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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6361

Chapter 6361 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360000

Wachholz W., 1985: Safety concept of future nuclear power plants htr 500 and htr 100

Clinger R.C., 1980: Safety considerations in handling activated carbon

Kaufman L., 1982: Safety considerations in handling exo antigen extracts from pathogenic fungi

Liddicoat M.I., 1987: Safety considerations regarding the use of propane and other liquefied gases as coolants for rapid freezing purposes

Sharma R.K., 1982: Safety criteria of noise exposure

Sholpo L.N., 1982: Safety criterion in the pilots head protection against impact

O'connor E., 1982: Safety devices for neo natal intensive care

Blenkharn J.I., 1988: Safety devices to prevent airborne infection from clinical suction apparatus

Mccarthy P.L., 1987: Safety education in a pediatric primary care setting

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360010

Singh A., 1987: Safety evaluation of a barrier cream

Ninagawa Y., 1988: Safety evaluation of a hair regrowth tonic containing swertia extract

Ballester, D.; Yanez, E.; Brunser, O.; Stekel, A.; Chadud, P.; Castano, G.; Monckeberg, F., 1977: Safety evaluation of an enzymatic fish protein hydrolysate 10 month feeding study and reproduction performance in rats

Khor, G. L.; Alexander, J. C.; Lumsden, J. H.; Losos, G. J., 1977: Safety evaluation of aspergillus fumigatus grown on cassava for use as an animal feed

Defaller J.M., 1981: Safety evaluation of bss plus in pediatric intra ocular surgery

Gupta, P. K., 1978: Safety evaluation of chemicals current trends

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360018

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360019

Seth P.K., 1984: Safety evaluation of commonly used plastic materials in india

Nomura M., 1980: Safety evaluation of de 020 eye drops eye irritation test and subacute toxicity test in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360022

Livneh M., 1985: Safety evaluation of flashing amber operation at signalized intersections

Davis F.F., 1986: Safety evaluation of free radical scavengers peg catalase and peg superoxide dismutase

Boguslawski G., 1984: Safety evaluation of glucose isomerase derived from flavobacterium arborescens and used in production of high fructose corn syrup

Soule G., 1982: Safety evaluation of gums and thickeners used in cosmetic formulations

Everett D.J., 1988: Safety evaluation of lipase from mucor miehei for inter esterification of edible oils and fats

Guess, W. L., 1978: Safety evaluation of medical plastics

Kintaka Y., 1983: Safety evaluation of new products of hypo allergenic cosmetics clinica

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360031

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360032

Larsen W.G., 1984: Safety evaluation of perfumed shampoos dose response relationships for product use testing by presensitized subjects

Hayakawa R., 1985: Safety evaluation of pranoprofen gel

Hayakawa R., 1988: Safety evaluation of s 7990

Guyot J.Y., 1982: Safety evaluation of some humectants and moisturizers used in cosmetic formulations

Et Al, 1987: Safety evaluation of streptomyces murinus glucose isomerase

Ballester, D. R.; Brunser, O.; Saitua, M. T.; Egana, J. I.; Yanez, E. O.; Owen, D. F., 1984: Safety evaluation of sweet lupine lupinus albus cultivar multolupa 2. 9 month feeding and multi generation study in rats

Matsunaga K., 1985: Safety evaluation of th 188 cream

Noda T., 1982: Safety evaluation of the estimated daily intake of food additives

Matsunaga K., 1987: Safety evaluation of tokuderm by closed patch testing

Van Abbe N.J., 1979: Safety evaluation of toothpaste containing chloroform part 1 long term studies in mice

Van Abbe N.J., 1979: Safety evaluation of toothpaste containing chloroform part 2 long term studies in rats

Van Abbe N.J., 1979: Safety evaluation of toothpaste containing chloroform part 3 long term study in beagle dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360045

Gross R., 1987: Safety evaluation of water debittered andean lupines lupinus mutabilis 12 week rat feeding study

De-Groot, A. P.; Til, H. P.; Feron, V. J., 1970: Safety evaluation of yeast grown on hydro carbons part 1 1 year feeding study in rats with yeast grown on gas oil

Briziarelli, G.; Abrutyn, D.; Tornaben, J. A.; Schwartz, E., 1976: Safety evaluation studies on oxisuran a differential inhibitor of cell mediated hyper sensitivity

Sidorov, K. K., 1975: Safety factor at different stages of development of studies of safe levels of occupational poisons

Lowell R.B., 1987: Safety factors of tropical versus temperate limpet shells multiple selection pressures on a single structure

Cryz S., 1988: Safety immunogenicity and efficacy of recombinant live oral cholera vaccines cvd 103 and cvd 103 hgr

Szternfeld Z., 1986: Safety improvements and driver perception

Barber V.C., 1984: Safety in the scanning electron microscopy laboratory 1984 update

Halpin M.E., 1986: Safety indices associated with the use of contingent restraint procedures

Et Al, 1987: Safety infectivity immunogenicity and in vivo stability of two attenuated auxotrophic mutant strains of salmonella typhi 541ty and 543ty as live oral vaccines in humans

Pyatigorskii B.M., 1981: Safety inspection methods in diagnostic x ray rooms

Et Al, 1986: Safety limit of hemodilution in cardiopulmonary bypass in dogs

Reischl, U.; Reischl, P., 1978: Safety limits for a firefighter proximity suit

Thomas J.F.A., 1987: Safety margins for lead in the general population

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360060

Gotoh Y., 1985: Safety measures for medical gas supply system

Lobraico R.V., 1984: Safety measures in gynecological laser surgery

Green L.L., 1981: Safety need resolution and cognitive ability as interwoven antecedents of moral development

Toida S., 1981: Safety of 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl thymine a new anti herpesvirus drug

Min L.H., 1988: Safety of a live attenuated japanese encephalitis virus vaccine sa 14 14 2 for children

Marsboom R., 1988: Safety of a new anticoccidial clazuril during reproduction in carrier pigeons

Zygraich N., 1986: Safety of a temperature sensitive vaccine strain of bovine viral diarrhea virus in pregnant cows

Akhter, H. H.; Flock, M. L.; Rubin, G. L., 1985: Safety of abortion and tubal sterilization performed separately vs. concurrently

Oswald M.J., 1988: Safety of adjunctive transvaginal beam therapy in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Piszkiewicz D., 1987: Safety of an intravenous immunoglobulin preparation lack of seroconversion for human immunodeficiency virus antibodies

Munn N.J., 1986: Safety of and serum antibody response to cold recombinant influenza a and inactivated trivalent influenza virus vaccines in older adults with chronic diseases

Miska R.M., 1981: Safety of anti convulsants in hepatic porphyrias

Goldfinger D., 1983: Safety of autologous blood donation prior to elective surgery for a variety of potentially high risk patients

Toida S., 1981: Safety of bis 4 tert butyl phenyl sodium phosphate mark na 10 on subacute toxicity of rats

Miller, J. D.; Jawad, K.; Jennett, B., 1977: Safety of carotid ligation and its role in the management of intra cranial aneurysms

Maki D.G., 1979: Safety of changing intra venous delivery systems at longer than 24 hour intervals

Binder C., 1982: Safety of continuous sub cutaneous insulin infusion metabolic deterioration and glycemic auto regulation after deliberate cessation of infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360079

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360080

Koh S., 1981: Safety of diagnostic continuous wave ultrasonic irradiation clinical study of serum hemo globin level and scanning electron microscopic findings of maternal and cord blood in vitro

Karliner J.S., 1981: Safety of electrical cardioversion in patients without digitalis toxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360083

Norred W.P., 1979: Safety of feeding afla toxin inactivated corn to white leghorn layer breeders

Crystal R.G., 1981: Safety of fiber optic broncho alveolar lavage in evaluation of interstitial lung disease

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360086

O'neill W.W., 1986: Safety of helicopter transport and out of hospital intravenous fibrinolytic therapy in patients with evolving myocardial infarction

Hasegawa H., 1987: Safety of hemihepatic vascular occlusion during resection of the liver

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360089

Walsh, Bh; Bates, Rp, 1978: Safety of home canning procedures for low acid foods

Cohen, I. M.; Alpert, J. S.; Francis, G. S.; Vieweg, W. V. R.; Hagan, A. D., 1977: Safety of hot and cold liquids in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Bauer H., 1985: Safety of human blood products inactivation of retroviruses by heat treatment at 60 celsius

Rose B.I., 1987: Safety of hyskon for routine gynecologic surgery a case report

Edwards R.L., 1984: Safety of influenza vaccination in adults with asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360095

Newland A.C., 1988: Safety of intravenous immunoglobulin for treatment of auto immune thrombocytopenia

Mitchell R., 1985: Safety of intravenous immunoglobulin treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360098

Kiselev G.F., 1979: Safety of large ammonia producing plants

Mackay, H. T.; Schulz, K. F.; Grimes, D. A., 1985: Safety of local vs. general anesthesia for second trimester dilatation and evacuation abortion

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360101

Hitchcock C.R., 1986: Safety of low anterior resection in the presence of chronic radiation changes in dogs

Birnbaum D.W., 1981: Safety of maintaining intra venous sites for longer than 48 hours

Lown B., 1984: Safety of maximal exercise testing in patients at high risk for ventricular arrhythmia

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360105

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360106

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360107

Machlin L.J., 1988: Safety of oral intake of vitamin e

Stinzing G., 1984: Safety of oral rehydration solutions in noncholera diarrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360110

Mosekilde L., 1987: Safety of osteoporosis treatment with sodium fluoride calcium phosphate and vitamin d

Aube M., 1985: Safety of outpatient angiography a prospective study

Leachman R., 1985: Safety of outpatient cardiac catheterization

Lee S.J.K., 1985: Safety of outpatient cardiac catheterizations

Ito, R.; Toida, S.; Kawamura, H.; Matsuura, S.; Chang, H. S.; Tanihata, T., 1975: Safety of poly sodium silicate subacute per oral toxicity in rats

Ratnam S.S., 1979: Safety of post abortion sterilization compared with interval sterilization

Dejong R., 1987: Safety of pramiracetam

Robertson, J. M.; Vinten-Johansen, J.; Buckberg, G. D.; Rosenkranz, E. R.; Maloney, J. V-Jr, 1984: Safety of prolonged aortic clamping with blood cardioplegia 1. glutamate enrichment in normal hearts

Rosenkranz, E. R.; Okamoto, F.; Buckberg, G. D.; Vinten-Johansen, J.; Robertson, J. M.; Bugyi, H., 1984: Safety of prolonged aortic clamping with blood cardioplegia 2. glutamate enrichment in energy depleted hearts

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360120

Auvil J., 1980: Safety of prolonged ischemic arrest using hypo thermic cardioplegia

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360122

Arnow P.M., 1988: Safety of refrigerated storage of admixed parenteral fluids

Nelson J.K., 1983: Safety of reusing disposable plastic insulin syringes

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360125

Bagshawe K.D., 1988: Safety of surveillance in the management of stage i anaplastic germ cell tumors of the testis

Spence N.D., 1986: Safety of the combination of lithium and neuroleptic drugs

Szabo J., 1987: Safety of the entomopathogen bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis for mammals

Shadduck J.A., 1987: Safety of the entomopathogenic fungus lagenidium giganteum oomycetes lagenidiales to mammals

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360130

Heimpel A.M., 1980: Safety of the potential myco acaricide hirsutella thompsonii to vertebrates

Greenberger, P.; Patterson, R., 1978: Safety of therapy for allergic symptoms during pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360134

Baruzzi A., 1988: Safety of valproate in porphyria cutanea tarda

Atal C.K., 1980: Safety of vasicine hydro chloride in human volunteers

Petricciani, J. C.; Milstien, J. B.; Seifried, A. S.; Wallace, R. E.; Johnson, J. B.; Mccoy, D. W., 1976: Safety of viral vaccine cell substrates a reevaluation

German P., 1987: Safety practices in construction industry

Volodina T.N., 1981: Safety reactogenicity and allergenicity of swine leukocyte interferon in animal experiments and observations of human volunteers

Et Al, 1987: Safety reactogenicity and immunological potency of group a meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine for children aged 1 4 years

Stroup K.B., 1986: Safety seat use for children with hip dislocation

Ursin H., 1985: Safety signals can mimic responses in reducing the ulcerogenic effects of prior shock

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360144

Hennies H H., 1987: Safety systems in pwr power plants and demonstration of their functioning in technical scale experiments ii

Huber J., 1983: Safety test for the control of virus replication of granulosis virus from laspeyresia pomonella in mammals

Groener A., 1981: Safety test for the control of virus replication of nuclear polyhedrosis virus from mamestra brassicae in vertebrates

Khokhlova M.P., 1986: Safety test of the blood substitute polyglusole

Benke, G. M.; Brown, N. M.; Walsh, M. J.; Drotman, R. B., 1977: Safety testing of alkyl poly ethoxylate nonionic surfactants part 1 acute effects

Brown, N. M.; Benke, G. M., 1977: Safety testing of alkyl poly ethoxylate nonionic surfactants part 2 subchronic studies

Opdyke, D. L. J., 1977: Safety testing of fragrances problems and implications

Lamothe P., 1979: Safety tests for the baculovirus of thymelicus lineola lepidoptera hesperiidae

Silva I.J., 1982: Safety tests of vaccines cristal violet and chinese strain against hog cholera in pregnant sows

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360154

Badian, M.; Malerczyk, V.; Collins, J. D.; Dixon, G. T.; Verho, M.; Eckert, H. G., 1988: Safety tolerance and pharmacokinetics of 2.0g cefpirome hr 810 after single and multiple dosing

Ebert H., 1985: Safety training of seamen with a medical emphasis

Mckenzie A.L., 1984: Safety with surgical lasers

Mulders M.S.G., 1981: Saffan induced poikilothermia in cheetah acinonyx jubatus

Ullrich S.E., 1982: Safflower carthamus tinctorius a potential oilseed crop for washington usa

Klisiewicz J.M., 1980: Safflower carthamus tinctorius germ plasm resistant to fusarium wilt fusarium oxysporum f sp carthami

Cluff C.B., 1981: Safflower carthamus tinctorius grown with municipal waste water and pump water

Hoglund S., 1986: Safflower carthamus tinctorius microsomes catalyze oil accumulation in vitro a model system

Siddiqui S.M., 1984: Safflower carthamus tinctorius oilcake as a source of protein for broilers

Thontadarya T.S., 1980: Safflower cultivar reaction to the aphid dactynotus compositae and the differences in biochemical constituents in resistant and susceptible cultivars

Hanamoto M.M., 1979: Safflower protein isolates functional properties in simple systems and breads

Betschart, A. A.; Saunders, R. M., 1978: Safflower protein isolates influence of recovery conditions upon composition yield and protein quality

Noble J.P.A., 1986: Saffordophyllum and evidence for thrusting in the cobbs arm sequence newfoundland canada

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360170

Ikeda, Y.; Matsuki, H.; Ogawa, T.; Munakata, T., 1983: Safracins new anti tumor antibiotics 2. physicochemical properties and chemical structures

Ikeda, Y.; Shimada, Y.; Honjo, K.; Okumoto, T.; Munakata, T., 1983: Safracins new anti tumor antibiotics 3. biological activity

Arai T., 1981: Saframycin s a new saframycin group antibiotic

Abadiafenoll F., 1985: Safranin fast green straining differentiates two kinds of interphase nuclei

Jones W.L., 1981: Safranin o stained antigen micro agglutination test for detection of brucella antibodies

Stockert J.C., 1980: Safranin staining for epon semi thin sections

Zanotti, A.; Azzone, G. F., 1980: Safranine as membrane potential probe in rat liver mitochondria

Kase, H.; Odakura, Y.; Nakayama, K., 1982: Sagamicin and the related amino glycosides fermentation and biosynthesis 1. biosynthetic studies with the blocked mutants of micromonospora sagamiensis

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360179

Jefferies B.E., 1982: Sagarmatha national park nepal the impact of tourism in the himalayas

Braun C.E., 1985: Sage grouse centrocercus urophasianus food selection in winter north park colorado usa

Markham O.D., 1981: Sage grouse centrocerus urophasianus leks on recently disturbed sites

Beck, T. D. I., 1977: Sage grouse flock characteristics and habitat selection in winter

Hafellner J., 1987: Sagenidiopsis new genus of byssoid lichenized fungi

Vobis G., 1979: Sagenidium patagonicum new species a new south american lichen

Davis, C. C., 1977: Sagitta as food for acartia

Andreu P., 1984: Sagitta decipiens chaetognatha in the western mediterranean temperature salinity plankton diagrams

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360188

Levine E., 1980: Sagittal and coronal computed tomographic image reconstruction application in assessing the inferior vena cava in renal cancer

Pugatch R.D., 1982: Sagittal and coronal computed tomography reconstruction of demonstration of subcarinal adenopathy

Quiroz F., 1980: Sagittal and coronal image reconstruction application in pancreatic computed tomography

Falck F., 1983: Sagittal and vertical changes in mandibular retrognathism a tele radiological longitudinal study concerning patients treated with functional regulators and a control group

Chan-Palay, V.; Palay, S. L.; Wu, J. Y., 1982: Sagittal cerebellar micro bands of taurine neurons immuno cytochemical demonstration by using antibodies against the taurine synthesizing enzyme cysteinesulfinic acid decarboxylase ec

Boering G., 1981: Sagittal chin rotation of the prognathic edentulous mandible

Leonardi, M.; Barbina, V.; Fabris, G.; Penco, T., 1977: Sagittal computed tomography of the orbit

Kultas Ilinsky K., 1987: Sagittal cytoarchitectonic maps of the macaca mulatta thalamus with a revised nomenclature of the motor related nuclei validated by observations on their connectivity

Bibby M.M., 1979: Sagittal depth considerations in the selection of the base curve radius of a soft contact lens

Srivastava A., 1982: Sagittal diameter of the cervical canal in normal indian adults

Kock C., 1986: Sagittal diameters of the cervical spinal canal in computer tomography

Drusini A., 1983: Sagittal dimensions of the anterior cranial base maxilla and mandibular body in new born male infants

Nissan M., 1985: Sagittal evaluation of elemental geometrical dimensions of human vertebrae

Rogers L.F., 1982: Sagittal fracture of the cervical vertebral body

Stover S.M., 1987: Sagittal fractures of the third carpal bone in horses 12 cases 1977 1985

Thomson E.R.E., 1985: Sagittal genioplasty a new technique of genioplasty

Nash D.J., 1982: Sagittal growth trends of the development of cleft palate in mice homo zygous for the paddle gene

Garner L.F., 1982: Sagittal height of the anterior eye and contact lens fitting

Hirschfelder H., 1987: Sagittal jaw relation and spinal posture studies on the question of a correlation

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360209

Malsbury C.W., 1982: Sagittal knife cuts in the near and far lateral preoptic area hypothalamus disrupt maternal behavior in female hamsters

Moore E.H., 1985: Sagittal magnetic resonance imaging of the chest normal and abnormal

Taylor J.R., 1983: Sagittal movements of the human lumbar vertebral column a quantitative study of the role of the posterior vertebral elements

Berg R., 1986: Sagittal occlusion a longitudinal study of changes in the period between 6 and 12 years of age

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360214

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360215

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360216

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360217

Granke D.S., 1988: Sagittal orientation of the anterior minor fissure radiography and ct

Friedlander A.A., 1981: Sagittal ostectomy of the mandible for floor of mouth cancer

Plenier, V.; Mercier, J.; Delaire, J., 1985: Sagittal osteotomy of the mandibular ramus advantages of dal pont's second osteotomy design

Delaire J., 1984: Sagittal osteotomy of the rami of the mandible anatomical and technical aspects and report on complications in 2 cases

Nissan M., 1985: Sagittal radiographic measurements of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae in normal adults

Fehr P.E., 1982: Sagittal sinus thrombosis in early pregnancy

Thiseus S., 1979: Sagittal split osteotomy a follow up study of 100 operated patients

Clinton R., 1987: Sagittal split osteotomy of the ramus prevention against traumatism of neurovascular bundle

Jonsson, E.; Svartz, K.; Welander, U., 1979: Sagittal split technique 1. immediate post operative conditions a radiographic follow up study

Jonsson, E.; Svartz, K.; Welander, U., 1979: Sagittal split technique 2. radiographic findings during the fixation period a radiographic follow up study

Jonsson, E.; Svartz, K.; Welander, U., 1979: Sagittal split technique 3. post operative rest conditions a radiographic follow up study

Souyris, F., 1978: Sagittal splitting and bi cortical screw fixation of the ascending ramus

Willmar K., 1979: Sagittal splitting of the mandibular ramus electro myography and radiologic follow up study of temporo mandibular joint function in 44 patients

Venes, J. L.; Sayers, M. P., 1976: Sagittal synostectomy technical note

Dubyna D.V., 1982: Sagittaria latifolia new record for the flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Crosby, E., 1976: Sago in melanesia

Rhee S.K., 1987: Sago starch saccharification and simultaneous ethanol fermentation by amyloglucosidase and zymomonas mobilis

Vandermeer J., 1980: Saguaros cereus giganteus and nurse trees a new hypothesis to account for population fluctuations

Saydam A.C., 1984: Saharan dust incursion over the tyrrhenian sea

Kloth, T. I.; Burr, W. A.; Davis, J. P.; Epler, G.; Kolff, C. A.; Rosenberg, R. L.; Staehling, N. W.; Lane, J. M.; Nichaman, M. Z., 1976: Sahel nutrition survey 1974

Lindblom, B.; Wikholm, M.; Frisen, L., 1988: Sahlgren's saturation test for acquired dyschromatopsia increased lightness enhances sensitivity

Kalm H., 1981: Sahlgrens saturation test for detecting and grading acquired dys chromatopsia

Mcauliffe J.R., 1984: Sahuaro nurse tree associations in the sonoran desert competitive effects of sahuaros

Deokar A.B., 1987: Sahyadri an improved variety of niger for konkan and western maharashtra india

Spence, K. D.; Shapiro, S. K.; Hutson, N. K., 1972: Sai 1 mutation in saccharomyces cerevisiae characteristics of inhibition by s adenosyl methionine and s adenosyl homo cysteine and protection by methionine

Henry T.J., 1980: Saileria irrorata new record and tropidosteptes adustus new record hemiptera miridae

Fandeur T., 1983: Saimiri sciureus karyotype 14 7 an alternative experimental model of plasmodium falciparum infection

Holt N.W., 1986: Sainfoin onobrychis viciaefolia establishment and production on trifluralin treated soils and herbicide residues in green forage and hay

Qureshi, A. A.; Trent, D. W., 1972: Saint louis encephalitis viral rna replication complex

Johansson, D. R., 1978: Saintpaulias in their natural environment with notes on their present status in tanzania and kenya

De-Freitas, A., 1977: Saissetia oleae bio ecology on orange trees including population recovery after chemical control

Michelakis S., 1980: Saissetia oleae homoptera coccidae and its parasites on olive trees in crete greece

Muthappa B.N., 1980: Saitoa japonica new genus new species of plectomycetes

Komagata K., 1987: Saitoella new genus a new anamorph genus in the cryptococcaceae to accommodate two himalayan yeast isolates formerly identified as rhodotorula glutinis

Pimenov, M. G., 1974: Sajania new genus of the family umbelliferae

Dupin, J. P.; Casadebaig, F.; Pometan, J. P., 1979: Sakaguchis reaction 2. balance of reaction and extraction of main colored compound formed from arginine

Akita T., 1979: Sake brewing in industrial scale deep fermentors

Suginami K., 1986: Sake brewing using powdered rice as raw material kakemai treatment of rice in sake brewing part i

Suginami K., 1986: Sake brewing using rice koji made from powdered rice treatment of rice in sake brewing part ii

Akiyama H., 1982: Sake making with use of uncooked rice

Gushchin B.V., 1981: Sakhalin antigenic group bunyaviridae family

Behrens D.W., 1982: Sakuraeolis enosimensis new record nudibranchia aeolidacea in san francisco bay california usa

Yamada H., 1984: Sakyomicins a b c and d new quinone type antibiotics produced by a strain of nocardia taxonomy production isolation and biological properties

Koerber, W. A. Jr ; Price, N. M., 1978: Sal abrasion of tattoos a correlation of the clinical and histological results

Vedel F., 1981: Sal i restriction enzyme analysis of chloroplast and mitochondrial dna in the genus brassica

Reddy, G. C. S.; Ayengar, K. N. N.; Rangaswami, S., 1976: Salacia quinonemethide a new compound related to pristimerin from the root bark of salacia macrosperma

Brodie, E. D. Jr, 1977: Salamander anti predator postures

Stoneburner, D. L., 1978: Salamander drift observations on the two lined salamander eurycea bislineata

Marquez C.E., 1986: Salamander plethodon cinereus territoriality pheromonal markers as advertisement by males

Harris R.N., 1983: Salamander predation and the structure of experimental communities anuran responses

Harris R.N., 1983: Salamander predation and the structure of experimental communities responses of notophthalmus and micro crustacea

Huheey J.E., 1985: Salamander skin toxins with special reference to necturus lewisi

Adler K., 1983: Salamanders of the genus bolitoglossa from the sierra madre del sur of southern mexico

Elias P., 1984: Salamanders of the northwestern highlands of guatemala

Brodie E.D.Jr, 1983: Salamanders respond selectively to contacts with snakes survival advantage of alternative anti predator strategies

Hodrova A.M., 1984: Salamandridae of the upper pliocene ivanovce locality czechoslovakia

Snelgar R.J., 1984: Salary survey methods differences in market pay curves over a 7 year period

Viswanathan N.I., 1979: Salaspermic acid a new tri terpene acid from salacia macrosperma

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360277

Anon, 1979: Salazopyridazine

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360279

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360280

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360281

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360282

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360283

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360284

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360285

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360286

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360287

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360288

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360289

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360290

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360291

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360292

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360293

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360294

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360295

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360296

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360297

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360298

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360299

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360300

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360301

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360302

Polhemus J.T., 1980: Saldolepta kistnerorum new genus new species from ecuador hemiptera leptopodomorpha the sister group of leptosalda chiapensis

Carapezza A., 1980: Saldula sardoa new status and pentacora sphacelata new record in sardinia italy

Geys J.F., 1979: Salenioid echinoids from the maastrichtian upper cretaceous of belgium and the netherlands

Freeman G., 1979: Sales of nonprescription cold remedies a unique method of influenza surveillance

Halvorsen I., 1982: Sales statistics in the control of drug abuse in norway

Racz-Kotilla, E.; Racz, G., 1977: Sali diuretic and hypotensive action of ribes leaves

Neuhauslova Z., 1985: Salicetum triandro viminalis a willow shrub community on the watersides of czech and moravian rivers czechoslovakia

Vevle O., 1980: Salicornia strictissima new record in telemark and aust agder counties southeastern norway

Freeman, R. G.; Hudson, H. T.; Carnes, R.; Knox, J. M., 1970: Salicyl anilide photo sensitivity reaction to uv under conditions of normal soap usage

Kaplinsky, N.; Frankl, O., 1978: Salicyl azo sulfa pyridine induced heinz body anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360314

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360315

Turkevych M.M., 1982: Salicyl hydrazine derivatives with thiazolidine cycles in the molecule

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360317

Re O.N., 1979: Salicyl salicylic acid revisited a multicenter study

Maurya M.R., 1985: Salicylaldehyde 2 furoic acid hydrazide as a chelating ligand complexes with nickel ii cobalt ii copper ii zinc ii zirconium iv oxomolybdenum v and dioxouranium vi

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360320

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360321

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360322

Hulse M., 1981: Salicylate absorption from a bismuth subsalicylate preparation

Section 7, Chapter 6361, Accession 006360324

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