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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6362

Chapter 6362 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ritlop B., 1987: Salivary secretion rate ph lactobacilli and yeast counts in diabetic women

Chuttani H.K., 1981: Salivary secretions in oral cancer patients with chronic tobacco betel lime quid chewing

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361002

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361003

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361004

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361005

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361006

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361007

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Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361009

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Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361011

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361012

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361013

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361014

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361015

Hebel J.R., 1984: Salivary thio cyanate in pregnant smokers a comparison of 2 collection methods

Shafer R.B., 1983: Salivary thyroxine as an estimate of free thyroxine

Nicholson A., 1979: Salivary tumors over 30 years experience

Baba S., 1982: Salivary type hyper amylasemia in primary lung cancer observation of a possible precursor of the salivary type iso amylase

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361020

Bhatnagar R.S., 1984: Salivary viscosity and lubrication influence of ph and calcium

Tonzetich J., 1980: Salivary volatiles as indicators of periodontitis

White, K. D., 1977: Salivation a review and experimental investigation of major techniques

Miller P.M., 1982: Salivation an assessment of food craving?

White, K. D., 1977: Salivation and the law of initial value

Cabanac M., 1980: Salivation during hyper thermia in human beings

Kulitka E.F., 1980: Salivation evoked by cortex polarization as a parameter of typological characteristics of an experimental animal

Soltysik, S. S.; Fonberg, E.; Lagowska, J., 1976: Salivation in normal and amygdalectomized dogs

Beleslin D.B., 1986: Salivation mediated by central m 2 muscarinic receptors in the cat

White, K. D., 1978: Salivation the significance of imagery in its voluntary control

Pohjonen, V., 1987: Salix aquatica gigantea and salix dasyclados wimm. in biomass willow research

Buechler W., 1988: Salix hegetschweileri heer and salix apennina skvortsov in ticino switzerland

Kubitzki K., 1984: Salix martiana a regularly hermaphrodite willow

Argus G.W., 1984: Salix occidentalis the correct name for salix tristis salicaceae

Karkkainen K., 1987: Salix phylicifolia as the exclusive food source for all nectarivorous insects in a taiga community

Lautenschlager Fleury E., 1987: Salix purpurea ssp angustior a new understanding of a subalpine meadow taxon

Argus, G. W., 1986: Salix raupii new record raup's willow new to the flora of alberta and the northwest territories canada

Giovanni C., 1980: Salix rosmarinifolia in cavallino littoral venice italy

Ahmad, I.; Kamaluddin, S., 1978: Salixocoris sindellus new species pentatomidae halyini from sind pakistan

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361041

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361042

Astruc J., 1986: Salla disease in one non finnish patient

Tonnby B., 1986: Salla disease variants sialoyl aciduric encephalopathy with increased sialidase activity in two non finnish children

Rosenzweig, S., 1987: Sally beauchamp's career a psychoarchaeological key to morton prince's classic case of multiple personality

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361046

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361047

Sillett, R. W.; Dash, C. H.; Mcnicol, M. W., 1976: Salmefamol orally in asthmatics 2 doses compared

Miller R.R., 1982: Salmo australis new species of fossil salmonid from southwestern mexico

Fischer J.A., 1984: Salmon and human calcitonin like peptides in man

Chapman D.W., 1986: Salmon and steelhead abundance in the columbia river canada usa in the nineteenth century

Maioli E., 1983: Salmon calcitonin and cyclic gmp production by human kidney studies in vivo and in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361053

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361054

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361055

Wisneski, L. A.; Croom, W. P.; Silva, O. L.; Becker, K. L., 1978: Salmon calcitonin in hyper calcemia

Nilsson, O.; Almqvist, S.; Karlberg, B. E., 1978: Salmon calcitonin in the acute treatment of moderate and severe hyper calcemia in man

Welzel D., 1987: Salmon calcitonin in the therapy of corticoid induced osteoporosis

Berkarda B., 1986: Salmon calcitonin in the treatment of bone metastases

De Iasio R., 1988: Salmon calcitonin induced head twitch in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361061

Fraioli F., 1984: Salmon calcitonin inhibits human sperm motility in vitro

Reginster, J. Y.; Albert, A.; Franchimont, P., 1985: Salmon calcitonin nasal spray in paget's disease of bone preliminary results in five patients

Glubokovskii M.K., 1985: Salmon industry of the soviet far east from fishery to resource management

Duewer D.L., 1983: Salmon oncorhynchus spp stock identification based on elemental composition of vertebrae

Schulman J.A., 1981: Salmon patch hemorrhages after central retinal artery occlusion in sickle cell disease

Prasad B., 1979: Salmon poisoning in dogs a report of 4 cases

Chrzan F., 1980: Salmon salmo salar and trout salmo trutta feeding and their natural food supply in rivers and the baltic sea

Mulligan T.J., 1981: Salmon stock identification using a micro analytic technique to measure elements present in the fresh water growth region of scales

Tropea F., 1982: Salmon thyro calcitonin effect on neoplastic bone diseases

Aleksic V., 1979: Salmonella 38 g z 51 minus a new salmonella of subgenus iv a serological study on the complex h antigen g z 51 which can be divided into 3 subgenus specific factors

Krishnapillai, V.; Karthigasu, K. K., 1969: Salmonella abony salmonella typhimurium recombinant nonvirulent for the mouse streptomycin anti infect resistance

Gremillion, D. H.; Geckler, R.; Ellenbogen, C., 1977: Salmonella abscess a potential nosocomial hazard

Mokhtar N., 1986: Salmonella agglutinins in normal adult sera in an endemic area

Gockowska Z., 1986: Salmonella agona infections in infants

Hilan C., 1981: Salmonella agona isolated from fishmeal and a salmonella strain isolated from shrimps in lebanon

Catsaras M., 1984: Salmonella and alimentary toxic infections by indirect contamination

Greenberg, Z.; Sklut, O.; Bergner-Rabinowitz, S.; Sechter, I.; Cahan, D.; Gerichter, C. B., 1976: Salmonella and arizona from snakes in the judean desert israel

Telford S.R., 1982: Salmonella and arizona infections of alimentary and reproductive tracts of panamanian lizards

Schiemann, D. A.; Brodsky, M. H.; Ciebin, B. W., 1978: Salmonella and bacterial indicators in ozonated and chlorine di oxide disinfected effluent

Lanning D.G., 1987: Salmonella and campylobacter contamination of broiler chicken carcasses and scald tank water the influence of water ph

Mckendrick M.W., 1988: Salmonella and complications related to age sheffield england uk experience

Ehizokhale M.U.M., 1981: Salmonella and escherichia coli strains isolated from poultry in ibadan nigeria

Juven B.J., 1983: Salmonella and other enterobacteriaceae found in commercial poultry feed

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361086

Rubinstein E., 1982: Salmonella and shigella adherence to the intestine of mice

Mosimann J., 1981: Salmonella and shigella infections in switzerland with special reference to typhoid vaccination for travelers

Buabse E., 1980: Salmonella and shigella isolated from patients with diarrhea

Rudnai, O.; Csorian, E.; Lanyi, B.; Adam, M. M.; Milch, H., 1981: Salmonella and shigella surveillance in hungary 1972 1976 1. salmonella surveillance

Rudnai, O.; Straub, I.; Laszlo, V. G.; Hajnal, A.; Lanyi, B., 1981: Salmonella and shigella surveillance in hungary 1972 1976 2. shigella surveillance

Saitoh J., 1981: Salmonella and staphylococcus aureus contamination in liquid whole eggs studies on the bacterial contamination of liquid frozen

D'aoust, J. Y., 1977: Salmonella and the chocolate industry a review

Villafrate M.R., 1986: Salmonella and yersinia enterocolitica in soil and dog feces

Garanin B.A., 1981: Salmonella antibiotic sensitivity during the period 1975 1979 and its features in salmonella typhimurium

Thamprasert K., 1986: Salmonella aortitis at ramathibodi hospital bangkok thailand

Nzeako B.C., 1980: Salmonella arizona shigella and aeromonas isolated from the snail achatina achatina in nigeria

Caprilli R., 1984: Salmonella associated diarrhea and acid base disturbances

Prakash K., 1984: Salmonella associated with diarrheal diseases in a pediatric hospital 1979 1982

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361100

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361101

Mateos Mora M., 1984: Salmonella bacteremia in patients with prosthetic heart valves

Klindberg A.A., 1981: Salmonella bacterio phage glycanases endo rhamnosidase activity of bacterio phages p 27 9na and kb 1

Lindberg A.A., 1979: Salmonella bacterio phage glycanases endo rhamnosidases of salmonella typhimurium bacterio phages

Chowdhuri A.N.R., 1983: Salmonella bareilly infection in a pediatric hospital of new delhi india

Steidten G., 1981: Salmonella bruck new serotype a new salmonella serotype 6 7 z 1 w

Lanier J.M., 1987: Salmonella campylobacter jejuni and yersinia enterocolitica in raw milk

Berant, M.; Wagner, Y.; Cohen, N.; Kaufstein, M., 1977: Salmonella carmel infection in infancy clinical observations

Girdwood R.W.A., 1985: Salmonella carriage by herring gulls larus argentatus in the clyde area of scotland uk in relation to their feeding ecology

Hreshylo, M. S.; Zabotina, I. V., 1975: Salmonella carrier state

Zavanella M., 1979: Salmonella carriers among dogs in ferrara italy

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361114

Scarlata G., 1981: Salmonella catanzaro new serotype new serotype isolated in italy

Guggenbichler J.P., 1979: Salmonella cholecystitis

Eylan E., 1980: Salmonella cholerae suis proteins and their relation to proteins from bacteria of heterologous serogroups

Mcmonagle J.R., 1982: Salmonella cholerae suis thyroiditis apathetic thyro toxicosis and follicular carcinoma in laotian woman

Rietra P.J.G., 1982: Salmonella colitis clinically presenting as a pseudomembranous colitis a case

Lang, D. J.; Schroeder, S. A.; Kunz, L. J.; Thomson, L. A.; Hobbs, B. C.; Butler, N. J., 1971: Salmonella contaminated carmine dye another example of in plant contamination during processing

Anjum M., 1984: Salmonella contamination and microbiological quality of poultry feed ingredients

Hummel, P. H., 1976: Salmonella contamination in a meat meal processing plant in tanzania

Morris, G. K.; Wells, J. G., 1970: Salmonella contamination in a poultry processing plant

Pessoa G.V.A., 1984: Salmonella contamination in animal derived meals used in feed manufacturing

Rosted, A. F.; Arap-Misoi, J. K.; Kayihura, M., 1975: Salmonella contamination of animal meal products from kenyan slaughterhouses

Rosted, A. F.; Misoi, J. K.; Kayihura, M., 1978: Salmonella contamination of animal meal products from kenyan slaughterhouses

Stolle F.A., 1987: Salmonella contamination of equipment and beef carcasses in the berlin west west germany slaughterhouse evaluated by various enrichment procedures

Liao M H., 1985: Salmonella contamination status of feeds and its control method

Li Y., 1985: Salmonella contamination survey of beijing china union plant of animal slaughtering and meat and poultry processing

Rowe, B.; Hall, M. L. M.; Mccoy, J. H., 1976: Salmonella crossness new serotype containing a new somatic o antigen 67

Reitmeyer, J. C.; Peterson, J. W.; Wilson, K. J., 1986: Salmonella cytotoxin a component of the bacterial outer membrane

Aleksic S., 1987: Salmonella daarle t 6 8 y e n x report on the isolation of a new serovar

Bolder N.M., 1987: Salmonella decontamination of broiler carcasses with lactic acid l cysteine and hydrogen peroxide

Minnich S.A., 1984: Salmonella detection in foods and feeds in 27 hours by an enzyme immunoassay

Leyva Castillo V., 1984: Salmonella determination and hygiene quality indicators in nationally produced mayonnaise dressing

Rieker R., 1984: Salmonella disease in the region of zurich switzerland

Hjorth L., 1987: Salmonella dublin infection in a febrile abortion in the second trimester

Hinton, M.; Williams, B. M., 1977: Salmonella dublin infection in adult cattle a slaughterhouse and knackery survey in southwest wales

Sojka W.J., 1981: Salmonella dublin infection of calves use of small doses to simulate natural infection on the farm

Feldman R.A., 1982: Salmonella dublin infections in the usa 1979 1980

Carel, R. S.; Schey, G.; Ma'ayan, M.; Bruderman, I., 1977: Salmonella empyema as a complication in malignant pleural effusion

Doraiswami, S.; Friedman, S. A.; Kagan, A.; Gladstone, J. L., 1970: Salmonella endo carditis complicated by a myo cardial abscess

Sykes R.M., 1984: Salmonella endocarditis in a nigerian child

Windingstad, R. M.; Trainer, D. O.; Duncan, R., 1977: Salmonella enteritidis and arizona hinshawii isolated from wild sandhill cranes

Beem M.O., 1985: Salmonella enteritidis bacteremia in childhood

Arrow B.B., 1981: Salmonella enteritidis isolated from sputum a case

Renshaw E.C.Jr, 1982: Salmonella enteritidis new serotype grandhaven 301 r 1 2

Gray R.J.H., 1981: Salmonella enteritidis sensitivity in a sorbate modified atmosphere combination system

Matsubara Y., 1984: Salmonella enteritis bacillary dysentery and cholera

Bluemel P., 1982: Salmonella enteritis in childhood a topical problem

Basbas N., 1986: Salmonella enteritis in children in libya role of antibiotic therapy

Rohr H.P., 1985: Salmonella eschberg new serotype report on the isolation of a new serovar

Kist, M.; Horst, J.; Steidten, G., 1979: Salmonella freiburg a new salmonella subgenus i serotype 3 10.l z 13.1 2

Chasseur Libotte M.L., 1983: Salmonella from animals meat and feedstuffs 1981

Chasseur Libotte M.L., 1983: Salmonella from animals meat and feedstuffs 1982

Schlicker C., 1981: Salmonella from animals meat and foodstuffs 1980 serotypes biotypes and resistances

Taku A., 1987: Salmonella from commercial pork preparations isolation drug resistance and enterotoxigenicity

Gebre Yohannes A., 1985: Salmonella from ethiopia prevalent species and their susceptibility to drugs

Oosterom J., 1984: Salmonella fyris in a dog

Barber, C.; Eylan, E., 1977: Salmonella gallinarum salmonella enteritidis relationship in rabbits

Rowe B., 1986: Salmonella gold coast from outbreaks of food poisoning in the british isles can be differentiated by plasmid profiles

De Giovanni F., 1984: Salmonella healthy carriers among sheep and goats normally slaughtered

Rice, P. A.; Craven, P. C.; Wells, J. G., 1976: Salmonella heidelberg enteritis and bacteremia an epidemic on 2 pediatric wards

Mangels J., 1980: Salmonella heidelberg pneumonia in a patient with carcinoma of the lung

Ojeniyi A., 1984: Salmonella hirschfeldii in poultry and man in ibadan nigeria

Barriola J., 1979: Salmonella in bovines

Ciecarelli A.S., 1979: Salmonella in certain meat and fish products

Pace, P. J.; Silver, K. J.; Wisniewski, H. J., 1977: Salmonella in commercially produced dried dog food possible relationship to a human infection caused by salmonella enteritidis serotype havana

Ledermann, G. W.; Jacob, M., 1977: Salmonella in domestic animals part 1 anti salmonella antibodies in horses

Kampelmacher, E. H.; Van-Noorle-Jansen, L. M., 1976: Salmonella in effluent from sewage treatment plants waste pipe of butcher shops and surface water in walcheren netherlands

Mercado E.C., 1983: Salmonella in eviscerated poultry from processing plants in greater buenos aires argentina

Wuthe S., 1979: Salmonella in free living snakes of northern germany

Anderson, G. D.; Lee, D. R., 1976: Salmonella in horses a source of contamination of horse meat in a packing plant under federal inspection

Rowe B., 1981: Salmonella in livestock and animal byproducts in ethiopia

Matsuda H.J., 1985: Salmonella in meals from animal sources used for rations

Lachapelle G., 1979: Salmonella in powdered milk plants in quebec canada

Hoff, G. L.; White, F. H., 1977: Salmonella in reptiles isolation from free ranging lizards reptilia lacertilia in florida usa

Danielsson, M. L., 1977: Salmonella in sewage and sludge serological profiles of isolates their removal and or survival in relation to potential health hazards to man and animals

Dondero, N. C.; Thomas, C. T.; Khare, M.; Timoney, J. F.; Fukui, G. M., 1977: Salmonella in surface waters of central new york state

Klowden, M. J.; Greenberg, B., 1977: Salmonella in the american cockroach outcome of natural invasion of the hemocoel

Cateau, M.; Oger, C.; Leclerc, H., 1976: Salmonella in waste waters definition of a research technique

Kraft, D. J.; Olechowski-Gerhardt, C.; Berkowitz, J.; Finstein, M. S., 1969: Salmonella in wastes produced at commercial poultry farms

Ali C., 1979: Salmonella in wildlife from trinidad and grenada west indies

Fadon A., 1985: Salmonella incidence of species and microbiological aspects

Devterova L.V., 1981: Salmonella infected meat and meat products

Nazer, A. H. K.; Osborne, A. D., 1976: Salmonella infection and contamination of veal calves a slaughterhouse survey

Selbitz H J., 1986: Salmonella infection and salmonellosis in zoo animals

Scott, M. B.; Cosgrove, M. D., 1977: Salmonella infection and the genito urinary system

Wray, C.; Baker, K.; Gallagher, J.; Naylor, P., 1977: Salmonella infection in badgers in the southwest of england

Feng P.H., 1982: Salmonella infection in systemic lupus erythematosus

Baxi K.K., 1981: Salmonella infection in the domestic fowl of punjab india

Erdogan S., 1985: Salmonella infection in the newborn

Iveson J.B., 1986: Salmonella infections and animal condition in the mainland and bald island populations of the quokka setonix brachyurus marsupialia

Refai, M.; Rohde, R., 1976: Salmonella infections identification of salmonella

Ashton M.J., 1988: Salmonella infections in infants in hawaii usa

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361202

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361203

Cioffi G., 1979: Salmonella infections in the new born department of the frosinone hospital italy

Ewers A., 1981: Salmonella infections manifesting in the skeletal system

Hacking, W. C.; Mitchell, W. R.; Carlson, H. C., 1978: Salmonella investigation in an ontario canada feed mill

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361207

Krubwa, F.; Gatti, G.; Van-Oye, E.; Ghysels, G.; Robinet, R.; Maes, L.; Landuyt, H.; Vandepitte, J., 1976: Salmonella isangi its place in the epidemiology of human salmonellosis in kinshasa zaire from 1969 to 1973

Wierup M., 1984: Salmonella isolated from animals and feedstuffs in sweden 1978 1982

Cho, D. T., 1977: Salmonella isolated in korea during 1974 1976

Falchi M., 1987: Salmonella isolated in milan from human carriers in years 1982 1984 epidemiological results and sensibility to chemoantibiotics

Chiappe S., 1981: Salmonella isolated in uruguay from nonhuman sources

Haddock R.L., 1983: Salmonella isolation experience in the pacific basin region a survey

Joynson D.H.M., 1979: Salmonella isolation from hospital areas

Price T.H., 1983: Salmonella isolation from reptilian feces a discussion of appropriate cultural techniques

Van Beek C., 1987: Salmonella isolation using rvs broth and mlcb agar

Efstratiou M., 1985: Salmonella isolation with rappaport vassiliadis enrichment medium seeded with different sized inocula of pre enrichment cultures of meat products and sewage polluted water

Serie C., 1981: Salmonella isolation with rappaports enrichment medium of different composition

Price T.H., 1980: Salmonella isolation with rappaports medium after pre enrichment in buffered peptone water using a series of inoculum ratios

Kennedy, M. E., 1973: Salmonella isolations from snakes and other reptiles

Steidten G., 1982: Salmonella landwasser new serotype 3 10 z z 6

Hasham, A. I.; Uehling, D. T., 1976: Salmonella lithiasis

Simmons J.C., 1981: Salmonella livingstone salmonellosis in laboratory mice successful containment and treatment of the disease

Calvi, J. M.; Goodman, M.; Salgo, M.; Capes, N., 1971: Salmonella locus affecting phospho enol pyruvate synthase activity identified by a deletion analysis

Mortelmans, K. E., 1978: Salmonella mammalian microsome test to detect chemical mutagens

Berkman E., 1982: Salmonella meningitis

Deodhar L., 1984: Salmonella meningitis

Fouche M., 1981: Salmonella meningitis 4 cases

Murti P.K., 1985: Salmonella meningitis in children

Yeung C.Y., 1984: Salmonella meningitis in infancy

Tewari A.D., 1986: Salmonella meningitis report of five cases

Roelke M.E., 1980: Salmonella meningo encephalo myelitis in a northern fur seal callorhinus ursinus

Lofroth G., 1981: Salmonella microsome mutagenicity assays of exhaust from diesel and gasoline powered motor vehicles

Sugiyama T., 1985: Salmonella microsome mutagenicity of monochloro derivatives of some dicyclic tricyclic and tetracyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Shibamoto T., 1986: Salmonella microsome mutagenicity tests of heat processed milk samples

Wheat R., 1982: Salmonella minnesota re 595 lipid a induced nephritis

Miller J.K., 1983: Salmonella montevideo infection in sheep and cattle in scotland uk 1980 1981

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361240

Mortelmans, K.; Haworth, S.; Lawlor, T.; Speck, W.; Tainer, B.; Zeiger, E., 1986: Salmonella mutagenicity tests ii. results from the testing of 270 chemicals

Zeiger, E.; Anderson, B.; Haworth, S.; Lawlor, T.; Mortelmans, K.; Speck, W., 1987: Salmonella mutagenicity tests iii. results from the testing of 255 chemicals

Mccoy G.A., 1987: Salmonella newport infections transmitted by fiberoptic colonoscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361244

Onyekaba C.O., 1985: Salmonella ochiogu experimental infection of laboratory rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus

Onyekaba C.O., 1985: Salmonella ochiogu experimental infection of laboratory rats rattus rattus

Itoh, T.; Sakai, S.; Fukuyama, M.; Kamimura, T.; Hara, M.; Tabuchi, K.; Imai, N., 1977: Salmonella of fresh water fish from the tama river in tokyo

Carson M.O., 1979: Salmonella on broiler carcasses as affected by fresh water input rate and chlorination of chiller water

Hart R.P., 1983: Salmonella on rottnest island west australia implications for public health and wildlife management

Sharma K.B., 1982: Salmonella oranienburg infection in a neo natal unit in new delhi india

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361251

Hendrickse R.G., 1980: Salmonella osteo myelitis in childhood 63 cases seen in nigerian children of whom 57 had sickle cell anemia

Boeckmann U., 1985: Salmonella osteomyelitis in sickle cell anemia

Mckendry J.B.R., 1981: Salmonella panama epididymitis with recurrent septicemia in diabetic patient

Elwan S.H., 1981: Salmonella paratyphi a in hamsters mesocricetus auratus concurrently infected with schistosoma mansoni

Singh H., 1980: Salmonella pattern in india

Lindberg A.A., 1979: Salmonella phage glycanases substrate specificity of the phage p 22 endo rhamnosidase

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361258

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361259

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361260

Hussong D., 1987: Salmonella regrowth in compost as influenced by substrate salmonella regrowth in compost

Aitken M.M., 1983: Salmonella saint paul infection in 2 dairy herds

Collins P., 1983: Salmonella saint paul infection in calves

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Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361284

Danielsson, M. L., 1978: Salmonella sp in sewage and sludge serological profiles of isolates their removal and or survival in relation to potential health hazards to man and animals

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Ghysels G., 1985: Salmonella strains from animals meat and feedstuffs isolated in belgium during the year 1984 serotypes biotypes and resistances

Ghysels G., 1986: Salmonella strains from animals meat and feedstuffs isolated in belgium during the year 1985 serotypes biotypes and resistances

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Bersani G., 1981: Salmonella types isolated in venetian regions italy from 1973 1979

Stocker B.A.D., 1987: Salmonella typhi 205aty a strain with two attenuating auxotrophic characters for use in laboratory teaching

Section 7, Chapter 6362, Accession 006361309

Gasheva A.Z., 1987: Salmonella typhi at different stages of the pathogenesis of typhoid fever

Lenz D., 1985: Salmonella typhi carrier state 52 years after illness with typhoid fever a case study

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