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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6369

Chapter 6369 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pauwels E.K.J.; Lemkes H.H.P.J.; Gonsalves S.; Liqui Lung A.; Blokland J.A.K.; Radder J.K., 1985: Scintigraphic evidence of asymptomatic impaired left ventricular function in type i diabetics

Schofer J.; Montz R.; Mathey D.G., 1985: Scintigraphic evidence of the no reflow phenomenon in human beings after coronary thrombolysis

Ho G.Jr; Claunch B.C.; Sadovnikoff N., 1980: Scintigraphic evidence of transient unilateral sacro iliitis in a case of whipples disease

Schofer J.; Spielman R.; Bleifeld W.; Montz R.; Mathey G., 1985: Scintigraphic evidence that the right ventricular myocardium tolerates ischemia better than the left ventricular myocardium

Fafrowicz B.; Tarkowska A.; Srednicka Zajac D.; Zaorska Rajca J., 1979: Scintigraphic examinations by means of iodine 131 labeled albumin macro aggregates in patients with infiltrative tuberculosis

Mueller R P.; Vosberg H.; Peters P.E.; Hemmelskamp S., 1979: Scintigraphic examinations of the lymph before endo lymphatic radio nuclide therapy of the malignant melanoma of the lower extremity

Weissmann H.S.; Sprayregen S.; Sugarman L.A.; Freeman L.M., 1981: Scintigraphic features of cavernous transformation of the portal vein

Goodgold H.M.; Chen D.C.P.; Majd M.; Nolan N.G.; Malawer M., 1984: Scintigraphic features of giant cell tumor

Brenner R.J.; Hattner R.S.; Lilien D.L., 1979: Scintigraphic features of nonosteogenic fibroma

Rossleigh M.A.; Smith J.; Yeh S.D.J., 1986: Scintigraphic features of primary sacral tumors

Shih W J.; Domstad P.A.; Kenady D.E.; Deland F.H., 1987: Scintigraphic findings in acute gangrenous cholecystitis

Lentle, B. C.; Russell, A. S.; Percy, J. S.; Jackson, F. I., 1977: Scintigraphic findings in ankylosing spondylitis

Israel, O.; Jerushalmi, J.; Front, D., 1986: Scintigraphic findings in gaucher's disease

Hahn, F. J. Y.; Stine, E. J.; Schapiro, R. L.; Christie, J. H., 1977: Scintigraphic findings in hyper ostosis frontalis interna

Noel A.W.; Heyman S., 1986: Scintigraphic findings in infantile hemangioendothelioma

Lindfors K.K.; Meyer J.E.; Palmer E.L.IIi; Harris N.L., 1984: Scintigraphic findings in large cell lymphoma of the spleen

Schuemichen C.; Krause T., 1988: Scintigraphic findings in myocardial infarction

Shih W J.; Deland F.H.; Domstad P.A.; Stahr B.J.; Powell R.D.; Yoneda K., 1985: Scintigraphic findings in primary amyloidosis of the heart and stomach

Lundy M.M.; Billingsley J.L.; Redwine M.D.; Turnbull G.L.; Brown T.J., 1982: Scintigraphic findings in progressive diaphyseal dysplasia

Prather, J. L.; Nusynowitz, M. L.; Snowdy, H. A.; Hughes, A. D.; Mccartney, W. H.; Bagg, R. J., 1977: Scintigraphic findings in stress fractures

Otsuka N.; Fukunaga M.; Morita K.; Ono S.; Nagai K.; Yanagimoto S.; Tomomitsu T.; Furukawa T.; Imai H.; Et Al, 1988: Scintigraphic findings of bone and bone marrow and determination of bone mineral density using photon absorptiometry in osteopetrosis

Sty J.R.; Chusid M.J.; Babbitt D.P., 1979: Scintigraphic findings of uncommon focal manifestations of haemophilus influenzae septicemia

Hvid Jacobsen K.; Fogh J.; Nielsen S.L.; Thomsen H.S.; Dyrbye M., 1988: Scintigraphic follow up control of pulmonary emboli

Solheim K.; Nerdrum H.J., 1985: Scintigraphic follow up of splenic rupture

Metcalf M.R., 1987: Scintigraphic gastrointestinal bleeding localization with technetium 99m labeled red blood cells clinical application in nine dogs

Nagai G.R.; Pitts W.C.; Basso L.; Cisco J.A.; Mcdougall I.R., 1987: Scintigraphic hot nodules and thyroid carcinoma

Royal H.D.; Papanicolaou N.; Bettmann M.; Mcneil B.J., 1980: Scintigraphic identification of bleeding duodenal varices a case

Toyota S.; Nakagawa T.; Yamaguchi N.; Taya K.; Higashiguchi T.; Kawarada Y., 1986: Scintigraphic imaging of autotransplanted splenic grafts by technetium 99m labeled heat damaged erythrocytes

Holman B.L.; Zimmerman R.E.; Bifolck L.V.; Neirinckx R.D., 1979: Scintigraphic imaging with tantalum 178 and the anger scintillation camera concise communication

Boneu A.; Lucot H., 1986: Scintigraphic imaging with technetium 99m dmsa alkalinized preliminary results in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid

Darsow F.; Jaster D.; Krueger M., 1986: Scintigraphic investigation of harrington spondylodesis

Fritz P.; Schulz Wendtland R.; Kuttig H., 1987: Scintigraphic liver and kidney localization in radiotherapy of the abdomen method precision comparison with ultrasonography

Gross M.D.; Shapiro B.; Grekin R.J.; Freitas J.E.; Glazer G.; Beierwaltes W.H.; Thompson N.W., 1984: Scintigraphic localization of adrenal lesions in primary aldosteronism

Schmidt K.G.; Rasmussen J.W.; Grove O.; Madsen P.E.R.; Bargum R.; Andersen D., 1983: Scintigraphic localization of intermittent gastro intestinal hemorrhage with indium 111 labeled platelets

Sisson J.C.; Frager M.S.; Valk T.W.; Gross M.D.; Swanson D.P.; Wieland D.M.; Tobes M.C.; Beierwaltes W.H.; Thompson N.W., 1981: Scintigraphic localization of pheo chromo cytoma

Fischer M.; Vetter W.; Winterberg B.; Hengstmann J.; Zidek W.; Friemann J.; Vetter H., 1984: Scintigraphic localization of pheo chromo cytomas

Winzelberg G.G.; Wholey M.H.; Sachs M., 1982: Scintigraphic localization of pulmonary bleeding using technetium 99m labeled sulfur colloid a preliminary report

Machida K.; Makita K.; Nishikawa J.; Ohtake T.; IIo M., 1986: Scintigraphic manifestation of fibrous dysplasia

Nickel O.; Schad N.; Andrews E.J.Jr; Fleming J.W.; Mello M., 1982: Scintigraphic measurement of left ventricular volumes from the count density distribution

Spiller R.C.; Brown M.L.; Phillips S.F.; Azpiroz F., 1986: Scintigraphic measurements of canine ileocolonic transit direct and indirect effects of eating

Widner H.; Jonsson B A.; Hallstadius L.; Wingardh K.; Strand S E.; Johansson B.B., 1987: Scintigraphic method to quantify the passage from brain parenchyma to the deep cervical lymph nodes in rats

Zwas S.T.; Katz I.; Belfer B.; Baum G.L.; Aharonson P., 1987: Scintigraphic monitoring of mucociliary tracheo bronchial clearance of technetium 99m macroaggregated albumin aerosol

Duska F.; Novak J.; Mazurova Y.; Kubicek J.; Vizda J.; Kafka P., 1983: Scintigraphic myo cardial imaging with technetium 99m labeled gluconate of experimentally produced cardio myopathy in dogs

Duska F.; Novak J.; Vizda J.; Kubicek J.; Kafka P.; Mazurova Y.; Bradna P., 1981: Scintigraphic myo cardial imaging with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate of experimentally produced cardio myopathy in dogs

Dunn E.K.; Macchia R.J.; Solomon N.A., 1981: Scintigraphic pattern in missed testicular torsion

Mclean R.G.; Murray I.P.C., 1984: Scintigraphic patterns in certain primary malignant bone tumors

Wells R.G.; Miller J.H.; Sty J.R., 1987: Scintigraphic patterns in osteoid osteoma and spondylolysis

Kim, Y. C.; Brown, M. L.; Thrall, J. H., 1977: Scintigraphic patterns of gallium 67 uptake in the breast

Newman G.E.; Sullivan D.C.; Gottschalk A.; Putman C.E., 1982: Scintigraphic perfusion patterns in patients with diffuse lung disease

Buchancova J.; Reznak I.; Horak V.; Altmann P.; Svehlova L.; Suchova E.; Sramkova E., 1985: Scintigraphic pictures of the liver in workers after a long term exposure to vinyl chloride

Yobbagy J.J.; Levatter R.; Sisson J.C.; Shulkin B.L.; Polley T., 1988: Scintigraphic portrayal of the syndrome of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2b

Green M.V.; Jones Collins B.A.; Bacharach S.L.; Findley S.L.; Patterson R.E.; Larson S.M., 1984: Scintigraphic quantification of asynchronous myo cardial motion during the left ventricular iso volumic relaxation period a study in the dog during acute ischemia

Massie B.M.; Hollenberg M.; Wisneski J.A.; Go M.; Gertz E.W.; Henderson S., 1983: Scintigraphic quantification of myo cardial ischemia a new approach

Khaw B.A.; Gold H.K.; Yasuda T.; Leinbach R.C.; Kanke M.; Fallon J.T.; Barlai Kovach M.; Strauss H.W.; Sheehan F.; Haber E., 1986: Scintigraphic quantification of myocardial necrosis in patients after intravenous injection of myosin specification antibody

Redeker S.; Crone Muenzebrock W.; Weh L.; Montz R., 1982: Scintigraphic radiological and clinical results after radium 224 therapy of 53 patients with spondylitis ankylosans

Gollub S.; Hirose T.; Klauber J., 1980: Scintigraphic sequelae of superior vena caval obstruction

Aykovleva L.A.; Volkov A.A.; Borisov A.E., 1986: Scintigraphic signs of hepatocirrhosis

Olgaard K.; Madsen S.; Heerfordt J.; Hammer M.; Jensen H., 1979: Scintigraphic skeletal changes in nondialyzed patients with advanced renal failure

Olgaard, K.; Heerfordt, J.; Madsen, S., 1976: Scintigraphic skeletal changes in uremic patients on regular hemo dialysis

Mattsson O., 1982: Scintigraphic spleen volume calculation

Gabuniya R.I.; Bogdasarov Yu B.; Zaitseva T.I.; Lenskaya O.P.; Shiryaev S.V., 1981: Scintigraphic studies of malignant tumors using indium 111 labeled bleomycin

Nordlander, S.; Sundberg, B.; Westin, B.; Asard, P. E., 1977: Scintigraphic studies of uterine and placental growth and placental migration during pregnancy

Patka P.; Den Hollander W.; Den Otter G.; Heidendal G.A.K.; De Groot K., 1985: Scintigraphic studies to evaluate stability of ceramics hydroxyapatite in bone replacement

Siostrzonek P.; Jung M.; Bailer H.; Herold C.; Dudczak R.; Ehringer H.; Schubiger A., 1987: Scintigraphic studies with iodine 123 miniplasmin in patients with suspected deep vein thrombosis comparison of the diagnostic value of iodine 123 miniplasmin scintigraphy and technetium 99m plasmin test

Marinescu B.; Codorean I.; Munteanu V.; Singer D.; Ganta P.; Maruntelu L., 1986: Scintigraphic study of chronic diffuse diseases of the liver correlated with clinical biological and pathohistologic data

Dufresne, F.; Carrier, L.; Gagnon, M.; Picard, D.; Chartrand, R.; Dumont, A., 1988: Scintigraphic study of duodenal gastric reflux in cases of primary gastropathy chronic ulcer of the duodenal bulb and moynihan's disease

Bonaz B.; Caravel J P.; Hostein J.; Bost R.; Fournet J., 1988: Scintigraphic study of duodenogastric reflux value of computerized image subtraction method

Namey T.C.; Daniel W.W., 1980: Scintigraphic study of osgood schlatter disease following delayed clinical presentation

Watkins J.; Slutsky R.; Tubau J.; Karliner J., 1982: Scintigraphic study of relation between left ventricular peak systolic pressure and end systolic volume in patients with coronary artery disease and normal subjects

Boriani S.; Specchia L.; Fagioli G.; Furno A.; Tarozzi C.; Rimondi E., 1986: Scintigraphic study of the evolution of cortical homografts in the treatment of fractures

Sournac, M.; Maublant, J. C.; Aiache, J. M.; Veyre, A.; Bougaret, J., 1988: Scintigraphic study of the gastro intestinal transit and correlations with the drug absorption kinetics of a sustained release theophylline tablet i. administration in fasting state

Malov, G. A.; Kazakov, E. S., 1976: Scintigraphic study on veins of the lower extremities

Gonzalez Villalpando C.; Frohman L.A.; Bekerman C.; Favus M.J.; Pinsky S.; Ryo U.Y.; Shore Freedman E.; Schneider A.B., 1982: Scintigraphic thyroid abnormalities after radiation a controlled study with technetium 99m labeled per technetate scanning

Williams W.; Krishnamurthy G.T.; Brar H.S.; Bobba V.R., 1984: Scintigraphic variations of normal biliary physiology

Schmidt K.G.; Rasmussen J.W., 1984: Scintigraphic visualization of hemostatic and thrombo embolic processes using indium 111 labeled platelets

Frick, M.; Ponto, R. A.; Pyle, R. B.; Yasmineh, W. G.; Loken, M. K., 1978: Scintigraphic visualization of myo cardial infarcts in baboons using thallium 201 and technetium 99m pyro phosphate

Kracht, H.; Buescher, H. K.; Meyerhoefer, H.; Garber, G., 1975: Scintigraphical examinations in kidney trauma

Hirano T.; Iwasaki K.; Suzuki R.; Taguchi A.; Ide S., 1988: Scintigraphical observation to predict fracture healing in intracapsular fracture of the femoral neck

Shah P.K.; Maddahi J.; Berman D.S.; Pichler M.; Swan H.J.C., 1985: Scintigraphically detected predominant right ventricular dysfunction in acute myocardial infarction clinical and hemodynamic correlates and implications for therapy and prognosis

Fredin H.O.; Arborelius M.Jr; Hellekant C., 1985: Scintigraphy and chest radiography in the screening of pulmonary embolism after total hip replacement

Rose J.D.G.; Clayton C.B., 1985: Scintigraphy and contrast radiography for epiphora

Centi Colella A.; Di Rocco E.; Giacco G.; Lobina A.; Mastidoro M.R.; Scopinaro F.; Sparvieri A., 1982: Scintigraphy and echography in the assessment of functional impairment of the pancreas

Sergienko V.B.; Uvarov V.V.; Babenkov N.V., 1984: Scintigraphy and emission computed tomography of the head in the diagnosis of intracranial venous congestion

Sugerman H.J.; Strash A.M.; Hirsch J.I.; Shirazi K.L.; Tatum J.L.; Mathers J.A.L.; Greenfield L.J., 1982: Scintigraphy and radiography in oleic acid pulmonary micro vascular injury effects of positive end expiratory pressure

Bondestam S.; Lahde S.; Annala R.; Aantaa K.; Perttala Y., 1980: Scintigraphy and sonography in the investigation of liver metastases

Frey K.W.; Theopold H M.; Rohloff R.; Rauscher J., 1981: Scintigraphy and tomography in inflammations and nonmalignant tumors in head and neck

Clarke S.E.M.; Lazarus C.R.; Edwards S.; Murby B.; Clarke D.G.; Roden T.M.; Fogelman I.; Maisey M.N., 1987: Scintigraphy and treatment of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid with iodine 131 metaiodobenzylguanidine

Wiener S.N.; Parulekar S.G., 1979: Scintigraphy and ultrasonography of hepatic hem angioma

Nebel G.; Lingg G., 1981: Scintigraphy computed tomography and conventional radiography in degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the hip joint

Frey K.W.; Theopold H M.; Lieven H.V.; Schober M., 1981: Scintigraphy in diagnosis and observation of malignant tumors in head and neck

Graffman, S.; Rangne, A., 1977: Scintigraphy in diagnosis of osteo myelitis of the jaws

Shishkina, V. V.; Piperkova, E. N.; Okulov, L. V., 1987: Scintigraphy in esophageal cancer

Miki T.; Yamamuro T.; Okumura H.; Ueo T.; Kasai R.; Yamamoto I., 1987: Scintigraphy in nontraumatic femoral head necrosis

Gleizer Yu Ya; Marinbakh A.E.; Vasil'ev V.I., 1979: Scintigraphy in primary hypo gonadism in testis transplantation

Nikolov P.N.; Petrova K.; Busarski V., 1986: Scintigraphy in retrobulbar processes

Horgan J.G.; Walker M.; Newman J.H.; Watt I., 1983: Scintigraphy in the diagnosis and management of septic sacro iliitis

Auchincloss J.M.; Watt I., 1982: Scintigraphy in the evaluation of potential fracture healing a clinical study of tibial fractures

Fischer, K. C.; Eraklis, A.; Rossello, P.; Treves, S., 1978: Scintigraphy in the follow up of pediatric splenic trauma treated without surgery

Badmaev, K. N.; Svetlova, N. L.; Fedotova, V. F., 1976: Scintigraphy in tumor and vascular diseases of the brain

Ritz, E.; Clorius, J. H., 1976: Scintigraphy in uremic bone disease

Hudson T.M., 1984: Scintigraphy of aneurysmal bone cysts

Hudson T.M.; Chew F.S.; Manaster B.J., 1983: Scintigraphy of benign exostoses and exostotic chondro sarcomas

Sone T.; Fukunaga M.; Otsuka N.; Muranaka A.; Yanagimoto S.; Tomomitsu T.; Morita R.; Kajihara Y.; Nishishita S.; Et Al, 1985: Scintigraphy of cerebral blood flow with n isopropyl p iodine 123 iodoamphetamine in cerebrovascular accident

Gates, G. F., 1977: Scintigraphy of discitis

Bunker S.R.; Lull R.J.; Tanasescu D.E.; Redwine M.D.; Rigby J.; Brown J.; Brachman M.B.; Mcauley R.J.; Ramanna L.; Et Al, 1984: Scintigraphy of gastrointestinal hemorrhage superiority of technetium 99m labeled red blood cells over technetium 99m sulfur colloid

Asmussen M.; Andresen A.; Lindegaard M., 1987: Scintigraphy of gynecological cancer using gallium 67

Front D.; Royal H.D.; Israel O.; Parker J.A.; Kolodny G.M., 1981: Scintigraphy of hepatic hem angiomas the value of technetium 99m labeled red blood cells

Bergstedt, H. F.; Korlof, B.; Lind, M. G.; Wersall, J., 1978: Scintigraphy of human autologous rib transplants to a partially resected mandible

Hartling O.J.; Marving J.; Munck O., 1987: Scintigraphy of kidneys located at different depths the geometric mean method for determination of differential renal function case report

Crone Muenzebrock W.; Voigt H.; Stritzke P.; Kroeger E., 1981: Scintigraphy of liver after combined chemo therapy immuno therapy with malignant melanoma

Biersack, H. J.; Luis, T. S. Jr ; Lange, C. E.; Thelen, M.; Veltman, G.; Winkler, C., 1977: Scintigraphy of liver and spleen in vinyl chloride workers

East I.J.; Keenan A.M.; Larson S.M.; Dean J., 1984: Scintigraphy of normal mouse ovaries with monoclonal antibodies to zp 2 the major zona pellucida protein

Willi A.; Adaman O.; Wespi H.H.; Bekier A.; Luetolf U.M., 1986: Scintigraphy of orl tumors with cobalt bleomycin

Toledo Pereyra L.H.; Kristen K.T.; Mittal V.K., 1982: Scintigraphy of pancreatic transplants

Mandell G.A.; Harcke H.T., 1987: Scintigraphy of persistent vertebral transverse process epiphysis

Mottonen, T. T.; Hannonen, P.; Toivanen, J.; Rekonen, A.; Oka, M., 1987: Scintigraphy of rheumatoid peripheral joints reliability of visual assessment vs. computerized methods

Russell, A. S.; Lentle, B. C.; Percy, J. S.; Jackson, F. I., 1976: Scintigraphy of sacro iliac joints in acute anterior uveitis a study of 30 patients

Miller, J. H.; Gates, G. F., 1977: Scintigraphy of sacro iliac pyarthrosis in children

Tsel, E. A.; Fadeev, N. P., 1976: Scintigraphy of soft tissue tumors using selenium 75 methionine

Starovoitova L.P.; Sedov V.V.; Vorob'eva E.N.; Kozyreva Aleksandrova L.S.; Levin V.I.; Tarasova T.V.; Mart'yanov B.M.; Malyutina T.S.; Grigor'eva O.L., 1982: Scintigraphy of the adrenals using iodine 131 labeled bimetrol

Zubovskii, G. A.; Turaev, R. N.; Marova, E. I., 1978: Scintigraphy of the adrenals with 19 iodo cholesterol iodine 131

Oster Jorgensen E.; Pedersen S.A.; Christensen P.B., 1981: Scintigraphy of the biliary passages with technetium 99m labeled di ethyl acetanilido imino di acetate in the differential diagnosis of jaundice

Oster Jorgensen E., 1981: Scintigraphy of the biliary passages with technetium 99m labeled di ethylacetanilido imino di acetate in the differential diagnosis of jaundice in children a review of 8 cases

Karpov A.P.; Sukyasyan G.V., 1980: Scintigraphy of the bone marrow in certain diseases of the blood system

Muttini, P.; Fiorio, P.; Lamperi, S., 1977: Scintigraphy of the bone marrow with indium 111 in red cell hypoplasia

Prikhod'ko A.G.; Sheptun A.N.; Vikman Ya E.; Sorokin I.N.; Rozdil'skii S.I.; Zabobonina L.V., 1986: Scintigraphy of the bone marrow with indium 111 labeled citrin in polycythemia vera

Prikhod'ko A.G.; Rozdil'skii S.I.; Sorokin I.N.; Gaisenyuk L.A., 1986: Scintigraphy of the bone marrow with indium 111 labeled citrin in the diagnosis of hemopoietic disorders in patients after chemotherapy

Prikhod'ko A.G., 1982: Scintigraphy of the bones with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate for the diagnosis of tumor spread in the head and neck region

Van Der Skout D.B., 1980: Scintigraphy of the heart using thallium 201 during diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Kasatkin Yu N.; Mironov S.P.; Mironova E.S., 1980: Scintigraphy of the hepato biliary system with technetium 99m labeled n 2 6 di methylphenylcarbamoylmethyl imino di acetic acid

Pegushin V.A., 1988: Scintigraphy of the lacrimal ducts

Christensen P.B.; Pedersen S.A.; Oster Jorgensen E., 1981: Scintigraphy of the liver and biliary passages with technetium 99m labeled di ethyl acetanilido imino di acetate

Savaser A.N.; Bender J.; Rossdeutscher R.; Griesse H.; Koebernik R.; Bulling E.; Szablewski S.; Grassot A., 1987: Scintigraphy of the lung

Porenta M.; Sorli J.; Budihna N., 1980: Scintigraphy of the lung and the veins

Eventov A.Z.; Kramer A.A.; Grigor'yants R.A., 1979: Scintigraphy of the myo cardium with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate in transitory myo cardial ischemia in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

Arrago, J. P.; Rain, J. D.; Brocheriou, C.; Rocher, F., 1987: Scintigraphy of the salivary glands in sjogren's syndrome

Zubovskii, G. A.; Turaev, R. N.; Khripta, F. P.; Aslanov-Ya, I., 1978: Scintigraphy of the skeleton using pyro phosphate technetium 99m

Front, D.; Hardoff, R.; Yoselevski, G.; Robinson, E., 1978: Scintigraphy of the skull and facial bones evaluation of soft tissue swelling

Lopatkin, N. A.; Gleizer-Yu-Ya ; Marinbach, A. E., 1978: Scintigraphy of the testes a new method in the diagnosis of undescended testes

Meinke J.; Mueller Schauenburg W.; Kaiser W., 1985: Scintigraphy of the thyroid using fresnel zone plates

Kaul B.; Petersen H.; Grette K.; Erichsen H.; Myrvold H.E., 1985: Scintigraphy ph measurement and radiography in the evaluation of gastroesophageal reflux

Kjellen G.; Fransson S.G.; Johansson K.E.; Svedberg J.B.; Sokjer H.; Tibbling J., 1984: Scintigraphy radiography and acid clearing in dysphagia patients after anti reflux surgery

Taylor, K. J. W.; Sullivan, D.; Simeone, J.; Rosenfield, A. T., 1977: Scintigraphy ultrasound and computed tomography scanning of the liver

Ythier H.; Legghe R.; Foucher C.; Venel H.; Marchandise X., 1987: Scintigraphy usefulness in the diagnosis of visceral candidiasis

Nieweg O.E.; Beekhuis H.; Piers D.A.; Sluiter H.J.; Van Der Wal A.M.; Woldring M.G., 1984: Scintigraphy with cobalt 57 labeled bleomycin in the detection of lung cancer a review of 268 well documented patients

Paul R.; Roeda D.; Johansson R.; Ahonen A.; Haaparanta M.; Solin O.; Sipila H., 1986: Scintigraphy with fluorine 18 2 fluoro 2 deoxy d glucose of cancer patients

Finn H.A.; Simon M.A.; Martin W.B.; Darakjian H., 1987: Scintigraphy with gallium 67 citrate in staging of soft tissue sarcomas of the extremity

Shiryaev, S. V., 1985: Scintigraphy with gallium 67 citrate of the lymph nodes of children with hodgkin's disease

Lenskaya O.P.; Ozhiganov E.L.; Bogdasarov Yu B., 1985: Scintigraphy with indium 111 bleomycin in the diagnosis of rectal cancer recurrences

Davis H.H.II; Siegel B.A.; Sherman L.A.; Heaton W.A.; Welch M.J., 1980: Scintigraphy with indium 111 labeled autologous platelets in venous thrombo embolism

Terada H.; Shiire Y.; Koizumi K.; Aburano T.; Tonami N.; Hisada K I., 1988: Scintigraphy with indium 111 labeled leukocytes simplified procedure for labeling

Halpern S.E.; Haindl W.; Beauregard J.; Hagan P.; Clutter M.; Amox D.; Merchant B.; Unger M.; Monogovi C.; Et Al, 1988: Scintigraphy with indium 111 labeled monoclonal antitumor antibodies kinetics biodistribution and tumor detection

Ferrant A.; Dehasque N.; Leners N.; Meunier H., 1980: Scintigraphy with indium 111 labeled red cells in intermittent gastro intestinal bleeding

Mueller Gaertner H W.; Erttmann R.; Helmke K., 1985: Scintigraphy with radioiodine labeled m iodobenzylguanidine in the diagnosis of neuroblastoma

Edeling C J., 1982: Scintigraphy with technetium 99m labeled phosphonate and gallium 67 in patients suspected of primary bone tumors

Zubovskii G.A.; Chepoi V.M.; Turaev R.N., 1980: Scintigraphy with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate in the diagnosis of arthritides

Motta F.; Pietrogrande V., 1985: Scintigraphy with technetium 99m methylenediphosphate in the diagnosis of stress lesions in bone

Vinogradov A.V.; Sycheva I.M.; Demidov A.S.; Rylova A.K.; Gel'fand I.N.; Lobzeva V.I.; Zhemerikina E.V., 1982: Scintigraphy with technetium 99m pyro phosphate in bicycle ergometry in patients with myo cardial infarction in the early phase of its healing

Artyushkin A.V.; Kanaev V.; Malinin A.P.; Volkov A.A., 1980: Scintigraphy with the use of technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate in detection of bone affections and control over therapy effectiveness in lympho granulomatosis

Talybov F.Yu; Badokina G.I.; Sysoev V.F.; Agababova E.R., 1981: Scintigraphy with the use of technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate in patients with scapulo humeral peri arthritis

Al Rabaee R.H.; Sigee D.C., 1984: Scintillation and autoradiographic studies on nickel 63 uptake in pseudomonas tabaci

Sondak V.K.; Kern D.H.; Tanigawa N.; Takada Y.; Morimoto H.; Katoh Y.; Maruhashi K.; Nakanishi M.; Et Al, 1985: Scintillation assay for evaluating chemosensitivities of human tumors basis and clinical utility

Jones P.G.; Haussler M.R., 1979: Scintillation auto radiographic localization of 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 in chick intestine

Platkowska, E., 1976: Scintillation auto radiography as a quick method for detection of radioactivity in cells and tissues

Graham L.S.; Zielinski F.W., 1979: Scintillation camera imaging with iodine 123

Bratt C.G.; Larsson I.; White T., 1981: Scintillation camera renography with labeled di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid and technetium 99m iodine 131 labeled hippuran

Zubovskii G.A.; Devishev M.I., 1981: Scintillation chamber for clinical trials manufactured by the firm gamma in hungary

Behling H.; Krafft W.; Wagner F., 1987: Scintillation counting as an in vitro method for assessment of effectivity of tumor chemotherapy

Sun D.; Wimmers L.E.; Turgeon R., 1988: Scintillation counting of carbon 14 labeled soluble and insoluble compounds in plant tissue

Aloyo V.J., 1979: Scintillation counting of tritium containing and carbon 14 containing gel slices a 1 step method

Stanulis B.M.; Sheldon S.; Grove G.L.; Cristofalo V.J., 1979: Scintillation fluid shortens exposure times in auto radiography

Hart H.E.; Greenwald E.B., 1979: Scintillation proximity assay of antigen antibody binding kinetics concise communication

Udenfriend S.; Gerber L.D.; Brink L.; Spector S., 1985: Scintillation proximity radioimmunoassay utilizing iodine 125 labeled ligands

Syrota, A.; Vinot, J. M.; Paraf, A.; Roucayrol, J. C., 1976: Scintillation spleno portography hemodynamic and morphological study of the portal circulation

Rucker, T. L.; Ross, H. H.; Schweitzer, G. K., 1988: Scintillator fiber flow cell radioactivity detector for liquid chromatography

Martelli A.; Cajelli E.; Ghia M., 1985: Scintillometric determination of unscheduled dna synthesis in primary cultures of rat liver cells a hydroxylapatite batch assay

Bianchi V.; Nuzzo F.; Abbondandolo A.; Bonatti S.; Capelli E.; Fiorio R.; Giulotto E.; Mazzaccaro A.; Stefanini M.; Et Al, 1982: Scintimetric determination of dna repair in human cell lines a critical appraisal

Stromqvist B.; Hansson L.I.; Palmer J.; Ceder L.; Thorngren K G., 1983: Scintimetric evaluation of nailed femoral neck fractures with special reference to type of osteosynthesis

Bylander B.; Hansson L.I.; Karrholm J.; Naversten Y., 1983: Scintimetric evaluation of post traumatic and post operative growth disturbance using technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphonate

Krebs B.; Moller B.N.; Falstie Jensen S.; Love Jepsen F.; Jensen F.T., 1986: Scintimetry of hip joint tamponade in dogs

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Norton, J. C.; Powell, B. J.; Penick, E. C.; Sauers, C. A., 1977: Screening alcoholics for medical problems with the cornell medical index

Rumbaugh M.D.; Johnson D.A., 1981: Screening alfalfa medicago sativa germ plasm for seedling drought resistance

Sikela J.M.; Hahn W.E., 1987: Screening an expression library with a ligand probe isolation and sequence of a complementary dna corresponding to a brain calmodulin binding protein

Gonzalen Fernandez E.; Gonzales Moreno P., 1983: Screening analysis for lead in whole blood and urine by delves cup method using quality control samples comparison with the dithizone method

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De Majo E.; Ravina A.; Ricciarelli L.; Parri F.; Mazzetti M.; Di Pietro M.; Grazia Colao M.; Milo D.; Romagnani S., 1986: Screening and confirmatory tests for antibody to htlv iii lav retrovirus in individuals at risk for aids

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Fragu P.; Alperovitch A.; Patois E., 1979: Screening and diagnosis of hyper thyroidism an attempt at test reduction

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Zanella A.; Silvani C.; Banfi P.; Bellone A.; Fumagalli G.; Sirchia G., 1987: Screening and evaluation of blood donors with upper limit hematocrit levels

Dass, S.; Kanwar, Z. S., 1977: Screening and evaluation of pearl millet male sterile lines pollinators and their f 1 for downy mildew resistance

Pope, D. G.; Glenn, M. W.; Bryan, J. T., 1975: Screening and formulation procedures to effect minimal dermal irritancy of agricultural and veterinary chemicals

Rowley P.T.; Lipkin M.Jr; Fisher L., 1984: Screening and genetic counseling for beta thalassemia trait in a population unselected for interest comparison of 3 counseling methods

Rowley P.T.; Fisher L.; Lipkin M.Jr, 1979: Screening and genetic counseling for beta thalassemia trait in a population unselected for interest effects on knowledge and mood

Pongsawasdi P.; Yagisawa M., 1987: Screening and identification of a cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase producing bacteria

Hayashida S.; Tsukamoto K., 1980: Screening and identification of anti yeast substance producing bacteria in sake koji

Ye D.; Wang C.; Wu S.; Yin Q.; Dai B., 1985: Screening and identification of hybridoma derived monoclonal antibodies to pseudomonas aeruginosa strain pa 10115

Ye D.; Shen R.; Yan R.; Zhu G.; Li S.; Dai B., 1987: Screening and identification of hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies against pseudomonas aeruginosa strain pa ii 10177 and strain pa iv 10119

Soustelle B.; Rubio F.; Coves F.; Bizot M., 1980: Screening and identification of irregular anti erythrocyte antibodies on groupamatic g 360 adaptation to routine use

Shlian, D. M., 1978: Screening and immunization of rubella susceptible women experience in a large prepaid medical group

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Rodriguez Martin R.; Ruiz De La Fuente Tirado S., 1984: Screening and management of high blood pressure in a rural area

Fiedurek J.; Rogalski J.; Ilczuk Z.; Leonowicz A., 1986: Screening and mutagenesis of molds for the improvement of glucose oxidase production

Vitiello J., 1981: Screening and preventing allergy in the child

Zhang S.; Zhu S.; Wu J., 1980: Screening and prevention of colo rectal cancer in haining county china

Zhang S Q., 1985: Screening and prevention of colorectal cancer in haining county china

Berg, R. B.; Van-Pelt, W., 1978: Screening and prevention of nutritional anemia during infancy a prospective study of food fortification

Leiblum, S. R.; Kopel, S. A., 1977: Screening and prognosis in sex therapy to treat or not to treat

Soo V.A.; Bergert R.J.; Deutsch D.G., 1986: Screening and quantification of hypnotic sedatives in serum by capillary gas chromatography with a nitrogen phosphorus detector and confirmation by capillary gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Soares L.M.V.; Rodriguez Amaya D.B., 1985: Screening and quantitation of ochratoxin a in corn peanuts beans rice and cassava

Bankert R.B.; Desoye D.; Powers L., 1980: Screening and replica plating of anti hapten hybridomas with a transfer template hemolytic spot assay

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Berntd H., 1981: Screening and risk group concepts in oncology

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Szyrmer J.; Szczepanska K., 1982: Screening and soybean glycine max genotypes for cold tolerance during germination

Pinchin, R.; De-Oliveira-Filho, A. M.; Figueiredo, M. J.; Muller, C. A.; Gilbert, B.; Szumlewicz, A. P.; Benson, W. W., 1978: Screening and structure activity relationships of synthetic juvenile hormone analogs for panstrongylus megistus a primary vector of chagas disease in brazil

Fredin H.O., 1983: Screening and treatment of pulmonary embolism after total hip replacement

Yamamoto Y.; Asari S.; Sunami N.; Kunishio K.; Fukui K.; Sadamoto K., 1986: Screening and treatment of unruptured cerebral aneurysms

Lepage V.; Gaudy Y.; Terrier E.; Dausset J.; Colombani J., 1981: Screening and use of high titered anti hla dr sera in phyto hem agglutinin blast complement fixation and b lymphocyto toxicity techniques

Subchev M.A.; Ganev J.A.; Vostrowsky O.; Bestmann H.J., 1986: Screening and use of sex attractants in monitoring of geometrid moths in bulgaria

Gryska P.V.; Cohen A.M., 1987: Screening asymptomatic patients at high risk for colon cancer with full colonoscopy

Gavrilenko S.L.; Tokarev O.P., 1986: Screening audiometry in children

Abatan M.O.; Makinde M.J., 1986: Screening azadirachta indica and pisum sativum for possible antimalarial activities

Sanders J.S.; Reinert R.A., 1982: Screening azalea rhododendron spp cultivars for sensitivity to nitrogen di oxide sulfur di oxide and ozone alone and in mixtures

Oliveira I.P.D.; Thung M.; Kluthcouski J.; Aidar H.; Carvalho J.R.P.D., 1987: Screening bean cultivars in relation to higher efficiency of phosphorus use

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Hejjas M.; Salker R.; Barbara J.A.J., 1980: Screening blood donors for high titer antibody to herpes varicella zoster

Eisenstaedt R.S.; Getzen T.E., 1988: Screening blood donors for human immunodeficiency virus antibody cost benefit analysis

Deroff P.; Reguer M.; Simitzis A.M.; Boudon A.; Saleun J.P., 1983: Screening blood donors for plasmodium falciparum malaria application of ready to use homologous antigens

Jarrett R.J.; Murrells T.J.; Shipley M.J.; Hall T., 1984: Screening blood glucose values effects of season and time of day

Crete R.; Chiang M.S., 1980: Screening brassica for resistance to clubroot plasmodiophora brassicae

Manning A.P.; Bulgim O.R.; Dixon M.F.; Axon A.T.R., 1987: Screening by colonoscopy for colonic epithelial dysplasia in inflammatory bowel disease

Young H.; Harris A.B.; Urquhart D.; Robertson D.H.H., 1979: Screening by culture for the detection of gonorrhea in women

Krislo, V.; Daniska, J.; Vasovanova, M., 1978: Screening by determining gamma glutamyl trans peptidase in blood donors for the prevention of post transfusion hepatitis

Dougherty, R. C.; Piotrowska, K., 1976: Screening by negative chemical ionization mass spectrometry for environmental contamination with toxic residues application to human urines

Djalaly, A.; Hedayatti, H. A.; Zeighami, E., 1977: Screening capabilities of the lead i electro cardiogram

Perim S.; Takatsu A.; Fukuda S., 1980: Screening cassava varieties to bacteriosis resistance

Hinks C.F.; Olfert O.O.; Westcott N.D., 1987: Screening cereal cultivars for resistance to early instar grasshoppers

Mcintyre, J. L.; Lukens, R. J., 1977: Screening chemicals to control phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae

Nene Y.L.; Haware M.P., 1980: Screening chick pea cicer arietinum for resistance to wilt

Fukumura, T., 1976: Screening classification and distribution of l alpha amino epsilon caprolactam hydrolyzing yeasts

Wood M.; Cooper J.E., 1985: Screening clover and lotus rhizobia for tolerance of acidity and aluminum

Caocci, L.; Alberti, M.; Burrai, P.; Corda, R., 1978: Screening coagulation tests and clotting factors in homo zygous beta thalassemia

French B.T.; Maul H.M.; Maul G.G., 1986: Screening complement dna expression libraries with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies using an amplified biotin avidin peroxidase technique

Houk V.S.; Claxton L.D., 1986: Screening complex hazardous wastes for mutagenic activity using a modified version of the thin layer chromatography salmonella assay

Serjeant, B.; Forbes, M.; Williams, L. L.; Serjeant, G. R., 1974: Screening cord bloods for detection of sickle cell disease in jamaica

Rhue, R. D.; Grogan, C. O., 1977: Screening corn for aluminum tolerance using different calcium and magnesium concentrations

Chou H.J.; Yates R.L.; Wenninger J.A., 1987: Screening cosmetic products for n nitroso compounds by chemiluminescent determination of nitric oxide

Evans J.W.; Elliott H., 1981: Screening criteria for the diagnosis of schizophrenia in deaf patients

Yang W.Z.; Hsiao C.H.; Chang W.N., 1986: Screening cucumbers of resistance to viruses and inheritance of resistance to zucchini yellow mosaic virus

Fennell J.F.M.; Dowker B.D., 1979: Screening cultivars for characteristics required in breeding autumn sown onions

Takahashi K.; Moriyama M.; Takamiya O.; Shibukawa T.; Iwanari O.; Matsunaga I.; Kitao M., 1985: Screening detection and mortality rates in mass screening for uterine cervical cancer in the shimane prefecture japan

O'neill, B.; Eiswirth, R. S., 1972: Screening drivers for alcohol an application of bayes formula

Royse D.; Drude K., 1984: Screening drug abuse clients with the brief symptom inventory

Nielson M.W.; Kuehl R.O., 1982: Screening efficacy of spotted alfalfa aphid therioaphis maculata biotypes and genic systems for resistance in alfalfa medicago sativa

Nothmann J.; Ben Yephet Y., 1979: Screening eggplant and other solanum spp for resistance to verticillium dahliae

Orii T., 1986: Screening enzymatic diagnosis and heterozygote identification of genetic mucopolysaccharidoses

Van Der Graaf Y.; Vooijs G.P.; Gaillard H.L.J.; Go D.M.D.S., 1987: Screening errors in cervical cytologic screening

Noble M.J.; Wacksman J., 1980: Screening excretory urography in patients with cryptorchidism or hypospadias a survey and review of the literature

Wang S Z.; Esen A., 1985: Screening expression libraries with nonradioactive immunological probes

Van Breukelen E.W.M., 1985: Screening faba beans vicia faba for resistance to ascochyta fabae by artificial inoculation of seedlings

Fleck, W.; Strauss, D.; Shoenfeld, C.; Jungstand, W.; Seeber, C.; Prauser, H., 1972: Screening fermentation isolation and characterization of trypanomycin a new antibiotic

Okamoto R.; Fukumoto T.; Imafuku K.; Okubo T.; Kiyoshima K.; Takamatsu A.; Takeuchi T., 1979: Screening for 16 membered macrolide transforming microorganisms

Malan C.; Visser J.H.; Van De Venter H.A., 1984: Screening for 2 4 dihydroxy 7 methoxy 1 4 benzoxazin 3 one benzoxazinone concentration among south african inbred maize zea mays lines and sorghum cultivars

Rossignol G.; Leandri P.; Calvet U.; Corraze J.; Caissel J., 1985: Screening for a disorder of erection

Hunter Cevera J.C.; Sotos L., 1986: Screening for a new enzyme in nature haloperoxidase production by death valley california usa dematiaceous hyphomycetes

Gelpi, A. P.; King, M. C., 1976: Screening for abnormal hemo globins in the middle east new data on hemo globin s and the presence of hemo globin c in saudi arabia

Chan E.M.; Chan S.C., 1984: Screening for acidic and neutral drugs by high performance liquid chromatography in post mortem blood

Sato M.; Kaji A., 1981: Screening for actinomycetes capable of producing pectinolytic enzymes

Eldoen O.; Sandvik A., 1982: Screening for acute intermittent porphyria in saltdal norway

Sakuma R.; Nishina T.; Kitamura M.; Yamanaka H.; Kamatani N.; Nishioka K., 1987: Screening for adenine and hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase deficiencies in human erythrocytes by high performance liquid chromatography

Sakura N.; Usui T.; Ito K., 1981: Screening for adenosine deaminase or purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency and a report of 2 patients with adenosine deaminase deficiency

Inoue T.; Amaki H.; Arai T.; Handa A.; Murata A.; Fukushima Y.; Ariga T.; Nishkawa S.; Okada M., 1980: Screening for adult diseases in industry

Willett A.B.; Nelson J.E.; Foss D.K., 1980: Screening for adult phenyl ketonuria in state psychiatric hospitals

Dixit N.; Singh S., 1987: Screening for aflatoxigenic isolates of aspergillus flavus associated with some dry fruits

Bush B.; Shaw S.; Cleary P.; Delbanco T.L.; Aronson M.D., 1987: Screening for alcohol abuse using the cage questionnaire

Coakley J.C.; Tobgui S.; Dennis P.M., 1983: Screening for alcohol intoxication by the osmolar gap

Russell M.; Bigler L., 1979: Screening for alcohol related problems in an out patient obstetric gynecologic clinic

Hejgaard J.; Gibbons G.C., 1979: Screening for alpha amylase in cereals improved gel diffusion assay using a dye labeled starch substrate

Hall F.W.; Lundgrin D.B., 1987: Screening for alpha thalassemia in neonates routine erythrocyte measurements

Wesenberg J.C.; Walpole J.E., 1980: Screening for amino acid disorders by thin layer chromatography of the dansyl amino acids

Cramer C.L.; Davis R.H., 1979: Screening for amino acid pool mutants of neurospora and yeasts replica printing technique

Guiscafre G.H.; Garcia Melgar M.; Jaime C.M.; Trejo Y.Perez J.A.; Garcia M.; Hernandez Velarde R.; Munoz O., 1981: Screening for ampicillin resistant haemophilus influenzae and penicillin resistant streptococcus pneumoniae in healthy carriers

Matz B., 1985: Screening for amplification of specific dna sequences in cultured mammalian cells

Kurane R.; Kakeda K.; Suzuki T., 1986: Screening for and characteristics of microbial flocculants

Meevootisom V.; Flegel T.W.; Glinsukon T.; Sobhon N.; Kiatpapan S., 1984: Screening for and isolation of lignocellulolytic fungi from thailand for animal feed production

Takala, J.; Jousimies, H.; Sievers, K., 1977: Screening for and treatment of bacteriuria in a middle aged female population part 1 the prevalence of bacteriuria urinary tract infections under treatment and symptoms of urinary tract infections in the sakyla koylio project

Takala, J.; Jousimies, H.; Sievers, K., 1977: Screening for and treatment of bacteriuria in a middle aged female population part 2 results of short term nitrofurantoin therapy and 1 year follow up

Takala J., 1979: Screening for anemia in a middle aged population in southwest finland

Reeves J.D.; Driggers D.A.; Lo E.Y.T.; Dallman P.R., 1981: Screening for anemia in infants evidence in favor of using identical hemo globin criteria for blacks and caucasians

Powell C.R.; Ko W H., 1986: Screening for antagonistic plants for control of phytophthora palmivora in soil

Starka, L.; Sulcova, J.; Broulik, P. D.; Joska, J.; Fajkos, J.; Doskocil, M., 1977: Screening for anti androgenic activity of some 4 5 cyclo a homo b norandrostane derivatives

Samoszuk M.; Sholly S.; Epstein A.L., 1987: Screening for anti idiotypic monoclonal antibodies on paraformaldehyde fixed lymphoma cells

Caccamese S.; Azzolina R., 1979: Screening for anti microbial activities in marine algae from eastern sicily italy

Bromwich P.D.; Walker A.P.; Gregson S.H.; Ross C.F.; Eglin R.P.; Macey J.E.M., 1986: Screening for antibodies to human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii among the semen donors of an artificial insemination with donor semen program

Crovari P.; Cuneo Crovari P.; Icardi G.C.; Bernardi G.; Bertorello C.; Cavagnaro G.; Franchini E.; Furfaro M.; Garibbo B.; Et Al, 1985: Screening for antibody to human t cell leukemia virus iii in blood donors of liguria italy

Fleck B.W.; Bell A.L.; Mitchell J.D.; Thomson B.J.; Hurst N.P.; Nuki G., 1985: Screening for antimalarial maculopathy in rheumatology clinics

Fujimoto K.; Ohmura H.; Kaneda T., 1985: Screening for antioxygenic compounds in marine algae and bromophenols as effective principles in a red alga polysiphonia urceolata

Diamond E.F.; Leyland D.; Novy M., 1981: Screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria in a disadvantaged school population

Archbald F.J.; Verma U.; Tejani N.A., 1984: Screening for asymptomatic bacteriuria with microstix

Kitagawa T., 1985: Screening for asymptomatic hematuria and proteinuria in school children relationship between clinical laboratory findings and glomerular pathology or prognosis

Tsukamura, M., 1970: Screening for atypical mycobacteria

Pettigrew A.G.; Edwards D.A.; Henderson Smart D.J., 1986: Screening for auditory dysfunction in high risk neonates

Bonfils P.; Uziel A.; Pujol R., 1988: Screening for auditory dysfunction in infants by evoked oto acoustic emissions

Higurashi, M.; Segawa, M.; Matsui, I.; Ihnuma, K.; Nakagome, Y., 1977: Screening for autosomal aberrations

Laemmler C.; Schaufuss P.; Goretzki K.; Blobel H., 1986: Screening for bacterial fc receptor activity on nitrocellulose membranes

Jojart, G., 1978: Screening for bacteriuria of school children by the nitrite reaction

Doern G.V.; Saubolle M.A.; Swell D.L., 1986: Screening for bacteriuria with the ln strip test

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