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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6376

Chapter 6376 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Solano H., 1986: Seasonal variations in the food diet of leptodactylus fuscus anura leptodactylidae in the llanos of venezuela

Sekeris C., 1985: Seasonal variations in the frequency distribution of breast cancer in greek women according to the month of their birth

George, K. P.; Nayar, G. G., 1976: Seasonal variations in the frequency of spontaneous mutations in canna

Munshi J.D., 1980: Seasonal variations in the fungal population of a fresh water pond in bhagalpur india

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375004

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375005

Patunkar B.W., 1986: Seasonal variations in the grasslands of marathwada india and their ecological status

Shaalan S.H., 1982: Seasonal variations in the growth and amino acid pattern of caulerpa prolifera

Waisel Y., 1984: Seasonal variations in the growth capacity of najas marina as a function of various water depths at the yarkon springs israel

Moitra, S. K.; Sarkar, S. K., 1976: Seasonal variations in the histology of the pituitary gland of cirrhinus mrigala an indian fresh water major carp in relation to gonadal activity

Rao, D. S.; Ramamirtham, C. P., 1974: Seasonal variations in the hydrographic features along the southwest coast of india

Zapata A., 1986: Seasonal variations in the immune response of the tortoise mauremys caspica

Ahlbom A., 1979: Seasonal variations in the incidence of acute myo cardial infarction in stockholm sweden

Danesi M.A., 1988: Seasonal variations in the incidence of photoparoxysmal response to stimulation among photosensitive epileptic patients evidence from repeated eeg recordings

Gunnill F.C., 1983: Seasonal variations in the invertebrate faunas of pelvetia fastigiata fucaceae effects of plant size and distribution

Dudaryev, V. P., 1978: Seasonal variations in the level of fetal blood hemo globin under changed gas medium and temperature

Mohyla O., 1986: Seasonal variations in the level of immunoglobulins and serum proteins of children differing by exposure to air borne lead

Canguilhem B., 1983: Seasonal variations in the lipid composition of kidney and heart of a hibernating mammal the european hamster cricetus cricetus

Guraya S.S., 1981: Seasonal variations in the lipid composition of ram ovis aries testis

Kerstetter T.H., 1983: Seasonal variations in the lipid composition of the steelhead trout salmo gairdneri associated with the parr smolt transformation

Sondergaard, M., 1988: Seasonal variations in the loosely sorbed phosphorus fraction of the sediment of a shallow and hypereutrophic lake

Malhotra Y.R., 1986: Seasonal variations in the macrobenthic fauna of gadigarh stream miran sahib jammu india

Andrew T.E., 1985: Seasonal variations in the metabolic rates of zooplankton populations in a thames valley reservoir england uk

Lepp N.W., 1984: Seasonal variations in the metal content of amenity grass and its use as an indicator of reclamation treatment performance

Wilson R.A., 1980: Seasonal variations in the micro climate of lymnaea truncatula habitats

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375025

Pandey D.C., 1983: Seasonal variations in the morphology of tolypothrix campylonemoides

Krishnamoorthy R.V., 1980: Seasonal variations in the mortalities of bandicota bengalensis to the rodenticide vacor

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375028

Bradley A.K., 1986: Seasonal variations in the nutritional status of urban gambian children

Rasheva M., 1986: Seasonal variations in the occurrence of brain insults

Hanssen O.J., 1981: Seasonal variations in the occurrence of common eider somateria mollissima at akeroya ostfold southeast norway

Tallgren L.G., 1979: Seasonal variations in the occurrence of urinary tract infections among children in an urban area in finland

Gutierrez J., 1980: Seasonal variations in the parasitic activity of the cattle tick boophilus microplus acari ixodidae in new caledonia

Dubewar, D. M.; Suryawanshi, S. A., 1978: Seasonal variations in the parathyroid gland of the lizard uromastix hardwickii

Meeke L., 1983: Seasonal variations in the pattern of photosynthesis and possible adaptive response to varying light flux regimes in ceratophyllum demersum

Yeoman M.M., 1979: Seasonal variations in the pattern of rna metabolism of tuber tissue in response to excision and culture

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375037

Dixit R.K., 1979: Seasonal variations in the pharyngeal and pronephric thyroid tissues of the fresh water teleost puntius sophore

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375039

Gupta J.S., 1982: Seasonal variations in the phyllosphere micro flora of 2 cultivars of barley

Quadri, M. Y.; Yousuf, A. R., 1978: Seasonal variations in the physicochemical factors of a subtropical lake of kashmir india

Kalyuzhnaya T.I., 1982: Seasonal variations in the physiological state of the korf karagin bering sea mature herring clupea harengus pallasi

Smayda T.J., 1985: Seasonal variations in the phytoplankton biomass and productivity of a warm core gulf stream ring

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375045

Bonnemain J.L., 1984: Seasonal variations in the polar transport pathways and retention sites of tritium labeled iaa in young branches of fagus sylvatica

Singh, K., 1977: Seasonal variations in the population of insect pests of stored products in west bengal india

Oleinikov, R. R.; Demkina, T. S.; Chubenko, T. I., 1978: Seasonal variations in the potential capacity of soils for nitrogen fixation

Brown D.J., 1981: Seasonal variations in the prey of some barn owls tyto alba in gwynedd wales uk

Cote R., 1981: Seasonal variations in the primary production in surface waters of the saguenay river quebec canada

Metcalfe D.H.H., 1985: Seasonal variations in the process of care in urban general practice

Glover H.E., 1982: Seasonal variations in the production and consumption of amino acids by coastal micro plankton

Pionnat J.C., 1988: Seasonal variations in the production of antifungal substances by some dictyotales brown algae from the french mediterranean coast

Haggman H., 1987: Seasonal variations in the properties of ribosome assemblies from vegetative buds of scots pine

Chandler, J. A.; Parsons, J.; Boreham, P. F. L.; Gill, G. S., 1977: Seasonal variations in the proportions of mosquitoes feeding on mammals and birds at a heronry in western kenya africa

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375056

Akintunde E.A., 1981: Seasonal variations in the quantity of carbohydrate protein lipid and crude fiber components of the food of sarotherodon galilaeus tilapia galilaea cichlidae of lake kainji nigeria

Mcmillen R., 1984: Seasonal variations in the radiation regime within an oak quercus sp hickory carya sp forest

Crossland C.J., 1984: Seasonal variations in the rates of calcification and productivity in the coral acropora formosa on a high latitude reef

Gambhir, S. S.; Das, P. K., 1978: Seasonal variations in the reactivity of blood vessels of the frog

Holloway R.W., 1979: Seasonal variations in the removal rate of material injected into the lower stratosphere

Section 7, Chapter 6376 , Accession 006375062

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375063

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375064

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375065

Haggman H., 1987: Seasonal variations in the ribosome assemblies and in in vitro translations in the buds of scots pine

Amita, 1984: Seasonal variations in the saccus vasculosus of a freshwater teleost histological changes

Lafon A., 1981: Seasonal variations in the sciaenidae pisces teleostei perciformes in the gulf of gascony eastern atlantic

Turillazzi S., 1980: Seasonal variations in the size and anatomy of polistes gallicus hymenoptera vespidae

Srivastava S.K., 1985: Seasonal variations in the spatial distribution of root tips in teak tectona grandis plantations in the varanasi forest division india

Fowler C.J., 1986: Seasonal variations in the stability of monoamines and their metabolites in perchloric acid as measured by high performance liquid chromatography

De Marais D.J., 1986: Seasonal variations in the stable carbon isotopic signature of biogenic methane in a coastal sediment

Ras Willems A., 1983: Seasonal variations in the structure of a zostera community on tidal flats in the southwestern netherlands with special reference to the benthic fauna

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375074

Sandstrom O., 1983: Seasonal variations in the swimming performance of perch perca fluviatilis measured with the rotatory flow technique

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375076

Amer, F. I., 1976: Seasonal variations in the testis and epididymis of the aquatic snake natrix tessellata

Bachmann H., 1986: Seasonal variations in the trophic structure of phytoplankton and zooplankton communities in lakes in different trophic states

Sauerbier, I.; Lemmer, B., 1977: Seasonal variations in the turnover of noradrenaline of active and hibernating hedgehogs erinaceus europaeus

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375080

Fortin J.A., 1984: Seasonal variations in the uptake of phosphorus 32 labeled phosphate ions by excised ectomycorrhizae and lateral roots of abies balsamea

Carpenter E.J., 1982: Seasonal variations in the utilization of ammonium and nitrate by phyto plankton in vineyard sound massachusetts usa

Dave Y.S., 1984: Seasonal variations in the vascular cambium of holoptelea integrifolia ulmaceae

Reynolds, C. S.; Rogers, D. A., 1976: Seasonal variations in the vertical distribution and buoyancy of microcystis aeruginosa in rotherne mere england

Nicolau, G.; Teodoru, V., 1975: Seasonal variations in thyroid function

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375086

Madan M.L., 1985: Seasonal variations in thyroxine secretion rate among karan swiss cattle

Srivastava L.M., 1985: Seasonal variations in total nitrogen carbon and amino acids in macrocystis integrifolia and nereocystis luetkeana phaeophyta

Schnoor J.L., 1980: Seasonal variations in tri halo methane levels in an iowa river usa water supply

Sood S., 1982: Seasonal variations in urinary calcium and sodium excretion

Gluszek, J.; Raszeja-Wanic, B.; Grajek, S.; Kwias, Z.; Ratajczak, T.; Smarsz, C., 1978: Seasonal variations in urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium in healthy subjects and patients with renal calculus and chronic renal failure

Faber M., 1985: Seasonal variations in uv radiation induced dna synthesis and uv radiation inhibition of phytohemagglutinin stimulated proliferation of human lymphocytes

Nishi, M.; Miyake, H.; Takeda, T.; Takasugi, N.; Sato, Y.; Hanai, J., 1987: Seasonal variations in vanillylmandelic acid and homovanillic acid in infants' urine

Paranich A.V., 1984: Seasonal variations in vitamin e content in white rats of varying age

Ziser, S. W., 1978: Seasonal variations in water chemistry and diversity of the phytophilic macro invertebrates of 3 swamp communities in southeastern louisiana usa

Wright R., 1982: Seasonal variations in water quality of a west african river jong river in sierra leone

Ostgaard K., 1985: Seasonal variations in weathering and toxicity of crude oil on seawater under arctic conditions

Cohen, N.; Clayden, A. D., 1978: Seasonal variations in weight of children attending an under 5 clinic in lesotho

Amirat, Z.; Khammar, F.; Brudieux, R., 1975: Seasonal variations in weight of the reproductive system the adrenal and the kidney of the desert rat psammomys obesus of the western algerian sahara

Iskandar M., 1986: Seasonal variations in yeast content of rhizosphere and phyllosphere

Rao L.N., 1980: Seasonal variations of 3 trematodes of rana tigrina and observations on the genus mehraorchis

Perera De Puga G., 1986: Seasonal variations of a competitor mollusc in intermediate hosts of tropical diseases

Mangenot F., 1979: Seasonal variations of a forest soil micro flora

Joly J., 1985: Seasonal variations of androgens estrogens and progesterone in the different lobules of the testis and in the plasma of salamandra salamandra

Mandal, B. K.; Moitra, S. K., 1975: Seasonal variations of benthos and bottom soil edaphic factors in a fresh water fish pond at burdwan west bengal india

Ye S., 1984: Seasonal variations of blood circulation through the heart of the cobra naja naja

Khawaja, D. K.; Jafri, A. K., 1968: Seasonal variations of calcium and phosphorus in the juveniles of fresh water murrel ophicephalus punctatus

Caspers, N., 1977: Seasonal variations of caloric values in herbaceous plants

Arinardi, O. H., 1978: Seasonal variations of certain major zoo plankton groups around panggang island northwest off jakarta indonesia

Won, J. H.; Yang, H. S., 1978: Seasonal variations of chemical constituents of drinking water on the campus of national fisheries university of busan korea from march 1977 to march 1978

Bondarenko A.I., 1981: Seasonal variations of chlorophyll concentration in the middle caspian sea in 1976

Torii S., 1980: Seasonal variations of components of forced cultivated laminaria during the growth process

Murphy, J. J.; Headon, D. R.; Downey, W. K., 1977: Seasonal variations of copper and iron in irish milk and butter

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375114

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375115

Tezuka Y., 1984: Seasonal variations of dominant phyto plankton chlorophyll a and nutrient levels in the pelagic regions of lake biwa japan

Ambach W., 1985: Seasonal variations of erythema dose at 2 alpine stations in different altitudes

Cristea, A.; Pora, E. A., 1977: Seasonal variations of fatty acid biosynthesis and related enzyme activities in liver of frog rana esculenta

Valente T., 1983: Seasonal variations of fatty acids in a population of tigriopus fulvus copepoda harpacticoida from the rock pools of the ligurian coast northern italy

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375120

Akpinar, M. A., 1986: Seasonal variations of fatty acids in the liver of cyprinus carpio l. osteichthyes cyprinidae

Kiortsis V., 1982: Seasonal variations of fertility and size of 3 cladocera of the genus evadne evadne spinifera evadne tergestina and evadne nordmanni

De Boer T., 1979: Seasonal variations of fulvic acids amino acids and sugars in tjeukemeer the netherlands

Chopin, T.; Floc'h, J. Y., 1987: Seasonal variations of growth in the red alga chondrus crispus on the atlantic french coasts i. a new approach by fluorescence labelling

Davis K.L., 1984: Seasonal variations of human lumbar cerebro spinal fluid neuro transmitter metabolite concentrations

Watanabe, K.; Satoh, H., 1987: Seasonal variations of ice algal standing crop near syowa station east antarctica in 1983 84

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375127

Adjovi Y., 1981: Seasonal variations of immuno reactive insulin contents in pancreatic extracts of a sahelian lizard varanus exanthematicus

Reising J., 1986: Seasonal variations of inflammation and ulcer incidence as assessed by upper digestive tract endoscopy

Sutter B.C.J., 1979: Seasonal variations of insulin sensitivity in edible dormouse glis glis adipocytes

Andren A.W., 1984: Seasonal variations of lead 210 and polonium 210 concentrations in an oligotrophic lake

IIda K., 1980: Seasonal variations of leaf photosynthesis in italian rye grass lolium multiflorum and orchard grass dactylis glomerata

Penttila I., 1987: Seasonal variations of lipid fatty acids of boreal freshwater fish species

Ambadkar, P. M.; Kotak, V. C., 1976: Seasonal variations of lipids and cholesterol in wild pigeon columba livia a quantitative study

Ambadkar, P. M.; Kotak, V. C., 1977: Seasonal variations of lipids and steroid dehydrogenases in the ovaries of feral blue rock pigeon columba livia a histochemical study

Baguet F., 1985: Seasonal variations of luminescence in photophores of porichthys notatus teleostei batrachoididae

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375137

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375138

Sephton L.M., 1988: Seasonal variations of metabolically active bacteria in a hypertrophic lake hartbeespoort dam south africa

Cho S Y., 1985: Seasonal variations of metacercarial density of clonorchis sinensis in fish intermediate host pseudorasbora parva

Festa, F. P.; Gambi, G., 1978: Seasonal variations of natural and induced rooting potential in cuttings of sequoia sempervirens

Shien Y S., 1980: Seasonal variations of nitrate reductase glutamate dehydrogenase and the soluble nitrogenous compounds during rice growth

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375144

Abbadie L., 1985: Seasonal variations of nitrogen stocks in the herb layer of savanna protected from fire in ivory coast

Kumagai H., 1980: Seasonal variations of nutritive components and several nutritive elements in short necked clam tapes japonica

Ishiguri, T., 1978: Seasonal variations of nutritive value of grasses in sorachi district japan and relationships between forage and feces density

Al Saad H.T., 1985: Seasonal variations of oil residues in water of shatt al arab river iraq

Kumar R., 1979: Seasonal variations of oxygen 18 in atmospheric sulfates

Akamatsu T., 1986: Seasonal variations of physiological response to heat of subtropical and temperate natives

Milius, A.; Kyvask, V., 1978: Seasonal variations of phyto plankton biomass chlorophyll a content and phosphatase activity in lake viitna linajarv estonian ssr ussr

Scott B.D., 1979: Seasonal variations of phyto plankton production in an estuary in relation to coastal water movements

Tajiev Sh, 1986: Seasonal variations of phytoplankton in a series of waste treatment lagoons chimkent central asia

Akiyama, T.; Kajumulo, A. A.; Olsen, S., 1977: Seasonal variations of plankton and physicochemical conditions in mwanza gulf lake victoria east africa

Castellanos R., 1984: Seasonal variations of plasma progesterone in cows from different genotypes in cuba

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375157

Coler R.A., 1981: Seasonal variations of primary productivity in lake tapacura brazil a tropical reservoir

Takashima Y., 1981: Seasonal variations of radio nuclide concentrations in pine pinus thunbergii needles

Petko, M., 1978: Seasonal variations of rat thyroid c cell population

Swarup, A., 1977: Seasonal variations of red blood cell number hemo globin content and white blood cell number in columba livia a comparative study of male and female

Dzheenaliev M.D., 1980: Seasonal variations of renal function in patients with chronic glomerulo nephritis in the lowlands of the kirgiz ssr ussr

Haldemann, C.; Braendle, R., 1986: Seasonal variations of reserves and of fermentation processes in wetland plant rhizomes at the natural site

Baillon F., 1988: Seasonal variations of respiration phloem transport and carbohydrate content in european mistletoe

Colas, G., 1980: Seasonal variations of semen quality in adult ile de france rams 1. cell morphology and mass motility of sperm

Colas, G., 1981: Seasonal variations of semen quality in adult ile de france rams 2. fertilizing ability and its relation to qualitative criteria in vitro

Meiniel A., 1983: Seasonal variations of serotonin content in the pineal complex and the lateral eye of lampetra planeri cyclostoma petromyzontidae

Schmidt Gayk H., 1984: Seasonal variations of serum 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and alkaline phosphatase in relation to the antler formation in the fallow deer dama dama

Helms R.W., 1981: Seasonal variations of serum immuno globulin e levels in normal children

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375172

Banerjee V., 1981: Seasonal variations of some blood components of an indian garden lizard calotes versicolor

Saad, M. A. H., 1978: Seasonal variations of some physicochemical conditions of shatt al arab estuary iraq

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375175

Farsund T., 1984: Seasonal variations of symptoms and occurrence of human bladder carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375177

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375178

Ahtonen S., 1987: Seasonal variations of the acids in birch sap

Thouy, P., 1976: Seasonal variations of the avi fauna of a locality of atlantic morocco

Deng H., 1986: Seasonal variations of the avian community structure of the alpine meadow in the haibei region china

Cortizo M., 1981: Seasonal variations of the biological activity and content of phenolic substances in extracts from castanea crenata

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375183

Mouches A., 1981: Seasonal variations of the diet of the european badger meles meles

Kustenko N.G., 1983: Seasonal variations of the dimensional structure of rhizosolenia calcar avis populations in the black sea/

Yamauchi, K.; Ohashi, T.; Haga, S.; Akenaga, H.; Takigawa, H.; Katayama, H.; Hamakawa, H.; Miaki, T.; Takahashi, M., 1985: Seasonal variations of the fatty acid composition of lipids in cow's milk from some selected dairy districts in miyazaki prefecture japan

Guary, J. C.; Kayama, M.; Murakami, Y., 1975: Seasonal variations of the fatty acid composition of penaeus japonicus crustacea decapoda

Amer A.A., 1979: Seasonal variations of the hematological constituents of camels camelus dromedarius in regard to environmental climatic changes

Chouteau J., 1981: Seasonal variations of the hydro carbon contents on sea water from a mediterranean coastal fringe carry le rouet sausset les pins france region

Vasil'ev N.V., 1980: Seasonal variations of the lymphocytogram and polymorphonuclear lymphocyte index in healthy children under conditions of western siberia ussr

Beninger P.G., 1984: Seasonal variations of the major lipid classes in relation to the reproductive activity of 2 species of clams raised in a common habitat tapes decussatus and tapes philippinarum/

Kostov O.S., 1985: Seasonal variations of the microbial biomass in some soils in bulgaria

Leclerc M C., 1985: Seasonal variations of the nitrate disposability and of its utilization by the mediterranean littoral dunes vegetation

Blindheim J., 1987: Seasonal variations of the oceanographic conditions off the southwest coast of india during 1971 1975

Kuchling G., 1981: Seasonal variations of the oxygen consumption and the blood glucose concentration under low temperature conditions in the male tortoise testudo hermanni hermanni

Giani A., 1985: Seasonal variations of the phytoplankton and physico chemical parameters in the paranoa reservoir brasilia federal district brazil

Ahtonen S., 1987: Seasonal variations of the sugars in birch sap

Pazdernik L., 1983: Seasonal variations of the total alkalinity and its components in the upper st lawrence estuary quebec canada

Boissin J., 1979: Seasonal variations of thyroid activity in the adult male badger meles meles

Hargraves P.E., 1981: Seasonal variations of tintinnids ciliophora oligotrichida in narragansett bay rhode island usa

Jafri, A. K.; Khawaja, D. K., 1975: Seasonal variations of tissue calcium and phosphorus in the juveniles of the catfish wallago attu

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375202

Kiyoi M., 1983: Seasonal variations of total histamine in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis

Evans D.W., 1985: Seasonal variations of trace elements in dissolved and suspended loads for coal ash ponds and pond effluents

Abbas M.H., 1984: Seasonal variations of transparency suspended matter total residue fixed total residue and volatile matter in rosetta branch of the nile egypt

Grandi D., 1982: Seasonal variations of ultimobranchial body in turtle pseudemys scripta

Kotanska, M., 1977: Seasonal variations of vegetation and succession trends in the stand of hieracio nardetum strictae in the gorce mountains western carpathians

Giovannetti M., 1985: Seasonal variations of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas and endogonaceous spores in a maritime sand dune

Shinagawa K., 1985: Seasonal variations of volatile constituents from artemisia capillaris

Ishiguri T., 1979: Seasonal variations of voluntary intake and nutritive value of orchard grass

Vaillancourt G., 1982: Seasonal variations of water temperature and the development cycle of limnodrilus hoffmeisteri oligochaeta tubificidae

Mitra K., 1986: Seasonal variations of weed inhabiting fauna of a dead ox bow lake beel of west bengal india

Moiseev E.V., 1980: Seasonal variations of zoo flagellates in coastal area of the black sea

Planas J., 1988: Seasonal variations on insulin and some metabolites in dogfish plasma scyliorhinus canicula l

Torrecillas, A.; Ruiz-Sanchez, M. C.; Del-Amor, F.; Leon, A., 1988: Seasonal variations on water relations of amygdalus communis l. under drip irrigated and nonirrigated conditions

Sims P.L., 1981: Seasonal vegetative establishment and shoot reserves of eastern gama grass tripsacum dactyloides

Stolwijk J.A., 1981: Seasonal visibility and pollutant sources in the northeastern usa

Bruno, S. F.; Staker, R. D., 1978: Seasonal vitamin b 12 and phyto plankton distribution near napeague bay new york usa block island sound

Mosby, H. S.; Kirkpatrick, R. L.; Newell, J. O., 1977: Seasonal vulnerability of gray squirrels to hunting

Warburg M.R., 1986: Seasonal water balance in archispirostreptus syriacus diplopoda spirostreptidae from mesic and xeric mediterranean environments

Crawford, C. S., 1978: Seasonal water balance in orthoporus ornatus a desert millipede

Smith S.D., 1982: Seasonal water potential components of sonoran desert arizona usa plants

Boutton T.W., 1985: Seasonal water relations of savanna shrubs and grasses in kenya east africa

Knapp A.K., 1986: Seasonal water relations of three gallery forest hardwood species in northeast kansas usa

Giliberto, J.; Estay, H., 1978: Seasonal water stress in some chilean matorral shrubs

Degen A.A., 1982: Seasonal water turnover rates and body water volumes in desert chukars alectoris chukar

Specht, R. L.; Brouwer, Y. M.; Derrick, E. H., 1975: Seasonal waves of asthma a possible botanical cause

Leaf A.L., 1979: Seasonal weather regimes influence interpretation of pinus resinosa foliar analysis

Doerr P.D., 1985: Seasonal weight changes in raccoons procyon lotor carnivora procyonidae of north carolina usa

Dark J., 1984: Seasonal weight gain is attenuated in food restricted ground squirrels spermophilus lateralis with lesions of the suprachiasmatic nuclei

Khammar, F.; Amirat, Z.; Brudieux, R., 1975: Seasonal weight variations of the reproductive system the adrenal and the kidney of the gerbil gerbillus gerbillus of the western algerian sahara

Bigham, M. L.; Sumner, R. M. W.; Dalton, D. C., 1977: Seasonal wool production of romney and merino x romney wethers/

Bigham, M. L.; Sumner, R. M. W.; Elliott, K. H., 1978: Seasonal wool production of romney coopworth perendale cheviot and corriedale wethers

Sommervill J.E.M., 1985: Seasonal xylem pressure potentials of two south african coastal fynbos species in three soil types

Moore J.E., 1988: Seasonal yield and quality of bigalta redalta and floralta limpograss

Fraser J., 1988: Seasonal yield changes in white clover varieties and ecotypes in nova scotia canada

White L.M., 1983: Seasonal zinc copper manganese and iron levels of western wheat grass agropyron smithii and green needle grass stipa viridula as affected by nitrogen fertilization

Lopez, MT.; Lara, G.; Quezada, AE., 1986: Seasonal zonation changes in the rocky midlittoral of Villa Cocholgue, Concepcion Bay (36° S). Chile

Hoyt R.D., 1982: Seasonal zoo plankton concentrations in barren river lake and tailwater kentucky usa

Storms S.E., 1981: Seasonal zoo plankton distributions in quantico creek and the adjacent potomac river virginia usa

Chrzanowski T.H., 1985: Seasonality abundance and biomass of bacteria in a southwestern reservoir

Merriner, J. V.; Kriete, W. H.; Grant, G. C., 1976: Seasonality abundance and diversity of fishes in the piankatank river virginia usa 1970 1971

Marchand J., 1980: Seasonality abundance and diversity of the ichthyo fauna of the lower loire estuary in 1977 1978 france

Ocanto P., 1987: Seasonality abundance and invertebrate associates of leptagrion siqueirai santos in aechmea bromeliads in venezuelan rain forest zygoptera coengrionidae

Resh V.H., 1982: Seasonality and annual variability of caddis fly adults trichoptera in a nonseasonal tropical environment

Sharp P.J., 1984: Seasonality and autonomous reproductive activity in birds

Sklar F.H., 1985: Seasonality and community structure of the backswamp invertebrates in a louisiana cypress tupelo wetland

Meads M.J., 1987: Seasonality and density of litter and humus invertebrates in broadleaf podocarp and hard beech forests in orongorongo valley new zealand

Wolda H., 1986: Seasonality and diversity of caccoplectus with a review of the genus and description caccoplectinus new genus coleoptera pselaphidae

Flowers R.W., 1985: Seasonality and diversity of mayfly adults ephemeroptera in a nonseasonal tropical environment

Jillett J.B., 1985: Seasonality and duration of the developmental stages of heterosquilla tricarinata crustacea stomatopoda and replacement of the larval eye at metamorphosis

Derylo A., 1984: Seasonality and extensiveness of paramphistomum sp infections of the cattle in the southeast region of poland

Fernando C.H., 1979: Seasonality and fecundity of daphnia lumholtzi in lake phewa nepal

Honjo S., 1982: Seasonality and interaction of biogenic and lithogenic particulate flux at the panama basin

Sharma S.C., 1986: Seasonality and pattern in leaf fall and litter accretion on the forest floor in plantations of demonstration area forest research institute and colleges dehra dun india

Boyce M.S., 1979: Seasonality and patterns of natural selection for life histories

Schwartz I.B., 1984: Seasonality and period doubling bifurcations in an epidemic model

Lieberman D., 1982: Seasonality and phenology in a dry tropical forest in ghana

Zimmerman, M. S.; Livingston, R. J., 1976: Seasonality and physicochemical ranges of benthic macrophytes from a north florida estuary apalachee bay usa

Reddy G.S., 1979: Seasonality and population fluctuations in the drosophila of western ghats india

Russell, B. C.; Anderson, G. R. V.; Talbot, F. H., 1977: Seasonality and recruitment of coral reef fishes

Jenkins J.M., 1981: Seasonality and relative abundance of guam shore birds

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375583

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375584

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375598

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375599

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375723

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375724

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375839

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375846

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375847

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375848

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375849

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375850

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375851

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Kaminski, W., 1974: Secondary dormancy of apple seeds part 2 effect of oxygen

Kaminski, W., 1974: Secondary dormancy of apple seeds part 3 effect of temporary reduction of water in seeds

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375869

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375870

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Ognjanov V., 1984: Secondary embryo sac in red delicious and jonathan progenies

Loh C.S., 1987: Secondary embryogenesis in long term cultures of winter oilseed rape brassica napus ssp oleifera

Dunn B.M., 1988: Secondary enzyme substrate interactions kinetic evidence for ionic interactions between substrate side chains and the pepsin active site

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Morrell F., 1985: Secondary epileptogenesis in man

Demidova A.V., 1985: Secondary erythrocytoses

Harell G.S., 1980: Secondary esophageal tumors

Spaggiari C., 1980: Secondary extropia in the surgical treatment of concomitant squint

Perpere C., 1987: Secondary face lift

Brun, J. F.; Jacquemin, J. L.; Orsetti, A., 1987: Secondary failure of islets autotransplantation in totally pancreatectomized dogs a multifactorial study

Mirouze J., 1986: Secondary failure of oral hypoglycemic agents in type ii diabetes mellitus effect of blood glucose control by intravenous insulin infusion

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Mannick J.A., 1981: Secondary femoro popliteal reconstruction

Kuznetsova V.M., 1979: Secondary flowering of introduced plants in the nikita botanical garden yalta ussr

Walker D.A., 1981: Secondary fluorescence kinetics of spinach spinacia leaves in relation to the onset of photosynthetic carbon assimilation

Seifert H., 1982: Secondary fluorescence of intra ocular vessels of the anterior segment of the rat eye after local drug application

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375898

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Davies F.S., 1984: Secondary fruit ontogeny in navel orange citrus sinensis

Hoang P.L., 1985: Secondary fuchs heterochromic cyclitis a new approach to an old disease

Janig W., 1986: Secondary functional properties of lumbar visceral preganglionic neurons

Oguchi T., 1987: Secondary generalized convulsion in callosotomized cat by amygdaloid kindling

Alt F.W., 1986: Secondary genomic rearrangement events in pre b cells v hdj h replacement by a line 1 sequence and directed class switching

Tsukahara, S.; Matsuo, T., 1977: Secondary glaucoma accompanied with primary familial amyloidosis

Tsukahara, S., 1977: Secondary glaucoma due to inactive congenital syphilitic interstitial keratitis

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375912

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Et Al, 1985: Secondary haemophilus influenzae type b in day care facilities risk factors and prevention

Niu F E., 1987: Secondary hematologic changes in small cell lung cancer and malignant lymphoma

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375917

Mathieu P., 1982: Secondary hemo peri cardium after cardio pulmonary bypass surgery 30 cases

Kumar R., 1984: Secondary hemorrhage following tonsillectomy adenoidectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375920

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Doroshyna, L. P., 1976: Secondary hosts of pemphigus populi and pemphigus vesicarius homoptera aphidoidea

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Florio P., 1981: Secondary hyper lipo proteinemias in childhood

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Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375940

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375941

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Llach F., 1987: Secondary hyperparathyroidism and cardiac hypertrophy in hemodialysis patients

Knezevic G., 1984: Secondary hyperparathyroidism and pathologic changes of the jaws in patients on long term hemodialysis

Wide L., 1985: Secondary hyperparathyroidism in diabetic and nondiabetic patients on long term continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Janda J., 1986: Secondary hyperparathyroidism in patients treated by long term hemodialysis

Birks J.L., 1985: Secondary hypertension accompanying high pressure chronic retention

Vetter W., 1985: Secondary hypertension and neurofibromatosis bilateral renal artery stenosis and coarctation of the abdominal aorta

Robertson J.W.K., 1987: Secondary hypertension in a blood pressure clinic

Sotaniemi E.O., 1981: Secondary hypertension in a medical ward

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Krueskemper H.L., 1981: Secondary hypo thyroidism in severe nonthyroidal illness

Madias N.E., 1983: Secondary hypocapnia fails to protect whole body intra cellular ph during chronic hydro chloric acidosis in the dog

Shimazaki J., 1987: Secondary hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

Weiner H.L., 1987: Secondary immune amplification following live poliovirus immunization in humans

Gurvich A.E., 1986: Secondary immune response in mice immunized with a protein cellulose complex

Jourdan G., 1982: Secondary immune response to oral and nasal rough mutant strains of salmonella typhimurium

Section 7, Chapter 6376 , Accession 006375964

Santos G.W., 1984: Secondary immunization with a protein antigen tetanus toxoid in man characterization of humoral and cell mediated regulatory events

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Naglenko V.P., 1980: Secondary immuno deficiency state during acute viral infections in children

Braley-Mullen, H., 1976: Secondary immuno globulin g responses to type 3 pneumococcal poly saccharide part 2 different cellular requirements for induction and elicitation

Braley-Mullen, H., 1977: Secondary immuno globulin g responses to type 3 pneumococcal poly saccharide part 3 thymus derived cell requirement for development of bone marrow derived memory cells

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Konjevic G., 1984: Secondary immunodeficiency in children with malignant lymphomas

Nikiforov V.A., 1980: Secondary immunological insufficiency in chronic purulent diseases of the lungs and pleura

Dardenne M.U., 1981: Secondary implantation of a posterior chamber lens to correct aphakia

Catone E., 1988: Secondary implantation of flexible iol in ac in patients operated on by icce

Azar, R. F., 1978: Secondary implantation of intra ocular lenses

Panter D., 1985: Secondary imprinting in the domestic chick gallus gallus blocked by previous exposure to a live hen

Tachibana T., 1983: Secondary in vitro generation of cyto toxic t lymphocytes specific for mm antigen by stimulation with somatic tumor hybrid but not with parental tumor cells

Collavo, D.; Parenti, A.; Biasi, G.; Chieco-Bianchi, L.; Colombatti, A., 1978: Secondary in vitro generation of cytolytic thymus derived lymphocytes in the murine sarcoma virus system virus specific cytolytic thymus derived lymphocyte induction across the h 2 barrier

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Peck, A. B.; Andersson, L. C.; Wigzell, H., 1977: Secondary in vitro responses of thymus derived lymphocytes to non h 2 allo antigens self h 2 restricted responses induced in heterologous serum are not dependent on primary stimulating non h 2 allo antigens

Russell P.H., 1986: Secondary in vitro stimulation of specific cytotoxic cells to newcastle disease virus in chickens

Alaba, O.; Law, L. W., 1978: Secondary induction of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes with solubilized syngeneic tumor cell plasma membranes

Moen R., 1985: Secondary infection and fertilizer response of wheat initially infected with rhizoctonia solani

Gannon J., 1981: Secondary infection of rat lungs with pasteurella pneumotropica after kilham rat virus infection

Adeyeba O.A., 1985: Secondary infections in dracunculiasis bacteria and morbidity

Okamoto M., 1987: Secondary injuries of the ear due to ear mold production

Stambolieva, N. A.; Bratovanova, E. K.; Decheva, D. D.; Arnaudov, M. V., 1983: Secondary interactions in mesenterico peptidase ec 3.4.21. catalyzed hydrolysis of peptide ester and 4 nitro anilide substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375989

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375990

Pannike A., 1980: Secondary intra medullary nailing osteosynthesis in primarily conservative treatment of fractures of tibia and fibula shafts

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375992

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375994

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375995

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375996

Bock W.J., 1986: Secondary intraventricular hemorrhage in blunt head trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6376, Accession 006375998

Sufrin, G.; Keogh, B.; Moore, R. H.; Murphy, G. P., 1977: Secondary involvement of the bladder in malignant lymphoma

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