Section 7
Chapter 6,374

Seasonal history habits and immature stages of belonochilus numenius hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Wheeler, A.G.Jr

Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 86(4): 790-796


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8797
Accession: 006373200

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The seasonal history of the orsilline lygaeid B. numenius (Say) was studied in southcentral Pennsylvania [USA] during 1976-1981. Eggs overwintered in fruiting heads of London plane, Platanus .times. acerifolia (Ait.) Willd., and began to hatch in early to mid-April; nymphs developed in old fruits persisting on the trees or in fallen fruits beneath the hosts. Adults of the 1st generation began to appear in late May, those of the 2nd generation during early July. A 3rd (and perhaps 4th) generation was produced during Aug.-Sept. Nymphal development in the laboratory required an average of 28.8 days at 20.degree. C. The egg is described and the 5th instar is described and illustrated; brief descriptions and comparative measurements are provided for the other 4 instars.