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Chapter 6,371

Seabird observations in the region of the south shetland islands and south orkney islands antarctica during biomass sibex dec. 1983 jan. 1984

Starck, W.

Polish Polar Research 6(1-2): 167-174


ISSN/ISBN: 0138-0338
Accession: 006370332

The presence of 31 species of birds was observed at sea south of 50.degree. S, out of this number 26 species were present also south of 60.degree. S. The most numerous aggregations of birds were recorded in the regions of: Elephant Island, the South Orkneys and NE part of Bransfield Strait. The average number of birds during 10-minute observation was 74.5. In the areas under observations Daption capense predominated quantitatively. The following species were subdominant: Pygoscelidae, Oceanites oceanicus, Diomedea melanophris, Fulmarus glacialoides and Macronectes giganteus. In the total number of the birds observed krill-eaters contributed in 80.1% plankton-eaters-7.8%, squid-eaters-6.2% omnivores-5.9% and fish-eaters-0.1%. In comparison with the autumnal observations more than twice as many birds at sea were observed in the same area.

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