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Selection of source sampling method for sulfur di oxide

Yennawar, P.K.; Surya, I.; Rao, M.

Indian Journal of Environmental Health 22(4): 286-295


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-827X
Accession: 006381376

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Comparison study of 3 different methods [the Reich method, IPA-Thorin method and Chemical Construction Corporation method] for determining the SO2 concentration from emission sources was carried out. A laboratory setup for generation of SO2 is described. The procedures were repeated at thermal power plant and sulfuric acid plant to check their suitability. The Reich method is recommended when SO2 alone is to be monitored while IPA-Thorin method is best suited for monitoring low concentrations of both SO2 and SO3. The Chemical Construction Corporation method is recommended for monitoring sources where SO2 and SO3 are the only acidic components present in the emissions.

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