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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6373

Chapter 6373 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mel'nik, L.A.; Kosenko, A.F., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the hypothalamo neuro hypophyseal secretory system of guinea pigs during reproduction of histamine gastric ulcers

Poessel J L.; Martinez J.; Macheix J J.; Jonard R., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the in vitro grafting ability of peach buds prunus persica cultivar springtime relationship with peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase activities and phenolic content

Quarin C.L., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the incidence of apomixis of diploid triploid and tetraploid plants of paspalum cromyorrhizon

Saralov A.I., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the incidence of clostridium butyricum in the ground of the rybinskoye water storage basin ussr

Rom Bugoslavskaya E.S.; Shcherbakova V.S., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the influence of melatonin on the thyroid function

Willis, E.O., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the invertebrate litter fauna on barro colorado island panama

Cover E.; Wilhm J., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the iron manganese and zinc concentrations in the sediments chaoborus punctipennis and chironomus tentans in arbuckle lake oklahoma usa

Crump D.R.; Barlow P.J.; Van Rest D.J., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the lead content of pasture grass lolium perenne growing near a motorway

Deeva N.M.; Mikhailov V.V.; Rezunkova N.A., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the leaf surface index of the principal dominants of the dryad sedge moss small hillock tundra the western taimyr national okrug russian sfsr ussr

Rao Y.P.; Devi V.U.; Rao D.G.V.P., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the level and content of different biochemical constituents in tropical cerithiids cerithidea cingulata gmelin 1790 and cerithium coralium kiener 1841

Hunt S.M.V.; Simpson T.H.; Wright R.S., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the levels of 11 oxo testosterone and testosterone in the serum of male salmon salmo salar and their relationship to growth and maturation cycle

Van Staden J.; Davey J.E., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the levels of endogenous cyto kinins in the willow salix babylonica

Sandhu A.S.; Singh Z., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the levels of metabolites during dormancy in subtropical peach prunus persica cultivar sharbati

Khan, A.A.; Qayyum-Siddiqui, A., 1974:
Seasonal changes in the limnology of a perennial fish pond at aligarh

Hagar A.F.; Dietz T.H., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the lipid composition of gill tissue from the freshwater mussel carunculina texasensis

Kulkarni R.S.; Sathyanesan A.G., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the lipid distribution in the testis of puntius sophore teleostei

Hill Manning D.N.; Blanquet R.S., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the lipids of the sea anemone metridium senile

Timashova L.V., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the liver structure of the plaice pleuronectes platessa

Hill Cottingham D.G.; Sansum L.L., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the major content of vicia faba plants

Vladimirskaya, E.V.; Elizarov, A.A.; Movchan, O.A., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the marine ecosystem in the newfoundland area canada

Grossman, A.I.; Evgen-Ev, M.B., 1968:
Seasonal changes in the mating direction of drosophila melanogaster during experiments with natural inversions

Schaefer H.; Schwarz K G., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the metabolism of nitrogen and proteins in two apple cultivars in correlation to fruit load

Kapoor, N.; Singh, T., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the metabolite levels of a fish barbus conchonius ham. in correlation with sexual cycle

Milkowska, A., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the microbiological activity of soil in the selected plant communities of the pieniny national park poland

Sinsch U., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the migratory behavior of the toad bufo bufo direction and magnitude of movements

Braun A.A.; Aubakirov T.I.; Prus L.N., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the morphofunctional activity of the thyroid gland during the postnatal ontogeny of the extreme representatives of precocial and altricial mammals

Tokmakova N.P., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the morphology of cells of alimentary epithelium in ascidians

Raik I.; Tuvikene L., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the morphophysiological and hematological parameters of cyprinids

Tauginas I.S.; Bal'chyauskas L.P.; Bluzma P.P., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the network of the red deer cervus elaphus paths in a typical forest of north lithuania ussr

Tso, E.C.F.; Lofts, B., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the newt trituroides hongkongensis testis part 1 a histological and histochemical study

Tso, E.C.F.; Lofts, B., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the newt trituroides hongkongensis testis part 2 an ultrastructural study on the lobule boundary cell

Naidenova N.N.; Kovaleva T.M., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the number and biomass of the epibiont infusorian zoothamnium sp on acartia clausi copepoda in sevastopol bay ukrainian ssr ussr

Srebro Z.; Lach H.; Krawczyk S.; Szirmai E.; Dziubek K., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the number of neurocytes containing lipofuscin pigment in selected areas of the brain of rana temporaria

Raw, A., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the numbers and foraging activities of 2 jamaican exomalopsis sp hymenoptera anthophoridae

Ivanov L.N.; Petrova Y.I., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the numbers of pyroglyphidae mites in dwellings in the town of cheboksary chuvash assr russian sfsr ussr

Zumr V.; Nemec V.; Stary P., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the nutrient content in the bodies of ips typographus coleoptera scolytidae

Emel'yanova N.G., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the oocyte cytoplasm during previtellogenesis in the silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix cyprinidae

Khadzhikurbanova G., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the osmotic indices of under shrubs in the southwestern kyzyl kum desert uzbek ssr ussr

Howell W.H., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the ovaries of adult yellowtail flounder limanda ferruginea

Noorits T., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the ovaries of common bream abramis brama in lake vortsjarv estonia ussr

Hohorst, B., 1972:
Seasonal changes in the ovarioles of female workers of formica rufibarbis hymenoptera formicidae

Joshi P.C.; Khanna S.S., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the ovary of a fresh water crab potamon koolooense

Oda T.; Ueda M., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the oviposition activity of culex pipiens molestus in aboveground water

Bideau E.; Vincent J.P.; Maire F., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the patterns of social grouping of 3 forest populations of roe deer

Robertson G.L.; Eschenbruch R.; Cresswell K.J., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the pectic substances of grapes vitis vinifera and their implication in juice extraction

Rashan, L.J.; Baid, I.C.; Mohammod, A.A.M.S., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the per iodic acid schiffs reagent positive material in the giant cells of the thoracic ganglion of the fresh water crab potamon magnum magnum

Pudo J., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the periphyton of the raba river lower course

Alfieri F.J.; Mottola P.M., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the phloem of ephedra californica

Fujii J.A.; Kennedy R.A., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the photosynthetic rate in apple malus domestica trees a comparison between fruiting and nonfruiting trees

Mohamed, A.M.; Ishak, M.M., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the physiological activity of land snail Helicella vestalis (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora) in Egypt

Cunjak R.A.; Power G., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the physiology of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis in a sub arctic river system

Parsons, A.J.; Robson, J., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the physiology of perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar s 24 3. partition of assimilates between root and shoot during the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth

Parsons, A.J.; Robson, M.J., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the physiology of s 24 perennial rye grass lolium perenne 1. response of leaf extension to temperature during the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth

Parsons, A.J.; Robson, M.J., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the physiology of s 24 perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar 4. comparison of the carbon balance of the reproductive crop in spring and the vegetative crop in autumn

Parsons, A.J.; Robson, M.J., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the physiology of s 24 perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar s 4 2. potential leaf and canopy photosynthesis during the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth

Hellali R.; Kester D.E.; Martin G.C., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the physiology of vegetative buds of normal and bud failure affected nonpareil almond trees

Newell R.I.E.; Bayne B.L., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the physiology reproductive condition and carbohydrate content of the cockle cardium edule bivalvia cardiidae

Woodson B.R.Jr; Seaburg K., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the phyto plankton of lake chesdin virginia usa with ecological observations

Shkundina F.B., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the phyto plankton of lake kandry kul russian sfsr ussr

Okolodkov Y.B., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the phytoplankton of the chukchi sea arctic ocean

Kumar, R.; Sriwastwa, V.M., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the pineal organ of control and gonadectomized fish (Mystus vittatus [Bloch])

Itoda, H.; Honma, Y., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the pituitary and thyroid of the japanese dace leuciscus hakonensis

Rizkalla, W.; Yoakim, E., 1975:
Seasonal changes in the pituitary gland of the nile catfish synodontis schall

Munkittrick K.R.; Leatherland J.F., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the pituitary gonad axis of feral goldfish carassius auratus from ontario canada

Szelenyi Z.; Pethes G.; Peczely P., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the plasma concentration of sexual steroids corticosterone and thyroid hormone in the hen gallus domesticus with special respect to the molting period

Fletcher G.L.; Slaughter D.; Hew C.L., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the plasma levels of glyco protein antifreeze sodium chloride and glucose in newfoundland atlantic cod gadus morhua

D'occhio M.J.; Brooks D.E., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the plasma testosterone profile in merino rams

Strelkova M.V.; Eliseev L.N.; Passova O.M.; Kruglov D.B., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the population structure of the causative agent of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis with regard to its virulent properties

Simoes D.; Gobbi N.; Batarce B.D.R.D.M., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the populational structure of wasps colonies in three species of mischocyttarus hymenoptera vespidae

Stobbs, T.H., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the preference by cattle for macroptilium atropurpureum cultivar siratro

Zajonc I., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the presence of earthworms oligochaeta lumbricidae on a foothill meadow

Cussac V.E.; Maggese M.C., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the presumptive gonadotropic cells of the catfish rhamdia sapo pisces pimelodidae in relation to gonadosomatic index

Ikeme, M.M.; Iskander, F.; Chong, L.C., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the prevalence of Haemonchus and Trichostrongylus hypobiotic larvae in tracer goats in Malaysia

Frechette, J.L., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the prevalence of ova of Diphyllobothrium ursi and Baylisascaris transfuga in the feces of the black bear (Ursus americanus)

Nakanishi M.; Yamamura N., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the primary production and chlorophyll a amount of sessile algal community in a small mountain stream chigonosawa japan

Benjamin, M., 1974:
Seasonal changes in the prolactin cell of the pituitary gland of the fresh water stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus leiurus

Gardener C.J.; Megarrity R.G.; Mcleod M.N., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the proportion and quality of plant parts of 9 stylosanthes lines

Mamedov T.A.; Aliev S.P., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the qualitative composition of irrigation waters in kura araksinskaya depression azerbaijan ssr ussr

Munkittrick K.R.; Moccia R.D., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the quality of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri semen effect of delay in stripping on spermatocrit motility volume and seminal plasma constituents

Abdurakhmanova E.Yu, 1984:
Seasonal changes in the quantitative composition of macrozoobenthos in divichi liman azerbaijan ssr ussr

Wakefield R.H.; Harrison A.D.; Kovalak W.P., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the quantity and nitrogen content of coarse detritus in a southern ontario canada stream

Takahashi S.; Okubo T.; Akiyama T., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the quantity of underground plant material on pasture

Koryakina, L.A., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the reaction of the hypophyseal adrenal system to the effect of adreno mimetics in the suslik citellus erythrogenys

Allenov B.V., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the reaction of the russian flying squirrel pteromys volans to the environmental temperature

Gill, J.; Kompanowska-Jezierska, E., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the red blood cell indices in Arabian brood mares and their foals

Beres C., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the reducing organic materials of shrub leaves

Ryg M., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the relationship between food intake and serum triiodothyronine in reindeer rangifer tarandus tarandus

Wagner, V.; Wagnerová, M.; Mádlo, Z.; Zavázal, V., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the relationship of blood calcium levels to immunoglobulins and some of the blood proteins in schoolchildren

Johnsen H.K.; Rognmo A.; Nilssen K.J.; Blix A.S., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the relative importance of different avenues of heat loss in resting and running reindeer rangifer tarandus tarandus

Clement S.L.; Kaster L.V.; Showers W.B.; Schmidt R.S., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the reproductive condition of female black cutworm agrotis ipsilon moths lepidoptera noctuidae

Emberton K.C., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the reproductive gross anatomy of the land snail triodopsis tridentata tridentata pulmonata polygyridae

Sarkar A.K.; Seth T.N., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the reproductive system of the female rose ringed parakeet psittacula krameri borealis neumann

Todhunter, R.; Gemmell, R.T., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the reproductive tract of the male marsupial bandicoot, Isoodon macrourus

Winegarner M.S., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the reproductive tract of the male opossum didelphis virginiana in florida usa

Ivanova T.I.; Vas'kovskii M.D.; Vladimirov V.K., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the respiration of herbaceous plants from wrangel island russian sfsr ussr

Ofir M., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the response to temperature of summer dormant poa bulbosa bulbs

Hiratsuka S.; Hirota M.; Takahashi E.; Hirata N., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the self incompatibility and pollen tube growth in japanese pears pyrus serotina

Bedo S.; Barcsakne G.T.; Uveges I., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the semen production of rams

Ivashkina, I.N., 1975:
Seasonal changes in the sensitivity of the common red backed vole clethrionomys glareolus to sodium amytal

Prasolova L.A., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the skin of wild and tame silver foxes

Ruby, E.G.; Nealson, K.H., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the species composition of luminous bacteria in nearshore sea water

Gabbott P.A.; Head E.J.H., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the specific activities of the pentose phosphate pathway enzymes glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase and nadp dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase in the bivalves mytilus edulis ostrea edulis and crassostrea gigas

Dang H.R.; Guraya S.S., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the spermatogenic cells of the rose ringed parakeet psittacula krameri scopoli

Macauley J.M.; Clark J.R.; Price W.A., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the standing crop and chlorophyll content of thalassia testudinum banks ex konig and its epiphytes in the northern gulf of mexico

Mshigeni, K.E., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the standing crops of 3 hypnea spp rhodophyta gigartinales in hawaii usa

Takeda S.; Matsumasa M.; Kurihara Y., 1988:
Seasonal changes in the stomach contents of the burrowing mud crab helice tridens de haan

Barabanova V.V., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the storage nutrient content in the female tick varroa jacobsoni

Gogoli G.I.; Chichinadze G.V., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the structural composition of the fleece in european breeds of cattle zebu and their hybrids

Swarup K.; Srivastav S.P.; Srivastav A.K., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the structure and behavior of stannius corpuscles and serum calcium level of clarias batrachus in relation to the reproductive cycle

Chapman, E.; Wright, L.C.; Raison, J.K., 1979:
Seasonal Changes in the Structure and Function of Mitochondrial Membranes of Artichoke Tubers: A Requisite for Surviving Low Temperatures during Dormancy

Hannon G.N.; Raison J.K., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the structure and function of mitochondrial membranes of jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus tubers acyl fatty acid composition and the effect of growth conditions

Holland, A.F.; Polgar, T.T., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the structure of an inter tidal community

Farbridge K.J.; Burke M.G.; Leatherland J.F., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the structure of the adenohypophysis of the brown bullhead ictalurus nebulosus

Deshpande B.P.; Rajendrababu T., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the structure of the secondary phloem of grewia tiliaefolia a deciduous tree from india

Nevell W.; Wainwright M., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the sulfate content of deciduous woodland soils exposed to atmospheric pollution

Khansen, T., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the super cooling ability of diapausing dot moth mamestra persicariae pupae

Gorchakov V.Yu; Bulat I.A., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the superficial activity of lung surfactants

Hatano T.; Kira R.; Yoshizaki M.; Okuda T., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the tannins of liquidambar formosana reflecting their biogenesis

Uehara S., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the techniques employed by wild chimpanzees pan troglodytes in the mahale mountains tanzania to feed on termites pseudacanthotermes spiniger

Roberts H.A.; Neilson J.E., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the temperature requirements for germination of buried seeds of aphanes arvensis

Ruby, D.E., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the territorial behavior of the iguanid lizard sceloporus jarrovi

Shrestha, T.K.; Khanna, S.S., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the testes of a hill stream teleost garra gotyla

Kanwar U.; Dung H.R., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the testis of the field rat rattus meltada pallidior

Ramadan, A.A.; Ezzat, A.A.; Khadre, S.E.; Meguid, N.A.; Aziz, E.S., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the testis of the marine teleost fish Sparus aurata

Loumbourdis N.S.; Kattoulas M.E., 1982:
Seasonal changes in the tests and ductus epididymis of the lizard agama stellio stellio

Pashkova, I.M., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the thermal stability of muscles and esterase activity of muscle tissue in water slaters

Leceta J.; Zapata A., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the thymus and spleen of the turtle mauremys caspica a morphometric light microscopic study

Tamura E.; Honma Y.; Kitamura Y., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the thymus of the viviparous surfperch ditrema temmincki with special reference to its maturity and gestation

Sinha A.K.; Choubey B.J., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the thyroid gland of indian spiny tailed sand lizard uromastix hardwickii male

Ames, I.H.; Tepper, H.B., 1978:
Seasonal changes in the ultrastructure of aspen bark chloroplasts

Kidwai P.F.; Robards A.W., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the ultrastructure of cambium of fagus sylvatica

Gabri M.S., 1983:
Seasonal changes in the ultrastructure of the kidney collecting tubule in the lizard podarcis taurica

Frink R.; Young R.A.; Krupp P.P., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the ultrastructure of the thyrotroph in the woodchuck marmota monax adeno hypophysis

Zaba B.N.; Gabbott P.A.; Davies J.I., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the utilization of carbon 14 labeled and tritium labeled glucose in a mantle tissue slice preparation of mytilus edulis

Gobbi N.; Machado V.L.L.; Tavares Filho J.A., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the utilization of prey by polybia occidentalis occidentalis in feeding hymenoptera vespidae

Andreenko G.V.; Panchenko V.M.; Lyutova L.V.; Lisina A.N.; Karabasova M.A., 1980:
Seasonal changes in the values of blood coagulation and anti coagulation systems in males in the preclinical stage of ischemic heart disease

Mamiev A.K.; Orazov K.O., 1981:
Seasonal changes in the vascular tone in patients with cerebro vascular disorders under arid zone conditions

Zernova, V.V., 1977:
Seasonal changes in the vertical distribution of phyto plankton in the tropical atlantic

Drew A.P.; Ferrell W.K., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the water balance of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings grown under different light intensities

Fedyk, A., 1977 :
Seasonal changes in the water content and level in the bank vole against the background of other gross body components

Stallone J.N., 1979:
Seasonal changes in the water metabolism of wood rats

Myers B.A.; Neales T.F., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the water relations of eucalyptus behriana and eucalyptus microcarpa in the field

Pulliainen E.; Tunkkari P.S., 1984:
Seasonal changes in the weight and composition of the liver of the willow grouse lagopus lagopus in the far north of finland

Pangelova Shch"rkova I.; Vitanova I., 1987:
Seasonal changes in the weight and in solids organic acid and tannic substance contents of plum fruits

Fujimiya, Y.; Yajima, T., 1976:
Seasonal changes in the wing length head width and proboscis length of the mosquito culex tritaeniorhynchus summorosus in relation to the physiological age and over wintering

Larsson S., 1985:
Seasonal changes in the within crown distribution of the aphid cinara pini on scotch pine

Gal D., 1986:
Seasonal changes in the zooplankton of the stagnant water of the theiss river near tiszaalpar during the years 1981 1983 hungary

Leatherland J.F.; Sonstegard R.A., 1980:
Seasonal changes in thyroid hyperplasia serum thyroid hormone and lipid concentrations and pituitary gland structure in lake ontario coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch and a comparison with coho salmon from lakes michigan and erie canada usa

Kaseda Y., 1983:
Seasonal changes in time spent grazing and resting of misaki horses

Eiserer L.A., 1980:
Seasonal changes in times of awakening retiring and roost time restlessness in captive american robins turdus migratorius

Parker W.C.; Pallardy S.G.; Hinckley T.M.; Teskey R.O., 1982:
Seasonal changes in tissue water relations of 3 woody species of the quercus and carya forest type

Ansell A.D.; Frenkiel L.; Moueza M., 1980:
Seasonal changes in tissue weight and biochemical composition for the bivalve donax trunculus on the algerian coast

Davis J.P.; Wilson J.G., 1983:
Seasonal changes in tissue weight and biochemical composition of the bivalve nucula turgida in dublin bay ireland with reference to gametogenesis

Wakao N.; Yoshida M., 1986:
Seasonal changes in total bacterial number iron oxidizing activity and color of lake matsuo goshikinuma iwate prefecture japan

Larsen T.S.; Blix A.S., 1985:
Seasonal changes in total body water body composition and water turnover in reindeer rangifer tarandus tarandus

Owusu, J.K.; Adomako, D.; Hutcheon, W.V., 1978:
Seasonal changes in total free sugar content of field cocoa plants

Ericsson, A., 1978:
Seasonal changes in translocation of carbon 14 from different age classes of needles on 20 year old scotch pine trees pinus silvestris

Krishna L.; Swarup K.; Srivastav A.K., 1984:
Seasonal changes in ultimobranchial body and parathyroid of rana cyanophlyctis in relation to serum calcium level

Fukuhara H.; Ohtaka A.; Isobe Y.; Sakamoto M., 1987:
Seasonal changes in vertical distribution biomass and fecal production of tubificids in the profundal region of a shallow japanese lake

Korbut V.V., 1987:
Seasonal changes in warning cries in cases of danger in heterospecific groups of nesting birds

Cooper P.D., 1985:
Seasonal changes in water budgets in 2 free ranging tenebrionid beetles eleodes armata and cryptoglossa verrucosa

Kunii H., 1984:
Seasonal changes in water quality and surface cover of aquatic plants in pond ojaga ike chiba japan 1978 1980

Wildman H.G.; Parkinson D., 1981:
Seasonal changes in water soluble carbohydrates of populus tremuloides leaves

Ryg M., 1982:
Seasonal changes in weight gain growth hormone and thyroid hormones in intact and castrated male moose alces alces alces

Hussey A.; Long S.P., 1982:
Seasonal changes in weight of aboveground and belowground vegetation and dead plant material in a salt marsh at colne point essex uk

Armitage, K.B.; Downhower, J.F.; Svendsen, G.E., 1976:
Seasonal changes in weights of marmots

O'farrell, M.J.; Studier, E.H., 1976:
Seasonal changes in wing loading body composition and organ weights in myotis thysanodes and myotis lucifugus chiroptera vespertilionidae

Mclaughlin S.B.; Mcconathy R.K.; Beste B., 1979:
Seasonal changes in within canopy allocation of carbon 14 photosynthate by white oak quercus alba

White L.M., 1983:
Seasonal changes in yield digestibility and crude protein of vegetative and floral tillers of 2 grasses

Wutscher H.K., 1981:
Seasonal changes in zinc and water soluble phenolics in the outer trunk wood of healthy and blight affected sweet orange trees

Ireland M.P., 1984:
Seasonal changes in zinc manganese magnesium copper and calcium content in the digestive gland in the slug arion ater

Zhigalova N.N., 1982:
Seasonal changes in zoo plankton of high latitudes of the north sea

Bercea V.; Otoiu M., 1984:
Seasonal changes induced by supplementary fertilization to the soil of vineyard cultures vitis vinifera

Matsui T.; Kitagawa H., 1987:
Seasonal changes of activities of asparagine synthetase and asparaginase in relation in asparagine content in sugarcane

Matsui T.; Kitagawa H., 1985:
Seasonal changes of activities of invertases in relation to sugar accumulation in sugarcane

Antonyuk V.O., 1984:
Seasonal changes of activity and carbohydrate specificity of lectins in extracts of various organs of robinia pseudoacacia

Szaniawska A.; Wolowicz M., 1984:
Seasonal changes of an oxygen consumption by crangon crangon crustacea natantia in the gulf of gdansk poland

Ammar M.S.; Elwan S.H.; Razak A.A.; Ghanem E.H., 1986:
Seasonal changes of bacterial counts and bacterial species in nile river water at two water purification stations in cairo egypt

Straskrabova, V.; Komarkova, J., 1979:
Seasonal changes of bacterio plankton in a reservoir related to algae 1. numbers and biomass

Gonzalez-Gurriaran, E., 1986:
Seasonal changes of benthic megafauna in the ria de muros e noia galicia northwest spain ii. decapod crustaceans brachyura

Wakao N.; Maki Y.; Ohsawa S.; Sakurai Y.; Shiota H., 1982:
Seasonal changes of biochemical oxygen demand and numbers of heterotrophic bacteria and coliform group in the area of takamatsunoike pond japan

Jelisiejew T.; Gopaniuk Z., 1980:
Seasonal changes of body height and weight increments in school children

Dokuchaev N.E., 1983:
Seasonal changes of body weights in sorex caecutiens and sorex daphaenodon in northeastern siberia ussr

W.J.L.; Hao B Z., 1986:
Seasonal changes of cambial activity and phloem development in hevea brasiliensis

Shirata K.; Takagishi H., 1987:
Seasonal changes of carbohydrate constituents in grown up mulberry tree

Kolesnikova L.V.; Nepomnyashchikh L.M., 1984:
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Seasonal changes of growth and nutrient uptake in delphiniums and effects of sowing date on their growth and flowering

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Seasonal changes of host plant in the arbicole bug elasmucha grisea hemiptera heteroptera acanthosomatidae

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Seasonal changes of insulin storing function of erythrocytes in frogs and fishes

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Seasonal changes of internal gas conditions in japanese persimmon fruits diospyros kaki and effects of several environmental gas conditions on productivity of ethanol by their seeds

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Seasonal changes of isoprenoid related substances in citrus peels

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Seasonal changes of microbiologic properties of drinking water in bulgaria/

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Seasonal changes of nitrogen compounds in grown up mulberry tree

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Seasonal changes of nitrogen fixing rate in rice field assayed by in situ acetylene reduction technique part 2 estimate of nitrogen fixation associated with rice plants

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Seasonal changes of nitrogen metabolism and its relation to temperature in the bark of poplars

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Seasonal changes of nucleic acid contents in liver red and ordinary muscle of ayu fish plecoglossus altivelis reared in ponds

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Seasonal changes of organic and inorganic constituents in several submersed macrophyte species

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Seasonal changes of peroxidase and catalase activities in leaves of several arborescent species subject to different industrial air pollutions in upper silesia poland

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Seasonal changes of photosynthetic rate in deciduous tree growing within the region of industrial emissions

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Seasonal changes of phytoplankton in the bokrosi backwater hungary

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Seasonal changes of pigments concentration in the leaves of vaccinium myrtillus and vaccinium vitis idaea and the influence of industrial emissions

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Seasonal changes of proteins in blood serum of the striped field mouse apodemus agrarius and the yellow necked field mouse apodemus flavicollis

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Seasonal changes of reproductive capacity of the european fallow deer dama dama acclimatized in the southern ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal changes of selected secondary plant products in chrysothamnus nauseosus ssp turbinatus

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Seasonal changes of several water relations parameters in quercus crispula betula ermani and abies homolepis

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Seasonal changes of short term reproductive cycle in corophium volutator crustacea amphipoda semi lunar or lunar cycle?

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Seasonal changes of soil and plant water relations in douglas fir forest

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Seasonal changes of some productivity indices of white sea ussr phyto plankton

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Seasonal changes of species diversity in a moth community in utsunomiya region japan

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Seasonal changes of steroid concentrations in seminal plasma of a European wild boar

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Seasonal changes of the activities of sucrose synthetase ec and sucrose phosphate synthetase in sugarcane

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Seasonal changes of the age composition and growth rate in an inter tidal population of heminerita japonica prosobranchia neritidae

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Seasonal changes of the coastal current and the sea condition along the southeast coast of the soya straits japan

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Seasonal changes of the environmental factors around the moss vegetation near syowa station east antarctica

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Seasonal changes of the metabolites in the leaves bark and xylem tissues of olive tree olea europaea l. ii. carbohydrates

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Seasonal changes of the pollen content of the air

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Seasonal changes of the pollen content of the air in the black forest west germany 1967 1973

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Seasonal changes of the pollen content of the atmosphere above deuselbach hunsrueck west germany 1967 1973

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Seasonal changes of the proportions of mated females in the field population of the rice leaf roller cnaphalocrocis medinalis lepidoptera pyralidae

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Seasonal changes of the protein level in the adductor muscle of the clam tapes philippinarum with reference to the reproductive seasons

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Seasonal changes of the structure and function of prolactin cells in the pituitary gland of vipera berus/

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Seasonal changes of total serum proteins and nonprotein nitrogen in the blood of 2 fresh water teleosts cyprinus carpio and bagrus bayad

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Seasonal changes of uroglena americana in lakes chuzenji ko and yuno ko japan

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Seasonal changes of water chemistry and phycocenosis in 7 lakes in the vicinity of zurich switzerland

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Seasonal changes of wing wear of cnaphalocrocis medinalis in paddy fields

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Seasonal changes of zoo plankton in the sevastopol bay ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal changes on chlorophyll a concentration in 3 inter tidal macrophytes of ria de vigo northwestern spain himanthalia elongata saccorhiza polyschides and laminaria ochroleuca

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Seasonal changes on heart weights of wood mice apodemus argenteus

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Seasonal changes on the content of acetyl choline and noradrenaline as well as the sensitivity to these substances in the smooth muscles of the rat small intestine

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Seasonal changes within a bird community in an agricultural area of the westerwald west germany

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Seasonal characteristics of immunological reactions to tissue antigens in patients with athero sclerosis

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Seasonal characteristics of tetracycline hepato toxicity

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Seasonal chronology of gypsy moth parasitism in pennsylvania usa

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Seasonal clustering of transient erythroblastopenia of childhood

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Seasonal colonization and effects of salinity and temperature on species richness and abundance of fish of some brackish and estuarine shallow waters in sweden

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Seasonal composition of meroplankton and holoplankton in the bristol channel uk

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Seasonal constancy of intra population variation of hydro cyanic acid content of costa rican acacia farnesiana foliage

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Seasonal control of energy requirements for thermo regulation in the djungarian hamster phodopus sungorus living in natural photoperiod

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Seasonal control of the st lawrence canada maximum turbidity zone by tidal falt sedimentation

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Seasonal coppicing variation in three eucalypts in southern florida usa

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Seasonal course of photosynthesis respiration and distribution of carbon 14 in young pinus resinosa g trees as related to wood formation

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Seasonal culture of dormant reproductive buds of salix tetrasperma analysis of the flowering process

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Seasonal curve of carbon di oxide compensation concentration of european beech fagus sylvatica seedlings

Masarovicova E., 1981:
Seasonal curves of mitochondrial respiration and photo respiration of european beech fagus sylvatica seedlings

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Seasonal curves of photosynthesis and photosynthetic productivity of european beech fagus sylvatica seedlings

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Seasonal cycle of tolerance to low temperatures in 3 native woody plants in relation to their ecology and postglacial history

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Seasonal cycles of adipocyte lipogenesis and insulinemia in the young rabbit

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Seasonal cycles of oxygen nitrate and sulfate reduction in estuarine sediments the significance of a nitrate reduction maximum in spring

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Seasonal cycles of particle and solute transport processes in nearshore sediments radon 222 radium 226 and thorium 234 uranium 238 disequilibrium at a site in buzzards bay massachusetts usa

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Seasonal cyclic changes in the thymus gland of the adult frog, Rana temporaria

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Seasonal cycling of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in isolated vegetation mats on an inselberg in southwestern nigeria

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Seasonal damage by greenbugs schizaphis graminum homoptera aphididae to a resistant and a susceptible variety of wheat

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Seasonal data on morphology and ecology of merismopedia like marine algae taxonomical implications of the observed changes

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Seasonal data on the microbial community of 4 new brunswick canada ponds including a period of experimental spraying with matacil

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Seasonal dating and the valve pairing technique in shell midden analysis

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Seasonal decline in clutch size of the willow grouse lagopus lagopus lagopus

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Seasonal decline of clutch size in the great tits parus major

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Seasonal deer diets in central texas usa and their response to brush control

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Seasonal degradative reparative and regenerative ultrastructural changes in the breast muscle of the migratory canada goose

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Seasonal demands in community mental health

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Seasonal density of malaria vector anopheles culicifacies diptera culicidae in relation to epidemiological assessment

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Seasonal dependence of changes in secretion prolactin occurring at darkness onset in the ram

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Seasonal dependence of esr features of frog rana esculenta melanins

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Seasonal dependence of wheat cultivar response to super phosphate

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Seasonal dependence on federal forage in colorado usa

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Seasonal depth distribution of landlocked alewives alosa pseudoharengus in a shallow eutrophic lake

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Seasonal detection of visible dutch elm disease symptoms

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Seasonal determinants of the life cycle in 2 species of aplysia found in shallow waters along the mediterranean coast of israel

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Seasonal determination of the metabolic clearance rate of aldo sterone in the adult male sand rat psammomys obesus/

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Seasonal development and color morph determination of the yellowheaded fireworm acleris minuta lepidoptera tortricidae

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Seasonal development and control of lophodermium pinastri in pennsylvania

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Seasonal development and flight activity of pseudococcus comstocki in california usa

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Seasonal development and flight activity of the spotted tentiform leaf miner phyllonorycter blancardella lepidoptera gracillariidae in connecticut usa

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Seasonal development and number of generations of euphyllura olivina in halkidiki north greece

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Seasonal development behavior and host synchrony of dacnusa dryas nixon hymenoptera braconidae parasitizing the alfalfa blotch leafminer agromyza frontella rondani diptera agromyzidae

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Seasonal development cycle and caste differentiation in social wasp polistes gallicus hymenoptera vespidae 1. phenology and life cycle regulation

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Seasonal development dynamics and production of chironomus plumosus in lake chany russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal development of a young plantation of eucalyptus nitens

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Seasonal development of berry bushes in the bukovina carpathian mountains ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal development of circadian and short term activity in captive rein deer rangifer tarandus

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Seasonal development of desert lepidoptera of soviet central asia ussr and its historical faunistic analysis

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Seasonal development of dutch elm disease on white elms in central ontario canada part 1 following wound inoculation

Takai S.; Kondo E.S.; Thomas J.B., 1979:
Seasonal development of dutch elm disease on white elms in central ontario canada part 2 following feeding by the north american native elm bark beetle

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Seasonal development of field protective larch stands in the steppe of the khakass autonomous oblast russian sfsr ussr

Mcclure, M.S., 1978 :
Seasonal development of fiorinia externa tsugaspidiotus tsugae homoptera diaspididae and their parasite aspidiotiphagus citrinus hymenoptera aphelinidae importance of parasite host synchronism to the population dynamics of 2 scale pests of hemlock

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Seasonal development of grass stands in meadow steppes and meadows transformed into steppes

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Seasonal development of herbaceous cover in broad leaved forests at the volga kama reserve russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal development of homogyne alpina l. cass. populations as a function of ecological and phytocenotic conditions

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Seasonal development of leptopilina boulardi hymenoptera eucoilidae and its hosts drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans diptera drosophilidae in california usa

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Seasonal development of meadow and psammophytic steppe vegetation in the khoperskii preserve russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal development of menyanthes trifoliata and the dynamics of ascorbic acid tannin and bitter glycoside content in its leaves

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Seasonal development of pine species introduced in apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Seasonal development of plants in the middle elevation and high elevation areas of the western tien shan ussr factors and rates

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Seasonal development of sea buckthorn hippophae rhamnoides and the accumulation of oil in its fruits

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Seasonal development of several biomass indicators in the waters of lake berre france and their relationships

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Seasonal development of subsurface chlorophyll maxima in slope water and northern sargasso sea of the northwestern atlantic ocean

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Seasonal development of symptoms of noninfectious bud failure in almond prunus amygdalus

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Seasonal development of the leaf canopy of mascspur mcintosh apple trees

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Seasonal development of the tarnished plant bug on apple in vermont usa

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Seasonal development of woody and shrubby species in the sary chelek reserve kirgiz ssr ramit reserve tadzhik ssr and chatkal' reserve uzbek ssr ussr

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Seasonal development of yellow nut sedge and purple nut sedge cyperus esculentus and cyperus rotundus in illinois usa

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Seasonal development of zooplankton in 3 shallow sites of thau a northern mediterranean lagoon

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Seasonal developmental cycle and caste determination in the social wasp polistes gallicus hymenoptera vespidae 3. absence of the effect of photoperiod

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Seasonal developmental cycle of some representatives of chinese japanese and central asian dendro flora in the ararat plain

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Seasonal developmental rhythm of north american plants in the botanical garden of the jadzhik academy of sciences ussr

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Seasonal diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease among young adults

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Seasonal diet preferences of impala from southeast tanzania

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Seasonal diets of deer mice peromyscus maniculatus on bentonite mine spoils and sagebrush grasslands in southeastern montana usa

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Seasonal diets of herded sheep grazing douglas fir plantations

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Seasonal diets of the denali caribou rangifer tarandus granti herd alaska usa

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Seasonal diets of the porcupine caribou rangifer tarandus granti herd

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Seasonal diets of vancouver island canada marmots marmota vancouverensis

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Seasonal difference in diel periodicity of male attraction of the smaller tea tortrix moth adoxophyes sp lepidoptera tortricidae to synthetic sex pheromones and virgin females

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Seasonal difference in the dose rate effect of production of the dominant lethals in the gamma irradiated males of the fish oryzias latipes

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Seasonal differences between moose alces alces and roe deer capreolus capreolus in ability to digest browse

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Seasonal differences in circadian ec activity in the brain stem reticular formation of the mouse

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Seasonal differences in forming of neutrophil rosettes around the pollens in patients with hay fever

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Seasonal differences in indicators of iron saturation in young men

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Seasonal differences in metabolism and thermo regulation of rangifer tarandus

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Seasonal differences in oxygen consumption and respiratory quotient in a hibernator erinaceus europaeus

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Seasonal differences in soil solution phosphorus in vertisols and phosphorus nutrition of low land rice/

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Seasonal differences in spartina recoverable underground reserves in the great sippewissett marsh in massachusetts usa

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Seasonal differences in the diets of small birds in the karri forest understory australia

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Seasonal differences in the effects of castration and testosterone administration on the accessory male reproductive organs of calotes versicolor

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Seasonal differences in the element content of wyoming usa big sagebrush artemisia tridentata ssp wyomingensis

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Seasonal differences in the sensitivity of the brain catecholamine receptors related to the endocrine function of the hypophyseal testicular complex

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Seasonal differences in the social organization of demes in the water vole arvicola terrestris

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Seasonal differences in the temperature ranges of growth of virginia usa algae

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Seasonal differentiation of neuropterans neuropteroidea in various biotopes types of bory tucholskie poland

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Seasonal dimensions of energy protein mal nutrition in rural bangladesh the role of agriculture dietary practices and infection

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Seasonal dimorphism growth and food consumption in the swallowtail butterfly papilio xuthus

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Seasonal dimorphism in the genital apparatus in spatalia lepidoptera notodontidae

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Seasonal dimorphism of foliage in californian usa coastal sage scrub

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Seasonal disappearance and volatilization of toxaphene and ddt from a cotton gossypium hirsutum field

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Seasonal dispersal and habitat selection of cunner tautogolabrus adspersus and young tautog tautoga onitis in fire island inlet long island new york usa

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Seasonal dispersal of red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus banded in 4 western states usa

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Seasonal dispersion of overlapping mountain sheep ovis canadensis ewe groups

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Seasonal distinctions in the vulnerability of mice bone marrow cell chromosome apparatus due to the effect of vaccine strain measles virus leningrad 16

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of adult male oriental fruit flies dacus dorsalis diptera tephritidae in kula maui hawaii usa

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of crustacean zoo plankton in lake erie canada usa 1970

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of fishes in the littoral zone of a michigan lake usa

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of histeridae collected from cattle droppings in south central texas usa

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of immature stages of yellow headed borer dirphya nigricornis olivier coleoptera cerambycidae on coffee

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of sand shrimp crangon septemspinosa in the york river chesapeake bay estuary

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Seasonal distribution and abundance of the chaetognatha in the lower chesapeake bay usa

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Seasonal distribution and changes in the nutritive quality of living dead and detrital fractions of zostera marina

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Seasonal distribution and diel flight activity of dung feeding scarabs in open and wooded pasture in east central texas usa

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Seasonal distribution and ecology of 3 caryophyllaeid cestode species infecting white suckers in southeast new hampshire usa

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Seasonal distribution and environment of pacific herring near auke bay lynn canal southeastern alaska usa

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Seasonal distribution and frequency of species of the genus clausocalanus in the central adriatic

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Seasonal distribution and home range patterns of sitka black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus sitkensis on admiralty island southeast alaska usa

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Seasonal distribution and life histories of ephemeroptera in a northumbrian river england uk

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Seasonal distribution and migration of birds in the south seas

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Seasonal distribution and migration of salts in saline soils of the terek river delta russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal distribution and migratory behavior of the beech leaf mining weevil rhynchaenus fagi

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Seasonal distribution and temperature tolerance of synechococcus in boothbay harbor maine usa

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Seasonal distribution and the numbers of swans in the north east of the european part of the ussr

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Seasonal distribution of acantharia and radiolaria protozoa sarcodina in several coastal zones of italian seas

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Seasonal distribution of adult horse flies and deer flies diptera tabanidae at lake boivin granby quebec canada

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Seasonal distribution of aldrichina grahami in mount hachijo fuji hachijo island japan

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Seasonal distribution of arylsulfatase in the marine environment at porto novo east coast of india

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Seasonal distribution of bacteria in salt marsh sediments in north carolina usa

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Seasonal distribution of bdellovibrios at the mouth of the patuxent river in the chesapeake bay usa

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Seasonal distribution of biomass and numbers of zoo plankton in manora channel pakistan during 1975 1977

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Seasonal distribution of births in Australia

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Seasonal distribution of black sea bass centropristis striata in the mid atlantic bight with comments on the ecology and fisheries of the species

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Seasonal distribution of carbohydrates in nodules and stem exudate from field grown soybean glycine max plants

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Seasonal distribution of chlorophyll a in relation to physical structure in the western irish sea

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Seasonal distribution of copepods in the hooghly estuary northern bay of bengal

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Seasonal distribution of dissolved and suspended forms of iron copper manganese and zinc at a permanent station in the vostok gulf of the sea of japan

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Seasonal distribution of dissolved organic matter in the tigris river iraq

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Seasonal distribution of ecto mycorrhizae in a mature douglas fir larch forest soil in western montana usa

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Seasonal distribution of foraminifera in samish bay washington usa

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Seasonal distribution of inter tidal organisms at ubatuba sao paulo brazil

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Seasonal distribution of larvae of callinectes sapidus crustacea decapoda in the waters adjacent to chesapeake bay usa

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Seasonal distribution of lignicolous marine fungi in the lower chesapeake bay usa

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Seasonal distribution of live births in a rural community in the southern usa

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Seasonal distribution of marine cladocerans in chinhae bay korea

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Seasonal distribution of mayflies ephemeroptera in 2 piedmont rivers in virginia usa

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Seasonal distribution of micro green algae in 2 linked but contrasting welsh lakes uk

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Seasonal distribution of mites associated with popilius disjunctus coleoptera passalidae in hardin county texas

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Seasonal distribution of nitrogen in oilseed rape brassica campestris cultivar span

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Seasonal distribution of northern new york state usa anthropophilic tabanidae diptera and observations on the dispersal of several species

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Seasonal distribution of organic matter in mangrove environment of goa india

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Seasonal distribution of ovarian cysts in cattle observations under practical conditions

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Seasonal distribution of ovulating follicles in female rabbits

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand 16. the lower waitaki plains north otago

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand 17. kowhitirangi and ahaura west coast south island

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand 18. south taranaki

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand 19. central taranaki

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 10 rangitikei district

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 11 otago downland and taieri plain invermay

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 12 winchmore canterbury plains dryland and irrigated pastures

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 13 south kaipara northland

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 14 the lower otago plateau hindon

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 8 dargaville

Baars, J.A., 1976:
Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand part 9 hamilton

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Seasonal distribution of pasture production in new zealand xx. waerengaokuri gisborne

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Seasonal distribution of pelagic chaetognaths in relation to variation of water masses in otsuchi bay northern japan

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Seasonal distribution of penicillium and aspergillus in karail and pond soils

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Seasonal distribution of phyto plankton biomass in a nearshore area of the central basin of lake erie usa canada 1975 1976

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Seasonal distribution of phyto plankton in yellowknife bay great slave lake canada

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Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton in a tropical lake of western rajasthan india

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Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton pigments in the vellar estuary india

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Seasonal distribution of pollen grains in the atmosphere of kuwait

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Seasonal distribution of polypedilum pavidus chironomidae diptera in a eutrophic lake in new zealand

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Seasonal distribution of production in cool season grasses i. grass growth and seasonal distribution of production in orchardgrass dominated pasture

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Seasonal distribution of quantities of phosphorus in different component organs of mango mangifera indica cultivar langra

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Seasonal distribution of rotifers in lake maury newport news virginia usa

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Seasonal distribution of saissetia oleae homoptera coccidae in uruguay

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Seasonal distribution of species of the genus haematopota diptera tabanidae

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Seasonal distribution of stem boring larvae including frit fly diptera oscinella frit and pest damage in perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar s 24

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Seasonal distribution of synanthedon exitiosa in the georgia usa peach belt monitored by pheromone trapping

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Seasonal distribution of synanthropic muscoid dipterids simbovines and phoretic of dermatobia hominis in sao carlos sao paulo state brazil 1. stable

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Seasonal distribution of the family chydoridae cladocera crustacea in lake manasbal kashmir india

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Seasonal distribution of the flea citellophilus tesquorum in the mountain suslik and its microbiotopes

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Seasonal distribution of the migratory european swift apus apus aves apodidae in the ethiopian region

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Seasonal distribution of ticks in latina province italy

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Seasonal distribution of trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae species associated with a maryland usa soybean field

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Seasonal distribution pattern of benthic ostracod faunas of a station in hamana ko bay pacific coast of central japan

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Seasonal distribution patterns of heterotrophic bacteria fecal bacterial indicators and of dissolved organic material in the lake of constance upper lake and ueberlinger lake

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Seasonal distribution patterns of micro arthropods

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Seasonal distributions and turnover of reduced trace gases and hydroxylamine in yaquina bay oregon usa

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Seasonal distributions of recent ostracods from kiel bay western baltic sea northern germany

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Seasonal diurnal acid rhythms in 2 aquatic crassulacean acid metabolism plants

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Seasonal diurnal and area differences in calling activity within a colony of kittiwakes rissa tridactyla

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Seasonal diurnal variations in lutropin release in immature female rats and the effect of pinealectomy

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Seasonal diversity in aquatic insect communities in an all year stream system

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Seasonal division based on the phenological records in 2 different climatic regions of japan

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Seasonal drift of solid organic matter in 2 adjacent streams

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Seasonal dry matter yield and digestibility of 7 grass species alfalfa medicago sativa x medicago varia and cicer milkvetch astragalus cicer cultivar lutana in eastern montana usa

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Seasonal dynamic in the development of boophilus microplus and amblyomma cajennense in the conditions of camaguey cuba

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Seasonal dynamics and biology of ixodes trianguliceps ixodoidea ixodidae in northern germany

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Seasonal dynamics and compartmentation of nutrients in a grassland meadow in lowland england uk

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Seasonal dynamics and distribution of american dog tick dermacentor variabilis larvae and nymphs at birds hill park manitoba canada

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Seasonal dynamics and ecological strategies of the pitcher plant chironomid metriocnemus knabi diptera chironomidae in southeast new brunswick canada

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Seasonal dynamics and emergence pattern of a tropical earthworm drawida calebi oligochaeta

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Seasonal dynamics and restoration rate of reserves of the aboveground biomass of cowberry and buckbean

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Seasonal dynamics and spatial distribution of cleidodiscus stentor and ergasilus centrarchidarum gill parasites of ambloplites rupestris

Hanek, G.; Fernando, C.H., 1978:
Seasonal dynamics and spatial distribution of urocleidus ferox a gill parasite of lepomis gibbosus

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Seasonal dynamics and structural changes in cenoses belonging to the phragmitetea association class at lake sulymos hungary

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Seasonal dynamics and the structure of colonies of proterospongia skujae

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Seasonal dynamics especially autumnal retranslocation of nitrogen and phosphorus in foilage of dominant and suppressed trees of beech fagus sylvatica

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Seasonal dynamics habitat relationships and management of avi fauna in farmstead shelterbelts

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Seasonal dynamics in abundance development and pattern of infection of bunodera luciopercae in perch perca fluviatilis from an oligotrophic lake in norway

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Seasonal dynamics in biochemical composition of certain organs and tissues of the silver bream blicca bjoerkna of the mozhaisk reservoir russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics in development of tropisurus confusus in the intermediate host

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Seasonal dynamics in lowland and oak hornbeam forests

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Seasonal dynamics in species composition and richness of small fish assemblages in the intertidal area of chito bay penghu taiwan

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Seasonal dynamics of 11 hydroxy cortico steroid secretion by the adrenal glands of the suslik citellus erythrogenus

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Seasonal dynamics of a phytocenosis of the alpine waste land in the northern caucasus russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of a population of anopheles darlingi in an endemic malarial area of amazonas brazil

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Seasonal dynamics of abies sibirica essential oil/

Odinak Y.P.; Shevchuk A.I., 1980:
Seasonal dynamics of aboveground phytomass increment in beech fagus sylvatica stands

Belava M., 1981:
Seasonal dynamics of abundance and biomass of the population of palomena prasina heteroptera pentatomidae in the herb layer of the little carpathian czechoslovakia woods

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Seasonal dynamics of acetyl pectolinarin accumulation in linaria vulgaris cultivated in the moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of activity of the ground beetles coleoptera carabidae in forests of different types at the southern taiga boundary

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Seasonal dynamics of allopodocotyle boleosomi new combination digenea opecoelidae in wisconsin usa darters etheostomatinae

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Seasonal dynamics of american dog tick dermacentor variabilis populations in southwestern nova scotia canada

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Seasonal dynamics of basal metabolism and some autonomic human functions under the climatic conditions of the uzbek ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of betula nana ssp exilis leaf mass in taimyr forest tundra russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of biological activity of a soddy podzolic soil

Kimsa, T., 1980:
Seasonal dynamics of biomass and the production of the herb layer in selected pine wood communities in central roztocze poland 1. aboveground parts of plants

Kimsa, T., 1980:
Seasonal dynamics of biomass and the production of the herb layer in selected pinewood communities in central roztocze poland 2. belowground parts of plants

Gerasimov S.; Dimitrova P.M.; Barbolova Z.V., 1983:
Seasonal dynamics of body and organ weights of the bank vole clethrionomys glareolus pirinus from vitosha mountain ussr

Granath W.O.Jr; Esch G.W., 1983:
Seasonal dynamics of bothriocephalus acheilognathi in ambient and thermally altered areas of a north carolina usa cooling reservoir

Kulfan M., 1983:
Seasonal dynamics of butterfly caterpillar communities lepidoptera in the male karpaty mountains czechoslovakia

Ivask, M.M., 1987:
Seasonal dynamics of caloricity in picea abies l. roots

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Seasonal dynamics of caltha palustris in forest and meadow communities

Ganyushkin E.V., 1981:
Seasonal dynamics of carbohydrates in female reproductive organs of scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Redmann, R.E., 1978:
Seasonal dynamics of carbon di oxide exchange in a mixed grassland ecosystem

Kuppa D.K., 1979:
Seasonal dynamics of carbon di oxide gas in the soil air of sod meadow sandy loam soils of the colchis lowland georgian ssr ussr

Gletcher, G.L.; King, M.J., 1978:
Seasonal dynamics of copper zinc calcium and magnesium ions in gonads and liver of winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus evidence for summer storage of zinc ion for winter gonad development in females

Esch G.W.; Hazen T.C., 1982:
Seasonal dynamics of crepidostomum cooperi in the burrowing mayfly hexagenia limbata

Golik K.N.; Gulyaev B.I., 1984:
Seasonal dynamics of dark respiration components in spring wheat

Gil'manov T.G.; Bogoev V.M., 1983:
Seasonal dynamics of density and biomass of soil microorganisms in a virgin meadow steppe ecosystem

Nedbaeva N.D., 1986:
Seasonal dynamics of diurnal rhythms of oxygen consumption and heat production in adolescents in siberia russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of egg and larval development in the pine sawfly diprion pini hymenoptera diprionidae

Troelsen H.; Jorgenson B.B., 1982:
Seasonal dynamics of elemental sulfur in 2 coastal sediments

Tkachev A.V.; Zolkina A.N., 1987:
Seasonal dynamics of endocrine functions in humans in the north

Hrebins'kyi', S.O.; Terek, O.I., 1978:
Seasonal dynamics of endogenic auxins and gibberellins in annual sprouts of ligustrum vulgare and aesculus hippocastanum

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Seasonal dynamics of enzymatic activity in the vertical zone soils of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of epiphytic algal growth in a marsh pond composition metabolism and nutrient availability

Hooper-Reid, N.M.; Robinson, G.G.C., 1978:
Seasonal dynamics of epiphytic algal growth in a marsh pond productivity standing crop and community composition

Mishurova S.S.; Abbasov R.M.; Mamedova S.R., 1985:
Seasonal dynamics of essential oil content and changes in its composition in pelargonium roseum cultivated on apsheron peninsula azerbaijan ssr ussr

Chubinidze V.V., 1983:
Seasonal dynamics of essential oil content in the leaves of artemisia vulgaris growing in different parts of the georgian ssr ussr

Chkuaseli T.Ya; Karumidze I.P., 1979:
Seasonal dynamics of growth regulators in some north american deciduous species

Crews A.E.; Esch G.W., 1986:
Seasonal dynamics of halipegus occidualis trematoda hemiuridae in helisoma anceps and its impact on fecundity of the snail host

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Seasonal dynamics of mineral nitrogen content proteolytic and urease activities in soil under spruce phytocenoses

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Seasonal dynamics of morpho physiological and biochemical indices in notothenia gibberifrons

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Seasonal dynamics of nitrogenous substances and amino acids in the forage from the ranges of the central kara kum ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of notothenia rossi marmorata nototheniidae morpho physiological indices

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Seasonal dynamics of nutrient element content in pine needles in the karelian assr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of parasitic nematodes in cereal monocultures and under crop rotation in relation to climatic and soil conditions

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Seasonal dynamics of pathology in wild fauna in the province of ferrara italy during the 5 year period 1981 1985 with particular reference to poisonings from agricultural pesticides

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Seasonal dynamics of pelagic cladocerans of lakes peipsi pihkva and vortsjarv

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Seasonal dynamics of pelagic copepods of lake peipsi pihkva and lake vorts jarv estonian ssr

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Seasonal dynamics of physiological processes in spruce from stands of different compositions

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Seasonal dynamics of resource partitioning among foliage gleaning passerines in northern finland

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Seasonal dynamics of rotifera in biological purification ponds in akhangaran uzbek ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of sarcodina amoeboid fauna protozoa in the soil of 2 ecosystems of the vladeasa mountains romania

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Seasonal dynamics of shoot nutrients in schoenus ferrugineus cyperaceae

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Seasonal dynamics of skin and hair characteristics in young black and white bulls fed under intensive conditions indoors or in an open area

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Seasonal dynamics of sodium saturation and influence on soil aggregate stability and content in the lichtenhagen east germany brackish water sprinkling experiment bra 1

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Seasonal dynamics of some morpho physiological and biochemical indices in caranx ruber carangidae from the southwestern shelf of cuba

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Seasonal dynamics of the accumulation of cobalt 60 by canada water weed elodea canadensis

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Seasonal dynamics of the altitudinal phenological gradient chatkal mountain range kirgiz ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the cell mitotic activity in the rat adeno hypophysis and the adrenal cortex under normal conditions and under stress

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Seasonal dynamics of the development and productivity of the zoo benthos of lake chany russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the dielectric parameters of tissue of growing trees

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Seasonal dynamics of the distribution of strontium 90 and calcium between the alga chara tomentosa and the water environment

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Seasonal dynamics of the fatty acid composition of lipids in the anchovy engraulis encrasicholus ponticus alexandrov

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Seasonal dynamics of the formation and discharge of entomophthora conidia in vitro

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Seasonal dynamics of the forms of the occurrence of manganese and copper in the dnieper bug liman ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the gad flies diptera tabanidae on the cattle of the central slovakian region czechoslovakia

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Seasonal dynamics of the incidence of whitefish coregonus albula invasion with a cestode proteocephalus exiguus cestoda proteocephalidae in karelia ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the infection of vendace with the cestode proteocephalus exiguus cestoda proteocephalidae in the karelian assr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the invasion cycle of dactylogyrus extensus monogenea

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Seasonal dynamics of the lipid composition of liver and muscle in scad and small scaled scorpionfish

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Seasonal dynamics of the lysimetric water composition in a gray forest soil of bulgaria

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Seasonal dynamics of the migratory activity of some predatory coleoptera

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Seasonal dynamics of the mineral forms of phosphates and nitrates in the photic layer of the north american northeastern shelf

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Seasonal dynamics of the number biomass and biological activity of soil microorganisms in an oak forest of the forest steppe zone on the rich chernozem

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Seasonal dynamics of the number of gastric apudocytes in hibernating animals

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Seasonal dynamics of the numbers and biomass of the oligochaete potamothrix hammoniensis in the eastern part of the dnieper bug estuary ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the phytomass and leaf surface of the community rumicetum alpini in the carpathian mountains ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the plastid apparatus and pigments of some plants in a spruce forest

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Seasonal dynamics of the population of cladoceran crustaceans in a waterbody in the process of drying up

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Seasonal dynamics of the relative abundance of some carabid species coleoptera on the southern taiga of perm oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the size and number of nucleoli nuclei and nucleus nucleolar relationships in members of the plum subfamily during their introduction

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Seasonal dynamics of the soil egg accumulation of ascaris lumbricoides in ascaridiasis foci

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Seasonal dynamics of the species composition number and biomass of plankton infusorians of the mingechaur and varvarin reservoirs azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the spectrum of the life forms of ground beetles coleoptera carabidae near moscow russian sfsr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of the sunflower stem weevil cylindrocopturus adspersus leconte coleoptera curculionidae on cultivated sunflower in the northern great plains usa

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Seasonal dynamics of trans amination enzymes in tissues of black sea mussels

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Seasonal dynamics of water exchange in grape varieties resistant to drought

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Seasonal dynamics of water soluble carbohydrates and respiratory gas exchange of the main coenosis forming plants in the feather grass steppes of north kazakh ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamics of wood formation in ulmus pumila of different origin

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Seasonal dynamics of zooplankton of the chernobyl atomic power plant water cooler ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal dynamism of nitrogen fixers and cellulose degrading microorganisms in waters and sediments of the danube river yugoslavia

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Seasonal effect of growth and symbiotic nitrogen fixation of different azolla species

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Seasonal effect of induction of indole production on resistance of klebsiella pneumoniae

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Seasonal effect of seed production on the hatchability in silkworm bombyx mori

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Seasonal effect of the leaf leaching of two trees on the growth of azolla pinnata

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Seasonal effect of uv b radiation on poinsettia cultivars

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Seasonal effect on certain developmental stages of tricholyga bombycis beck. diptera tachinidae

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Seasonal effect on essential oil yield from eucalyptus hybrid leaves

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Seasonal effect on leaf nutrient concentrations of filbert corylus avellana

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Seasonal effect on the variability of summer immuno globulin levels

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Seasonal effects of colloid additives on some properties of ultra high temperature 35 percent fat cream

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Seasonal effects of combining ability in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides

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Seasonal effects of light and auxin on the rooting of hibiscus cuttings

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Seasonal effects of mammalian gonadotropins bovine fsh and bovine luteinizing hormone on plasma androgen levels in male water snakes nerodia sipedon

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Seasonal effects of phenoxy herbicides on ponderosa pine and associated brush species

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Seasonal effects of photoperiod and temperature on spermatogenesis and male secondary sexual characters in the three spined sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus

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Seasonal effects of photoperiod and temperature on the ovary of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus

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Seasonal effects of pimozide and des 10 glycine 6 d alanine lhrh ethylamide on gonadotropin secretion in goldfish

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Seasonal effects of pinealectomy on gonadal activity in the goldfish, Carassius auratus

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Seasonal effects of tropical climate on shaded and nonshaded cows as measured by rectal temperature, adrenal cortex hormones, thyroid hormone, and milk production

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Seasonal effects on apple aphid homoptera aphididae bionomics in the field

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Seasonal effects on artificial insemination of honeybee queens apis mellifera

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Seasonal effects on fattening and slaughter yield of swine

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Seasonal effects on microbial transformation rates of an herbicide in a freshwater stream application of laboratory data to a field site

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Seasonal effects on nutrition reproduction and aspects of thermo regulation in the namaqua sandgrouse pterocles namaqua

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Seasonal effects on ovarian folliculogenesis in rhesus monkeys

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Seasonal effects on performance of feedlot bulls

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Seasonal effects on photo assimilated carbon 14 in the root system of blue grama bouteloua gracilis and associated soil organic matter

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Seasonal effects on photosynthetic electron transport and fluorescence properties in isolated chloroplasts of pinus silvestris

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Seasonal effects on quality as well as on in vitro and in vivo preservability of ram sperm

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Seasonal effects on the cropping cycle of lettuce in glasshouses during the winter

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Seasonal effects on the free running rhythm of circadian activity of longnose dace rhinichthys cataractae

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Seasonal efficacy of antioxidants in tetracycline affections of the liver

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Seasonal emanation of ocimene from alfalfa flowers with 3 irrigation treatments

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Seasonal emergence and flight of the northern masked chafer cyclocephala borealis and southern masked chafer cyclocephala immaculata in relation to air and soil temperature and rainfall patterns

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Seasonal emergence and growth of sorghum almum

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Seasonal emergence of weeds typically occurring in the victorian australia cereal belt

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Seasonal emergence patterns of fishflies east of the rocky mountains usa megaloptera corydalidae

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Seasonal energy budget of brook trout in streams implications of a possible deficit in early winter

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Seasonal energy dynamics of the alewife alosa pseudoharengus in southeastern lake michigan usa

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Seasonal energy requirements and water intakes of indian crested porcupines hystrix indica in capacity

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Seasonal energy storage in the australian lizard ctenotus taeniolatus

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Seasonal energy water and food consumption of negev chukars and sand partridges

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Seasonal English market variations in the composition of South African and Israeli avocados

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Seasonal enhancement of flower development in tahiti limes by marcottage

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Seasonal enzyme activity changes in two aminotransferases aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase acid and alkaline phosphatases and aldolase in the serum of thoroughbred horses during a racing season

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Seasonal episodic and targeted control of sulfate deposition

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Seasonal erythrocyte count variations in laboratory raised newts

Azam Ali S.N., 1983:
Seasonal estimates of transpiration from a millet pennisetum typhoides crop using a porometer

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Seasonal evolution of the nitrogen pool in the herbaceous stratum of a burnt tropical savannah ivory coast

Gaal M., 1982:
Seasonal examinations of lamb fattening and mutton production in foil house

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Seasonal exchange of dissolved oxygen and phosphates between the red sea and the gulf of aden

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Seasonal exposure to dust in flax processing in Egypt

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Seasonal factors affecting buoyancy attained in still water and current by fathead minnows pimephales promelas

Ambler J.W., 1985:
Seasonal factors affecting egg production and viability of eggs of acartia tonsa from east lagoon galveston texas usa

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Seasonal factors in mussel facies settlement on annual fouling panels

Mcnab, B.K., 1976:
Seasonal fat reserves of bats in 2 tropical environments

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Seasonal fauna of ephemeral saline lakes near the coorong lagoon south australia

Geddes, M.C., 1976:
Seasonal fauna of some ephemeral saline waters in western victoria australia with particular reference to parartemia zietziana crustacea anostraca

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Seasonal feature of the hydrology of the bali strait indonesia

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Seasonal features of low temperature influence on brain mono amine oxidase activity and rat hyperbaric oxygen sensitivity

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Seasonal features of morphine and naloxone effects on dopamine responses of helix neuron

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Seasonal features of the course of foot mycosis

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Seasonal features of the efficacy of vitamin e and sodium selenite in tetracycline affections of the liver

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Seasonal features of the systemic and membrane mechanisms of adaptation to extreme factors

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Seasonal features of thermoregulation in the turtle testudo horsfieldi

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Seasonal features of venetian lagoon italy micro plankton

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Seasonal feeding dynamics of the european perch perca fluviatilis from the kremenchug reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

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Seasonal feeding habits of an enclosed high density white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus herd in northern ohio usa

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Seasonal feeding habits of small mammals in kenya

Dardaillon M., 1987:
Seasonal feeding habits of the wild boar in a mediterranean wetland the camargue southern france

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Seasonal field analyses of fat content live weight dry weight and water content of the aphidophagous scymnodes lividigaster and mycophagous leptothea galbula coleoptera coccinellidae

Ryder M.L., 1982:
Seasonal fleece changes in 2 selection lines of scottish blackface sheep during their lifetime on the hill

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Seasonal flight activity of aphids homoptera aphididae in the west of france results of 9 years of trapping 1967 1975

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Seasonal flight activity of the smaller european elm bark beetle scolytus multistriatus coleoptera scolytidae and associates in georgia usa

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Seasonal flight of the cranberry girdler chrysoteuchia topiaria determined with pheromone traps

Rogers C.E.; Underhill E.W., 1983:
Seasonal flight pattern for the sunflower moth homoeosoma electellum lepidoptera pyralidae on the texas high plains usa

Kondratieff B.C.; Despins J.L., 1983:
Seasonal flight pattern of plecoptera from north otter creek virginia usa

Zvereva G.A., 1985:
Seasonal flowering rhythms of steppe communities in the central tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Tamai K., 1982:
Seasonal fluctuation and growth of spionid polychaete paraprionospio sp type a population in osaka bay japan

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Seasonal fluctuation and parasitism of liriomyza sativae diptera agromyzidae on cucumber cucumis sativus

Myers, T.V.; Pedigo, L.P., 1977:
Seasonal fluctuation in abundance reproductive status sex ratio and mating of the adult green cloverworm

Singh A.K.; Singh T.P., 1979:
Seasonal fluctuation in lipid and cholesterol content of ovary liver and blood serum in relation to annual sexual cycle in heteropneustes fossilis

Itoh, T., 1978:
Seasonal fluctuation in the amount of chlorophyll a and dissolved organic carbon in water of lake biwa japan

Morikawa K., 1984:
Seasonal fluctuation in the number of aerobic heterotrophic bacteria and its relation to environmental factors in the upstream area of the tamagawa river japan

Tiba T.; Nigi H., 1980:
Seasonal fluctuation in the spermatogenesis of free ranging japanese monkeys macaca fuscata

Shah J.D.; Abbas S.G.; Sinha S.K.P., 1979:
Seasonal fluctuation in the total nitrogen content of some aquatic macrophytes of the river ganges at bhagalpur bihar india

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Seasonal fluctuation of aldrichina grahami aldrich in aogashima island japan

Rocha O.; Matsumura Tundisi T.; Tundisi J.G., 1982 :
Seasonal fluctuation of argyrodiaptomus furcatus populations in lobo reservoir sao carlos brazil

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Seasonal fluctuation of cholesterol in ovarian compartments of birds

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Seasonal fluctuation of different edaphic micro arthropod population densities in relation to soil moisture and temperature in a pine pinus kesiya plantation ecosystem

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Seasonal fluctuation of dissolved organic matters in lake nakanuma japan

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Seasonal fluctuation of flies in a swine farm in hokkaido japan

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Seasonal fluctuation of larvae of trombiculid mites on small rodents in the wind shelterbelt at tonden sapporo japan

Golubovskii, M.D., 1970:
Seasonal fluctuation of lethal mutations in 3 natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

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Seasonal fluctuation of nitrogen contents in tea soil

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Seasonal fluctuation of non parasitic mycoflora associated with living leaves of cistus incanus arbutus unedo and quercus coccifera

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Seasonal fluctuation of nutrients in soil and leaf tissue of heather calluna vulgaris

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Seasonal fluctuation of organic matter content with relation to moisture retention characteristics and availability of water in salt affected soils near varanasi india

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Seasonal fluctuation of peanut arachis hypogaea rhizobia in coastal plain soils

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Seasonal fluctuation of phyto plankton in inchon dock korea autumn 1976

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Seasonal fluctuation of population density of spiders in paddy field in kyoto city japan

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Seasonal fluctuation of rhizobium japonicum under a variety of field conditions in north carolina usa

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Seasonal fluctuation of spiniferomonas chrysophyceae synuraceae in 2 ponds on mount rokko japan

Nishina S.; Matsuno M., 1981:
Seasonal fluctuation of spore dispersal from lesions on cut mulberry branch infected with dogare blight by diaporthe nomurai

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Seasonal fluctuation of the content of somatic cells in collective milk derived from noninfected and infected cowsheds with streptococcus agalactiae

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Seasonal fluctuation of the pine wood nematode bursaphelenchus xylophilus nematoda aphelenchoididae transmitted to pine by the japanese pine sawyer monochamus alternatus coleoptera cerambycidae

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Seasonal fluctuation of the population of monalonion annulipes and its relationship with the dieback of theobroma cacao in costa rica

Cormack, D.B.; Bate, G.C., 1976:
Seasonal fluctuation of total nonstructural carbohydrate levels within the macadamia integrifolia cultivar kakea and its relation to shoot extension

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Seasonal fluctuation of waders in gulf st. vincent south australia 1976 1985

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Seasonal fluctuation of zoo plankton populations in lower delaware bay usa

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Seasonal fluctuations and biology of the eriophyids of the olive trees in tuscany italy

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Seasonal fluctuations and compositions of 2 populations of small demersal fishes on the west coast of scotland uk

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Seasonal fluctuations and histochemical characteristics of the interstitial cells in the ovary of crow corvus splendens and myna acridotheres tristis

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Seasonal fluctuations and meteorological dependence of exacerbations of bronchial asthma in tashkent uzbek ssr ussr

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Seasonal fluctuations and movements of the common eider somateria mollissima at the norwegian skagerrak coast

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Seasonal fluctuations and vertical distribution of the acarine fauna of 3 grassland sites

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Seasonal fluctuations in brachyuran nutrient storage glycogen in callinectes mid gut glands

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Seasonal fluctuations in bud activity of satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu and some influencing factors

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Seasonal fluctuations in concentration of airborne conidia of cercospora zebrina and incidence of cercospora disease in subterranean clover

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Seasonal fluctuations in density and biomass on the phyto plankton of lake trasimeno italy july 1976 august 1977

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Seasonal fluctuations in nitrogen fixation acetylene reduction by free living bacteria in soils contaminated with cadmium lead and zinc

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Seasonal fluctuations in numbers of aerobic bacteria and their spores in 4 horizons of a beech fagus sylvatica forest soil

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Seasonal fluctuations in nutrient availability in some northern california usa annual range soils

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Seasonal fluctuations in pepsinogen secretion from frog rana catesbeiana esophageal peptic glands

Rice, R.E.; Jones, R.A.; Hoffman, M.L., 1976:
Seasonal fluctuations in phytophagous and predaceous mite populations on stone fruits in california usa

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