Ruderal vegetation of the northern danube river low plain 2. communities of the dauco melilotion alliance in ruderal habitats

Mucina, L.

Folia Geobotanica and Phytotaxonomica 16(4): 347-390


Accession: 006358257

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The phytosociologial treatment of the alliance Dauco-Melilotion Gors 1966 on ruderal and semiruderal sites as well in the northwestern part of Podunajska Lowlands follows that of the alliance Onopordion acanthii Br-Bl. 1926. (cf. Mucina 1981). General characteristics (synmorphological, syntaxonomical, synecological, syndynamical and synchorological) of the associations Melilotetum albae-officinalis, Berteroetum incanae, Dauco-Picridetum, Dauco-Crepidetum rhoeadifoliae and the Erigeron annuus-community are presented. Most of the vegetation tyeps treated here and in the range of subassociatioins and variants as well as new ones. This is the case for Dauco-Picridetum typicum (with Atriplex acuminata), Dauco-Picridetum crepidetosum biennidis, Berteroelum incanae with Salvia nemorosa. Soil analyses are added.