Seasonal attack patterns on cultivar hamlin orange by the coffee bean weevil araecerus fasciculatus coleoptera anthribidae in florida usa

Childers, C.C.

Florida Entomologist 65(1): 136-143


ISSN/ISBN: 0015-4040
Accession: 006371319

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The seasonal attack period of the adult coffee bean weevil, A. fasciculatus (DeGeer) on maturing Hamlin orange, Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck, was determined. Adult weevils were drawn into the trees in Aug. with the onset of fruit splitting. Consistent and highly significant (P .ltoreq. 0.01) correlation coefficients were obtained between adult weevil counts and the counts of split fruit on the same trees. Adult activity occurred within the trees for .apprx. 12-14 wk from mid-Aug. through Nov. each year between 1978-1980. Attacked fruit was first observed between 2-4 wk after adult activity was recorded within the trees. Most injury to fruit occurred during Sept.-Oct. each year with the amount of weevil injury declining rapidly through Nov.