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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6357

Chapter 6357 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Clagett, J. A.; Weigle, W. O., 1974: Roles of thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the termination of unresponsiveness to autologous thyro globulin in mice

Hoffmann D., 1984: Roles of tobacco cellulose sugars and chlorogenic acid as precursors to catechol in cigarette smoke

Ito N., 1986: Roles of urinary sodium ion concentration and ph in promotion by ascorbic acid of urinary bladder carcinogenesis in rats

Brubaker R.R., 1984: Roles of v antigen in promoting virulence and immunity in yersiniae

Honda Y., 1982: Roles of vagal afferents on discharge patterns and carbon di oxide responsiveness of efferent superior laryngeal hypoglossal and phrenic respiratory activities in anesthetized rats

Goodwin, P. H.; De-Vay, J. E.; Meredith, C. P., 1988: Roles of water stress and phytotoxins in the development of pierce's disease of the grapevine

Herbert, R. A.; Shewan, J. M., 1976: Roles played by bacterial and autolytic enzymes in the production of volatile sulfides in spoiling north sea cod gadus morhua

Moberg R., 1986: Rolfidium new genus a new lichen genus from sri lanka

Schneider H.H., 1986: Rolipram a novel antidepressant drug reverses the hypothermia and hypokinesia of monoamine depleted mice by an action beyond postsynaptic monoamine receptors

Schmidt B.H., 1986: Rolipram a stereospecific inhibitor of calmodulin independent phosphodiesterase causes beta adrenoceptor subsensitivity in rat cerebral cortex

Ueki S., 1987: Rolipram as a discriminative stimuli transfer to phosphodiesterase inhibitors

Meisburger J.G., 1986: Rolipram forms a potent discriminative stimulus in drug discrimination experiments in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356012

Frantsevich, L. I.; Shumakova, I. D., 1983: Roll kinematics in coleoptera 3. mechanics of a diagonal roll

Quirk B., 1980: Roll over test

Marshall, G. W.; Newman, R. L., 1977: Roll over test

Sommaruga R., 1980: Roll over test a negative experience

Ovadia J., 1985: Roll over test errors in interpretation due to inaccurate blood pressure measurements

Pohle S., 1984: Roll over test in clinical use and its value for prediction of hypertension

Schor R.H., 1982: Roll tilt reflexes after vestibulo spinal tract lesions

Lundy R.M., 1980: Roll vection analysis of suggestion induced visual field narrowing

Hiramatsu R., 1983: Rolled hairs and hyper trichosis a manifestation of juvenile hypo thyroidism

Blom E., 1980: Rolled head and nuclear crest sperm defects in a rare case of presumed di ploidy in the bull

D'appolonia B.L., 1979: Rolled high lysine barley in breakfast cereal cookies and bread

Strong, D. R-Jr, 1977: Rolled leaf hispine beetles chrysomelidae and their zingiberales host plants in middle america

Flinn R.C., 1988: Roller application of clopyralid for huisache acacia farnesiana control

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356026

Nielsen J., 1984: Roller drying of fatty fishes

Higgins, B. J.; Hirsh, D., 1977: Roller mutants of the nematode caenorhabditis elegans

Mcginniss G., 1984: Roller skating accidents and injuries

Ehrlich S.D., 1987: Rolling circle replication of single stranded dna plasmid pc194

Takahashi, S., 1977: Rolling circle replicative structure of bacterio phage lambda dna in a recombination deficient system

Tattersall, P.; Ward, D. C., 1976: Rolling hairpin model for replication of parvovirus and linear chromosomal dna

Zvereva, G. S.; Ratner, M. V.; Kolganov, A. V., 1975: Rolling mill noise and its effect on workers

Sneden A.T., 1984: Rollinicin and isorollinicin cytotoxic acetogenins from rollinia papilionella

Sneden A.T., 1984: Rollinone a new cytotoxic acetogenin from rollinia papilionella

Al Shehbaz I.A., 1982: Rollinsia paysonii new genus new combination of cruciferae from mexico

Mishler E.T., 1985: Rollover measurements with auditec nu 6 word lists

Mayhew, D. E.; Matsumoto, T. T., 1978: Romaine lettuce a new host for tobacco rattle virus

Fiechtner J.J., 1980: Roman arches human joints and disease differences between convex and concave sides of joints

Driscoll P., 1986: Roman high avoidance and low avoidance rats present status of the swiss sublines rha verh and rla verh and effects of amphetamine on shuttle box performance

Moyano, G. H. I., 1976: Romancheina asymmetrica new species from the antarctic and key to the antarctic and magallanes species of exochellidae bryozoa cheilostoma

Ienistea, M. A., 1975: Romanian onthophagidae coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Berelson B., 1979: Romanias 1966 anti abortion decree the demographic experience of the 1st decade

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356044

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356045

Poinar, G. O-Jr ; Hess, R., 1977: Romanomermis culicivorax morphological evidence of trans cuticular uptake

Platzer E.G., 1985: Romanomermis culicivorax parasitism and the development growth and feeding rates of 2 mosquito species

Gonzalez Broche R., 1986: Romanomermis culicivorax ross and smith 1976 rhabditida mermithidae infestation in the larvae of anopheles albimanus wiedeman 1821 diptera culicidae under laboratory conditions

Zipfel, E.; Grezes, J. R.; Seiffert, W.; Zimmermann, H. W., 1981: Romanowsky dyes and romanowsky giemsa effect 1. azure b purity and content of dye samples association

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356050

Zipfel, E.; Grezes, J. R.; Naujok, A.; Seiffert, W.; Zimmerman, H. W.; Wittekind, D. H., 1984: Romanowsky dyes and romanowsky giemsa effect 3. microspectrophotometric studies of the romanowsky giemsa staining spectroscopic evidence of a dna azur b eosin y complex producing the romanowsky giemsa effect

Mueller-Walz, R.; Zimmermann, H. W., 1987: Romanowsky dyes and the romanowsky giemsa effect iv. binding of azure b to dna

Lillie, R. D., 1978: Romanowsky malachowski stains the so called romanowsky stain malachowskis use of alkali poly chromed methylene blue for malaria plasmodia/

Marshall, P. N., 1978: Romanowsky type stains in hematology

Henderson R.J.E., 1982: Romnalda grallata new species of the xanthorrhoeaceae from queensland australia

Rasmussen F., 1982: Rompun sedation and semen characteristics in the bull and billy goat

Gardini G., 1981: Roncus caralitanus new species from southern sardinia pseudoscorpionida neobisiidae pseudoscorpions of italy 13

Zaragoza J.A., 1982: Roncus setosus new species another case of neochetotaxie majorante prosomatique heurtault in the pseudoscorpions neobisiidae

Rizzerio R., 1987: Roncus zoiai new species a new cavernicolous species from mount albo northeastern sardinia italy pseudoscorpionida neobisiidae

Guera A., 1982: Rondeletiola minor new record cephalopoda sepioidea for the central east atlantic

Ivey, M. C.; Mann, H. D.; Wright, F. C., 1976: Ronnel and its oxygen analog residues in the body tissues and eggs of caged layers

Norton W., 1979: Roof shale flora of the type cedar grove coal kanawha county west virginia usa middle pennsylvanian

Grodzinski, Z., 1976: Rooks corvus frugilegus in 1 of the krakow parks poland

Finitzo-Hieber, T.; Tillman, T. W., 1978: Room acoustics effects on mono syllabic word discrimination ability for normal and hearing impaired children

Duquesnoy A.J., 1980: Room acoustics for the aged

Schulz W., 1983: Room evaluation moods and personality

Smith, P. W.; Massanari, M., 1977: Room humidifiers as the source of acinetobacter calcoaceticus infections

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356068

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356069

Winefordner J.D., 1985: Room temperature fluorescence spectrometry of some pharmaceutical compounds

Karnes H.T., 1987: Room temperature luminescence analysis of drugs with application to the toxi lab drug identification system

Hurtubise R.J., 1988: Room temperature luminescence properties of benzo f quinoline and phenanthrene adsorbed on alpha cyclodextrin sodium chloride mixtures

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356073

Cerdonio, M.; Congiu-Castellano, A.; Calabrese, L.; Morante, S.; Pispisa, B.; Vitale, S., 1978: Room temperature magnetic properties of oxy hemo globin and carbon mon oxy hemo globin

Kohne, D. E.; Levison, A.; Byers, M. J., 1977: Room temperature method for increasing the rate of dna reassociation by many thousandfold the phenol emulsion reassociation technique

Waterston Y., 1986: Room temperature microtray chromogenic assay of factor viii c

Hurtubise R.J., 1986: Room temperature phosphorescence and fluorescence of selected model aromatic carbonyl compounds adsorbed on several solid surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356078

Hurtublse R.J., 1982: Room temperature phosphorescence of hydroxyl substituted aromatics adsorbed on solid surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356080

Vo Dinh T., 1988: Room temperature phosphorimetry to study petroleum product permeation through protective clothing materials

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356082

Wicks J.H., 1980: Room temperature radioassay for vitamin b 12 with oyster toadfish opsanus tau serum as binder

Corse E.W., 1986: Room temperature rate constants for the reaction of hydroxyl radicals with selected chlorinated and oxygenated hydrocarbons

Hebert G.A., 1980: Room temperature storage of legionella cultures

Spengler J.D., 1981: Room to room variations in concentration of respirable particles in residences

Bekesi B., 1988: Rooming in

Bartik D., 1984: Rooming in as a therapeutic chance for a 6 year old autistic girl

Sibilia S., 1981: Rooming in experiences and remarks

Olson R.W., 1987: Roosevelt elk density in old growth forests of olympic national park washington usa

Rabenold P.P., 1987: Roost attendance and aggression in black vultures

Wolz, I., 1986: Roost changing behavior of bechstein's bat myotis bechsteini

Reebs S.G., 1987: Roost characteristics and roosting behavior of black billed magpies pica pica in edmonton alberta canada

Kobayashi T., 1982: Roost observations and classification of miniopterus in madai cave sabah east malaysia

Gilbert L.E., 1982: Roost recruitment and resource utilization observations on a heliconius charitonia roost in mexico nymphalidae

Barrows C.W., 1981: Roost selection by spotted owls strix occidentalis an adaptation to heat stress

Kalpaxis D.L., 1986: Rooster comb hyaluronate protein a non covalently linked complex

Razumov, S. A.; Krasnovskaya, I. A.; Polenov, A. L., 1978: Rooster posterior hypophysis during long term training for emotional stress

Fraga L.M., 1980: Rooster selection through progeny and interaction between barred color b b and naked neck na na in growing hens

Kirkpatrick C.M., 1981: Roosting behavior and habitat of migrant greater sandhill cranes grus canadensis tabida

Panagis K., 1985: Roosting behavior and host selection of oxpeckers aves buphaginae in moremi wildlife reserve botswana and eastern caprivi south west africa

Gyllin, R.; Kallander, H., 1976: Roosting behavior of the jackdaw corvus monedula at orebro central sweden

Gyllin, R.; Kallander, H., 1977: Roosting behavior of the magpie pica pica

Balda, R. P.; Morrison, M. L.; Bement, T. R., 1977: Roosting behavior of the pinon jay in autumn and winter

Chovan J.L., 1986: Roosting by pelagic seabirds energetic populational and social considerations

Vaughan, T. A.; O'shea, T. J., 1976: Roosting ecology of the pallid bat antrozous pallidus

Vlasin, M., 1978: Roosting sites of the collared turtle dove streptopelia decaocto in certain parks in the city of brno czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356108

Hubalek Z., 1983: Roosts and habits of corvus frugilegus wintering in czechoslovakia

Evans R.M., 1982: Roosts at foraging sites in black billed gulls larus bulleri

Fenton M.B., 1983: Roosts used by the african bat scotophilus leucogaster chiroptera vespertilionidae

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356112

Toratani H., 1984: Root absorption of mercury retained in paddy soil

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356114

Burch, G. J.; Johns, G. G., 1978: Root absorption of water and physiological responses to water deficits by festuca arundinacea cultivar demeter and trifolium repens

Logan T.J., 1981: Root activity in creeping bent grass agrostis palustris cultivar penncross measured by phosphorus 32 and phosphorus 33

Subramaniam S., 1987: Root activity of rice as influenced by urea insecticide combinations by a phosphorus 32 absorption technique

Allaway W.G., 1986: Root aeration and respiration in young mangrove plants avicennia marina

Ben Asher J., 1983: Root aeration in a deep hydroponic system and its effect on growth and yield of tomato solanum lycopersicum cultivar grandia

Beckett P.M., 1985: Root aeration in unsaturated soil a multi shelled mathematical model of oxygen diffusion and distribution with and without sectoral wet soil blocking of the diffusion path

Iwu, M. M.; Court, W. E., 1977: Root alkaloids of rauwolfia cumminsii

Iwu, M. M.; Court, W. E., 1977: Root alkaloids of rauwolfia vomitoria

Lombard P.B., 1985: Root anaerobiosis root respiration and leaf conductance of peach willow quince and several pear species

Beertsen, W.; Niehof, A., 1986: Root analogue vs. crown analogue dentin a radioautographic and ultrastructural investigation of the mouse incisor

Bossy J P., 1986: Root anatomical changes in rice oryza sativa induced by cultivation conditions

Datta, P. C.; Dasgupta, A., 1977: Root anatomy and distribution of common piper and peperomia species

Stuetzel T., 1988: Root anatomy in eriocaulaceae

Fritsch, R., 1977: Root anatomy of triticum and aegilops gramineae

Somerville A., 1979: Root anchorage and root morphology of pinus radiata on a range of ripping treatments

Tiessen H., 1983: Root and air temperature effects on the flowering and yield of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Harrington T.C., 1988: Root and butt rot fungi on balsam fir and red spruce in the white mountains new hampshire usa

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356134

Lal, B. B.; Chakravarti, B. P., 1977: Root and collar inoculation and control of brown spot of maize by post infection spray and soil application of systemic fungicides

Schuurman J.J., 1980: Root and crop growth of oats as affected by the length of periods of high water table

Fassihiani A., 1985: Root and crown rot and citrus trees in kerman and hormozgan provinces of iran

Gill, D. L., 1977: Root and crown rot of shore juniper juniperus conferta cause and control

Davey C.B., 1987: Root and foliar nutrient concentrations in loblolly pine effects of season site and fertilization

Parikka P., 1980: Root and foot rot diseases of cereals in southern finland in 1975 1978

Attrackchi A.A., 1979: Root and hypocotyl rot of beans in iraq

Vance C.P., 1982: Root and nodule enzymes of ammonia assimilation in 2 plant conditioned symbiotically ineffective genotypes of alfalfa medicago sativa

Frederick G.T., 1986: Root and pulpal dentin after surface demineralization

Seliskar D.M., 1983: Root and rhizome distribution as an indicator of upper salt march wetland limits

Zasada J.C., 1984: Root and shoot biomass and mycorrhizal development of white spruce picea glauca seedlings naturally regenerating in interior alaskan usa floodplain communities

Howe C.D., 1986: Root and shoot competition between established ryegrass lolium perenne and invading grass seedlings

Vandermeer J., 1988: Root and shoot competition in phaseolus vulgaris and cyperus rotundus in nicaragua

Ali-Khan, S. T.; Snoad, B., 1977: Root and shoot development in peas part 1 variability in 7 root and shoot characters of seedlings

Ali-Khan, S. T.; Snoad, B.; Arthur, A. E., 1977: Root and shoot development in peas part 2 effects of temperature and genotype environment interactions in 6 root and shoot characters of seedlings

Rao B.R.R., 1985: Root and shoot development in pyrethrum chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium

Joshi M.G., 1981: Root and shoot development in triticale

Steen E., 1984: Root and shoot growth of atriplex litoralis in relation to nitrogen supply

Overcash J.P., 1983: Root and shoot growth of field grown and container grown pecan carya illinoensis nursery trees 5 years after transplanting

Mertens, W. C.; Wright, R. D., 1978: Root and shoot growth rate relationships of 2 cultivars of japanese holly

Locy R.D., 1984: Root and shoot initiation by leaf stem and storage root explants of sweet potato ipomoea batatas

Snaydon R.W., 1982: Root and shoot interactions between barley hordeum sativum and field beans vicia faba when inter cropped

Rickman R.W., 1984: Root and shot development in winter wheat triticum aestivum

Villamayor F.G.Jr, 1983: Root and stake production of cassava manihot esculenta cultivar golden yellow at different populations and subsequent yield evaluation of stakes

Kahn F., 1980: Root and stem behavior of woody plants in tropical rain forest southwest ivory coast

Duniway J.M., 1984: Root and stem rot of parrotfeather myriophyllum brasiliense caused by pythium carolinianum

Mitchell, D. J.; Strandberg, J. O.; Kannwischer, M. E., 1978: Root and stem rot of watercress nasturtium officinale caused by phytophthora cryptogea

Wasterlund I., 1979: Root and transpiration studies on young norway spruce picea abies trees with dieback symptoms in sweden

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356167

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356168

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356169

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356170

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356171

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356172

Skujins J., 1981: Root associated nitrogen fixation acetyl reduction by enterobacteriaceae and azospirillum strains in cold climate spodosols

Zafar, Y.; Wahid, A.; Rasul, E.; Malik, K. A., 1986: Root associated nitrogen fixation by sugar cane saccharum officinarum l. cultivar col 54 in pakistan

Davidson M.S., 1983: Root associated nitrogen fixing bacteria and their role in the nitrogen nutrition of wheat estimated by nitrogen 15 isotope dilution

Chaudhuri S., 1985: Root beds and paleoenvironment in daltonganj coalfield india a preliminary study

Stark, N.; Spratt, M., 1977: Root biomass and nutrient storage in rain forest oxisols near san carlos de rio negro

Berish C.W., 1982: Root biomass and surface area in 3 successional tropical forests

Komiyama, A.; Ogino, K.; Aksornkoae, S.; Sabhasri, S., 1987: Root biomass of a mangrove forest in southern thailand 1. estimation by the trench method and the zonal structure of root biomass

Holechek J.L., 1982: Root biomass on native range and mine spoils in southeastern montana usa

Beique R., 1979: Root borer damages to and susceptibility of poplars

Johnson C.R., 1987: Root branching in zamia floridana effect of growth regulators and anatomical features

Peterson R.L., 1979: Root buds in hieracium florentinum effects of nitrogen and observations on bud outgrowth

Akram M., 1987: Root callus cultures of rauwolfia serpentina benth

Vertucci F.J., 1984: Root canal anatomy of the human permanent teeth

Gaengler P., 1987: Root canal filling techniques condensation procedures

Roan R T., 1981: Root canal morphology of the maxillary 1st premolars

Bertsch M.L., 1979: Root canal procedure for disarming nonhuman primates

Thoden Van Velzen S.K., 1982: Root canal simulating experimental model for evaluation of tissue responses to chronic influx of foreign fluid substances

Feldman L.J., 1981: Root cap inhibitor formation in isolated root caps of zea mays cultivar merit

Kott L., 1979: Root cap structure in isoetes macrospora

Peterson, R. L.; Brisson, J. D., 1977: Root cap structure in the fern ophioglossum petiolatum light and electron microscopy

Khologny N.G., 1983: Root cap ultrastructure of arabidopsis thaliana under control of micro gravity

Sytnik K.M., 1982: Root cap ultrastructure of arabidopsis thaliana under space flight conditions

Moyse A., 1984: Root carbohydrate metabolism associated with nitrate assimilation in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar capitole previously deprived of nitrogen

Eklund S.A., 1986: Root caries in an optimally fluoridated and a high fluoride community

Otroshchenko O.S., 1981: Root catechins of hibiscus cannabinus cultivated in vietnam

Arruda M.L.R., 1984: Root cation exchange capacity and aluminum toxicity relationships in 2 pasture grasses

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356200

Berendse F., 1982: Root cation exchange capacity determinations to establish root biomasses of 2 plant species grown in mixtures

Abu-Zeid, M. O., 1975: Root cation exchange capacity of sugarcane an evaluation of methods

Haque E., 1981: Root characteristics and drought tolerance in rice

Penny L.H., 1981: Root characteristics of 44 maize zea mays inbreds evaluated in 4 environments

Stoffella, P. J.; Sandsted, R. F.; Zobel, R. W.; Hymes, W. L., 1979: Root characteristics of black beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivars black turtle soup and strain 39 2. morphological differences among genotypes

Hymes W.L., 1979: Root characteristics of black beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivars black turtle soup and strain 39 relationship of root size to lodging and seed yield

Barber S.A., 1979: Root characteristics of corn zea mays genotypes as related to phosphorus uptake

Becker H.C., 1987: Root characteristics of maize inbred lines and single crosses in controlled environments and in field trials

Hamblin J., 1985: Root characteristics of some temperate legume species and varieties on deep free draining entisols

Hansen E.M., 1985: Root colonizing insects recovered from douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii various stages of decline due to black stain root disease

Mccune B., 1986: Root competition in a low elevation grand fir abies grandis forest in montana usa a trenching experiment

Rowe R.N., 1987: Root confinement and its effects on the water relations growth and assimilate partitioning of tomato lycopersicon esculentum mill

Lawrence B.K., 1988: Root containerization for physiological studies of shrubs and trees on rangeland

Ruzin S.E., 1979: Root contraction in freesia hybrida iridaceae

Jernstedt, J. A., 1984: Root contraction in hyacinth hyacinthus orientalis cultivar pink pearl 1. effects of iaa on differential cell expansion

Cyr, R. J.; Lin, B. L.; Jernstedt, J. A., 1988: Root contraction in hyacinth ii. changes in tubulin levels microtubule number and orientation association with differential cell expansion

Herman, R. P., 1977: Root contribution to total soil respiration in a tall grass prairie

Maas E.V., 1985: Root control of leaf phosphorus and chlorine accumulation in soybean glycine max under salinity stress

Giblin D.E., 1986: Root cortical death in relation to infection of kentucky bluegrass poa pratensis by phialophora graminicola

Binkley L.H.Jr, 1986: Root coverage and ridge augmentation in class iv recession using a coronally positioned free gingival graft

Miller P.D.Jr, 1987: Root coverage with the free gingival graft factors associated with incomplete coverage

Baliad M.E., 1986: Root crops legumes rotation at varying fertilizer levels

Sugii M., 1987: Root cultures of swertia pseudochinensis

Castaldini C., 1988: Root curettage and gingival repair in periodontitis

Yaman P., 1986: Root curvature localizations as indicators of post length in various tooth groups

Horgan R., 1984: Root cyto kinins of phaseolus vulgaris

Devine O.J., 1985: Root damage by western corn rootworm diabrotica virgifera virgifera and nutrient content in maize zea mays

Ko, W. H.; Kunimoto, R. K.; Maedo, I., 1977: Root decay caused by kretzschmaria clavus its relation to macadamia integrifolia decline

Mishra R.R., 1979: Root decomposition

Muller R.N., 1987: Root density abundance and distribution in the mixed mesophytic forest of eastern kentucky usa

La Roi G.H., 1985: Root density soil relationships in selected boreal forests of central alberta canada

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356236

Dexter A.R., 1982: Root development and growth of oilseed wheat triticum aestivum cultivar warigal and pea pisum sativum cultivar greenfeast crops on tilled and nontilled soil

Michael M.D., 1988: Root development and growth of selected plant species under various fertilization conditions and with various soil structures in the asbestos tailings from the msauli mine in east transvaal south africa

Benjamin, L. R.; Wren, M. J., 1978: Root development and source sink relations in carrot daucus carota

Benjamin, L. R.; Wren, M. J., 1980: Root development and source sink relations in carrot daucus carota 2. effects of root pruning on carbon assimilation and the partitioning of assimilates

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Wenz M., 1984: Root development as a criterion for selection in lolium perenne?

Squire, R. O.; Marks, G. C.; Craig, F. G., 1978: Root development in a pinus radiata plantation in relation to site index fertilizing and soil bulk density

Lund, Z. F., 1978: Root development in dairy manure treated soil

Cornish P.S., 1982: Root development in seedlings of rye grass lolium perenne and phalaris phalaris aquatica sown onto the soil surface

Kuo J., 1985: Root development in the seagrass halophila ovalis hydrocharitaceae with particular reference to root lacunae

Jensen P., 1988: Root development in winter wheat grown at different nitrogen phosphorus supply root length patterns and nitrogen phosphorus interactions in phosphate uptake

Alm A.A., 1983: Root development of container reared nursery grown and naturally regenerated pine seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6357, Accession 006356250

Raper C.D.Jr, 1982: Root development of field grown flue cured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar nc 2326

Harrach T., 1980: Root development of loess soils with different degrees of erosion

Khan A.R., 1984: Root development of peanut arachis hypogaea in relation to tillage

Hoveland C.S., 1986: Root development of sericea lespedeza lespedeza cuneata and alfalfa medicago sativa in acid soils

Fenster C.R., 1982: Root development of winter wheat triticum aestivum as related to tillage practice in western nebraska usa

Peterson D.L., 1987: Root development water stress and yield of mechanically harvested apple trees

Venn K., 1985: Root dieback of coniferous seedlings in forest nurseries

Ruecker, W.; Jentzsch, K.; Wichtl, M., 1976: Root differentiation and glycoside formation in tissues of digitalis purpurea cultured in vitro

Tomimori T., 1985: Root differentiation and paeoniflorin production in paeonia lactiflora callus cultures

Ellmore G.S., 1981: Root dimorphism in ludwigia peploides onagraceae development of 2 root types from similar primordia

Ellmore G.S., 1981: Root dimorphism in ludwigia peploides onagraceae structure and gas content of mature roots

Alexander S.A., 1983: Root disease and insect infestations on air pollution sensitive pinus strobus and studies of pathogenicity of verticicladiella procera

Filip G.M., 1979: Root disease in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii plantations is associated with infected stumps

Tenorio J.A., 1984: Root disease of delonix regia and associated tree species in the mariana islands caused by phellinus noxius

Stark R.W., 1984: Root diseases and blister rust associated with bark beetles coleoptera scolytidae in western white pine pinus monticola in idaho usa

Bell D.K., 1982: Root diseases induced in corn by rhizoctonia solani and rhizoctonia zeae

Epperson J.E., 1983: Root diseases of cucumber cucumis sativus in irrigated multiple cropping system with pest management

Abawi, G. S.; Mai, W. F., 1978: Root diseases of fruit trees in new york state usa part 10 toxicity of oxamyl to pratylenchus penetrans

Arneson, P. A.; Mai, W. F., 1976: Root diseases of fruit trees in new york state usa part 7 costs and returns of pre plant soil fumigation in a re planted apple orchard

Mai, W. F.; Abawi, G. S.; Dunn, R. A., 1976: Root diseases of fruit trees in new york state usa part 8 the influence of application method on the effectiveness of methyl bromide as a preplant treatment for increasing growth of apple trees

Sumner, D. R.; Johnson, A. W.; Glaze, N. C.; Dowler, C. C., 1978: Root diseases of snap bean and southern pea in intensive cropping systems

Averre C.W., 1983: Root diseases of vegetables in hydroponic culture systems in north carolina usa greenhouses

James, R. L.; Gilligan, C. J., 1986: Root diseases of western white pine pinus monticola transplants at the usa department of agriculture forest service nursery coeur d'alene idaho usa

Reis E.M., 1986: Root diseases of wheat in the state of parana brazil 1983

Andrade J.M.V.D., 1982: Root diseases of wheat triticum aestivum in minas gerais and federal district brazil

Varade S.B., 1979: Root distribution and nutrient flux in cotton root gossypium arboreum

Murray D.S., 1982: Root distribution and reproductive biology of honeyvine milkweed cynanchum laeve

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Olsson K.A., 1982: Root distribution and water uptake by irrigated soybeans glycine max on a duplex soil

Fapohunda H.O., 1986: Root distribution and water uptake patterns of maize cultivars zea mays field grown under differential irrigation

Whisler F., 1983: Root distribution and water use efficiency of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar cimarron as influenced by depth of irrigation

Sattler E L., 1979: Root distribution in soils as studied by auto radiography

Jacobs B.C., 1985: Root distribution in space and time in trifolium subterraneum

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