Seasonal variation in plant biomass and primary production in desert vegetation at khavda of kutch district gujarat india

Pandya, S.M.; Sidha, V.K.

Tropical Ecology 28(1): 57-68


ISSN/ISBN: 0564-3295
Accession: 006374291

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The paper describes certain abiotic and biotic variables for the desert vegetation of Kutch at Khavda. Soil is silty-clay, saline with sufficient moisture throughout the year. The vegetation is dominated by Suaeda fruticosa. Aboveground live biomass ranged between 325 (April) and 661 (October) g m-2. Belowground biomass was greater than the aboveground biomass with annual increment of 487 g m-2 and turnover of 83%. Aboveground primary production of 339 g m-2 was confined to monsoon season. Litter disappearance was higher in monsoon than in winter and summer. Root disappearance was maximum in monsoon and minimum in summer. Efficency of energy capture was 0.71% yr-1 and 1.01% in monsoon.