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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6358

Chapter 6358 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357000

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357001

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357002

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357003

Godwin B., 1983: Ross goose and lesser snow goose colonies in the central canadian arctic

Kristensen R.M., 1980: Ross gull rhodostethia rosea breeding in disko bay west greenland 1979

Hjort C., 1981: Ross gulls in the arctic pack ice

Stuiver M., 1986: Ross ice shelf oxygen isotopes and west antarctic climate history

Strauss J.H., 1983: Ross river virus 26s rna complete nucleotide sequence and deduced sequence of the encoded structural proteins

Williams J.E., 1982: Ross river virus activity along the south coast of new south wales australia

Dalgarno L., 1985: Ross river virus genetic variants in australia and the pacific islands

Seay, A. R.; Wolinsky, J. S., 1983: Ross river virus induced de myelination 2. ultrastructural studies

Fraser J.R.E., 1985: Ross river virus infection of human synovial cells in vitro

Dalgarno L., 1986: Ross river virus mutant with a deletion in the e 2 gene properties of the virion virus specific macromolecule synthesis and attenuation of virulence for mice

Kellogg T.B., 1979: Ross sea diatoms modern assemblage distributions and their relationship to ecologic oceanographic and sedimentary conditions

Degtyarev, A. G.; Labutin-Yu, V.; Blokhin-Yu-Yu, 1987: Ross's gull rhodostethia rosea migration and breeding cycle near the borders of its range

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357016

Jones, B., 1978: Rossella new genus of silurian pentamerid brachiopod from the canadian arctic

Ethington R.L., 1983: Rossodus manitouensis new species conodonta of an early ordovician index fossil

Baldari F., 1987: Rossopsyllus obscurus new species copepoda harpacticoida from macquarie island south pacific ocean

Timoshkin, O. A., 1986: Rostellar ciliated worms turbellaria kalyptorhynchia from lake baikal russian sfsr ussr 1. new species of the genus diplosyphon and their taxonomic position

Timoshkin, O. A., 1986: Rostellar ciliated worms turbellaria kalyptorhynchia from lake baikal russian sfsr ussr 2. species of the genera opisthocystis and gyratrix

Pluzhnikov L.T., 1981: Rostellar gland of taenia crassiceps larvae cestoda taeniidae

Chkhenkeli S.A., 1979: Rostral cingulotomy in surgical treatment of epilepsy

Goulden, B. E.; Anderson, L. J.; Davies, A. S.; Barnes, G. R. G., 1976: Rostral displacement of the palato pharyngeal arch a case report

Bartness T.J., 1985: Rostral hypothalamic microinfusions of 5 7 dihydroxytryptamine produce anatomically and neurochemically selective depletions of hippocampal serotonin and increase the influence of estrogen and food deprivation on locomotor activity

Myers R.D., 1987: Rostral hypothalamus a new neuroanatomical site of neurochemically induced emesis in the cat

Gerall A.A., 1981: Rostral medial preoptic area lesions influence on female estrous processes and lhrh distribution

Kostrzewa R.M., 1981: Rostral mid brain lesions and copulatory behavior in male rats

Darlington, D. N.; Ward, D. G., 1985: Rostral pontine and caudal mesencephalic control of arterial pressure and iliac celiac and renal vascular resistance i. anatomic regions

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357031

Nielsen C.H., 1982: Rostral spread of epidural morphine

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357033

Reis D.J., 1984: Rostral ventrolateral medulla selective projections to the thoracic autonomic cell column from the region containing c 1 adrenaline neurons

Guyenet P.G., 1988: Rostral ventrolateral medullary neurons with intrinsic pacemaker properties are not catecholaminergic

Manning E., 1986: Rostriamynodon grangeri new genus new species of amynodontid perissodactyla rhinocerotoidea with comments on the phylogenetic history of eocene amynodontidae

Snow P.J., 1981: Rostrocaudal and laminar distribution of spino thalamic neurons in the high cervical spinal cord of the cat

Snider W.D., 1986: Rostrocaudal differences in dendritic growth and synaptogenesis in rat sympathetic chain ganglia

Seller H., 1987: Rostrocaudal location of sympathetic preganglionic neurons within the third thoracic segment of the cat spinal cord investigated by the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase and by recording of antidromic field potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357040

Bywater M., 1979: Rosularia setosa new species crassulaceae from israel

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357042

Mas J.C., 1988: Rot development in wood assemblies with tenon and mortise exposed in out of ground contact situations

Venkatesan K.R., 1980: Rot in stored sandalwood logs

Perrin R., 1979: Rot of beechnuts caused by rhizoctonia solani disease incidence after the 1974 and 1976 mast years curative seed treatment before storage

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357046

Nair, R. V., 1975: Rotala malampuzhensis new species from palghat kerala india

Snyder, D. R.; Cox, N.; Weiss, G. T.; Huang, Y. H.; Redmond, D. E-Jr, 1978: Rotary antenna for cancellation free tele stimulation

Olsson M., 1986: Rotary atomizers and air assisted nozzles compared to hydraulic nozzles in band spraying

Mannino R.J., 1985: Rotary dialysis its application to the preparation of large liposomes and large proteoliposomes protein lipid vesicles with high encapsulation efficiency and efficient reconstitution of membrane proteins

Shai Y.H., 1984: Rotary door flap in laryngotracheal reconstruction

Tamm, S. L.; Tamm, S., 1976: Rotary movements and fluid membranes in termite flagellates

Mead F.W., 1982: Rotary net survey of homopterans in palm plantings in south florida usa

Baumgartl D., 1987: Rotary pendulum test a method for analyzing the function of the opto vestibulo spinal system

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357055

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357056

Margaritis, L. H.; Elgsaeter, A.; Branton, D., 1977: Rotary replication for freeze etching

Weinstein R.S., 1982: Rotary replication of lens gap junctions

Collier A.M., 1985: Rotary shadowed freeze fracture replicas a simple method for the analysis of fracture faces

Branton D., 1980: Rotary shadowing of extended molecules dried from glycerol

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357061

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357062

Leypoldt J.K., 1980: Rotated membrane covered oxygen electrode

Nishikawa J., 1981: Rotating chair single photon emission tomography and liver scintigram in the diagnosis of liver tumor

Unz R.F., 1980: Rotating disc biological treatment of acid mine drainage

Ando H.Y., 1979: Rotating disc method for determining cutaneous metabolism

Iwamoto T., 1983: Rotating drum fermentor for plant cell suspension cultures

Fuchs, B.; Jarosch, R., 1974: Rotating fibrils in the flagellum of synura sphagnicola

Zimmermann U., 1982: Rotating field induced rotation and measurement of the membrane capacitance of single mesophyll cells of avena sativa

Geffen A., 1979: Rotating fish cages to prevent fouling

Burgess W.H., 1979: Rotating floating cage for fish culture simplifies cleaning and replacement of panels

Ho C., 1988: Rotating frame relaxation studies of slow motions in fluorinated phospholipid model membranes

Bleich, H. E.; Glasel, J. A., 1978: Rotating frame spin lattice relaxation experiments and the problem of intra molecular motions of peptides in solution

Fitzgerald L.T., 1987: Rotating laminar emission camera with germanium detector further developments

Jarosch R., 1980: Rotating micro tubules as a basis for anaphase spindle elongation in diatoms

Wilson G.S., 1980: Rotating ring disc enzyme electrode for bio catalysis kinetic studies and characterization of the immobilized enzyme layer

Shu, F. R.; Wilson, G. S., 1976: Rotating ring disc enzyme electrode for surface catalysis studies

Coleman R.M., 1982: Rotating shift work schedules that disrupt sleep are improved by applying circadian principles

Spears J.R., 1981: Rotating step wedge technique for extraction of luminal cross sectional area information from single plane coronary cine angiograms

Wolf, J. E., 1987: Rotating stripes and the impulse response of the eye i. uniform illumination

Wolf, J. E., 1987: Rotating stripes and the impulse response of the eye ii. stroboscopic illumination

Perrott, D. R.; Musicant, A. D., 1977: Rotating tones and bin aural beats

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357083

Bailey R.L., 1986: Rotation age and establishment density for planted slash pine pinus elliottii and loblolly pine pinus taeda

Mcconchie D.L., 1982: Rotation age and silvicultural effects on wood properties of 4 stands of pinus radiata

Chang S.J., 1983: Rotation age management intensity and the economic factors of timber production do changes in stumpage price interest rate regeneration cost and forest taxation matter

Finlay, D. C., 1977: Rotation and perspective tasks in 7 to 8 and 9 to 10 year old children

Toyoshima Y.Y., 1988: Rotation and translocation of microtubules in vitro induced by dyneins from tetrahymena cilia

Kung C., 1980: Rotation and twist of the central pair micro tubules in the cilia of paramecium

Lackner J.R., 1979: Rotation at 30 revolutions per minute about the z axis after 6 hours in the 10 degree head down position effect on susceptibility to motion sickness

Trail J.C.M., 1981: Rotation cross breeding with sahiwal and ayrshire cattle in the tropics

Shimazu, A.; Matsuda, H.; Yamano, Y.; Nakajima, K.; Okajima, M., 1977: Rotation deformity of the tibia due to mechanical properties of the subtalar joint axis in club foot

Goldfarb J., 1982: Rotation evoked by nigral stimulation following lateral hypothalamic striatal and pallidal lesions in rats

Montana W.E., 1988: Rotation following intranigral injections of a selective d 1 or a selective d 2 dopamine receptor agonist in rats

Marshall J.F., 1980: Rotation induced by intra nigral injections of gamma amino butyric acid agonists and antagonists zone specific effects

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357096

Sharp, F. R., 1976: Rotation induced increases of glucose uptake in rat vestibular nuclei and vestibulo cerebellum

Vlietinck A.J., 1986: Rotation locular countercurrent chromatography and quantitative proton nmr spectroscopy of the phorbol ester constituents of croton oil

Dubowitz V., 1983: Rotation mediated aggregation of skin fibroblasts in duchenne muscular dystrophy effects of monensin

Korenstein R., 1985: Rotation of a single swollen thylakoid vesicle in a rotating electric field electrical properties of the photosynthetic membrane and their modification by ionophores lipophilic ions and ph

Adam, G., 1977: Rotation of bacterial flagella as driven by cyto membrane streaming

Pilwat G., 1981: Rotation of cells in an alternating electric field the occurrence of a resonance frequency

Zimmermann U., 1982: Rotation of cells in an alternating electric field theory and experimental proof

Lamprecht I., 1983: Rotation of cells in nonuniform alternating fields

Kawato, S.; Sigel, E.; Carafoli, E.; Cherry, R. J., 1981: Rotation of cytochrome oxidase ec in phospho lipid vesicles investigations of interactions between cytochrome oxidases and between cytochrome oxidase and cytochrome bc 1 complex

Kawato, S.; Gut, J.; Cherry, R. J.; Winterhalter, K. H.; Richter, C., 1982: Rotation of cytochrome p 450 1. investigations of protein protein interactions of cytochrome p 450 in phospho lipid vesicles and liver microsomes

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357107

Hagedorn R., 1986: Rotation of dielectrics in a rotating electric high frequency field model experiments and theoretical explanation of the rotation effect of living cells

Gimsa J., 1983: Rotation of erythrocytes plant cells and protoplasts in an outside rotating electric field

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357110

Jedraszko Dabrowska D., 1979: Rotation of individuals in breeding populations of dominant species of birds in a pine forest

Hammes G.G., 1987: Rotation of nucleotide sites is not required for the enzymatic activity of chloroplast coupling factor 1

Kischinevsky M., 1981: Rotation of sickle cells in homogeneous magnetic fields

Brigner W.L., 1984: Rotation of space time plane predicts a new illusion of spatial displacement

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357115

Penkala J., 1987: Rotation of teeth in cleft lip and palate

Masing H., 1981: Rotation of the alar cartilage in collapsed ala

Bouteille M., 1985: Rotation of the cell nucleus in living cells a quantitative analysis

Wilmink J.T., 1987: Rotation of the cervical spine a ct study in normal subjects

Hutchins G.M., 1986: Rotation of the junction of the outflow tract and great arteries in the embryonic human heart

Drouin G., 1987: Rotation of the scapula and shoulder subluxation in hemiplegia

Maigne R., 1988: Rotation of the thoraco lumbar junction computed tomography study in 20 normal subjects

Salzer M., 1982: Rotation plasty for childhood osteo sarcoma of the distal part of the femur

Setler, P. E.; Malesky, M.; Mcdevitt, J.; Turner, K., 1978: Rotation produced by administration of dopamine and related substances directly into the super sensitive caudate nucleus

Donaldson, I. M.; Pycock, C.; Marsden, C. D., 1976: Rotation produced by electrolytic lesions of the superior cerebellar peduncle in rats modifying other forms of circling behavior

Jonsson N., 1980: Rotation shift in the esophageal end to end anastomosis

Et Al, 1979: Rotation systems of working shifts in connection with the adaptation to working in shifts

Sandberg, B., 1977: Rotation tendency and cerebral dys function in children

Brahme A., 1982: Rotation therapy using a novel high gradient filter

Ten Berge J.M.F., 1986: Rotation to perfect congruence and the cross validation of component weights across populations

Dienstbier Z., 1987: Rotation to simple structure in factor analysis of dynamic radionuclide studies

Tagawa H., 1984: Rotational acetabular osteotomy for the dysplastic hip

Cheng S Y., 1982: Rotational and lateral diffusions of l thyroxine in phospho lipid bi layers

Hamilton, J. A.; Talkowski, C.; Childers, R. F.; Williams, E.; Allerhand, A.; Cordes, E. H., 1974: Rotational and segmental motions in the lipids of human plasma lipo proteins

Tancrede P., 1987: Rotational and translational mobilities in phospholipid monolayers at the air water interface

Thyberg P., 1984: Rotational and translational swimming of human spermatozoa a dynamic laser light scattering study

Plehn J., 1987: Rotational artifact in phase imaging of cardiac scans potential pitfalls in diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357139

Oberlander, C.; Dumont, C.; Boissier, J. R., 1977: Rotational behavior after unilateral intra nigral injection of muscimol in rats

Starr M.S., 1980: Rotational behavior elicited by 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the rat evidence for an inhibitory role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the substantia nigra and corpus striatum

Nicklaus K.J., 1983: Rotational behavior following cholinergic stimulation of the superior colliculus in rats

Coyle J.T., 1979: Rotational behavior in rats with unilateral striatal kainic acid lesions a behavioral model for studies on intact dopamine receptors

Gonzalez M., 1983: Rotational behavior in the cat induced by electrical stimulation of the pulvinar lateralis posterior nucleus complex role of the cholinergic system

Liebman J.M., 1988: Rotational behavior induced by 8 hydroxy dpat a putative 5 ht 1a agonist in 6 hydroxydopamine lesioned rats

Duvoisin R.C., 1979: Rotational behavior induced by cocaine analogs in rats with unilateral 6 hydroxy dopamine lesions of the substantia nigra dependence upon dopamine uptake inhibition

Panksepp J., 1984: Rotational behavior induced by unilateral electrical stimulation of the nigrostriatal dopamine system

Costentin J.H., 1980: Rotational behavior induced by unilateral electrical stimulations of nigro striatal dopamine neurons modification by low doses of apo morphine

Olpe, H. R.; Schellenberg, H.; Koella, W. P., 1977: Rotational behavior induced in rats by intra nigral application of gamma amino butyric acid related drugs and gamma amino butyric acid antagonists

Walker J.M., 1988: Rotational behavior mediated by dopaminergic and nondopaminergic mechanisms after intranigral microinjection of specific mu delta and kappa opioid agonists

Hauptmann M., 1982: Rotational behavior produced by unilateral ventral noradrenergic bundle lesions evidence for a noradrenergic dopaminergic interaction in the brain

Donaldson, I. M.; Dolphin, A. C.; Jenner, P.; Pycock, C.; Marsden, C. D., 1977: Rotational behavior produced in rats by unilateral electrolytic lesions of the ascending noradrenergic bundles

Chakravarty S., 1984: Rotational brain injury

Voigt, G. E.; Lowenhielm, C. G. P.; Ljung, C. B. A., 1977: Rotational cerebral injuries near the superior margin of the brain

Crockett, J. R.; Koger, M.; Franke, D. E., 1978: Rotational cross breeding of beef cattle pre weaning traits by generation

Crockett, J. R.; Koger, M.; Franke, D. E., 1978: Rotational cross breeding of beef cattle reproduction by generation

Sikora, J., 1981: Rotational cytoplasmic streaming in paramecium cell 1. general character

Sikora, J., 1981: Rotational cytoplasmic streaming in paramecium cell 2. dynamic properties

Sikora, J., 1981: Rotational cytoplasmic streaming in paramecium cell 3. effect of modifying agents

Van Linge B., 1981: Rotational deformities after femoral shaft fractures in childhood a retrospective study 27 32 years after the accident

Collins P., 1984: Rotational deformities of the lower limb in myelo meningocele evaluation and treatment

Chow, S. L. S.; Johnson, C. M.; Anderson, T. D.; Hughes, J. H., 1987: Rotational delivery with kielland's forceps

Cornelissen M., 1985: Rotational differences in urethral pressure in incontinent women

Cherry R.J., 1985: Rotational diffusion and self association of band 3 in reconstituted lipid vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357165

Cherry R.J., 1980: Rotational diffusion of band 3 proteins in membranes from en a and neuraminidase treated normal human erythrocytes

Cherry, R. J.; Burkli, A.; Busslinger, M.; Schneider, G.; Parish, G. R., 1976: Rotational diffusion of band 3 proteins in the human erythrocyte membrane

Chapman D., 1984: Rotational diffusion of calcium dependent atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum a detailed study

Jovin T.M., 1979: Rotational diffusion of cell surface components by time resolved phosphorescence anisotropy

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357170

Lavalette D., 1981: Rotational diffusion of eosin labeled pyruvate dehydrogenase complex of escherichia coli

Jovin T.M., 1981: Rotational diffusion of epidermal growth factor complexed to cell surface receptors reflects rapid micro aggregation and endocytosis of occupied receptors

Amand, B.; Pochon, F.; Lavalette, D., 1977: Rotational diffusion of escherichia coli ribosomes part 1 free 70s 50s and 30s particles/

Pochon, F.; Amand, B.; Lavalette, D., 1977: Rotational diffusion of escherichia coli ribosomes part 2 ribosome attachment to poly uridylic acid/

Austin, R. H.; Karohl, J.; Jovin, T. M., 1983: Rotational diffusion of escherichia coli rna polymerase ec free and bound to dna in nonspecific complexes

Hafner F.W., 1984: Rotational diffusion of rhodamine 6g in human blood serum

Chapman D., 1986: Rotational diffusion of rhodopsin in the visual receptor membrane effects of temperature and bleaching

Maxwell A., 1986: Rotational diffusion of short dna fragments in polyacrylamide gels an electric birefringence study

Kruuv J., 1983: Rotational diffusion of tempone in the cytoplasm of chinese hamster lung cells

Kawato S., 1984: Rotational diffusion of the adp atp translocator in the inner membrane of mitochondria and in proteo liposomes

Thomas D.D., 1988: Rotational dynamics and protein protein interactions in the calcium atpase mechanism

Shibata, J. H.; Fujimoto, B. S.; Schurr, J. M., 1985: Rotational dynamics of dna from .0000000001 to .00001 second comparison of theory with optical experiments

Schumaker V.N., 1985: Rotational dynamics of immunoglobulin g antibodies anchored in protein a soluble complexes

Thomas D.D., 1987: Rotational dynamics of lipid and the calcium atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum the molecular basis of activation by diethyl ether

Gergely J., 1979: Rotational dynamics of spin labeled f actin in the submillisecond time range

Jovin T.M., 1986: Rotational dynamics of the fc receptor for immunoglobulin e on histamine releasing rat basophilic leukemia cells

Hudson B.S., 1988: Rotational dynamics of the single tryptophan porcine pancreatic phospholipase a 2 its zymogen and an enzyme micelle complex a steady state and time resolved anisotropy study

Hare D.R., 1984: Rotational dynamics of transfer rna effect of ionic strength and concentration

Bloomfield V.A., 1979: Rotational effects in quasi elastic laser light scattering from t even bacterio phage

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357190

Abe H., 1979: Rotational excursion of heart in massive peri cardial effusion studied by phased array echo cardiography

Clark J.B., 1986: Rotational feeding overcoming gape limited foraging in anguillid eels anguilla rostrata

Dyack C., 1980: Rotational forceps in mid forceps delivery

Balter A., 1983: Rotational freedom of tryptophan residues in proteins and peptides

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357195

Hardegger F., 1984: Rotational humeral osteotomy for recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder associated with a large hill sachs lesion

Schulitz K P., 1985: Rotational instability of the patella on radiographic images

Delius J.D., 1982: Rotational invariance in visual pattern recognition by pigeons and humans

Mattice, W. L., 1977: Rotational isomeric state treatment of the cystine residue configuration partition function and its relationship to the optical activity exhibited by the di sulfide bond

Perlin A.S., 1986: Rotational isomerism about the 5 carbon 6 carbon bond of 5 o trityl derivatives of aldohexopyranoses and of analogs of d galactopyranose modified at carbon 4

Balaram P., 1980: Rotational isomerism about the c alpha co bond in proline derivatives proton nmr and carbon 13 nmr studies of benzyloxycarbonyl proline n methylamide and pivaloyl proline n methylamide

Fischman, A. J.; Wyssbrod, H. R.; Agosta, W. C.; Field, F. H.; Gibbons, W. A.; Cowburn, D., 1977: Rotational isomerism in leucine pmr study of gamma deuterated leucine and thermodynamic analysis

Koyama, Y.; Uchida, H.; Oyama, S.; Iwaki, T.; Harada, K., 1977: Rotational isomerism of n acetylamino acid methylamides having serine tyrosine histidine and proline residues as revealed by raman spectroscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357204

Scheraga H.A., 1981: Rotational jumps of the tyrosine side chain in crystalline enkephalin deuterium nmr line shapes for aromatic ring motion in solids

Kincaid, H. L., 1977: Rotational line crossing an approach to the reduction of inbreeding accumulation in trout brood stocks

Wagner R., 1985: Rotational mobility and domain flexibility of membrane bound bacterial coupling factor as detected with the triplet probe eosin isothiocyanate

Galley W.C., 1983: Rotational mobility associated with the protein moiety of human serum lipo proteins from tryptophan phosphorescence anisotropy measurements

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357210

Likhtneshtein G.I., 1987: Rotational mobility of spin labels in cotton fibers subjected to uv radiation

Gingras G., 1981: Rotational mobility of the photo reaction center in chromatophore membranes of rhodospirillum rubrum

Norris L., 1987: Rotational modes of calcium liganded calmodulin as determined by time domain fluorescence

Jovin T.M., 1981: Rotational molecular dynamics of the membrane bound acetyl choline receptor revealed by phosphorescence spectroscopy

Hoffmann, W.; Sarzala, M. G.; Chapman, D., 1979: Rotational motion and evidence for oligomeric structures of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium activated atpase ec

Cherry R.J., 1981: Rotational motion and flexibility of calcium magnesium dependent atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes

Grof P., 1983: Rotational motion of actin monomer at low salt concentration and high salt concentration

Vanderkooi J.M., 1982: Rotational motion of cytochrome c derivatives bound to membranes measured by fluorescence and phosphorescence anisotropy

Ariano, B. H.; Azzi, A., 1980: Rotational motion of cytochrome c oxidase ec in phospho lipid vesicles

Ghiggino K.P., 1983: Rotational motion of n 9 anthroyloxy fatty acids in phospho lipid bi layer vesicles

Kusumi, A.; Ohnishi, S.; Ito, T.; Yoshizawa, T., 1978: Rotational motion of rhod opsin in the visual receptor membrane as studied by saturation transfer spectroscopy

Thomas, D. D.; Hidalgo, C., 1978: Rotational motion of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase ec

Visscher, R. B.; Gurd, F. R. N., 1975: Rotational motions in myo globin assessed by carbon 13 relaxation measurements at 2 magnetic field strengths

Ikegami A., 1987: Rotational motions of myosin heads in myofibril studied by phosphorescence anisotropy decay measurements

Gurd F.R.N., 1980: Rotational motions of side chains of poly l lysine

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357226

Myasnikov N.G., 1987: Rotational nonisothermal air exchange in the soil

Macewen G.D., 1985: Rotational osteotomy of the distal tibia and fibula

Martin, C. E.; Foyt, D. C., 1978: Rotational relaxation of 1 6 di phenyl hexatriene in membrane lipids of cells acclimated to high and low growth temperatures

Lavalette, D.; Amand, B.; Pochon, F., 1977: Rotational relaxation of 70s ribosomes by a de polarization method using triplet probes

Pochon, F.; Amand, B.; Lavalette, D.; Bieth, J., 1978: Rotational relaxation of free and protease bound alpha 2 macro globulin

Dale, R. E.; Chen, L. A.; Brand, L., 1977: Rotational relaxation of the micro viscosity probe di phenyl hexa triene in paraffin oil and egg lecithin vesicles

Irwin, R.; Churchich, J. E., 1971: Rotational relaxation time of pyridoxyl 5 phosphate lysozyme

Glaser M., 1979: Rotational relaxation times of 1 6 di phenyl 1 3 5 hexatriene in phospho lipids isolated from lm cell membranes effects of phospho lipid polar head group and fatty acid composition

Crow T.U., 1979: Rotational responses to serotonergic and dopaminergic agonists after unilateral di hydroxy tryptamine lesions of the medial fore brain bundle cooperative interactions of serotonin and dopamine in neo striatum

Amplatz K., 1981: Rotational scanography

Mcdougal P.G., 1984: Rotational selectivity in cyclo butene ring openings model studies directed toward a synthesis of verrucarin a

Cohen E.A., 1985: Rotational spectra of mono oxygen 18 substituted ozones in the v 2 excited vibrational state

Deadwyler S.A., 1988: Rotational stimulation disrupts spatial learning in fornix lesioned rats

Worley, J. F., 1968: Rotational streaming in fiber cells and its role in translocation vicia faba d phaseolus vulgaris d cultivar pinto pisum sativum d cultivar freezonian

Morozov, V. A.; Mishchenko, V. V.; Rubchinskaya-Yu, M., 1975: Rotational strength of the transitions 271 and 360 nanometers and the geometry of the intra molecular complex of fad and its analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357242

Cook J.Q., 1984: Rotational technique and microsurgery

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357244

Jones E.O., 1988: Rotational total skin electron beam therapy

Michael A.M., 1986: Rotational water distribution in nagarjunasagar canal india command area

Lissen E., 1986: Rotative agitation ria a high sensitivity technique for hepatitis b surface antigen hbsag determinations

Andre M.P., 1988: Rotator cuff disruption diagnosis with digital arthrography

Kondo M., 1986: Rotator cuff impingement of both shoulders associated with os acromiale a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357250

Unverferth L.J., 1986: Rotator cuff lesions of the shoulder evaluation by direct sagittal computed tomographic arthrography

Kernahan W.T.Jr, 1984: Rotator cuff rupture management with suprascapular neuropathy

Witte G., 1986: Rotator cuff ruptures of the shoulder joint sonography arthrography

Matsen F.A.IIi, 1983: Rotator cuff tear measurement by arthro pneumo tomography

Patte D., 1988: Rotator cuff tear relationship between clinical and anatomopathological findings

Frykman G.K., 1984: Rotator cuff tears associated with os acromiale

Rapparport M., 1985: Rotator cuff tears evaluation of using double contrast shoulder arthrography

Hyde J.S., 1986: Rotator cuff tears preliminary application of high resolution magnetic resonance imaging with counter rotating current loop gap resonators

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357259

Raghavendra, K.; Ananthanarayanan, V. S., 1976: Rotatory characteristics of the beta structure in nonaqueous solution

Mcelfresh E.C., 1980: Rotatory contracture of the fore arm

Campbell J.J.R., 1980: Rotatory effects of intra cerebral tetanus toxin injections

Mabuchi, M., 1970: Rotatory head response evoked by stimulating and destroying the interstitial nucleus and surrounding region

Andersen K., 1984: Rotatory instability of cadaver knees after transection of collateral ligaments and capsule

Grammont P., 1984: Rotatory instability of the lumbar spine

Milward De Azevedo E.M.V., 1980: Rotatory movement of last 2 abdominal segments in condylostylus helioi condylostylos chrysoprasi and condylostylus flagellatus diptera dolichopodidae

Hochman M.S., 1983: Rotatory seizures associated with frontal lobe malignant neoplasm a case

Alberti R., 1985: Rotatory subluxation of the atlanto axial joint

Craft J., 1987: Rotaviral enteritis in pigs and calves

Chanock R.M., 1979: Rotaviral immunity in gnotobiotic calves heterologous resistance to human virus induced by bovine virus

Ruiz-Gomez, J.; Alvarez, Y. M. M. T.; Silva-Acosta, C.; Huerta-Hernandez, E.; Jimenez-Reyes, M., 1981: Rotavirus 1. hem agglutination and complement fixation inhibitor antibodies in individuals of mexico city mexico

Ruiz-Gomez, J.; Silva-Acosta, C.; Espejo, R.; Games, J.; Palacios, J.; Juarez, G.; Alvarez, Y. M. M. T., 1981: Rotavirus 2. viruses associated with acute gastro enteritis in children

Parrott R.H., 1982: Rotavirus a cause of nosocomial infection in the nursery

Halonen P.E., 1981: Rotavirus adenovirus and nonviral entero pathogens in diarrhea

Mathan M., 1982: Rotavirus and acute diarrheal disease in children in a southern indian coastal town

Rao H.G.V., 1985: Rotavirus and bacterial enteropathogens in acute diarrheas of young children in bangalore india

Quinn M., 1988: Rotavirus and cryptosporidium shedding in dairy calf feces and its relationship to colostrum immune transfer

Miettinen P., 1985: Rotavirus and enterotoxigenic escherichia coli infections of calves on a closed finnish dairy farm

King M.W., 1982: Rotavirus and hemolytic entero pathogenic escherichia coli in weanling diarrhea of pigs

Al Sayegh F., 1980: Rotavirus and nonbacterial infantile gastro enteritis in kuwait

Betancur R., 1985: Rotavirus and other enteropathogens in the etiology of acute diarrhea in medellin colombia 1982

Tilleman J., 1980: Rotavirus and other viruses in the stool of premature babies

Schopfer K., 1985: Rotavirus and pararotavirus infections in the adult a nosocomial infection and two sporadic cases

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357284

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Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357592

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Chapuis N., 1983: Route planning in cats in relation to the visibility of the goal

Helversen O.V., 1986: Routes and stations in the processing of auditory directional information in the central nervous system of a grasshopper as revealed by surgical experiments

Huber Habart M., 1984: Routes of access to bisaminopyrimidines bridged by a polymethylene chain

Guffy M.M., 1983: Routes of blood supply to the head of the pekin duck anas platyrhynchos domesticus

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Kyle P.M., 1984: Routes of clearance of radioactive water from the rabbit vitreous

Mehta R., 1981: Routes of conjugation in normal and cancerous tissue from human lung

Shigei T., 1983: Routes of drug delivery to the middle segment of the canine inferior vena cava in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357605

D'incalci M., 1982: Routes of elimination of hexamethyl melamine and penta methyl melamine in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357607

Neill W.H., 1986: Routes of heat transfer in two teleosts ictalurus punctatus and lepomis macrochirus

Sawada S., 1986: Routes of infection of acute suppurative thyroiditis diagnosed by barium examination

Smilowitz H., 1980: Routes of intra cellular transport of acetyl choline receptor and esterase are distinct

Moreno, J. H., 1975: Routes of nonelectrolyte permeability in gallbladder effects of 2 4 6 tri amino pyrimidinium

Wright, E. M.; Pietras, R. J., 1974: Routes of nonelectrolyte permeation across epithelial membranes

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Georgopapadakou N.H., 1988: Routes of quinolone permeation in escherichia coli

Bezdenezhnykh I.S., 1987: Routes of salmonellosis infection outside swine breeding complexes

Koett I., 1980: Routes of spread and therapy modalities of pulmonary lesions in hodgkins disease

Bjork I., 1979: Routes of thrombin action in the production of proteolytically modified secondary forms of anti thrombin thrombin complex

Done D.J., 1986: Routes to action in reaction time tasks

Fraser Reid B., 1984: Routes to c glyco pyranosides via sigmatropic rearrangements/

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357620

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357621

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357622

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357623

Schramel, P., 1978: Routine activation analysis with an automatic ion exchange apparatus

Armstrong D., 1983: Routine aerobic terminal sub culturing of blood cultures in a cancer hospital

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357626

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357627

Pikna M., 1987: Routine alpha spectrometry of environmental samples

Nazimov I.V., 1986: Routine amino terminal analysis of peptides at picomole level with fluorometric detection of dansylated amino acids

Saldana, L. R.; Schulman, H.; Lin, C. C., 1976: Routine amnioscopy at term

Matsumoto M., 1984: Routine amniotic fluid alpha feto protein measurement in 34000 pregnancies

Matsumoto M., 1986: Routine amniotic fluid alpha fetoprotein assay experience with 40000 pregnancies

Flanagan, R. J.; Berry, D. J., 1977: Routine analysis of barbiturates and some other hypnotic drugs in the blood plasma as an aid to the diagnosis of acute poisoning

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357634

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357635

Martin, P. M.; Rolland, P. H.; Jacquemier, J.; Rolland, A. M.; Toga, M., 1978: Routine analysis of multiple steroid receptors in human breast cancer part 1 technological features

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357637

Leusmann D.B., 1983: Routine analysis of urinary calculi by scanning electron microscopy

Myren, J.; Serck-Hanssen, A.; Solberg, L., 1976: Routine and blind histological diagnoses on colonoscopic biopsies compared to clinical colonoscopic observations in patients without and with colitis

Manenti F., 1986: Routine and emergency endoscopy in patients with esophageal varices

Wheeler, J.; Simpson, J.; Morley, A. R., 1988: Routine and rapid elisa for circulating anti glomerular basement membrane antibodies

Aratani K., 1982: Routine angiography following partial hepatectomy in patients with malignant lesions of the liver

Cropper L., 1986: Routine angiography for abdominal aortic aneurysm the case for informed operative selection

Doyle S., 1982: Routine ante partum biophysical screening

Gendall P.W., 1987: Routine antenatal ultrasound a retrospective audit

La Selve L., 1987: Routine antibiotic prophylaxis in reconstructive arterial surgery a double blind study

Davies R.J., 1982: Routine antibiotics in hospital management of acute asthma

Rempp M., 1986: Routine antituberculous regimens prescribed in the bas rhin france and results of treatment

Stone M.L., 1986: Routine appendectomy in extensive gynecologic operations

Sors C., 1986: Routine application of a 6 month antituberculous chemotherapy to 300 patients

Dawson M., 1988: Routine application of elisa in comparison with complement fixation for the diagnosis of foot and mouth and swine vesicular diseases

Lang E., 1980: Routine application of nitro glycerin continuous infusion in myo cardial infarction

Michelone G., 1987: Routine application of the evaluation of yeast susceptibility to the main antimycotic drugs

Kormann A.W., 1980: Routine assay for determination of alpha tocopherol in liver

Hay, F. C.; Nineham, L. J.; Roitt, I. M., 1976: Routine assay for the detection of immune complexes of known immuno globulin class using solid phase complement c 1q

Channon L.D., 1983: Routine assessment of hypnotizability by australian practitioners

Teasdale E., 1985: Routine bed rest is unnecessary after cervical myelography

Ozawa Y., 1980: Routine biplane cerebral angiography with stereoscopic magnification

Eisenberg, J. M.; Rose, J. D.; Weinstein, A. J., 1976: Routine blood cultures from febrile out patients use in detecting bacteremia

Palmer M.K., 1981: Routine bone marrow examination in the management of acute lympho blastic leukemia of childhood

Brumm P., 1980: Routine calculations according to the nominal standard dose concept by the equivalence procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357662

Angelova M.G., 1987: Routine catalytic determination of trace amounts of cobalt in small urine samples

Nyman U., 1979: Routine celiac angiography in patients with renal cell carcinoma

Cohen M.D., 1982: Routine charting of ultrasound data and improved fetal measurement curves

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Wyle F.A., 1981: Routine chest x ray films in a veterans hospital

Kuksis, A., 1977: Routine chromatography of simple lipids and their constituents

Brambati B., 1983: Routine chromosome analysis on fetal blood micro aliquots obtained at fetoscopy

Goy P., 1979: Routine chromosome screening in syrian hamsters mesocricetus auratus using orbital sinus blood

Grimes, D. A., 1978: Routine circumcision of the new born infant a reappraisal

Chang T.M.S., 1986: Routine clinical applications of hemodialysis hemoperfusion in chronic renal failure case reports

Livstone E., 1983: Routine clinical chemistries as improved determinates of prognosis for patients with metastatic cancer of the stomach

Chung C.K., 1981: Routine clinical estimation of rectal recto sigmoidal and bladder doses from intra cavitary brachy therapy in the treatment of carcinoma of the cervix

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357678

Cramer B., 1982: Routine colonic lavage is unnecessary for double contrast barium enema in out patients

Osborn D.E., 1984: Routine cross matching is not necessary for a trans urethral resection of the prostate

Briscoe M.G., 1980: Routine cryo preservation of ruminant nematode larvae

Giyanani V.L., 1988: Routine ct screening of psychiatry inpatients

Ferraro M.J., 1988: Routine culture of stoll specimens for yersinia enterocolitica is not a cost effective procedure

Riley T.V., 1984: Routine culturing for clostridium difficile

Turndorf H., 1981: Routine cyto diagnosis of pulmonary malignancies

Mccrone W.C., 1985: Routine detection and identification of asbestos

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357687

Hincke M.T., 1988: Routine detection of calcium binding proteins following their adsorption to nitrocellulose membrane filters

Jenkins M.F., 1986: Routine detection of human rotavirus by latex agglutination comparison with elisa electron microscopy and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6358 , Accession 006357690

Juergens U., 1984: Routine determination of 8 common anti epileptic drugs and metabolites by high performance liquid chromatography using a column switching system for direct injection of serum samples

Lessig U., 1985: Routine determination of chloride nitrate and sulfate in drinking water by means of ion chromatography and indirect uv detection

Bottermann P., 1981: Routine determination of hemo globin a i by micro column technique

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357694

Just L., 1986: Routine determination of mercury arsenic and selenium by radiochemical neutron activation analysis

Vestling M.M., 1980: Routine determination of mirex and photo mirex in fish oncorhynchus tshawytscha tissue in the presence of poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Laudat P., 1981: Routine determination of neisseria gonorrhoeae susceptibility to antibiotics by a disc diffusion method

Simmons M.S., 1980: Routine determination of particulate silica in water

Molyneux S.G., 1982: Routine determination of plasma catecholamines using reversed phase ion pair high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Ronchetti M., 1984: Routine determination of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in carbon black by chromatographic techniques

Peaston, R. T., 1988: Routine determination of urinary free catecholamines by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Reid, P. E.; Brooks, D. E.; Pang, Y. C.; Muelchen, R.; Leighton, K. M., 1978: Routine direct injection gas liquid chromatographic procedure for the analysis of volatile halogenated anesthetics in whole blood using a new external injection port

York D.H., 1983: Routine direct measurement of aortic pressure in the conscious rabbit

Jaffe C.L., 1987: Routine dot blot assay of multiple serum samples using a simple apparatus

Virjee J., 1980: Routine double contrast barium meal appearance of normal duodenal papillae

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357706

Rab I., 1985: Routine echocardiography m mode in the diagnosis of heart disease study of 8000 cases

Selcow J.E., 1984: Routine elective penicillin allergy skin testing in children and adolescents study of sensitization

Krakau, C. E. T.; Nordenfelt, L.; Ohman, R., 1977: Routine electro retinogram recording with light emitting diode light stimulus

Ohman R., 1983: Routine electro retinography recording using medium frequency flicker stimulus

Giuntini C., 1986: Routine electrocardiography in screening for pulmonary embolism

Jorgensen P.B., 1980: Routine employment of wassermann reaction in a psychiatric department

Montague D.K., 1986: Routine endocrine screening in impotence

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357714

Legall G., 1981: Routine enlarged angiography during 250 intra venous pyelographies

Cosgrove B.P., 1980: Routine enterovirus diagnosis in a human rhabdo myo sarcoma cell line

Klee, G. G.; Fairbanks, V. F.; Pierre, R. V.; O'sullivan, M. B., 1976: Routine erythrocyte measurements in diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia and thalassemia minor

Pacovsky V., 1985: Routine estimation of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d the clinically most important vitamin d metabolite in human plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357719

Martin G.R., 1988: Routine evaluation of bactec nr 16a and nr 17a media

Bigar, F.; Schimmelpfennig, B.; Gieseler, R., 1976: Routine evaluation of endothelium in human donor corneas

Martin G.R., 1986: Routine evaluation of the nonradiometric bactec nr 660 system

Hassellund S., 1986: Routine excretion urography in the investigation of prostatism

Littler W.A., 1987: Routine exercise testing or thallium 201 scintigraphy for prediction of cardiac events post myocardial infarction

Shively J.E., 1985: Routine fast atom bombardment mass spectral analysis of high molecular weight peptides atrial gland peptides from aplysia californica

Aquino L., 1985: Routine fetal genitourinary tract screening

Mackenna J., 1979: Routine fetal heart rate monitoring in the ante partum period

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357728

Poh, S. C.; Chew, S. E., 1975: Routine follow up of patients with treated pulmonary tuberculosis

Marshall, L. R.; Campbel, A. L.; Anderson, J. C.; Davey, M. G., 1976: Routine freezing of red blood cells for transfusion in western australia

Eglin R.P., 1987: Routine full blood counts as indicators of acute viral infections

Castellino, R. A.; Filly, R.; Blank, N., 1976: Routine full lung tomography in the initial staging and treatment planning of patients with hodgkins disease and non hodgkins lymphoma

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357733

Holub, W. R., 1971: Routine gas liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous assay of major urinary 17 keto steroids and pregnanediol and pregnanetriol

Sundaram, P. V.; Blumenberg, B.; Hinsch, W., 1979: Routine glucose determination in serum by use of an immobilized glucose dehydrogenase ec nylon tube reactor

Mark C., 1983: Routine growth and differentiation of primary retino blastoma cells in culture

Sweeney P.J., 1984: Routine gynecological clinic in northern ghana

Mcgeown M.G., 1987: Routine gynecological screening of patients with kidney transplants

Huggins, T. R.; Watson, J. E. Jr, 1984: Routine hand doses vs. monitoring regulations at a nuclear power plant

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357740

Kirz D.S., 1987: Routine hepatitis screening in adolescent pregnancies is it cost effective

Kreuzig F., 1983: Routine high performance thin layer chromatography in industrial analysis process control of fermentations

Ross L.S., 1981: Routine hormonal screening of infertile men is it worthwhile?

Aberg A., 1987: Routine hospital care does not improve prognosis in twin gestation

Taylor R.W., 1986: Routine hysteroscopy for patients with a high risk of uterine malignancy

Wiswedel K., 1987: Routine hysteroscopy in infertility?

Faure J., 1979: Routine identification and determination of 11 barbiturates in biological samples

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357748

Janossy G., 1983: Routine immuno fluorescent and histochemical analysis of bone marrow involvement of lymphoma leukemia the use of cryostat sections

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357750

Averette H.E., 1981: Routine intensive care for pelvic exenterative operations

Lewis, P. J.; Bulpitt, C. J.; Sherwood, T.; Dollery, C. T., 1976: Routine intra venous urography in the investigation of hypertension

Webb W.R., 1986: Routine intraoperative cholangiogram

Jones R., 1988: Routine intraoperative facial nerve monitoring during otologic surgery

Reda E., 1987: Routine intraoperative post ligation venography in the treatment of the pediatric varicocele

Welch W., 1985: Routine investigation of etiology of primary deep vein thrombosis

Archer E.Y., 1987: Routine investigations in first febrile seizures

Du Toit J.P., 1980: Routine investigations in the clinical staging of invasive carcinoma of the cervix a critical evaluation

Ongerboer De Visser B.W., 1988: Routine investigations of the csf with special reference to meningeal malignancy and infectious meningitis

Mclaren K.G., 1981: Routine kilogray dosimetry with di chromate solutions

Wilkinson, P. J.; Ball, A. J.; Doran, J.; Gillespie, W. A.; Orton, V. S., 1977: Routine laboratory assessment of post operative chest infection a prospective study

Church, J. A.; Richards, W., 1978: Routine laboratory determinations in pediatric allergic disease

Atherden S.M., 1979: Routine laboratory investigation of urinary catecholamine metabolites in sick children

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357764

Rubens, R.; Comhaire, F.; Van-Egmond, J., 1975: Routine laboratory tests and the evaluation of the function of the thyroid gland in thyro toxicosis an ordinator assisted study on a belgian population

Johansson B., 1981: Routine laboratory tests in relation to spleen size and tumor involvement in untreated hodgkins disease

Suurs L.C.J.M., 1987: Routine large scale electrophoresis for plant breeding an example with f1 seeds of brussels sprouts brassica oleracea var gemmifera

Erlanger B.F., 1983: Routine large scale production of mono clonal antibodies in a protein free culture medium

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357769

Rauramo L., 1983: Routine mass screening for cervical cancer in unselected teenagers reveals cervical atypias and infections

Walter, D. S.; Dettmar, P. W.; Taylor, K.; Shilcock, G. M.; Cowan, A., 1978: Routine measurement of homo vanillic acid in rat brain by gas liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357772

Maurin N., 1986: Routine measurement of thromboxane b 2 and the prostacyclin metabolite 6 ketoprostaglandin f 1 alpha in plasma

Nes P., 1979: Routine measurement of total sulfur in biological material

Ando, A.; Nigi, H.; Tanaka, T.; Ohsawa, N., 1976: Routine measurement of urinary total estrogens of the female japanese monkey as an index for estimating the time of ovulation

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357776

Doroshov S.I., 1987: Routine metabolism of the white sturgeon acipenser transmontanus effect of population density and hypoxia

Ivanov, E.; Tsanev, R., 1976: Routine method for determination of delta amino levulinic acid in urine of workers exposed to lead

Wagner K., 1980: Routine method for identification of wheat varieties by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357781

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357782

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357783

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357784

Sevelsted E., 1987: Routine microscopic examination and culture of urine benefits and clinical consequences

Campbell D.J., 1984: Routine microscopic examination of the urine sediment should we continue

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357787

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357788

Murphy, D.; West, H. F., 1968: Routine multipurpose inst gas chromatographic assay for urinary cortico steroids human

Loy F.K., 1979: Routine new born clinical screening and 6 week infant post natal clinical screening in alexandra hospital singapore

Marol C., 1982: Routine nitrogen 15 analysis on small samples by emission spectrometry

Anderson, B.; Marchant, D. J.; Munzenrider, J. E.; Moore, J. P.; Mitchell, G. W-Jr, 1976: Routine noninvasive hysterography in the evaluation and treatment of endometrial carcinoma

Carter, H. G., 1978: Routine office use of the 60 centimeter flexible fiber optic colonoscope

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357794

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357795

Harford F.J.Jr, 1985: Routine operative cholangiography

Loughry C.W., 1980: Routine operative cholangiography with cholecystectomy

Hallenberg G., 1987: Routine or selective ultrasound examinations in early pregnancy

Pearson J.O., 1980: Routine out patient short course chemo therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis a radiographic presentation

Mackenzie I.Z., 1985: Routine outpatient diagnostic uterine curettage using a flexible plastic aspiration curette

Lebouton A.V., 1982: Routine over night starvation and immuno cytochemistry of hepatocyte albumin content

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357802

Marais, J. F. K., 1978: Routine oxygen consumption of mugil cephalus liza dumerili and liza richardsoni at different temperatures and salinities

Maddox P.H., 1987: Routine papillomavirus antigen staining of cervical punch biopsy specimens

Mikhail, E. H.; Briner, G. P., 1978: Routine particle size analysis of soils using sodium hypo chlorite and ultrasonic dispersion

Schwab C.W., 1988: Routine pelvic radiography in severe blunt trauma is it necessary

Patil, U. M., 1977: Routine pharmacological screening of boerhaavia diffusa punarnava

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357808

Polesky H.F., 1982: Routine phenotyping of phospho gluco mutase by thin layer focusing iso electric points of 14 different variants

Walmsley R.N., 1986: Routine plasma magnesium estimation a useful test?

Vessey M.P., 1988: Routine practice in the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the stomach a survey of tumors diagnosed in the portsmouth and oxford england uk health districts 1979 1980

Gobien B.S., 1984: Routine pre operative biliary drainage effect on management of obstructive jaundice

Ogunseyinde A.O., 1988: Routine pre operative chest radiographs in non cardiopulmonary surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357814

Hughey M.J., 1986: Routine prenatal and gynecologic care in prepaid group practice

Peters R.W., 1985: Routine preoperative exercise testing in patients undergoing major noncardiac surgery

Anderson J., 1988: Routine preoperative ultrasonography and cesarean section

Pasteyer J., 1985: Routine preoperative venography for patients undergoing delayed surgery for limb trauma

Mackenzie M.L., 1981: Routine preparation of seminal fluid specimens for transmission electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357820

Fevrier A., 1984: Routine preparative high performance liquid chromatography of aromatic silyl compounds on caffeine coated on silica gel

Anderson B., 1987: Routine pretreatment evaluation of patients with gynecologic cancer

Bargeron L.M.Jr, 1979: Routine primary repair vs 2 stage repair of tetralogy of fallot

Mogensen, C.; Tos, M., 1976: Routine procedure for determining goblet cell density in the mucosa of the respiratory tract

Macdonald R.M., 1981: Routine production of axenic vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357827

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357828

Forell B.W., 1985: Routine quality control of iridium 192 sources results of 46 months of surveillance

Watson J.R., 1981: Routine quality evaluation of benzodiazepine drugs to usp national formulary specifications

Bradley J., 1985: Routine quantification of rheumatoid factor by rate nephelometry

Huebinger E., 1982: Routine quantitative gas chromatographic analysis of pesticides for quality and production control using capillary columns and on column syringe sampling

Nitter Hauge S., 1982: Routine radio nuclide techniques in evaluation of patients with suspected coronary heart disease

Wallace R.J., 1979: Routine radiographic screening of the chest in pregnant women is it indicated?

Midwinter A., 1982: Routine real time scanning at the 1st hospital visit

Ritter P.J., 1980: Routine real time ultrasound in a low risk obstetric population

Taddeo M., 1988: Routine reduction of pulse generator voltage

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357839

Gitlow S.E., 1979: Routine reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic measurement of urinary vanillyl mandelic acid in patients with neural crest tumors

Shragg P., 1988: Routine screening for gestational diabetes in white black and mexican american teenagers

Schoen, R.; Thalhammer, O., 1976: Routine screening for inborn errors using urine filter paper specimens at age 4 5 weeks

Varghese M.N., 1981: Routine screening of hospital blood samples for syphilis a pilot study in mount isa queensland australia

Lundsgaard, T., 1976: Routine seed health testing for barley stripe mosaic virus in barley seeds using the latex test

Satta G., 1979: Routine separation of staphylococci from micrococci based on bacteriolytic activity production

Pedersen N.S., 1980: Routine serological examination of blood for syphilis in patients in neuro medical departments

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357847

Plotnick G.D., 1983: Routine serum enzyme tests in the diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction cost effectiveness

Nealis, J. G. T.; Mcfadden, S. W.; Asnes, R. A.; Ouellette, E. M., 1977: Routine skull roentgenograms in the management of simple febrile seizures

Southall, D. R.; Sly, J. M. A., 1976: Routine spraying of potatoes to control aphids and potato blight during 1969 1973

Gormley B.M., 1982: Routine stains on osmicated resin embedded hepatic tissue

Wynchank S., 1984: Routine studies of swallowed radio nuclide transit in pediatrics experience with 400 patients

Clarke, A. J.; Spurr, G., 1976: Routine sulfur di oxide surveys around large modern power stations part 1 summary paper

Jarman, R. T.; De-Turville, C. M., 1976: Routine sulfur di oxide surveys around large modern power stations part 2 fawley and pembroke wales

Powell, A. W.; Tatchell, P. A., 1976: Routine sulfur di oxide surveys around large modern power stations part 3 kingsnorth england

Barber, F. R.; Martin, A., 1976: Routine sulfur di oxide surveys around large modern power stations part 4 ratcliffe on soar england

Dolman, D. L.; Owens, P. M., 1976: Routine sulfur di oxide surveys around large modern power stations part 5 eggborough england

Dale, F. W., 1976: Routine sulfur di oxide surveys around large modern power stations part 6 fiddlers ferry england

Beven E.G., 1982: Routine surgical management of brachial artery occlusion after cardiac catheterization

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357860

Shamer D.K., 1987: Routine surveillance for infections in nursing homes experience at two facilities

Pate B.D., 1987: Routine synthesis of carbon 11 carboxyl labeled l dopa

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357863

Pate B.D., 1986: Routine synthesis of fluorine 18 6 fluorodopa with fluorine 18 acetyl hypofluorite

Burnand M B., 1987: Routine teratogenicity test that uses chick embryos in vitro

Elischerova K., 1982: Routine test for in vitro differentiation of pathogenic and apathogenic listeria monocytogenes strains

Mogot, M. F. K.; Koops, J.; Neeter, R.; Slangen, K. J.; Van-Hemert, H.; Kooyman, O.; Wooldrik, H., 1982: Routine testing of farm tank milk with the milko scan 203 1. calibration procedure and small scale experiments

Kerkhof-Mogot, M. F.; Koops, J.; Neeter, R.; Slangen, K. J.; Van-Hemert, H.; Kooyman, O.; Wooldrik, H., 1982: Routine testing of farm tank milk with the milko scan 203 2. fat and protein contents of individual supplies compared with those obtained by gerber fat and dye binding protein annual yields in fat and protein and computer calculations on frequency of testing needed

Koops, J.; Olieman, C., 1985: Routine testing of farm tank milk with the milko scan 203 3. comparative evaluation of polarimetry high performance liquid chromatography enzymatic assay and reductometry for the determination of lactose calibration for ir analysis of lactose calculation of total solids from ir measurements

Moldan A.G.S., 1986: Routine toxicity testing of toxicants using a sea urchin parechinus angulosus gamete bioassay

Seyer Hansen K., 1981: Routine trans tracheal aspiration in the bacteriological diagnosis of pulmonary infections

Hughey M.J., 1984: Routine ultrasound for detection and management of the small for gestational age fetus

Olive D.L., 1985: Routine ultrasound scanning for the detection and management of twin pregnancies

Wetrich D.W., 1982: Routine ultrasound scanning in mid pregnancy

Campbell S., 1986: Routine ultrasound screening for antenatal detection of intrauterine growth retardation

Kivinen S., 1988: Routine ultrasound screening for early detection of small for gestational age fetuses

Cooper D.J., 1985: Routine ultrasound screening for the prediction of gestational age

Section 7, Chapter 6358, Accession 006357878

Mathisen P.M., 1985: Routine urinalysis can a test strip screen eliminate microscopy as a routine procedure?

Aviram A., 1987: Routine urinalysis dipstick findings in mass screening of healthy adults

North, M. L.; Dominski, J.; Laustriat, D., 1986: Routine usage of commercial kits for the screening of anti lymphadenopathy associated virus human t cell leukemia virus type iii antibodies

Costello, C. E.; Hertz, H. S.; Sakai, T.; Biemann, K., 1974: Routine use of a flexible gas chromatograph mass spectrometer computer system to identify drugs and their metabolites in body fluids of over dose victims

Wenglar M., 1983: Routine use of bactec 16b bottles to remove anti bacterial and anti tumor agents from blood cultures of cancer patients

Freeman, R.; Hambling, M. H., 1978: Routine use of counter immuno electrophoresis test for detecting antibody to hepatitis b virus core antigen

Sjogren I., 1986: Routine use of counterimmunoelectrophoresis for the detection of pneumococcal antigen in sputum

Sprenger, E.; Sandritter, W.; Naujoks, H.; Hilgarth, M.; Wagner, D.; Vogt-Schaden, M., 1977: Routine use of flow through photometric pre screening in the detection of cervical carcinoma

Lee J.R., 1982: Routine use of hyoscine n butyl bromide buscopan in double contrast barium enema examinations

Bell E.J., 1986: Routine use of mu antibody capture elisa for the serological diagnosis of coxsackievirus b infections

Fossum K., 1986: Routine use of standardized mixtures for total parenteral nutrition in hospital

Wilson, M. R.; Fontana, M. E.; Wooley, C. F., 1975: Routine use of the hydrogen platinum electrode system in shunt detection

Middleton R.G., 1980: Routine use of the psoas hitch in ureteral re implantation

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