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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6377

Chapter 6377 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Haerni-Simon, G.; Suchaud, J. P.; Eghbali, H.; Coindre, J. M.; Hoerni, B., 1987: Secondary involvement of the central nervous system in malignant non hodgkin's lymphoma a study of 30 cases in a series of 498 patients

Krestin G.P.; Beyer D.; Lorenz R., 1985: Secondary involvement of the transverse colon by tumors of the pelvis spread of malignancies along the greater omentum

Guillaume J.C.; Prost C.; Dubertret L.; Touraine R., 1981: Secondary ion emission micro analysis applications to the study of human skin

Noren J.G.; Odelius H.; Rosander B.; Linde A., 1984: Secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of deciduous enamel from normal full term infants low birth weight infants and from infants with congenital hypo thyroidism

Kushi Y.; Handa S.; Ishizuka I., 1985: Secondary ion mass spectrometry for sulfoglycolipids application of negative ion detection

Eicke A.; Anders V.; Junack M.; Sichtermann W.; Benninghoven A., 1983: Secondary ion mass spectrometry of folic acid analogs

Noren J.G.; Lodding A.; Odelius H.; Linde A., 1983: Secondary ion mass spectrometry of human deciduous enamel distribution of sodium potassium magnesium strontium fluorine and chlorine

Wandass J.H.; Gardella J.A.Jr, 1985: Secondary ion mass spectrometry of monomolecular layers of fatty acids prepared by langmuir blodgett techniques

Ens W.; Standing K.G.; Westmore J.B.; Ogilvie K.K.; Nemer M.J., 1982: Secondary ion mass spectrometry of protected di ribo nucleoside mono phosphates with a time of flight mass spectrometer

Burns Bellhorn M.S.; File D.M., 1979: Secondary ion mass spectrometry of standards for analysis of soft biological tissue

Aberth W.; Straub K.M.; Burlingame A.L., 1982: Secondary ion mass spectrometry with cesium ion primary beam and liquid target matrix for analysis of bio organic compounds

Klaus N., 1985: Secondary ion mass spectroscopy analysis of motor vehicle flue gas aerosols

Trottier S.; Truchet M.; Laroudie C., 1982: Secondary ion micro analysis in the study of cobalt induced epilepsy in the rat

Giraud Guille M M.; Quintana C., 1982: Secondary ion micro analysis of the crab carcinus maenas calcified cuticle distribution of mineral elements and interactions with the cholesteric organic matrix

Chachava, T. M., 1977: Secondary isolated defect of the inter atrial septum in adults

Miller S.M.; Klinman J.P., 1985: Secondary isotope effects and structure reactivity correlations in the dopamine beta monooxygenase reaction evidence for a chemical mechanism

Connor M.J.; Blair J.A.; Said H., 1980: Secondary isotope effects in studies using radio labeled folate tracers

Shiojiri N.; Katayama H., 1987: Secondary joining of the bile ducts during the hepatogenesis of the mouse embryo

Davody P., 1988: Secondary kidney neoplasm report on two observations

Leblond, D. J.; Robinson, J. L., 1976: Secondary kinase reactions catalyzed by yeast pyruvate kinase ec

Chapman J.; Gardner J.F., 1981: Secondary lambda attachment site in the threonine operon attenuator of escherichia coli

Boyd R.B.; Devries A.L.; Eastman J.T.; Pietra G.G., 1981: Secondary lamellae of the gills of cold water high latitude teleosts a comparative light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Ferlito A.; Caruso G.; Recher G., 1988: Secondary laryngeal tumors report of seven cases with review of the literature

Keir, P.; Keen, G., 1978: Secondary leio myo sarcoma of the right ventricle a surgical report

Powell, J. A.; Segil, N., 1976: Secondary lens formation caused by implantation of pituitary into the eyes of the newt notophthalmus viridescens

Reeve J.G.; Wild A.E., 1981: Secondary lens formation from the cornea following implantation of larval tissues between the inner and outer corneas of xenopus laevis tadpoles

Elsas T., 1988: Secondary lens implantation

Strugnell R.A.; Drummond L.; Faine S., 1986: Secondary lesions in rabbits experimentally infected with treponema pallidum

Fallahnejad M.; Kutty A.C.K.; Wallace H.W., 1980: Secondary lesions of penetrating cardiac injuries a frequent complication

Davies S.V.; Murray J.A.; Bowser Riley S.M., 1988: Secondary leukemia with a translocation 8 21 ?

Okabe S.; Et Al, 1988: Secondary linitis plastica type carcinoma of the ileocecal region metastatic from the advanced gastric carcinoma report of a case

Perko, M. A., 1977: Secondary lip correction in unilateral cleft lips

Miyasaki, K.; Murao, S., 1976: Secondary lipidosis in leukemia

Hayasaka S.; Setogawa T.; Ohmura M., 1987: Secondary localized amyloidosis of the cornea caused by trichiasis

Macdonald D.M.; Black M.M., 1980: Secondary localized cutaneous amyloidosis in melanocytic nevi

Tsuji T.; Asai Y.; Hamada T., 1982: Secondary localized cutaneous amyloidosis in solar elastosis

Valente M.; Pastorino U.; Grandi C.; Luini A.; Milani F.; Ravasi G., 1982: Secondary lung cancer resection with curative intent causes of success and failure and prognostic factors

Barzilai N.; Moses A.; Menzcel J., 1987: Secondary lyme disease

Carmichael N.G.; Watson A.D.J.; Rothwell T.L.W., 1986: Secondary lymphedema in a dog

Deeg H.J.; Sanders J.; Martin P.; Fefer A.; Neiman P.; Singer J.; Storb R.; Thomas E.D., 1984: Secondary malignancies after marrow transplantation

Powell B.L.; Craig J.B.; Muss H.B., 1985: Secondary malignancies of the penis and epididymis a case report and review of the literature

Blin G., 1988: Secondary malignant degeneration of a post phlebitic ulcer

Rock M.G.; Sim F.H.; Unni K.K.; Witrak G.A.; Frassica F.J.; Schray M.F.; Beabout J.W.; Dahlin D.C., 1986: Secondary malignant giant cell tumor of bone clinicopathological assessment of nineteen patients

Skhvatsabaja L.V., 1986: Secondary malignant lesions of the heart and pericardium in neoplastic disease

Ferlito A.; Caruso G., 1984: Secondary malignant melanoma of the larynx 2 cases and a review of 79 laryngeal secondary cancers

Urano M.; Koike S.; Ohara K., 1979: Secondary malignant neoplasms following radio therapy of a mouse mammary carcinoma

Neufeld, H.; Weinerman, C. B. H.; Kemel, S., 1978: Secondary malignant neoplasms in patients with hodgkins disease

Newton P.; Freemont A.T.; Noble J.; Scott N.; Grennan D.M.; Hilton R.C., 1984: Secondary malignant synovitis 3 cases and review of the literature

Riesz T.; Jako J.M.; Juhasz J., 1979: Secondary malignant tumors accompanied by primary hepato cellular carcinoma

Shishkin I.P., 1984: Secondary malignant tumors in patients with hodgkins disease following treatment

Hachida M.; Nishiya Y.; Tezuka M.; Akiyama K.; Higashidate M.; Honda M.; Takanashi Y.; Imai Y.; Satomi M.; Takao A., 1982: Secondary mediastinitis and septicemia following patch angio plasty of supravalvular aortic stenosis a case

Pap Z.; Simu G.; Pribac O., 1984: Secondary megacolon in gluten sensitive enteropathy

Blackett P.R., 1982: Secondary metabolic changes in von gierkes disease type i glycogen storage disease

Jalal M.A.F.; Collin H.A., 1979: Secondary metabolism in tissue cultures of theobroma cacao

Raczynska Bojanowska K.; Rakowska M.; Boros D.; Zelska B., 1983: Secondary metabolism of rye grain and formation of anti nutritive compounds for animals

Birkett D.J.; Miners J.O.; Attwood J., 1983: Secondary metabolism of theophylline bio transformation products in man route of formation of 1 methyl uric acid

Breiding-Mack, S.; Zeeck, A., 1987: Secondary metabolites by chemical screening i. calcium 3 hydroxyquinoline 2 carboxylate from a streptomyces

Haznagy, A.; Toth, G.; Tamas, J., 1978: Secondary metabolites from aqueous extracts of ononis spinosa

Corley D.G.; Rottinghaus G.E.; Tempesta M.S., 1987: Secondary metabolites from fusarium two new modified trichothecenes from fusarium sporotrichioides mc 72083

Cardenas, M. L.; Kickuth, R., 1978: Secondary metabolites from macrophytes and their ecochemical function part 1 3 3 carboxyphenyl alanine as constituent and excretion product of iris pseudacorus

Cardellina J.H.II; Horsley S.B.; Clardy J.; Leftow S.R.; Meinwald J., 1982: Secondary metabolites from the red alga laurencia intricata halogenated enzymes

Delgado, G.; Reza-Garduno, R. G.; Toscano, R. A.; Bye, R.; Linares, E., 1988: Secondary metabolites from the root of ligusticum porteri umbelliferae x ray structure of z 6.6' 7.3a' diligustilide

Pena, E.; Grillo, E.; Ruiz, M., 1985: Secondary metabolites in cycadaceae 1. studies of the types of secondary metabolites in species of the genera microcycas dioon cycas zamia and ceratozamia

Gueritte F.; Langlois N.; Petiard V., 1983: Secondary metabolites isolated from a tissue culture of catharanthus roseus

Ribeiro O.; Kirkby C.A.; Hirom P.C.; Millburn P., 1985: Secondary metabolites of benzo a pyrenes 3 hydroxy trans 7 8 dihydro 7 8 dihydroxybenzo a pyrene a biliary metabolite of 3 hydroxybenzo a pyrene in the rat

Popravko, S. A.; Kononenko, G. P.; Sokolova, S. A.; Sizoi, M. N.; Vul'fson, N. S., 1979: Secondary metabolites of birch 3. identification of growth inhibitors in the betula verrucosa buds

Popravko, S. A.; Kononenko, G. P.; Tikhomirova, V. I.; Vul'fson, N. S., 1979: Secondary metabolites of birch 4. identification of the group of flavonoid aglycones in white birch buds betula verrucosa

Kononenko, G. P.; Popravko, S. A.; Vul'fson, N. S., 1979: Secondary metabolites of birch 5. mass spectrometric method of qualitative analysis of flavonoid aglycones from white birch buds betula verrucosa

Kononenko, G. P.; Popravko, S. A.; Rozynov, B. V.; Zaikin, V. G.; Vul'fson, N. S., 1980: Secondary metabolites of birch 6. a study of mass spectrometric behavior of natural flavonoid aglycones and their per methylation and tri deutero methylation products

Fraishtat, P. D.; Popravko, S. A.; Wul'fson, N. S., 1981: Secondary metabolites of clover 8. isolation and identification of pterocarpans from the roots of cultured species of clover

Sanduja R.; Martin G.E.; Weinheimer A.J.; Alam M.; Hossain M.B.; Van Der Helm D., 1984: Secondary metabolites of the coelenterate echinopora lamellosa

Cubukcu B.; Bingol S., 1983: Secondary metabolites of the genus helichrysum

Fuska, J.; Salvikova, E.; Adamkova, M., 1975: Secondary metabolites of the penicillium stipitatum part 1 substances of tropolone character

Greenhalgh R.; Blackwell B.A.; Savard M.; Miller J.D.; Taylor A., 1988: Secondary metabolites produced by fusarium sporotrichioides daom 165006 in liquid culture

Katic V.; Krajina Z., 1980: Secondary metastases after neck dissection

Brand, R. C.; Klootwijk, J.; Van-Steenbergen, T. J. M.; De-Kok, A. J.; Planta, R. J., 1977: Secondary methylation of yeast ribosomal precursor rna

Wank R.; Schendel D.J.; Blanco M.E.; Dupont B., 1979: Secondary mixed lymphocyte culture responses of primed lymphocytes after selective sensitization to non hla d determinants

Mitsui T.; Akazawa T., 1986: Secondary modification of carbohydrate chains in alpha amylase molecules synthesized in rice scutellum

Arnone, A.; Camarda, L.; Nasini, G.; Merlini, L., 1985: Secondary mold metabolites 13. fungal perylenequinones phleichrome isophleichrome and their endoperoxides

Arnone, A.; Camarda, L.; Nasini, G.; Assante, G., 1986: Secondary mold metabolites part 15. structure elucidation of rubellins a and b two novel anthraquinone metabolites from mycosphaerella rubella

Arnone, A.; Nasini, G.; Merlini, L.; Assante, G., 1986: Secondary mold metabolites part 16. stemphylotoxins new reduced perylenequinone metabolites from stemphylium botryosum var lactucum

Boyle G.J., 1987: Secondary mood type factors in the differential emotions scale des iv

Mor V.; Mchorney C.; Sherwood S., 1986: Secondary morbidity among the recently bereaved

Arnone, A.; Cardillo, R.; Nasini, G.; Meille, S. V., 1988: Secondary mould metabolites part 19. structure elucidation and absolute configuration of melledonals b and c novel antibacterial sesquiterpenoids from armillaria mellea x ray molecular structure of melledonal c

Guimezanes A.; Colombani M.; Colombani J., 1979: Secondary mouse mixed lymphocyte reaction in vitro correlation between primed cells reactivity and serological typing for ia specificities

Kuwano M.; Masuda A.; Hidaka K.; Akiyama S I., 1983: Secondary mutation resistant to 7 keto cholesterol rescues a sterol metabolic defect in amphotericin b resistant chinese hamster cell line

Yablonski Peretz T.; Sulkes A.; Polliack A.; Weshler Z.; Okon E.; Catane R., 1985: Secondary myelofibrosis with metastatic breast cancer simulating agnogenic myeloid metaplasia report of a case and review of the literature

Ontell M.; Hughes D.; Bourke D., 1982: Secondary myogenesis of normal muscle produces abnormal myo tubes

Bancroft A.J., 1985: Secondary nanozooecia in some upper paleozoic fenestrate bryozoa

Misurya V.K.; Kirtane M.V.; Gutpa K.R.; Shrivastava P.K.; Varshney P., 1980: Secondary neo tympanic membrane and total ossicular chain reconstruction a preliminary report

Coleman C.N., 1982: Secondary neoplasms in patients treated for cancer etiology and perspective

Kagan A.R.; Ryoo M.C.; Tawa K.; Saltz A., 1982: Secondary neoplasms in treated ovarian cancer

Agha F.P., 1987: Secondary neoplasms of the esophagus

Smith, S. J.; Carlson, H. C.; Gisvold, J. J., 1977: Secondary neoplasms of the small bowel

Lestuzzi C.; Biasi S.; Nicolosi G.L.; Lodeville D.; Pavan D.; Collazzo R.; Guindani A.; Zanuttini D., 1987: Secondary neoplastic infiltration of the myocardium diagnosed by two dimensional echocardiography in seven cases with anatomic confirmation

Crysdale, W. S.; Stone, H. E., 1976: Secondary neuro blastoma of the sphenoidal sinus

Krause J.R.; Ayuyang H.Q.; Ellis L.D., 1985: Secondary non hematopoietic cancers arising following treatment of hematopoietic disorders

Rothbard, S., 1978: Secondary nursing of the red sea bream chrysophrys major in an earth pond

Epstein, D. L.; Grant, W. M., 1977: Secondary open angle glaucoma in histiocytosis x

Pitzler D.; Buck Gramcko D., 1982: Secondary operations after replantation

Mcgovern, K. B.; Stewart, R. C.; Lopiccolo, J., 1975: Secondary orgasmic dys function part 1 analysis and strategies for treatment

Snyder, A.; Lopiccolo, L.; Lopiccolo, J., 1975: Secondary orgasmic dys function part 2 case study

Ilardi C.F.; Sokoloff L., 1984: Secondary osteo necrosis in osteo arthritis of the femoral head

Demopoulos R.I.; Touger L.; Dubin N., 1987: Secondary ovarian carcinoma a clinical and pathological evaluation

Ulbright T.M.; Roth L.M.; Stehman F.B., 1984: Secondary ovarian neoplasia a clinico pathologic study of 35 cases

Friedman A.L.; Chesney R.W.; Gilbert E.F.; Gilchrist K.W.; Latorraca R.; Segar W.E., 1983: Secondary oxalosis as a complication of parenteral alimentation in acute renal failure

Meller S.M.; De Paola D.P.; Barton L.H.; Mandella R.D., 1980: Secondary palatal development in the new zealand white rabbit a scanning electron microscopic study

Rintala, A. E.; Rantala, S. L., 1978: Secondary palatal repair by the island flap technique a follow up study

Shah R.; Cheng K.; Mackay R.; Wong A., 1987: Secondary palate development in the domestic duck khaki campbell an electron microscopic histochemical autoradiographic and biochemical study

Presch, W., 1976: Secondary palate formation in microteiid lizards teiidae lacertilia

Buechler M.; Malfertheiner P.; Glasbrenner B.; Beger H.G., 1985: Secondary pancreatic insufficiency following gastric resection

Kotenko, A. G., 1976: Secondary parasites of the gypsy moth ocneria dispar in foci of the pest in the lower dnieper area ussr

Schmidt G.; Mashima S.; Ulm K.; Wirtzfeld A., 1985: Secondary pauses after high rate atrial stimulation incidence and possible mechanisms

Honda M.; Kameoka H.; Miyoshi S.; Iwao N.; Mizutani S., 1985: Secondary penile tumors report of two cases

Auerbach H.E.; Stelmach T.; Laguette J.G.; Glick J.H.; Kant J.A.; Nowell P.C., 1987: Secondary ph positive cml with a minority monosomy 7 clone

Wessenboeck, G.; Hedrich, R.; Sachs, G., 1986: Secondary phenolic products in isolated guard cell epidermal cell and mesophyll cell protoplasts from pea pisum sativum l. leaves distribution and determination

Smoot E.L., 1984: Secondary phloem anatomy in callistophyton boyssetii and histological changes in the outer phloem

Russin W.A., 1981: Secondary phloem of the paleozoic pteridosperm callistophyton boyssetii

Muehlenweg J.; Naumann G.O.H., 1981: Secondary pigment dispersion syndrome following 24 years of medically induced mydriasis

Pueschel C.M., 1988: Secondary pit connections in hildenbrandia rhodophyta hildenbrandiales

Clayton, R.; Schrieber, V.; Burden, A. C.; Rosenthal, F. D., 1977: Secondary pituitary hyperplasia in addisons disease

Cori O.; Portilla G.; Chayet L., 1982: Secondary plant metabolism and enzyme mechanisms

Chuang C Y.; Jen Y S.; Haq S.M.; Huang T S., 1981: Secondary plasma cell dyscrasia a plea for change in terminology with an illustrative case report

Pap T.; Agoston M.; Kalasz V.; Kuch B.; Balazs L.; Burger T., 1987: Secondary plasma cell leukemia a multiparameter study

Klioner, L. I.; Belyaev, N. I., 1976: Secondary plastic surgery on the abdominal aorta major arteries of the pelvis and lower extremities during their athero sclerotic occlusions

Meyer P.; Guerin J.M.; Habib Y.; Levy C., 1988: Secondary pneumonia in patients with nasotracheal intubation what part played by the nosocomial sinusitis?

Mendenhall V.M.; Pank L.F., 1980: Secondary poisoning of owls by anti coagulant rodenticides

Svensson L., 1986: Secondary pollen carryover by ants in a natural population of scleranthus perennis caryophyllaceae

Lieux, M. H., 1977: Secondary pollen types characteristic of louisiana honeys

Waters D.J.; Prueter J.C., 1988: Secondary polycythemia associated with renal disease in the dog two case reports and review of literature

Vanuxem, D.; Guillot, C.; Fornaris, E.; Weiller, P. J.; Grimaud, C., 1977: Secondary polycythemia in chronic respiratory insufficiency

Meneghini C.L.; Angelini G., 1981: Secondary polymorphic eruptions in allergic contact dermatitis

Gundersen T., 1985: Secondary prevention after myocardial infarction subgroup analysis of patients at risk in the norwegian timolol multicenter study

Chick, J., 1984: Secondary prevention of alcoholism and the centers d'hygiene alimentaire france

Merzon A.K.; Kolomiets V.V.; Reznichenko L.I., 1987: Secondary prevention of arterial hypertension in an organized population ways of realization effectiveness prospects

Eddy D.M., 1986: Secondary prevention of cancer an overview

Zuvacova, J.; Bitter, J., 1978: Secondary prevention of carcinoma of the stomach in pernicious anemia

Coetzee D., 1980: Secondary prevention of depressive illness among the elderly a study of program effectiveness

Monahan, R. J., 1977: Secondary prevention of drug dependence through the transcendental meditation program in metropolitan philadelphia pennsylvania usa

Hamann, P., 1978: Secondary prevention of gastric cancer in a risk group

Hamann P., 1981: Secondary prevention of gastric cancer in a risk group of persons without gastric acid 2

Boni R.; De Simone R.; Galloro G.; Laccetti M.; Rabitti P.G., 1985: Secondary prevention of idiopathic calcium urolithiasis

De Geest H.; Kesteloot H.; Piessens J., 1979: Secondary prevention of ischemic heart disease a long term controlled lidoflazine study

Hetzke E.; Teutsch W., 1987: Secondary prevention of mammary carcinomas with miniature radiography

Breddin K.; Loew D.; Lechner K.; Ueberla K.; Walter E., 1980: Secondary prevention of myo cardial infarction a comparison of acetyl salicylic acid placebo and phenprocoumon

Davies J.A., 1985: Secondary prevention of myocardial infarction

Rahav G.; Eliakim R.; Dror N.; Shalev O., 1987: Secondary prevention of myocardial infarction with beta blockers for how many?

Kasanen A.; Junnila S.Y.T.; Kaarsalo E.; Hajba A.; Sundquist H., 1982: Secondary prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections comparison of the effect of placebo methenamine hippurate nitrofurantoin and trimethoprim alone

Kasanen A.; Sundquist H.; Elo J.; Anttila M.; Kangas L., 1983: Secondary prevention of urinary tract infections role of trimethoprim alone

Acheson J.; Archibald D.; Barnett H.; Blakely J.; Bousser M G.; Boysen G.; Breddin K.; Britton M.; Cairns J.; Et Al, 1988: Secondary prevention of vascular disease by prolonged antiplatelet treatment

Isr Sprint Study Group, 1988: Secondary prevention reinfarction israeli nifedipine trial sprint a randomized intervention trial of nifedipine in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Furberg C.D., 1987: Secondary prevention trials after acute myocardial infarction

Schoenborn W., 1987: Secondary production and energy transfer in the polluted river saale thuringia southern east germany

Fisher S.G.; Gray L.J., 1983: Secondary production and organic matter processing by collector macro invertebrates in a desert stream

Iversen T.M., 1988: Secondary production and trophic relationships in a spring invertebrate community

Goswami S.C., 1985: Secondary production and zooplankton abundance in the coastal waters from vengurla to malpe west coast of india

De Vlas J., 1985: Secondary production by siphon regeneration in a tidal flat population of macoma balthica

De Vlas J., 1979: Secondary production by tail regeneration in a tidal flat population of lugworms arenicola marina cropped by flatfish

Jackson J.K.; Fisher S.G., 1986: Secondary production emergency and export of aquatic insects of a sonoran desert usa stream

Sullivan D.M.; Topping M.S., 1984: Secondary production in isonychia bicolor ephemeroptera oligoneuriidae

Wildish D., 1984: Secondary production of 4 sublittoral soft sediment amphipod populations in the bay of fundy

Craeymeersch J.A.; Herman P.M.J.; Meire P.M., 1986: Secondary production of an intertidal mussel mytilus edulis population in the eastern scheldt southwest netherlands

Howe S.; Maurer D.; Leathem W., 1988: Secondary production of benthic molluscs from the delaware bay and coastal area usa

Neves R.J., 1979: Secondary production of epilithic fauna in a woodland stream

Fredette T.J.; Diaz R.J., 1986: Secondary production of gammarus mucronatus amphipoda gammaridae in warm temperate estuarine habitats york river virginia usa

Marsh P.C., 1985: Secondary production of introduced asiatic clam corbicula fluminea in a central arizona usa canal

Newbury, T. K.; Bartholomew, E. F., 1976: Secondary production of micro copepods in the southern eutrophic basin of kaneohe bay oahu hawaiian islands usa

Fleeger J.W.; Palmer M.A., 1982: Secondary production of the estuarine meio benthic copepod microarthridion littorale

Herman P.M.J.; Heip C., 1985: Secondary production of the harpacticoid copepod paronychocamptus nanus in a brackish water habitat

Prieto A.S.; Pereira R.; Manrique R., 1985: Secondary production of the mussel modiolus modiolus squamosus in tucuchare gulf of cariaco venezuela

Deutschman M.R.; Peterka J.J., 1988: Secondary production of tiger salamanders ambystoma tigrinum in three north dakota usa prairie lakes

Haniffa, M. A., 1978: Secondary productivity and energy flow in a tropical pond

Rieu J P.; Mouzin G.; Cousse H.; Boucherle A., 1980: Secondary products of itanoxone

Fukumaki, Y.; Shimada, K.; Takagi, Y., 1977: Secondary promoter of the guanine operon of escherichia coli k 12

Shubin V.V.; Vashchenko R.G.; Karapetyan N.V., 1986: Secondary protein structure and chlorophyll organization in photosystem i pigment protein complexes differing in p 700 contents of antenna chlorophyll

Rosselli A.; Calacoci S.; Regoli G.; Turchi A., 1985: Secondary pseudohyperaldosteronism by brushing oral mouse with a solution containing 9 alpha fluoroprednisolone a case report

Juarez C.P.; Peyman G.A.; Raichand M.; Goldberg M.F., 1981: Secondary pupillary membranes treated by the pars plana pars plicata approach long term results of 108 cases

Ustinovich A.K.; Kachan V.A.; Strugach V.N., 1980: Secondary purulent meningitis in infants

Anderson M.J.; Middleton R.G., 1982: Secondary pyelo ureterostomy with an intact ureter

Tobarra Gonzalez B.; Fernandez Perez J.; De Las Heras Gonzalez M.; Garcia Fernandez R., 1987: Secondary radiation from a cobalt beam outside the treatment field

Vossmann H., 1980: Secondary reconstruction after burns

Steinhaeuser, E. W.; Hardt, N., 1977: Secondary reconstruction of cranial defects

Noyez J.F.; Martens M.A., 1986: Secondary reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle by the chrisman snook technique

Rintala A.E.; Piironen J., 1980: Secondary reconstructive surgery in burns

Jabalquinto, A. M.; Cardemil, E., 1980: Secondary regulatory sites in rat liver cholesterol biosynthesis role of 5 pyro phospho mevalonate decarboxylase

Jonsson J.E.; Friedman H.; Johnston R.A., 1984: Secondary reinforcement measured with unrelated responses in training and testing

Numan, R.; Banerjee, U.; Smith, N.; Lal, H., 1976: Secondary reinforcement property of a stimulus paired with morphine administration in the rat

Swiergosz M.J.; Armus H.L., 1988: Secondary reinforcement strength with continuous primary reinforcement fixed ratio and continuous secondary reinforcement schedules

Evartau E.E.; Kovalenko V.S., 1986: Secondary reinforcing effects of opiate agonists in mice

Fujimura M.; Miyake Y.; Uotani K.; Kanamori K.; Matsuda T., 1988: Secondary release of thromboxane a2 in aerosol leukotriene c4 induced bronchoconstriction in guinea pigs

Mori S.; Beppu T., 1983: Secondary renal oxalosis a statistical analysis of its possible causes

Jaroma H.; Suomalainen O.; Sivula U M.; Turpeinen L., 1985: Secondary repair of digital flexor tendons in outpatient clinic

Saffar P.; Fakhoury B., 1987: Secondary repair of extensor pollicis longus

Mclaughlin S.J.; Buxton B., 1982: Secondary repair of the esophagus following spontaneous rupture with the use of a celestin tube

Fradelizi, D.; Charmot, D.; Mawas, C. E.; Sasportes, M., 1976: Secondary response of in vitro primed human lymphocytes to allogeneic cells part 3 specificity for the mixed lymphocyte reaction stimulating determinants of the secondary proliferative response

Mawas, C. E.; Charmot, D.; Sasportes, M., 1976: Secondary response of in vitro primed human lymphocytes to allogeneic cells part 4 evidence for a cell mediated lympholysis target antigen locus linked to but different from the classical human major histo compatibility complex

Cossarini Dunier M., 1986: Secondary response of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to dinitrophenol hemocyanin and yersinia ruckeri

Charmot, D.; Mawas, C. E.; Legrand, L.; Sasportes, M., 1976: Secondary response on in vitro primed human lymphocytes to allogeneic cells part 5 the secondary proliferation and cell mediated lymphocyto toxicity response of in vivo primed lymphocytes have the same immuno genetic requirements as in vitro primed cells

Solomonova K.; Vizev S., 1981: Secondary response to boostering by purified aluminum hydroxide adsorbed tetanus toxoid in aging and in aged adults

Lansdorp P.M.; Vriesendorp H.M.; Betton G.R.; Bijnen A.B., 1980: Secondary responses of allo antigen primed dog lymphocytes

Blest A.D., 1984: Secondary retinae of a primitive jumping spider yaginumanis sexdentatus arachnida araneida salticidae

Thomson I.Q.; Collins Thompson D.L., 1988: Secondary role of manganese during iron deprivation of brochothrix thermosphacta

Avila, G.; Araya, S.; Riveros, F.; Kummerow, J., 1978: Secondary root and stem growth in a chilean matorral shrub colliguaya odorifera

Fedorishchak M R.P.; Tsar' V.V.; Shishchenko P.G., 1981: Secondary salinization of soils in the delta of the dnieper river ukrainian ssr ussr

Chandy T.A.; Grana W.A., 1985: Secondary school athletic injury in boys and girls a 3 year comparison

Tobin K., 1986: Secondary science laboratory activities

Kadan M.S., 1987: Secondary sclerosis of the urinary vesical cervix

Boven E.; Nauta M.M.; Schluper H.M.M.; Elferink F.; Van Der Vijgh W.J.F.; Pinedo H.M., 1985: Secondary screening of platinum compounds in human ovarian cancer xenografts in nude mice

Etienne S.E.; Martin T.G., 1979: Secondary selection differentials for cow productivity traits associated with 7 criteria of selecting replacement beef heifers

Budelmann, B. U.; Thies, G., 1977: Secondary sensory cells in the gravity receptor system of the statocyst of octopus vulgaris

Schnare, H.; Fischer, K., 1987: Secondary sex characteristics and connected physiological values in male fallow deer dama dama l. and their relationship to changes of the annual photoperiod doubling the frequency

Folse, L. J. Jr ; Arnold, K. A., 1976: Secondary sex characteristics in roadrunners

Vitale J.J.; Freeman D.C., 1985: Secondary sex characteristics in spinacia oleracea quantitative evidence for the existence of at least three sexual morphs

Harlan W.R.; Grillo G.P.; Cornoni Huntley J.; Leaverton P.E., 1979: Secondary sex characteristics of boys 12 17 years of age the usa health examination survey

Harlan W.R.; Harlan E.A.; Grillo G.P., 1980: Secondary sex characteristics of girls 12 17 years of age the usa health examination survey

Jesus Guizar Vazque J.; Rosales Lopez A.; Ortiz Jalomo R.; Nava Delgado S.E.; Salamanca Gomez F., 1985: Secondary sex characters in mexican boys 9 16 years old a transversal study

Oyhenart-Perera, M. F., 1975: Secondary sex ratio in chickens gallus domesticus/

Tomar, S. S.; Singh, H.; Malik, P. S., 1976: Secondary sex ratio in sahiwal cattle

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Daniels A.J.; Dean G.; Viveros O.H.; Diliberto E.J.Jr, 1983: Secretion of newly taken up ascorbic acid by adreno medullary chromaffin cells originates from a compartment different from the catecholamine storage vesicle

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Sallier De La Tour R.; Sticher L.; Penel C.; Greppin H., 1984: Secretion of peroxidases in suspension cultures derived from roots or leaves of spinach

Hrncir E.; Hykes P., 1985: Secretion of phenoltetrachlorophthalein in rats with an experimental liver lesion

Stinson M.W.; Hayden C., 1979: Secretion of phospho lipase c by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Schmidt B.; Hansen K.; Ferber E., 1985: Secretion of phospholipase a 1 by bone marrow derived macrophages

Witt W.; Mertsching A.; Koenig E., 1984: Secretion of phospholipase b from saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Wilson, E. L.; Dowdle, E., 1978: Secretion of plasminogen activator by normal reactive and neoplastic human tissues cultured in vitro

Berger, H. Jr, 1977: Secretion of plasminogen activator by rheumatoid and nonrheumatoid synovial cells in culture

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Sam Yellow T.Y.; Shio H.; Perkins M.E., 1988: Secretion of plasmodium falciparum rhoptry protein into the plasma membrane of host erythrocytes

Rougier, M., 1976: Secretion of poly saccharides in the root tip of maize patterns of incorporation of tritiated fucose

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Iriuchijima J., 1985: Secretion of pressor amounts of vasopressin in experimentally hypertensive rats

Hyman, P. M.; Techberg, S.; Starrett, S.; Vanciguerra, V.; Degnan, T. J., 1978: Secretion of primary granules from developing human eosinophilic pro myelocytes

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Matsuura, M., 1980: Secretion of prolactin 2. relation to maturity in the dopaminergic system during the rat pre pubertal period

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Lee S J.; Nathans D., 1987: Secretion of proliferin

Irish J.M.IIi, 1979: Secretion of prostaglandin e 2 by rabbit proximal tubules

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