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Chapter 6,379

Seed mixtures for ley of red clover lucerne brome grass timothy and meadow fescue

Mosland, A.

Norsk Landbruksforsking 1(2): 97-102


Accession: 006378496

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Seven seed mixtures were compared in 19 trials in the eastern part of Norway over a total of 50 harvest years, usually with 2 cuts per year. Clover + lucerne yielded 7340 kg DM/ha/y without N-application. Clover + lucerne + brome grass with 40 kg N/ha from the second harvest year and 80 kg N/ha in later years yielded 9,290 kg DM/ha/y. Clover + brome grass with 160 kg N/ha/y yielded 11,000 kg DM/ha/y. Timothy and meadow fescue gave significant lower yield than brome grass in the mixtures. In vitro digestibility was very similar in all mixtures. Under good lime conditions, lucerne increased both in mixture with clover and with clover + grass.

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