ozawa A.; Nakano M., 1985: Role of interleukin 2 on enhancement of concanavalin a induced human peripheral blood lymphocyte proliferation by murine b cell mitogens

Roodman S.T.; Miller L.W.; Tsai C.C., 1988: Role of interleukin 2 receptors in immunologic monitoring following cardiac transplantation

Hunninghake G.W.; Bedell G.N.; Zavala D.C.; Monick M.; Brady M., 1983: Role of interleukin 2 release by lung t cells in active pulmonary sarcoidosis

Maggi E.; Del Prete G.F.; Tiri A.; Macchia D.; Parronchi P.; Ricci M.; Romagnani S., 1987: Role of interleukin 4 in the induction of human ige synthesis and its suppression by interferon

Merion M.; Sly W.S., 1983: Role of intermediate vesicles in the adsorptive endocytosis and transport of ligand to lysosomes by human fibroblasts

Merritt K.; Dowd J.D., 1987: Role of internal fixation in infection of open fractures studies with staphylococcus aureus and proteus mirabilis

Riley E.T.; Prepas E.E., 1984: Role of internal phosphorus loading in 2 shallow productive lakes in alberta canada

Ben Hayyim G.; Kafkafi U.; Ganmore Neumann R., 1987: Role of internal potassium in maintaining growth of cultured citrus cells on increasing sodium chloride and calcium chloride concentrations

Kuosaite, B. A.; Dzingaite, S. M.; Pabrezhaite, R. Yu ; Petrikas-Yu-Yu ; Rimkute, E. P., 1980: Role of internal secretory glands in aggressive behavior of chickens during post natal development 2. thyroid gland

Markkanen S.O.; Rajaniemi H.J., 1980: Role of internalization and degradation in the removal of receptor bound human chorionic gonadotropin in rat luteal cells in vivo

Pityk N.I., 1979: Role of interoceptive afferentation in the function of the optic cortex

Mukhin L.M.; Gerasimov M.V., 1980: Role of interstellar molecules in prebiological evolution

Havill A.M.; Gee M.H., 1984: Role of interstitium in clearance of alveolar fluid in normal and injured lungs

Mattice W.L.; Scheraga H.A., 1985: Role of interstrand loops in the formation of intramolecular cross beta sheets by homopolyamino acids

Vtyurin B.V.; Dibrov B.F.; Gorodinskaya V.S.; Ataullakhanov A.I.; Gel'fand E.V.; Zhabotinskii A.M.; Neifakh Yu A., 1987: Role of interval between the injections of hydroxyurea in the injury of the small intestine epithelium in mice

Miyamori I.; Koshida H.; Matsubara T.; Ikeda M.; Takeda Y.; Takeda R.; Vecsei P., 1988: Role of intestinal bacteria in the metabolism of aldosterone in man

Baraona E.; Julkunen R.; Tannenbaum L.; Lieber C.S., 1985: Role of intestinal bacterial overgrowth in ethanol production and metabolism in rats

Koch R.L.; Beaulieu B.B.Jr; Goldman P., 1980: Role of intestinal flora in the metabolism of misonidazole

Deguchi, E.; Niiyama, M.; Kagota, K.; Namioka, S., 1978: Role of intestinal flora on incorporation of nitrogen 15 from dietary nitrogen 15 urea and nitrogen 15 urea and nitrogen 15 di ammonium citrate into tissue proteins in pigs

Elizarova, S. S.; Lebedev, N. N., 1978: Role of intestinal hormones in the pathogenesis of experimental pancreatitis

Jass J.R., 1980: Role of intestinal metaplasia in the histogenesis of gastric carcinoma

Barry, R. E.; Chow, A. W.; Billesdon, J., 1977: Role of intestinal micro flora in colonic pseudoobstruction complicating jejuno ileal bypass

Combe, E., 1976: Role of intestinal micro flora on the amino acid composition of the feces of lambs

Combe, E.; Debras, E., 1976: Role of intestinal micro flora on the metabolism of l threonine in the digestive tract of the rat

Yamanaka, M.; Nomura, T.; Kametaka, M., 1977: Role of intestinal microbes in body composition in germ free gnotobiotic and conventional mice

Nakamura, J.; Shima, K.; Kimura, T.; Muranishi, S.; Sezaki, H., 1978: Role of intestinal mucus in the absorption of quinine and water soluble dyes from the rat small intestine

Agarwal N.; Mathur T.; Gupta N.; Sharma V.; Agarwal R.K., 1981: Role of intra amniotic instillation of betamethasone in prolonged pregnancy

Boev, K., 1978: Role of intra cellular calcium in the phasic and tonic contractions of stomach smooth muscles

Kitaigorodskaya G.M.; Mukumov M.R.; Dmitrieva N.V., 1981: Role of intra cellular calcium stores in the caffeine action on excitation contraction coupling in frog myo cardium

Greenberg P.L.; Rozengurt E., 1982: Role of intra cellular degradation of epidermal growth factor in mitogenesis

Siegel J.; Olefsky J.M., 1980: Role of intra cellular energy in insulins ability to activate 3 o methyl glucose transport by rat adipocytes

Suzuki H.; Wada O., 1981: Role of intra cellular granules of liver on copper metabolism biochemical examination and electron microscopic observation

Kashimoto T.; Izumi F.; Wada A.; Oka M., 1980: Role of intra cellular sodium in regulation of catecholamine release and calcium movement in perfused bovine adrenal gland

Daut J., 1982: Role of intra cellular sodium ions in the regulation of cardiac contractility

Katzmann, J.; Bhoopalam, N.; Heller, P.; Hwang, L. T.; Ostro, M.; Lavelle, D.; Giacomoni, D., 1978: Role of intra cisternal a particles and of rna molecules in plasma cytoma associated immuno deficiency

Bykov, I. I.; Belyakov, K. F.; Ivanov, V. I., 1978: Role of intra cordal nerve system in regulating compensatory activity of parts of the myo cardium in experimental coronary insufficiency

Burchfiel J.L.; Duffy F.H., 1981: Role of intra cortical inhibition in deprivation amblyopia reversal by micro iontophoretic bicuculline

Kulikov G.A.; Klimenko V.Yu; Aleksandrov A.A., 1982: Role of intra cortical inhibition in the functional organization of acoustic input to the cat senso motor cortex

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