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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6382

Chapter 6382 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marken R., 1985: Selection of consequences adaptive behavior from random reinforcement

Kumaravel S., 1984: Selection of container for safer storage of rice germ

Makin, J. W.; Deni, R., 1982: Selection of contingent vs. noncontingent schedules of visual stimulation by infants

Hawkins B.S., 1988: Selection of controls for clinical research studies in ophthalmology

Widholm J.M., 1986: Selection of copper and zinc resistant nicotiana plumbaginifolia cell suspension cultures

Mueller, M. W.; Schweyen, R. J.; Schmelzer, C., 1988: Selection of cryptic 5' splice sites by group ii intron rna species in vitro

Shcherbatio D.M., 1985: Selection of cultivars for meadow apple orchards

Ikeda, T.; Kataoka, J.; Konno, Y.; Imaizumi, S.; Kuwata, S.; Takanami, Y.; Matsumoto, T., 1988: Selection of cultured mirabilis jalapa l. cell strains producing high levels of anti plant viral protein

Noguchi M., 1981: Selection of cultured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar by 2 cell strains producing high levels of ubi quinone 10 by a cell cloning technique

Korngold, R.; Sprent, J., 1980: Selection of cyto toxic thymus derived cell precursors specific for minor histo compatibility determinants 1. negative selection across h 2 barriers induced with disrupted cells but not with glutaraldehyde treated cells evidence for antigen processing

Widholm J.M., 1986: Selection of daucus carota somatic hybrids using drug resistance markers and characterization of their mitochondrial genomes

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381011

Behnke M., 1980: Selection of di ha ploid potato solanum tuberosum callus for resistance to the culture filtrate of fusarium oxysporum

Gerisch G., 1986: Selection of dictyostelium discoideum mutants defective in cytoskeletal proteins use of an antibody that binds to the ends of alpha actinin rods

Wurtman R.J., 1986: Selection of dietary protein and carbohydrate by rats changes with maturation

Dambergs, R.; Leah, J.; Kidson, C., 1978: Selection of differentiated neurons in embryonic mouse brain cultures using arabino furanosyl cytosine

Stertzer S.H., 1985: Selection of dilatation hardware for percutaneous transluminal coronary artery angioplasty 1985

Wricke G., 1987: Selection of diploid nematode resistant sugar beet from monosomic addition lines

Sugie H., 1983: Selection of disruptants of pheromonal communication in both the smaller tea tortrix moth and the tea tortrix moth lepidoptera tortricidae

Laube, K.; Wesenberg, J.; Lietz, P., 1987: Selection of distiller's yeasts with particular respect to non saccharomyces strains

Bohnne Havas M., 1981: Selection of ditrupa cornea and forms convergent with it by scanning electron microscope

Gupta P.K., 1985: Selection of diverse genotypes for heterosis in yield and response in toria brassica campestris

Berg, O. G.; Von-Hippel, P. H., 1988: Selection of dna binding sites by regulatory proteins ii. the binding specificity of cyclic amp receptor protein to recognition sites

Von Hippel P.H., 1987: Selection of dna binding sites by regulatory proteins statistical mechanical theory and application to operators and promoters

Berg O.G., 1988: Selection of dna binding sites by regulatory proteins the lex a protein and the arginine repressor use different strategies for functional specificity

Tokarev Yu N., 1987: Selection of dna probes for an analysis of beta globulin cluster polymorphism in thalassemia patients in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Park C.S., 1984: Selection of domestic juglans sinensis with superior nut characteristics in korea

Baldini M.G., 1981: Selection of donor platelets for allo immunized patients using a platelet associated immuno globulin g assay

Schendel D., 1980: Selection of donors for bone marrow transplantation in childhood leukemia

Costentin J., 1984: Selection of dopamine antagonists discriminating various behavioral responses and radio ligand binding sites

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381030

Stepanova N.L., 1986: Selection of drosophila melanogaster for combining ability

Loreto, E. L. S.; Oliveira, A. K. D., 1988: Selection of drosophila melanogaster for extreme developmental rates i. structural and regulatory genetic divergence

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381033

Pimparkar, B. D.; Bhalerao, R. A.; Donde, U. M., 1977: Selection of duodenal ulcer subjects for surgical vagotomy on the basis of medical vagotomy

Gebhardt K., 1982: Selection of dwarfing cherry prunus avium rootstocks combination of chemo taxonomy growth physiology and biochemistry

Jhun G.S., 1984: Selection of early flowering pitch pine pinus rigida for a hybrid seed orchard

Kamiwada H., 1987: Selection of effective ages and parameters for qualitative discrimination between wild mass reared and irradiated strains through comparison of tethered flight sounds of the melon flies dacus cucurbitae coquillett diptera tephritidae

Meguro T., 1986: Selection of effective maximal expiratory parameters to differentiate asthmatic patients from healthy adults by discriminant analysis using all possible selection procedure

Powell C.L., 1982: Selection of efficient vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Lepoint, A., 1977: Selection of ehrlich tumor cells in different phases of the cell cycle by ficoll gradient centrifugation

Hill J.C., 1988: Selection of elderly patients for barium enema examination with respect to significant bowel pathology especially carcinoma of the colon and rectum the results of a retrospective study

Kasparov, S. V.; Tikhomirov, F. A., 1978: Selection of elutriator systems for gel filtration of humus acids from chernozem

Reinert J., 1980: Selection of embryogenic pollen from cold treated buds of nicotiana tabacum cultivar badischer burley and their development into embryos in cultures

Beg M.U., 1988: Selection of endosulfan tolerant gram cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381046

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381047

Fikhte B.A., 1986: Selection of escherichia coli and pseudomonas putida cultures with an elevated resistance to the process of immobilization in polyacrylamide gel

Kyslik, P.; Sikyta, B., 1984: Selection of escherichia coli k 12 1ea mutants with increased synthesis of ribitol dehydrogenase ec

Birchman R., 1980: Selection of escherichia coli k 12 chromosomal mutants that prevent expression of f plasmid functions

Sineokii S.P., 1985: Selection of escherichia coli k 12 mutants which do not support the development of different lambdoid phages

Benitez T., 1988: Selection of ethanol tolerant yeast hybrids in ph regulated continuous culture

Maisuryan A.N., 1984: Selection of ethylenediamine resistant lines in tobacco nicotiana tabacum tissue culture

King M., 1986: Selection of eucalyptus spp for soil conservation planting in seasonally dry hill country

Fenstermacher J.D., 1983: Selection of experimental conditions for the accurate determination of blood brain transfer constants from single time experiments a theoretical analysis

Winters G.H., 1984: Selection of external tags for marking atlantic herring clupea harengus harengus

Rosenberg, E.; Mora, C.; Edwards, D. L., 1976: Selection of extranuclear mutants of neurospora crassa

Ottosen C O., 1988: Selection of fast growing clones among visually unseparable genotypes of ficus benjamina l

Greig Smith P.W., 1979: Selection of feeding areas by senegal kingfishers halcyon senegalensis

Lance A.N., 1983: Selection of feeding sites by hen red grouse lagopus lagopus scoticus during breeding

Piper C.E., 1982: Selection of fetal bovine serum for use in the c 3h 10t 1 2 cl 8 cell transformation assay system

Minshall G.W., 1984: Selection of fine particulate foods by some stream insects under laboratory conditions

Smit, B. A., 1988: Selection of flood resistant and susceptible seedlings of populus trichocarpa torr. and gray

Gross D.C., 1986: Selection of fluorescent pseudomonads antagonistic to erwinia carotovora and suppressive of potato seed piece decay

Parsaev E.I., 1982: Selection of fodder crops for growing under irrigation in the northern kazakh ssr ussr

Matsnev A.V., 1985: Selection of fodder crops for the production of protein concentrates

Andrews M.W., 1988: Selection of food sites by callicebus moloch and saimiri sciureus under spatially and temporally varying food distribution

Campbell C.H., 1979: Selection of foot and mouth disease viruses by passage in bovine and swine kidney cell cultures

Smith P.C., 1984: Selection of foraging sites and invertebrate prey by migrant semipalmated sandpipers calidris pusilla in minas basin bay of fundy canada

Mcconaughy B.L., 1983: Selection of functional complementary dna by complementation in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Skryabin G.K., 1983: Selection of fungal cultures for solid phase fermentation of sawdust and straw

Pribela, A.; Kovac, J.; Savillova, J., 1976: Selection of fungicides for the control of some fungi producing bitter substances in tomatoes apples and pears

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381075

Herlugson M.L., 1985: Selection of garden residues by alaska moose alces alces during winter

Fortner J.G., 1982: Selection of gastrectomy for adeno carcinomas arising in the gastric fundus

Oldstone M.B.A., 1984: Selection of genetic variants of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in spleens of persistently infected mice role in suppression of cytotoxic t lymphocyte response and viral persistence

Wilcox M.D., 1982: Selection of genetically superior eucalyptus regnans using family tests

Ross G., 1984: Selection of genotypes of schistosoma mansoni and their maintenance by sporocystic transplantation

Djejeva G., 1981: Selection of glucose isomerase in highly productive streptomyces strains

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381082

Foy C.D., 1987: Selection of grain amaranthus spp for tolerance to excess aluminum in an acid soil

Dokuchaeva, E. A.; Metelitsa, V. I.; Ostrovskaya, T. P.; Aleksandrov, A. A.; Ilyushina, I. P.; Sapozhnikov, I. I.; Kokurina, E. V., 1977: Selection of groups among a male population aged 40 to 49 with risk factors for initial ischemic heart disease prevention

Klein J., 1981: Selection of h 2 molecules for the context of antigen recognition by t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381087

Cagnin E., 1981: Selection of half sib progenies in the flint maize zea mays composite in acid soil

Savory C.J., 1983: Selection of heather age and chemical composition by red grouse lagopus lagopus scoticus in relation to physiological state season and time of day

Cheney T.H., 1979: Selection of hetero social skills part 1 criterion related validity

Hobbs S.A., 1979: Selection of hetero social skills part 2 experimental validity

White A., 1985: Selection of high affinity and high specificity monoclonal antibodies for 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d

Zhang S., 1983: Selection of high beta amylase producing strain and its fermentation conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381094

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381095

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381096

Ogino, T.; Hiraoka, N.; Tabata, M., 1978: Selection of high nicotine producing cell lines of tobacco callus by single cell cloning

Giring F.F., 1984: Selection of high productive strains of lactic acid bacteria lactobacillus delbrueckii

Et Al, 1981: Selection of high risk groups among prognostically favorable patients with breast cancer an analysis of the value of prospective grading of tumor anaplasia in 1048 patients

French, A. R., 1976: Selection of high temperatures for hibernation by the pocket mouse perognathus longimembris ecological advantages and energetic consequences

Watanabe K., 1980: Selection of high vitamin b 6 producing strains in cultured green cells

Reznikova S.A., 1980: Selection of high yield frost resistant mentha varieties among interspecific f 1 hybrids

Kim, C. M.; Kim, K. H.; Moon, C. H.; Song, C. H., 1987: Selection of high yielding garlic variety in jeju island south korea

Bobovskaya M.G., 1985: Selection of highly productive clary sage genotypes using the micromorphological features of the glandular apparatus of the calyx

Konovalov-Yu, B.; Pyl'nev, V. V.; Pyl'nev, V. M.; Nefedov, A. V., 1987: Selection of highly productive forms of spiked cereal crops

Boon T., 1985: Selection of highly transfectable variant from mouse mastocytoma p 815

Stephens P.R., 1981: Selection of hill country pasture measurement sites by interpretation of sequential aerial photographs

Russell J.S., 1982: Selection of homo climates based on comparisons with single stations and using monthly rainfall and temperature data

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381109

Wood S., 1984: Selection of human dna sequences from recombinant dna libraries of human rodent somatic cell hybrids

Cardot J.C., 1983: Selection of human skin micro topography quantitative parameters by principal components analysis

Stenchever M.A., 1983: Selection of human spermatozoa according to their relative motility and their interaction with zona free hamster eggs

De-Vries, D. P., 1976: Selection of hybrid tea rose seedlings for cut flower yield

Dai B., 1985: Selection of hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies against leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae serovar lai strain 017

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381115

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381116

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381117

Zamir A., 1988: Selection of in vivo deletions in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Glew, R. H.; Collins, W. E.; Miller, L. H., 1978: Selection of increased quinine resistance in plasmodium falciparum in aotus monkeys

Jones D., 1988: Selection of incubation mound sites by the australian brush turkey alectura lathami

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381121

Park C.S., 1987: Selection of indigenous actinidia arguta vitis amurensis and akebia quinata for improvement of fruit characteristics in korea

Shchelokova I.F., 1986: Selection of industrial methods for obtaining preparations of beta galactosidase from escherichia coli

Gerhard W., 1986: Selection of influenza a virus adsorptive mutants by growth in the presence of a mixture of monoclonal antihemagglutinin antibodies

Beare, A. S.; Sherwood, J. E.; Callow, K. A.; Craig, J. W., 1977: Selection of influenza b virus recombinants and their testing in humans for attenuation and immunogenicity

Klyushin E.S., 1983: Selection of information for medical diagnosis problems to be solved using diagnostic games approach illustrated by the prognosis of sinus rhythm maintenance time after the elimination of atrial fibrillation

Knysh, A. I.; Norik, I. M., 1978: Selection of inter cultivar hybrids of winter wheat in f 2 and subsequent generations on the basis of f 1 heterosis

Ackman, R. G.; Sipos, J. C.; Hooper, S. N.; Dube, G., 1977: Selection of internal standards for determining quantitative recovery of isoprenoid acids after urea complexing

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381130

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381131

Molnar, J.; Holland, I. B.; Mandi, Y., 1977: Selection of ion mutants in escherichia coli by treatment with phenothiazines

Singh D., 1985: Selection of isoresponsive genotypes in toria brassica campestris based on the pattern of response to environmental variations a proposed method

Best J.B., 1986: Selection of items for course evaluation by faculty and students

Momose Y., 1979: Selection of japanese larch clones resistant to the needle cast mycosphaerella larici leptolepis and their susceptibility in the test plantation

Johnson W.A., 1988: Selection of japanese quail for contrasting blood corticosterone response to immobilization

Rai S.C., 1987: Selection of judges for sensory evaluation

Purdie R.W., 1987: Selection of key area networks for regional nature conservation the revised bolton and specht method

Gould Kostka J., 1986: Selection of kidney cell types in primary glomerular explant outgrowths by in vitro culture conditions

Amirkhanov Zh, 1980: Selection of kochia prostrata grown in the desert zone of the southeastern kazakh ssr ussr

Jackson D.E., 1984: Selection of lac gene fusions in vivo omp r lac z fusions that define a functional domain of the omp r gene product

Ksiazek, T. G.; Yuill, T. M., 1977: Selection of lacrosse virus variants by sentinel squirrels sciurus carolinensis and chipmunks tamias striatus

Bhowmik T., 1987: Selection of lactobacillus acidophilus strains for use in acidophilus products

Mestre J.C., 1988: Selection of lactose adapted cells in vinca minor and datura inoxia cultures location and characterization of beta galactosidase and lactase activities

Castillo F.J., 1982: Selection of lactose fermenting yeast for ethanol production from whey

El Samragy Y.A., 1986: Selection of lactose fermenting yeasts for biomass production from salted whey

Calendar R., 1986: Selection of lambda spi minus transducing phages using the p2 old gene cloned onto a plasmid

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381148

Otake A., 1983: Selection of life histories and its adaptive significance in a snailfish liparis tanakai from sendai bay japan

Reinink, K.; Dieleman, F. L.; Groenwold, R., 1988: Selection of lines of lettuce lactuca sativa l. with a high level of partial resistance to myzus persicae sulzer

Raisanen S., 1981: Selection of liquid phases for glass capillary gas chromatography of mono terpene hydro carbons

Grundmann E., 1984: Selection of liver colonizing tumor cells from a murine fibrosarcoma induced by methylcholanthrene

Haanen C., 1980: Selection of lymphocytes spontaneously transformed in vivo by density centrifugation

Ogur M., 1979: Selection of lys 2 mutants of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by utilization of alpha amino adipate

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381156

Schreiber H., 1983: Selection of macrophage resistant progressor tumor variants by the normal host requirement of concomitant t cell mediated immunity

Sidorov A.N., 1983: Selection of maize cultivars

Inglik P.V., 1981: Selection of maize for immunity to diseases and pests

Bhowmik G., 1980: Selection of male parents on the basis of male gametophyte for pineapple ananas comosus breeding

Nicolson G.L., 1979: Selection of malignant melanoma variant cell lines for ovary colonization

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381162

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381163

Fridjohn P., 1987: Selection of medical students are all matriculation examinations equivalent

Niemiro W., 1984: Selection of medical tests based on linear nonseparability of data sets a study on evaluation of liver diseases tests

Bachrach, C. A.; Charen, T., 1978: Selection of medline contents the development of its thesaurus and the indexing process

Hastings P.A., 1982: Selection of meio faunal prey by the darter goby gobionellus boleosoma gobiidae

Sibley C.H., 1983: Selection of membrane immuno globulin m minus variants from a membrane immuno globulin m plus murine b lymphoma cell problems and solutions

Gualerzi C.O., 1988: Selection of messenger rna translation initiation region by escherichia coli ribosomes

Calabresi P., 1983: Selection of metastatic variants from heterogeneous tumor cell lines using the chicken chorio allantoic membrane and nude mouse

Sidebottom E., 1984: Selection of metastatic variants on the basis of clonal morphology in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381172

Rothe M., 1982: Selection of methods appropriated for quality testing of meat like flavorings

Vaskivnyuk V.T., 1980: Selection of methods for isolating the proteolytic enzymic complex from bacillus mesentericus 316 m under conditions of submerged cultivation

Ferreira M.E., 1984: Selection of methods for the evaluation of available soil boron

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381176

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381177

Kownacki, M.; Keller, J.; Gebler, E., 1975: Selection of mice for high weight gains its effect on the basal metabolic rate

Le Jambre L.F., 1988: Selection of mice for survival following an acute nematospiroides dubius infection

Neufeld R.J., 1984: Selection of microbes producing biosurfactants in media without hydrocarbons

Wang D.I.C., 1987: Selection of microcarrier diameter for the cultivation of mammalian cells on microcarriers

Alikhanyan, S. I.; Legchilina, S. P., 1969: Selection of micrococcus glutamicus according to the rate of l lysine biosynthesis

Longard D.A., 1987: Selection of microhabitat in summer by juvenile atlantic salmon salmo salar

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381184

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381185

Bezborodov A.M., 1983: Selection of microscopic fungal cultures synthesizing inhibitors of phospho mono esterases

Koridze V.V., 1981: Selection of microscopic fungi producing acid stable alpha amylase and gluco amylase

Thilly W.G., 1980: Selection of mitotic chinese hamster ovary cells from micro carriers

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381190

Koprowski H., 1985: Selection of monoclonal antibodies detecting serodiagnostic human tumor markers

Tatini S.R., 1987: Selection of monoclonal antibodies for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins in heat processed foods

Cataylee G., 1983: Selection of motile spermatozoa from human semen by migration in follicular fluid

Hozumi M., 1984: Selection of mouse macrophage like sublines that differ in leukemogenic potential and characterization

Amati P., 1985: Selection of mouse neuroblastoma cell specific polyoma virus mutants with stage differentiative advantages of replication

Yoshida K., 1981: Selection of mouse virulent nonmotile strains of escherichia coli by the soft agar technique

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381197

Kent L., 1987: Selection of movement patterns during functional tasks in humans

Werner V., 1984: Selection of multiple antibiotic resistance by quinolones beta lactams and aminoglycosides with special reference to cross resistance between unrelated drug classes

Watson D., 1981: Selection of mutant chinese hamster ovary cells altered in glyco proteins by tritium labeled fucose suicide

Love, A.; Rydbeck, R.; Ljungdahl, A.; Kristensson, K.; Norrby, E., 1986: Selection of mutants of mumps virus with altered structure and pathogenicity by passage in vivo

Sun, L.; She, J.; Lu, X., 1986: Selection of mutants of xanthomonas oryzae by tissue culture in rice i. in vitro induction and screening of mutants resistant to xanthomonas oryzae from callus culture in rice

Trotsenko Yu A., 1983: Selection of mutants producing amino acids with a branched chain in the methylotrophic yeast hansenula polymorpha

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381204

Csonka L.N., 1987: Selection of mutations that alter the osmotic control of transcription of the salmonella typhimurium pro u operon

Shatzman A., 1987: Selection of mutations that increase alpha 1 antitrypsin gene expression in escherichia coli

Daraseliya G.Ya, 1982: Selection of mycobacterium lacticolum by carotenoid synthesis

Sikovec, S., 1976: Selection of native yeasts for the sava river vineyard area

Kuller L.H., 1984: Selection of neighborhood controls logistics and field work

Park Y H., 1987: Selection of neohaplont in some edible fungi by protoplast reversion

Mosher J.A., 1987: Selection of nest tree species by red shouldered and broad winged hawks in two temperate forest regions

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381212

Panetsos C.K.P., 1980: Selection of new poplar clones under various spacings

Vlak J., 1980: Selection of new types of virus in larvae of the lepidopteran galleria mellonella infected with 2 baculoviruses

Primo Millo E., 1985: Selection of nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 haploids of high photosynthetic efficiency

Bajwa M.A., 1986: Selection of nili ravi buffalo bulls for artificial insemination

Tew K.D., 1986: Selection of nitrogen mustard resistance in a rat tumor cell line results in loss of guanine o 6 alkyltransferase activity

Sato, H.; Okinaga, K.; Saito, H., 1987: Selection of non flagellated and non piliated mutants from pseudomonas aeruginosa strain tpb 1

Von-Baer, E.; Gross, R., 1977: Selection of nonbitter types of lupinus mutabilis

Brown M., 1985: Selection of nonfastidious adenovirus species in 293 cells inoculated with stool specimens containing adenovirus 40

Hufnagel L.A., 1979: Selection of nonmotile tetrahymena thermophila with ficoll under layers

Miller R.V., 1982: Selection of nonmucoid derivatives of mucoid pseudomonas aeruginosa is strongly influenced by the level of iron in the culture medium

De Freitas A.J., 1986: Selection of nursery areas by six southeast african penaeidae

Zhang, D. Y., 1978: Selection of nutrient mutants of cultured tobacco cells

Lewis A.R., 1982: Selection of nuts by gray squirrels sciurus carolinensis and optimal foraging theory

Corley R.H.V., 1983: Selection of oil palms elaeis guineensis for high density planting

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381228

Black-Schaffer, W. S.; Floyd, A. D., 1976: Selection of operating wavelength pair for 2 wavelength micro spectrophotometry

Sato T., 1983: Selection of operation for concomitant gastric and duodenal ulcers

Staszak V.M., 1986: Selection of operation for esophageal cancer based on staging

Langer, B.; Patel, S. C.; Stone, R. M.; Colapinto, R. F.; Phillips, M. J.; Fisher, M. M., 1978: Selection of operation in patients with bleeding esophageal varices

Eliopoulos G., 1980: Selection of operative procedure for adeno carcinoma of the mid stomach 20 year experience with implications for future treatment strategy

Bhandari M., 1985: Selection of operative procedure for circumcaval ureter type i a rational approach

Muller H.K., 1982: Selection of optical filters for laser flow cytometry using fluorescent conjugates

Karchevskaya V.V., 1981: Selection of optimal conditions for sterilization of eye drops by filtration

Zambrzhitskii O.N., 1979: Selection of optimal conditions for the cultivation of ethanol assimilating bacteria

Bhave P.R., 1979: Selection of optimal distribution tree for optimization of single source looped networks

Khan M.A., 1985: Selection of optimal dose

Warren J., 1981: Selection of optimal features for classification of electro cardiograms

Higashi A., 1986: Selection of optimal scoring sensitivity for sleep wakefulness in mice based on multi criteria

Windsor C., 1982: Selection of optimal screen film combination for use in the neo natal intensive care unit

Kravchenko, N. V.; Murav'ev, I. A.; Pshukov-Yu, G., 1976: Selection of optimal size particles in the combined extraction of different crude drug species in herb teas

Ziegler M.M., 1987: Selection of optimal therapy for neuroblastoma a study of the immunomodulatory effects of surgery and irradiation in the murine c1300 neuroblastoma model

Cheng L., 1986: Selection of optimal thin layer chromatography system combination for chromatographic separation of 13 barbiturates by stepwise combination method

Della Vecchia B., 1988: Selection of optimal transmittances with the cytophotometric two wavelength method

Shiromani P.K., 1985: Selection of optimum dissolution test methods in dosage form design

Braam G.A., 1982: Selection of optimum storm frequency for sewer studies

Horobin R.W., 1982: Selection of optimum tetrazolium salts for use in histochemistry the value of structure staining correlations

Del-Solar, E.; Walker, L.; Guijon, A. M., 1976: Selection of oviposition site in colored substrates by different mutants of drosophila melanogaster

Stamp N.E., 1982: Selection of oviposition sites by the baltimore checkerspot euphydryas phaeton nymphalidae

Gallo P.B., 1983: Selection of paddy rice cultivars aiming to low discolored seed incidence

Mikhalev E.V., 1982: Selection of pairs for crossing using breeding lines

Strube C.H., 1979: Selection of parabens as preservatives for cosmetics and toiletries

Hjelmar O., 1984: Selection of parameters for groundwater quality monitoring at waste incinerator residue disposal sites

Fowler J.F.Jr, 1987: Selection of patch test materials for gold allergy

Galanopoulou S., 1983: Selection of pathogenic strains of verticillium dahliae and their influence on the useful life of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivars in the field

Leenen H.J.J., 1982: Selection of patients

Mehta N., 1987: Selection of patients critical aspects

English D.H., 1981: Selection of patients for antibiotic prophylaxis in cesarean sections

Einarsson R., 1987: Selection of patients for biological standardization as exemplified by standardization of mugwort goosefoot and english plantain pollen allergen extracts preparations

Camitta, B. M.; Rappeport, J. M.; Parkman, R.; Nathan, D. G., 1975: Selection of patients for bone marrow transplantation in severe aplastic anemia

Solomon S., 1987: Selection of patients for clinical drug trials in migraine

Compston A., 1987: Selection of patients for clinical trials

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381265

Gadacz T.R., 1982: Selection of patients for dissolution of retained common duct stones with mono octanoin

Schmiedek, P.; Gratzl, O.; Spetzler, R.; Steinhoff, H.; Enzenbach, R.; Brendel, W.; Marguth, F., 1976: Selection of patients for extracranial intra cranial arterial bypass surgery based on regional cerebral blood flow measurements

Mccarty, K. S-Jr ; Kesterson, G. H. D.; Barton, T. K.; Seigler, H. F.; Georgiade, N. G., 1980: Selection of patients for heterotopic implantation of the areola and nipple

Stephenson T.P., 1984: Selection of patients for implantation of the brantley scott artificial urinary sphincter

Braunwald E., 1988: Selection of patients for the surgical treatment of coronary artery disease

Osterman H., 1988: Selection of patients for through the knee amputation

Suarez C.A., 1982: Selection of patients with abdominal stab wounds for laparotomy

Williams G.W., 1981: Selection of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for long term oxygen therapy

Cugell D.W., 1979: Selection of patients with hemoptysis for fiber optic bronchoscopy

Raaf J.H., 1982: Selection of patients with malignant ascites for a peritoneo venous shunt

Ali, S. M.; Nitschke, L. F.; Dube, A. J.; Krause, M. R.; Cameron, B., 1978: Selection of pea lines for resistance to pathotypes of ascochyta pinodes ascochyta pisi and phoma medicaginis var pinodella

Koka B., 1987: Selection of peanut cultivars resistant to oidium arachidis babajan mildew

Hobbs S.L.A., 1981: Selection of peas pisum sativum for photosynthetic carbon di oxide exchange rate under field conditions

Gibson, R. W.; Heard, A. J., 1976: Selection of perennial and italian rye grass plants resistant to ryegrass mosaic virus

Saba, F., 1978: Selection of pesticides for integrated pest control programs in moroccan citrus

Wacher Viveros M.C., 1986: Selection of ph buffers for use in conductimetric microbiological assays

Xu S., 1981: Selection of phage resistant strain for microbiological production of salicylic acid

Zou Z., 1986: Selection of phage resistant strains of bacillus subtilis for alpha amylase production

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381284

Pruidze G.N., 1982: Selection of phenolase producers of microscopic fungi

Berge J B., 1985: Selection of phytoseiulus persimilis for deltamethrin resistance

Berge J.B., 1987: Selection of phytoseiulus persimilis for resistance to methidathion

Parker W.H., 1987: Selection of picea mariana for growing space efficiency

Wilcox, M. D.; Thulin, I. J.; Vincent, T. G., 1976: Selection of pinus radiata clones in new zealand for planting from cuttings

Thompson J.N., 1983: Selection of plant parts by depressaria multifidae lepidoptera oecophoridae on its seasonally restricted host plant lomatium grayi umbelliferae

Andrew M.H., 1986: Selection of plant species by cattle grazing native monsoon tallgrass pasture at katherine northern territory australia

Steubing L., 1986: Selection of plant species suitable for soil erosion prevention in vineyards

Pintera A., 1983: Selection of plants utilized by atta insularis in cuba hymenoptera formicidae

Mcclelland D.B.L., 1986: Selection of plasma donors suitable for tetanus boosting

Mcclelland D.B.L., 1981: Selection of plasma for hepatitis b immune globulin using a low cost radio immunoassay

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381297

Jo J.G., 1985: Selection of pollen varieties by artificial cross of selected varieties of corylus avellana

Perry J.N., 1983: Selection of potato cyst nematodes on resistant solanum vernei hybrids

Graffner C., 1986: Selection of precipitation medium for drug substances as a part of a preformulation program for tablet formulations

Massart, D. L.; Dataevernier, M. R., 1980: Selection of preferred systems for the high performance liquid chromatography of basic drugs application to the separation of anti histamine drugs

Minina L.S., 1979: Selection of preparations with supposed anti estrogenic activity

Hulsman K., 1984: Selection of prey and success of silver gulls larus novaehollandiae robbing crested terns sterna bergii

Hogue J.G., 1979: Selection of prey by size in screech owls

Blois C., 1982: Selection of prey of different sizes according to their relative and absolute abundance by larvae of anax imperator anisoptera aeshnidae

Goldsmtih F.B., 1987: Selection of procedures for forest nature reserves in nova scotia canada

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381308

Lapchinskaya O.A., 1981: Selection of productive variants from cultures of olivomycin producing streptomyces olivoreticuli 16749

Jongkind J.F., 1982: Selection of proliferating cybrid cells by dual laser flow sorting isolation of terato carcinoma x neuro blastoma and terato carcinoma x endoderm cybrids

Loseva, L.; R"tkov, A.; Bozhkova, S., 1978: Selection of promising bacterial strains to be used as producers of extracellular amino acids

Puri, D. N.; Paliwal, M. K., 1976: Selection of promising grass strains for kota region part 1 cenchrus ciliaris

Sikyta B., 1980: Selection of properties of hyper producing d serine deaminase mutants of escherichia coli

Feenstra H., 1979: Selection of prostaglandin f 2 alpha analogs for luteolysis in cattle

Veldkamp H., 1987: Selection of protease positive and protease negative variants of streptococcus cremoris

Slyusarenko T.P., 1985: Selection of protein producing thermophilic fungi on beet pulp

Munro P.A., 1984: Selection of proteolytic enzyme to solubilize lean beef tissue

Slater J.H., 1980: Selection of pseudomonas putida strains with elevated dehalogenase activities by continuous culture growth on chlorinated alkanoic acids

Hendee W.R., 1984: Selection of pulse sequences producing maximum tissue contrast in magnetic resonance imaging

Zheng B., 1983: Selection of pure line of maize zea mays by anther culture and observations on its hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381322

Lebek G., 1985: Selection of r plasmid harboring escherichia coli by subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics

Smith C., 1983: Selection of ram 18 month weight to improve lamb growth rate

Sueoka N., 1983: Selection of rat genomic clones transcribed into brain polysomal rna

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381326

Sitdikov M.Kh, 1979: Selection of rat lines by long term threshold of excitability of the neuro muscular apparatus

Magalashvili R.D., 1985: Selection of rats for simulating the adhesive disease

Pascal M.C., 1982: Selection of rec a plus recombinant cosmids an easy method for making rec a strains temporarily rec plus permitting p 1 mediated transduction in a rec a minus background and transduction of a rec a minus mutation

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381330

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381331

Thinus Blanc C., 1982: Selection of relevant cues in volume discrimination by golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus reared in different environments

Kloiber R., 1981: Selection of renal background for quantitative iodine 131 labeled hippurate relative renal function studies

Saito T., 1987: Selection of resistance of the diamond back moth plutella xylostella with fenvalerate

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381335

Chae Y.A., 1985: Selection of resistant cell lines to phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae at callus level and plant regeneration in nicotiana tabacum

Sanada T., 1988: Selection of resistant mutants to black spot disease of japanese pear by using host specific toxin

Edwards, D. L.; Kwiecinski, F.; Horstmann, J., 1973: Selection of respiratory mutants of neurospora crassa

Ozanne, B.; Vogel, A., 1974: Selection of revertants of kirsten sarcoma virus transformed nonproducer balb 3t3 cells

Mheen T I., 1985: Selection of rhizobium japonicum strains for developing soybean inoculant and plasmid characterization

Dobereiner J., 1981: Selection of rhizobium leguminosarum strains for the inoculation of peas pisum sativum on the rio de janeiro brazil hill farms

Amarger N., 1981: Selection of rhizobium strains on their competitive ability for nodulation

Nagai S., 1986: Selection of rhodobacter sphaeroides p47 as a useful source of single cell protein

Dobisova M., 1986: Selection of ribitol dehydrogenase hyperproducing strains in a chemostat culture of escherichia coli 1ea at different dilution rates

Timm, R. M.; Mortimer, J., 1976: Selection of roost sites by honduran white bats ectophylla alba chiroptera phyllostomatidae

Brochner-Mortensen, J.; Rodbro, P., 1976: Selection of routine method for determination of glomerular filtration rate in adult patients

Stauffer, G. V.; Brenchley, J. E., 1978: Selection of salmonella typhimurium mutants with altered serine trans hydroxy methylase ec regulation

Skroch W.A., 1982: Selection of sampling methods to determine weed abundance in apple malus domestica orchards

Venkatesan K.R., 1980: Selection of sandal santalum album for spike resistance and other qualities

Amar R., 1979: Selection of saphenous vein bypass graft diameter to support patency of the stenosed coronary artery

Zhdanov V.V., 1987: Selection of scab immune apple hybrids from laboratory infected samples

Meng Z., 1985: Selection of school site with reference to traffic noise in cities

Chapman C.A., 1987: Selection of secondary growth areas by vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

Reichman, O. J.; Oberstein, D., 1977: Selection of seed distribution types by dipodomys merriami and perognathus amplus

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381356

Fakorede M.A.B., 1986: Selection of sites for preliminary maize zea mays yield trials in the rainforest zone of southwestern nigeria

Atlaw T., 1979: Selection of sites for slit skin smears

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381359

Gates J.E., 1985: Selection of sites for winter night beds by white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in a hemlock northern hardwood forest

Lyman R.D., 1983: Selection of skill or chance determined reinforcement as a function of locus of control

Russell, G.; Jones, S. P., 1976: Selection of skin tests in childhood asthma

Bulla J., 1986: Selection of slovak spotted breed for intensive meat production

Merrell G.L., 1979: Selection of small colony variants of enterobacteriaceae by in vitro exposure to amino glycosides pathogenicity for experimental animals

Wahl D.H., 1981: Selection of small daphnia pulex by yellow perch perca flavescens fry in oneida lake new york usa

Prokop'ev M.N., 1983: Selection of soil conditions in cultivation of scotch pine in southern and middle subzones of the european taiga

Pierce D.M., 1981: Selection of solvents for thin layer chromatography by means of a simple ranking system based on di electric constants

Thiele, G. F.; Harrison, R. A., 1968: Selection of solvents for topical application acaricide testing tetranychus urticae

Lampert M., 1980: Selection of somatic cell hybrids between bk virus transformed bhk 21 and human embryonic kidney cells to study viral gene expression

Galbraith D.W., 1985: Selection of somatic hybrid plants in nicotiana through fluorescence activated sorting of protoplasts

Schieder O., 1979: Selection of somatic hybrids after fusion of protoplasts from datura inoxia and atropa belladonna

Tica D., 1984: Selection of some potential cytostatic agents from new antibiotic preparations of biosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381373

Rahman M.A., 1984: Selection of some tree species for soil conservation in the hills of chittagong university campus bangladesh

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381375

Rao M., 1980: Selection of source sampling method for sulfur di oxide

Desborough P.J., 1984: Selection of soybean cultivar and sowing date as a strategy for avoidance of rust phakopsora pachyrhizi losses in coastal new south wales australia

Stanley P., 1981: Selection of specific wheat germ agglutinin resistant wga r phenotypes from chinese hamster ovary cell populations containing numerous lec r genotypes

Une I., 1983: Selection of specimen in the determination of carboxy hemo globin saturation by spectrophotometry

Fokina I.G., 1981: Selection of spontaneous and induced puccinia recondita f sp tritici

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381382

Burdun, A. M.; Guida, A. N., 1976: Selection of spring wheat cultivars resistant to stem borers

Neumann H., 1982: Selection of stable salt tolerant callus cell lines and embryos in citrus sinensis and citrus aurantium

Schulz R.J., 1984: Selection of stopping power and mass energy absorption coefficient ratios for high energy x ray dosimetry

Belakovskii, M. S., 1975: Selection of strains in investigations for hygienic standardization of the bacterial composition of drinking water

Heslot H., 1987: Selection of streptococcus lactis mutants defective in malolactic fermentation

Rolla G., 1984: Selection of streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli in an intra oral human caries model

Kuklin, V. V.; Emel'yanova, L. K.; Saprykin-Yu, V.; Yustratova, L. S.; Lomovskaya, N. D.; Zhdanov, V. G.; Sholin, A. F., 1988: Selection of streptomyces griseus kr. strains producing the streptothricin antibiotic grisin with the use of the protoplast fusion method

Pryanishnikova N.I., 1984: Selection of streptomyces spheroides producing exocellular proteases with fibrinolytic activity

Wang P T., 1985: Selection of streptomycin resistant with abnormal flower mutant and their progeny of nicotiana tabacum

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381392

Harlin, M. M.; Lindbergh, J. M., 1977: Selection of substrata by seaweeds optimal surface relief

Edwards, D. L.; Belsole, D. M.; Guzik, H. J.; Unger, B. W., 1979: Selection of succinic dehydrogenase ec mutants of neurospora crassa

Doney D.L., 1988: Selection of sucrose yield in stressed sugar beet seedlings

Mehrotra B.S., 1983: Selection of suitable aspergillus strains for citric acid production

Iyer K.M., 1985: Selection of suitable diluents for bacteriological examination of fishery products

Sinha H., 1986: Selection of suitable extractant for predicting the response of barley hordeum vulgare to copper application in calcareous soils

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381399

Nagai S., 1986: Selection of sulfur source for methane production by methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Stino G., 1985: Selection of superior apricot seedling trees in egypt

Lee S.B., 1983: Selection of superior clones in newly introduced resistant poplars to diseases

Park Y.I., 1980: Selection of superior cross breed for pork production

Dahiya B.S., 1987: Selection of superior crosses in early generations in chickpea cicer arietinum l

Jagathesan D., 1984: Selection of superior early generation crosses in sesamum indicum based on combining ability study

Cho C.K., 1984: Selection of superior exotic corylus avellana

Park C.S., 1985: Selection of superior individuals of actinidia arguta vitis amurensis and akebia quinata

Wentz A.C., 1985: Selection of superior stimulation protocols for follicular development in a program for in vitro fertilization

Kordyum V.A., 1986: Selection of suppressor free cells from escherichia coli su positive strains

Takaba T., 1986: Selection of surgical procedure for mitral stenosis according to the mitral stenosis index

Bouwkamp J.C., 1988: Selection of sweet potato for tolerance to aluminum toxicity screening procedures and field test

Nielsen L.W., 1981: Selection of sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivar porto rico plants with internal cork virus that produce symptomless roots

De Bertalmio M.B., 1981: Selection of symbiotically energy efficient strains of rhizobium japonicum by their ability to induce a hydrogen uptake hydrogenase in the free living state

Baldwin, W. W.; Wegener, W. S., 1976: Selection of synchronous bacterial cultures by density sedimentation

Kratochwill T.R., 1984: Selection of target behaviors in behavioral consultation

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381416

Weaver, K. E.; Barone, G. J.; Fewell, T. R., 1978: Selection of technique factors for mobile capacitor energy storage x ray equipment

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381418

Wasmuth, J. J.; Caskey, C. T., 1976: Selection of temperature sensitive chl asparaginyl transfer rna synthetase mutants using the toxic lysine analog s 2 aminoethyl l cysteine

Austel V., 1982: Selection of test compounds from a basic set of chemical structures

Schaeffer D.J., 1985: Selection of test methods to assess ecological effects of mixed aerosols

Sokolov, B. P.; Kostyuchenko, V. I., 1978: Selection of testers for the evaluation of the combining ability of corn lines in top crosses

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381423

Simpson F.J., 1982: Selection of tetra sporophytes of irish moss chondrus crispus

Shabafrouz H., 1983: Selection of the acceptor medium in in vitro measurements of drug release from dermatological ointments

Atkinson L., 1986: Selection of the appropriate number of factors a case of questionable dimensions

Astakhov V.A., 1985: Selection of the characteristics of unpleasant smelling effluents and possible methods for calculating them

Scarbrough, A. G.; Sternburg, J. G.; Waldbauer, G. P., 1977: Selection of the cocoon spinning site by the larvae of hyalophora cecropia saturniidae

Debelyi, G. A.; Kanarskaya, L. N.; Kalinina, L. V., 1977: Selection of the combination of early maturation with high productivity in spring vetch

Moon D.Y., 1981: Selection of the extremely early citrus citrus unshiu strain jc 6

Matvyeyenka S.M., 1984: Selection of the inbred lines of triticale in the selection for productivity

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381432

Guidi G.C., 1984: Selection of the laboratory tests for the diagnosis of microcytic anemia use of discriminant analysis

Zelentsov E.V., 1986: Selection of the method for the epidural lumbosacral administration of drugs

Ivin B.A., 1985: Selection of the model and the evaluation of the principal pharmacokinetic parameters of dioxadet

Hauzer Alfirevic O., 1981: Selection of the most antibiotically active spontaneous variants streptomyces sp 18

Hama H., 1981: Selection of the multiple resistant green rice leafhopper nephotettix cincticeps hemiptera homoptera deltocephalidae with propaphos reversion of resistance to propoxur

You, C. H.; Shin, G. C.; Park, Y. H., 1978: Selection of the new mushroom variety no. 703 and its suitable cultural methods

Douglas M.G., 1982: Selection of the nuclear gene for the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator by genetic complementation of the op 1 mutation in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cabrera Santos M.D.C., 1985: Selection of the optimum preheating regimen for the treatment of milk at ultrahigh temperatures

Alken, C. E.; Gerecht, W., 1971: Selection of the route of approach to the kidney on the ground of renal angiography

Slonawska K., 1986: Selection of the sample composition for the selective preconcentration of some platinum group metal ions by donnan dialysis

Kas J., 1987: Selection of the separation step in the radioimmunoassay for aflatoxin b 1 using iodine 125 as a marker

Le Cochec F., 1983: Selection of the sugar beet for reduction of sugar losses during storage

Von Boehmer H., 1982: Selection of the t cell repertoire during ontogeny limiting dilution analysis

Rambaud J C., 1982: Selection of the timing of blood d xylose determination during the oral d xylose test correlation between the 30th minute xylosemia and d xylose gastric emptying

Smyth E.M., 1987: Selection of the type of urinary diversion in conjunction with radical cystectomy

Hajek A.S., 1984: Selection of therapeutic agents for intra ocular proliferative disease cell culture evaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381449

Humphries, J. O., 1977: Selection of therapy for angina pectoris medical vs surgical

Berry D.R., 1980: Selection of thermo tolerant yeast strains for biomass production from sudanese molasses

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381452

Speier H., 1985: Selection of thummi specific chromosome regions in the progeny of chironomus thummi thummi x chironomus thummi piger hybrids after long term culturing as a consequence of gonadal sterility

Benacerraf B., 1984: Selection of thymocyte major histocompatibility complex restriction specificity in vitro

Fejer, S. O., 1971: Selection of timothy m phleum pratense m under different conditions of culture

Angell, W. W.; Angell, J. D.; Sywak, A., 1977: Selection of tissue or prosthetic valve a 5 year prospective randomized comparison

Flashman, S. M.; Filner, P., 1978: Selection of tobacco cell lines resistant to seleno amino acids

Litton C.C., 1982: Selection of tobacco lines with a high degree of resistance to tobacco etch virus

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381459

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381460

Shcherbinin B.M., 1985: Selection of tomatoes for combined resistance to diseases in the lower volga river area russian sfsr ussr

Shubert L., 1982: Selection of tomatoes for their resistance to tomato mosaic virus

Betts R.P., 1988: Selection of transducer material for use with optical foot pressure systems

Witkowska B., 1986: Selection of trees and shrubs for planting in upper silesian poland industrial area

Lanfranchi G., 1981: Selection of tri parental somatic hybrids between mouse and chinese hamster cell lines

Konovalov S.A., 1980: Selection of trichoderma viride producing cellulase

Maxwell, D. P.; Smith, R. R., 1977: Selection of trifolium pratense for disease resistance

Vasil'ev, V. K.; Kamakhina, G. L.; Sen'kina, L. A., 1977: Selection of tropical grasses for hay and pastures in the turkmen ssr ussr

Shlychkov F.A., 1979: Selection of tubers by density for potato seed growing

Pihl A., 1985: Selection of tumor cell subpopulations occurs during cultivation of human tumors in soft agar a dna flow cytometric study

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381471

Haverty M.I., 1979: Selection of tunneling substrates for laboratory studies with 3 subterranean termite species

Hudon C., 1983: Selection of uni cellular algae by the littoral amphipods gammarus oceanicus and calliopius laeviusculus crustacea

Bratt M.A., 1985: Selection of unique antigenic variants of newcastle disease virus with neutralizing monoclonal antibodies and anti immunoglobulin

Gheyi, H. R.; Barreto, A. N.; Garri, A. C. R. C.; Almeida, A. M. D., 1987: Selection of upland and rice cultivars for saline sodic soils ii. field trials

Gheyi, H. R.; Barros, A. D. D., 1987: Selection of upland rice cultivars for saline sodic soils i. tests of germination and growth

Charles, W. N.; Mccowan, D.; East, K., 1977: Selection of upland swards by red deer cervus elaphus on rhum

Kranz D.M., 1988: Selection of variable joining region combinations in the alpha chain of the t cell receptor

Wise M.E., 1983: Selection of variables from maximum expiratory flow volume curves

Daudin J.J., 1986: Selection of variables in mixed variable discriminant analysis

Nelson L.A., 1981: Selection of variables to be used in statistical analysis of field measured soil water content

Catterall W.A., 1979: Selection of variant neuro blastoma clones with missing or altered sodium channels

Rolinson G.N., 1980: Selection of variants of pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant to beta lactam antibiotics

Messiaen C.M., 1979: Selection of varieties of bean resistant to meloidogyne incognita

Walsh R.A., 1985: Selection of vasodilator therapy for severe raynauds phenomenon by sequential arterial infusion

Zamora G.Jr, 1984: Selection of vegetated habitat by brown shrimp penaeus aztecus in a galveston bay salt marsh texas usa

Cardinaud J P., 1985: Selection of ventilator for intermittent positive pressure ventilation at home

Jordao, L. R.; Lopes, V. B.; Takaki, M., 1988: Selection of viable seeds in hormidium coriaceum ldl. orchidaceae by density separation

Boch R., 1981: Selection of visual targets activates prelunate cortical cells in trained rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Delaney M.F., 1987: Selection of wavelengths for absorbance ratio monitoring in liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381491

Ter-Avanesyan, D. V., 1977: Selection of wilt resistant cultivars of cotton

Cerdalomedo E., 1983: Selection of wine yeasts for growth and fermentation in the presence of ethanol and sucrose

Howe G.R., 1986: Selection of women at high risk of breast cancer for initial screening

Iwamoto T., 1982: Selection of xenon gas for rapidly disappearing retinal tamponade

Barclay, B. J.; Little, J. G., 1977: Selection of yeast auxotrophs by thymidylate starvation

Needleman, R.; Eaton, N. R., 1974: Selection of yeast mutants constitutive for maltase synthesis

Sonoda Y., 1985: Selection of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae strains having tolerance to inhibitive conditions 2

Silva H.G.B., 1985: Selection of yeast strains for effective ethanol fermentation

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381501

Lara L., 1982: Selection of yeast strains grown on enzymatic hydrolysates of sugarcane bagasse

Ohta S., 1986: Selection of yeasts for breadmaking by the frozen dough method

Oberman H., 1986: Selection of yeasts in starchy media and evaluation of their growth in starch containing media

Slootmaker, L. A. J.; Arzadun, J. F., 1969: Selection of young barley m plants for tolerance to high soil acidity in relation with some agronomic characteristics of mature plants

Townsend A.M., 1985: Selection on a combination of individual family and stand merit in provenance tests

Kleinschmidt A., 1983: Selection on anti body response in pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381509

Grant B.R., 1985: Selection on bill characters in a population of darwins finches geospiza conirostris on isla genovesa galapagos

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381511

Parker, G. A., 1978: Selection on nonrandom fusion of gametes during the evolution of anisogamy

Minvielle F., 1986: Selection on phenotypic variation of pupa weight in tribolium castaneum

Charlesworth B., 1979: Selection on recombination in a multi locus system

Novozhenov-Yu, I., 1976: Selection on the population level

Hed H.M.E., 1986: Selection opportunities in seven swedish 19th century populations

Smitherman R.O., 1986: Selection or drift isozyme allele frequency changes among channel catfish ictalurus punctatus selected for rapid growth

Ahmad Z., 1982: Selection parameters for some developmental and component traits in durum wheat triticum durum

Rod, J.; Kudela, V.; Malik, O., 1975: Selection perspectives for corynebacterium insidiosum resistance in lucerne

Nunes R.D.P., 1982: Selection possibility for more efficient nitrogen fixation in cowpea vigna unguiculata

Aherne F.X., 1986: Selection preference of starter pigs fed canola meal and soybean meal supplemented diets

Bergmann F., 1984: Selection pressure by air pollution as studied by isozyme gene systems in norway spruce exposed to sulfur dioxide

Mcgowan C., 1979: Selection pressure for high body temperatures implications for dinosaurs

Gadgil V.N., 1980: Selection pressure theory and predominance of di ploidy in suspension culture

Rasch, D., 1978: Selection problems in balanced block designs

Hantke K., 1987: Selection procedure for deregulated iron transport mutants fur in escherichia coli k 12 fur not only affects iron metabolism

Hammond J.J., 1982: Selection procedures for developing fertility restorer lines in wheat triticum aestivum

Power, J. B.; Berry, S. F.; Frerarson, E. M.; Cocking, E. C., 1977: Selection procedures for the production of interspecies somatic hybrids of petunia hybrida and petunia parodii part 1 nutrient media and drug sensitivity complementation selection

Cocking, E. C.; George, D.; Price-Jones, M. J.; Power, J. B., 1977: Selection procedures for the production of interspecies somatic hybrids of petunia hybrida and petunia parodii part 2 albino complementation selection

Kannenberg L.W., 1988: Selection response and efficiency of doubled haploid recurrent selection in a cross fertilized species

Berg R.T., 1985: Selection response in a purebred hereford and a multibreed synthetic population of beef cattle

Blair, H. T.; Garrick, D. J.; Rae, A. L.; Wickham, G. A., 1984: Selection response in new zealand romney sheep 1. selection for wool free faces

Shanahan G.J., 1979: Selection response of a resistant strain of plodia interpunctella lepidoptera pyralidae to malathion

Stam, P., 1977: Selection response under random mating and under selfing in the progeny of a cross of homo zygous parents

Van Der Merwe C.A., 1987: Selection response with index selection in three commercial merino flocks

Moll, R. H.; Cockerham, C. C.; Stuber, C. W.; Williams, W. P., 1978: Selection responses genetic environmental interactions and heterosis with recurrent selection for yield in maize

Blair, H. T.; Garrick, D. J.; Rae, A. L.; Wickham, G. A., 1985: Selection responses in new zealand romney sheep 2. selection for yearling greasy fleece weight

Barker J.S.F., 1988: Selection responses in synthetic populations of drosophila melanogaster

Campos M.S.D., 1981: Selection s 1 progeny for cornworm heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae resistance in the flint composite

Yonezawa, K.; Yamagata, H., 1982: Selection strategy in breeding of self fertilizing crops 4. the sizes of f 2 and f 3 populations in consideration of selection

Yonezawa, K., 1983: Selection strategy in breeding of self fertilizing crops 5. evaluation of inter mating before selection under a fixed breeding cost

Lenvik, D.; Fjellheim, A., 1987: Selection strategy in domestic reindeer 2. relationship between body weight at 2 and 6 months' old to body weight at 18 months' old in domestic female reindeer

Fokin, V. I., 1977: Selection strategy of the honey bee in examining groups of visually identical objects/

Wu, K. K.; Heinz, D. J.; Meyer, H. K.; Ladd, S. L., 1977: Selection studies in sugarcane saccharum sp hybrids part 3 a method to determine sample size for the estimation of population variance

Smith E.F., 1985: Selection studies on anthelminthic resistant and susceptible populations of trichostrongylus colubriformis of sheep

Zou S H., 1985: Selection study of optimum temporal remote sensing images for vegetation resources inventory

Parker J.A., 1979: Selection thinning increases slash pine pinus elliottii elliottii size and quality

Simon R.C., 1988: Selection to increase survival of smolts in four successive broods of coho salmon

Hadley H.H., 1981: Selection to modify sugar content of soybean glycine max seeds

Siddiqui, K. M.; Sheikh, M. I.; Rehman, S., 1986: Selection trials of populus ciliata wall. in pakistan

Inagaki H., 1982: Selection under random mutations in stochastic eigen model

Shneyour, Y.; Stamberg, J.; Hundert, P.; Werczberger, R.; Koltin, Y., 1978: Selection with cyclo heximide of metabolic and uv sensitive mutants of schizophyllum commune and saccharomyces cerevisiae

Inoue K., 1988: Selection with fenbutatin oxide of the citrus red mite panonychus citri mcgregor acarina tetranychidae and susceptibility of selected populations to cyhexatin

Gregorius, H. R.; Ross, M. D., 1987: Selection with gene cytoplasm interactions iii. evolution of dioecy

Wright, A. J.; Cockerham, C. C., 1986: Selection with partial selfing ii. family selection

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381569

Cohen, D., 1976: Selection within and between heterogenetic associations in fungi

Szenthe A., 1988: Selection within fixation event related potentials in a visual matching task

Curnow, R. N., 1978: Selection within self fertilizing populations

Kostyanoi V.G., 1984: Selection work on a pedigreed livestock breeding farm in breeding swine of the great white breed

Miryuta-Yu, P.; Karpovich, A. I.; Fartushnyak, A. T., 1977: Selectional importance of inbreeding in triticum aestivum part 1 inbreeding as an efficient method of selection for increased protein yield

Uribe-Uribe, L., 1975: Selections from the flora of colombia part 13

Zemlan F.P., 1988: Selective 5 ht 1b agonists identify the 5 ht autoreceptor in lumbar spinal cord of rat

Csaba, G.; Kovacs, P., 1975: Selective 5 hydroxy tryptamine uptake by epithelial cells of the rat lung

Kwan S., 1985: Selective 5 hydroxytryptamine receptor blockade in exercise induced asthma

Kelly, P. H.; Iversen, S. D., 1976: Selective 6 hydroxy dopamine induced destruction of meso limbic dopamine neurons abolition of psycho stimulant induced loco motor activity in rats

Cohen G., 1980: Selective 7 o methylation of salsolinol in the rat brain and heart in vivo

Zilo T., 1982: Selective abdominal angiography as a diagnostic method for diaphragmatic hernia in the dog an experimental study

Imokawa G., 1983: Selective aberration and pigment loss in melanosomes of malignant melanoma cells in vitro by glycosylation inhibitors pre melanosomes as glyco protein

Vinayak, V. K.; Chitkara, N. L., 1976: Selective ability of entamoeba histolytica to hemolyze red blood cells a preliminary communication

Anderson R.R., 1986: Selective ablation of atheromas using a flashlamp excited dye laser at 465 nanometers

Hillman D.E., 1986: Selective ablation of neurons by methylazoxymethanol during prenatal and postnatal brain development

Larsen, J. K.; Divac, I., 1978: Selective ablations within the prefrontal cortex of the rat and performance of delayed alternation

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381589

Hasselbach, W.; Ungeheuer, M.; Migala, A.; Ritter, K., 1986: Selective abolition of sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles' calcium releasing mechanisms

IIno T., 1981: Selective abortion of 2 nonsister nuclei in a developing ascus of the hfd 1 mutant in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381592

Neville D.M.Jr, 1982: Selective abrogation of antigen specific human b cell responses by antigen ricin conjugates

Gardette R., 1984: Selective absence of calcium spikes in purkinje cells of staggerer mutant mice in cerebellar slices maintained in vitro

Mayumi M., 1986: Selective absence of immunoglobulin a 1 or a 2 among blood donors and hospital patients

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381596

Stott, G. H.; Menefee, B. E., 1978: Selective absorption of immuno globulin m in the new born calf

Moteyunene, E. B.; Marchyulenene, D. P.; Gudavichene, N. A.; Vorob'ev, L. N., 1978: Selective absorption of some radio nuclides by cellular compartments of charophyta algae

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381599

Ljunggren, H. G.; Yamasaki, T.; Collins, P.; Klein, G.; Karre, K., 1988: Selective acceptance of mhc class i deficient tumor grafts in the brain

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381601

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381616

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381617

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381618

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381623

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381624

Sigel M.M., 1982: Selective action of alkylating agents against cells participating in suppression of antibody responses

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381626

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381627

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381628

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Bose S.K., 1986: Selective action of mycobacillin on the uptake of releasable cell materials by aspergillus niger

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381634

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381635

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381641

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381643

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381644

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381646

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381649

Fauci A.S., 1983: Selective activation of antigen specific human b cells in recently immunized individuals by nonspecific factors in the absence of antigen

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381654

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381655

Orlov A.S., 1980: Selective activation of dna biosynthesis in rat kidney in response to ethylene imine

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381664

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381667

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381671

Mayer S.E., 1980: Selective activation of particulate cyclic amp dependent protein kinase by isoproterenol and prostaglandin e 1

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381673

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381674

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381675

Hunzicker Dunn M., 1981: Selective activation of rabbit ovarian protein kinase isozymes in rabbit ovarian follicles and corpora lutea

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381680

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381684

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381689

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381699

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381706

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381715

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Shuler M.L., 1988: Selective adsorption of plant products

Moreno E.C., 1987: Selective adsorption of porcine amelogenins onto hydroxyapatite and their inhibitory activity on hydroxyapatite growth in supersaturated solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381719

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381720

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381723

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381729

Nigra T.P., 1986: Selective affinity of 8 methoxypsoralen for erythrocyte ghost proteins during uv a irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381731

Lesne M., 1986: Selective affinity of one enantiomer of suriclone demonstrated by a binding assay with benzodiazepine receptors

Sjoquist J., 1984: Selective affinity of protein a containing staphylococci for monomeric and polymeric immuno globulin g

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381734

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381738

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381739

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Bloom S.R., 1985: Selective alpha 2 receptor blockade facilitates the insulin response to adrenaline but not to glucose in man

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381753

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381758

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Gibson G.E., 1987: Selective alteration of mouse brain neurotransmitter release with age

Gibson G.E., 1984: Selective alteration of neurotransmitter release by low oxygen in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381763

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381767

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381775

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381777

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381797

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381798

Cooperman, A. M., 1976: Selective and highly selective vagotomy with and without gastric drainage

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381800

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381804

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381805

Williams R., 1984: Selective and nonselective beta receptor blockade in the reduction of portal pressure in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension

Oates J.A., 1984: Selective and nonselective inhibition of thromboxane formation

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381809

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381811

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Leis H.P.Jr, 1979: Selective and reconstructive surgical procedures for carcinoma of the breast

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381817

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Alsberg T., 1987: Selective and sensitive analysis of nitro pah

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381822

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381823

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381825

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381831

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Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381838

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381839

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381840

Watkins J.C., 1979: Selective antagonism of amino acid induced and synaptic excitation in the cat spinal cord

Hackett, J. T., 1976: Selective antagonism of frog cerebellar synaptic transmission by manganese and cobalt ions

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381843

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381844

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381845

Hoffer B.J., 1987: Selective antagonism of nicotine actions in the rat cerebellum with alpha bungarotoxin

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381847

Westwick, J.; Webb, H., 1978: Selective antagonism of prostaglandin e 1 prostaglandin d 2 and prostacyclin on human and rabbit platelets by di 4 phloretin phosphate

Rose J.C., 1982: Selective antagonism of prostaglandin f 2 alpha mediated vascular responses by n di methylamino substitution of prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Seibold, J. R.; Terregino, C. A., 1986: Selective antagonism of s 2 serotonergic receptors relieves but does not prevent cold induced vasoconstriction in primary raynaud's phenomenon

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381851

Roufogalis B.D., 1982: Selective antagonism of the calcium transport atpase of the red cell membrane by n 4 azido 2 nitrophenyl 2 aminoethyl sulfonate

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381853

Goldberg L.I., 1986: Selective antagonism of the hypotensive effects of dopamine agonists in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381855

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381856

Kot P.A., 1980: Selective antagonism of the systemic vaso depressor response to prostaglandin e 1 by racemic 11 15 bis deoxy prostaglandin e 1

Haefely W., 1981: Selective antagonists of benzodiazepines

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Patscheke H., 1981: Selective anti aggregation a new concept for inhibitors of the platelet function

Lara J.C., 1979: Selective anti bacterial action of 2 mercapto ethanol on propionibacteria in skin cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381862

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381863

Baldini L., 1979: Selective anti metastatic effects of n di azo acetyl glycine derivatives in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381865

Van Furth R., 1981: Selective anti microbial modulation of human microbial flora infection prevention in patients with decreased host defense mechanisms by selective elimination of potentially pathogenic bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381867

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381868

Holland J.F., 1981: Selective anti viral activity of human interferons on primate oncogenic and neurotropic herpesviruses

Taguchi, F.; Imatani, Y.; Nagaki, D.; Nakagawa, A.; Omura, S., 1981: Selective anti viral activity of the antibiotic 2' amino 2' deoxyribofuranosyl adenine

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381871

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381872

Vyas S.M., 1980: Selective anticipation for events in old age

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381874

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381875

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381876

Anderson, M. J. D.; Schmitz, N.; Mueller-Hermelink, H. K.; Mueller-Ruchholtz, W., 1985: Selective antilymphocyte sera in bone marrow transplantation 1. in vitro characterization of antihuman antilymphocyte sera and the development of absorption procedures using cultured cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381878

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381879

Hait W.N., 1986: Selective antimitochondrial agents inhibit calmodulin

Oldham R.K., 1984: Selective antitumor effect on l 10 hepatocarcinoma cells of a potent immunoconjugate composed of the a chain of abrin and monoclonal antibody to a hepatoma associated antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381882

Section 7, Chapter 6382, Accession 006381883

Cottington E.C., 1988: Selective application of cervical spine radiography in alert victims of blunt trauma a prospective study

Wilcox B.R., 1984: Selective application of fundo plication in achalasia

Wyse D.L., 1988: Selective application of herbicides for canada thistle cirsium arvense control in birdsfoot trefoil lotus corniculatus

Brady U.E., 1982: Selective application of insecticides for prevention of southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis attack

Ball T.S., 1981: Selective applications of some exteroceptive and interoceptive bio feedback devices

Hofstee B.H.J., 1979: Selective aromatic hydrophobic binding and fractionation of immuno globulin by means of phenyl n alkylamino substituted agaroses

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