Selective inhibition of cell growth and associated changes in glycolipid metabolism induced by monovalent antibodies to glycolipids

Lingwood, C.A.; Hakomori, S.

Experimental Cell Research 108(2): 385-391


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4827
PMID: 891645
Accession: 006383257

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Monovalent antibodies directed against N-acetylhematoside were growth inhibitory for BALB/3T3 and NIL hamster fibroblasts but not their transformed counterparts. Within a similar dose range antibodies directed against globoside had no effect on cell growth. Inhibition of 3T3 cell growth by anti-hematoside correlates with a specific change in the metabolism of hematoside within the cell membrane. Following antibody treatment the radiolabeling of hematoside was elevated for cells in logarithmic growth but reduced relative to control at final saturation density. This effect was not observed for 3T3 cells transformed by Kirsten murine sarcoma virus. Cell surface glycolipids may play a role in the control of normal cell growth in vitro.