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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6381

Chapter 6381 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Reid L.D., 1987: Selected opioids modify intake of sweetened ethanol solution among female rats

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380001

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380002

Mckean, T.; Stauber, E.; Magonigle, B.; Stock, M., 1977: Selected oxygen transport parameters in captive elk

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380004

Fechner G.G., 1988: Selected palynomorphs from the lower to middle eocene of the south atlas border zone morocco and their environmental significance

Lwoff, A.; Ullmann, A., 1978: Selected papers in molecular biology by jacques monod

Sikorski R., 1980: Selected parameters of cellular and humoral immunity in women with inflammatory states of the uterine adnexa

Odrobina S., 1981: Selected parameters of lipid metabolism in acute and chronic hepatic diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380009

Green C.D., 1988: Selected personality correlates of assertiveness and aggressiveness

Duthie, R. B.; Hope, L.; Barker, D. G., 1978: Selected personality traits of martial artists as measured by the adjective checklist

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380012

Verlangieri A.J., 1987: Selected physical and biochemical parameters in the streptozotocin treated guinea pig insights into the diabetic guinea pig model

Marks R.G., 1981: Selected physiologic and drug effects on serum uric acid levels in an elderly population

Ryzkowska K., 1985: Selected physiological indices in the leukocytes of cows with different types of alkaline rnase

Janeway C.A.Jr, 1981: Selected populations of allo reactive t cells contain helper t cells but lack thid an antigen specific helper t cell required for dominant production of the t 15 idiotype

Staniforth D.W., 1983: Selected pre harvest morphological characteristics of soybeans stressed by stimulated green cloverworm plathypena scabra lepidoptera noctuidae defoliation and velvet leaf abutilon theophrasti competition

Madej J.A., 1987: Selected problems in the immunology of lymphocytic leukemia

Pozor M., 1986: Selected problems in the postparturient period in foals

Roth-Maier, D. A.; Kirchgessner, M., 1977: Selected problems of b vitamins in animal nutrition

Waszynski E., 1981: Selected problems of clinical practice observed during scholarship stay in obstetrico gynecological centers of east germany

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380023

Bland K.I., 1981: Selected prognostic variables for mammographic parenchymal patterns

Clay V.L., 1988: Selected properties distribution source and age of eolian deposits and soils of southwest colorado usa

Marshall R.T., 1984: Selected properties of lipase and protease of pseudomonas fluorescens 27 produced in 4 media

Bushway R.J., 1984: Selected properties of the lipid and protein fractions from chia salvia hispanica seed

Lin, M. T.; Rao, C. V., 1978: Selected properties of tritiated prostaglandin e 1 binding to dispersed bovine luteal cells

Tyler F.B., 1985: Selected psychosocial characteristics of black unwed adolescent fathers

Omaye S.T., 1986: Selected pulmonary biochemical and hematological changes produced by prolonged hypoxia in the rat

Kearse T.S., 1979: Selected pupal phenotypes of anopheles freeborni and their susceptibility to plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax

Melton C.C., 1981: Selected quality factors and sensory attributes of cured ham as influenced by different phosphate blends

Deraemaecker R., 1985: Selected reconstructive procedures in facial cancer surgery

Haber S.B., 1984: Selected responses of hypertension sensitive and hypertension resistant rats to inhaled acrolein

Baker R.C., 1983: Selected rheological properties of ph adjusted or succinylated egg albumin

Lehmann, S., 1970: Selected self help a study of clients of a community social psychiatry service

Felbinger U., 1987: Selected serum constituents in pregnant and lactating thoroughbred mares

Stephens P.W., 1982: Selected skeletal morphology and pathology of moose alces alces from the kenai peninsula alaska and isle royale michigan usa

Wilson A.E., 1987: Selected sleep disturbances in school children reported by parents prevalence interrelationships behavioral correlates and parental attributions

Atchley, R. C., 1976: Selected social and psychological differences between men and women in later life

Buhr J., 1988: Selected social medical problems of diabetics

Edelstein E.L., 1982: Selected social psychological characteristics of a sample of israeli cancer patients facts and implications

Clerc P., 1988: Selected species of the lichen flora from boedmeren forest schwyz central switzerland

Lawson L., 1987: Selected sports bras a biomechanical analysis of breast motion while jogging

Rebechini Zasadny H., 1979: Selected sulfhydryl inhibitors capable of inducing immunity against cancer in mice

Freiman D.B., 1982: Selected techniques in per cutaneous trans luminal angio plasty

Sopov Yu N., 1979: Selected temperatures and acclimation temperatures in fishes

Goldstein R.M., 1983: Selected temperatures and thermal experience of brown trout salmo trutta in a steep thermal gradient in nature

Caruso, A. J.; Conture, E. G.; Colton, R. H., 1988: Selected temporal parameters of coordination associated with stuttering in children

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380050

Loeber, G.; Kittler, L., 1977: Selected topics in photochemistry of nucleic acids recent results and perspectives

Belanger T.V., 1981: Selected trace metals in the upper st johns river florida usa and their land use relationships

Kretschmer, P. J.; Cohen, S. N., 1977: Selected translocation of plasmid genes frequency and regional specificity of translocation of the tn 3 element

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380054

Deharven E., 1988: Selected ultrastructural aspects of urothelial and prostatic tumors

Cefalo R., 1987: Selected use of midline episiotomy effect on perineal trauma

Fitzharris T.P., 1984: Selected views of early heart development by scanning electron microscopy

Deshaies, P.; Pargman, D., 1976: Selected visual abilities of college football players

Hops H., 1979: Selecting a cost effective screening measure for the assessment of preschool social withdrawal

Moruzzi J.F., 1979: Selecting a mammalian species for the separation of x chromosome and y chromosome bearing spermatozoa

Egorov N.S., 1984: Selecting a medium for simultaneous synthesis of antibiotic proteases and pigment by a nocardia fructiferi culture

Flores J., 1984: Selecting a method for measuring the mechanical properties of dry cured ham

Yaglova L.G., 1987: Selecting a method for preparing samples to determine the radioactivity of the complexes of carbon 14 labeled macrotetrolide antibiotics with alkaline metal picrates

Matyas Z., 1980: Selecting a method for simultaneous determination of afla toxin b 1 and afla toxin m 1 in the liver of slaughter animals

Prokhorov B.S., 1986: Selecting a method for the quantitative determination of bacteria in nonsterile drugs

Sadowski B., 1981: Selecting a physical criterion for comparing the mechanical properties of dentin and materials for permanent fillings

Huberty C.J., 1987: Selecting a two group classification weighting algorithm

Priest, H. F.; Pollard, J. S., 1968: Selecting a typical curve behavior studies rev

Fritts, H. C.; Shatz, D. J., 1975: Selecting and characterizing tree ring chronologies for dendro climatic analysis

Preckova Z., 1987: Selecting anesthesia for obstetric surgery

Saadoun A., 1982: Selecting broilers for low or high abdominal fat comparison of energy metabolism of the lean and fat lines

Simon J., 1982: Selecting broilers for low or high abdominal fat observations on the hens during the breeding period

Kadyrov R.M., 1980: Selecting cellulose decomposing and lignin decomposing fungi for use in an artificial closed ecological cycle

Bober T.A., 1988: Selecting coagulant filtration and sludge conditioning aids

Kozlov A.V., 1987: Selecting conditions for the lysis of cells of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis to isolate nucleoids

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380081

Piskunkova N.F., 1988: Selecting culture media and the age and amount of mycelium to provide simultaneous biosynthesis of antibiotic and pigment in hypomyces rosellus

Steingrube V.A., 1982: Selecting drug combinations for treatment of drug resistant mycobacterial diseases

Bhagwat, A. L.; Craig, J. V., 1977: Selecting for age at first egg effects of social dominance

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380086

Hacker, J. B., 1986: Selecting for nutritive value in digitaria milanjiana 1. breeding of contrasting full sib clones differing in leaf digestibility

Minson, D. J.; Hacker, J. B., 1986: Selecting for nutritive value in digitaria milanjiana 2. intake and digestibility of divergently selected full sibs compared with digitaria decumbens

Powys A., 1982: Selecting intelligence tests for studies of dyslexic children

Schaffner C.P., 1979: Selecting interspecific human mouse and chinese hamster mouse hybrids using a new half selection technique with a polyene antibiotic

Adewole S., 1987: Selecting livestock periodicals through citation analysis technique

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380092

Sugardjito J., 1983: Selecting nest sites of sumatran orangutans pongo pygmaeus abelii in the gunung leuser national park indonesia

Pressey R.L., 1988: Selecting networks of reserves to maximize biological diversity

De Beer J., 1987: Selecting optimal dosage volumes for eye irritation tests in the rabbit

Byar, D. P.; Corle, D. K., 1977: Selecting optimal treatment in clinical trials using covariate information

Andrews G.F., 1986: Selecting particles for fluidized bed bioreactors with flocculent biomass

Mcleish, A. R.; Keighley, M. R. B.; Bishop, H. M.; Burdon, D. W.; Quoraishi, A. H.; Dorricott, N. J.; Oates, G. D.; Alexander-Williams, J., 1977: Selecting patients requiring antibiotics in biliary surgery by immediate gram stains of bile at operation

Kilner J.F., 1988: Selecting patients when resources are limited a study of usa medical directors of kidney dialysis and transplantation facilities

Hart L.A., 1985: Selecting pet dogs on the basis of cluster analysis of breed behavior profiles and gender

Alexander M., 1983: Selecting rhizobium meliloti for inoculation of alfalfa medicago sativa planted in acid soils

Brown R.G., 1981: Selecting sampling points for larvae of western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae from survey records in british columbia canada

Church R.L., 1982: Selecting sites for rural health workers

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380104

Ban'kovskaya A.N., 1981: Selecting strains of the causative agent claviceps purpurea of ergot

Zhou Y., 1985: Selecting strains of the fungus aschersonia

Weinberg C.R., 1986: Selecting subpopulations for intervention

Red'ko V.V., 1987: Selecting sugar beet forms resistant to chloride salinity in tissue culture

Lloyd M.E., 1982: Selecting systems to measure client outcome in human service agencies

Semenova G.B., 1987: Selecting the concentrations of reagents for solid phase elisa for the determination of the concentration of antibodies

Byrne, D.; Tonisson, W., 1976: Selecting the gain of hearing aids for persons with sensori neural hearing impairments

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380113

Fraser C.G., 1987: Selecting the optimum specimen for assessing slight albuminuria and a strategy for clinical investigation novel uses of data on biological variation

Dedo H.H., 1981: Selecting the side of recurrent laryngeal nerve section for spastic dysphonia

Andryushchenko V., 1981: Selecting tomato f 1 hybrids for early production

Zhdanov, V. V., 1987: Selecting virulent biotypes of venturia inaequalis cke. wint. to create infection backgrounds

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380119

Walls J., 1987: Selection adjusted comparison of life expectancy of patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis hemodialysis and renal transplantation

Knibb W.R., 1988: Selection affecting enzyme polymorphisms in enclosed drosophila populations maintained in a natural environment

Oakeshott J.G., 1979: Selection affecting enzyme polymorphisms in laboratory populations of drosophila melanogaster

Bansho H., 1981: Selection against body weight in small populations of chickens

Mcclelland M., 1985: Selection against dam methylation sites in the genomes of dna of enterobacteriophages

Jami J., 1987: Selection against expression of the escherichia coli gene gpt in hprt positive mouse teratocarcinoma and hybrid cells

Smith P.E., 1984: Selection against genetic defects in semen donors

Luedders V.D., 1987: Selection against heterodera glycines males by soybean lines with genes for resistance

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380128

Milishnikov A.N., 1983: Selection against induced mutations of drosophila melanogaster allozyme loci

Jones G., 1987: Selection against large size in the sand martin riparia riparia during a dramatic population crash

Hutchings J.A., 1986: Selection against parr maturation in atlantic salmon salmo salar

Lumme J., 1979: Selection against photoperiodic reproductive diapause in drosophila littoralis

Gordon, I. L.; Derera, N. F.; Balaam, L. N., 1977: Selection against sprouting damage in wheat part 2 germination of unthreshed grain with a standard wetting procedure

Derera N.F., 1979: Selection against sprouting damage in wheat part 2 harvest ripeness grain maturity and germinability

Gordon, I. L., 1979: Selection against sprouting damage in wheat part 3 dormancy germinative alpha amylase ec grain redness and flavanols

Pieber U., 1984: Selection against stress susceptibility in the styrian edelschwein herdbook population

Muggleton, J., 1978: Selection against the melanic morphs of adalia bipunctata two spot ladybird a review and some new data

Brascamp E.W., 1984: Selection against undesirable recessive genes in artificially inseminated cattle populations with overlapping generations

Brakefield P.M., 1984: Selection along clines in the ladybird adalia bipunctata in the netherlands a general mating advantage to melanics and its consequences

Weber, F., 1976: Selection alternatives in cows and their influence on age distribution of herds genetic trend and herd average

Hellebuyck G.V.J., 1980: Selection among 5 species of central american anuran amphibians ecological separation by prey

Hoegemeyer, T. C.; Hallauer, A. R., 1976: Selection among and within full sib families to develop single crosses of maize

Bakheit B.R., 1988: Selection among and within half sib families in a composite variety of maize

Geraldi I.O., 1983: Selection among and within half sib families in opaque 2 maize zea mays populations

Hallauer A.R., 1986: Selection among and within s 1 lines of maize on s 2 line and testcross performance

Damuth J., 1985: Selection among species a formulation in terms of natural functional units

Wittingslow G.E., 1985: Selection an australian study design and evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380149

Arnstein P., 1987: Selection and adaptation for rapid growth in culture of cells from delayed sarcomas in nude mice

Bordons A., 1987: Selection and adaptation of a phenol degrading strain of pseudomonas

Kellems R.E., 1986: Selection and amplification of heterologous genes encoding adenosine deaminase in mammalian cells

Chang, S. Y.; Kung, C., 1976: Selection and analysis of a mutant paramecium tetraurelia lacking behavioral response to tetra ethyl ammonium

Laver W.G., 1982: Selection and analysis of antigenic variants of the neuraminidase of n 2 influenza viruses with mono clonal antibodies

Mescle J F., 1985: Selection and analysis of thermotolerant mutants of zymomonas mobilis ethanol producers

Rossi L., 1983: Selection and application of a new volatile solvent as a fatty food simulant for determining the global migration of constituents of plastics materials

Bednarova, M.; Kalina, T.; Sasek, V., 1976: Selection and application of antibiotics for the removal of fungal and bacterial contamination in algal cultures

Buhmeyer, K. J., 1978: Selection and attrition profiles of physician extender students

Pelton M.R., 1981: Selection and availability of dens for black bears ursus americanus in tennessee usa

Walsh J.B., 1986: Selection and biased gene conversion in a multigene family consequences of interallelic bias and threshold selection

Brunson, K. W.; Nicolson, G. L., 1978: Selection and biologic properties of malignant variants of a murine lympho sarcoma

Finkelstein R.A., 1979: Selection and characteristics of a vibrio cholerae mutant lacking the a adp ribosylating portion of the cholera entero toxin

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380163

Hosick H.L., 1980: Selection and characterization in culture of mammary tumor cells with distinctive growth properties in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380165

Lippman M.E., 1985: Selection and characterization of a breast cancer cell line resistant to the antiestrogen ly 117018

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380167

Widholm, J. M., 1978: Selection and characterization of a daucus carota var sativa cell line resistant to 4 amino acid analogs

Gengenbach B.G., 1980: Selection and characterization of a feedback insensitive tissue culture of maize zea mays

Roberts, C. T-Jr ; Lavine, J. E.; Morse, D. E., 1982: Selection and characterization of a gluco kinase ec deficient mutant of tetrahymena thermophila

Fensterbank R., 1986: Selection and characterization of a listeria monocytogenes vaccinal strain of reduced virulence for mice

Kamatani, N.; Willis, E. H.; Carson, D. A., 1983: Selection and characterization of a murine lymphoid cell line partially deficient in s adenosyl homo cysteine hydrolase ec

Crissman H.A., 1979: Selection and characterization of a variant of murine l 5178y lymphoma resistant to local anesthetics

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380174

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380175

Meredith, C. P., 1978: Selection and characterization of aluminum resistant variants from tomato cell cultures

Cronan, J. E. Jr ; Ray, T. K.; Vagelos, P. R., 1970: Selection and characterization of an escherichia coli mutant defective in membrane lipid biosynthesis

Simon E.H., 1986: Selection and characterization of an interferon responsive clonal cell line of hela cells

Schwartz, S. M., 1978: Selection and characterization of bovine aortic endothelial cells

Chowdhury V.K., 1984: Selection and characterization of brinjal solanum melongena cell cultures resistant to tryptophan and phenylalanine analogs

Goldsbrough P.B., 1987: Selection and characterization of cadmium tolerant cells in tomato

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380182

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380183

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380184

Stanley, P.; Siminovitch, L., 1976: Selection and characterization of chinese hamster ovary cells resistant to the cyto toxicity of lectins

Tanner W., 1985: Selection and characterization of chlorella vulgaris mutants deficient in amino acid transport further evidence for three independent systems

Inselburg J., 1981: Selection and characterization of col e 1 plasmid mutants that exhibit altered stability and replication

Widholm, J. M., 1976: Selection and characterization of cultured carrot and tobacco cells resistant to lysine methionine and proline analogs

Chevallier J., 1982: Selection and characterization of different oligomeric forms of sarcoplasmic reticulum soluble calcium atpase

Bingham E.T., 1981: Selection and characterization of ethionine resistant alfalfa medicago sativa cell lines

Gudas L.J., 1984: Selection and characterization of f 9 terato carcinoma stem cell mutants with altered responses to retinoic acid

Stotz G., 1984: Selection and characterization of flavanone 3 hydroxylase mutants of dahlia streptocarpus verbena and zinnia

Bao W K., 1986: Selection and characterization of high ph resistant or salt resistant variants from haploid triticale callus haploid equals 28

Simon E.H., 1988: Selection and characterization of interferon response mutants from mouse l929 fibroblast cells

Jacobsen H., 1987: Selection and characterization of interferon sensitive cells derived from an interferon resistant nih 3t3 line

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380196

Aastrup S., 1983: Selection and characterization of low beta glucan mutants from barley

Lind P., 1987: Selection and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against a major allergen in dermatophagoides pteronyssinus species specific and common epitopes in three dermatophagoides spp

Moretta L., 1985: Selection and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to the idiotype like structure of an interleukin 2 producing human leukemia t cell line

Gudas L.J., 1986: Selection and characterization of mutant s 49 t lymphoma cell lines resistant to phosphonoformic acid evidence for inhibition of ribonucleotide reductase

Morgan, D. H., 1970: Selection and characterization of mutants lacking arginase in neurospora crassa

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380203

Ruiz, F.; Adoutte, A., 1978: Selection and characterization of nuclear mutations affecting mitochondria in paramecium tetraurelia

Cooper R.M., 1988: Selection and characterization of pectinase deficient mutants of the vascular wilt pathogen verticillium albo atrum

Teuber M., 1988: Selection and characterization of phage resistant mesophilic lactococci from mixed strain dairy starter cultures

Hozumi M., 1981: Selection and characterization of pulmonary colonizing cells from cultured mouse mammary carcinoma cells

Diez, B.; Alvarez, E.; Cantoral, J. M.; Barredo, J. L.; Martin, J. F., 1987: Selection and characterization of pyr g mutants of penicillium chrysogenum lacking orotidine 5' phosphate decarboxylase and complementation by the pyr 4 gene of neurospora crassa

Altman S., 1988: Selection and characterization of randomly produced mutants in the gene coding for m1 rna

Vasil I.K., 1984: Selection and characterization of sodium chloride tolerant cells from embryogenic cultures of pennisetum purpureum napier grass

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380211

Moretta L., 1987: Selection and characterization of t cell variants lacking molecules involved in t cell activation of t3 t cell receptor t44 and t11 analysis of the functional relationship among different pathways of activation

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380213

Schulte R., 1986: Selection and characterization of transferrin receptor mutants using receptor specific antibodies

Chong Tai Y., 1981: Selection and characterization of virus resistant l cell mutants with changed interferon gene expression

Schneider F.W., 1985: Selection and coexistence in a bioreactor

Rhoades K.R., 1985: Selection and comparison of mycoplasma synoviae hemagglutinating and nonhemagglutinating variants

Ioffe G.R., 1986: Selection and composition of factorial plans of an experiment in the optimization of the analysis of pharmaceuticals and toxic agents in biological media

Stavreva N., 1983: Selection and consumption evaluation of initial material intended for use in kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris breeding

Brestowsky E., 1980: Selection and consumption of different litter foliage by oniscus asellus isopoda

Treves A.J., 1983: Selection and continuous growth of antigen specific human t cells by antigen treated monocytes

Glupczynski Y., 1987: Selection and counting of aerobic gram negative bacilli in saliva by the spiral system

Afanas'eva M.M., 1984: Selection and cultivation of lignin decomposing fungi

Mills D., 1984: Selection and culture of auxotrophic and drug resistant mutants of tilletia caries

Willeke, K., 1978: Selection and design of an aerosol sampler simulating respirable penetration

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380226

Zach, R., 1978: Selection and dropping of whelks by northwestern crows

Roth J.R., 1983: Selection and end point distribution of bacterial inversion mutations

Ben-Sasson, S. Z.; Paul, W. E., 1976: Selection and enrichment of antigen specific thymus derived lymphocyte populations a review

Fellner Feldegg H., 1986: Selection and enrichment of plant protoplast heterokaryons of brassicaceae by flow sorting

Singer, R.; Clarke, S. F.; Cowell, D.; Kilshaw, D.; Randell, J. A.; Robinson, J. L.; White, J. M., 1986: Selection and evaluation of laboratory instrumentation in clinical chemistry i. survey of major analyzers in the uk

Carballo Carballo A., 1984: Selection and evaluation of maize genotypes under limiting conditions to enhance production and adaptability

Aleksandrov A.Kh, 1985: Selection and evaluation of the most promising cultivar population of norway spruce picea abies of local and foreign origin

Sharp E.L., 1988: Selection and evaluation of three spring wheats with slow rusting resistance to puccinia graminis f sp tritici

Demetrius L., 1983: Selection and evolution in macro molecular systems

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380237

Zavertyaev B.P., 1979: Selection and genetic problems of the increase in fertility in dairy cattle

Sineokii S.P., 1987: Selection and genetic studies of the bacterial mutations gpr which block the development of different lambdoid phages

Williams P.H., 1983: Selection and genetics of nectary development in cytoplasmic male sterile brassica campestris

Downey R.K., 1983: Selection and heritability studies on canola rapeseed for low temperature germination

Budd M.D., 1983: Selection and hetero zygosity within single families of the mussel mytilus edulis

Mcnutt J.W., 1981: Selection and hunting behavior of the peregrine falcon falco peregrinus in magallanes and tierra del fuego chile argentina

Soliman K.M., 1981: Selection and identification of a spontaneous alien chromosome translocation in wheat triticum aestivum

Schulman, J. L.; Palese, P., 1976: Selection and identification of influenza virus recombinants of defined genetic composition

Nojiro K., 1987: Selection and identification of yeast strains producing extracellular protease

Apicella M.A., 1988: Selection and immunochemical analysis of lipooligosaccharide mutants of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380249

Adzet, T.; Coll, M. R.; Iglesias, J.; Puigmacia, M., 1987: Selection and improvement of silybum marianum 1. characterization of population from different origins

Reading, C. L.; Belloni, P. N.; Nicolson, G. L., 1980: Selection and in vivo properties of lectin attachment variants of malignant murine lympho sarcoma cell lines

Kamemoto H., 1982: Selection and inbreeding in amphi di ploid dendrobium orchidaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380254

Li P.H., 1985: Selection and inheritance of heat tolerance in the common bean phaseolus vulgaris by use of conductivity

Chen C M., 1980: Selection and inheritance of rice oryza sativa plants resistant to amino acid analogs

Ilnicka Olejniczak O., 1986: Selection and isolation of filamentous fungi applicable in protein enrichment of carbohydrate raw materials

Low C S., 1984: Selection and isolation of glucose tolerant amylolytic aspergillus by cyclic fed batch culture process

Jorgensen, V., 1976: Selection and management of contraceptives in the adolescent patient

Janson K., 1983: Selection and migration in 2 distinct phenotypes of littorina saxatilis in sweden

Adelstein A.M., 1982: Selection and mortality differentials

Fiedurek J., 1983: Selection and mutagenesis of lower fungi towards an increased amylolytic activity

Nagylaki, T., 1977: Selection and mutation at an x linked locus

Miner M.E., 1986: Selection and nonoperative management of pediatric blunt trauma patients the role of quantitative crystalloid resuscitation and abdominal ultrasonography

Sala F., 1985: Selection and nuclear dna analysis of cell hybrids between daucus carota and oryza sativa

Ruiz A., 1981: Selection and optimization of a liquid medium for an immersed culture of mucor miehei to microbial renin production

White A., 1986: Selection and optimization of monoclonal antibodies for a two site immunoradiometric assay for acth

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380268

Brown R.J., 1979: Selection and pairing of normal rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta for research procedures techniques and observations

Potapov S.P., 1979: Selection and pear cultivar development at the timiryazev academy

Pomar F.T., 1983: Selection and perfection of a technique suitable for the determination of diacetyl in cultures of lactic acid bacteria and enterococci

Coll J.M., 1988: Selection and performance of monoclonal anti c reactive protein in elisa quantitative assay

Christiansen F.B., 1985: Selection and population regulation with habitat variation

Ensinger, M. J.; Ginsberg, H. S., 1972: Selection and preliminary characterization of temperature sensitive mutants of type 5 adenovirus

Wallwork J., 1988: Selection and procurement of combined heart and lung grafts for transplantation

Nakamura M., 1985: Selection and propagation of antibiotic resistant mutants of acholeplasma by the addition of fresh culture medium containing antibiotics and protease to the medium cultured with acholeplasma

Taylor, F.; Cronan, J. E. Jr, 1976: Selection and properties of escherichia coli mutants defective in the synthesis of cyclo propane fatty acids

Doehner L., 1983: Selection and properties of inhibitor resistant mutants obtained from influenza virus a recombinants

Santi D.V., 1985: Selection and properties of leishmania tropica resistant to 10 propargyl 5 8 dideazafolate an inhibitor of thymidylate synthetase

Senyuta E.Z., 1982: Selection and properties of mutants of yeast pichia guilliermondii with de repressed gtp cyclo hydrolase the enzyme of the 1st step of flavinogenesis

Spudich J.L., 1985: Selection and properties of phototaxis deficient mutants of halobacterium halobium

Dick W., 1987: Selection and properties of pseudomonas aeruginosa variants resistant to beta lactam antibiotics

Mochi, M.; Guerra, D.; Palenzona, D., 1978: Selection and recombination frequency interaction with x irradiation

Palenzona, D. L.; Zattoni, A., 1970: Selection and recombination in drosophila melanogaster

Luke H.H., 1985: Selection and regeneration of toxin insensitive plants from tissue cultures of oats avena sativa susceptible to helminthosporium victoriae

Hovis J., 1984: Selection and rejection of retrovirus expressing tumor cells from a heterogeneous murine leukemia virus infected cell population

Dropkin V.H., 1982: Selection and reproduction of soybean cyst nematodes heterodera glycines on resistant soybeans glycine max

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380288

Marshall, R. J.; Berridge, N. J., 1976: Selection and some properties of phage resistant starters for cheese making

Il'in-Yu, V.; Churikov, N. A.; Solonin, A. S.; Polukarova, L. G.; Georgiev, G. P., 1977: Selection and some properties of recombinant clones of lambda phages containing structural genes of drosophila melanogaster

Hayward, M. D.; Abdullah, I. B., 1985: Selection and stability of synthetic varieties of lolium perenne 1. the selected character and its expression over generations of multiplication

Meaden P., 1985: Selection and stability of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae transformants expressing complementary dna of an m 1 killer toxin immunity gene

Krylov, V. N.; Plotnikova, T. G., 1976: Selection and study of bacterio phage t 4b mutants with respect to genes functioning at an early stage of the infective process

Skovorodka V.V., 1983: Selection and study of pathogenic variants of influenza virus in animals

Vreezen, W. J.; Veldkamp, J. F., 1969: Selection and temperature effects on extra dorsocentral bristles in drosophila melanogaster

Druger, M., 1967: Selection and the effect of temperature on scutellar bristle number in drosophila

Luckinbill L.S., 1979: Selection and the r k continuum in experimental populations of protozoa

Small M.F., 1982: Selection and the transferrin polymorphism in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Hammond C.T., 1984: Selection and training of disabled persons for scuba diving medical and psychological aspects

Day, R. M.; Harris, L. G., 1978: Selection and turnover of coelenterate nematocysts in some aeolid nudibranchs

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380301

Kearney J.N., 1983: Selection and utilization of natural substrates as breeding sites by woodland drosophila spp

Melkonyan, M. V., 1975: Selection as a means of controlling grape virus diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380304

Sokal, R. R.; Taylor, C. E., 1976: Selection at 2 levels in hybrid populations of musca domestica

Edwards, A. W. F., 1977: Selection at a multi allelic locus fellers transformation

Kohn, P. H.; Tamarin, R. H., 1978: Selection at electrophoretic loci for reproductive parameters in island and mainland voles

Vernier, M. C., 1977: Selection at implantation and longevity a tentative theory

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380309

Nassar R., 1980: Selection at the acid phosphatase locus in drosophila melanogaster

Santos M., 1981: Selection at the adh locus in drosophila melanogaster adult survivorship mortality in response to ethanol

Fontdevila A., 1986: Selection at the adh locus of drosophila buzzatii

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380813

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380814

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380878

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380883

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380884

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380898

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Emanuel D., 1987: Selection of an intravenous immune globulin for the immunoprophylaxis of cytomegalovirus infections an in vitro comparison of currently available and previously effective immune globulins

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Et Al, 1987: Selection of anesthesia for geriatric patients requiring intervention to the femur a current overview in the department of anesthesiology kansai medical university japan

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Coutinho A., 1988: Selection of antibody repertoires by anti idiotypes can occur at multiple steps of b cell differentiation

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Zhdanov V.M., 1984: Selection of antigenic variants of influenza h 1n 1 viruses by means of monoclonal antibodies

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Halstead, S. B.; Marchette, N. J.; Diwan, A. R.; Paulmbo, N. E.; Putvatana, R., 1984: Selection of attenuated dengue 4 viruses by serial passage in primary kidney cells 2. attributes of virus cloned at different dog kidney passage levels

Halstead, S. B.; Marchette, N. J.; Diwan, A. R.; Palumbo, N. E.; Putvatana, R.; Larsen, L. K., 1984: Selection of attenuated dengue 4 viruses by serial passage in primary kidney cells 3. reversion to virulence by passage of cloned virus in fetal rhesus lung cells

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380931

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380932

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Hink W.F., 1979: Selection of autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus for resistance to inactivation by near uv far uv and thermal radiation

Kotel'nikov I.V., 1981: Selection of automobile drivers on a psycho physiological basis

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Piedra, D.; Herrera, L., 1976: Selection of auxotrophic mutants in saccharomyces cerevisiae by a snail enzyme digestion method

Burger M.M., 1985: Selection of b 16 melanoma cells with increased metastatic potential and low intercellular cohesion using nucleopore filters

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Yen T.F., 1983: Selection of bacteria with favorable transport properties through porous rock for the application of microbial enhanced oil recovery

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Schmieger H., 1986: Selection of bacterial pac sites recognized by salmonella phage p22

Wilcoxson R.D., 1986: Selection of barley hordeum vulgare for slow rusting resistance to leaf rust in epidemics of different severity

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380954

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Puchwein, G., 1988: Selection of calibration samples for near ir spectrometry by factor analysis of spectra

Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380960

Martin D.H., 1984: Selection of carcinogen altered rat tracheal epithelial cells pre exposed to 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene by their loss of a need for pyruvate to survive in culture

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Singh S.P., 1983: Selection of casing medium for cultivation of white button mushroom agaricus brunnescens

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Berlin J., 1983: Selection of cell lines of catharanthus roseus with increased tryptophan decarboxylase activity

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380980

Castro A.C.D.D., 1982: Selection of citric acid producing strains of aspergillus niger

Spiegel Roy P., 1987: Selection of citrus limon cell culture variants resistant to the mal secco toxin

Agarwal P.K., 1987: Selection of citrus rootstocks and hybrids resistant to the citrus nematode tylenchulus semipenetrans

Humphreys R.E., 1988: Selection of class i mhc restricted peptides with the strip of helix hydrophobicity algorithm

Ottosen C O., 1985: Selection of clones of dieffenbachia maculata

Gay R., 1987: Selection of clostridium acetobutylicum mutants defective in acetone synthesis

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380988

Burger, J.; Lesser, F., 1978: Selection of colony sites and nest sites by common terns sterna hirundo in ocean county new jersey usa

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Murakami K., 1987: Selection of commercial enzymes suitable for making soy milk curd

Larsen A.E., 1982: Selection of compatible kidney donors for recipients with multiple cyto toxic antibodies

Wu, K. K.; Hoak, J. C.; Koepke, J. A.; Thompson, J. S., 1977: Selection of compatible platelet donors a prospective evaluation of 3 cross matching techniques

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Section 7, Chapter 6381, Accession 006380996

Bezborodova S.I., 1986: Selection of conditions for isolation and purification of extracellular alkaline rna depolymerase from trichoderma harzianum 01

Furtek C.A., 1984: Selection of conidial longevity mutants of neurospora crassa/

Martell A.M., 1979: Selection of conifer seeds by deer mice peromyscus maniculatus and red backed voles clethrionomys gapperi

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