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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6380

Chapter 6380 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thurling N., 1980: Seedling and adult plant resistance to blackleg leptosphaeria maculans in spring rape brassica napus

Falloon R.E., 1979: Seedling and shoot infection of bromus catharticus by ustilago bullata

Fletcher R.H., 1985: Seedling appearance survival and development of grasslands huia grasslands tahora and kent wild white clover cultivars trifolium repens after surface sowings in summer moist hill country

Ledig F.T., 1985: Seedling architecture and life history evolution in pines

Sen C., 1981: Seedling blight of jute caused by macrophomina phaseolina and its control

Barnard E.L., 1986: Seedling blight of longleaf pine pinus palustris caused by a binucleate rhizoctonia solani like fungus

Walker H.L., 1982: Seedling blight of sicklepod cassia obtusifolia caused by alternaria cassiae

Narendra, D. V.; D'urs, S.; Setty, M. V. N., 1978: Seedling blight of sugarcane a new disease caused by drechslera state of cochliobolus spicifer

Klinck H.R., 1985: Seedling blight spot blotch and common root rot in quebec canada and their effect on grain yield in barley

Voigt P.W., 1983: Seedling characteristics and rates of seed reserve utilization of wilman love grass eragrostis superba cultivar palar and klein grass panicum coloratum cultivar selection 75

Bray R.A., 1980: Seedling characteristics of cultivars of leucaena leucocephala

Bouton J.H., 1982: Seedling characteristics to predict yield and total nitrogen of mature alfalfa medicago sativa plants

Esperanca, J. A.; Dematte, M. E. S. P.; Yasuda, M.; Andrade, V. M. D. M., 1979: Seedling characterization in cucurbitaceae 1. seedling comparison for different cultivars of cucurbita moschata

Brandao, J. C.; Andrade, V. M. D. M.; Dematte, M. E. S. P., 1981: Seedling characterization in cucurbitaceae 2. seedling comparison for different cultivars of cucurbita maxima

Zaccaro, R. P.; Andrade, V. M. D. M.; Dematte, M. E. S. P., 1985: Seedling characterization in cucurbitaceae 4. morphological comparison of plants at initial stage of development for different cultivars of citrullus lanatus watermelon and luffa cylindrica dishcloth gourd

Shields K.G., 1984: Seedling characters and phylogenetic relationships in the informal series ovatae of eucalyptus subgenus symphomyrtus

Goldberg D.E., 1987: Seedling colonization of experimental gaps in two old field communities

Abernethy R.H., 1988: Seedling competition between mountain rye hycrest crested wheatgrass and downy brome

Bell D.K., 1982: Seedling decline and root diseases in sweet corn zea mays cultivar silver queen

Bock J.H., 1983: Seedling density and mortality patterns among elevations in sedum lanceolatum

Phillips D.A., 1986: Seedling development as a component of increased yield in an improved alfalfa medicago sativa population

Zigas, R. P.; Coombe, B. G., 1977: Seedling development in peach prunus persica part 1 effects of testas and temperature

Zigas, R. P.; Coombe, B. G., 1977: Seedling development in peach prunus persica part 2 effects of plant growth regulators and their possible role

Demason D.A., 1988: Seedling development in washingtonia filifera arecaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379026

Roy K.W., 1982: Seedling diseases caused in soybean glycine max by species of colletotrichum and glomerella

Hancock J.G., 1983: Seedling diseases of alfalfa medicago sativa in california usa

Sankaran K.V., 1987: Seedling diseases of gmelina arborea in kerala india new records

Sen, C.; Srivastava, S. M.; Agnihotri, V. P., 1974: Seedling diseases of sugar beet and their chemical control

Mcevoy P.B., 1984: Seedling dispersion and the persistence of ragwort senecio jacobaea compositae in a grassland dominated by perennial species

Clark D.A., 1985: Seedling dynamics of a tropical tree impacts of herbivory and meristem damage

Ikeda T., 1985: Seedling emergence and establishment of germinated seeds in soybean glycine max cultivar enrei

Fick, G. N.; Qualset, C. O., 1976: Seedling emergence coleoptile length and plant height relationships in crosses of dwarf and standard height wheats

Crawford R.M.M., 1984: Seedling emergence in the rowan sorbus aucuparia from an altitudinal gradient

Sivaprasad, B.; Sundara-Sarma, K., 1987: Seedling emergence of chickpea cicer arietinum l. pigeonpea cajanus cajan l. and pearl millet pennisetum typhoides l. effect of differential soil crusting as induced by raindrop size and depth of sowing

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379039

Kluczynska A., 1980: Seedling emergence of stored beech fagus sylvatica seed chilled without medium at a controlled hydration level and pre germinated in cold moist conditions

Chaudhary T.N., 1981: Seedling emergence of wheat triticum aestivum and gram cicer arietinum in relation to soil water potential temperature and seeding depth

Falloon R.E., 1980: Seedling emergence responses in rye grasses lolium spp to fungicide seed treatments

White M.D., 1987: Seedling emergence responses to corn seeds coated with starch containing entrapped eptc

Shankman D., 1985: Seedling establishment by conifers above tree limit on niwot ridge front range colorado usa

Yun, Y. D.; Yang, W. H.; Kwak, Y. H.; Park, S. H.; Park, R. K., 1986: Seedling establishment for mechanical rice transplanting 6. effect of mulching materials on seedling raising in seeding box

Yun, Y. D.; Wahio, O.; Lee, J. H.; Choi, H. O.; Park, S. H.; Park, R. K., 1986: Seedling establishment for mechanical rice transplanting 9. effect of temperature fluctuation on the growth of rice seedling at hardening stage

Antos, J. A.; Zobel, D. B., 1986: Seedling establishment in forests affected by tephra from mount st. helens washington usa

Nobel P.S., 1981: Seedling establishment of ferocactus acanthodes in relation to drought

Weichert A.T., 1984: Seedling establishment of spartina alterniflora and spartina patens on dredged material in texas usa

Klinkhamer P.G.L., 1988: Seedling establishment of the biennials cirsium vulgare and cynoglossum officinale in a sand dune area the importance of water for differential survival and growth

Hupp C.R., 1983: Seedling establishment on a landslide site

Quinones, F. A.; Gose, P. L., 1976: Seedling growth and clone performance in western wheat grass agropyron smithii

Lee Y.H., 1984: Seedling growth and cytological studies on shorea curtisii

Carter M.R., 1987: Seedling growth and mineral nutrition of scots pine under acidic to calcareous soil conditions

Pilz D., 1982: Seedling growth and mycorrhizal formation in clear cut and adjacent undisturbed soils in montana usa a greenhouse bioassay

Evers G.W., 1982: Seedling growth and nodulation of arrowleaf clover trifolium vesiculosum crimson clover trifolium incarnatum and subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum

Schier G.A., 1986: Seedling growth and nutrient relationships in a new jersey pine barrens usa soil treated with acid rain

Gerber J.M., 1984: Seedling growth and nutrition status in early sweet corn zea mays cultivar sandance in relation to phosphorus and zinc under controlled low temperatures

Jernstedt J.A., 1984: Seedling growth and root contraction in the soap plant chlorogalum pomeridianum liliaceae

Gubbels G.H., 1982: Seedling growth and yield response of flax linum usitatissimum buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum sunflower helianthus annuus and field pea pisum sativum after pre seeding magnetic treatment

Gardener, C. J., 1978: Seedling growth characteristics of stylosanthes

Davy A.J., 1987: Seedling growth in elymus farctus after episodes of burial with sand

Andrews D.J., 1981: Seedling growth in phaseolus vulgaris the early growth of cultivars selected for seedling cold tolerance

Pook E.W., 1979: Seedling growth in tanekaha phyllocladus trichomanoides effects of shade and other seedling species

Hayes, P., 1976: Seedling growth of 4 grasses

Dijkstra, J.; De-Vos, A. L. F., 1975: Seedling growth of allo poly ploids from lolium multiflorum festuca arundinacea hybrid

Wilson A.M., 1981: Seedling growth of cicer milkvetch astragalus cicer as affected by seed weight and temperature regime

Bieler P., 1988: Seedling growth of cowpea and mungbean as affected by seed size and seeding depth

Hart, R. H., 1976: Seedling growth of crownvetch ladino clover and alfalfa under shade

Hur, S. N.; Kim, D. A., 1981: Seedling growth of dystaenia takesimana 1. changes in seedling length and weights

Tan, G. Y.; Tan, W. K.; Walton, P. D., 1978: Seedling growth of smooth brome grass measured in 5 environments

Bozsa R.C., 1988: Seedling growth of soybeans glycine max and selected weeds

Christeller J.T., 1984: Seedling growth of zea mays at 13 celsius comparison of a corn belt dent hybrid and a hybrid selected for rapid plumule emergence at cool temperatures

Scifres C.J., 1986: Seedling growth responses of buffelgrass pennisetum ciliare to tebuthiuron and honey mesquite prosopis glandulosa

Long R.C., 1979: Seedling growth responses of oat avena sativa genotypes

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379078

Moore M.B., 1984: Seedling growth variation among rocky mountain usa populations of lodgepole pine pinus contorta var latifolia

Rao M.M., 1981: Seedling handedness in fabaceae

Narsaiah G., 1983: Seedling handedness in gramineae

Lim C.S., 1983: Seedling height growth of 16 provenances of picea abies in korea

Bateman, G. L.; Taylor, G. S., 1976: Seedling infection of 2 wheat cultivars by pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides

Kahlon P.S., 1980: Seedling injury and chromosome aberrations induced by bladex dowpon princep and tenoran

Kaul B.L., 1981: Seedling injury and mitotic aberrations induced by psoralens in barley hordeum vulgare

Singh, R. B.; Singh, B. D.; Singh, R. M.; Laxmi, V., 1978: Seedling injury pollen sterility and morphological mutations induced by gamma rays and ethyl methanesulfonate in pearl millet

Leak, W. B.; Graber, R. E., 1976: Seedling input death and growth in uneven aged northern hardwoods

Shirota A., 1981: Seedling leio myoma of the esophagus and esophago gastric junction zone

Appels R., 1984: Seedling lethality in wheat triticum aestivum a novel phenotype associated with a 2rs 2bl translocation chromosome

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379090

Nozzolillo C., 1985: Seedling morphology and anatomy of 8 cicer species and their taxonomic value

Brooker, M. I. H., 1970: Seedling morphology and classification in the bisectae d group of eucalypts d

Dahlgren, R.; Jensen, S. R.; Nielsen, B. J., 1977: Seedling morphology and iridoid occurrence in montinia caryophyllacea montiniaceae

Kuijt J., 1982: Seedling morphology and its systematic significance in loranthaceae of the new world with supplementary comments on eremolepidaceae

Bokdam, J., 1977: Seedling morphology of some african sapotaceae and its taxonomical significance

Terabayashi S., 1987: Seedling morphology of the berberidaceae

Kyoda K., 1987: Seedling morphology of the tribe phaseoleae papilionoideae leguminosae as an aid to their taxonomy

Singh Y.D., 1986: Seedling peroxidase and iaa oxidase activities in relation to hybrid vigor in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Nambiar E.K.S., 1981: Seedling physiology of 3 radiata pine pinus radiata families with parents of contrasting growth

Blum K.E., 1981: Seedling production in the high elevation beech fagus grandifolia forests of the great smoky mountains national park virginia tennessee usa

Knowles R.P., 1980: Seedling pubescence as a genetic marker in smooth brome grass bromus inermis

Ciha A.J., 1983: Seedling rate and seeding date effects on spring seeded small grain cultivars

Sanchez M.J., 1986: Seedling recruitment and age specific survivorship and reproduction in populations of avena sterilis ssp ludoviciana durieu nyman

Ellis T.H., 1985: Seedling recruitment of 11 wetland plant species along a water level gradient shared or distinct responses?

Yamamoto S I., 1988: Seedling recruitment of chamaecyparis obtusa and sciadopitys verticillata in different microenvironments in an old growth sciadopitys verticillata forest

Westoby M., 1987: Seedling recruitment strategies in obligate seeding and resprouting banksia shrubs

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379107

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379108

Berg G.N., 1981: Seedling resistance to spotted alfalfa aphid therioaphis trifolii f maculata of lucerne and annual medic species in victoria australia

Moser L.E., 1988: Seedling root development and morphology of cool season and warm season forage grasses

Kreh R.E., 1985: Seedling root growth potential as an indicator of loblolly pine pinus taeda field performance

Dani R.C., 1984: Seedling root soaking an effective and economical measure to control rice insect pests at vegetative stage

Bazzaz F.A., 1984: Seedling scale environmental heterogeneity influences individual fitness and population structure

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379115

Mcardle R.N., 1987: Seedling screening techniques to select high yielding genotypes of sweet potato

Sleper D.A., 1979: Seedling selection for morphological characters associated with yield of tall fescue festuca arundinacea

Sanghavi K.U., 1980: Seedling selection in the pomegranate punica granatum cultivar muskat

Kohyama T., 1983: Seedling stage of 2 subalpine abies species in distinction from sapling stage a matter economic analysis

Szunics L., 1980: Seedling stage selection of semi dwarf and powdery mildew resistant genotypes of wheat

Narang, A. K., 1978: Seedling structure in crotalaria and tephrosia species

Purohit A.N., 1980: Seedling survival and seed germination under natural and laboratory conditions in shorea robusta

Augspurger C.K., 1984: Seedling survival of tropical tree species interactions of dispersal distance light gaps and pathogens

Greenup L.R., 1980: Seedling survival yield and seed production of 3 species of annual medics exposed to lucerne aphids

Dickie J.B., 1981: Seedling survivorship in natural populations of 9 perennial chalk grassland plants

Dancik B.P., 1983: Seedling variation among alberta canada populations of white spruce picea glauca in controlled environments

Li, S. J., 1978: Seedling variation of open pollinated seeds from a single tree of acacia confusa

Li, S. J., 1976: Seedling variation of pinus taiwanensis as related to geographic seed origins

Pillai A., 1984: Seedling vasculature in acacia nilotica

Welch, R. W., 1977: Seedling vigor and grain yield of cereals grown from seeds of varying protein contents

Baltensperger D.D., 1987: Seedling vigor of selected alysicarpus accessions

Stamp P., 1985: Seedling vigor of tropical highland maize at different temperatures

Boydston R.A., 1988: Seedling volunteer asparagus asparagus officinalis control with herbicides

Russo F., 1980: Seedlings from undeveloped ovules of ripe fruits of poly embryonic citrus cultivars

Rousteau A., 1986: Seedlings of forest trees in guadeloupe structural and dimensional adaptations

De-Ferre, Y.; Rouane, M. L.; Woltz, P., 1975: Seedlings of podocarpaceae

Bremer K., 1981: Seeds and embryos in sri lanka ceylonese species of memecylon with notes on spathandra melastomataceae

Gunn, C. R., 1980: Seeds and fruits of papaveraceae and fumariaceae

Knobloch, E., 1976: Seeds and fruits of the pannonian from kunovice moravia

Jensen H.A., 1986: Seeds and other diaspores in soil samples from danish town and monastery excavations dated 700 1536 ad

Ewan, J., 1978: Seeds and ships and healing herbs encouragers and kings

Bajpai U., 1980: Seeds and spermoderm structure of bauhinia

Van Oers C., 1988: Seeds in a rainforest soil and their relation to shifting cultivation in the ivory coast

Dorofeev P.I., 1979: Seeds of cretaceous conifers

Mevi Schuetz J., 1985: Seeds of the east african savannah bush balanites orbicularis as a possible new source of lipids for commercial use

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Doebley J.F., 1984: Seeds of wild grasses a major food of southwestern usa indians

Lam-Sanchez, A.; Durigan, J. F.; Tondato, A. J., 1987: Seeds of winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus l. dc. hydration

Kelly D., 1984: Seeds per fruit as function of fruits per plant in depauperate annuals and biennials

Simpson, M. J. A., 1976: Seeds seed ripening germination and viability in hebe spp

Poncy O., 1984: Seeds sprouts and seedlings in the genus inga leguminosae mimosoideae morphologic study of some species from french guiana

Smith C.S., 1988: Seeds weeds and prehistoric hunters and gatherers the plant macrofossil evidence from southwest wyoming usa

Flavell J.H., 1984: Seeing and believing childrens understanding of the distinction between appearance and reality

Astington J.W., 1987: Seeing and knowing on the ascription of mental states to young children

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Lindauer, M. S., 1986: Seeing and touching aesthetic objects ii. descriptions

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Foellinger, D. B.; Trabasso, T., 1977: Seeing hearing and doing a developmental study of memory for actions

Teske J.A., 1988: Seeing her looking at you acquaintance and variation in the judgment of gaze depth

Morrone M.C., 1986: Seeing objects in motion

Stollak G.E., 1983: Seeing parental behavior through different eyes exploring the importance of person perception processes in parents and children

Shimojo, S.; Richards, W., 1986: Seeing shapes that are almost totally occluded a new look at park's camel

Georgeson J.M., 1985: Seeing temporal gaps between gratings a criterion problem for measurement of visible persistence

Enns J., 1986: Seeing textons in context

Bentley A.M., 1987: Seeing the impossible and building the likely

Berkanovic E., 1982: Seeking care for cancer relevant symptoms

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379170

Scotch N., 1982: Seeking help for drinking problems a study in the boston massachusetts usa metropolitan area

Allan C., 1987: Seeking help for drinking problems from a community based voluntary agency patterns of compliance among men and women

Jaaskelainen J., 1986: Seemingly complete removal of histologically benign intracranial meningioma late recurrence rate and factors predicting recurrence in 657 patients a multivariate analysis

Ringo J.L., 1988: Seemingly discrepant data from hippocampectomized macaques are reconciled by detectability analysis

Tachibana T., 1988: Seemingly discrepant results across studies and random assignment of subjects an example by using prenatally x irradiated effect on open field behavior

Mashali A.M., 1983: Seepage from lake burullus into the reclaimed mansour and zawia polder area egypt

Pepper, R. G., 1977: Seepage from small earth dams

Yates S.R., 1988: Seepage in a saturated stratified aquifer with recharge

Goel P.S., 1981: Seepage loss from a canal in sri lanka measured using tritium tracer

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379181

Weller J.L., 1981: Seesaw signal processing in pineal cells homologous sensitization of adrenergic stimulation of cyclic gmp accompanies homologous de sensitization of beta adrenergic stimulation of cyclic amp

Ashe J.S., 1986: Seeversiella bispinosa new genus new species of athetine aleocharinae coleoptera staphylinidae from north america

Rashomavichyus, V. A., 1987: Segetal communities in the lithuanian ssr ussr 2. papaveretum dubii chaenorrhino silenetum noctiflori

Rashomavichyus, V. A., 1987: Segetal communities in the lithuanian ssr ussr i. spergulo veronicetum dillenii vicietum angustifoliae hirsutae

Warcholinska A.U., 1981: Segetal communities of winter cereal of the skierniewice and adjacent areas poland

Shlyakova, E. V., 1976: Segetal flora of the eastern part of the forest zone of the european part of the ussr

Shlyakova, E. V., 1976: Segetal flora of the gorki oblast ussr

Ul'yanova, T. N., 1978: Segetal flora of the primorski krai ussr

Taranowska B., 1983: Segetal plant communities and their dynamics

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Shlyakova, E. V., 1977: Segetal weeds of the yaroslavl region along the volga river

Tulikov A.M., 1982: Segetal weedy flora of moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379196

Choppin P.W., 1979: Segment 8 of the influenza virus genome is unique in coding for 2 poly peptides

Chee H., 1987: Segment analysis of human coronary arteries

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Choppin P.W., 1987: Segment specific and common nucleotide sequences in the noncoding regions of influenza b virus genome rna species

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Schaller H., 1982: Segment specific mutagenesis extensive mutagenesis of a lac promoter operator element

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379208

Stowe, D. F.; Mathey, D. G.; Moores, W. Y.; Glantz, S. A.; Townsend, R. M.; Kabra, P.; Chatterjee, K.; Parmley, W. W.; Tyberg, J. V., 1978: Segment stroke work and metabolism depend on coronary blood flow in the pig

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Motovic A., 1988: Segmental absence of small bowel muscular layer

Contractor F.M., 1987: Segmental absence of the aortic wall magnetic resonance imaging sign of aneurysm

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379213

Gode G.R., 1986: Segmental action of epidural narcotics

Johannisson T., 1983: Segmental actions of afferents of the interosseous nerve in the cat

Macdonald A.J.R., 1983: Segmental acupuncture therapy

Shimshak, R. R.; Hattner, R. S.; Tucker, C.; Salvatierra, O., 1977: Segmental acute tubular necrosis in kidneys with multiple renal arteries transplanted from living related donors

Van Zijl J., 1987: Segmental air plethysmography in the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis

Kelley, K. O.; Feigl, E. O., 1978: Segmental alpha receptor mediated vaso constriction in the canine coronary circulation

Monticelli G., 1986: Segmental amputation with re implantation in the treatment of malignant bone tumors of the limbs

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Ishii Y., 1984: Segmental analysis of stress thallium myo cardial emission tomography for localization of coronary artery disease

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379229

P'an A.Y.S., 1986: Segmental and intracellular distribution of lead in rat kidney and salivary glands

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379252

Okazaki N., 1984: Segmental assessment on ordinary scintigrams and single photon emission computed tomography images of the liver

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Kodama K., 1986: Segmental bronchoplastic procedure for second primary lung cancer a case report

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Turner D.A., 1984: Segmental cable evaluation of somatic transients in hippocampal neurons ca 1 ca 3 and dentate

Kerr W.S.Jr, 1981: Segmental calculus disease potential of partial nephrectomy

Batlle D.C., 1986: Segmental characterization of defects in collecting tubule acidification

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Winkler A., 1981: Segmental colonic atresia differential diagnosis of ileus in the new born

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379267

Pellerin D., 1981: Segmental colonic transit time

Luhtanen, P.; Komi, P. V., 1978: Segmental contribution to forces in vertical jump

Komi P., 1986: Segmental contribution to velocity of center of gravity during contact at different speeds in male and female sprinters

Blumhardt R., 1985: Segmental coronary artery disease detection by rotating slant hole collimator tomography and planar thallium 201 myocardial scintigraphy

Kim S., 1980: Segmental de myelinating disease reliability of nerve conduction measurements

Kawanami S., 1983: Segmental de myelination and re myelination in lumbar spinal roots of patients dying with diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379275

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379276

Johnston, W. L., 1988: Segmental definition part ii. application of an indirect method in osteopathic manipulative treatment

Jan Y.N., 1985: Segmental determination in drosophila central nervous system

Santamaria P., 1983: Segmental determination of sensory neurons in drosophila

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379282

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379283

Abe K., 1986: Segmental differences and age related changes in the clear cells of the mouse epididymal duct a qualitative and quantitative study

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379286

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379359

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379432

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379564

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379899

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379924

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379927

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379954

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379955

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379967

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379968

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Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379980

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379981

Section 7, Chapter 6380, Accession 006379982

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