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Ruderal vegetation of the northern port of the danube river lowland europe 3. associations of the alliance dauco melilotion in natural habitats

Mucina, L.

Folia Geobotanica and Phytotaxonomica 17(1): 21-47


Accession: 006358258

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From the northwestern part of Podunajska nizina Lowlands there is described a group of communities of the alliance Dauco-Melilotion, which meets Echio-Verbascetum Sassingh 1950, Epilobio dodonaei-Melilotetum albae Slavik, 1978 and Erysimo-Galeopsietum angustifoliae Mucina 1982. These communities are closely related synecologically as are their floristic composition and syndynamics. They form a typical zonation system on gravel banks of the river Vah. The description of the community of Lactuca viminea and Artemisia campestris is added. This community is found on semiruderal sites (ruderalized slope-foots of the Male Karpaty Mts.). Xerothermic species participate in the floristic composition of this community.

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