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Seasonal variation in plant biomass and net primary productivity of a savanna type hill ecosystem of sambalpur india

Pradhan, G.B.; Dash, M.C.

Tropical Ecology 25(2): 172-178


ISSN/ISBN: 0564-3295
Accession: 006374289

Seasonal net primary production and its transfer functions and efficiency of energy capture were measured in a savanna type tropical hill ecosystem at Sambalpur, India. Maximum plant biomass was 592 g dry wt m-2 at the bottom and 332 g dry wt m-2 at the top of the hill. The annual net primary production was 654 and 338 g dry wt m-2 and of this 211 and 146 g dry wt m-2 were in the form of below-ground production at the bottom and top of the hill, respectively. The turnover for the below-ground component was 0.82 at the bottom and 0.84 at the top. The transfer of the total net primary production to total disappearance was 51% at the bottom and 70% at the top. The annual efficiency of energy capture was 0.37% at the bottom and 0.19% at the top and of this maximum efficiency was observed during rainy season.

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