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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6383

Chapter 6383 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lamb A.H., 1981: Selective bilateral motor innervation in xenopus tadpoles with 1 hind limb

Coleman R., 1986: Selective biliary lipid secretion at low bile salt output rates in the isolated perfused rat liver effects of phalloidin

Abare J., 1985: Selective binding affinity of human plasma fibronectin for the collagens i iv

Shafritz D.A., 1982: Selective binding and complement mediated lysis of human hepatoma cells plc prf 5 in culture by mono clonal antibodies to hepatitis b surface antigen

Parker C.W., 1980: Selective binding and cyto toxicity of rat basophilic leukemia cells with immuno globulin e biotin and avidin glucose oxidase conjugates

Schellman J.A., 1987: Selective binding and solvent denaturation

Savino M., 1986: Selective binding of actinomycin d induces a reversible conformational transition of nucleosomes

Hogman P G., 1980: Selective binding of aldrin and dieldrin in cartilage

Porschke D., 1988: Selective binding of amino acid residues to transfer rna molecules detected by anticodon anticodon interactions

Fellini, S. A.; Bennett, G. S.; Holtzer, H., 1978: Selective binding of antibody against gizzard 10 nanometer filaments to different cell types in myogenic cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382010

O'malley B.W., 1982: Selective binding of chicken progesterone receptor a subunit to a dna fragment containing ov albumin gene sequences

Jessen, H.; Behnke, O., 1986: Selective binding of colloidal gold protein conjugates to epidermal phosphorus rich keratohyaline granules and cornified cells

Asada Kubota M., 1988: Selective binding of colloidal gold protein conjugates to secretory granules of granular skin glands and myelin sheaths in the skin of xenopus laevis

Berke G., 1984: Selective binding of concanavalin a to target cell major histocompatibility antigens is required to induce nonspecific conjugation and lysis by cytolytic t lymphocytes in lectin dependent cytotoxicity

Mejino J.L.V.Jr, 1988: Selective binding of dolichos biflorus agglutinin to l3t4 negative lyt 2 negative thymocytes expression of terminal alpha linked n acetyl d galactosamine residues defines a subpopulation of fetal and adult murine thymocytes

Pratviel, G.; Bernadou, J.; Paoletti, C.; Meunier, B.; Gillet, B.; Guittet, E.; Lallemand, J. Y., 1985: Selective binding of elliptinium acetate onto the 3' terminal ribose of diribonucleosides monophosphates

Mota G., 1983: Selective binding of heat aggregated and antigen aggregated immuno globulin g to blue sepharose radio immunoassay of circulating immune complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382018

Dvorak M., 1984: Selective binding of human cumulus cell secreted glyco proteins to human spermatozoa during capacitation in vitro

Huang, J. W.; Davey, M. W.; Hejna, C. J.; Von-Muenchhausen, W.; Sulkowski, E.; Carter, W. A., 1974: Selective binding of human interferon to albumin immobilized on agarose

Michael A.F., 1984: Selective binding of immuno globulin g 4 and other negatively charged plasma proteins in normal and diabetic human kidneys

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382022

Savinkova, L. K.; Efimova, L. Yu ; Knorre, V. L.; Salganik, R. I., 1978: Selective binding of oligo ribo nucleotides by t 7 phage induced rna polymerase

Salganik R.I., 1984: Selective binding of oligodeoxynucleotides by escherichia coli rna polymerase and their effect on dna dependent rna synthesis

Stramignoni A., 1983: Selective binding of peanut arachis hypogaea lectin by t lineage lymphocytes in paraffin sections

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382026

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382027

Thornburg, W.; Kieras, R.; Lindell, T. J., 1978: Selective binding of rat liver nuclear enzymes to histones phosvitin and casein coupled to sepharose

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382029

Giorgi P.P., 1986: Selective binding of soybean agglutinin to the olfactory system of xenopus

Brooks D.E., 1983: Selective binding of specific rat epididymal secretory proteins to spermatozoa and erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382032

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382033

Gralnick H.R., 1980: Selective binding of the factor viii von willebrand factor protein to human platelets

Zlotkin E., 1979: Selective binding of the scorpion venom insect toxin to insect nervous tissue

Lushnikova, T. P.; Podgornyi, V. F.; Sidel'nikova, N. P.; Chizhikov, V. E.; Vlasov, V. V.; Levina, N. N.; Romashchenko, A. G.; Salganik, R. I., 1978: Selective binding of transfer rna by rna dependent dna polymerase from escherichia coli

Maeno H., 1983: Selective binding of ym 09151 2 n 2 rs 3 rs 1 benzyl 2 methyl 3 pyrrolidinyl 5 chloro 2 methoxy 4 methylamino benzamide a new potent neuroleptic to d 2 dopaminergic receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382038

Ahern D., 1979: Selective binding site for tritiated prostacyclin on platelets

Schwab, M. E.; Thoenen, H., 1978: Selective binding uptake and retrograde transport of tetanus toxin by nerve terminals in the rat iris an electron microscope study using colloidal gold as a tracer

Macdonald, T. T.; Spencer, J.; Viney, J. L.; Williams, C. B.; Walker-Smith, J. A., 1987: Selective biopsy of human peyer's patches during ileal endoscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382042

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382043

Mayer M.L., 1986: Selective block of inward but not outward rectification in rat sensory neurons infected with herpes simplex virus

Martin P.R., 1985: Selective block of y optic nerve fibers in the cat and the occurrence of inhibition in the lateral geniculate nucleus

Insel P.A., 1988: Selective blockade and recovery of cell surface alpha 2 adrenergic receptors in human erythroleukemia hel cells studies with the irreversible antagonist benextramine

Angeli P., 1987: Selective blockade in vivo of cardiac muscarinic m 2 receptors by a polymethylene tetramine bhc 9c

Lodge D., 1985: Selective blockade of an excitatory synapse in rat cerebral cortex by the sigma opiate cyclazocine an intracellular in vitro study

Khayutin V.M., 1986: Selective blockade of arterial sensitivity to flow rate by glutaraldehyde

Biggio G., 1985: Selective blockade of benzodiazepine receptors by ro 15 1788 ethyl 8 fluoro 5 6 dihydro 5 methyl 6 oxo 4h imidazo 1 5 a 1 4 benzodiazepine 3 carboxylate prevents foot shock induced decrease of low affinity gamma aminobutyric acid receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382051

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382052

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382053

Furchgott R.F., 1985: Selective blockade of endothelium dependent and glyceryl trinitrate induced relaxation by hemoglobin and by methylene blue in the rabbit aorta

Gardner, R. M.; Kirkland, J. L.; Stancel, G. M., 1978: Selective blockade of estrogen induced uterine responses by the anti estrogen nafoxidine

Norcross, K.; Spehlmann, R., 1977: Selective blockade of excitatory caudate responses to nigral stimulation by micro iontophoretic application of dopamine antagonists

Newman W., 1982: Selective blockade of human natural killer cells by a mono clonal antibody

Coscina, D. V.; Stancer, H. C., 1977: Selective blockade of hypothalamic hyperphagia and obesity in rats by serotonin depleting mid brain lesions

St Pierre S., 1980: Selective blockade of neurotensin induced coronary vessel constriction in perfused rat hearts by a neurotensin analog

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382060

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382061

Koehler H., 1987: Selective blockade of the antigen receptor mediated pathway of t cell activation in patients with impaired primary immune responses

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382063

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382064

Margolis, S. E., 1976: Selective blockage of evoked potential components of tectum in the frog rana temporaria during polarization of the optic nerve

Nuss, D. L.; Oppermann, H.; Koch, G., 1975: Selective blockage of initiation of host protein synthesis in rna virus infected cells

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382067

Skok V.I., 1987: Selective blockers of parasympathetic ganglia

Newlands, E. S.; Hay, F. C.; Roitt, I. M., 1978: Selective blocking of thymus derived cell mediated in vitro cyto toxicity to a xenogeneic tumor by anti immuno globulin sera

Daschner F., 1987: Selective bowel decontamination on intensive care units

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382071

Lachowski A., 1985: Selective brain cooling in the ox bos taurus during heavy exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382073

Pfaff D.W., 1980: Selective brain stem transections affecting reproductive behavior of female rats the role of hypothalamic output to the mid brain

Yoshizu H., 1983: Selective brain warming by extracorporeal circulation in hypo thermic dogs

Eger E.I.II, 1980: Selective breeding alters murine resistance to nitrous oxide without alteration in synaptic membrane lipid composition

Bailey J.K., 1986: Selective breeding and line crossing to reduce inbreeding

Nishimoto T.K., 1983: Selective breeding for a multi variate index of ethanol dependence in mice results from the 1st 5 generations

Russell R.W., 1982: Selective breeding for dfp sensitivity behavioral effects of cholinergic agonists and antagonists

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382080

Mizuma Y., 1984: Selective breeding for high and low antibody responses to inactivated newcastle disease virus in japanese quails

Lame M., 1983: Selective breeding for high and low levels of opiate induced analgesia in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382083

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382084

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382085

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382086

Munzert M., 1986: Selective breeding for resistance against potato nematodes globodera rostochiensis development and state of the work at the regional institute west germany

Helps S.C., 1982: Selective breeding for sensitivity to dfp generalization of effects beyond criterion variables

Messenger M., 1979: Selective breeding for sensitivity to the anti cholin esterase dfp

Chai, C. K., 1970: Selective breeding for thyroid iodine 131 uptake in mice

Rumo G., 1986: Selective breeding for variations in patterns of mystacial vibrissae of mice bilaterally symmetrical strains derived from icr stock

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382092

Lerner J., 1981: Selective breeding of chickens for erythrocytes with high and low leucine transport activity

Siqueira, M.; Bandieri, A.; Reis, M. S.; Sant'anna, O. A.; Biozzi, G., 1976: Selective breeding of mice for antibody responsiveness to flagellar and somatic antigens of salmonellae

Sadowski B., 1987: Selective breeding of mice for high and low swim analgesia differential effect on discrete forms of footshock analgesia

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382098

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382099

Ehlinger, N. F., 1977: Selective breeding of trout for resistance to furunculosis

Tiezzi, E.; Valensin, G., 1976: Selective broadening of nmr peaks as a criterion for studying the interactions between manganese ii and amino acids and peptides in deuterium oxide

Biglino G., 1981: Selective bromination of 3 acetyl 4 hydroxy 6 methyl 2h thio pyran 2 one

Kumazaki, T.; Hikita, F.; Nishikawa, H., 1981: Selective bronchial and nonbronchial systemic arteriographies of the thorax in bronchogenic carcinoma 2. observation in cases with bronchogenic carcinoma in the middle or lower lobe

Nikolic G., 1979: Selective bronchial arteriography

Yang M C., 1986: Selective bronchial arteriography and its therapeutic application clinical experience of 52 cases

Brooks, J. G.; Bustamante, S. A.; Koops, B. L.; Hilton, S.; Cooper, D.; Wesenberg, R. L.; Simmons, M. A., 1977: Selective bronchial intubation for the treatment of severe localized pulmonary interstitial emphysema in new born infants

Germann D.R., 1986: Selective bronchial intubation in infants with lobar emphysema indications complications and long term outcome

Et Al, 1984: Selective bronchography an analysis of 28 cases

Griffin, J. L.; Watson, V. H.; Strachan, W. F., 1988: Selective broomsedge andropogon virginicus l. control in permanent pastures

Baker, C. J.; Clark, D. J.; Barrett, F. F., 1973: Selective broth medium for isolation of group b streptococci

Furuya T., 1987: Selective c 1q deficiency in a patient with system lupus erythematosus

Hopf H.C., 1981: Selective calcium salt deposits in the motor end plate in hyper parathyroidism

Katoh A., 1987: Selective calmodulin inhibition toward myosin light chain kinase by a new cerebral circulation improver ro 22 4839

Gilbert, J. J., 1976: Selective cannibalism in the rotifer asplanchna sieboldi contact recognition of morphotype and clone

Chatterjee, K.; Magnusson, P.; Kaushik, V. S.; Swam, H. J. C., 1977: Selective cannulation of the anterior inter ventricular vein and coronary sinus potential applications

Berlyand-Kozhevnikov, V. M.; Dmitriev, A. P., 1975: Selective capacity of isogenic wheat lines and competitive ability of leaf rust puccinia recondita f sp tritici strains

Pedrini P., 1984: Selective carbon carbon bond formation at the oxazole ring cycloadditions and michael type additions of ketenes to 1 3 oxazoles

Manning J.M., 1983: Selective carboxy methylation of the alpha amino groups of hemo globin effect on functional properties

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382119

Faden A.I., 1984: Selective cardio respiratory effects mediated by mu opioid receptors in the nucleus ambiguus

Lightman S.L., 1985: Selective cardiovascular and neuroendocrine effects of a kappa opioid agonist in the nucleus tractus solitarii of rats

Reimann E., 1979: Selective catalytic hydrogenations and hydrogenolyses part 1 synthesis of 5 hydroxymethyl di hydro resorcinol

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382123

Johnson A.K., 1988: Selective catecholamine depletion of structures along the ventral lamina terminalis effects on experimentally induced drinking and pressor responses

Chesler, E.; Beck, W.; Schrire, V., 1970: Selective catheterization of pulmonary or bronchial arteries in the pre operative assessment of pseudotruncus arteriosus and truncus arteriosus type iv

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382126

Andruzzi R., 1985: Selective cathodic birch reductions

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382128

Santala, R.; Gottlieb, D. I.; Littman, D.; Glaser, L., 1977: Selective cell adhesion of neuronal cell lines

Levitt, P.; Moore, R. Y.; Garber, B. B., 1976: Selective cell association of catecholamine neurons in brain aggregates in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382131

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382132

Gross G.W., 1980: Selective cell destruction and precise neurite transection in neuro blastoma cultures with pulsed uv laser micro beam irradiation an analysis of mechanisms and transection reliability with light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Salinger, W. L.; Schwartz, M. A.; Wilkerson, P. R., 1977: Selective cell loss in the lateral geniculate nucleus of adult cats following bin ocular lid suture

Wolcott M., 1979: Selective cell surface expression of thymus leukemia antigen during s phase of the cell cycle

Sharbrough F.W., 1986: Selective central nervous system calcium channel blockers a new class of anticonvulsant agents

Hombo Z I., 1987: Selective cerebral intraarterial digital subtraction angiography by transbrachial approach

Ratnam S.S., 1985: Selective cervical conization following colposcopy a critical evaluation of 107 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382139

Eggers H., 1980: Selective cesarean section for breach presentation bearings on morbidity of survivors neo natal period

Nakazawa S., 1987: Selective change of blood flow in experimental brain tumor with induced hypertension

Nunez E.A., 1988: Selective changes in binding and immunological properties of human corticosteroid binding globulin by free fatty acids

Franklin M.R., 1985: Selective changes in cytochrome p 450 and udp glucuronosyltransferase subpopulations following partial hepatectomy in rats

Bell R.M., 1980: Selective changes in enzymes of the sn glycerol 3 phosphate and di hydroxy acetone phosphate pathways of tri acyl glycerol biosynthesis during differentiation of 3t3 l 1 pre adipocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382145

Nagai Y., 1986: Selective changes in gangliosides in human milk during lactation a molecular indicator for the period of lactation

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382147

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382148

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382149

Hiller, J. M.; Itzhak, Y.; Simon, E. J., 1987: Selective changes in mu delta and kappa opioid receptor binding in certain limbic regions of the brain in alzheimer's disease patients

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382151

Molinoff P.B., 1982: Selective changes in the density of beta 1 adrenergic receptors in rat striatum following chronic drug treatment and adrenalectomy

Taylor S.C., 1987: Selective changes in the in vivo effects of benzodiazepine receptor ligands after chemical kindling with fg 7142

Roberge A.G., 1981: Selective changes in the metabolism of biogenic amines after successive discrimination training in cats

Ehrlich, Y. H.; Prasad, K. N.; Sinha, P. K.; Davis, L. G.; Brunngraber, E. G., 1978: Selective changes in the phosphorylation of endogenous proteins in sub cellular fractions from cyclic amp induced differentiated neuro blastoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382156

Kerr S.J., 1979: Selective changes in transfer rna methyl transferase activity in confluent mono layers of wi 38 cells stimulated to proliferate

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382158

Mennini T., 1982: Selective changes of receptor binding in brain regions of aged rats

Ehrlich J.S., 1988: Selective characteristics of narrative discourse in head injured and normal adults

Weise M., 1981: Selective characterization of n 1 methyl adenosine and n 7 methyl guanosine in urine

Yoshizaki, F.; Kondo, Y.; Takemoto, T., 1975: Selective chemical alkylation of nucleotides with tri ethyl oxonium fluoro borate

Schultz P.G., 1986: Selective chemical catalysis by an antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382164

Sakiyama, F., 1977: Selective chemical cleavage of the peptide bond at n formyl kynurenine in ozone oxidized hen egg white lysozyme

Shechter, Y.; Patchornik, A.; Burstein, Y., 1976: Selective chemical cleavage of tryptophanyl peptide bonds by oxidative chlorination with n chloro succinimide

Gilbey, D. J., 1977: Selective chemical control of doublegee emex australis in legume pasture

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382168

Akhrem A.A., 1984: Selective chemical modification by tetra nitro methane of cholesterol hydroxylating cytochrome p 450 from the adrenal cortex mitochondria

Rohrbach, M. S.; Bodley, J. W., 1977: Selective chemical modification of escherichia coli elongation factor g butanedione modification of an arginine essential for nucleotide binding

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382171

Qian, S.; Hao, F.; Meng, G., 1984: Selective chemical modification of l asparaginase from escherichia coli as 1.357

Gregory, E. M.; Yost, F. J-Jr ; Rohrbach, M. S.; Harrison, J. H., 1971: Selective chemical modification of malate dehydrogenase ec n ethyl maleimide modification of active center sulfhydryl residues

Trams E.G., 1981: Selective chemical modification of plasma membrane ecto enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382175

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382176

Kolattukudy P.E., 1980: Selective chemical modification of the active sites of the ketoacyl reductase and enoyl reductase of fatty acid synthetase from lactating rat mammary glands

Cameron S., 1987: Selective chemical transformations of the trichothecene 4 beta acetoxyscirpene 3 alpha 15 diol

Hayashi H., 1984: Selective chemo taxis of ia antigen positive blood monocytes in response to a macrophage chemo tactic lymphokine extractable from purified protein derivative induced delayed hyper sensitivity reaction site in guinea pigs

Hayashi H., 1984: Selective chemo taxis of ia antigen positive macrophages by macrophage chemo tactic lymphokine produced by concanavalin a stimulation

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382181

Lamm M.E., 1986: Selective chemotaxis of subsets of b lymphocytes from gut associated lymphoid tissue and its implications for the recruitment of mucosal plasma cells

Pacey G.E., 1988: Selective chlorine determination by gas diffusion flow injection analysis with chemiluminescent detection

Coyle T., 1984: Selective cholinergic neuro toxin af 64a aziridinium ion of ethyl choline effects in rat striatum

Stromeyer, C. F-Iii ; Kranda, K.; Sternheim, C. E., 1978: Selective chromatic adaptation at different spatial frequencies

Heikkinen R., 1983: Selective chromatographic fractionation of catechol estrogens on anion exchangers in borate form

Gunalp A., 1980: Selective chromosomal damage caused by human cytomegalovirus

Subrahmanyam, N. C.; Kasha, K. J., 1973: Selective chromosomal elimination during ha ploid formation in barley following interspecific hybridization

Houghten, R. A.; Li, C. H., 1978: Selective cleavage at the single tryptophan residue in bovine somatotropin by 2 2 nitrophenylsulfenyl 3 methyl 3 bromo indoleamine

Robbins P.W., 1983: Selective cleavage by endo beta n acetyl glucosaminidase h at individual glycosylation sites of sindbis virion envelope glyco proteins

Skalka A.M., 1983: Selective cleavage in the avian retroviral long terminal repeat sequence by the endo nuclease associated with the alpha beta form of avian reverse transcriptase

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382192

Isobe, K.; Mohri, K.; Tokoro, K.; Fukushima, C.; Higuchi, F.; Taga, J. I.; Tsuda, Y., 1988: Selective cleavage of aromatic rings by ozonolysis i. application to o dimethyloxybenzene derivatives

Schauer R., 1984: Selective cleavage of beta d glucopyranosiduronic acid linkages in methylated polysaccharide acids from drosera species

Ragnarsson U., 1987: Selective cleavage of boc acylamides a novel approach to deacylation of carboxamides

Farkas, I.; Szabo, I. F.; Bognar, R.; Czira, G.; Tamas, J., 1976: Selective cleavage of glycosides part 5 cleavage of hepta o acetyl amygdalin by means of di chloromethylmethyl ether

Kochetkov, N. K.; Chizhov, O. S.; Sviridov, A. F., 1970: Selective cleavage of glycuronosidic linkages

Chretien M., 1986: Selective cleavage of human acth beta lipotropin and the amino terminal glycopeptide at pairs of basic residues by ircm serine protease 1 subcellular localization in small and large vesicles

Srivastava S.C., 1981: Selective cleavage of o acyl protecting groups from blocked deoxy ribotides

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382200

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382201

Towatari, T.; Katunuma, N., 1983: Selective cleavage of peptide bonds by cathepsin l ec and cathepsin b ec from rat liver

Seidah N.G., 1988: Selective cleavage of proenkephalin derived peptides less than 23300 daltons by plasma kallikrein

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382204

Marquet A., 1987: Selective cleavage of the allyl and allyloxycarbonyl groups through palladium catalyzed hydrostannolysis with tributyltin hydride application to the selective protection deprotection of amino acid derivatives and in peptide synthesis

Vincent L.A., 1979: Selective cleavage of the mycinose sugar from the macrolide antibiotic tylosin a unique glycosidic scission

Voznyuk, L. A.; Florent'ev, V. L., 1977: Selective cleavage of the protective acyl group from 3 o acyl 2 deoxy thymidylic acid beta cyano ethyl ester

Ray D.S., 1984: Selective cloning of a dna single strand initiation determinant from phi x 174 replicative form dna

Wilhelm, M.; Hollenberg, C. P., 1984: Selective cloning of bacillus subtilis xylose isomerase ec and xylulokinase ec in escherichia coli genes by insertion sequence is 5 mediated expression

Ray D.S., 1982: Selective cloning of col e 1 dna initiation sequences using the cloning vector m 13 delta e 101

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382212

Smith C., 1988: Selective cobalamin vitamin b 12 malabsorption in adolescence a case report

Anderson, R. A.; Vallee, B. L., 1977: Selective cobalt oxidation as a means to differentiate metal binding sites of cobalt alkaline phosphatase

Boyle M.D.P., 1988: Selective colony blotting to expand bacterial surface receptors applications to receptors for rat immunoglobulins

Wisowaty J.J., 1984: Selective color effects in dich optic masking

Khalil M., 1988: Selective combination of modalities in soft tissue sarcomas limb salvage and survival

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382218

Kaethner, T. M.; Bangham, A. D., 1977: Selective compartmentation of the hydration products of carbon di oxide in liposomes and its role in regulating water movement

Simonyan, S. A.; Khorobrykh, V. V.; Yurin, B. L.; Golovanova, T. A.; Kul'berg, A. Ya, 1976: Selective competitive inhibition of the accumulation of rosette forming cells in the immune response

Villa M.A., 1985: Selective complement c 3 deficiency due to c 3 nephritic factor in an apparently healthy girl

Gepts W., 1986: Selective complement fixation by pancreatic beta cells after binding to islet cell surface antibodies

Yegin O., 1981: Selective complete c 1q deficiency report of 2 new cases

Weinstein A., 1983: Selective complete complement c 1q deficiency associated with systemic lupus erythematosus

Mckinney, J.; Fishbein, L.; Barling, L., 1972: Selective complexation of impurities in the electron capture gas chromatographic determination of some chlorinated poly cyclo diene pesticides metabolites and derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382226

Chriswell, C. D.; Fritz, J. S., 1977: Selective concentration of amines from aqueous solutions by a gas purging technique

Leenheer J.A., 1983: Selective concentration of aromatic bases from water with a resin adsorbent

Nakai S., 1985: Selective concentration of bovine immunoglobulins and alpha lactalbumin from acid whey using iron chloride

Nakashima, T.; Fox, S. W., 1972: Selective condensation of aminoacyl adenylates by nucleo protenoid micro particles

Frankel E.N., 1981: Selective conjugation of soybean esters to increase hydrogenation selectivity

Takahata N., 1983: Selective constraint in protein polymorphism study of the effectively neutral mutation model by using an improved pseudosampling method

Bokhra Kh S., 1987: Selective consumption of food resources by wild and domestic ungulates in indian deserts

Thompson C.B., 1985: Selective consumption of large platelets during massive bleeding

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382235

Reul H.M.H.M., 1986: Selective control by corticosterone of serotonin 1 receptor capacity in raphe hippocampal system

Switzer C.M., 1979: Selective control of annual blue grass in kentucky blue grass turf with linuron

Christians N.E., 1988: Selective control of annual bluegrass in cool season turfs with fenarimol and chlorsulfuron

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382239

Kossatz V.C., 1982: Selective control of canada thistle cirsium arvense in rapeseed with 3 6 di chloro picolinic acid

O'sullivan P.A., 1983: Selective control of false cleavers galium spurium in rapeseed brassica campestris with benazolin

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382242

Manetti Filho J., 1983: Selective control of grass weeds in soybeans with some recently developed post emergence herbicides

Parker C., 1983: Selective control of grass weeds in teff eragrostis tef with and without use of a safener

Graham D.I., 1985: Selective control of human glioma cell proliferation by specific cell interaction

Frey D.R., 1988: Selective control of japanese honeysuckle lonicera japonica

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382248

Whisenant S.G., 1987: Selective control of mountain big sagebrush artemisia tridentata ssp vaseyana with clopyralid

Evans, R. M.; Cosens, S., 1977: Selective control of peep vocalizations by familiar sound in young coturnix quail

Burger H.G., 1988: Selective control of rat granulosa cell inhibin production by fsh and lh in vitro

Burnside O.C., 1982: Selective control of sunflower helianthus annuus in soybeans glycine max

Christians N.E., 1985: Selective control of tall fescue festuca arundinacea in kentucky bluegrass poa pratensis with chlorsulfuron

Knowles, S. E.; Ballard, F. J., 1976: Selective control of the degradation of normal and aberrant proteins in reuber h 35 hepatoma cells

Liss W.J., 1986: Selective control program for the pear pest complex in southern oregon usa

Kovacs A., 1980: Selective conventional xero arteriography of the external carotid artery for control of intra arterial chemo therapy

Bolz K D., 1987: Selective cooling of the brain in reindeer

Lewis, B. S.; Gotsman, M. S., 1978: Selective coronary angiography in patients with conduction disturbances of the heart

Greenstreet R.L., 1983: Selective coronary arteriography a clinical comparison of 2 contrast agents

Moller J.H., 1980: Selective coronary arteriography in children

Francis P.S., 1983: Selective coronary arteriography in infants and children

Ogawa M., 1980: Selective coronary arteriography in pediatric patients

Chagrasulis, R. W.; Downey, J. M., 1977: Selective coronary embolization in closed chest dogs

Vaisanen R.A., 1979: Selective correlation of egg size with chick mortality in the black headed gull larus ridibundus

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382266

Shechter, Y.; Rubinstein, M.; Patchornik, A., 1977: Selective covalent binding of methionyl containing peptides and proteins to water insoluble polymeric reagent and their regeneration

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382268

Wilchek M., 1986: Selective covalent modification of newly synthesized activation induced sialoglycoconjugates on the t lymphocyte membrane

Shinebourne E.A., 1981: Selective criteria for differential diagnosis of infants with symptoms of congenital heart disease

Szabo G., 1984: Selective cultivation of human melanocytes from newborn and adult epidermis

Greene E., 1986: Selective culture medium enhances survival of neuroblasts from postnatal rodent brain

Crawford, J. J.; Barden, L.; Kirkman, J. B. Jr, 1969: Selective culture medium to survey the incidence of haemophilus species

Mark J., 1985: Selective culture of neurons from rat cerebral cortex morphological characterization glutamate uptake and related enzymes during maturation in various culture media

Eiss, J., 1975: Selective culturing of yersinia enterocolitica at a low temperature

Patrono C., 1982: Selective cumulative inhibition of platelet thromboxane production by low dose aspirin in healthy subjects

Nilsen P., 1988: Selective cutting in mountain spruce forests regeneration and production after earlier cuttings

Rainsford, K. D.; Brune, K., 1978: Selective cyto toxic actions of aspirin on parietal cells a principal factor in the early stages of aspirin induced gastric damage

Borowski E., 1981: Selective cyto toxic effect of polyene macrolide antibiotics on virus infected animal cells

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382280

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382286

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382287

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382288

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382290

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382292

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382294

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382297

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382324

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382326

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382328

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Morley J.O., 1983: Selective dealkylation of methoxy anthra quinones via di fluoro 1 hydroxymethoxy anthra quinonato o 1 o 9 boron chelates synthesis of hydroxymethoxy anthra quinones

D'alessio G., 1986: Selective deamidation and enzymatic methylation of seminal rnase

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382340

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382342

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382348

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382354

Feldman J., 1980: Selective deep hypo thermia with cardioplegic solution for myo cardial preservation during cardiac standstill

Aynedjian H.S., 1983: Selective deep nephron hyper filtration in uni nephrectomized spontaneously hypertensive rats

Gallin J.I., 1983: Selective defect in human neutrophil super oxide anion generation elicited by the chemo attractant n formylmethionylleucylphenyl alanine in pregnancy

Geha R.S., 1988: Selective defect in the antibody response to haemophilus influenzae type b in children with recurrent infections and normal serum igg subclass levels

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Griscelli C., 1981: Selective defect of interferon secretion associated with impaired natural killing activity

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382363

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382368

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382378

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382381

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382389

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382404

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382406

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382412

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382414

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382416

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382419

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382423

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382425

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382427

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382428

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382430

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382432

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Michael A.F., 1980: Selective deposition of immuno globulin a 1 in immuno globulin a nephropathy anaphylactoid purpura nephritis and systemic lupus erythematosus

Lanser A.C., 1982: Selective deposition of trans 8 octadecenoate and cis 9 octadecenoate in egg and tissue lipids of the laying hen

Ishiko N., 1986: Selective depressant action of antidromic impulses on gustatory nerve signals

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382437

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382438

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382439

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382440

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382441

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382442

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382443

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382444

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382445

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382446

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382447

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382448

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382449

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382453

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382468

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Herz A., 1982: Selective destruction of the ventral noradrenergic bundle but not of the locus coeruleus elevates plasma levels of beta endorphin immuno reactivity in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382472

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382481

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382484

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382488

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382490

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382491

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382492

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382495

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382499

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Dessi A., 1988: Selective determination of vanadium iv and vanadium vin excised plant roots

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Odier L., 1986: Selective deuteration over raney nickel in deuterium oxide methylglycosides

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Nwanze E., 1982: Selective dextro amphetamine neuro toxicity on striatal dopamine nerve terminals in the mouse

Makartseva T.M., 1982: Selective di methyl sulfoxide toxicity for hemopoietic cells of the human embryo liver

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Schulze K.A., 1987: Selective diagnostic uroradiography for trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382510

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Holmes K.K., 1982: Selective differential human blood bi layer media for isolation of gardnerella vaginalis

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Ishizaka T., 1988: Selective differentiation and proliferation of hematopoietic cells induced by recombinant human interleukins

Guillez A., 1979: Selective diffusion and osmosis application to the problem of nephron functioning

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Adams D.O., 1982: Selective diminution of the binding of mannose by murine macrophages in the late stages of activation

Penon P., 1986: Selective dinucleotide primed in vitro transcription of a cloned fragment of cauliflower mosaic virus dna is dependent on a limited region of the viral genome

Sundstrom G.C., 1981: Selective dis aggregation of the proton translocating atpase isolation of 2 discrete complexes of the rutamycin insensitive atpase differing in mitochondrial membrane binding properties

Koblet H., 1981: Selective disappearance of 2 secreted host proteins in the course of semliki forest virus infection of aedes albopictus cells

Hoshino, K.; Pompeiano, O., 1976: Selective discharge of pontine neurons during the postural atonia produced by an anti cholin esterase in the de cerebrate cat

Cole R.D., 1979: Selective displacement of histone h 1 from whole hela nuclei effect on chromatin structure in situ as probed by micrococcal nuclease

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382526

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382528

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Zilliox L., 1986: Selective dissolution of a mixture of hydrocarbons by water in a saturated porous medium application to ground water pollution by oil products

Oden A., 1985: Selective dissolution of gold copper and gold silver alloys in vitro and in vivo

Cabezas-Viano, O.; Fernandez-Caldas, E.; Tejedor-Salguero, M. L.; Moreno, J. M., 1979: Selective dissolution of silicon aluminum and iron 1. climatic sequence andosols and brown soils

Fernandez-Caldas, E.; Tejedor-Salguero, M. L.; Hernandez-Moreno, J. M., 1979: Selective dissolution of silicon aluminum and iron 2. climatic sequence vertisol ferrallitic and fersiallitic soils

Tange J.D., 1981: Selective distal nephron damage during isolated kidney perfusion

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382535

Sinha M.K., 1984: Selective distribution and labile pool of zinc in some alkaline soils of the punjab state india

Whiteside T.L., 1983: Selective distribution and quantitation of t lymphocyte subsets in germinal centers of human tonsils definition by use of mono clonal antibodies

Engel G., 1983: Selective distribution of beta adrenoceptors and alpha adrenoceptors in rat lung visualized by auto radiography

Yokoyama K., 1986: Selective distribution of fibronectin to a tumor cell line

Heymann M.A., 1981: Selective distribution of microspheres injected into the umbilical veins and inferior venae cavae of fetal sheep

Zedeck M.S., 1984: Selective distribution of selenium in colon parallels its antitumor activity

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382542

Zur Hausen H., 1985: Selective dna amplification induced by carcinogens initiators evidence for a role of proteases and dna polymerase alpha

Moelling K., 1987: Selective dna binding of the human cellular myb protein isolated by immunoaffinity chromatography using a monoclonal antibody

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382547

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382548

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Insel P.A., 1983: Selective down regulation of adrenergic receptor subtypes in tissues from rats with pheo chromo cytoma

Van Haastert P.J.M., 1985: Selective down regulation of cell surface cyclic amp binding sites and cyclic amp induced responses in dictyostelium discoideum

Weiss B., 1988: Selective down regulation of d 1 dopamine mediated rotational behavior in supersensitive mice

Schenck K.W., 1987: Selective down regulation of vascular beta 1 adrenergic receptors after prolonged isoproterenol infusion

Ostertag H., 1985: Selective drug induced reduction of blood flow in tumor transplants

Mccay P.B., 1982: Selective early loss of poly peptides in liver microsomes of carbon tetra chloride treated rats relationship to cytochrome p 450 content

Jones J.G., 1986: Selective effect of althesin on the auditory evoked response in man

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382560

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382562

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382564

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382568

Walters D.E., 1981: Selective effect of gonadotropins on cell coupling nuclear maturation and protein synthesis in mammalian oocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382570

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Sobolev A.S., 1985: Selective effect of isoproterenol on cell radiosensitivity determined by differences in beta adrenoreceptor expression

Broadbent D., 1987: Selective effect of lithium on cognitive performance in man

Gillis C.N., 1982: Selective effect of micro embolization on pulmonary removal of biogenic amines

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382576

Saicic Z., 1981: Selective effect of noradrenaline on super oxide dis mutase activity in the brown adipose tissue and liver of the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382578

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382579

Pitt B.R., 1988: Selective effect of phorbol ester on serotonin removal and ace activity in rabbit lungs

Saiz, F.; Jerardino, M., 1985: Selective effect of plantings of pinus radiata on the entomofauna of native vegetation 2. diptera and coleoptera of the foliage

Boettiger D., 1983: Selective effect of rous sarcoma virus src gene expression on contractile protein synthesis in chick embryo myo tubes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382583

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382584

Kenney F.T., 1982: Selective effect of the metallo carcinogen beryllium on hormonal regulation of gene expression in cultured cells

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382586

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382587

Kleuser, B.; Rieter, H.; Adam, G., 1985: Selective effects by valinomycin on cytotoxicity and cell cycle arrest of transformed vs. nontransformed rodent fibroblasts in vitro

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Hamida S., 1983: Selective effects of 2 triazine herbicides on egyptian soil fungi

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Evans D.B., 1984: Selective effects of adenosine receptor agonists upon coronary resistance and heart rate in isolated working rabbit hearts

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Kastin A.J., 1981: Selective effects of alpha msh and melanostatin on the blood brain barrier

Clement Cormier Y.C., 1982: Selective effects of an essential sulfhydryl group on the activation of dopamine sensitive and guanine nucleotide sensitive adenylate cyclase

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382602

Geyer M.A., 1982: Selective effects of apo morphine on dorsal raphe neurons a cyto fluorometric study

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382604

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382605

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382606

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382607

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382608

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382609

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Bilder R.M.Jr, 1982: Selective effects of cholinergic treatment on verbal memory in post traumatic amnesia

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382612

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382613

Jeng I., 1986: Selective effects of counter ions on the chromatographic behavior of gangliosides

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382615

Klaus G.G.B., 1980: Selective effects of cyclosporin a on functional b cell subsets in the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382617

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Salafsky B., 1987: Selective effects of ethanol on opiate receptor subtypes in brain

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382622

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Gozzo S., 1982: Selective effects of hippocampal and frontal cortex lesions on a spatial learning problem in 2 inbred strains of mice

Nikolic V., 1986: Selective effects of human cord serum on distinct events on the lectin induced activation and proliferation of thymic t cells

Selmanoff M., 1988: Selective effects of hyperprolactinemia on in vitro dopamine release from median eminence synaptosomes

Doherty N.S., 1981: Selective effects of immuno suppressive agents against the delayed hyper sensitivity response and humoral response to sheep red blood cells in mice

Vidali, G.; Karn, J.; Allfrey, V. G., 1975: Selective effects of inhibitors of protein synthesis on metabolism of nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins evidence for coordinate synthesis of nonhistone chromosomal proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382629

Lundgren E., 1982: Selective effects of interferon on distinct sites of the t lymphocyte triggering process

Whitehurst M.C., 1983: Selective effects of isomeric cis fatty acids and trans fatty acids on fatty acyl delta 9 and delta 6 desaturation by human skin fibroblasts

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Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382633

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Brown I.R., 1981: Selective effects of lsd and hyper thermia on the synthesis of synaptic proteins and glyco proteins

Nakanishi, S.; Adhya, S.; Gottesman, M.; Pastan, I., 1975: Selective effects of magnesium chloride and temperature on the initiation of transcription at lac gal and lambda promoters

Silbert D.F., 1979: Selective effects of membrane sterol depletion on surface function thymidine and 3 0 methyl d glucose transport in a sterol auxotroph

Hoffman D.J., 1981: Selective effects of metal ions on rna synthesis rates

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Willman J.S., 1987: Selective effects of minor illnesses on human performance

Morgan E.D., 1982: Selective effects of mobile and stationary phases in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography of ecdysteroids

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382642

Timiras P.S., 1983: Selective effects of neo natal hypo thyroidism on mono amine oxidase activities in the rat brain

Shelton, K. R., 1976: Selective effects of nonionic detergent and salt solutions in dissolving nuclear envelope protein

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382645

Wyatt R.J., 1982: Selective effects of phenethylamine on central catecholamines a comparative study with amphetamine

Holtzer H., 1980: Selective effects of phorbol 12 myristate 13 acetate on myo fibrils and 10 nanometer filaments

Manganiello V.C., 1984: Selective effects of phosphodiesterase inhibitors on different phosphodiesterases cyclic amp metabolism and lipolysis in 3t3 l 1 adipocytes

Sutton C.E., 1983: Selective effects of phyto plankton entrainment at the surry power plant james river virginia usa

Phillips A.G., 1986: Selective effects of pirenperone on analgesia produced by morphine or electrical stimulation at sites in the nucleus raphe magnus and periaqueductal gray

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382651

Lecanuet J.P., 1984: Selective effects of post imprinting anesthesia on choice test behavior

Stine D.K., 1984: Selective effects of proteases and phospho lipase a 2 on mono amine oxidase a and mono amine oxidase b of human brain and liver

Pek S.B., 1984: Selective effects of secretagogues on insulin secretion a mathematical model

Dipple A., 1985: Selective effects of selenium selenite on 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene dna binding in fetal mouse cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382656

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382657

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382658

Parnell P., 1985: Selective effects of temperature on some enzyme polymorphisms in laboratory populations of drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382660

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382661

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382662

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382663

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382664

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382665

Kozlov V.A., 1985: Selective effects of zixoryn an inducer of cytochrome p 450 on the humoral immune response and delayed hypersensitivity

Sutphin M.S., 1983: Selective effects on catalysis by the multiple forms of mono amine oxidase produced by interactions of acidic phospho lipids with mitochondrial membranes

Smits J.F.M., 1985: Selective efferent chemical sympathectomy of rat kidneys

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382670

Nameki H., 1980: Selective electro coagulation of trigeminal nerve root for the trigeminal neuralgia

Legath J., 1980: Selective electrochemical method for the determination of chlorides in biological material

Muratsugu, M.; Kamo, N.; Kurihara, K.; Kobatake, Y., 1977: Selective electrode for di benzyldimethyl ammonium cation as indicator of the membrane potential in biological systems

Rapoport S.I., 1987: Selective elevation of c myc transcript levels in the liver of the aging fischer 344 rat

Ota Z., 1984: Selective elevation of low serum high density lipoprotein subfraction 2 levels in non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus patients by a nicotinic acid derivative nicomol cholexamin

Hellman L., 1981: Selective elevation of plasma free cholesterol concentration by administration of estrogen in the presence of total biliary obstruction

Strates E., 1986: Selective elevation of systemic blood pressure by epinephrine during sepsis induced pulmonary hypertension in piglets

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382678

Sobanskii G.G., 1979: Selective elimination in the maral population of the central and northeastern altai ussr as a result of the early winter of 1976 1977

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382680

Yoshinaga K., 1986: Selective elimination of anti dna antibody producing cells by antiidiotypic antibody conjugated with neocarzinostatin

Yamamura H. , 1984: Selective elimination of chromosomally unbalanced zygotes at the 2 cell stage in the chinese hamster

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382683

De Boer H., 1984: Selective elimination of enterobacteriaceae species from the digestive tract in mice and rats

Mayers G.L., 1988: Selective elimination of idiotype binding cells in vivo by a drug idiotype conjugate demonstrates the functional significance of these cells in immune regulation

Chused T.M., 1985: Selective elimination of lymphocyte subpopulations by monoclonal antibody enzyme conjugates

Goelet P., 1987: Selective elimination of messenger rna species in vivo complementary oligodeoxynucleotides promote rna degradation by an rnase h like activity

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382688

Marshak Rothstein A., 1987: Selective elimination of non 1pr lymphoid cells in mice undergoing 1pr mediated graft vs host disease

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382690

Majeski, J. A.; Fitts, C. T.; Sharbauch, R. J., 1976: Selective elimination of the delayed type hyper sensitivity response by extracorporeal thoracic duct filtration

Klenow, H.; Henningsen, I., 1970: Selective elimination of the exo nuclease activity of the dna polymerase from escherichia coli b by limited proteolysis

Koelsch E., 1986: Selective elimination through a cytolytic mechanism of bovine serum albumin specific t helper lymphocytes by t suppressor cells with the same antigen specificity

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382694

Lowry P.J., 1982: Selective elution of immuno adsorbed anti human prolactin immuno globulins with enhanced immunochemical properties

Mccormick, A.; Milles, L. E. M.; Chrambach, A., 1976: Selective elution of zones from preparative iso electric focusing gels by ampholytes or buffers

Fisher M., 1988: Selective embolization and clot dissolution with t pa in the internal carotid artery circulation of the rabbit

Dilhuydy M.H., 1980: Selective embolization of symptomatic contralateral metastases in treatment of carcinoma of the kidney 2 cases

Siegal, B.; Pajewski, M., 1978: Selective embolization of the inferior mesenteric artery in massive colonic bleeding

Petlak O., 1980: Selective embolization of the maxillary artery

Uchida T., 1980: Selective embolization of the vesical artery in the management of massive bladder hemorrhage

Peck W.A., 1982: Selective emergence of differentiated chondrocytes during serum free culture of cells derived from fetal rat calvaria

Bear S.H., 1985: Selective emergency arteriography in cases of penetrating maxillofacial trauma

Lynn, R., 1977: Selective emigration and the decline of intelligence in scotland

Wilson T.M.A., 1988: Selective encapsidation of cat gene transcripts in tmv infected transgenic tobacco inhibits cat synthesis

Wright, J.; Ciccone, D. S.; Brelsford, J. W., 1977: Selective encoding processes in recognition

Noel, B.; Quack, B.; Mottet, J.; Nantois, Y.; Dutrillaux, B., 1977: Selective endo reduplication or branched chromosome

Kasper C.B., 1980: Selective endogenous phosphorylation of 2 liver microsomal poly peptides in the presence of micromolar levels of magnesium ion

Kurihara K., 1981: Selective enhancement and suppression of frog rana catesbeiana gustatory responses to amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382711

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382712

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382713

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382714

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382715

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382716

Glick S.D., 1987: Selective enhancement of dopamine utilization in the rat prefrontal cortex by food deprivation

Becker L.C., 1986: Selective enhancement of function of stunned myocardium by increased flow

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382719

Mikawa H., 1983: Selective enhancement of human immuno globulin e production in vitro by synergy of pokeweed mitogen and mercuric chloride

Moore M., 1981: Selective enhancement of human mononuclear leukocyte cyto toxic function by interferon

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382722

Schirrmacher V., 1988: Selective enhancement of metastatic capacity in mouse bladder carcinoma cells after transfection with dna from liver metastases of human colon carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382724

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382725

Dimicco J.A., 1987: Selective enhancement of shock avoidance responding elicited by gaba blockade in the posterior hypothalamus of rats

Krimker V.M., 1981: Selective enhancement of the anti tumor radiation effect by means of short term hyper glycemia

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382728

Williamson D.J., 1985: Selective enhancement of the expression of granulocyte functional antigens 1 and 2 on human neutrophils

Topper Y.J., 1983: Selective enhancement of the induction of alpha lact albumin activity in rat mammary explants by epidermal growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382731

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382732

Pasternak, G. W.; Snowman, A. M.; Snyder, S. H., 1975: Selective enhancement of tritiated opiate agonist binding by divalent cations

Leon A., 1987: Selective enhancement of tubulin gene expression and increase in oligo dt bound rna in the rat brain after nigrostriatal pathway unilateral lesion and treatment with ganglioside

Asai M., 1987: Selective enlargement of the third ventricle found in chronic schizophrenia

Gest H., 1988: Selective enrichment and isolation of rhodopseudomonas palustris using trans cinnamic acid as sole carbon source

Buchanan A.G., 1984: Selective enrichment broth culture for detection of clostridium difficile and associated cyto toxin

Puhr N.D., 1983: Selective enrichment broth medium for isolation of campylobacter jejuni

Crabb, W. D.; Streips, U. N.; Doyle, R. J., 1977: Selective enrichment for genetic markers in dna released by competent cultures of bacillus subtilis

Sanchez, S.; Cea, A.; Flores, M. E., 1978: Selective enrichment of aromatic amino acid auxotrophs in hansenula polymorpha

Wobus U., 1981: Selective enrichment of balbiani ring dna by equilibrium density centrifugation in actinomycin d cesium chloride gradients

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382742

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382743

Ribbons D.W., 1981: Selective enrichment of pseudomonas spp defective in catabolism after exposure to halogenated substrates

Park, C. E.; Rayman, M. K.; Szabo, R.; Stankiewicz, Z. K., 1976: Selective enrichment of shigella in the presence of escherichia coli by use of 4 chloro 2 cyclopentylphenyl beta d galacto pyranoside

Schoeni J.L., 1986: Selective enrichment procedure for isolation of listeria monocytogenes from fecal and biologic specimens

Guibert G., 1988: Selective enterotoxin production by a staphylococcus aureus strain implicated in a foodborne outbreak

Martley F.G., 1982: Selective enumeration of thermophilic lactobacilli in association with streptococcus thermophilus

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382749

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382750

Sermanni G.G., 1985: Selective enzyme inactivation under water stress in maize zea mays and wheat triticum aestivum seedlings

Coleman M.S., 1983: Selective enzyme inhibitors as anti leukemic agents

Cuatrecasas, P.; Wilchek, M.; Anfinsen, C. B., 1968: Selective enzyme purification by inst affinity chromatography staphylococcal enz nuclease enz alpha chymotrypsin enz carboxy peptidase a

Ridell M., 1986: Selective enzyme staining procedures for characterization of mycobacterial immunoprecipitates

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Chottard, J. C.; Mulliez, E.; Girault, J. P.; Mansuy, D., 1976: Selective esterification induced by proximity to the center of a platinum ii complex

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382757

Gerecke, M.; Borer, R.; Brossi, A., 1976: Selective ether cleavage in the aporphine series conversion of s bulbocapnine into s corytuberine and s corydine methyl ether

Bloom K., 1988: Selective excision of the centromere chromatin complex from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382760

Boto, K. G.; Bunt, J. S., 1978: Selective excitation fluorometry for the determination of chlorophylls and pheophytins

Leemann, U.; Ruch, F., 1978: Selective excitation of mithramycin or 4 6 di amidino 2 phenyl indole fluorescence on double stained cell nuclei and chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382763

Horikoshi K., 1985: Selective excretion of alkaline xylanase by escherichia coli carrying p cx 311

Vaerman J.P., 1982: Selective excretion of immuno globulin a in rat bronchial secretions lack of significant contribution from plasma immuno globulin a

Martinez A.C., 1987: Selective expansion of a cd3+ cd4 cd8 subpopulation in clinical groups associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Mathews C.K., 1982: Selective expansion of mitochondrial nucleoside tri phosphate pools in anti metabolite treated hela cells

James, T. N., 1976: Selective experimental chelation of calcium in the atrio ventricular node and his bundle

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382769

Leggett W.C., 1984: Selective exploitation of capelin mallotus villosus eggs by winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus capelin egg mortality rates and contribution of egg energy to the annual growth of flounder

Dalle D., 1985: Selective exposure and analysis of the sheep tracheal lobe as a model for toxicological studies of respirable particles

Bustin M., 1983: Selective exposure of antigenic determinants in chromosomal proteins upon gene activation in polytene chromosomes

Chiarugi V.P., 1979: Selective exposure of muco poly saccharides is involved in macrophage physiology

Vazilo V.E., 1980: Selective exposure of thyroid gland follicles to radio nuclides decaying according to k capture model

Hieser R.A., 1980: Selective exposure to information and cognitive dissonance

Goetzl E.J., 1985: Selective expression of 15 lipoxygenase activity by cultured human keratinocytes

Lovett P.S., 1984: Selective expression of a plasmid cat gene at a late stage of bacillus subtilis sporulation

Rogers J.C., 1986: Selective expression of a probable amylase protease inhibitor in barley hordeum vulgare aleurone cells comparison to the barley amylase subtilisin inhibitor

Listowsky I., 1987: Selective expression of a unique glutathione s transferase y b 3 gene in rat brain

Koyama H., 1985: Selective expression of adult beta globin but not embryonic y globin genes in hybrids of mouse yolk sac and erythroleukemia cells

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Fellous M., 1981: Selective expression of blood group antigens on human terato carcinoma cell lines

Smith M.W., 1985: Selective expression of brush border hydrolases by mouse peyers patch and jejunal villus enterocytes

Okada T.S., 1983: Selective expression of cell type specific cell cell adhesion molecules in mouse hybrid cells

Nagai Y., 1987: Selective expression of cholera toxin receptor in rat medullary thymocytes

Greaves M.F., 1985: Selective expression of class ii major histocompatibility antigens during hemopoietic differentiation

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382789

Geiger B., 1988: Selective expression of cytokeratin polypeptides in various epithelia of human brenner tumor

Jessell T.M., 1986: Selective expression of endogenous lactose binding lectins and lactoseries glycoconjugates in subsets of rat sensory neurons

Peschle C., 1987: Selective expression of fos proto oncogene in human acute myelomonocytic and monocytic leukemias a molecular marker of terminal differentiation

Okumura, K.; Herzenberg, L. A.; Murphy, D. B.; Mcdevitt, H. O.; Herzenberg, L. A., 1976: Selective expression of h 2 i region loci controlling determinants on helper and suppressor thymus derived lymphocytes

Stockert R.J., 1986: Selective expression of hepatocellular membrane proteins in mice homozygous for a lethal chromosomal deletion

Black I.B., 1985: Selective expression of high affinity uptake of catecholamines by transiently catecholaminergic cells of the rat embryo studies in vivo and in vitro

Stein G.S., 1985: Selective expression of histone genes in mouse human hybrid cells

Lonai P., 1979: Selective expression of murine lymphocyte allo antigens controlled by the x chromosome

Tsuji, Y.; Matsuda, S.; Hirai, T.; Fujiwara, H.; Hamaoka, T., 1978: Selective expression of paternal human major histo compatibility antigens on the surface of hydatidiform mole cells

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382799

Rutter W.J., 1986: Selective expression of rat pancreatic genes during embryonic development

Schachner M., 1985: Selective expression of the 180 kilodalton component of the neural cell adhesion molecule neural cell adhesion molecule during development

Ritz J., 1983: Selective expression of the common acute lympho blastic leukemia gp 100 antigen on immature lymphoid cells and their malignant counterparts

Leo, O.; Foo, M.; Forman, J.; Shivakumar, S.; Rabinowitz, R.; Bluestone, J. A., 1988: Selective expression of the ly 6c.2 epitope on lyt 2 positive t cells that can develop in the absence of thymic influence

Jungmann R.A., 1982: Selective expression of type i and type ii cyclic amp dependent protein kinases in sub cellular fractions of concanavalin a stimulated rat thymocytes

Takashima, Y.; Honjo, I.; Kumazawa, T.; Tsuji, Y., 1978: Selective external carotid angiography in diagnosis of head and neck tumors

Bennett V., 1986: Selective externalization of an atp binding protein structurally related to the clathrin uncoating atpase heat shock protein in vesicles containing terminal transferrin receptors during reticulocyte maturation

Johnstone R., 1984: Selective externalization of the transferrin receptor by sheep reticulocytes in vitro response to ligands and inhibitors of endocytosis

Morrison, W. R.; Mann, D. L.; Soon, W.; Coventry, A. M., 1975: Selective extraction and quantitative analysis of nonstarch and starch lipids from wheat flour

Jung L., 1985: Selective extraction and transport of mercury through a liquid membrane by macrocyclic ligands improvement in the transport efficiency and an approach to physiological systems

Ruggiero R., 1988: Selective extraction as an estimate of bioavailability of arsenic cadmium cobalt chromium copper iron manganese nickel lead and zinc in marine sediments collected from the central adriatic sea

Kwong P.C., 1984: Selective extraction by 1 butanol of surface glycoprotein antigens from human melanoma cells

Inoue A., 1984: Selective extraction of a set of nonhistone proteins from rat liver nuclei

Borggaard, O. K., 1976: Selective extraction of amorphous iron oxide by edta from a mixture of amorphous iron oxide goethite and hematite

Borggaard O.K., 1979: Selective extraction of amorphous iron oxides by edta from a danish sandy loam

Ejaz M., 1979: Selective extraction of arsenic iii from chloride thio cyanate solutions using di phenyl 2 pyridyl methane in benzene

Hurley U.A., 1985: Selective extraction of chara actin bundles identification of actin and 2 coextracting proteins

Lopukhin Yu M., 1982: Selective extraction of cholesterol by hemo sorption on different sorbents

Raju, T. R.; Stewart, M.; Buckley, I. K., 1978: Selective extraction of cytoplasmic actin containing filaments with dnase i

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382819

Bouma, S. R.; Drislane, F. W.; Huestis, W. H., 1977: Selective extraction of membrane bound proteins by phospho lipid vesicles

Holy N.L., 1980: Selective extraction of mercury ii and evaluation of tri phenyl phosphonium cyclo penta dienylide as a phase transfer catalyst

Pickering W.F., 1982: Selective extraction of metal ions associated with humic acids

Mitsui T., 1982: Selective extraction of paraquat using ion association reagent

Viswanathan C.V., 1979: Selective extraction of phospho lipids from egg yolk

Pavlik, J. G.; Rogers, H. J., 1973: Selective extraction of polymers from cell walls of gram positive bacteria

Iversen L.L., 1985: Selective extraction of small and large molecules from the cerebrospinal fluid by purkinje neurons

Luu B., 1985: Selective extraction of the dm 20 brain proteolipid

Pickering W.F., 1987: Selective extraction of trace metals associated with hydrous aluminum oxides

Holberton D.V., 1983: Selective extraction with sarkosyl and re polymerization in vitro of cytoskeleton proteins from giardia lamblia

Kavlentis E., 1988: Selective extractive spectrophotometric determination of palladium ii with di 2 pyridylketone 2 pyridylhydrazone dpph

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382832

Brennan, M. J.; Gordon, W. C., 1977: Selective facilitation of memory attributes by strychnine

Feher O., 1981: Selective facilitation of synapses in the neo cortex by hetero synaptic activation

Deweer, B., 1976: Selective facilitative effect of post trial reticular stimulation in discriminative learning in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382836

Mitter C., 1981: Selective factors affecting clonal variation in the fall cankerworm alsophila pometaria lepidoptera geometridae

Hisaw F.L., 1987: Selective factors in the origin of the mammalian diaphragm

Eberhard W.G., 1979: Selective factors that affect the tendency to form groups in the colonial spider philoponella semiplumosa araneae uloboridae

Chin W.W., 1988: Selective failure of androgens to regulate fsh beta messenger rna levels in the male rat

Adler R., 1988: Selective failure of long term survival of isolated photoreceptors from both homozygous and heterozygous rd retinal degeneration mice

Bunge R.P., 1980: Selective fasciculation of nerve fibers in culture

Heuer H., 1980: Selective fatigue in the human motor system

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382844

Kofoed L.H., 1982: Selective feeding and epi psammic browsing by the deposit feeding amphipod corophium volutator

Ewart J.W., 1984: Selective feeding and grazing rates of oyster crassostrea virginica larvae on natural phytoplankton assemblages

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382847

Rajasekharan, P. T.; Chowdaiah, B. N., 1972: Selective feeding behavior of gambusia affinis

Al Kahem H.F., 1987: Selective feeding behavior of the arabian freshwater fish aphanius dispar

Mustafa, S., 1976: Selective feeding behavior of the common carp esomus danricus in its natural habitat

Checkley D.M.Jr, 1982: Selective feeding by atlantic herring clupea harengus larvae on zoo plankton in natural assemblages

Yentsch C.M., 1986: Selective feeding by balanion sp ciliata balanionidae on phytoplankton that best support its growth

Sandstrom O., 1980: Selective feeding by baltic herring clupea harengus

Suberkropp K., 1985: Selective feeding by stream caddisfly trichoptera detritivores on leaves with fungal colonized patches

Geller W., 1986: Selective feeding of four zooplankton species on natural lake phytoplankton

Egger D.L., 1980: Selective feeding of red phalaropes phalaropus fulicarius on zoo plankton of arctic ponds

Anderson, R. V., 1975: Selective feeding of the sculpin cottus bairdi in illinois usa

Mikheev V.N., 1985: Selective feeding of underyearling perch perca fluviatilis percidae in macrophyte beds

Bayliss D.E., 1986: Selective feeding on bivalves by polinices alderi gastropoda

Yamada, M., 1984: Selective fertilization in maize zea mays 3. independence of gametophyte factors on superiority of pollen grains from f 1 plants

Tatarintsev A.S., 1988: Selective fertilization in tomato in relation to different proportion of pollen mixture compounds

Holzman I., 1981: Selective fetal mal nutrition the effect of ethanol and acetaldehyde upon in vitro uptake of alpha amino iso butyric acid by human placenta

Vanthiel D.H., 1983: Selective fetal mal nutrition the effect of in vivo ethanol exposure upon in vitro placental uptake of amino acids in the nonhuman primate

Van Thiel D.H., 1984: Selective fetal mal nutrition the effect of nicotine ethanol and acetaldehyde upon in vitro uptake of alpha amino iso butyric acid by human term placental villous slices

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382866

Campbell S., 1982: Selective feticide of the affected twin by fetoscopic air embolism

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382868

Parada, J. L., 1975: Selective filtration in the isolation of independent clones of streptomyces

Hofmann N., 1988: Selective filtration of abnormal spermatozoa by the cervical mucus

Barza, M.; Bergeron, M. G.; Brusch, J.; Weinstein, L., 1973: Selective filtration of antibiotics through collodion membranes

Buncke H.J., 1983: Selective finger transposition and primary metacarpal ray resection in multi digit amputations of the hand

Evans, M. I.; Fletcher, J. C.; Zador, I. E.; Newton, B. W.; Quigg, M. H.; Struyk, C. D., 1988: Selective first trimester termination in octuplet and quadruplet pregnancies clinical and ethical issues

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382874

Latz, H. W.; Ernes, D. A., 1978: Selective fluorescence detection of citrus oil components separated by high pressure liquid chromatography

Hals E., 1980: Selective fluorescence of mast cells comparison of effect of staining with acid and basic dyes

Hurtubise, R. J., 1976: Selective fluorescence quenching and determination of phenolic anti oxidants

Wade C.G., 1980: Selective fluorescence quenching by lipo soluble iodide hydro carbons of benzo a pyrene and diol epoxide derivative in living cells

Wade, C. G.; Baker, D. E.; Bartholomew, J. C., 1978: Selective fluorescence quenching of benzo a pyrene and a mutagenic diol epoxide derivative in mouse cells

Haas E., 1985: Selective fluorescent labeling at the alpha amino group of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Haas E., 1986: Selective fluorescent labeling of amino groups of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor by reductive alkylation

Hiratsuka T., 1987: Selective fluorescent labeling of the 50 and 26 and 20 kilodalton heavy chain segments of myosin atpase

Kollonitsch, J.; Marburg, S.; Perkins, L. M., 1975: Selective fluorination of hydroxy amines and hydroxy amino acids with sulfur tetra fluoride in liquid hydrogen fluoride

Ben Shushan G., 1986: Selective fluorination of steroids using elemental fluorine

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382885

Contiu T., 1982: Selective focal electro encephalographic recording source derivation a new quantifying method done on a siemens elema mingograph

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382887

Church, J. A.; Bellanti, J. A., 1977: Selective food specific immuno globulin e antibodies in a patient with hyper immuno globulinemia e recurrent infections and severe eczema

Mikkola K., 1984: Selective forces acting in the industrial melanism of biston and oligia moths lepidoptera geometridae and noctuidae

Seyfarth R.M., 1981: Selective forces affecting the predator alarm calls of vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

Balkau B.J., 1986: Selective forces and the maintenance of immunoglobulin polymorphisms

Webb C.J., 1981: Selective forces influencing the evolution of divaricating plants

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382893

Fukuei K., 1984: Selective formation of a complex of poly adenylate with an impurity in higher plant nucleic acid preparations

Hatanaka, H.; Egami, F., 1977: Selective formation of certain amino acids from formaldehyde and hydroxylamine in a modified sea medium enriched with molybdate

Fox S.W., 1979: Selective formation of micro particles by homo poly ribo nucleotides and proteinoids rich in individual amino acids

Inoue S., 1984: Selective formation of triose from formaldehyde catalyzed by thiazolium salt

Dempsey C.E., 1982: Selective formylation of alpha amino or epsilon amino groups of peptides

Mao J., 1987: Selective fourier transform localization

Wardman P., 1982: Selective free radical reactions with proteins and enzymes a reversible equilibrium in the reaction of thio cyanate radical anion with lysozyme

St Vincent M., 1988: Selective functional characteristics of rate induced fatigue in rabbit atrioventricular node

Andersson B., 1983: Selective functional role of murine immuno globulin m fc receptor expressing t cells and immuno globulin g fc receptor expressing cells in concanavalin a induced t cell activation

Heiss W D., 1986: Selective functional vulnerability of cortical neurons following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in the cat

Robinson, D. I.; Sherrington, D. C.; Suckling, C. J., 1984: Selective functionalization 7. chlorination of aromatic compounds in the presence of tentacle molecules with pyridinium head groups

Pervez, H.; Onyiriuka, S. O.; Rees, L.; Rooney, J. R.; Suckling, C. J., 1988: Selective functionalization part 10. the nitration of phenols by pyridine derivatives carrying a transferable nitro group

Gindrat D., 1981: Selective fungi toxicity of cyclo hexylamine and related aromatic amines

Katzenellenbogen, J. A.; Crumrine, A. L., 1976: Selective gamma alkylation of dienolate anions derived from alpha beta unsaturated acids applications to the synthesis of isoprenoid olefins

Rotaru C., 1985: Selective gamma amylase determination with cross linked substrate tablets

Ardell J.L., 1987: Selective ganglionic blockade of vagal inputs to sinoatrial and or atrioventricular regions

Sarrasin B., 1986: Selective gas chromatographic analysis of chlorinated phenolic compounds using the nitrogen phosphorus detector

Rosenthale M.E., 1987: Selective gastric antilesion properties of rioprostil a prostaglandin e 1 analog in rats and dogs

Morelli A., 1987: Selective gastric stasis for solid food

Jensen H E., 1981: Selective gastric vagotomy and drainage for duodenal ulcer a 10 13 year follow up study

Dams R., 1985: Selective gathering of mercury batteries a possible way to lower mercury emissions from a municipal waste incineration plant

Herrlich P., 1986: Selective gene amplification in mammalian cells after exposure to cobalt 60 gamma rays americium 241 alpha particles or uv light

Pulsinelli W.A., 1986: Selective gene expression in focal cerebral ischemia

Garen A., 1983: Selective gene expression induced by ecdysterone in cultured fat bodies of drosophila

Greenberg P., 1988: Selective generation of erythroid burst promoting activity by recombinant interleukin 2 stimulated human t lymphocytes and natural killer cells

Goetzl E.J., 1983: Selective generation of leukotriene b 4 by tracheal epithelial cells from dogs

Maekawa T., 1985: Selective glomerular thrombosis in rats induced by combined injections of nephrotoxic antiserum and lipopolysaccharide

Tsuchida A., 1984: Selective glomerular thrombosis in rats induced by the combined injections of nephrotoxic antiserum and lipopolysaccharide

Epstein F.H., 1983: Selective glutathione depletion on function and structure of the isolated perfused rat kidney

Edgar R.K., 1982: Selective grazing by the mud snail ilyanassa obsoleta

Monteiro J.D.C., 1979: Selective grazing by zoo plankton populations in southampton england uk water

Emos R.A., 1987: Selective grazing of acyanogenic white clover variation in behavior among populations of the slug deroceras reticulatum

Goto I., 1987: Selective grazing of goats on siratro macroptilium atropurpureum and rhodes grass chloris gayana pastures

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382927

Wiechmann M., 1982: Selective group separation of primary and secondary biogenic amines by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with 18 crown 6 in the mobile phase

Goodman C.S., 1983: Selective groups of neuronal and mesodermal cells recognized early in grasshopper schistocerca americana embryogenesis by a mono clonal antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382930

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382931

Reed C.D., 1985: Selective growth in culture of fetal rat renal collecting duct anlagen morphologic and biochemical characterization

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382933

Bankert R.B., 1988: Selective growth inhibition of human lung cancer cell lines bearing a surface glycoprotein gp160 by iodine 125 labeled anti gp160 monoclonal antibody

Takiguchi-Yo ; Yoshikawa, H.; Terao, M., 1978: Selective growth inhibition of sphaerotilus natans and beggiatoa sp by nucleosides

Good R.A., 1981: Selective growth of a population of human basophil cells in vitro

Turian, G., 1977: Selective growth of algi saxicolous fungi and of lichenoid crusts on silica gel

Sato J., 1982: Selective growth of epithelial like clear cells from adult rat liver by short term exposure to gluco corticoids in primary culture

Rosenblatt L.S., 1981: Selective growth of human t lymphocyte colonies from whole blood in a semi solid culture system

Brown S.I., 1980: Selective growth of rabbit corneal epithelial cells in culture and basement membrane collagen synthesis

Mckhann G.M., 1987: Selective growth of rat schwann cells in neuron and serum free primary culture

Soren L., 1986: Selective growth of resistant variants during incubation of enterobacteriaceae with four aminoglycosides

Hsie A.W., 1979: Selective growth of some rodent epithelial cells in a medium containing citrulline

Schuler, M. F.; Jefferson, L. S.; Gorodecki, J.; Glaser, R.; Dietz, J.; Lipton, A., 1977: Selective growth of transformed cell lines by rat liver perfusate

Pegorardo L., 1988: Selective growth response to il 3 of a human leukemic cell line with megakaryoblastic features

Kaiser, W. A.; Herrmann, B.; Keppler, D. O. R., 1980: Selective guanosine phosphate deficiency in hepatoma cells induced by inhibitors of imp dehydrogenase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382947

Negri V., 1983: Selective habituation of defensive behavior evidence for predator prey synchrony

Young, L. R.; Henn, V. S., 1976: Selective habituation of vestibular nystagmus by visual stimulation in the monkey

Breslow, R.; Corcoran, R. J.; Snider, B. B.; Doll, R. J.; Khanna, P. L.; Kaleya, R., 1977: Selective halogenation of steroids using attached aryl iodide templates

Tolstoguzov V.V., 1986: Selective heat denaturation as a method for the preparative isolation of 11s globulin from horsebeans

Black T., 1979: Selective heat precipitability of reduced human hemo globins in alkaline urea

Perrone S.J., 1980: Selective hematological parameters in steelhead trout salmo gairdneri

Shannahoff Khalsa D., 1987: Selective hemispheric stimulation by unilateral forced nostril breathing

Dover G.J., 1979: Selective hemolysis of adult red blood cells an aid to pre natal diagnosis of hemo globinopathies

Sawada S., 1985: Selective hepatic angiography using a balloon catheter guide

Steer, C. J.; Kusiak, J. W.; Brady, R. O.; Jones, E. A., 1979: Selective hepatic uptake of human beta hexosaminidase a ec by a specific glyco protein recognition system on sinusoidal cells

Wilson G., 1979: Selective hepatic uptake of synthetic glyco proteins mannosaminated rnase a dimer and serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382959

Scharrer E., 1986: Selective hepatic vagotomy does not prevent compensatory feeding in response to body weight changes

Scharrer E., 1985: Selective hepatic vagotomy eliminates the hypophagic effect of different metabolites

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382962

Mestecky J., 1984: Selective hepatobiliary transport of human polymeric immunoglobulin a in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382964

Haggar, R. J.; Kirkham, F. W., 1981: Selective herbicides for establishing weed free grass 1. evaluation of ethofumesate and methabenzthiazuron

Haggar R.J., 1982: Selective herbicides for establishing weed free grass the effect of mixtures and sequences of herbicides including ethofumesate and methabenzthiazuron

Littlefield V.M., 1981: Selective herbivory in tassel eared squirrels role of mono terpenes in ponderosa pines pinus ponderosa chosen as feeding trees

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382968

Hultin T., 1986: Selective high efficiency cross linking of mammalian ribosomal proteins with cleavable thiol directed heterobifunctional reagents identification and binding directions of major protein complexes

Nika H., 1986: Selective high efficiency cross linking of mammalian ribosomal proteins with cleavable thiol directed heterobifunctional reagents separation and identification of contact sequences of neighboring proteins after cyanogen bromide fragmentation

Kalckar H.M., 1979: Selective high metabolic lability of utp gtp and ctp in response to glucose deprivation and re feeding of untransformed and polyoma virus transformed hamster fibroblasts

Kalckar H.M., 1980: Selective high metabolic lability of utp in response to glucosamine feeding of untransformed and polyoma virus transformed hamster fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382973

Jarrard, L. E., 1978: Selective hippocampal lesions differential effects on performance by rats of a spatial task with pre operative vs post operative training

Skagerberg G., 1984: Selective histochemical demonstration of dopamine terminal systems in rat diencephalon and telencephalon new evidence for dopaminergic innervation of hypothalamic neuro secretory nuclei

Martin T.J., 1982: Selective hormonal activation of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase iso enzymes in normal and malignant osteo blasts

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382977

Dunlop N.M., 1981: Selective host range restriction of goat cells for recombinant murine leukemia virus and feline leukemia virus type a

Thornton R.J., 1987: Selective hybridization of wine yeasts for higher yields of glycerol

Tsuchihashi G I., 1985: Selective hydrogenation of carbon carbon double bonds of chalcones by corynebacterium equi ifo 3730

Drozdowski B., 1982: Selective hydrogenation of rapeseed oils with copper chromite catalyst influence of erucic acid

Koritala, S.; Friedrich, J. P.; Mounts, T. L., 1980: Selective hydrogenation of soybean oil 10. ultra high pressure and low pressure

Koritala, S., 1981: Selective hydrogenation of soybean oil 11. tri alkyl silane activated copper catalysts

Koritala, S., 1982: Selective hydrogenation of soybean oil 12. tri alkyl aluminum copper stearate homogeneous catalysts

Mounts, T. L.; Koritala, S.; Friedrich, J. P.; Dutton, H. J., 1978: Selective hydrogenation of soybean oil part 9 effect of pressure in copper catalysis

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382986

Scott K.J., 1979: Selective hydrolysis of barley leaf polysomal messenger rna during the early stages of powdery mildew infection

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382988

Section 7, Chapter 6383, Accession 006382989

Hilton, S. M.; Torres, S. H., 1970: Selective hyper sensitivity to brady kinin in salivary glands with ligated ducts

Holt, W. R.; Brainard, E. C. Ii, 1976: Selective hyper thermia and reaction time

Fukuchi S., 1981: Selective hypo aldo steronism associated with chronic thyroiditis and other endocrine abnormalities

Bailey J.D., 1983: Selective hypo aldo steronism in infancy

Cohen, T.; Theodor, R.; Rosler, A., 1977: Selective hypo aldo steronism in iranian jews an autosomal recessive trait

Murohashi T., 1980: Selective hypo aldo steronism with hyper kalemia in chronic diabetes mellitus associated with mitral insufficiency

Kornel L., 1979: Selective hypo aldo steronism with hyper reninemia in a diabetic patient

Major, P.; Kuchel, O.; Boucher, R.; Nowaczynski, W.; Genest, J., 1978: Selective hypo pituitarism with severe hypo natremia and secondary hypo reninism

Wagenknecht, L. V.; Hupe, W.; Buecheler, E.; Klosterhalfen, H., 1977: Selective hypo thermic perfusion of the kidney for intra renal surgery

Pellicer A., 1986: Selective hypogonadotropic primary amenorrhea

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