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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6363

Chapter 6363 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Garbes, I. D.; Gomez, G. A.; Han, T.; Henderson, E. S., 1987: Salvage chemotherapy for advanced hodgkin's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362001

Martinez Prieto J., 1988: Salvage chemotherapy for recurrent primary brain tumors in children

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362003

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362004

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362005

Carmichael M.J., 1986: Salvage coronary angioplasty for symptoms refractory to medical therapy

Faysal M.H., 1983: Salvage cystectomy

Skinner D.G., 1980: Salvage cystectomy after irradiation failure

Grossman H.B., 1985: Salvage cystectomy following failed definitive radiation therapy for transitional cell carcinoma of bladder

Malmstrom P U., 1985: Salvage cystectomy for bladder and gynecologic cancer after irradiation failure

Whitmore W.F.Jr, 1981: Salvage cystectomy for bladder cancer after failure of definitive irradiation

Johnson D.E., 1981: Salvage cystectomy for bladder carcinoma

Lindell O., 1987: Salvage cystectomy review of 19 cases

Steg A., 1984: Salvage cystectomy the case for a combined abdominoperineal approach

Edson, S.; Brown, D., 1977: Salvage excavation of an archaic burial context n 44 97 hahei new zealand

Et Al, 1987: Salvage irradiation of oropharyngeal cancers using iridium 192 wire implants 5 year results of 70 cases

Taghian A., 1988: Salvage irradiation of oropharynx and mobile tongue about iridium 192 brachytherapy in centre alexis vautrin

Brown A.K., 1987: Salvage mechanisms for regeneration of atp in rat cardiac myocytes

Christa, L.; Kersual, J.; Auge, J.; Perignon, J. L., 1986: Salvage of 5' deoxy 5' methylthioadenosine and l homocysteine into methionine in cells cultured in a methionine free medium a study of methionine dependence

Christa, L.; Thuillier, L.; Munier, A.; Perignon, J. L., 1984: Salvage of 5' deoxymethyl thio adenosine into purines and methionine by lymphoid cells and inhibition of cell proliferation

Hosp-Peking-Iron-Steel-Complex-Dep-Surg, 1977: Salvage of a patient with severe crush injuries below the umbilicus/

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362022

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362023

Ayers O., 1985: Salvage of circulating pyrimidine nucleosides by tissues of the mouse

Handschumacher R.E., 1981: Salvage of circulating pyrimidine nucleosides in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362026

Baker J.D., 1979: Salvage of infected axillo femoral bypass graft with a local bi pedicle flap

Burton, D. S.; Schurman, D. J., 1977: Salvage of infected total joint replacements

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362029

Becker L.C., 1983: Salvage of ischemic myo cardium by prostacyclin during experimental myo cardial infarction

Hachen H.J., 1987: Salvage of ischemic myocardium by cls 2210 in the dog a preliminary double blind study

Kloner R.A., 1986: Salvage of ischemic myocardium by reperfusion importance of collateral blood flow and myocardial oxygen demand during occlusion

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362033

Vatner S.F., 1983: Salvage of myo cardial function by coronary artery re perfusion 1 2 and 3 hours after occlusion in conscious dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362035

Chacon N.E., 1985: Salvage of replanted parts of the upper extremity

Menick F.J., 1985: Salvage of seeing eyes after avulsion of upper and lower lids

Watson, H. K.; Lovallo, J. L., 1987: Salvage of severe recurrent dupuytren's contracture of the ring and small fingers

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362040

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362041

Uziel M., 1982: Salvage of the modified nucleoside ribo thymidine in cultured hamster embryo cells

Katze J.R., 1982: Salvage of the nucleic acid base queuine from queuine containing transfer rna by animal cells

Engedal H., 1982: Salvage of the severely ischemic limb by intra arterial prostacyclin infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362045

Herold H.Z., 1983: Salvage operations for failure of previous surgery in congenital dislocation of the hip

Anderson C.B., 1983: Salvage operations for mal functioning poly tetra fluoro ethylene hemo dialysis access grafts

Gschwend N., 1983: Salvage procedure in failed elbow prosthesis

Rodriguez F.R., 1988: Salvage radical prostatectomy for adenocarcinoma of the prostate

Cheung A.Y.C., 1988: Salvage radiotherapy for carcinoma of the ovary following chemotherapy

Sommerlad B.C., 1987: Salvage replantation free composite transfer from a non replantable arm

Kleinert H.E., 1982: Salvage replantation of lower limb amputations

Pontes J.E., 1985: Salvage surgery following radical radiotherapy for adenocarcinoma of the prostate

Ye M., 1988: Salvage surgery for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Dawson, N. A.; Klein, M. A.; Taylor, H. G., 1988: Salvage therapy in metastatic adult wilms' tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362056

Rivkin S.E., 1986: Salvage therapy with whole abdominal irradiation in patients with advanced carcinoma of the ovary previously treated by combination chemotherapy

Henderson E.S., 1985: Salvage treatment for patient with multiple myeloma refractory to alkylating agents

Salmon S.E., 1980: Salvage treatment of patients relapsing after breast cancer adjuvant chemo therapy

Bonadonna G., 1986: Salvage treatment of patients suffering relapse after adjuvant cmf chemotherapy

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362061

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362062

Colafranceschi M., 1980: Salvage with radio therapy of post surgical relapses of endometrial cancer

Fang D., 1985: Salvaging rats with decompression sickness by injection of ginseng and ligustrazini co without recompression

Lichtblau S., 1987: Salvaging the badly placed screw a case report

Cook G.T., 1979: Salvaging the iatrogenic mega ureter

Heng, M. K.; Corday, E.; Meerbaum, S.; Wyatt, H. L., 1978: Salvaging the ischemic myo cardium promises and limitations

Brothwell, D. R., 1975: Salvaging the term domestication for certain types of man animal relationship the possible value of an 8 point scoring system

Glubokovskii, M. K., 1977: Salvelinus albus new species from the kamchatka river basin russian sfsr ussr

Takeda, K.; Onodera, S.; Yoshiyasu, K., 1978: Salvelinus leucomaenis with atypical color patterns collected in the mogami and nikko river systems yamagata prefecture japan

Picci V., 1982: Salvia desoleana new species from sardinia italy

Sedlag, U., 1978: Salvia glutinosa an effective insect trap

Lu, C. S.; Yin, H. M.; Hung, Y. H.; Pao, C.; Sung, C. F., 1978: Salvia miltiorrhiza root and ligusticum wallichii rhizome in coronary heart disease

Cabo, J.; Jimenez, J.; Miro, M.; Navarro, C.; Ruiz, J., 1986: Salvia verbenaca i. macromorphology and micromorphology

Rodriguez B., 1982: Salviacoccin a neo clerodane di terpenoid from salvia coccinea

Wei Ming C., 1984: Salvianolic acid a a new depside from roots of salvia miltiorrhiza

Savona, G.; Paternostro, M. P.; Piozzi, F.; Hanson, J. R.; Hitchcock, P. B.; Thomas, S. A., 1978: Salviarin a new di terpenoid from salvia splendens

Ravelo A.G., 1987: Salvicanaric acid a new diterpene from salvia canariensis

Kunitskaya L.S., 1982: Salvin antibiotic prepared from garden sage salvia officinalis

Croxdale, J. G., 1981: Salvinia leaves 3. morphogenesis of the submerged leaf

Croxdale, J. G., 1978: Salvinia leaves part 1 origin and early differentiation of floating and submerged leaves

Mondal N.G., 1987: Salvinia natans as the scavenger of mercury ii

Sanokho, A., 1976: Salvinia nymphellula in senegal

Assi, L. A., 1977: Salvinia nymphellula salviniaceae a pest extending its distribution westwards in tropical africa

De La Sota E., 1982: Salvinia radula salviniaceae pteridophyta

Sadjadi A., 1987: Salvisyriacolide a sesterterpene from salvia syriaca

Schmitt Graeff A., 1982: Salzmanns corneal dystrophy

Surdin Kerjan Y., 1987: Sam1 the structural gene for one of the s adenosylmethionine synthetases in saccharomyces cerevisiae sequence and expression

Habermehl, G.; Ott, H. H., 1975: Samandarine and related alkaloids part 23 20 methyl 5 pregnene 3 beta 16 beta diol

Varshney, I. P.; Vyas, P., 1976: Samanin a a new saponin from the seeds of pithecolobium saman

Srivastava H.C., 1985: Samanin c and samanin e new saponins from pithecolobium saman

Allen K.C., 1982: Samarisporites triangulatus an important devonian mio spore and its synonymous species

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362094

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362095

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362096

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362097

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362098

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362099

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362100

Inoue, N.; Inoue, A.; Furukawa, M.; Kanda, N., 1976: Samarosporin a new peptide antibiotic part 1 fermentation isolation and characterization

Giroud F., 1979: Samba a computerized cyto photometer designed for automatic analysis of cell kinetics and autonomic recognition of cell types automatic cytology

Elias, P., 1978: Sambucetum ebuli and other ruderal communities in trnava town czechoslovakia

Popma J., 1982: Sambucetum ebuli in the netherlands

Zehnder M., 1988: Sambucinic acid a new metabolite of fusarium sambucinum 45th communication of verrucarins and roridins

Zehnder M., 1984: Sambucinol and sambucoin 2 new metabolites of fusarium sambucinum possessing modified trichothecene structures

Chrispeels M.J., 1986: Sambucus nigra agglutinin is located in protein bodies in the phloem parenchyma of the bark

Nilsson A., 1987: Sambucus nigra x sambucus racemosa found in skane southernmost sweden

Vickery B.H., 1987: Same day appearance of orally administered spermicidal 1 substituted imidazoles in dog ejaculates

Maeland J.A., 1986: Same day confirmation of staphylococcus aureus bacteremia by a thermonuclease test

Zollinger Iten J., 1986: Same day identification of gram negative rods with the quantum ii microbiology system

Fetterman J.G., 1987: Same different comparison of duration

Algarabel S., 1988: Same different discrepancy in an exhaustive matching task

Witt K., 1983: Same different discriminations in the pigeon

Kato K., 1983: Same different judgment of camera direction of real world scene slides influence of route knowledge and other reference frames

Allen P.A., 1987: Same different judgments of foveal and parafoveal letter pairs by older adults

Murray, F. S.; Morrison, E. R., 1978: Same different judgments of size and of weight in children does reward make a difference

Chignell M.H., 1985: Same different judgments under high speed stress missing feature principle predominates in early processing

Wang J H., 1986: Same different reaction time to the sequential visual presentation of vowels and consonants

Saito M., 1982: Same different reaction times studied with a flash masking technique

Zentall T.R., 1983: Same different symbol use by pigeons

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362122

Kondo Y., 1980: Samoana jackieburchi new species gastropoda pulmonata partulidae

Bojcheva R., 1987: Samodiva a new promising raspberry cultivar

Korotkevich, E. L., 1978: Samotherium maeoticum new species from the meotian of the northern black sea area

Goldberger A., 1987: Samoyed hereditary glomerulopathy immunohistochemical staining of basement membranes of kidney for laminin collagen type iv fibronectin and goodpasture antigen and correlation with electron microscopy of glomerular capillary basement membranes

Lumsden J.H., 1987: Samoyed hereditary glomerulopathy serial clinical and laboratory urine serum biochemistry and hematology studies

Singh A., 1986: Samoyed hereditary glomerulopathy shg evolution of splitting of glomerular capillary basement membranes

Cupitt L.T., 1987: Sample accountability quality assurance for the integrated air cancer project research program of the epa

Abe H., 1987: Sample and hold circuit based equipment for measurement of the salivary secretion

Saavedra S.S., 1986: Sample and sorbent integrity during combustion source sampling

Chu, S. Y.; Turkington, V. E., 1978: Sample application position and the resolution of protein separation on the beckman microzone electrophoretic system

Goudy W.J., 1985: Sample attrition and multivariate analysis in the retirement history study

Ho C N., 1986: Sample cleanup procedure for polynuclear aromatic compounds in complex matrices

Muir A.L., 1982: Sample collection and processing for the assay of plasma renin activity a comparison of anti coagulants and inhibitors

Traitler H., 1986: Sample collection quantification and identification in preparative anticircular planar chromatography

Macpherson E., 1984: Sample collections of the captures of the spanish fleet in the area of international commission for southeast atlantic fisheries 1977 1981

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362138

Sever F.A.D.A., 1987: Sample design for citrus survey in sao paulo brazil

Caruso D.R., 1983: Sample differences in genetics and intelligence data sibling and parent offspring studies

Lowry J.H., 1982: Sample digestion procedures for simultaneous determination of arsenic antimony and selenium by inductively coupled argon plasma emission spectrometry with hydride generation

Devine, J. V.; Jones, L. C.; Neville, J. W.; Sakai, D. J., 1977: Sample duration and type of stimuli in delayed matching to sample in rhesus monkeys

Bruner F., 1983: Sample enrichment and gas chromatographic mass spectrometric determination of herbicides in water

Brockmann, U. H.; Eberlein, K.; Junge, H. D.; Trageser, H.; Trahms, K. J., 1974: Sample foil tanks for in situ plankton investigation

Ramsey J.D., 1988: Sample handling and storage for the quantitative analysis of volatile compounds in blood the determination of toluene by headspace gas chromatography

Meyer M., 1988: Sample hold technique for analysis of respiratory gas composition at high breathing frequencies

Yang A.F., 1988: Sample holders for solid and viscous foods compatible with the hexland cryotrans ct 1000 assembly

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362149

Wadden R.A., 1988: Sample loss during measurement of airborne antineoplastic agents

Cox, H. L-Jr ; Ong, P. S., 1977: Sample mass determination using compton and total scattered excitation radiation for energy dispersive x ray fluorescent analysis of trace elements in soft tissue specimens

Ferris H., 1981: Sample optimization for 5 plant parasitic nematodes in an alfalfa field

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362154

Gadsden R.H., 1982: Sample preparation and liquid chromatographic analysis for tri cyclic anti depressants in serum

Bui M.H., 1987: Sample preparation and liquid chromatographic determination of vitamin d in food products

Wooller K.K., 1985: Sample preparation and system calibration for proton induced x ray emission analysis of hair from occupationally exposed workers

Syty A., 1979: Sample preparation and the determination of lead in chewing gum by nonflame atomic absorption spectrometry

Ng L.L., 1983: Sample preparation by salts precipitation and quantitation by high performance liquid chromatography with uv detection of selected drugs in biological fluids

Hilliard L.J., 1982: Sample preparation facilities for inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy

Zumwalt R.W., 1985: Sample preparation for chromatography of amino acids acid hydrolysis of proteins

Giese R.W., 1987: Sample preparation for gas chromatography with electron capture detection determination of total and free thyroxine in serum

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362163

Brown, A. B.; Keyzer, H., 1978: Sample preparation for strontium analysis of ancient skeletal remains

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362165

Francis O.J.Jr, 1979: Sample preparation of some shelled tree nuts and peanuts in a vertical cutter mixer for myco toxin analysis

Elchisak M.A., 1986: Sample preparation procedure for determination of dopamine sulfate isomers in human urine by high performance liquid chromatography with dual electrode electrochemical detection

Holechek J.L., 1982: Sample preparation techniques for micro histological analysis

Brown P.R., 1979: Sample preparation techniques prior to high pressure liquid chromatography analysis of serum nucleosides and their bases

Mordecai B.G., 1979: Sample preparation variation and its effects on automated blood differential cell analysis

Curini R., 1986: Sample pretreatment procedure for routine liquid chromatographic assay of serum cortisol

Wuerfels, M.; Jackwerth, E.; Stoeppler, M., 1987: Sample pretreatment studies with biological and environmental material v. on the problem of disturbances of inverse voltammetric trace analysis after pressure decomposition of biological samples

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362173

Blais C., 1982: Sample processing for high performance liquid chromatography of ecdysteroids

Maume B.F., 1982: Sample purification using a c 18 bonded reversed phase cartridge for the quantitative analysis of cortico steroids in adrenal cell cultures by high performance liquid chromatography or gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Wolfenbarger D.A., 1984: Sample requirements for estimating fruiting and yield of cotton

Geisser S., 1981: Sample reuse procedures for prediction of the unobserved portion of a partially observed vector

Nelson K.B., 1980: Sample selection and the natural history of disease studies of febrile seizures

Wolfe R.R., 1987: Sample site selection for tracer studies applying an unidirectional circulatory approach

Poe S.L., 1979: Sample size age of celery petiole and rearing conditions affect emergence of vegetable leaf miners and parasites

Ehlke N.J., 1985: Sample size and experimental design for detecting differential anatomical composition of smooth bromegrass bromus inermis stems and leaves

Rejman, S.; Jesiotr, L. J., 1977: Sample size and number of replications in study of the two spotted spider mite population tetranychus urticae by using life table method/

King J.E., 1979: Sample size and palynology a midwestern usa test

Ershow A.G., 1988: Sample size and power for case control studies when exposures are continuous

Mchugh R.B., 1987: Sample size and power for pair matched case control studies

Landry R.G., 1986: Sample size and type token ratios for oral language of preschool children

Rotter J.I., 1984: Sample size calculations in segregation analysis

Bieliauskas, L. A.; Strugar, D. A., 1976: Sample size characteristics and scores on the social readjustment rating scale

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362190

Simon R.M., 1980: Sample size considerations for nonrandomized comparative studies

Riggs A.C., 1982: Sample size dependence in measures of proportional similarity

Sun M.K.C., 1985: Sample size determination for seed potato certification

Thomas D.C., 1985: Sample size determination in case control studies the influence of the distribution of exposure

Clark B.C., 1987: Sample size determination in clinical trials with an emphasis on exponentially distributed responses

Lakatos E., 1986: Sample size determination in clinical trials with time dependent rates of losses and noncompliance

Lachin, J. M., 1977: Sample size determinations for r x c comparative trials

Baranowski R.M., 1986: Sample size estimates for avocado persea americana yield experiments

Marini R.P., 1985: Sample size estimates for peach prunus persica tree growth and yield experiments

Stason W.B., 1979: Sample size estimation a sensitivity analysis in the context of a clinical trial for treatment of mild hypertension

Gordon I., 1987: Sample size estimation in occupational mortality studies with use of confidence interval theory

Ugale S.D., 1984: Sample size for adequate representation in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Woolson, R. F.; Bean, J. A.; Rojas, P. B., 1986: Sample size for case control studies using cochran's statistic

Wu M.C., 1988: Sample size for comparison of changes in the presence of right censoring caused by death withdrawal and staggered entry

Caballero A., 1979: Sample size for completely randomized and randomized block designs where the experimental unit is a group of animals

Quaas R.L., 1981: Sample size for detection of y chromosomes in lymphocytes of possible freemartins

Lo N.C.H., 1983: Sample size for estimating dolphin mortality associated with the tuna thunnus albacares fishery

Jahraus K., 1987: Sample size for foliar analyses of coastal douglas fir

Bregman D.J., 1986: Sample size for individually matched case control studies

Marquez Sanchez F., 1986: Sample size for representing maize populations repetitions and economic analysis

Ramsay L.E., 1982: Sample size for short term trials of anti hypertensive drugs

Hirasawa M.H., 1985: Sample size for spittle bug spumes estimates in using quadrat methods

Connor R.J., 1987: Sample size for testing differences in proportions for the paired sample design

Holmes C.B., 1983: Sample size in 4 areas of psychological research

Shannon H., 1983: Sample size in occupational mortality studies

Holmes C.B., 1979: Sample size in psychological research

Wierzbowska T., 1983: Sample size in the problem of statistical estimation of home range size in small rodents

Ostaff D.P., 1983: Sample size precision relationships for use in estimating stand characteristics and spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana caused tree mortality

Simon R.M., 1982: Sample size requirements for comparing time to failure among k treatment groups

Makuch, R.; Simon, R., 1978: Sample size requirements for evaluating a conservative therapy

Eliasziw M., 1987: Sample size requirements for reliability studies

Klar J., 1988: Sample size requirements for studies estimating odds ratios or relative risks

Revlin R., 1987: Sample size salience and statistical inference

Bower, N. W.; Trunk, J. J.; Witt, J. M., 1977: Sample size selection for the analysis of pesticides in tubers

Korn E.L., 1986: Sample size tables for bounding small proportions

Shiver B.D., 1988: Sample sizes and estimation methods for the weibull distribution for unthinned slash pine plantation diameter distributions

Lakatos E., 1988: Sample sizes based on the log rank statistic in complex clinical trials

Mullooly J.P., 1987: Sample sizes for estimation of exposure specific disease rates in population based case control studies

O'neill R.T., 1984: Sample sizes for estimation of the odds ratio in unmatched case control studies/

Shore R.E., 1981: Sample sizes for group sequential cohort and case control study designs

Shore R.E., 1982: Sample sizes for individually matched case control studies a group sequential approach

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362234

Hart A.A.M., 1981: Sample sizes in sequential survival clinical trials

Schork M.A., 1986: Sample sizes in the multivariate analysis of repeated measurements

Patko J., 1980: Sample sizes required for predicting albumin quality in stored eggs from 8 commercial stocks

Abel, U.; Berger, J., 1986: Sample sizes required for use with critlevel results of computer simulations

Wilson T.D., 1988: Sample solvent effects in an apparent chiral high performance liquid chromatographic separation on beta cyclodextrin

Paul C., 1983: Sample specific ratio effects in matching to sample

Chougule, T. B.; Toro, V. A.; Majgaonkar, S. V.; Bhambure, C. V., 1985: Sample survey of bovine management practices in ratnagiri district maharashtra state india ii. breeding feeding housing health cover and disposal of animal wastes

Et Al, 1986: Sample survey of small game numbers bagged during the 1983 1984 hunting season in metropolitan france explanation of the methodology employed

Chougule, T. B.; Toro, V. A.; Majgaonkar, S. V.; Bhambure, C. V., 1984: Sample survey to study bovine management practice 1. milk production and its utilization

Roeher H.D., 1985: Sample taking problems in measuring actual histamine levels of human gastroduodenal mucosa specific and general relevance in clinical trials on peptic ulcer pathogenesis and selective proximal vagotomy

Chang S K., 1987: Sample treatment and basic analysis for the study of benthic foraminifera

Sebesta, P. A.; Danzer, L. A., 1976: Sample treatment to prevent calcium loss in saliva electrolyte analysis

Squiers, E. R.; Wistendahl, W. A., 1976: Sample unit selection for studies of herbaceous old field vegetation

Ladenson J.H., 1981: Sample viscosity can be a source of analytical error when discrete sampler dilutors are used

Housmyer C.L., 1987: Sample weight as a function of particle sizes in two component mixtures

Poulet, S. A.; Cossa, D.; Morissette, M., 1978: Sampler of large volumes of water for the multidisciplinary study of the seston

Taylor B.B., 1986: Samples needed for estimation of plant height of pima cotton gossypium barbadense

Grant D.S., 1982: Samples of stimuli responses and reinforcers effect of incongruent sample type serial position and mode of presentation

Bidlingmayer, W. L., 1977: Sampling a population of aedes taeniorhynchus in a large outdoor cage

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362257

Bidleman T.F., 1979: Sampling airborne poly chlorinated bi phenyls with poly urethane foam chromatographic approach to determining retention efficiencies

Gupta S.K., 1986: Sampling alkali soils an analysis based on spatial variations in unreclaimed and reclaimed lands

Burridge L.E., 1981: Sampling analysis and data evaluation of precipitation at st andrews new brunswick canada 1978 1980

Turner, N. A.; Ferguson, I. B.; Sharples, R. O., 1977: Sampling and analysis for determining relationship of calcium concentration to bitter pit in apple fruit/

Schell, W. R.; Nevissi, A.; Huntamer, D., 1978: Sampling and analysis for plutonium and americium in natural waters

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362263

Grote, A. A.; Kupel, R. E., 1978: Sampling and analysis of 2 6 di tert butyl p cresol/

Paur R.J., 1988: Sampling and analysis of ambient air near los angeles california usa using an annular denuder system

Tindle P.E., 1985: Sampling and analysis of bitumen fumes

Hildebrandt J., 1983: Sampling and analysis of cerebro spinal fluid for chronic studies in awake rats

Jacobson, J. S.; Weinstein, L. H., 1977: Sampling and analysis of fluoride methods for ambient air plant and animal tissues water soil and foods/

Nygren O., 1983: Sampling and analysis of hexavalent chromium during exposure to chromic acid mist and welding fumes

Kupel R.E., 1981: Sampling and analysis of iodine in the industrial atmosphere

Hangartner M., 1979: Sampling and analysis of odorous compounds in water treatment plants

Nilsson C A., 1983: Sampling and analysis of particulate and gaseous poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons from coal tar sources in the working environment

Norstrom A., 1984: Sampling and analysis of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons from 2 stroke chain saw engines

Ramanzin M., 1987: Sampling and analysis of rumen gases

Meek M.E., 1979: Sampling and analysis of some corrosion inhibiting amines in steam condensates

Magee R.A., 1979: Sampling and analysis of synthetic fuel processes

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362278

Dohnt B.R., 1984: Sampling and analysis techniques used in a blood lead survey of 1241 children in port pirie south australia

Kerfoot E.J., 1983: Sampling and analytical determination of airborne n n di methyl cyclo hexylamine

Palassis J., 1980: Sampling and analytical determination of airborne tetra methyl thio urea and ethylene thio urea

Vannucchi, C.; Berlincioni, M., 1980: Sampling and analytical method to determine poly chlorinated bi phenyl concentrations in the air of the working areas of an electrical industry

Eller, P. M.; Haartz, J. C., 1978: Sampling and analytical methods for antimony and its compounds a review

Menichini E., 1986: Sampling and analytical methods for determining oil mist concentrations

Verstuyft, A. W., 1978: Sampling and analytical methods for phosphine a review/

Glaser R.A., 1986: Sampling and analytical methods for the determination of monochloroacetic acid in air

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362287

Holland R., 1981: Sampling and chemical composition of silage from a farm stack variation in moisture content and in degree of fermentation

Spurrier J.D., 1985: Sampling and computational design of nutrient flux from a southeastern usa saltmarsh

Davis M.R., 1986: Sampling and computer contouring technique for estimating distribution of crops in a large geographical area

Johnson F.D., 1986: Sampling and data analyses of narrow variable width gallery forests over environmental gradients

Legendre P., 1984: Sampling and data analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362294

Selber J.N., 1981: Sampling and determination of s s s tri butyl phosphorotrithioate di butyl di sulfide and butyl mercaptan in field air

Gangal S.V., 1986: Sampling and distribution patterns of allergenic biopollutants in atmosphere

Larsson, T. B.; Hansson, L., 1977: Sampling and dynamics of small rodents under snow cover in northern sweden

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362299

Sibbald R.R., 1987: Sampling and gc fid gc ms analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons in the ocean surface microlayer off richards bay south africa

Heilman P.E., 1985: Sampling and genetic variation of foliar nitrogen in black cottonwood populus trichocarpa and its hybrids in short rotation

Davison, W., 1977: Sampling and handling procedures for the polarographic measurement of oxygen in hypolimnetic waters

Section 7, Chapter 6363, Accession 006362303

Staib F., 1985: Sampling and isolation of cryptococcus neoformans from indoor air with the aid of the reuter centrifugal sampler and guizotia abyssinica creatinine agar a contribution to the mycological epidemiological control of cryptococcus neoformans in the fecal matter of caged birds

Visser, A. C., 1975: Sampling and measuring of milk in large quantities

Salonen J., 1986: Sampling and preliminary analysis of the extracellular and intracellular material involved in the attachment of human oral epithelium in vitro

Waltking A.E., 1980: Sampling and preparation of samples of peanut butter for afla toxin analysis

Hanninen O., 1988: Sampling and storage conditions of rainbow trout liver affects monooxygenase and conjugation enzymes

Siggaard Andersen O., 1985: Sampling and storage of blood for determination of ionized calcium

Batley, G. E.; Gardner, D., 1977: Sampling and storage of natural waters for trace metal analysis

Halmans M.T.H., 1987: Sampling and thermal desorption efficiency of tube type diffusive samplers selection and performance of adsorbents

Fitzgerald J.M., 1980: Sampling auto biographical memory reports in adolescents

Wichern D.W., 1985: Sampling barrel cheese for moisture analysis comparison of methods

Stidham J.A., 1988: Sampling behavior in the radial maze and operant chamber role of the hippocampus and prefrontal area

Lima S.L., 1985: Sampling behavior of starlings sturnus vulgaris foraging in simple patchy environments

Compton W.A., 1985: Sampling bias in estimating design ii variance components with s 1 families

Smith, D. G.; Sing, C. F., 1976: Sampling biases in longitudinal genetic epidemiologic surveys

Cohen O., 1987: Sampling by transcutaneous needle biopsy with computed tomography guidance

Kushlan J.A., 1981: Sampling characteristics of enclosure fish traps

Batchelder, G. L., 1977: Sampling characteristics of the rotorod rotoslide and andersen machines for atmospheric pollen and spores

Pickrell P.W., 1985: Sampling characterization and remote sensing of aerosols formed in the atmospheric hydrolysis of uranium hexafluoride

Zitko S.E., 1988: Sampling citrus orchards in florida usa to estimate populations of phytophthora parasitica

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