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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6364

Chapter 6364 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Belova S.L., 1983: Saprobiological characteristics of vazuza reservoir ussr

Bereczky, M. C., 1974: Saprobiological characterization of the upper reach of the hungarian danube section by means of uni cellular indicators

Mirjana J., 1985: Saprobiological research in the junza morava river yugoslavia

Patel R.J., 1984: Saprobity systems for the assessment of river water quality by algal community

Lartseva L.V., 1986: Saprolegnia on the eggs of salmonidae and sturgeons

Willoughby L.G., 1988: Saprolegnia parasitized by mortierella alpina

Hatai, K.; Egusa, S.; Awakura, T., 1977: Saprolegnia shikotsuensis new species isolated from kokanee salmon associated with fish saprolegniasis

Matherne A., 1981: Sapropel formation in the eastern mediterranean sea evidence from preserved opal assemblages

Tsishkovich A.V., 1981: Sapropels as a base for fertilizer production

Laska P., 1988: Saprophagous larvae of ferdinandea cuprea and brachypalpus valgus diptera syrphidae

Matveeva E.V., 1980: Saprophyte phase of causative agents in bacterial soft rot of cabbage

Bruehl G.W., 1986: Saprophytic ability of typhula incarnata typhula idahoensis and typhula ishikariensis

Hegde R.K., 1985: Saprophytic activity of drechslera oryzae in soil

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363014

Portilla E., 1979: Saprophytic amoebae that can produce meningo encephalitis 1st reports in costa rica

Ockerman H.W., 1988: Saprophytic and pathogenic bacteria levels in turkish soudjouks manufactured in erzurum turkey

Lee, R. E., 1977: Saprophytic and phagocytic isolates of the colorless heterotrophic dinoflagellate gyrodinium lebouriae

Ulanovskii I.B., 1980: Saprophytic bacteria developing on different metals isolated from the water column of the atlantic ocean the sargasso sea

Gloor, M.; Werle, U.; Ritthaler, F., 1978: Saprophytic bacterial flora in the sebaceous gland infundibulum in diabetes mellitus

Ramarao P., 1983: Saprophytic colonization of fusarium oxysporum f sp ciceri in soil

Burgess L.W., 1988: Saprophytic colonization of wheat and barley by pyrenophora tritici repentis in the field

Davey C.B., 1984: Saprophytic competence of acid tolerant strains of rhizobium trifolii in acid soil

Hancock J.G., 1983: Saprophytic development of pythium ultimum in soil as a function of water matric potential and temperature

Popova L.E., 1980: Saprophytic fungi from the caspian sea ussr

Abdel Mallek A.Y., 1987: Saprophytic fungi isolated from animal and bird pens in egypt

Jaitly A.K., 1981: Saprophytic fungi isolated from woods in mangrove swamps and their wood decaying capability

Lamb D., 1982: Saprophytic invasion of infarcted pulmonary tissue by aspergillus spp

Tsyban, A. V.; Domchinskaya, T. V., 1974: Saprophytic micro flora in the sea of azov ussr

Rehacek Z., 1986: Saprophytic production of clavine alkaloids and activity of hydroxymethylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase

Wong P.T.W., 1984: Saprophytic survival of gaeumannomyces graminis and phialophora spp at various temperature moisture regimes

Southwell R.J., 1987: Saprophytic survival of the take all fungus and its antagonist gaeumannomyces graminis var graminis under conventional and no tillage

Scott, D. M.; Ankney, C. D.; Jarosch, C. H., 1976: Sapsucker hybridization in british columbia changes in 25 years

Dean T.J., 1986: Sapwood area of pinus contorta stands as a function of mean size and density

Albrektson A., 1984: Sapwood basal area and needle mass of scotch pine pinus sylvestris trees in central sweden

Umadevi, I.; Daniel, M.; Sabnis, S. D., 1987: Sapwood heartwood conversion in melia azedarach linn. a chemical study

Et Al, 1985: Saquayamycins new aquayamycin group antibiotics

Pang C.C.Y., 1988: Sar 1ile 7 angiotensin iii a new selective antagonist of the pressor effect of angiotensin iii in conscious rats

Plewes D., 1988: Sar reduced pulse sequences

Kochva E., 1988: Sarafotoxins s6 several isotoxins from atractaspis engaddensis burrowing asp venom that affect the heart

Goldman M., 1984: Saralasin acetate test in renal transplant hypertension 17 cases and a review of the literature

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363043

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363044

Costa G., 1980: Saralasin in subjects with low renin arterial hypertension

Hoefnagels W.H.L., 1980: Saralasin infusion in reno vascular and essential hypertension

Brennan L.A., 1980: Saralasin infusion in reno vascular hypertension increased response rate in seated patients

Wilson, H. M.; Wilson, J. P.; Slaton, P. E.; Foster, J. H.; Liddle, G. W.; Hollifield, J. W., 1977: Saralasin infusion in the recognition of reno vascular hypertension

Franz J.P., 1980: Saralasin test as a diagnostic and prognostic aid in reno vascular hypertensive patients subjected to renal operation

Weber M.A., 1979: Saralasin testing for renin dependent hypertension

Baudet, P.; Otten, C., 1968: Saramycetoic acid and its lactam saramycetic acid a saramycetin structure streptomyces saraceticus

Wold W.S.M., 1979: Sarc sequence transcription in moloney sarcoma virus transformed nonproducer cell lines

Mcginnis M.R., 1986: Sarcinomyces phaeomuriformis a new dematiaceous hyphomycete

Alcorn J.L., 1983: Sarcinulella banksiae new genus new species a coelomycete with a unique method of conidial dispersal

Gulyaev, D. V., 1978: Sarco neural neuro muscular connections structural characteristics distribution and possible functional role

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363056

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363057

Skalicky V., 1985: Sarcoca a newly recognized genus of the family phytolaccaceae

Schreiber, A.; Merxmueller, H., 1976: Sarcocaulon mossamedense and sarcocaulon marlothii

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363060

Benko, L.; Gaspar, P., 1977: Sarcocystic species in cattle in zambia

Rommel M., 1979: Sarcocystinae nomina dubia and available names

Zipper J., 1986: Sarcocystis alceslatrans apicomplexa from a palearctic moose ruminantia

Tadros, W.; Laarman, J. J., 1976: Sarcocystis and related coccidian parasites a brief general review together with a discussion on some biological aspects of their life cycles and a new proposal for their classification

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363065

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363067

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363068

Loupal G., 1982: Sarcocystis bertrami a sarcosporid of the horse equus caballus

Metsis, A. L., 1987: Sarcocystis bovicanis heydorn et al. 1975 sporozoa apicomplexa cytochemical study of tissue cysts from bovine heart i. nucleic acids polysaccharides lipids proteins

Livingston C.W.Jr, 1986: Sarcocystis capracanis and toxoplasma gondii infections in range goats from texas usa

Blixt J.A., 1984: Sarcocystis capracanis development in goats capra hircus dogs and coyotes

Cerna, Z.; Kolarkova, I.; Sulc, P., 1978: Sarcocystis cernae excystation life cycle and comparison with other heteroxenous coccidians from rodents and birds

Gomez F., 1981: Sarcocystis cervicanis new species of parasites of deer cervus elaphus

Matuschka F R., 1987: Sarcocystis chalcidicolubris new species recognition of the life cycle in skinks of the genus chalcides and snakes of the genus coluber

Matuschka F R., 1986: Sarcocystis clethrionomyelaphis new species from snakes of the genus elaphe and different voles of the family arvicolidae

Scholtseck E., 1985: Sarcocystis crotali new species with the mojave rattlesnake crotalus scutulatus scutulatus and mouse mus musculus cycle

Ashford, R. W., 1978: Sarcocystis cymruensis new species a parasite of rats rattus norvegicus and cats felis catus

Dubey, J. P.; Streitel, R. H.; Stromberg, P. C.; Toussant, M. J., 1977: Sarcocystis fayeri new species from the horse

Dubey J.P., 1983: Sarcocystis ferovis new species from the bighorn sheep ovis canadensis and coyote canis latrans

Gjerde B., 1984: Sarcocystis hardangeri and sarcocystis rangi new species from the domestic reindeer rangifer tarandus in northern norway

Hudkins, G.; Kistner, T. P., 1977: Sarcocystis hemionilatrantis new species life cycle in mule deer and coyotes

Bledsoe B., 1980: Sarcocystis idahoensis new species in deer mice peromyscus maniculatus and gopher snakes pituophis melanoleucus

Lima J.D., 1982: Sarcocystis in cattle of minas gerais brazil occurrence and diagnosis method

Speer C.A., 1979: Sarcocystis in free ranging herbivores on the national bison range montana usa

Morera P., 1979: Sarcocystis in man a review and report of 5 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363090

Colwell D.D., 1980: Sarcocystis in wild ungulates in alberta canada

Kutty, M. K.; Das, A. M.; Dissanaike, A. S., 1975: Sarcocystis infection in an orang asli the 2nd human case from malaysia

Gautam O.P., 1984: Sarcocystis infection in pigs of hissar haryana india and its transmission to dogs

Gjerde B., 1984: Sarcocystis infection in wild reindeer rangifer tarandus from hardangervidda in southern norway with a description of the cysts of sarcocystis hardanger new species

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363097

Speer C.A., 1986: Sarcocystis infections in mule deer odocoileus hemionus in montana usa and the descriptions of three new species

Sinden R.E., 1979: Sarcocystis kirmsei new species in the brain of 2 exotic birds

Itagaki H., 1986: Sarcocystis miescheriana new record infection and its frequency in pigs in japan

Dubey J.P., 1983: Sarcocystis montanaensis and sarcocystis microti new species from the meadow vole microtus pennsylvanicus

Blewaska S., 1981: Sarcocystis muris infection as a model for research on the chemo therapy of acute sarcocystosis of domestic animals

Radchenko A.I., 1987: Sarcocystis muris sporozoa apicomplexa the mode of division of the intermediate cells in the cyst as revealed by electron microscope

Hugghins E.J., 1982: Sarcocystis of deer in south dakota usa

Maleckar J.R., 1981: Sarcocystis singaporensis sarcocystis villivillosi new species and sarcocystis zamani new species development morphology and persistence in the laboratory rat rattus norvegicus

Dubey J.P., 1980: Sarcocystis species in moose alces alces bison bison bison and pronghorn antilocapra americana in montana usa

Crum, J. M.; Fayer, R.; Prestwood, A. K., 1981: Sarcocystis spp in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus 1. definitive and intermediate host spectrum with a description of sarcocystis odocoileocanis new species

Thorne E.T., 1983: Sarcocystis sybillensis new species from the north american elk cervus elaphus

Dubey J.P., 1982: Sarcocystis wapiti new species from the north american wapiti cervus elaphus

Frelier, P.; Mayhew, I. G.; Fayer, R.; Lunde, M. N., 1977: Sarcocystosis a clinical outbreak in dairy calves

Merhautova V., 1981: Sarcocystosis in cattle and sheep at a prague czechoslovakia abattoir

Sharma S.P., 1981: Sarcocystosis in goats clinical signs and pathologic and hematologic findings

Mehlhorn H., 1984: Sarcocysts of sarcocystis podarcicolubris from experimentally infected tyrrhenian wall lizards podarcis tiliguerta from naturally infected canarian lizards gallotia galloti and sarcocystis dugesii from madeirian lizards lacerta dugesii

Berdyev A.S., 1982: Sarcocysts of wild mammals of the southern turkmen ssr ussr

Vreeland, P.; Vreeland, H.; Kleiner, E. F., 1976: Sarcodes sanguinea a mycorrhizal species

Pietra F., 1986: Sarcodictyenone a ring reduced optically active linear tetraprenylquinone from the mediterranean stolonifer sarcodictyon roseum equals rolandia rosea

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363123

Ganesh P.N., 1986: Sarcodon atroviridis new record a stipitate hydnum new to india

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363125

Khare A., 1986: Sarcogenin a pregnane derivative from pergularia pallida and sarcostemma brevistigma

Ende, N.; Grizzanti, J. N.; Orsi, E. V.; Lubansky, K. P.; Amoruso, R. C.; Reichman, L. B.; Zelikoff, J. T., 1986: Sarcoid and cytotoxic lung antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363128

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363129

Dushuttle R.P., 1986: Sarcoid flexor tenosynovitis of the finger a case report

Takaku F., 1984: Sarcoid granulomas metabolize 25 hydroxyvitamin d 3 in vitro

Pimentel, J. C., 1977: Sarcoid granulomas of the skin produced by acrylic and nylon fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363133

Ali M., 1980: Sarcoid like granulomas in secondary oxalosis a case

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363135

Bahadori, M.; Bahadori, P., 1976: Sarcoid like lesions in the lung by selective intra bronchial instillation of antigen in previously sensitized rabbits

Woeckel, W.; Ruediger, K. D., 1977: Sarcoid like lesions of the spleen in hodgkins disease

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363138

Carr I., 1980: Sarcoid macrophage giant cells ultrastructure and lysozyme content

Campbell, J. N.; Black, P.; Ostrow, P. T., 1977: Sarcoid of the cauda equina case report

Waybright E.A., 1982: Sarcoid optic neuropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363142

Urbano, U., 1976: Sarcoid type granuloma in lymph nodes with hodgkins disease

Pettersen H.B., 1986: Sarcoidosis

Wiedemann H R., 1981: Sarcoidosis 10 year follow up of a relatively severe case

Williams, W. J., 1977: Sarcoidosis 1977

Hales C.A., 1980: Sarcoidosis a cause of innominate vein obstruction and massive pleural effusion

Rasmussen, S. M.; Neukirch, F., 1976: Sarcoidosis a clinical study with special reference to the choice of biopsy procedure

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363149

Oakley C.M., 1987: Sarcoidosis a pattern of clinical and morphological presentation

Murugasu, R., 1977: Sarcoidosis a report of 2 cases

Reed T.M., 1988: Sarcoidosis a review and case report

Ong G.B., 1981: Sarcoidosis among chinese

Yeager, H. Jr ; Williams, M. C.; Beekman, J. F., 1977: Sarcoidosis analysis of cells obtained by bronchial lavage

Rotes I., 1980: Sarcoidosis analytical study of 66 cases

Soejima R., 1988: Sarcoidosis and acquired type ii b hyperlipoproteinemia

Battesti J.P., 1980: Sarcoidosis and angio immuno blastic lymph adenopathy with secondary immuno blastic sarcoma

Martland W.H., 1987: Sarcoidosis and ankylosing spondylitis

Atkinson G.W., 1982: Sarcoidosis and aspergilloma role of surgery

Leophonte P., 1988: Sarcoidosis and auto immunity two cases

Portioli I., 1985: Sarcoidosis and autoimmune thyreopathies 4 cases

Gailloud, C.; Rabinowicz, T., 1969: Sarcoidosis and central nervous system

Schipper M.E.I., 1986: Sarcoidosis and chronic intrahepatic cholestasis

Cantrell R.W., 1981: Sarcoidosis and fluctuating hearing loss

Rubinstein, I.; Baum, G. L.; Hiss, Y.; Margaliot, S.; Yellin, A., 1985: Sarcoidosis and hashimoto's thyroiditis a chance occurrence

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Dunbar, R. D., 1978: Sarcoidosis and its radiologic manifestations

Amorosa, J. K.; Schaffer, R. M.; Smith, P. R.; Cohen, J. R.; Robinson, T., 1978: Sarcoidosis and mediastinal emphysema

Gee, J. B. L.; Bodel, P. T.; Zorn, S. K.; Hinman, L. M.; Stevens, C. A.; Matthay, R. A., 1978: Sarcoidosis and mononuclear phagocytes

Powell D.A., 1981: Sarcoidosis and ocular disease in a young child a case and a review of the literature

Le-Verger, J. C.; Gosselin, M.; Launois, B.; Gastard, J., 1977: Sarcoidosis and portal hypertension report of 2 cases and review of the literature

De Regt R.H., 1987: Sarcoidosis and pregnancy

Payan, H. M., 1978: Sarcoidosis and rupture of the heart a case report

Dragon L.H., 1981: Sarcoidosis and sarcoid like lesions occurrence after cyto toxic and radiation therapy of testis cancer

Siegler, D., 1978: Sarcoidosis and selective immuno globulin a deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363176

Hancock, B. W.; Millard, L. G., 1976: Sarcoidosis and thyro toxicosis a study of 5 patients

Anthoine D., 1986: Sarcoidosis and tuberculosis

Callen J.P., 1979: Sarcoidosis appearing initially as poly myositis

Miyares Lopez R., 1986: Sarcoidosis apropos of an interesting case

Ballester J.M., 1981: Sarcoidosis associated with auto immune hemolytic anemia and paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria red cell abnormality

Von Dem Borne A.E.G.K., 1982: Sarcoidosis associated with auto immune thrombocytopenia and selective immuno globulin a deficiency

Ishizaki, T.; Hashizume, K.; Matsubara, F.; Okafuji, K.; Yamamura, I.; Hattori, K.; Kubota, T., 1980: Sarcoidosis associated with disseminated intra vascular coagulation and diabetes insipidus the 1st report of sarcoidosis complicated with disseminated intra vascular coagulation in japan

Miura A., 1987: Sarcoidosis associated with hyperthyroidism

Mcfarland, J. P.; Kauh, Y. C.; Luscombe, H. A., 1978: Sarcoidosis associated with mycosis fungoides

Zhao J., 1985: Sarcoidosis associated with tuberculosis report of a case with review of relevant literature

Vetter N., 1986: Sarcoidosis correlation between clinical radiological and lung function findings and bronchoalveolar lavage cytology

Martin A., 1986: Sarcoidosis developing during therapy for breast cancer

Diz Lois F., 1985: Sarcoidosis epidemiological clinical and diagnostic features for 40 patients

Schmekel B., 1984: Sarcoidosis epidemiology and prognosis a 15 year european study

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363191

Senoo A., 1983: Sarcoidosis granuloma and lymphocyte breakdown

Mitchell, D. N.; Scadding, J. G.; Heard, B. E.; Hinson, K. F. W., 1977: Sarcoidosis histo pathological definition and clinical diagnosis

Shirahige Y., 1982: Sarcoidosis in 2 sisters

Morrison, J. G. L., 1976: Sarcoidosis in a child presenting as an erythroderma with keratotic spines and palmar pits

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363196

Elegbeleye, O. O., 1978: Sarcoidosis in africans

Olinsky A., 1986: Sarcoidosis in children

Swift P.J., 1985: Sarcoidosis in ciskei south africa a report on 15 cases

Milton C.M., 1985: Sarcoidosis in ear nose throat practice

Yoneda R., 1986: Sarcoidosis in elderly patients

Tsega, E.; Getahun, B.; Teklehaimanot, R., 1978: Sarcoidosis in ethiopia

Gange R.W., 1979: Sarcoidosis in husband and wife

Cohen, S. H.; Fink, J. N.; Garancis, J. C.; Hensley, G. T.; Barboriak, J. J.; Schlueter, D. P., 1977: Sarcoidosis in hyper sensitivity pneumonitis

Kendig, E. L-Jr ; Nittu, Y., 1980: Sarcoidosis in japanese and american children

Jacyk W.K., 1984: Sarcoidosis in the west african 8 nigerian patients with cutaneous lesions

Hetherington S., 1982: Sarcoidosis in young children

Rasmussen J.E., 1981: Sarcoidosis in young children

Hafermann, D. R.; Solomon, D. A.; Byrd, R. B., 1978: Sarcoidosis initially occurring as apical infiltrate and pleural reaction

Saltini, C.; Spurzem, J. R.; Kirby, M. R.; Crystal, R. G., 1988: Sarcoidosis is not associated with a generalized defect in t cell suppressor function

Costarelli L., 1988: Sarcoidosis management with deflazacort a recent glucocorticoid case report

Rodman O.G., 1982: Sarcoidosis manifesting as eyelid swelling

Connellan, S. J.; Perceval, P. E.; Wilson, R. S. E., 1978: Sarcoidosis mimicking malignancy

Tsou, E.; Romano, M. C.; Kerwin, D. M.; Soteropoulos, G. C.; Katz, S., 1980: Sarcoidosis of anterior mediastinal nodes pancreas and uterine cervix 3. unusual sites in the same patient

Neville, E.; Carstairs, L. S.; James, D. G., 1977: Sarcoidosis of bone

Pauwels R., 1983: Sarcoidosis of malignancy a diagnostic dilemma

Pombo Felipe F., 1986: Sarcoidosis of nasal bones one case report

Katz S.M., 1981: Sarcoidosis of testis and epididymis

Bronner A., 1986: Sarcoidosis of the anterior optic pathways a diagnostic discussion

O'brien T.E.B., 1986: Sarcoidosis of the breast

Abeler V., 1979: Sarcoidosis of the cardiac conducting system

Von Der Emde J., 1987: Sarcoidosis of the coronary arteries

Chalvardjian, A., 1978: Sarcoidosis of the female genital tract

Roberts, W. C.; Mcallister, H. A. Jr ; Ferrans, V. J., 1977: Sarcoidosis of the heart a clinico pathologic study of 35 necropsy patients group i and review of 78 previously described necropsy patients group ii

Gloor F., 1987: Sarcoidosis of the kidney

Clarke G.P., 1981: Sarcoidosis of the lacrimal sac

Larsen C.R., 1979: Sarcoidosis of the larynx

Terayama Y., 1985: Sarcoidosis of the larynx and lip a case report

Desa D., 1985: Sarcoidosis of the larynx in a child

Vlasov V., 1984: Sarcoidosis of the lung and mediastinum

Hopkinson J.M., 1981: Sarcoidosis of the nasal mucosa

Selroos, O.; Niemisto, M., 1977: Sarcoidosis of the nose including a report on a patient with large sarcoid polypi of the nasal mucosa

Mindel J., 1982: Sarcoidosis of the optic nerve

Teal J.S., 1986: Sarcoidosis of the parotid gland

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363235

Schaefer, M.; Lapras, C.; Thomalske, G.; Grau, H.; Schober, R., 1977: Sarcoidosis of the pineal gland case report

Stoicescu I., 1985: Sarcoidosis of the skin a reconsideration anatomo clinical and investigative observations in connection with 11 cases

Snyder, R.; Towfighi, J.; Gonatas, N. K., 1976: Sarcoidosis of the spinal cord case report

Selroos, O., 1976: Sarcoidosis of the spleen

Korsager S., 1979: Sarcoidosis of the stomach a case report

Hunter F.M., 1980: Sarcoidosis of the stomach and rectum

Aronov, B. Kh, 1975: Sarcoidosis of the tongue with rapid generalization of the process 1 case report

Adelaar R.S., 1983: Sarcoidosis of the upper extremity case presentation and literature review

Carstairs L.S., 1982: Sarcoidosis of the upper respiratory tract

Ho K L., 1979: Sarcoidosis of the uterus

Kataria, Y. P.; Glaus, K. R., 1978: Sarcoidosis phyto hem agglutinin response of lymphocyte fractions isolated by velocity sedimentation and enhanced helper cell activity

Ruberg R.L., 1980: Sarcoidosis presenting as a dorsal spinal cord tumor report of a case

Stern J., 1981: Sarcoidosis presenting as a posterior fossa mass

Lavyne M., 1982: Sarcoidosis presenting as cervical radiculopathy a case and literature review

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363251

Dhakhwa, R. B.; Harman, E.; Safirstein, B. H., 1976: Sarcoidosis presenting as multiple pulmonary nodules

Yamamoto T., 1988: Sarcoidosis presenting as progressive myelopathy

Healton E.B., 1981: Sarcoidosis presenting as senile dementia

Kennedy, C., 1976: Sarcoidosis presenting in tattoos

Mikhail, J. R.; Lovell, D.; Mcghee, K. J.; Mitchell, D. N., 1976: Sarcoidosis presenting with a pleural effusion

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363257

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363258

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363259

Lopez De Letona M., 1980: Sarcoidosis retrospective study of 29 patients

Boladeres Iniguez C., 1986: Sarcoidosis study of 30 patients

Del-Marmol, J. E.; Cujnik, F., 1975: Sarcoidosis study of 378 cases

Chevrant-Breton, J.; Revillon, L.; Pony, J. C.; Huguenin, A., 1977: Sarcoidosis with extensive ulcerating and atrophying cutaneous manifestations of the pick herxheimer type and with cardiac and muscular involvement about 1 case

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363264

Meyer R.J., 1982: Sarcoidosis with immune hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia humoral aberrations responding to steroids or splenectomy

Friedman, H. S.; Parikh, N. K.; Chander, N.; Calderon, J., 1976: Sarcoidosis with incomplete bilateral bundle branch block pattern disappearing following steroid therapy an electro physiological study

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363267

Romer, F. K., 1977: Sarcoidosis with large nodular lesions simulating pulmonary metastases an analysis of 126 cases of intra thoracic sarcoidosis

Hilvering C., 1987: Sarcoidosis with maxillary involvement

Prout T.E., 1980: Sarcoidosis with neo vascularization of the optic nerve head

Thysell H., 1985: Sarcoidosis with normocalcemic granulomatous nephritis 5 case reports and a review of 24 cases in the literature

Beeley, J. A.; Chisholm, D. M., 1976: Sarcoidosis with salivary gland involvement biochemical studies on parotid saliva

Von-Knorring, J.; Selroos, O., 1976: Sarcoidosis with thyroid involvement poly myalgia rheumatica and breast carcinoma a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363274

Kidwai A.M., 1988: Sarcolemma as model for testing toxicity of chemicals

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363276

Leeson, T. S., 1978: Sarcolemma transverse tubules and subsarcolemmal caveolae interrelationships and continuity demonstrated by tannic acid mordanting

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Dhalla N.S., 1986: Sarcolemmal calcium binding and enzyme activities in myocardium from hypothyroid rat

Philipson K.D., 1988: Sarcolemmal calcium kinetics in the neonatal heart

Dhalla N.S., 1987: Sarcolemmal calcium transport in streptozotocin induced diabetic cardiomyopathy in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363284

Barchi R.L., 1982: Sarcolemmal desmosterol accumulation and membrane physical properties in 20 25 di aza cholesterol myotonia

Verkleij A.J., 1987: Sarcolemmal destablization and destruction after ischemia and reperfusion and its relation with long term recovery of regional left ventricular function in pigs

Ruigrok T.J.C., 1985: Sarcolemmal disruption during the calcium paradox

Nayler W.G., 1984: Sarcolemmal enzymes and sodium calcium exchange in hypoxic ischemic and reperfused rat hearts

Sawh P.C., 1985: Sarcolemmal glucose transport in calcium tolerant myocytes from adult rat heart calcium dependence of insulin action

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363290

Del Molino A.M., 1982: Sarcolemmal membrane from several species enzymatic characterization and chemical composition

Takahashi K., 1982: Sarcolemmal membrane phospho lipid in canine heart ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363293

Lochner A., 1988: Sarcolemmal phospholipid fatty acid composition and permeability

Dhalla N.S., 1987: Sarcolemmal phospholipid n methylation in genetically determined hamster cardiomyopathy

Casanello Ertl D., 1981: Sarcolemmal protein profiles from cultured myo tubes and myo blasts

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363297

Dhalla N.S., 1987: Sarcolemmal sodium calcium exchange activity in hearts subjected to hypoxia reoxygenation

Will H., 1986: Sarcolemmal sodium calcium exchange and sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium uptake in developing chick heart

Dhalla N.S., 1985: Sarcolemmal sodium calcium exchange during the development of genetically determined cardiomyopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363301

Khorosheva E.V., 1986: Sarcolysin induced disturbances of the reparative processes in tumor cell dna

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Section 7, Chapter 6364, Accession 006363865

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