Selection of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cell lines with high yields of cinnamoyl putrescines

Berlin, J.; Kukoschke, K.G.; Knobloch K H.

Planta Medica 42(2): 173-180


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-0943
Accession: 006381459

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Cell lines of N. tabacum resistant to either L-phenylalanine, DL-meta-fluorophenylalanine (MFP) or L-ornithine, were selected to establish cell strains with higher yields of cinnamoyl putrescines. Except for 3 MFP-resistant cell lines, all selected strains accumulated 2-5 times more cinnamoyl putrescines than the non-resistant wild type cells. In some lines this increase was accompanied by increased activities of enzymes which were likewise involved in the biosynthesis of cinnamoyl putrescines and in the metabolism/degradation of the selecting agents. The qualitative pattern of phenolic compounds did not change in any of the resistant cell lines.