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Routine testing of farm tank milk with the milko scan 203 2. fat and protein contents of individual supplies compared with those obtained by gerber fat and dye binding protein annual yields in fat and protein and computer calculations on frequency of testing needed

Kerkhof-Mogot, M.F.; Koops, J.; Neeter, R.; Slangen, K.J.; Van-Hemert, H.; Kooyman, O.; Wooldrik, H.

Netherlands Milk and Dairy Journal 36(3): 195-210


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-209X
Accession: 006357868

The routine testing of the fat and protein content MScFP) of more than 5000 individual tank [cow] milk supplies was studied. A statistical evaluation of the data is given. A comparison was made between these data and the values obtained by the Gerber (G)and the dye-binding (DbP) method. The estimated pooled SD of the (MScF-G) and (MScP-DbP) differences amounted to 0.047 and 0.032, respectively. A seasonal effect on s(MScF-G) could be established. Frequency distributions of the (MScF-G) and (MScP-DbP) differences are given. Selected suppliers were followed over a period of one year to establish if more or less regularly occurring (MScF-G) differences of .gtoreq. .+-. 0.1% had any effect on milk payment. Computer calculations were carried out to establish the frequency of testing needed.

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