Selection for apparent photosynthesis and related leaf traits in early generations of soybeans glycine max

Wiebold, W.J.; Shibles, R.; Green, D.E.

Crop Science 21(6): 969-973


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-183X
Accession: 006380414

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Potential for selection of CO2-exchange rate (CER), specific leaf weight (SLW), leaf thickness (LT), and leaf density (LD) in early generations of soybeans was examined. Two crosses ('Amsoy' .times. 'Ford'; 'Corsoy' .times. 'Hawkeye') involving adapted cultivars high (Amsoy, Corsoy) and low in leaf CER were used. CER, SLW, LT and LD were measured in parents, F1 and F2. CER was measured in selected F3 and F4 lines of 1 cross, whereas the other variables were measured in all F3 and F4 lines. All traits showed quantitative inheritance without dominance effects. Broad-sense heritability, based on parental, F1 and F2 variances, was low to moderate for CER (0.36, 0.56); it was low to very low for the other variables. Selection for either high or low CER in the F2 and F3 was ineffective. Gain from hypothetical selection for SLW was about 5% in the F2 and 5-11% in the F3. Gain from hypothetical F3 selection in LT was about 5%. LD showed poor gain. Use of pure lines from advanced generations may give an entirely different picture of the potential for direct selection for increased photosynthesis than that shown here.