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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6359

Chapter 6359 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358000

Moore F.B., 1979: Rubber solvent a clastogenic agent that fails to induce sister chromatid exchanges

Van Raij B., 1987: Rubber tree development of soils of the state of sao paulo brazil

Tosi, L.; Zazzerini, A., 1986: Rubbery rot of potato caused by oospora lactis fres. sacc

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Kubota S., 1985: Rubbing behaviors in some aphids

Gaspar T., 1980: Rubbing young internodes of bryonia dioica plants and lithium pre treatment induced changes in peroxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358008

Schimansky L.S., 1987: Rubella a case for immunizing male adolescents

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358010

Husson Van Vliet J., 1987: Rubella and measles antibodies in early pregnancy at delivery and in cord blood a comparison

Zapata M.T., 1984: Rubella and pregnancy serologic control in determining risks and damages

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Gerna, G.; Chambers, R. W., 1976: Rubella antibody assay by the immuno peroxidase technique comparison with the hem agglutination inhibition test for determination of immune status

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358019

Rosenberg R., 1979: Rubella antibody in a sample of foggia italy population

Raya J.M., 1979: Rubella antibody levels and evaluation of immunity conferred by vaccination in tucuman argentina

Millian, S. J.; Kogon, A.; Klein, S., 1971: Rubella antibody levels in commercial gamma globulin preparations

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Chakrabarty, M. S.; Das, B. C.; Gupta, B.; Sarkar, J. K., 1975: Rubella as an etiological factor of congenital malformation in calcutta india a serological study

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358029

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358030

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358031

Nuruddin N.M., 1980: Rubella cases mistaken for dengue fever

Karkinen-Jaaskelainen, M.; Saxen, L.; Vaheri, A.; Leinikki, P., 1975: Rubella cataract in vitro sensitive period of the developing human lens

Cerutti, R., 1974: Rubella during pregnancy

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Anderson M.J., 1986: Rubella epidemiology in southeast england uk

Millian S.J., 1981: Rubella exposure in an obstetric clinic

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Gerna G., 1987: Rubella igm antibody determination comparison of two indirect and two capture commercial enzyme immunoassays

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Rocchi G., 1981: Rubella immunity among unvaccinated young women

Banatvala J.E., 1980: Rubella immunity by 4 different techniques results of challenge studies

Dupuy H.J., 1980: Rubella immunity comparison of hem agglutination inhibition and radio immunoassay antibody methods

Reid J.J., 1987: Rubella immunity in 14 18 year old females assessment in a city practice

Cherry J.D., 1982: Rubella immunity in older children teenagers and young adults a comparison of immunity in those previously immunized with those unimmunized

Heimann M., 1985: Rubella immunity measured by hemagglutination inhibition and elisa

Grillner L., 1980: Rubella immunity testing by mixed hem adsorption

Hodes D.T., 1988: Rubella immunization for girls over 14 years

Poole E.S., 1983: Rubella immunization history as a guide to immunity

Rafnar B., 1982: Rubella immunization of teenage girls in iceland and follow up after a severe rubella epidemic

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Leerhoy J., 1981: Rubella immuno globulin g antibody detection by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay using capillary blood samples collected on filter paper and in microtainer tubes

Mansa B., 1980: Rubella immuno globulin m antibodies in sera from infants born after maternal rubella later than the 12th week of pregnancy

Fannin S.L., 1984: Rubella in hospital employees

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Bart S.W., 1987: Rubella in the workplace the need for employee immunization

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Menser, M. A.; Forrest, J. M.; Bransby, R. D., 1978: Rubella infection and diabetes mellitus

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Gurses N., 1987: Rubella infection in low birth weight infants

Flugsrud L.B., 1982: Rubella infection in pregnancy symptoms virologic diagnosis treatment and prophylaxis

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358070

Saito K., 1985: Rubella infections of the school teachers in sapporo japan municipal schools after their employment

Yassur Y., 1980: Rubella maculopathy

Balfour, H. H-Jr ; Amren, D. P., 1978: Rubella measles and mumps antibodies following vaccination of children a potential rubella problem

Zardi, O., 1978: Rubella measles and mumps epidemiology and prophylaxis

Bitzan M., 1987: Rubella myelitis and encephalitis in childhood a report of two cases with magnetic resonance imaging

Cherry J.D., 1981: Rubella outbreak among hospital employees

Weinstein W.M., 1982: Rubella outbreak in a pre natal clinic management and prevention

Thongcharoen P., 1985: Rubella outbreak in thailand 1983 1984 a study at siriraj hospital

Svandova E., 1979: Rubella problems in czechoslovakia

Deutman, A. F.; Grizzard, W. S., 1978: Rubella retinopathy and subretinal neo vascularization

Tyler M.E., 1982: Rubella retinopathy and subretinal neo vascularization

Edmond E., 1982: Rubella screening and immunization of school girls results 6 to 7 years after vaccination

Kohl H.W.IIi, 1985: Rubella screening and vaccination follow up by a hospital employee health office

Ball R.J., 1982: Rubella screening and vaccination program for usa air force trainees an analysis of findings

Niehaus C., 1980: Rubella screening using the hemolysis in gel test from dried new born blood on filter paper

Brough J.W., 1979: Rubella sero conversion following immunization in a rural practice

Chiesa C., 1981: Rubella sero epidemiology and vaccination over a 10 year period in central italy

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Malic A., 1981: Rubella specific immuno globulin m detected by an antibody capture assay enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay technique

Bricout F., 1982: Rubella specific immuno globulin m detection by immuno sorbent assay comparison of 3 sera pre treatments

Pattison J.R., 1980: Rubella specific immuno globulin m detection using sephacryl s 300 gel filtration

Mace J.E., 1983: Rubella specific immuno globulin m reactivity in sera from cases of infectious mononucleosis

Banatvala J.E., 1980: Rubella specific serum and naso pharyngeal antibodies in volunteers with naturally acquired and vaccine induced immunity after intra nasal challenge

Kelsey D.S., 1980: Rubella susceptibility in 6th graders effectiveness of current immunization practice

Zager T.D., 1984: Rubella susceptibility in an adolescent female population

Chatton T.B., 1982: Rubella susceptibility in inner city adolescents the effect of a school immunization law

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Nakazono, N., 1984: Rubella vaccination in adult females 2. hormonal influence on clinical reactions

Dudgeon J.A., 1982: Rubella vaccination persistence of antibodies for up to 16 years

Thomssen, R., 1976: Rubella vaccination with cendehill and ra 27 3 re infection of vaccinated and naturally immune persons compared with the infection rate of susceptible persons within a 3 or 5 year observation period

Bryett K.A., 1986: Rubella vaccine how reactogenic is it

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Cent-Dis-Control-(Usa), 1978: Rubella vaccine recommendation of the public health service advisory committee on immunization practices

Banatvala J.E., 1981: Rubella viremia and antibody responses after rubella vaccination and re immunization

Cohen A., 1982: Rubella virion poly peptides characterization by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis iso electric focusing and peptide mapping

Payment P., 1981: Rubella virosomes preparation and ultrastructure

Pettersson R.F., 1984: Rubella virus 40s genome rna specifies a 24s subgenomic messenger rna that codes for a precursor to structural proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358116

Dorsett P.H., 1986: Rubella virus antigens localization of epitopes involved in hemagglutination and neutralization by using monoclonal antibodies

Liu T Y., 1986: Rubella virus complementary dna sequence and expression of e 1 envelope protein

Petterson R.F., 1983: Rubella virus contains 1 capsid protein and 3 envelope glyco proteins e 1 e 2a and e 2b

Barcelona S., 1980: Rubella virus effects on rat peritoneal eosinophils

Silva Leon C., 1980: Rubella virus effects on the immunological humoral response in rats

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Negro-Ponzi, A.; Pugliese, A.; Pertusio, P., 1978: Rubella virus hem agglutination with human and animal erythrocytes effect of age and trypsinization

Cohen A., 1985: Rubella virus hemagglutinin association with a single virion glycoprotein

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Pryanichnikova L.V., 1981: Rubella virus induced chronic infection of a human continuous cell line

Gautheron D., 1979: Rubella virus maturation and production in 2 host cell systems

Liu T Y., 1988: Rubella virus replication effect of interferons and actinomycin d

Londesborough P., 1985: Rubella virus rna effect of high multiplicity passage

Shortridge, K. F., 1977: Rubella virus serology detection of residual lipo protein inhibitors of hem agglutination using sensitive indicator arboviruses

Westaway E.G., 1984: Rubella virus structural and nonstructural proteins

Bergstrom T.J., 1981: Rubeola keratitis

Tomaszewska H., 1981: Rubeola the possibilities of prophylaxis in adolescent girls

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358135

Hatami, R.; Hashimoto, T.; Mizuno, K., 1986: Rubeosis iridis after vitrectomy 1. retinal detachment

Smith R.J.H., 1981: Rubeotic glaucoma

Wachter B., 1981: Rubescens lysin and phallo lysin release marker molecules from phospho lipid cholesterol liposomes

Goedde M., 1985: Rubetum armeniaci new association a ruderal shrub society in cities

Sevenet T., 1987: Rubiaceae from oceania alkaloids from psychotria oleoides from new caledonia and calycodendron milnei from vanuatu new hebrides

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358142

Mccredie K., 1981: Rubidazone in adults with previously treated acute leukemia and blast cell phase of chronic myelocytic leukemia a southwest usa oncology group study

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358144

Blumenschein G.R., 1979: Rubidazone in metastatic breast cancer

Falletta J., 1986: Rubidazone in the treatment of recurrent acute leukemia in children a pediatric oncology group study

Alberts, D. S.; Van-Daalen-Wetters, T., 1976: Rubidazone vs adriamycin an evaluation of their differential toxicity in the spleen colony assay system

Yano, Y.; Chu, P.; Budinger, T. F.; Grant, P. M.; Ogard, A. E.; Barnes, J. W.; O'brien, H. A. Jr ; Hoop, B. Jr, 1977: Rubidium 82 generators for imaging studies

Goldstein R.A., 1986: Rubidium 82 kinetics after coronary occlusion temporal relation of net myocardial accumulation and viability in open chested dogs

Selwyn A.P., 1987: Rubidium 82 myocardial uptake and extraction after transient ischemia pet characteristics

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358151

Maraini G., 1985: Rubidium 86 efflux in normal and cataractous human lenses

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358153

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358154

Sinensky M., 1979: Rubidium 86 ion fluxes in chinese hamster ovary cells as a function of membrane cholesterol content

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358156

Bauer F.K., 1981: Rubidium 86 uptake by red blood cells of breast cancer patients

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358158

Battaner E., 1985: Rubidium and sodium transport across erythrocyte membrane alterations due to a circulating factor

Shepard, M.; Waddill, V. H., 1976: Rubidium as a marker for mexican bean beetles epilachna varivestis coleoptera coccinellidae

Wood B.W., 1984: Rubidium as a marking agent for the hickory shuckworm cydia caryana lepidoptera tortricidae

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358163

Tyler G., 1983: Rubidium availability and plant uptake in natural soils

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358165

Rodgers, P. S.; Goaman, L. C. G., 1976: Rubidium d 1 2 di hydro naphtho 2 1 b furan 2 carboxylate a substrate analog of chymotrypsin

Jungk A., 1981: Rubidium depletion of the soil root interface by maize plants

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358168

Miyamoto H., 1984: Rubidium influx in response to changes in energy generation effect of the regulation of the atp content of hela cells

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358170

Alayoff A., 1983: Rubidium influxes differentiate between growth arrest of cells by different agents

Hutchison D., 1984: Rubidium marking of the rice pests nilaparvata lugens and sogatella furcifera hemiptera delphacidae for field dispersal studies

Chiang H.C., 1984: Rubidium marking technique for the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae in corn

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358174

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358175

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358176

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358177

Hall J.L., 1980: Rubidium transport in membrane vesicles from the halophyte suaeda maritima

Rodriguez Navarro A., 1985: Rubidium transport in neurospora crassa

Sigler K., 1985: Rubidium transport in x irradiated human erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358181

Reinhold L., 1983: Rubidium uptake by isolated pea pisum sativum cultivar dan mesophyll protoplasts in light and darkness

Taljedal I B., 1986: Rubidium uptake by mouse pancreatic islets exposed to 6 hydroxydopamine ninhydrin or other generators of hydroxyl radicals

Lee P., 1984: Rubidium uptake in single cells

Bresson, L. M., 1976: Rubification under wet temperate climate

Antoulas S., 1984: Rubinic acid a triterpene acid from rubus fruticosus

Scheer H., 1982: Rubins and rubinoid addition products from phycocyanin

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358189

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358190

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358191

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358192

Portis A.R.Jr, 1987: Rubisco activase mediates atp dependent activation of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase

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Hayes A.W., 1988: Rubratoxin b mycotoxicosis in the swiss icr mouse

Hayes A.W., 1987: Rubratoxin b mycotoxicosis in the syrian hamster

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358209

Legall J., 1987: Rubredoxin from desulfovibrio gigas a molecular model of the oxidized form at 1 4 angstrom resolution

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Surcel V.I., 1984: Rucker post partum perineorrhaphy procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358233

Seledets V.P., 1980: Rudbeckia hirta asteraceae on reineke island primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

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Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358259

Nakhosteen J.A., 1985: Rudimentary cilia in hyperplastic metaplastic and neoplastic cells of the lung and pleura

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358261

Wakley G., 1987: Rudimentary flagella in sporangiospores of achlya

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Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358264

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358265

Bernhard H.P., 1979: Rudimentary mutants of drosophila melanogaster isolation and characterization of pyrimidine auxotrophic cell lines

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Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358272

Wilson R.S., 1985: Rudiments of infant temperament newborn to 9 months

Philip J., 1988: Rudist coral frameworks associated with submarine volcanism in the maastrichtian of the pachino area sicily

Velitzelos E., 1983: Rudists from the upper cretaceous of agios christophoros eastern ptolemais macedonia greece

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358276

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358277

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Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358297

Beveridge, I.; Presidente, P. J. A., 1978: Rugopharynx rosemariae new species nematoda pharyngostrongylidae from gray kangaroos macropus giganteus and macropus fuliginosus with life cycle stages and associated pathology

Section 7, Chapter 6359, Accession 006358299

Wrzolek T., 1981: Rugose coral cyathophyllum diffusum new species from the frasnian deposits of the holy cross mountains poland

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