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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6383

Chapter 6383 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lamb A.H., 1981: Selective bilateral motor innervation in xenopus tadpoles with 1 hind limb

Rahman K.; Coleman R., 1986: Selective biliary lipid secretion at low bile salt output rates in the isolated perfused rat liver effects of phalloidin

Worthen D.M.; Cleveland P.H.; Slight J.R.; Abare J., 1985: Selective binding affinity of human plasma fibronectin for the collagens i iv

Shouval D.; Wands J.R.; Zurawski V.R.Jr; Isselbacher K.J.; Shafritz D.A., 1982: Selective binding and complement mediated lysis of human hepatoma cells plc prf 5 in culture by mono clonal antibodies to hepatitis b surface antigen

Philpott G.W.; Kulczycki A.Jr; Grass E.H.; Parker C.W., 1980: Selective binding and cyto toxicity of rat basophilic leukemia cells with immuno globulin e biotin and avidin glucose oxidase conjugates

Schellman J.A., 1987: Selective binding and solvent denaturation

Cacchione S.; Caneva R.; Savino M., 1986: Selective binding of actinomycin d induces a reversible conformational transition of nucleosomes

Brandt I.; Hogman P G., 1980: Selective binding of aldrin and dieldrin in cartilage

Bujalowski W.; Porschke D., 1988: Selective binding of amino acid residues to transfer rna molecules detected by anticodon anticodon interactions

Fellini, S. A.; Bennett, G. S.; Holtzer, H., 1978: Selective binding of antibody against gizzard 10 nanometer filaments to different cell types in myogenic cultures

Gibbons, R. J.; Qureshi, J. V., 1978: Selective binding of blood group reactive salivary mucins by streptococcus mutans and other oral organisms

Compton J.G.; Schrader W.T.; O'malley B.W., 1982: Selective binding of chicken progesterone receptor a subunit to a dna fragment containing ov albumin gene sequences

Jessen, H.; Behnke, O., 1986: Selective binding of colloidal gold protein conjugates to epidermal phosphorus rich keratohyaline granules and cornified cells

Asada Kubota M., 1988: Selective binding of colloidal gold protein conjugates to secretory granules of granular skin glands and myelin sheaths in the skin of xenopus laevis

Keren Z.; Berke G., 1984: Selective binding of concanavalin a to target cell major histocompatibility antigens is required to induce nonspecific conjugation and lysis by cytolytic t lymphocytes in lectin dependent cytotoxicity

Farr A.G.; Anderson S.K.; Braddy S.C.; Mejino J.L.V.Jr, 1988: Selective binding of dolichos biflorus agglutinin to l3t4 negative lyt 2 negative thymocytes expression of terminal alpha linked n acetyl d galactosamine residues defines a subpopulation of fetal and adult murine thymocytes

Pratviel, G.; Bernadou, J.; Paoletti, C.; Meunier, B.; Gillet, B.; Guittet, E.; Lallemand, J. Y., 1985: Selective binding of elliptinium acetate onto the 3' terminal ribose of diribonucleosides monophosphates

Dobre M A.; Mota G., 1983: Selective binding of heat aggregated and antigen aggregated immuno globulin g to blue sepharose radio immunoassay of circulating immune complexes

Van Rijn J.L.M.L.; Trillou M.; Mardiguian J.; Tobelem G.; Caen J., 1987: Selective binding of heparins to human endothelial cells implications for pharmacokinetics

Tesarik J.; Kopecny V.; Dvorak M., 1984: Selective binding of human cumulus cell secreted glyco proteins to human spermatozoa during capacitation in vitro

Huang, J. W.; Davey, M. W.; Hejna, C. J.; Von-Muenchhausen, W.; Sulkowski, E.; Carter, W. A., 1974: Selective binding of human interferon to albumin immobilized on agarose

Melvin T.; Kim Y.; Michael A.F., 1984: Selective binding of immuno globulin g 4 and other negatively charged plasma proteins in normal and diabetic human kidneys

Thanki, K. H.; Beach, T. A.; Dickerman, H. W., 1978: Selective binding of mouse estradiol receptor complexes to oligo deoxy thymidylic acid cellulose

Savinkova, L. K.; Efimova, L. Yu ; Knorre, V. L.; Salganik, R. I., 1978: Selective binding of oligo ribo nucleotides by t 7 phage induced rna polymerase

Savinkova L.K.; Knorre V.L.; Salganik R.I., 1984: Selective binding of oligodeoxynucleotides by escherichia coli rna polymerase and their effect on dna dependent rna synthesis

Codegone M.L.; Bussolati G.; Spinnato M.R.; Stramignoni A., 1983: Selective binding of peanut arachis hypogaea lectin by t lineage lymphocytes in paraffin sections

Teuber, M.; Miller, I. R., 1977: Selective binding of polymyxin b to negatively charged lipid mono layers

Toth, M.; Asboth, G.; Hertelendy, F., 1981: Selective binding of prostaglandin f 1 alpha to membrane fractions enriched in 5' nucleotidase calcium atpase and magnesium sodium potassium atpase

Thornburg, W.; Kieras, R.; Lindell, T. J., 1978: Selective binding of rat liver nuclear enzymes to histones phosvitin and casein coupled to sepharose

Amherdt M.; Patel Y.C.; Orci L., 1987: Selective binding of somatostatin 14 and somatostatin 28 to islet cells revealed by quantitative electron microscopic autoradiography

Key B.; Giorgi P.P., 1986: Selective binding of soybean agglutinin to the olfactory system of xenopus

Brooks D.E., 1983: Selective binding of specific rat epididymal secretory proteins to spermatozoa and erythrocytes

Nakazawa S.; Nagashima R.; Samloff I.M., 1981: Selective binding of sucralfate to gastric ulcer in man

Maurer R.A., 1985: Selective binding of the estradiol receptor to a region at least 1 kilobase upstream from the rat prolactin gene

Morisato D.K.; Gralnick H.R., 1980: Selective binding of the factor viii von willebrand factor protein to human platelets

Teitelbaum Z.; Lazarovici P.; Zlotkin E., 1979: Selective binding of the scorpion venom insect toxin to insect nervous tissue

Lushnikova, T. P.; Podgornyi, V. F.; Sidel'nikova, N. P.; Chizhikov, V. E.; Vlasov, V. V.; Levina, N. N.; Romashchenko, A. G.; Salganik, R. I., 1978: Selective binding of transfer rna by rna dependent dna polymerase from escherichia coli

Terai M.; Usuda S.; Kuroiwa I.; Noshiro O.; Maeno H., 1983: Selective binding of ym 09151 2 n 2 rs 3 rs 1 benzyl 2 methyl 3 pyrrolidinyl 5 chloro 2 methoxy 4 methylamino benzamide a new potent neuroleptic to d 2 dopaminergic receptors

Parrish R.F.; Fair W.R., 1981: Selective binding of zinc ions to heparin rather than to other glycosamino glycans

Siegl A.M.; Smith J.B.; Silver M.J.; Nicolaou K.C.; Ahern D., 1979: Selective binding site for tritiated prostacyclin on platelets

Schwab, M. E.; Thoenen, H., 1978: Selective binding uptake and retrograde transport of tetanus toxin by nerve terminals in the rat iris an electron microscope study using colloidal gold as a tracer

Macdonald, T. T.; Spencer, J.; Viney, J. L.; Williams, C. B.; Walker-Smith, J. A., 1987: Selective biopsy of human peyer's patches during ileal endoscopy

Plant P.W.; Deeley R.G.; Grieninger G., 1983: Selective block of albumin gene expression in chick embryo hepatocytes cultured without hormones and its partial reversal by insulin

Nathan R.D.; Kanai K.; Clark R.B.; Giles W., 1988: Selective block of calcium current by lanthanum in single bullfrog atrial cells

Mayer M.L., 1986: Selective block of inward but not outward rectification in rat sensory neurons infected with herpes simplex virus

Burke W.; Burne J.A.; Martin P.R., 1985: Selective block of y optic nerve fibers in the cat and the occurrence of inhibition in the lateral geniculate nucleus

Mckernan R.M.; Strickland W.R.; Insel P.A., 1988: Selective blockade and recovery of cell surface alpha 2 adrenergic receptors in human erythroleukemia hel cells studies with the irreversible antagonist benextramine

Wess J.; Lambrecht G.; Mutschler E.; Melchiorre C.; Angeli P., 1987: Selective blockade in vivo of cardiac muscarinic m 2 receptors by a polymethylene tetramine bhc 9c

Thomson A.M.; Lodge D., 1985: Selective blockade of an excitatory synapse in rat cerebral cortex by the sigma opiate cyclazocine an intracellular in vitro study

Mel'kumyants A.M.; Balashov T.A.; Smishko V.; Khayutin V.M., 1986: Selective blockade of arterial sensitivity to flow rate by glutaraldehyde

Corda M.G.; Concas A.; Biggio G., 1985: Selective blockade of benzodiazepine receptors by ro 15 1788 ethyl 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylate prevents foot shock induced decrease of low affinity gamma aminobutyric acid receptors

Anden N E.; Pauksens K.; Svensson K., 1982: Selective blockade of brain alpha 2 auto receptors by yohimbine effects of motor activity and on turnover of noradrenaline and dopamine

Chuman M.A.; Schauf C.L.; Davis F.A.; Stefoski D., 1987: Selective blockade of components of potassium activation in myxicola axons

Roby, A.; Orzechowski, R. F., 1978: Selective blockade of dopamine induced vaso dilation by ergonovine maleate in the vasculatures of dogs and rabbits

Martin W.; Villani G.M.; Jothianandan D.; Furchgott R.F., 1985: Selective blockade of endothelium dependent and glyceryl trinitrate induced relaxation by hemoglobin and by methylene blue in the rabbit aorta

Gardner, R. M.; Kirkland, J. L.; Stancel, G. M., 1978: Selective blockade of estrogen induced uterine responses by the anti estrogen nafoxidine

Norcross, K.; Spehlmann, R., 1977: Selective blockade of excitatory caudate responses to nigral stimulation by micro iontophoretic application of dopamine antagonists

Newman W., 1982: Selective blockade of human natural killer cells by a mono clonal antibody

Coscina, D. V.; Stancer, H. C., 1977: Selective blockade of hypothalamic hyperphagia and obesity in rats by serotonin depleting mid brain lesions

Quirion R.; Rioux F.; Regoli D.; St Pierre S., 1980: Selective blockade of neurotensin induced coronary vessel constriction in perfused rat hearts by a neurotensin analog

Kalsner, S.; Nickerson, M.; Boyd, G. N., 1970: Selective blockade of potassium induced contractions of aortic strips by beta diethylaminoethyldiphenylpropyl acetate skf 525a

Sethi K.K.; Jaishankar S.; Khalilullah M.; Gupta M.P., 1983: Selective blockade of retrograde fast pathway by intra venous disopyramide in paroxysmal supraventricular tachy cardia mediated by dual atrio ventricular nodal pathways

Meuer S.C.; Hauer M.; Kurz P.; Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde K H.; Koehler H., 1987: Selective blockade of the antigen receptor mediated pathway of t cell activation in patients with impaired primary immune responses

Herling S.; Winger G., 1981: Selective blockade of the discriminative stimulus effects of pento barbital in pigeons

Ruckebusch Y.; Ooms L., 1983: Selective blockade of the responses of reticulo ruminal muscle to 5 hydroxy tryptamine in sheep

Margolis, S. E., 1976: Selective blockage of evoked potential components of tectum in the frog rana temporaria during polarization of the optic nerve

Nuss, D. L.; Oppermann, H.; Koch, G., 1975: Selective blockage of initiation of host protein synthesis in rna virus infected cells

Ito, F.; Ito, Y., 1976: Selective blockage of the sensory terminal activities by micro application of tetrodo toxin in the frog muscle spindle

Gmiro V.E.; Groisman S.D.; Lukomskaya N.Ya; Mel'nichenko L.V.; Serdyuk S.E.; Skok V.I., 1987: Selective blockers of parasympathetic ganglia

Newlands, E. S.; Hay, F. C.; Roitt, I. M., 1978: Selective blocking of thymus derived cell mediated in vitro cyto toxicity to a xenogeneic tumor by anti immuno globulin sera

Daschner F., 1987: Selective bowel decontamination on intensive care units

Wiesner R.H.; Hermans P.E.; Rakela J.; Washington J.A.II.; Perkins J.D.; Dicecco S.; Krom R., 1988: Selective bowel decontamination to decrease gram negative aerobic bacterial and candida colonization and prevent infection after orthotopic liver transplantation

Chesy G.; Caputa M.; Kadziela W.; Kozak W.; Lachowski A., 1985: Selective brain cooling in the ox bos taurus during heavy exercise

Introini I.B.; Baratti C.M.; Huygens P., 1984: Selective brain noradrenaline depletion induced by the neuro toxin n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine dsp 4 does not prevent the memory facilitation induced by a muscarinic agonist in mice

Manogue K.R.; Kow L M.; Pfaff D.W., 1980: Selective brain stem transections affecting reproductive behavior of female rats the role of hypothalamic output to the mid brain

Yoshizu H., 1983: Selective brain warming by extracorporeal circulation in hypo thermic dogs

Koblin D.D.; Dong D.E.; Deady J.E.; Eger E.I.II, 1980: Selective breeding alters murine resistance to nitrous oxide without alteration in synaptic membrane lipid composition

Schom C.B.; Bailey J.K., 1986: Selective breeding and line crossing to reduce inbreeding

Allen D.L.; Petersen D.R.; Wilson J.R.; Mcclearn G.E.; Nishimoto T.K., 1983: Selective breeding for a multi variate index of ethanol dependence in mice results from the 1st 5 generations

Overstreet D.H.; Russell R.W., 1982: Selective breeding for dfp sensitivity behavioral effects of cholinergic agonists and antagonists

Overstreet D.H.; Russell R.W., 1984: Selective breeding for differences in cholinergic function sex differences in the genetic regulation of sensitivity to the anti cholin esterase dfp

Takahashi S.; Inooka S.; Mizuma Y., 1984: Selective breeding for high and low antibody responses to inactivated newcastle disease virus in japanese quails

Belknap J.K.; Haltli N.R.; Goebel D.M.; Lame M., 1983: Selective breeding for high and low levels of opiate induced analgesia in mice

Ram, A.; Sharma, A. K., 1977: Selective breeding for improving the fecundity and sex ratio of trichogramma fasciatum trichogrammatidae hymenoptera an egg parasite of lepidopterous hosts

Overstreet D.H., 1986: Selective breeding for increased cholinergic function development of a new animal model of depression

Belknap J.K.; Danielson P.W.; Laursen S.E.; Noordewier B., 1987: Selective breeding for levorphanol induced antinociception on the hot plate assay commonalities in mechanism of action with morphine pentazocine ethylketocyclazocine u 50488h and clonidine in mice

Rahalkar G.W.; Tamhankar A.J.; Gothi K.K., 1985: Selective breeding for reduced male response to female sex pheromone in trogoderma granarium coleoptera dermestidae

Scheidt M.; Munzert M., 1986: Selective breeding for resistance against potato nematodes globodera rostochiensis development and state of the work at the regional institute west germany

Russell R.W.; Overstreet D.H.; Messenger M.; Helps S.C., 1982: Selective breeding for sensitivity to dfp generalization of effects beyond criterion variables

Overstreet D.H.; Russell R.W.; Helps S.C.; Messenger M., 1979: Selective breeding for sensitivity to the anti cholin esterase dfp

Chai, C. K., 1970: Selective breeding for thyroid iodine 131 uptake in mice

Van Der Loos H.; Welker E.; Dorfl J.; Rumo G., 1986: Selective breeding for variations in patterns of mystacial vibrissae of mice bilaterally symmetrical strains derived from icr stock

Mcclearn G.E.; Wilson J.R.; Petersen D.R.; Allen D.L., 1982: Selective breeding in mice for severity of the ethanol withdrawal syndrome

Somes R.G.Jr; Smagula R.M.; Lerner J., 1981: Selective breeding of chickens for erythrocytes with high and low leucine transport activity

Siqueira, M.; Bandieri, A.; Reis, M. S.; Sant'anna, O. A.; Biozzi, G., 1976: Selective breeding of mice for antibody responsiveness to flagellar and somatic antigens of salmonellae

Marek P.; Panocka I.; Sadowski B., 1987: Selective breeding of mice for high and low swim analgesia differential effect on discrete forms of footshock analgesia

Riley, E. P.; Freed, E. X.; Lester, D., 1976: Selective breeding of rats for differences in reactivity to alcohol an approach to an animal model of alcoholism part 1 general procedures

Riley, E. P.; Worsham, E. D.; Lester, D.; Freed, E. X., 1977: Selective breeding of rats for differences in reactivity to alcohol an approach to an animal model of alcoholism part 2 behavioral measures

Ehlinger, N. F., 1977: Selective breeding of trout for resistance to furunculosis

Tiezzi, E.; Valensin, G., 1976: Selective broadening of nmr peaks as a criterion for studying the interactions between manganese ii and amino acids and peptides in deuterium oxide

Caputo O.; Cattel L.; Viola F.; Biglino G., 1981: Selective bromination of 3 acetyl 4 hydroxy 6 methyl 2h thio pyran 2 one

Kumazaki, T.; Hikita, F.; Nishikawa, H., 1981: Selective bronchial and nonbronchial systemic arteriographies of the thorax in bronchogenic carcinoma 2. observation in cases with bronchogenic carcinoma in the middle or lower lobe

Kamenica S.; Radojkovic S.; Jasovic M.; Draganic M.; Nikolic G., 1979: Selective bronchial arteriography

Kao E L.; Yang M C., 1986: Selective bronchial arteriography and its therapeutic application clinical experience of 52 cases

Brooks, J. G.; Bustamante, S. A.; Koops, B. L.; Hilton, S.; Cooper, D.; Wesenberg, R. L.; Simmons, M. A., 1977: Selective bronchial intubation for the treatment of severe localized pulmonary interstitial emphysema in new born infants

Glenski J.A.; Thibeault D.W.; Hall F.K.; Hall R.T.; Germann D.R., 1986: Selective bronchial intubation in infants with lobar emphysema indications complications and long term outcome

Zhang Z.; Et Al, 1984: Selective bronchography an analysis of 28 cases

Griffin, J. L.; Watson, V. H.; Strachan, W. F., 1988: Selective broomsedge andropogon virginicus l. control in permanent pastures

Baker, C. J.; Clark, D. J.; Barrett, F. F., 1973: Selective broth medium for isolation of group b streptococci

Orihara T.; Tsuchiya K.; Yamasaki S.; Furuya T., 1987: Selective c 1q deficiency in a patient with system lupus erythematosus

Schroeder J.M.; Kraemer G.; Rothmund M.; Hopf H.C., 1981: Selective calcium salt deposits in the motor end plate in hyper parathyroidism

Nakajima T.; Katoh A., 1987: Selective calmodulin inhibition toward myosin light chain kinase by a new cerebral circulation improver ro 22 4839

Gilbert, J. J., 1976: Selective cannibalism in the rotifer asplanchna sieboldi contact recognition of morphotype and clone

Chatterjee, K.; Magnusson, P.; Kaushik, V. S.; Swam, H. J. C., 1977: Selective cannulation of the anterior inter ventricular vein and coronary sinus potential applications

Berlyand-Kozhevnikov, V. M.; Dmitriev, A. P., 1975: Selective capacity of isogenic wheat lines and competitive ability of leaf rust puccinia recondita f sp tritici strains

Dondoni A.; Fantin G.; Fogagnolo M.; Mastellari A.; Medici A.; Pedrini P., 1984: Selective carbon carbon bond formation at the oxazole ring cycloadditions and michael type additions of ketenes to 1 3 oxazoles

Didonato A.; Fantl W.J.; Acharya A.S.; Manning J.M., 1983: Selective carboxy methylation of the alpha amino groups of hemo globin effect on functional properties

Bosron W.F.; Yin S J.; Dwulet F.E.; Li T K., 1986: Selective carboxymethylation of cysteine 174 of the beta 2 beta 1 and beta 1 beta 1 human liver alcohol dehydrogenase isoenzymes by iodoacetate

Hassen A.H.; Feuerstein G.; Faden A.I., 1984: Selective cardio respiratory effects mediated by mu opioid receptors in the nucleus ambiguus

Carter D.A.; Lightman S.L., 1985: Selective cardiovascular and neuroendocrine effects of a kappa opioid agonist in the nucleus tractus solitarii of rats

Reimann E., 1979: Selective catalytic hydrogenations and hydrogenolyses part 1 synthesis of 5 hydroxymethyl di hydro resorcinol

Chiu W H.; Wolff M.E., 1979: Selective catalytic reduction of 7 methyl 6 dehydro testosterone acetate to 7 beta methyl testosterone acetate by benzyl alcohol

Bellin S.I.; Landas S.K.; Johnson A.K., 1988: Selective catecholamine depletion of structures along the ventral lamina terminalis effects on experimentally induced drinking and pressor responses

Chesler, E.; Beck, W.; Schrire, V., 1970: Selective catheterization of pulmonary or bronchial arteries in the pre operative assessment of pseudotruncus arteriosus and truncus arteriosus type iv

Ingemansson, S.; Lunderquist, A.; Holst, J., 1976: Selective catheterization of the pancreatic vein for radio immunoassay in glucagon secreting carcinoma of the pancreas

Kariv Miller E.; Swenson K.E.; Lehman G.K.; Andruzzi R., 1985: Selective cathodic birch reductions

Bakken J.S.; Sanders C.C.; Thomson K.S., 1987: Selective ceftazidime resistance in escherichia coli association with changes in outer membrane protein

Santala, R.; Gottlieb, D. I.; Littman, D.; Glaser, L., 1977: Selective cell adhesion of neuronal cell lines

Levitt, P.; Moore, R. Y.; Garber, B. B., 1976: Selective cell association of catecholamine neurons in brain aggregates in vitro

Brunner G.; Lang K.; Wolfe R.A.; Mcclure D.B.; Sato G.H., 1981: Selective cell culture of brain cells by serum free hormone supplemented media a comparative morphological study

Herman J.P.; Marciano F.F.; Wiegand S.J.; Gash D.M., 1987: Selective cell death of magnocellular vasopressin neurons in neurohypophysectomized rats following chronic administration of vasopressin

Higgins M.L.; Smith M.N.; Gross G.W., 1980: Selective cell destruction and precise neurite transection in neuro blastoma cultures with pulsed uv laser micro beam irradiation an analysis of mechanisms and transection reliability with light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Salinger, W. L.; Schwartz, M. A.; Wilkerson, P. R., 1977: Selective cell loss in the lateral geniculate nucleus of adult cats following bin ocular lid suture

Williams J.L.; Pickering J.W.; Wolcott M., 1979: Selective cell surface expression of thymus leukemia antigen during s phase of the cell cycle

Meyer F.B.; Anderson R.E.; Sundt T.M.Jr; Sharbrough F.W., 1986: Selective central nervous system calcium channel blockers a new class of anticonvulsant agents

Matsunaga N.; Hayashi K.; Uetani M.; Hirao K.; Iwao M.; Aikawa H.; Mori H.; Hombo Z I., 1987: Selective cerebral intraarterial digital subtraction angiography by transbrachial approach

Singh P.; Pang M.; Ratnam S.S., 1985: Selective cervical conization following colposcopy a critical evaluation of 107 cases

Bradac G.B.; Kaernbach A., 1981: Selective cervical metrizamide myelography by a lateral c 1 c 2 approach 102 cases

Hielscher K.; Mueller K.; Auerbach M.; Eggers H., 1980: Selective cesarean section for breach presentation bearings on morbidity of survivors neo natal period

Matsuura H.; Ikeda Y.; Imaya H.; Nakazawa S., 1987: Selective change of blood flow in experimental brain tumor with induced hypertension

Martin M.E.; Benassayag C.; Nunez E.A., 1988: Selective changes in binding and immunological properties of human corticosteroid binding globulin by free fatty acids

Iversen P.L.; Liu Z.; Franklin M.R., 1985: Selective changes in cytochrome p 450 and udp glucuronosyltransferase subpopulations following partial hepatectomy in rats

Coleman R.A.; Bell R.M., 1980: Selective changes in enzymes of the sn glycerol 3 phosphate and di hydroxy acetone phosphate pathways of tri acyl glycerol biosynthesis during differentiation of 3t3 l 1 pre adipocytes

Kaya K.; Miura T., 1982: Selective changes in fatty acid composition of phosphatidyl serine in rat erythrocyte membrane induced by nitrate

Takamizawa K.; Iwamori M.; Mutai M.; Nagai Y., 1986: Selective changes in gangliosides in human milk during lactation a molecular indicator for the period of lactation

Hodes J.E.; Soncrant T.T.; Larson D.M.; Carlson S.G.; Rapoport S.I., 1985: Selective changes in local cerebral glucose utilization induced by phenobarbital in the rat

Coleman R.A.; Haynes E.B., 1983: Selective changes in microsomal enzymes of tri acyl glycerol and phosphatidyl choline synthesis in fetal and post natal rat liver induction of microsomal sn glycerol 3 phosphate and di hydroxy acetone phosphate acyl transferase activities

Coleman, R. A.; Reed, B. C.; Mackall, J. C.; Student, A. K.; Lane, M. D.; Bell, R. M., 1978: Selective changes in microsomal enzymes of tri acyl glycerol phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl ethanolamine biosynthesis during differentiation of 3t3 l 1 pre adipocytes

Hiller, J. M.; Itzhak, Y.; Simon, E. J., 1987: Selective changes in mu delta and kappa opioid receptor binding in certain limbic regions of the brain in alzheimer's disease patients

Staudte, H. W.; Brussatis, F., 1977: Selective changes in size and distribution of fiber types in vastus muscle from cases of different knee joint affections

Minneman K.P.; Wolfe B.B.; Molinoff P.B., 1982: Selective changes in the density of beta 1 adrenergic receptors in rat striatum following chronic drug treatment and adrenalectomy

Little H.J.; Nutt D.J.; Taylor S.C., 1987: Selective changes in the in vivo effects of benzodiazepine receptor ligands after chemical kindling with fg 7142

Everett J.; Roberge A.G., 1981: Selective changes in the metabolism of biogenic amines after successive discrimination training in cats

Ehrlich, Y. H.; Prasad, K. N.; Sinha, P. K.; Davis, L. G.; Brunngraber, E. G., 1978: Selective changes in the phosphorylation of endogenous proteins in sub cellular fractions from cyclic amp induced differentiated neuro blastoma cells

Edstrom, L., 1970: Selective changes in the sizes of red and white muscle fibers in upper motor lesions and parkinsonism

Wilkinson C.R.; Kerr S.J., 1979: Selective changes in transfer rna methyl transferase activity in confluent mono layers of wi 38 cells stimulated to proliferate

Kim, C. S.; O'tuama, L. A., 1978: Selective changes in tyrosine transport by isolated choroid plexus exposed to inorganic lead

De Blasi A.; Cotecchia S.; Mennini T., 1982: Selective changes of receptor binding in brain regions of aged rats

Ehrlich J.S., 1988: Selective characteristics of narrative discourse in head injured and normal adults

Schlimme E.; Boos K.S.; Weise M., 1981: Selective characterization of n 1 methyl adenosine and n 7 methyl guanosine in urine

Yoshizaki, F.; Kondo, Y.; Takemoto, T., 1975: Selective chemical alkylation of nucleotides with tri ethyl oxonium fluoro borate

Pollack S.J.; Jacobs J.W.; Schultz P.G., 1986: Selective chemical catalysis by an antibody

Finne, E., 1975: Selective chemical changes of gonadotropic hormones by means of neuraminidase from vibrio cholerae

Sakiyama, F., 1977: Selective chemical cleavage of the peptide bond at n formyl kynurenine in ozone oxidized hen egg white lysozyme

Shechter, Y.; Patchornik, A.; Burstein, Y., 1976: Selective chemical cleavage of tryptophanyl peptide bonds by oxidative chlorination with n chloro succinimide

Gilbey, D. J., 1977: Selective chemical control of doublegee emex australis in legume pasture

Slebe, J. C.; Martinez-Carrion, M., 1978: Selective chemical modification and fluorine 19 nmr in the assignment of a pk value to the active site lysyl residue in aspartate trans aminase ec

Usanov S.A.; Pikuleva I.A.; Chashchin V.L.; Akhrem A.A., 1984: Selective chemical modification by tetra nitro methane of cholesterol hydroxylating cytochrome p 450 from the adrenal cortex mitochondria

Rohrbach, M. S.; Bodley, J. W., 1977: Selective chemical modification of escherichia coli elongation factor g butanedione modification of an arginine essential for nucleotide binding

Hempel, J. D.; Pietruszko, R., 1981: Selective chemical modification of human liver aldehyde dehydrogenase e 1 and aldehyde dehydrogenase e 2 ec by iodo acetamide

Qian, S.; Hao, F.; Meng, G., 1984: Selective chemical modification of l asparaginase from escherichia coli as 1.357

Gregory, E. M.; Yost, F. J-Jr ; Rohrbach, M. S.; Harrison, J. H., 1971: Selective chemical modification of malate dehydrogenase ec n ethyl maleimide modification of active center sulfhydryl residues

Salem N.Jr; Lauter C.J.; Trams E.G., 1981: Selective chemical modification of plasma membrane ecto enzymes

Lapis, S. F.; Harrison, J. H., 1978: Selective chemical modification of porcine heart mitochondrial malic enzyme ec with 4 4 bis di methylaminodiphenyl carbinol

Kamzolova S.G., 1987: Selective chemical modification of t4 dna cytidines by spin label

Poulose A.J.; Rogers L.; Kolattukudy P.E., 1980: Selective chemical modification of the active sites of the ketoacyl reductase and enoyl reductase of fatty acid synthetase from lactating rat mammary glands

Colvin E.W.; Cameron S., 1987: Selective chemical transformations of the trichothecene 4 beta acetoxyscirpene 3 alpha 15 diol

Yoshimura T.; Honda M.; Hayashi H., 1984: Selective chemo taxis of ia antigen positive blood monocytes in response to a macrophage chemo tactic lymphokine extractable from purified protein derivative induced delayed hyper sensitivity reaction site in guinea pigs

Miura K.; Honda M.; Yoshimura T.; Hayashi H., 1984: Selective chemo taxis of ia antigen positive macrophages by macrophage chemo tactic lymphokine produced by concanavalin a stimulation

Buchman, V. M.; Svet-Moldavsky, G. J.; Lichinitser, M. R.; Mkheidze, D. M., 1977: Selective chemo therapy for advanced murine l 1210 leukemia by combination of 2 deoxy cytidine and lethal doses of cytosine arabinoside

Czinn S.J.; Lamm M.E., 1986: Selective chemotaxis of subsets of b lymphocytes from gut associated lymphoid tissue and its implications for the recruitment of mucosal plasma cells

Gord J.R.; Gordon G.; Pacey G.E., 1988: Selective chlorine determination by gas diffusion flow injection analysis with chemiluminescent detection

Sandberg K.; Hanin I.; Fisher A.; Coyle T., 1984: Selective cholinergic neuro toxin af 64a aziridinium ion of ethyl choline effects in rat striatum

Stromeyer, C. F-Iii ; Kranda, K.; Sternheim, C. E., 1978: Selective chromatic adaptation at different spatial frequencies

Fotsis T.; Heikkinen R., 1983: Selective chromatographic fractionation of catechol estrogens on anion exchangers in borate form

Luleci G.; Sakizli M.; Gunalp A., 1980: Selective chromosomal damage caused by human cytomegalovirus

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