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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6378

Chapter 6378 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nett, T. M.; Staigmiller, R. B.; Akbar, A. M.; Diekman, M. A.; Ellinwood, W. E.; Niswender, G. D., 1976: Secretion of prostaglandin f 2 alpha in cycling and pregnant ewes

Atkins, D.; Ibbotson, K. J.; Hillier, K.; Hunt, N. H.; Hammonds, J. C.; Martin, T. J., 1977: Secretion of prostaglandins as bone resorbing agents by renal cortical carcinoma in culture

Heyns, W.; Van-Damme, B.; De-Moor, P., 1978: Secretion of prostatic binding protein by rat ventral prostate influence of age and androgen

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377003

Dawes C., 1982: Secretion of protein by the submandibular glands of the rat mouse and hamster in response to various parasympathomimetic and sympathomimetic drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377005

Evans C.H., 1984: Secretion of proteinase inhibitors by tumorigenic and nontumorigenic guinea pig and syrian hamster fibroblasts evidence for autocrine regulation of local proteolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377007

Skudlarek M.D., 1987: Secretion of proteins and glycoproteins by perifused rabbit corpus epididymal tubules effect of castration

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377009

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377010

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377011

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377013

Berkos, O. V.; Shchedrunov, V. V., 1976: Secretion of proteolytic enzymes following introduction of nutrients into the duodenum and jejunum

De La Harpe J., 1987: Secretion of pyruvate an antioxidant defense of mammalian cells

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377016

Samols D., 1988: Secretion of rabbit c reactive protein by transfected human cell lines is more rapid than by cultured rabbit hepatocytes

Voogt J., 1983: Secretion of rat placental lactogen by the fetal placenta and its inhibitory effect on prolactin surges

Fishman N.F., 1986: Secretion of rat serum albumin by cos cells transfected with a spliced complementary dna gene a system to study protein sorting

Mofatt R.J., 1980: Secretion of riboflavine by the porcine uterus

Zimmer D.B., 1987: Secretion of s 100 from rat c6 glioma cells

Bostian K.A., 1983: Secretion of saccharomyces cerevisiae killer toxin processing of the glycosylated precursor

Young J.A., 1981: Secretion of saliva by the rabbit mandibular gland in vitro the role of anions

Fernandes M.I.M., 1980: Secretion of saliva concentration and secretion of salivary amylase in low birth weight infants

Pettersson R.F., 1985: Secretion of semliki forest virus membrane glycoprotein e 1 from bacillus subtilis

Benditt E.P., 1982: Secretion of serum amyloid protein and assembly of serum amyloid protein rich high density lipo protein in primary mouse hepatocyte culture

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377027

Whittaker, J.; Okamoto, A., 1988: Secretion of soluble functional insulin receptors by transfected nih3t3 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377029

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377030

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377031

Kamps M.A.F., 1981: Secretion of staphylo coagulase by staphylococcus aureus the role of a cell bound intermediate

Miller J.R., 1985: Secretion of staphylococcal nuclease by bacillus subtilis

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377034

Vihko R., 1981: Secretion of steroid sulfates from human testis and their response to a single intra muscular injection of 5000 iu human chorionic gonadotropin

Fogwell, R. L.; Weems, C. W.; Lewis, G. S.; Butcher, R. L.; Inskeep, E. K., 1978: Secretion of steroids after induced luteal regression in beef heifers effects of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and removal of corpora lutea

Sirotkin, A. N., 1978: Secretion of strontium 90 into cows milk at differing calcium content levels and sources in the diet

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377038

Sueishi K., 1982: Secretion of surfactant by primary cultures of alveolar type ii cells isolated from rats

Young S.L., 1985: Secretion of surfactant by rat alveolar type ii cells morphometric analysis and three dimensional reconstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377041

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377042

Roch Ramel F., 1983: Secretion of tetra ethyl ammonium by proximal tubules of rabbit kidneys

Reiter, E. O.; Fuldauer, V. G.; Root, A. W., 1977: Secretion of the adrenal androgen dehydroepi androsterone sulfate during normal infancy childhood and adolescence in sick infants and in children with endocrinologic abnormalities

Pelardy, G.; Delost, P., 1978: Secretion of the androgens in the male guinea pig during the peri natal period

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377046

Felker, T. E.; Fainaru, M.; Hamilton, R. L.; Havel, R. J., 1977: Secretion of the arginine rich and a i apo lipo proteins by the isolated perfused rat liver

Kimber S.J., 1981: Secretion of the egg shell of schistocerca gregaria analysis of the kinetics of secretion in vitro by light and electron microscope auto radiography

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377049

Tiollais P., 1983: Secretion of the hepatitis b virus surface antigen from mouse cells using an extrachromosomal eukaryotic vector

Khoo J.C., 1988: Secretion of the lysosomal acid triacylglycerol hydrolase precursor by j774 macrophages

Lin R.C., 1984: Secretion of the newly synthesized cholesterol by rat hepatocytes in primary culture

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377053

Ota Y., 1988: Secretion of the proenzyme and active bovine pancreatic phospholipase a 2 enzyme by saccharomyces cerevisiae design and use of a synthetic gene

Repin V.S., 1984: Secretion of the salivary glands of hirudo medicinalis inhibits the adp induced aggregation of human platelets and platelet adhesion to a collagen coated surface

Hellekant G., 1988: Secretion of the sweet tasting plant protein thaumatin by bacillus subtilis

Netzel, H., 1976: Secretion of the test in centropyxis discoides rhizopoda testacea

Price P.A., 1980: Secretion of the vitamin k dependent protein of bone by rat osteo sarcoma cells evidence for an intra cellular precursor

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377059

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377060

Westgren, U.; Melander, A.; Ingemansson, S.; Burger, A.; Tibblin, S.; Wahlin, E., 1977: Secretion of thyroxine 3 5 3 tri iodo thyronine and 3 3 5 tri iodo thyronine in eu thyroid man

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377062

Morris R.O., 1982: Secretion of trans zeatin by agrobacterium tumefaciens a function determined by the nopaline t i plasmid

Dunn F.E., 1985: Secretion of transforming growth factors by primary human tumor cells

Assenmacher I., 1987: Secretion of trh into the third ventricle of unanesthetized rat undergoing an ague cold exposure effect of alpha adrenergic drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377066

Stjarne L., 1982: Secretion of tritium labeled acetyl choline from guinea pig ileum myenteric plexus is enhanced by 8 bromo cyclic amp but not changed by 8 bromo cyclic gmp

Devillez E.J., 1979: Secretion of trypsin in the esophagus of nereis virens polychaeta errantia a biochemical and histological study

Asboe Hansen G., 1985: Secretion of type iv collagen by keratinocytes of human adult

Liotta L.A., 1987: Secretion of type iv collagenolytic protease and metastatic phenotype induction by transfection with c ha ras but not c ha ras plus ad 2 e 1a

Crameri, R.; Ettlinger, L.; Huetter, R.; Lerch, K.; Suter, M. A.; Vetterli, J. A., 1982: Secretion of tyrosinase ec in streptomyces glaucescens

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377072

Weinstein, R. L.; Kelch, R. P.; Henner, M. R.; Kaplan, S. L.; Grumbach, M. M., 1974: Secretion of unconjugated androgens and estrogens by the normal and abnormal human testis before and after human chorionic gonadotropin

Senekjian H.O., 1980: Secretion of urate in the proximal convoluted tubule of the rat

Ellis B.E., 1986: Secretion of vascular coating components by xylem parenchyma cells of tomatoes infected with verticillium albo atrum

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377076

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377077

Sukhinin A.I., 1985: Secretion of volatile substances by coniferous plantings and their combustion potential

Gil J., 1983: Secretion of weibel palade bodies observed in extraalveolar vessels of rabbit lung

Macdonald, E. M. S.; Powell, G. K.; Regier, D. A.; Glass, N. L.; Roberto, F.; Kosuge, T.; Morris, R. O., 1986: Secretion of zeatin ribosylzeatin and ribosyl 1 methylzeatin by pseudomonas savastanoi plasmid coded cytokinin biosynthesis

Ludri R.S., 1986: Secretion of zinc iron copper and cadmium in milk of crossbred cows at longer than normal milking intervals

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377082

Genazzani A.R., 1984: Secretion pattern of endogenous opioids in chronic schizophrenia

Guellemin R., 1981: Secretion pattern of pro opio melanocortin derived peptides by a pituitary adenoma from a patient with cushings disease

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377085

Ilieva K., 1987: Secretion patterns of proteins of bacillus subtilis grown with triton x 100 and n octyl beta d glucopyranoside

Whitworth N.S., 1979: Secretion rate and metabolic clearance rate of prolactin in the rat during mid lactation and late lactation

Heintze U., 1984: Secretion rate buffer effect and number of lactobacilli and streptococcus mutans of whole saliva of cigarette smokers and nonsmokers

Doria, G.; Mancini, C.; Delisi, C., 1978: Secretion rate independent evaluation of immuno globulin m antibody avidity at the level of single immunocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377090

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377091

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377092

New, M. I.; Seaman, M. P., 1970: Secretion rates of cortisol and aldo sterone precursors in various forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Et Al, 1984: Secretion rates of immuno globulins albumin hapto globin and complement factors c 3 and c 4 in the perfused jejunum and ileum of human salmonella carriers

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377096

Almquist S., 1982: Secretion rates of thyroxine tri iodo thyronine and reverse tri iodo thyronine in man during surgery

Theodosis D.T., 1982: Secretion related accumulation of horseradish peroxidase in magno cellular cell bodies of the rat supraoptic nucleus

Muravnik L.E., 1986: Secretion related ultrastructural changes in the unstimulated digestive glands of pinguicula vulgaris lentibulariaceae

Ince B.W., 1983: Secretion stimulated insulin release in vivo in european eels anguilla anguilla

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377102

Messner B., 1983: Secretion tanned by dopa oxidase protects the hibernating eggs of galeruca tanaceti coleoptera chrysomelidae

Zandonella, P.; Dumas, C.; Gaude, T., 1981: Secretions and floral biology 1. nature and part of secretions in pollination and fertilization late data

Madjd, A.; Roland-Heydacker, F., 1978: Secretions and senescence of tapetal cells in the anther of soja hispida papilionaceae

Nakamura S., 1987: Secretions from the pistil of lilium longiflorum

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377107

Latov N., 1986: Secretions of anti myelin associated glycoprotein antibodies by b cells from patients with neuropathy and nonmalignant monoclonal gammopathy

Ghazi A., 1981: Secretions of isolated total gastric pouches in fasting and fed rats

Haller, O. L.; Alter-Reid, K., 1986: Secretiveness and guardedness a comparison of two incest survivor samples

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377111

Kerr, F. W. L.; Preshaw, R. M., 1969: Secreto motor function of the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377113

Takahama K., 1987: Secretomotor and mucolytic effects of mabuterol a novel bronchodilator

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377115

Moreau M., 1985: Secretory activities in vessel contact cells

Wigglesworth V.B., 1979: Secretory activities of plasmatocytes and oenocytoids during the molting cycle in an insect rhodnius

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377118

Thompson J.L., 1987: Secretory activity in salt glands of birds and turtles stimulation via cyclic amp

Eropkina E.M., 1983: Secretory activity of acinar cells of the pancreas at various time of the day sequence of maturation processes of the secretory granules

Kozhukhar' V.G., 1980: Secretory activity of coelomic epithelium in human embryonic gonads as a factor attracting migratory gonocytes

Tkachev E.Z., 1983: Secretory activity of digestive glands and their effect on the metabolic functions of the blood and digestive systems

Rudick M.J., 1984: Secretory activity of hamster tracheal explants and isolated tracheal epithelial cells and the effects of cystic fibrosis serum

Van-Den-Hove-Vandenbroucke, M. F.; De-Visscher, M.; Couvreur-Eppe, M., 1976: Secretory activity of isolated thyroid adenomas

Fernandez Otero M.P., 1983: Secretory activity of mast cells in presence of cholinergic stimulus

Ball J.N., 1983: Secretory activity of poecilia latipinna teleostei pituitary in vitro rostral pars distalis and proximal pars distalis

Ghiara G., 1979: Secretory activity of pyriform cells during the oocyte growth in lacerta sicula

Cheung, P. J.; Nigrelli, R. F., 1975: Secretory activity of the cement gland in different developmental stages of the barnacle balanus eburneus

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377130

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377131

Scudder G.G.E., 1979: Secretory activity of the segmented malpighian tubules of cenocorixa bifida hemiptera heteroptera corixidae

Apraksin V.P., 1982: Secretory activity of the stomach glands under different regimens of vagus nerve stimulation

Watkins G.J., 1985: Secretory adenocarcinoma of the endometrium

Zaki A.E., 1987: Secretory ameloblasts and calcium distribution during normal and experimentally altered mineralization

Vasil'ev V.N., 1980: Secretory and excretory activities of the stomach with saliva loss and removal of salivary glands

Sukhodolo V.D., 1980: Secretory and excretory function of the stomach after removal of rat submandibular salivary glands

Uspenskii, V. M. , 1976: Secretory and hormonal cells of the stomach after mucosectomy of the antral region

Garcia Villar R., 1979: Secretory and motor activities at the gastro duodenal junction in dogs

Aleshin I.A., 1982: Secretory and motor activities of the stomach and the electrical potential of its mucosa

Thulin, A., 1976: Secretory and motor effects in the submaxillary gland of the rat on intra arterial administration of some poly peptides and autonomic drugs

Bratthall D., 1985: Secretory and serum antibodies against streptococcus lactis streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus in relation to ingestion of fermented milk products

Riviere G.R., 1986: Secretory and serum antibody responses to oral bacterial antigens associated with recurrent aphthous ulceration

Hanson L.A., 1985: Secretory and serum immunoglobulin class specific anti specific antibodies to poliovirus after vaccination

Thulin, A.; Garrett, J. R., 1976: Secretory and structural effects of 6 hydroxy dopamine on normal parotid glands of rats and at different times after surgical sympathectomy

Chanock R.M., 1982: Secretory and systemic immunological response in children infected with live attenuated influenza a virus vaccines

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377147

Kuznetsova, E. K., 1978: Secretory and vascular responses of the pancreas to hormonal stimulation

Chiba S., 1982: Secretory and vascular responses to 1 1 di methyl 4 phenyl piperazinium of the blood perfused canine pancreas

Hanson L.A., 1986: Secretory antibodies in immunoglobulin a deficient and immunosuppressed individuals

Prokop, O.; Koehler, W., 1977: Secretory antibodies in saliva against group g streptococci

Ovod V.V., 1980: Secretory antibodies to homologous and heterologous staphylococcal strains in the colostrum of rabbits

Yolken, R. H.; Wyatt, R. G.; Mata, L.; Urrutia, J. J.; Garcia, B.; Chanock, R. M.; Kapikian, A. Z., 1978: Secretory antibody directed against rotavirus in human milk measurement by means of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Bain S.S.R., 1979: Secretory antibody response of the cervix to infection with neisseria gonorrhoeae

Hruskova, J.; Syrucek, L.; Zaradova, H.; Vonka, V.; Plesnik, V.; Heinz, F.; Starek, M.; Domorazkova, E., 1978: Secretory antibody response to hem agglutinin of influenza virus a swine and a victoria in humans after administration of split and whole virion vaccine

Ogra P.L., 1981: Secretory antibody response to respiratory syncytial virus infection

Ebersole, J. L.; Molinari, J. A., 1978: Secretory antibody responses in axenic mice to per orally administered staphylococcus aureus

Matsumoto, M.; Mckercher, P. D.; Nusbaum, K. E., 1978: Secretory antibody responses in cattle infected with foot and mouth disease virus

Beyer J., 1979: Secretory b cell activity in insulin dependent maturity onset diabetic

Svensson, S. E., 1970: Secretory behavior and histamine formation in the rat heidenhain pouch following antrectomy

Wahlin T., 1979: Secretory behavior and ultrastructural changes in mouse gallbladder principal cells after stimulation with cholinergic and adrenergic drugs a morphometric study

Barka, T.; Burke, G. T., 1977: Secretory behavior of hypertrophic and hyperplastic salivary gland

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377163

Pipeleers, D. G.; Pipeleers-Marichal, M. A.; Karl, I. E.; Kipnis, D. M., 1978: Secretory capability of islets transplanted intra portally in the diabetic rat

Tellez-Yudilevich, M.; Tyhurst, M.; Howell, S. L.; Sheldon, J., 1977: Secretory capacity and ultrastructure of rat pancreatic islets after preservation of pancreas in different conditions

Kaufman, M. E.; Grand, R. J., 1978: Secretory capacity of isolated pancreatic acinar cells

Cooper P.D., 1988: Secretory capacity of the lachrymal salt gland of hatchling sea turtles chelonia mydas

Norris H.J., 1980: Secretory carcinoma of the breast

Oberman H.A., 1980: Secretory carcinoma of the breast in adults

Godwin J.T., 1983: Secretory carcinoma of the breast in adults light microscopic and electron microscopic study of 3 cases with review of the literature

Craig J.P., 1985: Secretory carcinoma of the breast in an adult correlation of aspiration cytology and histology on the biopsy specimen

Canavese G., 1986: Secretory carcinoma of the breast report of a case with fine needle aspiration biopsy

Aunis D., 1986: Secretory cell actin binding proteins identification of a gelsolin like protein in chromaffin cells

David Ferreira J.F., 1985: Secretory cell activity in the hamster seminal vesicle following castration a morphometric ultrastructural study

Jones, R.; Reid, L., 1978: Secretory cell hyperplasia and modification of intra cellular glyco protein in rat airways induced by short periods of exposure to tobacco smoke and the effect of the anti inflammatory agent phenylmethyl oxadiazole

Puzyrev A.A., 1981: Secretory cell proliferation in pancreatic islets of white rats and mice

Morris G.M., 1985: Secretory cells in the clitellar epithelium of eisenia foetida annelida oligochaeta a histochemical and ultrastructural study

Glick B., 1981: Secretory cells in the medulla of the bursal follicle the small lymphocyte like cells are precursors of the secretory cells

Patterson D., 1986: Secretory cells in the nucleus pulposus of the adult human intervertebral disc a preliminary report

Rumery R.E., 1983: Secretory cells of the oviduct of the pig tailed monkey macaca nemestrina during the menstrual cycle and after estrogen treatment

Ohba N., 1980: Secretory cells of the rabbit lacrimal gland a histochemical and electron microscopic study

Szabo S., 1984: Secretory changes associated with chemically induced duodenal ulceration simultaneous measurements of acid pepsin base and pancreatic enzymes in rats with chronic gastric fistula

Cabib E., 1982: Secretory character of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae chitinase

Linck, G.; Porte, A., 1978: Secretory characters and differentiation of b cells of the synovial membrane in the mouse

South M.A., 1981: Secretory component a glandular epithelial cell marker

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377186

Kato K., 1983: Secretory component and immuno globulin a in endometrial adeno carcinomas an immuno histochemical study

Tahara E., 1984: Secretory component and immuno globulin in human gastric carcinoma an immuno histochemical study

Underdown B.J., 1986: Secretory component as the mucosal transport receptor separation of physicochemically analogous human immunoglobulin a fractions with different receptor binding capacities

Schmucker D.L., 1987: Secretory component dependent binding of immunoglobulin a in the rat monkey and human a comparison of intestine and liver

Wira C.R., 1985: Secretory component in breast cancer analysis of the levels in primary and metastatic disease

Bae D H., 1984: Secretory component in chronic cervicitis adenocarcinoma and adenosquamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Kunishi, K., 1980: Secretory component in digestive disease 3. levels of serum secretory component in digestive disease

Kunishi, K.; Arima, T.; Yasuhara, T.; Narumoto, J.; Suwaki, K.; Nagashima, H., 1980: Secretory component in digestive disease 4. levels of serum secretory component in liver disease

Gillette T.E., 1980: Secretory component in human ocular tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377196

Addis B.J., 1986: Secretory component in pulmonary adenocarcinoma and mesothelioma

Mestecky J., 1979: Secretory component interactions with intra cellular and surface immuno globulins of human lymphoid cells

Tagawa Y., 1981: Secretory component of immuno globulin a a marker for differentiation of ocular epithelium

Crago, S. S.; Kulhavy, R.; Prince, S. J.; Mestecky, J., 1978: Secretory component on epithelial cells is a surface receptor for polymeric immuno globulins

Vaerman J.P., 1982: Secretory component preferential binding to heavy greater than 11s immuno globulin a polymers and immuno globulin m in serum in contrast to predominance of 11s and free secretory component forms in secretions

Tsubura E., 1981: Secretory component producing lung cancer with hyper gamma globulinemia of secretory immuno globulin a

Tolkunov Yu A., 1980: Secretory cycle in the mammary gland

Khidoyatov, B. A.; Sharafitdinkhodzhaev, N. Sh ; Dadabaev, A.; Malikov, Z. V.; Rakhmanova, D. Kh, 1978: Secretory cycle of pancreatic acinar cells in various functional conditions

Yoshimura, F.; Soji, T.; Kumagai, T.; Yokoyama, M., 1977: Secretory cycle of the pituitary basophils and its morphological evidence

Nguyen Duy Jacquemin M., 1979: Secretory cycle of the tentorium gland brain gland of polyxenus lagurus myriapoda diplopoda penicillata

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377207

Krejs G.J., 1985: Secretory diarrhea in mixed connective tissues disease

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377209

Santhanam K.S.V., 1987: Secretory differences in electrobioluminescence of lampito mauritii upon segmentary electron input

Henderson I.W., 1984: Secretory dynamics of 1 alpha hydroxycorticosterone in the elasmobranch fish scyliorhinus canicula

Watson J.G., 1987: Secretory dynamics of bioactive and immunoactive lh during the estrous cycle of the sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377213

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377214

Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde K.H., 1988: Secretory effect of azodisalicylate azodisal sodium on the short circuited mucosa of the rat ileum in vitro

Sankaran, H.; Bartholomew, C.; Fitzgerald, O.; Mcgeeney, K. F., 1977: Secretory effect of the venom of the scorpion tityus trinitatis on rat pancreatic slices

Perec, C. J.; Stefano, F. J. E.; Tumilasci, O. R., 1977: Secretory effects of 6 hydroxy dopamine in normal and de nervated submaxillary glands of the rat

Lauritsen K.B., 1981: Secretory effects of gastric inhibitory poly peptide on the isolated perfused porcine pancreas

Schaffalitzky De Muckadell O.B., 1980: Secretory effects of gastrins on isolated perfused porcine pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377221

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377222

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377223

Honore, L. H., 1977: Secretory endometrium associated with breakthrough bleeding in estrogen treated post menopausal women

Seppala M., 1986: Secretory endometrium synthesizes placental protein 14

Panten U., 1985: Secretory enzymatic and morphologic characterization of rat pancreatic endocrine tumors induced by streptozotocin and nicotinamide

Kusaka I., 1987: Secretory enzyme production and conidiation of aspergillus oryzae in submerged liquid culture

Miller, C. A.; Torack, R. M., 1970: Secretory epdenymoma of the filum terminale

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377229

Vancov V., 1982: Secretory features of chondrocytes related to morphogenesis of the elastic elements in the auricular cartilage

Cheng Z., 1982: Secretory function of adeno hypophyseal cells and adrenal cells of guinea pigs in vitro

Kowalewski, K.; Kolodej, A., 1978: Secretory function of isolated canine pancreas perfused with fluoro carbon emulsion

Unanue, E. R., 1976: Secretory function of mononuclear phagocytes a review

Borisova, N. A.; Larin, E. F.; Medvedev, M. A., 1976: Secretory function of the liver during exclusion of the duodenum from the act of digestion

Thatcher W.W., 1987: Secretory function of the ovine uterus effects of gestation and steroid replacement therapy

Tashenov K., 1983: Secretory function of the parotid salivary glands and blood indices in sheep during introduction of haylage and granulated fodders into the ration

Lagus T.F., 1981: Secretory gastric function in food toxico infections

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377238

More, J.; Van-Haverbeke, G.; Cabanie, P.; Benazet, F.; Sautet, J., 1986: Secretory glycoproteins of major vestibular glands bartholin's glands in female calves studies with histochemical methods and with lectin horseradish peroxidase conjugates in normal animals and in animals implanted with anabolic drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377241

Niswender G.D., 1979: Secretory granules and progesterone secretion by ovine corpora lutea in vitro

Yeomans, N. D., 1978: Secretory granules in differentiating mucus cells in fetal rat fundic mucosa

Kelly R.B., 1981: Secretory granules of an anterior pituitary cell line att 20 contain only mature forms of acth and beta lipotropin

Kajikawa K., 1981: Secretory granules of b cells in the synovial membrane an ultrastructural and cytochemical study

Yashiro T., 1985: Secretory granules of beta cell in dog pancreatic islet three dimensional structure examined by serial sections of electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377247

Roukema P.A., 1982: Secretory granules of murine salivary glands a morphological biochemical and immunochemical study of submandibular and parotid granule

Fahn A., 1981: Secretory hairs of inula viscosa development ultrastructure and secretion

Werries E., 1988: Secretory hydrolases of entamoeba histolytica

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377251

Rocchi G., 1980: Secretory immune response after nasal vaccination with live attenuated influenza viruses

Ebersole, J. L.; Smith, D. J.; Taubman, M. A., 1985: Secretory immune responses in aging rats i. immunoglobulin levels

Ebersole, J. L.; Steffen, M. J.; Pappo, J., 1988: Secretory immune responses in aging rats ii. phenotype distribution of lymphocytes in secretory and lymphoid tissues

Swinehart G.L., 1986: Secretory immune responses in human kidneys

Silverstein A.M., 1979: Secretory immune system of rabbit ocular adnexa

Kutteh, W. H.; Hatch, K. D.; Blackwell, R. E.; Mestecky, J., 1988: Secretory immune system of the female reproductive tract i. immunoglobulin and secretory component containing cells

Grigorieva S.K., 1979: Secretory immunity in influenza

Lobb C.J., 1987: Secretory immunity induced in catfish ictalurus punctatus following bath immunization

Lakner, V.; Brock, J., 1977: Secretory immuno globulin a

Stoliar, O. A.; Pelley, R. P.; Kaniecki-Green, E.; Klaus, M. H.; Carpenter, C. C. J., 1976: Secretory immuno globulin a against entero toxins in breast milk

Svanborg-Eden, C.; Svennerholm, A. M., 1978: Secretory immuno globulin a and immuno globulin g antibodies prevent adhesion of escherichia coli to human urinary tract epithelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6378, Accession 006377264

Michel, F. B.; Bousquet, J.; D'hinterland, L. D., 1977: Secretory immuno globulin a and the anti bacterial defenses of the respiratory tract

Hanson, L. A.; Ahlstedt, S.; Carlsson, B.; Fallstrom, S. P., 1977: Secretory immuno globulin a antibodies against cows milk proteins in human milk and their possible effect in mixed feeding

Fanger M.W., 1981: Secretory immuno globulin a antibodies synergize with immuno globulin g in promoting antibody dependent cell cyto toxicity by human polymorphonuclear cells monocytes and lymphocytes

Corey L., 1984: Secretory immuno globulin a antibody in cervico vaginal secretions from women with genital infection due to herpes simplex virus

Antoine H., 1984: Secretory immuno globulin a associated with bovine colostrum fat globules

Mata L., 1979: Secretory immuno globulin a cholera toxin and rotavirus antibody in human colostrum

Diaz A., 1979: Secretory immuno globulin a content in human normal and tumor bronchial mucosa in vitro

Mcclelland D.B.L., 1979: Secretory immuno globulin a does not enhance the bacteriostatic effects of iron binding or vitamin b 12 binding proteins in human colostrum

Sorensen C.H., 1982: Secretory immuno globulin a enzyme immunoassay application of a model for computation of the standard curve

Wright V., 1981: Secretory immuno globulin a immune defense pattern in ankylosing spondylitis and klebsiella

Mitsui H., 1980: Secretory immuno globulin a in human palatine tonsil

Maeda, M., 1984: Secretory immuno globulin a in immunological diseases of infants and children 1. secretory immuno globulin a levels in sera from anaphylactoid purpura

Kobayashi K., 1982: Secretory immuno globulin a in skin and the adjacent mucous membranes

Van Skicle G., 1980: Secretory immuno globulin a in the serum of infants with obstructive jaundice

Balis J.U., 1980: Secretory immuno globulin a is a component of rabbit lung surfactant

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