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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6374

Chapter 6374 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pierantoni R., 1988: Seasonal fluctuations in plasma progesterone concentrations in gentile di puglia and ile de france ewes in southern italy

Zalewska B., 1985: Seasonal fluctuations in plasma protein fraction levels of chinchillas chinchilla laniger

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373002

Sharma N.K., 1984: Seasonal fluctuations in population of brevipalpus obovatus acarina tenuipalpidae on golden rod solidago canadensis at ludhiana india

Franklin M., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations in river bacteria as measured by multi variate statistical analysis of continuous cultures

Birkenhager J.C., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations in serum concentrations of vitamin d metabolites in normal subjects

Lewandrowski K.B., 1983: Seasonal fluctuations in standing stock biomass of halichondria sp porifera demospongia within a new england eelgrass community

Onbe T., 1985: Seasonal fluctuations in the abundance of populations of marine cladocerans and their resting eggs in the inland sea of japan

Pletsch, D. J.; Garcia-Aldrete, A. N., 1976: Seasonal fluctuations in the anopheline populations diptera culicidae in the tourist zone of ixtapa guerrero state mexico

Kailakov A.M., 1979: Seasonal fluctuations in the content of some electrolytes in patients with diabetes mellitus

Advani R., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations in the diet composition of rhinopoma hardwickei in the rajasthan india desert

Lodewijckx E., 1984: Seasonal fluctuations in the exploratory behavior and in the activity of wild wood mice apodemus sylvaticus

Advani R., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations in the feeding ecology of the indian false vampire megaderma lyra lyra chiroptera megadermatidae in rajasthan india

Platenkamp G.A.J., 1984: Seasonal fluctuations in the flight activity of aquatic heteroptera nepomorpha on barro colorado island panama

Sharokh G., 1988: Seasonal fluctuations in the gross body water content of the desert rat tailed bat rhinopoma microphyllum kinneari

Habte D., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations in the occurrence of entero toxigenic bacteria and rotavirus in pediatric diarrhea in addis ababa ethiopia

Kapur K., 1980: Seasonal fluctuations in the ovarian hydration and protein contents in the major indian carp labeo rohita under natural and confined waters

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373018

Rubec L.A., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations in the population density of alloglossidium corti digenea macroderoididae in channel catfish from the little brazos river texas usa

Patil M.D., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations in the quality of well waters

Schwencke Hofmann J., 1987: Seasonal fluctuations in the species composition of phytoplankton and phytobenthos in the lobau near vienna austria

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373022

Dye, A. H., 1978: Seasonal fluctuations in the vertical distribution of meio fauna in estuarine sediments

Heip C., 1986: Seasonal fluctuations in vertical distribution and breeding activity of a subtidal harpacticoid community in the southern bight north sea

Sobolev V.R., 1987: Seasonal fluctuations in vibrio cholerae sensitivity to antibiotics

Soderstrom B.E., 1979: Seasonal fluctuations of active fungal biomass in horizons of a podzolized pine forest soil in central sweden

Livingston R.J., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations of benthic macro fauna in the apalachicola estuary florida usa the role of predation

Johnston A., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations of blue grama bouteloua gracilis roots and chemical characteristics

Aly M.Z.J., 1985: Seasonal fluctuations of certain species of nocturnal coleoptera as indicated by a light trap at quena egypt

Okano W.Y., 1983: Seasonal fluctuations of copepod populations in lake dom helvecio parque florestal rio doce minas gerais brazil

Walker, A. R., 1977: Seasonal fluctuations of culicoides spp diptera ceratopogonidae in kenya

Miyai S., 1984: Seasonal fluctuations of egg density and survival rate in japanese black swallowtail butterflies papilio spp

Badr E.A., 1983: Seasonal fluctuations of esterase 6 allelic frequencies of drosophila melanogaster in an area heavily sprayed with insecticides

Aura O., 1984: Seasonal fluctuations of force production in high jumpers

El Sharouny H.M.M., 1987: Seasonal fluctuations of fungi in egyptian soil receiving city sewage effluents

Nakata K., 1979: Seasonal fluctuations of gamasid mites on small rodents in a wind shelter belt at tonden sapporo japan

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373038

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373039

Dyk L.M., 1986: Seasonal fluctuations of indices of cellular and humoral immunity in persons with prenosological and nosological signs of chronic bronchitis

Peumans W.J., 1986: Seasonal fluctuations of lectins in barks of elderberry sambucus nigra and black locust robinia pseudoacacia

Saito H., 1980: Seasonal fluctuations of litterfall in evergreen coniferous chamaecyparis obtusa plantation in mount watamuki yama shiga japan

Smock L.A., 1979: Seasonal fluctuations of macro invertebrate drift in a south carolina piedmont stream

Whittington W.J., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations of nitrate reductase activity in di telosomic stocks of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373047

Scapin S., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations of pancreatic activities and cyclic nucleotide levels in the frog rana esculenta

Goryshina, T. K., 1978: Seasonal fluctuations of photosynthesis of herbaceous plants of forest steppe oak woods in connection with dynamic leaf plastid apparatus

Shaban G.M., 1985: Seasonal fluctuations of phyllosphere and phylloplane fungi of egyptian wheat

Larsen R., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations of physical and chemical parameters of a weir basin in a regulated west norwegian river

Toro J.E., 1984: Seasonal fluctuations of phytoplankton abundance and biomass in the queule river estuary chile ix region

Nagarajaiah, C. S.; Gupta, T. R. C., 1985: Seasonal fluctuations of plankton in brackishwater ponds of nethravati estuary mangalore india i. phytoplankton

Sugunan V.V., 1980: Seasonal fluctuations of plankton of nagarjunasagar reservoir andra pradesh india

Okino T., 1986: Seasonal fluctuations of population size in the small copper butterfly lycaena phlaeas daimio and their causal study

Ahmad, S. H.; Singh, A. K., 1987: Seasonal fluctuations of primary production and fish yield in mangles's tank patna city bihar india

Mukhopadhyay S.K., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations of primary production in 2 fresh water ponds at wagholi poona india

Cabaret J., 1980: Seasonal fluctuations of receptivity of a land snail cochlicella conoidea experimentally infected by 1st stage larvae of a protostrongylid nematode

Barbolova Z.V., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations of red blood parameters of the bank vole clethrionomys glareolus pirinus from the vitosha mountain bulgaria

Ovander E.N., 1981: Seasonal fluctuations of rotifer populations in one of the kiev ponds ukrainian ssr ussr

El Maghraby O.M.O., 1988: Seasonal fluctuations of soilborne and airborne fungi of wadi bir el ain in the eastern desert of egypt

Anokhin Yu N., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations of t lymphocyte migration properties in mice

Bobbert, A. C.; Brandenburg, J.; Krul, W. H., 1978: Seasonal fluctuations of the circadian changes in rabbit visual evoked potentials

Du-Merle, P.; Jourdheuil, P.; Marro, J. P.; Mazet, R., 1978: Seasonal fluctuations of the myrmeco fauna and its predatory activity in forest interaction between 3 habitats clearing forest edge forest

Lewis S.A., 1979: Seasonal fluctuations of various nematode populations in cotton gossypium hirsutum fields in south carolina usa

Avila G., 1982: Seasonal fluctuations of vegetative growth in roots and shoots of central chilean shrubs

Oadri M.Y., 1985: Seasonal fluctuations of zooplankton in lake manasbal india

Louda S.M., 1985: Seasonal flux of isothiocyanate yielding glucosinolates in roots stems and leaves of cardamine cordifolia

Takahashi K., 1986: Seasonal fluxes of pelagic diatoms in the subarctic pacific 1982 1983

Takahashi K., 1987: Seasonal fluxes of silicoflagellates and actiniscus in the subarctic pacific during 1982 1984

Ueckert D.N., 1980: Seasonal food habits of a desert termite gnathamitermes tubiformans in west texas usa

Macdonald S.O., 1984: Seasonal food habits of marten martes americana in south central alaska usa

Petretti, F., 1977: Seasonal food habits of the barn owl tyto alba in an area of central italy

Dawe, N. K.; Runyan, C. S.; Mckelvey, R., 1978: Seasonal food habits of the barn owl tyto alba on the alaksen national wildlife area british columbia

Elrod J.H., 1983: Seasonal food of juvenile lake trout salvelinus namaycush in usa waters of lake ontario

Dahl B.E., 1981: Seasonal food preferences of cattle on native range in the south texas plains usa

Humphrey S.R., 1981: Seasonal food resources and prey selection of the southeastern brown bat myotis austroriparius in florida usa

Crawford H.S., 1982: Seasonal food selection and digestibility by tame white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in central maine usa

Tomlinson D.N.S., 1980: Seasonal food selection by waterbuck kobus ellipsiprymnus in a rhodesian game park

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373082

Brody A.J., 1983: Seasonal foods of black bears ursus americanus in tahoe national forest california usa

Hansen R.M., 1984: Seasonal foods of blacktail jackrabbits lepus californicus and nuttall cottontails sylvilagus nuttalli in southeastern idaho usa

Hansen R.M., 1982: Seasonal foods of coyotes canis latrans in southeastern idaho usa a multi variate analysis

Farkas D., 1983: Seasonal foods of pheasants phasianus colchicus in agricultural fields of hungary

Dawe, P. S., 1978: Seasonal foot and mouth disease and its control in malawi

Bliss L.C., 1985: Seasonal forage availability and potential vegetation limitations to a mountain goat oreamnos americanus population olympic national park washington usa

Peaden R.N., 1984: Seasonal forage growth rate and solar energy conversion of irrigated cultivar vernal alfalfa medicago sativa

Hertel J.M., 1979: Seasonal forage nutritive value variation of coastal and coastcross 1 bermuda grass

Heithaus E.R., 1986: Seasonal foraging behavior of the frugivorous bat carolla perspicillata

Travis, J., 1977: Seasonal foraging in a downy woodpecker population

Hudson R.J., 1986: Seasonal foraging rates of free ranging moose alces alces

Greenberg R., 1987: Seasonal foraging specialization in the worm eating warbler

Konopinski V.J., 1985: Seasonal formaldehyde concentrations in an office building

Buco S., 1987: Seasonal formation of aflatoxins in cottonseed produced in arizona and california usa

Hardacre A.K., 1981: Seasonal frost tolerance of eucalyptus saligna eucalyptus regnans and eucalyptus fastigata

Warrington I.J., 1984: Seasonal frost tolerance of feijoa feijoa sellowiana

Holden D.G., 1981: Seasonal frost tolerance of pinus radiata pinus muricata and pseudotsuga menziesii

Stanley C.J., 1987: Seasonal frost tolerance of some ornamental indigenous new zealand plant species in the genera astelia dicksonia leptospermum metrosideros phormium pittosporum and sophora

Wheeler A.G., 1984: Seasonal genetic and age variation in nonesterified fatty acid concentrations in the ewe

Aldrich J.C., 1983: Seasonal geographical and size differences in oxygen consumption digestive gland and gills in carcinus maenas a study of condition for ecologists

Rondeau J G., 1985: Seasonal geographical and size induced variability in mercury content of mytilus edulis in an estuarine environment a re assessment of mercury pollution level in the estuary and gulf of st lawrence canada

Mori, K.; Osanai, K.; Sato, R., 1977: Seasonal gonad changes in scallops under culture in toni bay iwate prefecture japan

Nagabhushanam, R.; Dhamne, K. P., 1977: Seasonal gonadal changes in the clam paphia laterisulca

Menzel W., 1984: Seasonal gonadal development of young laboratory spawned southern mercenaria campechiensis and northern mercenaria mercenaria quahogs and their reciprocal hybrids in northwest florida usa

Poulet, S. A., 1974: Seasonal grazing of pseudocalanus minutus on particles

Hill W.G., 1986: Seasonal grouping in a herd year season model of sire evaluation

Nezlin N.P., 1982: Seasonal groups of species in the black sea coastal phyto plankton

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373111

Mcfarland D.G., 1984: Seasonal growth and community composition of phytoplankton in a eutrophic wisconsin usa impoundment

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373113

Hoffman R.A., 1983: Seasonal growth and development and the influence of the eyes and pineal gland on body weight of golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Glenn, C. L., 1978: Seasonal growth and diets of young of the year mooneye hiodon tergisus from the assiniboine river manitoba

Tilton, D. L., 1977: Seasonal growth and foliar nutrients of larix laricina in 3 wetland ecosystems

Jones J.M., 1987: Seasonal growth and photoinhibition in plocamium cartilagineum rhodophyta off the isle of man uk

Druehl L.D., 1986: Seasonal growth and productivity of macrocystis integrifolia in british columbia canada

Kunii H., 1984: Seasonal growth and profile structure development of elodea nuttallii in pond ojaga ike japan

Elvin, D. W., 1976: Seasonal growth and reproduction of an inter tidal sponge haliclona permollis

Mathieson, A. C.; Shipman, J. W.; O'shea, J. R.; Hasevlat, R. C., 1976: Seasonal growth and reproduction of estuarine fucoid algae in new england usa

Rao M.U., 1982: Seasonal growth and reproduction of gelidiopsis variabilis

Price I.R., 1980: Seasonal growth and reproduction of inter tidal algae in the townsville region queensland australia

Shay J.M., 1982: Seasonal growth and standing crop of scirpus maritimus var paludosus in saskatchewan canada

Braga, Y. Y.; Druehl, L. D., 1978: Seasonal growth and succession of tropical and introduced phyto plankton cultured in deep sea water

Baker G., 1988: Seasonal growth characteristics of red beech corsican pine ponderosa pine radiata pine and douglas fir nursery seedlings

Pulich W.M.Jr, 1985: Seasonal growth dynamics of ruppia maritima and halodule wrightii in southern texas usa and evaluation of sediment fertility status

Qadri S.U., 1979: Seasonal growth food and feeding habits of young of the year black crappie pomoxis nigromaculatus in the ottawa river canada

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373129

Chapman, A. R. O.; Craigie, J. S., 1978: Seasonal growth in laminaria longicruris relations with reserve carbohydrate storage and production

Thompson J.K., 1982: Seasonal growth in the bivalve macoma balthica near the southern limit of its range

Zolotarev V.N., 1988: Seasonal growth layers in the shells of the mussel in the black sea ussr

Kain J.M., 1984: Seasonal growth of 2 subtidal species of rhodophyta off the isle of man uk

Prokes M., 1981: Seasonal growth of chub leuciscus cephalus in the rokytna stream czechoslovakia

Atiskov, N. V., 1978: Seasonal growth of current year pine and larch shoots and needles in the kuibyshev district of the volga region ussr

Debusk T.A., 1981: Seasonal growth of eichhornia crassipes relationship to protein fiber and available carbohydrate content

Balneaves, J. M., 1978: Seasonal growth of gorse and its susceptibility to 2 4 5 t and 2 4 5 t picloram mixture

Lloyd K.E., 1987: Seasonal growth of laminaria groenlandica as a function of plant age

Lindley J.E., 1980: Seasonal growth of laminaria solidungula in the canadian high arctic in relation to irradiance and dissolved nutrient concentrations

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373140

Christensen, B.; Wium-Andersen, S., 1977: Seasonal growth of mangrove trees in southern thailand part 1 the phenology of rhizophora apiculata

Wium-Andersen, S.; Christensen, B., 1978: Seasonal growth of mangrove trees in southern thailand part 2 phenology of bruguiera cylindrica ceriops tagal lumnitzera littorea and avicennia marina

Showman, R. E., 1976: Seasonal growth of parmelia caperata

Prokes M., 1985: Seasonal growth of perch perca fluviatilis in the first year of life in the musov reservoir czechoslovakia

Pal'tsev A.M., 1980: Seasonal growth of picea abies from different provenances in moscow district ussr

Kishchenko, I. T., 1978: Seasonal growth of pine needles in different forest types of the southern karelian assr ussr

Kishchenko I.T., 1984: Seasonal growth of scotch pine pinus sylvestris in stands of different ages

Mitrukov, A. E., 1976: Seasonal growth of shoots needles and radial stem increment in pinetum cladinosum in the southern karelian assr ussr

Nichols, S. J.; Schloesser, D. W.; Geis, J. W. , 1988: Seasonal growth of the exotic submersed macrophyte nitellopsis obtusa in the detroit river of the great lakes usa canada

Horakova M., 1988: Seasonal growth of the fry of roach rutilus rutilus in the musov reservoir czechoslovakia

Rebickova M., 1987: Seasonal growth of the fry of rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus in the musov reservoir czechoslovakia

West J.A., 1981: Seasonal growth of the parasite janczewskia on laurencia rhodophyta ceramiales in california usa and hokkaido japan

Grudinin I.V., 1985: Seasonal growth of the stem wood of scotch pine in the south and north karelian assr russian sfsr ussr

Best, E. P. H.; Visser, H. W. C., 1987: Seasonal growth of the submerged macrophyte ceratophyllum demersum l. in mesotrophic lake vechten netherlands in relation to insolation temperature and reserve carbohydrates

Kennedy J.L., 1983: Seasonal growth of the tui chub gila bicolor in pyramid lake nevada usa

Sprent, J. I.; Bradford, A. M.; Norton, C., 1977: Seasonal growth patterns in field beans vicia faba as affected by population density shading and its relationship with soil moisture

Thompson R.C., 1987: Seasonal growth patterns in the tropical littorinid snails littorina angulifera and tectarius muricatus

Sithamparanathan, J., 1979: Seasonal growth patterns of herbage species on high rainfall hill country in northern north island new zealand 1. temperate grasses

Sithamparanathan, J., 1979: Seasonal growth patterns of herbage species on high rainfall hill country in northern north island new zealand 2. legumes and subtropical grasses

Winger R.N., 1985: Seasonal growth rate and population dynamics of a freshwater sponge

Gebhart, GE.; Summerfelt, RC., 1978: Seasonal growth rates of fishes in relation to conditions of lake stratification

Glenn, C. L., 1976: Seasonal growth rates of mooneye hiodon tergisus from the assiniboine river canada

Subbarangaiah G., 1983: Seasonal growth reproduction and spore shedding in gracilaria corticata of the visakhapatnam coast india

Rao M.U., 1983: Seasonal growth reproduction and spore shedding in hypnea valentiae

Rao M.U., 1985: Seasonal growth reproduction and spore shedding in pterocladia heteroplatos

Hoffmann A.J., 1981: Seasonal growth rhythms in peumus boldus a dioecious tree of the chilean mediterranean vegetation

Crisp D.J., 1984: Seasonal growth studies of inter tidal gastropods from shell micro growth band measurements including a comparison with alternative methods

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373169

Cosentino R., 1986: Seasonal habitat selection and group size of the abruzzo chamois rupicapra pyrenaica ornata

Ohmart R.D., 1980: Seasonal habitat selection by birds in the lower colorado river valley usa

Zinn T.L., 1982: Seasonal habitat use by river otters lutra canadensis and everglades mink mustela vison evergladensis in florida usa

Swenson J.E., 1985: Seasonal habitat use by sharp tailed grouse tympanuchus phasianellus on mixed grass prairie in montana usa

Anderson J.M.E., 1982: Seasonal habitat utilization and food of the ladybirds scymnodes lividigaster and leptothea galbula coleoptera coccinellidae

Vogel P., 1984: Seasonal hatchling recruitment and juvenile growth of the lizard anolis lineatopus

Hindell, M. A.; Burton, H. R., 1988: Seasonal haul out patterns of the southern elephant seal mirounga leonina l. at macquarie island australia

Bridges, D. W.; Cech, J. J-Jr ; Pedro, D. N., 1976: Seasonal hematological changes in winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus

Lindsay W.K., 1984: Seasonal herd dynamics of a savanna elephant population

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373179

Alekseeva, G. V.; Yunker, V. M., 1977: Seasonal histo structural changes in the thymus of red cheeked susliks

Dave Y.S., 1983: Seasonal histochemical changes in the cambium of tectona grandis and gmelina arborea

Rashan, L. J.; Baid, I. C., 1977: Seasonal histochemical changes in the lipid contents in the giant cells of the thoracic ganglion of fresh water crab potamon magnum magnum

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373183

Coetzee P.S., 1983: Seasonal histological and macroscopic changes in the gonads of cheimerius nufar sparidae pisces

Mori, J. G.; George, J. C., 1978: Seasonal histological changes in the gonads thyroid and adrenal of the canada goose branta canadensis interior

Bisht, J. S.; Joshi, M. L., 1975: Seasonal histological changes in the ovaries of a mountain stream teleost schizothorax richardsonii

Aziz E S.H.A., 1987: Seasonal histological changes in the ovary of sparus aurata a hermaphrodite teleost marine fish family sparidae

Aziz E S.H.A., 1987: Seasonal histological changes in the pituitary gland of sparus aurata

Ouchi, K.; Suzuki, T.; Ikehara, K., 1978: Seasonal histological changes in the testis of sebastes thompsoni

Muth, S. E.; Watkins, W. D.; Tarter, D. C., 1976: Seasonal histology of the gonads of the trout perch percopsis omiscomaycus in beech fork of twelvepole creek wayne county west virginia

Patel M.M., 1986: Seasonal histomorphological alterations of adrenals and thyroid in normal and pinealectomized domestic pigeons columba livia

Shah R.V., 1987: Seasonal histomorphological changes in the gonads of normal and pinealectomized feral blue rock pigeons columba livia gmelin

Aliniazee M.T., 1986: Seasonal history adult flight activity and damage of the obliquebanded leafroller choristoneura rosaceana lepidoptera tortricidae in filbert corylus avellana orchards

Stimmel J.F., 1979: Seasonal history and distribution of carulaspis minima in pennsylvania usa homoptera diaspididae

Henry T.J., 1981: Seasonal history and habits of the european alfalfa beetle subcoccinella vigintiquatuorpunctata coleoptera coccinellidae

Wheller, A. G-Jr ; Henry, T. J., 1980: Seasonal history and host plants of the ant mimic barberiella formicoides with description of the 5th instar hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Henry T.J., 1983: Seasonal history and host plants of the plant bug lygocoris atrinotatus with description of the 5th instar nymph hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373198

Stimmel J.F., 1980: Seasonal history and occurrence of fiorinia externa in pennsylvania usa homoptera diaspididae

Wheeler A.G.Jr, 1984: Seasonal history habits and immature stages of belonochilus numenius hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Wheeler A.G.Jr, 1985: Seasonal history host plants and nymphal descriptions of orthocephalus coriaceus new record a plant bug pest of herb garden composites hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Allsopp, P. G., 1978: Seasonal history hosts and natural enemies of monistria discrepans orthoptera pyrgomorphidae in southwest queensland australia

Hansen J.D., 1987: Seasonal history of bluegrass billbug sphenophorus parvulus coleoptera curculionidae in a range grass nursery

Chaudhry M.I., 1986: Seasonal history of greasy cutworm agrotis ypsilon rott at peshawar pakistan

Waite, G. K., 1977: Seasonal history of lucerne jassids in southeast queensland australia

Chiang H.C., 1982: Seasonal history of macrocentrus grandii hymenoptera braconidae and eriborus terebrans hymenoptera ichneumonidae 2 parasitoids of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Hain F.P., 1984: Seasonal history of the balsam woolly adelgid homoptera adelgidae in natural stands and plantations of fraser fir abies fraseri

Stevenson, A. B., 1976: Seasonal history of the carrot weevil listronotus oregonensis coleoptera curculionidae in the holland marsh ontario canada

Newsom L.D., 1984: Seasonal history of the threecornered alfalfa hopper spissistilus festinus homoptera membracidae in louisiana usa

Stimmel J.F., 1982: Seasonal history of the white peach scale pseudaulacaspis pentagona homoptera diaspididae in northeastern pennsylvania usa

Flinders J.T., 1979: Seasonal home range of a colony of columbian ground squirrels spermophilus columbianus in the idaho primitive area usa

Ichiki Y., 1980: Seasonal home range use by japanese monkeys macaca fuscata fuscata in the snowy shiga heights japan

Merritt, J. F.; Merritt, J. M., 1978: Seasonal home ranges and activity of small mammals of a colorado subalpine forest

Pagezy H., 1984: Seasonal hunger as experienced by the oto and twa women of a ntomba village in the equatorial forest lake tumba zaire

Boudou-Saltet, P.; Clergue-Cazeau, M.; Scouras, T., 1977: Seasonal hypogeal biotope of a bufonid in euboea batrachia anura presence of a new dolichopod in its digestive tube

Trappe J.M., 1987: Seasonal hypogeous sporocarp production in a western oregon usa douglas fir stand

Mikhail W.I., 1986: Seasonal hypomania in a patient with cold urticaria

John T.M., 1987: Seasonal immunocytochemical and ultrastructural changes in the neurohypophysis of the migratory canada goose

Courtney S.P., 1983: Seasonal incidence adaptive variation in the timing of life history stages

Powelson M.L., 1980: Seasonal incidence and cause of blackleg and a stem soft rot of potatoes in oregon usa

Gawande, P. S.; Peshney, N. L., 1987: Seasonal incidence and chemical control of powdery mildew of bhendi abelmoschus esculentus l. in vidarbha india

Mote U.N., 1983: Seasonal incidence and chemical control of stem fly ophiomyia phaseoli on french bean phaseolus vulgaris and pea pisum sativum

Chadee, D. D.; Corbet, P. S., 1987: Seasonal incidence and diel patterns of oviposition in the field of the mosquito aedes aegypti l. diptera culicidae in trinidad west indies a preliminary study

Bunyarat, M.; Tugwell, P.; Riggs, R. D., 1977: Seasonal incidence and effect of a mermithid nematode parasite on the mortality and egg production of the rice water weevil lissorhoptrus oryzophilus

Farooq R., 1985: Seasonal incidence and effect of degree of rainfall on the infection of avitellina lahorea cestoda anoplocephalida in sheep and goats at aligarh india

Cheah T.S., 1983: Seasonal incidence and feeding preference of culicoides spp caught in chicken houses and cattle sheds at ipoh in peninsular malaysia diptera ceratopogonidae

Nizami W.A., 1987: Seasonal incidence and pathogenicity of the metacercariae of clinostomum complanatum in aphanius dispar

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373232

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373233

Trauth S.E., 1984: Seasonal incidence and reproduction in the western slender glass lizard ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus reptilia anguidae in arkansas usa

Thontadarya T.S., 1983: Seasonal incidence for teak skeletonizer pyrausta machaeralis lepidoptera pyralidae in prabhunagar india forest

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373237

Corbet P.S., 1981: Seasonal incidence of anisoptera in light traps in trinidad west indies

Payne R.B., 1980: Seasonal incidence of breeding molt and local dispersal of red billed fire finches lagonosticta senegala in zambia

Nair N.B., 1986: Seasonal incidence of certain littoral algae at kovalam kerala state india

Butani D.K., 1982: Seasonal incidence of citrus mite eutetranychus orientalis and its predators

Sandahl, B., 1977: Seasonal incidence of cleft lips and cleft palates in sweden 1965 1974

Tamayo J.A., 1979: Seasonal incidence of diapause in boll weevil anthonomus grandis populations in the lower rio grande valley of texas usa

Ogunwuyi F.A., 1984: Seasonal incidence of dipterous flies at the lairages and control posts in south western nigeria

Foerster L.A., 1979: Seasonal incidence of diseases and parasites in natural populations of anticarsia gemmatalis and plusia spp lepidoptera noctuidae in soybean

Williams D.D., 1979: Seasonal incidence of glaridacris laruei and glaridacris catostomi in red cedar river wisconsin usa catostomus commersoni

Ely L.A.M., 1980: Seasonal incidence of helicops carinicaudus infrataeniatus and philodryas patagoniensis in the state of rio grande do sul brazil ophidia colubridae

Section 7, Chapter 6374, Accession 006373248

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