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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6385

Chapter 6385 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sanchez R., 1986: Selective oxophilic imination of ketones with bisdichloroaluminum phenylimide

Saltykova V.A., 1986: Selective pacemaker arrest and atrial automaticity damage during induction of lipid peroxidation

Seidman J.G., 1979: Selective packaging of host transfer rna by murine leukemia virus particles does not require genomic rna

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384003

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384004

Boor P.J., 1987: Selective pancreatic toxicity of palmitoylpentachlorophenol

Fettman M.J., 1988: Selective pancreatotoxicity in the rat induced by the naturally occurring plant nitrile 1 cyano 2 hydroxy 3 butene

Newman R.P., 1985: Selective paralysis of downward gaze caused by bilateral lesions of the mesencephalic periaqueductal gray matter

Gouaze A., 1981: Selective paralysis of downward gaze with permanent conjugated upwards deviation a new case

Hasegawa M., 1984: Selective parasitism of the tick ixodes asanumai acarina ixodidae and its influence on the host lizard eumeces okadae in miyake jima izu islands japan

Ardell J.L., 1985: Selective parasympathectomy of automatic and conductile tissues of the canine heart

Okubo H., 1986: Selective partial immunoglobulin m deficiency functional assessment of t and b lymphocytes in vitro

Altwein J.E., 1981: Selective partial kidney resection the trans sinusal approach

Lonai, P.; Ben-Neriah, Y.; Steinman, L.; Givol, D., 1978: Selective participation of immuno globulin variable region and major histo compatibility complex products in antigen binding by thymus derived cells

Schlesinger, R. B.; Lippmann, M., 1978: Selective particle deposition and bronchogenic carcinoma

Kettle D., 1984: Selective particle ingestion by a filter feeding fish and its impact on phytoplankton community structure

Blomquist G.K., 1986: Selective partitioning of conidia of some penicillium and aspergillus species in aqueous two phase systems

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384017

Jordan J.C., 1988: Selective patterns of herbicide application for improved biological control of water hyacinth

Busi C., 1984: Selective penetration and pharmacological activity of lactosaminated albumin conjugates of adenine arabinoside 5 monophosphate ara amp in mouse liver

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384020

Acebes J.J., 1981: Selective per cutaneous thermo coagulation rhizotomy in essential glossopharyngeal neuralgia

Mingrino S., 1983: Selective per cutaneous thermo lesions of the 9th cranial nerve by lateral cervical approach report of 8 cases

Newtson D., 1979: Selective perception of events

Henry H.W., 1981: Selective performance of the tri iodo thyronine uptake a practical approach to thyroid function studies

Peter T., 1987: Selective perfusion of ischemic myocardium during coronary venous retroinjection a study of the causative role of venoarterial and venoventricular pressure gradients

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384026

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384027

Kaminski D.L., 1986: Selective peritoneal lavage in the management of comatose blunt trauma patients

Skul'skii, I. A.; Glazunov, V. V.; Ryabova, I. D.; Gorneva, G. A., 1977: Selective permeability of bacterial membranes for monovalent thallium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384030

Quagliariello E., 1980: Selective permeability of rat liver mitochondria to purified malate dehydrogenase iso enzymes in vitro

Kennedy T.G., 1983: Selective permeability of the blood uterine lumen barrier in rats importance of lipid solubility

Kennedy T.G., 1983: Selective permeability of the blood uterine lumen barrier in rats importance of molecular size

Wishart T.B., 1980: Selective permeation of the blood brain barrier as a cause of the anomalous properties of atypical neuroleptics

Hunt A., 1987: Selective persistent reduction in choline acetyltransferase activity in basal forebrain of the rat after thyroid deficiency during early life

Cherry W.R., 1984: Selective perturbation of ligand field excited states in polypyridine ruthenium ii complexes

Seki T., 1985: Selective ph gradient formation across a capsule membrane corked with charged synthetic bilayers

Rabinovitch, M.; Manejias, R. E.; Nussenzweig, V., 1975: Selective phagocytic paralysis induced by immobilized immune complexes

Robison S.H., 1982: Selective phagocytosis of crystalline metal sulfide particles and dna strand breaks as a mechanism for induction of cellular transformation

Kumagai K., 1986: Selective phagocytosis of gram positive bacteria and interleukin 1 like factor production by a subpopulation of large granular lymphocytes

Edwards R.B., 1981: Selective phagocytosis of liposomes by cultured rcs rat pigment epithelium

Golikov, S. N., 1976: Selective pharmacological effect on the cholinergic mechanisms of nerve control

Khosla M.C., 1987: Selective pharmacological effects of triprolyl and pentasarcosyl angiotensin ii

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384045

Borders C.L.Jr, 1983: Selective phenyl glyoxalation of functionally essential arginyl residues in the erythrocyte anion transport protein

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384047

Chaklin D.A., 1980: Selective phlebography and scanning of the thymus in patients with myasthenia

Reichardt W., 1980: Selective phlebography in pancreatic and peri pancreatic disease

Passmore N.I., 1981: Selective phono taxis of 4 sympatric species of african reed frogs genus hyperolius

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384051

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384052

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384053

Kasper C.B., 1979: Selective phosphorylation of a nuclear envelope poly peptide by an endogenous protein kinase

Brattain M.G., 1985: Selective phosphorylation of cytosol proteins associated with transformation and restoration of normal phenotype in akr mouse embryo fibroblasts

Hosey, M. M.; Tao, M., 1977: Selective phosphorylation of erythrocyte membrane proteins by the solubilized membrane protein kinases

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384057

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384058

Catterall W.A., 1982: Selective phosphorylation of the alpha subunit of the sodium channel by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Kulczycki A.Jr, 1983: Selective phosphorylation of the immuno globulin e receptor in antigen stimulated rat mast cells

Witzemann, V.; Raftery, M. A., 1977: Selective photo affinity labeling of acetyl choline receptor using a cholinergic analog

Levi, N.; Lawless, J. G., 1978: Selective photo destruction of alpha amino acids

Salomon Y., 1984: Selective photo induced uncoupling of the response of adenylate cyclase to gonadotropins by 5 iodonaphthyl 1 azide

Kaziro Y., 1981: Selective photo oxidation of histidine residues in poly peptide chain elongation factor tu from escherichia coli

Lborra, J. L.; Llorca, F. I.; Pastor, R. F.; Garcia, J. V., 1977: Selective photo oxidation of methionine tyrosine and tryptophan using thionine and toluidine blue as sensitizers

Parrish J.A., 1983: Selective photo thermolysis precise micro surgery by selective absorption of pulsed radiation

Fork D.C., 1986: Selective photobleaching of photosystem i related chlorophylls in heat stressed pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska chloroplasts

Leblanc R.M., 1985: Selective photoinduced calcium diffusion in rhodopsin lipid bilayers an internal transmitter hypothesis

Barbier M., 1984: Selective photoinduced oxidation of benzylic methylene groups through uv irradiation in presence of ferric chloride

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384070

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384071

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384072

Sanchez Pedreno C., 1985: Selective photometric determination of nickel with photochemically generated anti 2 furaldehyde 2 pyridylhydrazone

Tan O.T., 1987: Selective photothermolysis application in laser therapy of port wine stains

Omokawa, H.; Takeuchi, Y.; Konnai, M.; Takematsu, T., 1986: Selective phytotoxicity of n allyl n alpha substituted benzylbenzenesulfonamides

Defries J.C., 1979: Selective placement in adoption

Mccarthy M.S., 1981: Selective placental secretion of estrogens into fetal and maternal circulations

Del Rio P., 1985: Selective plane removal in limited angle tomographic imaging

Gaal J., 1980: Selective planned induction of labor

Taber R.D., 1980: Selective plant species inhibition by elk and deer in 3 conifer communities in western washington usa

Taswell H.F., 1981: Selective plasma component removal alternatives to plasma exchange

Bramucci, M. G.; Lovett, P. S., 1977: Selective plasmid transduction in bacillus pumilus

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384083

Bern, M. M., 1978: Selective platelet immune retention

Gasiorowski, K., 1976: Selective ploidy of chromosomes in ascites tumor cells

Gapon'ko G.A., 1982: Selective pneumo peritoneum during fibro thorax formation after pulmonectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384087

Johnson P.C., 1979: Selective poly myositis induced by coxsackievirus b 1 in mice

Goto, M., 1976: Selective population changes of xanthomonas citri in diseased tissues

Shimamura, Y.; Gunven, P.; Takenaka, Y.; Shimizu, H.; Akimoto, H.; Shima, Y.; Arima, K.; Takahashi, A.; Kitaya, T.; Et-Al, 1986: Selective portal branch occlusion by balloon catheter during liver resection

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384091

Carney K., 1983: Selective post transplantation bilateral native nephrectomy indications and results

Woon C.K., 1986: Selective postemergence herbicides for grass control in sunflower helianthus annuus

Petersen R.C., 1988: Selective posterior cerebral artery amytal test for evaluating memory function before surgery for temporal lobe seizure

Arens L.J., 1982: Selective posterior rhizotomy for the relief of spasticity in cerebral palsy

Storrs B.B., 1987: Selective posterior rhizotomy for treatment of progressive spasticity in patients with myelomeningocele preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384097

Kim, S. H.; Kim, J. H.; Hahn, E. W., 1978: Selective potentiation of hyper thermic killing of hypoxic cells by 5 thio d glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384099

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384100

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384101

Ames B.N., 1982: Selective precipitation of ortho phosphate from mixtures containing labile phosphorylated metabolites

Luque J., 1986: Selective precipitation of phosphofructokinase glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase and 6 phosphogluconate dehydrogenase from rat erythrocyte hemolysates by polyethylene glycol

Reimann, E. M.; Umfleet, R. A., 1978: Selective precipitation of phosphorus 32 ortho phosphate onto filter papers application to atpase and cyclic amp phospho di esterase determination/

Harrison, P. R., 1971: Selective precipitation of rna from a mixture of total cellular nucleic acids extracted from cultured mammalian cells

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384106

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384107

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384108

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384109

Salo J., 1983: Selective predation and habitat shift in a copepod species support for the predation hypothesis

Kimmerer W.J., 1984: Selective predation and its impact on prey of sagitta enflata chaetognatha

Hebert, P. D. N.; Loaring, J. M., 1980: Selective predation and the species composition of arctic ponds

Dodson S.I., 1985: Selective predation by a sculpin and a stonefly on 2 chironomids in laboratory feeding trials

Elmore, J. L.; Vodopich, D. S.; Hoover, J. H., 1983: Selective predation by bluegill sunfish lepomis macrochirus on 3 spp. of diaptomus copepoda from subtropical florida usa

Ringler N.H., 1979: Selective predation by drift feeding brown trout salmo trutta

Kavee R.M., 1981: Selective predation by favella ehrenbergii tintinnida on and among dinoflagellates

Murtaugh P.A., 1981: Selective predation by neomysis mercedis in lake washington usa

Hershey A.E., 1986: Selective predation by procladius in an arctic alaskan lake usa

Massoud Z., 1983: Selective predation by sauria on collembola in the dense humid forest litter in french guiana

Murdoch W.W., 1983: Selective predation by the backswimmer notonecta

Yen J., 1985: Selective predation by the carnivorous marine copepod euchaeta elongata laboratory measurements of predation rates verified by field observations of temporal and spatial feeding patterns

Black R., 1981: Selective predation by white tailed black cockatoos calyptorhynchus funereus latirostris on fruit of banksia attenuata containing the seed eating weevil alphitopis nivea

Turnbull A.L., 1982: Selective predation in a euryphagous invertebrate predator pardosa vancouveri arachnida araneae

Tordoff W.IIi, 1980: Selective predation of gray jays perisoreus canadensis upon boreal chorus frogs pseudacris triseriata

Bell, M. A.; Haglund, T. R., 1978: Selective predation of three spined sticklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus by garter snakes

Gregoire J C., 1984: Selective predation on chemically defended chrysomelid larvae a conditioning process

Fitzmaurice P., 1979: Selective predation on cladocera by brown trout salmo trutta

Cooper S.D., 1983: Selective predation on cladocerans by common pond insects

Witzell W.N., 1987: Selective predation on large cheloniid sea turtles by tiger sharks galeocerdo cuvier

Infante O., 1986: Selective predation on zooplankton by astyanax bimaculatus linnaeus 1758 in lake valencia venezuela

Stein, R. A., 1977: Selective predation optimal foraging and the predator prey interaction between fish and crayfish

Lewis W.M.Jr, 1983: Selective predation with respect to body size in a population of the fish xenomelaniris venezuelae atherinidae

Goldman Rakic P.S., 1984: Selective prefrontal cortical projections to the region of the locus coeruleus and raphe nuclei in the rhesus monkey

Ikehara Y., 1986: Selective preparation and characterization of membranous and soluble forms of alkaline phosphatase from rat tissues a comparison with the serum enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384137

Maciel G.E., 1983: Selective preservation and origin of petroleum forming aquatic kerogen

Ishikawa T., 1988: Selective pressure and altered hepatocellular islands after a single injection of aflatoxin b1

Wells, H., 1977: Selective pressure on predator and prey when an age class becomes a refuge from predation

Jung N., 1979: Selective pressures and co evolution in a kelp canopy community in southern california usa

Smith, P., 1977: Selective pressures and dental evolution in hominids

Curry P., 1988: Selective pressures and evolutionary novelties a hypothesis for understanding certain aspects of long term fluctuations of coastal pelagic fish

Mccabe W.R., 1987: Selective pressures and lipopolysaccharide subunits as determinants of resistance of clinical isolates of gram negative bacilli to human serum

Price P.W., 1983: Selective pressures on clutch size in the gallmaker asteromyia carbonifera

Herrera C.M., 1984: Selective pressures on fruit seediness differential predation of fly larvae on the fruits of berberis hispanica

Hanin I., 1983: Selective presynaptic cholinergic neuro toxicity following intra hippocampal af 64a ethyl choline mustard aziridinium ion injection in rats

Linke C.A., 1985: Selective pretransplant nephrectomy indications and perioperative management

Killingsworth J.R., 1986: Selective primary health care a critical review of methods and results

Dennert, G.; Tucker, D. F., 1972: Selective priming of thymus derived cells by chemically altered cell antigens

Alvarez-Gonzalez, R.; Moss, J.; Niedergang, C.; Althaus, F. R., 1988: Selective probing of adp ribosylation reactions with oxidized 2' deoxy nad

Weisslein Pfister C., 1987: Selective procedure to isolate haemophilus influenzae from sputa with large quantities of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Good R.C., 1987: Selective procedures for detecting femtomole quantities of tuberculostearic acid in serum and cerebrospinal fluid by frequency pulsed electron capture gas liquid chromatography

Reichelderfer C.F., 1987: Selective process for efficient isolation of soil bacillus spp

Zakarian S., 1980: Selective processing of beta endorphin in regions of porcine pituitary

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384156

Ameyama M., 1983: Selective production of 5 keto d gluconate by gluconobacter strains

Kotzin B.L., 1988: Selective production of autoantibodies in graft vs host induced and spontaneous murine lupus predominant reactivity with histone regions accessible in chromatin

Takeda H., 1988: Selective production of glutamate by an immobilized marine blue green alga synechococcus sp

Hartzman R., 1979: Selective production of human antigen specific helper factor from normal volunteers implications for human ir genes

Ujhidy A., 1984: Selective production of p dichlorobenzene from chlorobenzene

Cooney C.L., 1985: Selective production of phenylalanine from phenylpyruvate using growing cells of corynebacterium glutamicum

Giannini, J. L.; Gildensoph, L. H.; Briskin, D. P., 1987: Selective production of sealed plasma membrane vesicles from red beet beta vulgaris l. storage tissue

Gibson A.R., 1987: Selective projections from the cat red nucleus to digit motor neurons

Das S., 1986: Selective proliferation of brain kappa opiate receptors in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Parsons, P. G., 1978: Selective proliferation of human tumor cells in calcium depleted medium

Marko O., 1982: Selective proliferation of normal human melanocytes in vitro in the presence of phorbol ester and cholera toxin

Bhisey, R. A.; Sirsat, S. M., 1976: Selective promoting activity of phorbol myristate acetate in experimental skin carcinogenesis

Schauenstein E., 1984: Selective promotion of ferrous dependent lipid peroxidation in ehrlich ascites tumor cells by histidine as compared with other amino acids

Zaleska H., 1980: Selective propagating medium for the isolation of shigella

Oboznaya E.I., 1984: Selective properties of cryoconservation of bone marrow

Hemmingsson A., 1986: Selective properties of trains of real and complex radiofrequency micropulses in slice selective spin echo magnetic resonance imaging

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384173

Borch R.F., 1986: Selective protection against cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii induced toxicity in kidney gut and bone marrow by diethyldithiocarbamate

Braude A., 1982: Selective protection against conidia by mononuclear and against mycelia by polymorphonuclear phagocytes in resistance to aspergillus fumigatus observations on these 2 lines of defense in vivo and in vitro with human and mouse phagocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384176

Hromas, R.; Barlogie, B.; Swatzendruber, D.; Drewinko, B., 1983: Selective protection by anguidine of normal vs. transformed cells against 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine and adriamycin

Weiss B., 1988: Selective protection from the inhibition by eedq of d 1 and d 2 dopamine agonist induced rotational behavior in mice

Wiatr, C. L.; Witmer, H. J., 1984: Selective protection of 5' ggcc 3' and 5' gcngc 3' sequences by the hypermodified oxopyrimidine in bacillus subtilis bacteriophage sp 10 dna

Borsodi A., 1988: Selective protection of benzomorphan binding sites against inactivation by n ethylmaleimide evidence for kappa opioid receptors in frog brain

Sobolev A.S., 1985: Selective protection of cells against x irradiation isoproterenol protects only those cells that possess beta adrenoreceptors

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384182

Townsel J.G., 1983: Selective protection of high affinity tritium labeled choline uptake sites by hemicholinium 3 against n ethyl maleimide binding in limulus synaptosomes

Soroca Lucas E., 1981: Selective protection of methionine enkephalin released from brain slices by enkephalinase inhibition

Mishell R.I., 1982: Selective protection of murine thymic helper t cells from gluco cortico steroid inhibition by macrophage derived mediators

Johnson T.C., 1983: Selective protection of nonmalignant cells by a novel cell surface glyco peptide

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384187

Simon E.J., 1980: Selective protection of stereospecific enkephalin and opiate binding against inactivation by n ethyl maleimide evidence for 2 classes of opiate receptors

Nelson, N. C.; Taylor, S. S., 1983: Selective protection of sulfhydryl groups in cyclic amp dependent protein kinase ii ec

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384190

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384191

Klima W.C., 1979: Selective protective effect of butylated hydroxy toluene against 1 2 di methyl hydrazine carcinogenesis in balb c mice

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384193

Brattain M.G., 1985: Selective protein phosphorylation in heterogeneous subpopulations of human colon carcinoma cells

Roth T.F., 1979: Selective protein transport characterization and solubilization of the phosvitin receptor from chicken oocytes

Roth T.F., 1980 : Selective protein transport identity of the solubilized phosvitin receptor from chicken oocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384197

Werb Z., 1983: Selective proteolysis of immuno globulins by mouse macrophage elastase

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384199

Rocha, V.; Brennan, E. F.; Plumb, S., 1979: Selective proteolysis of the beta 2 subunit of serratia marcescens tryptophan synthase ec

Koshland, M. E.; Chapus, R. M.; Recht, B.; Brown, J. C., 1977: Selective proteolysis of the j chain component in human polymeric immuno globulin

Swaney J.B., 1983: Selective proteolytic digestion as a method for the modification of human high density lipo protein 3 structure

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384204

Gaggelli E., 1986: Selective proton nmr relaxation investigations of membrane bound drugs in vitro 2 angiotensin ii

Yamamoto H., 1987: Selective proton transfer of unsaturated esters syntheses of a trail following pheromone for subterranean termites and megatomoic acid

Mokka, R. E. M.; Laitinen, S.; Kairaluoma, M. I.; Huttunen, R.; Larmi, T. K. I., 1976: Selective proximal vagotomy a preliminary report

Nakagoe T., 1986: Selective proximal vagotomy associated with gastric transection for the patients with duodenal ulcer

Da Cunha Peixoto N., 1980: Selective proximal vagotomy follow up in 112 cases

Duesel W., 1983: Selective proximal vagotomy with pyloro plasty in gastro duodenal ulcers results after 5 9 years

Wauters E., 1979: Selective pudendal arteriography

Dodd, P. W. D.; Williams, S. M.; Bissell, M. L.; Weisman, R. G., 1977: Selective punishment early and late in fixed ratio schedules of food reinforcement

Branch M.N., 1981: Selective punishment of inter response times

Maxwell F.R., 1985: Selective punishment of interresponse times the roles of shock intensity and scheduling

Alouf J.E., 1983: Selective purification by thiol di sulfide interchange chromatography of alveo lysin a sulfhydryl activated toxin of bacillus alvei toxin properties and interaction with cholesterol and liposomes

De-Kloet, E. R.; Burbach, P., 1978: Selective purification of a single population of gluco corticoid receptors from rat brain

Crooke S.T., 1988: Selective purification of cardiac myosin by a high performance salicylate affinity column

Van-Etten, R. L.; Saini, M. S., 1978: Selective purification of tartrate inhibitable acid phosphatases ec rapid and efficient purification to homogeneity of human and canine prostatic acid phosphatases

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384219

Kane A.B., 1988: Selective purine release from p388d 1 macrophages injured by silica

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384221

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384222

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384223

Disaia P.J., 1980: Selective radiation therapy in state ib uterine cervical carcinoma following radical pelvic surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384225

Gahmberg, C. G.; Andersson, L. C., 1977: Selective radioactive labeling of cell surface sialo glyco proteins by per iodate tritiated borohydride

Edwards, D. J.; Pak, K. Y., 1979: Selective radiochemical labeling of types a and b active sites of rat liver mono amine oxidase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384228

Cunningham D.D., 1987: Selective radiolabeling of cell surface proteins to a high specific activity

Wilson C.M., 1986: Selective radiolabelling and identification of a strong nucleosome binding site on the globular domain of histone h5

Merwitz, O., 1976: Selective radiolysis of enantiomers

Lange E.E., 1985: Selective rapid removal of the vitamin d binding protein and its sterol ligands from human and bovine plasma

Bloom, E. M.; Tompkins, R., 1976: Selective re innervation in skin rotation grafts in rana pipiens

Landmesser, L.; Pilar, G., 1970: Selective re innervation of 2 cell populations in the adult pigeon ciliary ganglion

Cotman C.W., 1980: Selective re innervation of hippocampal area ca 1 and the fascia dentata after destruction of ca 3 ca 4 afferents with kainic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384236

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384237

Takasugi, J.; Takasugi, M., 1977: Selective reactions in antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity

Threadgill, M. D.; Gledhill, A. P., 1986: Selective reactions in the triazene series part 2. protodediazoniation of arenediazonium salts with formamide

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384240

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384241

Beck, M. T.; Dozsa, L., 1977: Selective reactions of nucleic acid bases under biological conditions

Tamm C., 1982: Selective reactions with cytochalasin d

Bradley B.A., 1983: Selective reactivation of epstein barr virus specific cyto toxic t cells by stimulation in vitro with allogeneic virus transformed hla homo zygous typing cells

Farrell G.C., 1986: Selective reactivation of steroid hydroxylases following dissociation of the isosafrole metabolite complex with rat hepatic cytochrome p 450

Vaheri A., 1985: Selective reactivity of antibodies to human immunoglobulins g m and a with rubella virus proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384247

Bernoco M., 1982: Selective reactivity of sera from allo immunized sheep and cattle against human t and leukemia cells

Erickson E.H.Jr, 1984: Selective rearing of queens by worker honey bees apis mellifera kin or nestmate recognition

French S.W., 1987: Selective rearrangement of cytokeratin filaments in cultured liver epithelial cells induced by nickel

Roberts J.V., 1984: Selective recall for personally relevant communications

Young S.R., 1984: Selective recall of decision relevant information from texts

Smith S.H., 1983: Selective recall of self descriptive traits by socially anxious and nonanxious females

Herz A., 1979: Selective receptors for beta endorphin on the rat vas deferens

Koga T., 1982: Selective recognition of alkanoates by a beta cyclo dextrin flexibly capped with a chromophore

Butcher E.C., 1988: Selective recognition of mucosal lymphoid high endothelium by gut intraepithelial leukocytes

Lancelot, G.; Helene, C., 1977: Selective recognition of nucleic acids by proteins the specificity of guanine interaction with carboxylate ions

Parwaresch M.R., 1987: Selective recognition of rat follicular dendritic cells dendritic reticulum cells by a new monoclonal antibody ki m4r in vitro and in vivo

Ebinuma, H., 1987: Selective recombination system in bombyx mori i. chromosome specificity of the modification effect

Pinsker H.M., 1983: Selective recording and stimulation of individual identified neurons in freely behaving aplysia californica

Imokawa, G.; Akasaki, S.; Hattori, M.; Yoshizuka, N., 1986: Selective recovery of deranged water holding properties by stratum corneum lipids

Wilson T.M.A., 1988: Selective recovery of foreign gene transcripts as virus like particles in tmv infected transgenic tobaccos

Alexander M.D., 1986: Selective recovery of gold and other metal ions from an algal biomass

Ndumbe P., 1981: Selective recovery of living microfilariae from onchocerca volvulus nodules determination of optimal conditions for their culture in vitro for excretory secretory products

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384265

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384266

Mpitsos G.J., 1983: Selective recruitment of inter ganglionic inter neurons during different motor patterns in pleurobranchaea californica

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384268

Weight, J. K.; Engel, J.; Jaton, J. C., 1978: Selective reduction and proteolysis in the hinge region of liganded and unliganded antibodies identical kinetics suggest lack of major conformational change in the hinge region

Seewann S., 1980: Selective reduction by some vaso dilators and the prostaglandin 1 acetyl 2 8 chloro 10 11 dihydroxy benz b f 1 4 oxazepine 10 carbonyl hydrazine antagonist sc 19220 of a response to the algesic effect of brady kinin

Berhanu P., 1979: Selective reduction in receptors for epidermal growth factor urogastrone in chemically transformed tumorigenic syrian hamster embryo fibroblasts

Morotomi T., 1981: Selective reduction in visibility of a post target by an identical pre target masked by noise

Mennini T., 1982: Selective reduction of 1 class of dopamine receptor binding sites in the corpus striatum of aged rats

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384274

Goodearl A.D.J., 1985: Selective reduction of a disulfide bridge in hen ovotransferrin

Gutman Y., 1979: Selective reduction of adrenal medulla response to angiotensin induced by suppression of renin angiotensin

Hokfelt T., 1982: Selective reduction of adrenaline turnover in the dorsal midline area of the caudal medulla oblongata and increase of hypothalamic adrenaline levels in the lyon strain of genetically hypertensive rats

Knight E.Jr, 1984: Selective reduction of c myc messenger rna in daudi cells by human beta interferon

Tonellato U., 1986: Selective reduction of cyclic conjugate enones with sodium boron hydride in the presence of cyclodextrins

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384280

Nieschlag E., 1986: Selective reduction of elevated fsh levels in infertile men by pulsatile lhrh treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384282

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384283

Tarui S., 1987: Selective reduction of hepatic cytochrome p 450 content in patients with intrahepatic cholestasis a mechanism for impairment of microsomal drug oxidation

Chee, D. O.; Townsend, C. M-Jr ; Galbraith, M. A.; Eilber, F. R.; Morton, D. L., 1978: Selective reduction of human tumor cell populations by human granulocytes in vitro

Kauffman, H. M-Jr ; O-Brien, D. P., 1970: Selective reduction of incarcerated inguinal hernia

Kito M., 1985: Selective reduction of interpolypeptide and intrapolypeptide disulfide bonds of wheat glutenin from defatted flour

Sakurai Y., 1986: Selective reduction of intracellular gtp pool by 4 carbamoylimidazolium 5 olate in murine tumor cells

Szantay C., 1987: Selective reduction of normal allo pseudo and epiallo depyrroloyohimbone analogues

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384290

Herbert E., 1979: Selective reduction of pro acth endorphin proteins and messenger rna activity in mouse pituitary tumor cells by gluco corticoids

Magrini F., 1981: Selective reduction of renal perfusion pressure and blood flow in man humoral and hemodynamic effects

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384293

Schaffer S.W., 1979: Selective reduction of seminal rnase by glutathione

Prostenik, M.; Butula, I., 1977: Selective reduction of some halogen substituted pyridines of the vitamin b 6 series

Northrop, R. C. Jr ; Russ, P. L., 1977: Selective reduction of some n formyl di peptide esters with borane tetra hydro furan

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384297

Wolfenstein Todel C., 1988: Selective reduction of the disulfide bonds of ovine placental lactogen

Nikodemusz E., 1982: Selective reduction of the rook population corvus frugilegus of hungary by using 3 chloro 4 methyl aniline hydro chloride

Kohn H., 1983: Selective reductions of 3 substituted hydantoins to 4 hydroxy 2 imidazolidinones and vicinal di amines

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384301

Govrin Lippmann R., 1979: Selective regeneration of sensory fibers following nerve crush injury

Ulus, I. H.; Kavakli, B.; Arslan, B. Y.; Kiran, B. K., 1982: Selective regional activation of sympathetic system 1. effects of reflex mechanisms

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384304

Vaughan M., 1983: Selective regulation by pertussis toxin of insulin induced activation of particulate cyclic amp phospho di esterase activity in 3t3 l 1 adipocytes

Molinoff P.B., 1985: Selective regulation of beta 1 adrenergic and beta 2 adrenergic receptors by atypical agonists

Brodde O E., 1988: Selective regulation of beta 1 and beta 2 adrenoceptors in the human heart by chronic beta adrenoceptor antagonist treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384308

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384309

Sakata, K. M.; Tashiro, K.; Hirashima, M.; Hayashi, H., 1985: Selective regulation of chemotactic lymphokine production i. selective potentiation of eosinophil chemotactic lymphokine production in alum hydroxy gel treated and bordetella pertussis vaccine treated guinea pigs

Collins, J. C.; Wolkoff, A. W.; Morell, A. G.; Stockert, R. J., 1988: Selective regulation of intrinsic membrane proteins in hepg2

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384313

Yingling, C. D.; Skinner, J. E., 1976: Selective regulation of thalamic sensory relay nuclei by nucleus reticularis thalami

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384315

Rutter W.J., 1986: Selective regulation of trypsin gene expression by calcium and by glucose starvation in a rat exocrine pancreas cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384317

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384318

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384319

Merkel J.R., 1981: Selective release and purification of 2 periplasmic alteromonas b 207 amino peptidases

Brook J.G., 1984: Selective release from platelet granules induced by plasma lipo proteins

Seto, H.; Tomasz, A., 1975: Selective release of a dna binding factor from the surface of competent pneumococci

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384323

Vidali, G.; Boffa, L. C.; Allfrey, V. G., 1977: Selective release of chromosomal proteins during limited dnase 1 digestion of avian erythrocyte chromatin

Ben Ari Y., 1987: Selective release of endogenous zinc from the hippocampal mossy fibers in situ

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384326

Bucks D.A.W., 1981: Selective release of extrahepatic lipo protein lipase by poly meta phosphate

Gopakumar K., 1985: Selective release of fatty acids during lipid hydrolysis in frozen stored milk fish chanos chanos

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384329

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384330

Mahesh V.B., 1984: Selective release of fsh by 5 alpha di hydro progesterone in immature ovariectomized estrogen primed rats

Sasamoto S., 1988: Selective release of fsh in lactating rats during the period of follicular atresia induced by the administration of antiserum to lhrh

Thomas, F. B.; Sinar, D.; Mazzaferri, E. L.; Cataland, S.; Mekhjian, H. S.; Caldwell, J. H.; Fromkes, J. J., 1978: Selective release of gastric inhibitory poly peptide by intra duodenal amino acid perfusion in man

Levi G., 1982: Selective release of glutamate from cerebellar granule cells differentiating in culture

Ellis, H. V-Iii ; Johnson, A. R.; Moran, N. C., 1970: Selective release of histamine from rat mast cells by several drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384336

Shinitzky M., 1985: Selective release of integral proteins from human erythrocytes membranes by hydrostatic pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384338

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384339

Papadimitriou, J. M.; Wee, S. H., 1976: Selective release of lysosomal enzymes from cell populations containing multi nucleate giant cells

Davies, P.; Allison, A. C.; Haswell, A. D., 1973: Selective release of lysosomal hydrolases from phagocytic cells by cytochalasin b

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384342

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384343

Inoue K., 1980: Selective release of nonelectrolytes from liposomes upon perturbation of bi layers by temperature change or polyene antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384345

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384346

Garrard, W. T., 1970: Selective release of proteins from spirillum itersonii by tris hydroxymethylamino methane and edta

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384348

Turner L.A., 1985: Selective remembering during adolescence

Muramoto, O., 1984: Selective reminding in normal and demented aged people auditory verbal vs. visual spatial task

Levin H.S., 1985: Selective reminding test an examination of the equivalence of 4 forms

Dousa T.P., 1983: Selective removal of alkaline phosphatase from renal brush border membrane and sodium dependent brush border membrane transport

Ludvigson H.W., 1980: Selective removal of alleyway paper flooring or air to assess locus of nonreward odor

Wall R., 1988: Selective removal of alpha heavy chain glycosylation sites causes immunoglobulin a degradation and reduced secretion

Jones F.R., 1987: Selective removal of antigen complexed igg from cat plasma by adsorption onto a protein a silica matrix

Demant T., 1981: Selective removal of apo lipo protein b containing serum lipo proteins from blood plasma

Buslig B.S., 1986: Selective removal of bitter compounds from grapefruit juice and from aqueous solution with cyclodextrin polymers and with amberlite xad 4

Jansen J., 1986: Selective removal of clonogenic neoplastic b cells from human bone marrow using anti hla dq antibodies and complement

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384359

Kimata K., 1985: Selective removal of heparan sulfate chains from proteoheparan sulfate with a commercial preparation of heparitinase

Beltchev B., 1981: Selective removal of histone h 1 from chromatin at low salt concentration

Gorka C., 1980: Selective removal of histone h 1 from nucleosomes at low ionic strength

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384363

Wang C.C., 1986: Selective removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas by a packed silica gel adsorber tower

Kittock D.L., 1982: Selective removal of immature cotton bolls gossypium hirsutum in late season to reduce populations of diapausing pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella

Saroja M., 1988: Selective removal of linolenic acid from soybean oil by lipase catalyzed interesterification at low temperature

Deuticke B., 1981: Selective removal of lipids from the outer membrane layer of human erythrocytes without hemolysis consequences for bi layer stability and cell shape

Yamamoto A., 1985: Selective removal of low density lipoprotein by plasmapheresis in familial hypercholesterolemia

Heuck C C., 1988: Selective removal of low density lipoproteins from plasma by polyacrylate coated fractogel in vitro and in experimental extracorporeal perfusion

Seidel D., 1987: Selective removal of low density lipoproteins ldl by precipitation at low ph first clinical application of the help system

Bachmayer, H.; Schmidt, G., 1972: Selective removal of neuraminidase from influenza a 2 viruses

Agishi T., 1986: Selective removal of pathogenetic macromolecules directly from whole blood by double filtration technique

Ohmori H., 1979: Selective removal of protecting groups for phospho mono esters of nucleotides by anodic oxidation

Dorn P.B., 1987: Selective removal of reef fish associated with an offshore cooling water intake structure

Ludvigson H.W., 1980: Selective removal of reward and nonreward odors to assess their control of patterned responding in rats

Gresshoff P.M., 1985: Selective removal of seedling root hairs for studies of the rhizobium and legume symbiosis

Mccrea S.M., 1987: Selective removal of the carboxyl terminal tail end of the dictyostelium myosin ii heavy chain by chymotrypsin

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384378

Miller H.C., 1980: Selective removal of thymus derived cell function from mouse lymphocyte suspensions by treatment with normal guinea pig serum

Hanawalt P.C., 1987: Selective removal of transcription blocking dna damage from the transcribed strand of the mammalian dhfr gene

Mondovi B., 1981: Selective removal of type 2 copper from blue oxidases properties and functional role of the copper centers

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384382

Peshin P.K., 1985: Selective renal angiography in goats capra hircus

Katsiotis P.A., 1983: Selective renal angiography in wegeners granulomatosis

Mariasoosai, M.; Wilson, A.; Gonick, P., 1977: Selective renal artery embolization treatment for metastatic sarcoma with hematuria

Bachman, D. M.; Casarella, W. J.; Spiegel, R.; Bregman, D., 1977: Selective renal artery embolization treatment of acute reno vascular hypertension

Saitoh M., 1984: Selective renal biopsy under ultrasonic real time guidance

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384388

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384389

Boari, G.; Liberti, L.; Passino, R., 1976: Selective renovation of eutrophic wastes phosphate removal

Liberti, L.; Boari, G.; Passino, R., 1977: Selective renovation of eutrophic wastes phosphate sulfate exchange

O'connor P.J., 1986: Selective repair of methylated purines in regions of chromatin dna

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384393

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384394

Mariani C., 1981: Selective replication of ribosomal dna repeats after loss of the abnormal oocyte phenotype in drosophila melanogaster

Toyoshima K., 1979: Selective replication of transformation defective avian sarcoma virus mutants in duck embryo fibroblasts

Pigon A., 1986: Selective repression of rna polymerase ii by microinjected phosvitin

Crothers D.M., 1979: Selective repression of transcription by base sequence specific synthetic polymers

Sarkar N., 1981: Selective resistance of bacterial poly adenylate containing rna to hydrolysis by cyclic gmp sensitive nuclease of bacillus brevis

Eichner R.D., 1987: Selective resistance of bone marrow derived hemopoietic progenitor cells to gliotoxin

Ryden O.O., 1982: Selective resistance to approach a precursor to fear responses to an alarm call in great tit parus major nestlings

Pereira M.A., 1985: Selective resistance to cytotoxic agents in hepatocytes isolated from partially hepatectomized and neoplastic mouse liver

De-Chaffoy, D.; Kondo, M., 1976: Selective resistance to desiccation of nuclear rna synthesis in isolated nuclei of artemia salina embryos during preemergence development

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384404

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384405

Dixon A.F.G., 1982: Selective resorption of aphid embryos megoura viciae and habitat changes relative to life span

Hassen, A. H.; St-John, W. M.; Wang, S. C., 1976: Selective respiratory depressant action of morphine compared to meperidine in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384408

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384409

Pavia, C. S.; Baseman, J. B.; Folds, J. D., 1977: Selective response of lymphocytes from treponema pallidum infected rabbits to mitogens and treponema reiteri

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384411

Kulin, E. T.; Boyarinova, S. I.; Egorova, T. D.; Kormilitsyn, L. M., 1977: Selective response of some arthropods to an electro magnetic field in the frequency range of 100 800 million hertz

Stanic V., 1983: Selective response of the protocerebral neuro secretory cells of the cerambyx cerdo larvae to the effect of different factors

Gordon, R. D.; Samelson, L. E.; Simpson, E., 1977: Selective response to h y antigen by f 1 female mice sensitized to f 1 male cells

Hayry, P.; Roberts, P. J.; Ranki, A.; Weber, T., 1976: Selective responses of mouse thymus dependent lymphocytes to different thymus dependent mitogens and in mixed lymphocyte culture induced cytolysis reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384416

Orkin, S. H., 1978: Selective restriction endo nuclease cleavage of human globin genes

Shao, T. C.; Castaneda, E.; Rosenfield, R. L.; Liao, S., 1975: Selective retention and formation of a delta 5 androstenediol receptor complex in cell nuclei of the rat vagina

Stolzenbach K.D., 1985: Selective retention of 2 dinoflagellates in a well mixed estuarine embayment the importance of diel vertical migration and surface avoidance

Tjaden U.R., 1985: Selective retention of catecholamines and their derivatives in reversed phase ion pair partition chromatography

Duerrschmidt M., 1987: Selective retention of chloroplasts by algivorous heliozoa fortuitous chloroplast symbiosis?

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384422

Zhang J H., 1982: Selective retention of promethium 147 in liver and its injury effect in early stage

Hershberger C.L., 1983: Selective retention of recombinant plasmids coding for human insulin

Mentzer, W. C. Jr ; Baehner, R. L.; Schmidt-Schoebein, H.; Robinson, S. H.; Nathan, D. G., 1971: Selective reticulocyte destruction in erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency

Edwards, M. A.; Sharma, S. C.; Murray, M., 1985: Selective retinal reinnervation of a surgically created tectal island in goldfish 1. light microscopic analysis

Edwards, M. A.; Murray, M., 1985: Selective retinal reinnervation of a surgically created tectal island in goldfish 2. electron microscopic analysis

Frith C.D., 1983: Selective retrieval and free emission of category exemplars in schizophrenia

Jasiewicz, M. L.; Schoenberg, D. R.; Mueller, G. C., 1976: Selective retrieval of biotin labeled cells using immobilized avidin

Aizenman E., 1984: Selective retrograde axonal transport of free glycine in identified neurons of aplysia californica

Streit P., 1980: Selective retrograde labeling indicating the transmitter of neuronal pathways

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384432

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384433

Sans A., 1983: Selective retrograde labeling of vestibular efferent neurons with tritium labeled choline

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384435

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384436

Thoenen H., 1979: Selective retrograde trans synaptic transfer of a protein tetanus toxin subsequent to its retrograde axonal transport

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384438

Puizillout J J., 1982: Selective retrograde transport of tritium labeled serotonin in vagal afferents

Ootaki M., 1984: Selective retrograde venography of the internal spermatic vein a new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of varicocele

Sadegh-Nasseri, S.; Kipp, D. E.; Taylor, B. A.; Miller, A.; Sercarz, E., 1984: Selective reversal of h 2 linked genetic unresponsiveness to lysozymes 1. non h 2 genes closely linked to the ir 2 locus on chromosome 2 permits an antilysozyme response in h 2b mice

Sadegh-Nasseri, S.; Dessi, V.; Sercarz, E. E., 1986: Selective reversal of h 2 linked genetic unresponsiveness to lysozymes ii. alteration in the t helper t suppressor balance owing to genes linked to ir 2 leads to responsiveness in balb.b

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384443

Shkurupii V.A., 1986: Selective rheopolyglucin and latex accumulation in the liver cells and the response of the liver parenchyma to acute carbon tetrachloride poisoning

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384445

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384446

Anwar S., 1979: Selective role of oxidants in the presence of cation exchange resins in sodium form for the detection and differentiation of acidic basic and neutral amino acids

Tada, T.; Takemori, T., 1974: Selective roles of thymus derived lymphocytes in the antibody response part 1 differential suppressive effect of carrier primed thymus derived cells on hapten specific immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g antibody responses

Takemori, T.; Tada, T., 1974: Selective roles of thymus derived lymphocytes in the antibody response part 2 preferential suppression of high affinity antibody forming cells by carrier primed suppressor thymus derived cells

Leigh R.J., 1986: Selective saccadic palsy caused by pontine lesions clinical physiological and pathological correlations

Clark A.J., 1987: Selective sacral cryoneurolysis in the treatment of patients with detrusor instability hyperreflexia and hypersensitive bladder

Thueroff J.W., 1987: Selective sacral nerve blockade for the treatment of unstable bladders

Collard P., 1980: Selective salpingography preliminary results

Frattini C., 1987: Selective sampling and capillary gas chromatography in the analysis of essential oils

Farsund T., 1982: Selective sampling of cells for morphological and quantitative cytology of bladder epithelium

Brady T.J., 1984: Selective saturation nmr imaging

Bialek, G. E.; Horvath, G.; Garab, G. I.; Mustardy, L. A.; Faludi-Daniel, A., 1977: Selective scattering spectra as an approach to internal structure of granal and agranal chloroplasts

De-Haas, G.; De-Graaf, C. N.; Ruijs, J. H. J.; Van-Waes, P. F. G. M., 1978: Selective scinti angiography of the kidney with xenon 133 comparison of blood flow measurement and x ray angiography preliminary study

Shepherd P.A., 1986: Selective screening device for the early detection of normal or delayed cognitive development in infants at risk for later mental retardation

Reinke D.B., 1988: Selective screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms with physical examination and ultrasound

Krishnaswami H., 1986: Selective screening for carcinoma cervix in south indian women

Hakama, M.; Pukkala, E., 1977: Selective screening for cervical cancer experience of the finnish mass screening system

Gilat T., 1981: Selective screening for colo rectal tumors in the tel aviv israel area relevance of epidemiology and family history

Ivanov A.I., 1987: Selective screening of gene mutations expressed in ectoderm derivatives in drosophila

Baddour, L. M.; Jennings, B. R.; Osborne, P. T.; Rendtorff, R. C.; Moffatt, M. C.; Luther, G. M.; Holcomb, J. L., 1986: Selective screening of hospitalized patients for the presence of asymptomatic hepatitis b virus carriage predictability based on census tract data

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Saastamoinen P., 1979: Selective screening theory and practice based on high risk groups of cervical cancer

Ulrich R., 1985: Selective search in short term memory under ideal conditions of test stimulus categorization

Munder P.G., 1979: Selective sensitivity of chronic myelogenous leukemia cell populations to alkyl lyso phospho lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384470

Andreichuk I.E., 1984: Selective sensitivity to food allergens

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384472

Weber G., 1986: Selective sensitivity to tiazofurin of human leukemic cells

Domjan M., 1981: Selective sensitization induced by lithium malaise and foot shock in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384475

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384476

Sasai, Y.; Kumano, S.; Namba, K.; Agatsuma, Y., 1978: Selective separation of epidermal cells for cyto fluorometric estimation of nuclear dna

Morikawa H., 1987: Selective separation of gamma linolenic acid ethyl ester using y zeolite

Lee, D. W.; Halmann, M., 1976: Selective separation of nickel ii by di methyl glyoxime treated poly urethane foam

Ohno M., 1985: Selective separation of tryptophan containing peptides via hydrophobic modification with 2 nitro 4 carboxyphenylsulfenyl chloride

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384481

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384482

Jensson O., 1982: Selective serum immuno globulin a deficiency in icelanders frequency family studies and immuno globulin levels

Stoop, J. W.; Eijsvoogel, V. P.; Zegers, B. J. M.; Blok-Schut, B.; Van-Bekkum, D. W.; Ballieux, R. E., 1976: Selective severe cellular immuno deficiency effect of thymus transplantation and transfer factor administration

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384485

Bassalyk L.S., 1986: Selective shedding of gangliosides from tumor cells of mouse sarcoma 37

Grusell E., 1985: Selective shielding of a p silicon detector for quality independence

Ong, H. T., 1978: Selective shift in the metabolic pathways of excised tomato cotyledons in response to mannitol induced water stress

Harper A.B., 1982: Selective significance of partial apomixis

Price D.L., 1988: Selective silver impregnation of senile plaques a method useful for computer imaging

Nagai H., 1982: Selective silver stain of lysine rich basic proteins separated in poly acrylamide gels

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384494

Glaudemans C.P.J., 1987: Selective silylation of beta d galactosides a new approach to the synthesis of 1 6 beta d galactopyranooligosaccharides

Morton B., 1980: Selective site segregation in patelloida pygmaea and patelloida lampanicola gastropoda patellacea on a hong kong shore

Walborg E.F.Jr, 1982: Selective solubilization and purification of cell surface concanavalin a binding glyco proteins from novikoff hepato cellular carcinoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384498

Brendel K., 1983: Selective solubilization of 2 populations of poly peptides from bovine retinal basement membranes

Kurisaki, J. I.; Yamauchi, K., 1977: Selective solubilization of apo lipo proteins from hens egg yolk very low density lipo protein with guanidine hydro chloride and urea

Davie J.R., 1987: Selective solubilization of beta globin oligonucleosomes at low ionic strength

Shimizu, M.; Kanno, C.; Yamauchi, K., 1978: Selective solubilization of bovine milk fat globule membrane proteins with guanidine hydro chloride and disposition of some of the proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384503

Delrot S., 1987: Selective solubilization of membrane proteins differentially labeled by p chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid in the presence of sucrose

Maruyama M., 1986: Selective solubilization of physalaemin type substance p binding sites from rat brain membranes by glycodeoxycholate and sodium chloride

Rydstrom, J., 1976: Selective solubilization of the components of the mitochondrial inner membrane by lyso lecithin

Brown T.J., 1983: Selective solution of macro invertebrate calcareous hard parts a laboratory study

Gupta, S. B.; Gupta, P., 1973: Selective somatic elimination of nicotiana glutinosa chromosomes in the f 1 hybrids of nicotiana suaveolens and nicotiana glutinosa

Ferrante, R. J.; Kowall, N. W.; Beal, M. F.; Richardson, E. P-Jr ; Bird, E. D.; Martin, J. B., 1985: Selective sparing of a class of striatal neurons in huntington's disease

Lampert, I. A.; Thorpe, P.; Van-Noorden, S.; Marsh, J.; Goldman, J. M.; Gordon-Smith, E. C.; Evans, D. J., 1985: Selective sparing of enterochromaffin cells in graft vs. host disease affecting the colonic mucosa

Sindhwani S.K., 1986: Selective spectrophotometric determination of copper ii with 3 hydroxy 2 methyl 1 4 naphthoquinone monoxime

Kavlentis E., 1988: Selective spectrophotometric determination of cysteine in the presence of cystine methionine and the remaining amino acids using the palladium ii dpph complex

Beneyto J.E., 1981: Selective spectrophotometric determination of ftorafur with phloroglucinol

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384514

Casassas E., 1985: Selective spectrophotometric determination of purine nucleosides with phloroglucinol

Falla A., 1980: Selective spermatic arteriography for localization of an impalpable undescended testis

Wuethrich K., 1979: Selective spin decoupling in the j resolved 2 dimensional proton nmr spectra of proteins

Kiseleva T.M., 1988: Selective spin labeling of n acetylneuraminic acid residue in oligosaccharide of immunoglobulin m fab region

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384519

Brisson N., 1979: Selective spin labeling of the ribosomal proteins of 70s ribosomes from escherichia coli

Arutiunian A.E., 1988: Selective spin labelling of an n acetylneuraminic acid residue in the fab region oligosaccharide of immunoglobulin m

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384522

Kaufman J.C.E., 1982: Selective spinal cordectomy clinico pathological correlation

Berkowicz, M.; Rath, P.; Aghai, E.; Many, A.; Ben-Bassat, I.; Hulu, N.; Ramot, B.; Brenner, H., 1978: Selective splenectomy in hodgkins disease stages i and ii results of treatment

Abdalla P., 1985: Selective splenorenal shunt and posttransfusion hepatitis short term and medium term follow up

Egel, R., 1977: Selective spore survival during replica plating of fission yeast

Challier, A.; Eyraud, M.; Laveissiere, C., 1978: Selective spraying of residual insecticides in resting places of riverine tsetse flies tests in guinea savannah and possibility of application in the different bio climatic areas of west africa

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384528

Changeux, J. P.; Danchin, A., 1976: Selective stabilization of developing synapses as a mechanism for the specification of neuronal networks

Bulinski J.C., 1988: Selective stabilization of microtubules oriented toward the directions of cell migration

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384531

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384532

Wilson R.J.M., 1985: Selective stage specific changes in the permeability to small hydrophilic solutes of human erythrocytes infected with plasmodium falciparum

Naegele, J. R.; Arimatsu, Y.; Schwartz, P.; Barnstable, C. J., 1988: Selective staining of a subset of gabaergic neurons in cat visual cortex by monoclonal antibody vc1.1

Hawkes R., 1985: Selective staining of a subset of purkinje cells in the human cerebellum with monoclonal antibody mabq 113

Hercz, A.; Barton, M., 1978: Selective staining of alpha 1 anti trypsin alpha 1 protease inhibitor with schiffs reagent after separation from serum by analytical iso electro focusing in poly acrylamide gel

Meyberg M., 1988: Selective staining of fungal hyphae in parasitic and symbiotic plant fungus associations

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384539

Shamoto, M.; Nishio, H.; Katoh, Y.; Senba, H.; Ito, M., 1977: Selective staining of hepatitis b surface antigen in thick epoxy sections of liver

Jung S.M., 1984: Selective staining of human platelet glyco proteins using nitro cellulose transfer of electrophoresed proteins and peroxidase conjugated lectins

Boisseau M.R., 1988: Selective staining of immature hemopoietic cells with merocyanine 540 in flow cytometry

Shelanski M.L., 1986: Selective staining of large projection neurons by monoclonal antibody to a glycoprotein of pc 12 cells

Mowry R.W., 1983: Selective staining of pancreatic beta cell granules evolution and present status

Kehrel, B.; Kokott, R.; Balleisen, L.; Stenzinger, W.; Clemetson, K. J.; Van-De-Loo, J., 1987: Selective staining of platelet glycoproteins using two dimensional o'farrell gel electrophoresis and avidin biotin conjugated lectins

Malinsky, J.; Medunova, E., 1975: Selective staining of synaptic material with phospho tungstic acid and phospho molybdic acid

Ivanov V.B., 1980: Selective staining of the mucilaginous layer of roots with procion brown h 3rs

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384548

Haegele K., 1979: Selective staining of x chromosome segments in schistocerca gregaria after denaturation and reassociation procedures

Yamasaki, N., 1977: Selective staining of y chromosomal loops in drosophila hydei drosophila neohydei and drosophila eohydei

Lavenda N., 1985: Selective staining reactions of involved blood cells prior to symptoms of lymphatic leukemia in mice

Matyukov V.S., 1983: Selective status of beta casein polymorphism in cattle bos taurus

Kovalev V.A., 1983: Selective stimulating effect of focused ultrasound on neurons of the mollusks helix vulgaris and lymnaea stagnalis

Neubauer, R. H.; Rabin, H.; Brown, A. M., 1978: Selective stimulation and differentiation of early antigens in lympho blastoid cell lines producing epstein barr like viruses

Hamilton R.T., 1980: Selective stimulation by mitogens of incorporation of sulfur 35 labeled methionine into a family of proteins released into the medium by 3t3 cells

Nicola N.A., 1983: Selective stimulation by mouse spleen cell conditioned medium of human eosinophil colony formation

Limas C.J., 1979: Selective stimulation by tri iodo thyronine of myo cardial dna polymerase alpha in neo natal rats

Anden N E., 1979: Selective stimulation of central alpha auto receptors following treatment with alpha methyl dopa and fla 136 4 amino 3 2 6 dichlorobenzylidenehydrazino 1 2 4 triazole

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384559

Thornstrom U., 1982: Selective stimulation of dopamine and noradrenaline auto receptors by b ht 920 2 amino 6 allyl 5 6 7 8 tetra hydro 4h thiazolo 5 4 d azepine di hydro chloride and b ht 933 azepexole respectively

Rasmussen H., 1980: Selective stimulation of erythrocyte membrane phospho lipid fatty acid turnover associated with decreased cell volume

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384562

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384563

Eichmann K., 1988: Selective stimulation of human t lymphocyte subsets by heteroconjugates of antibodies to the t cell receptor and to subset specific differentiation antigens

Ichioka M., 1981: Selective stimulation of intra pulpal nerve of rat lower incisor using a bi polar electrode method

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384566

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384567

Arias C., 1982: Selective stimulation of neuro transmitter release from chick retina by kainic acid and glutamic acid

Minna J.D., 1987: Selective stimulation of small cell lung cancer clonal growth by bombesin and gastrin releasing peptide

Adachi K., 1982: Selective stimulation of sulfated glycosamino glycan synthesis by multiplication stimulating activity cartilage derived factor and bone derived growth factor comparison of their actions on cultured chondrocytes with those of fibroblast growth factor and rhodamine fibro sarcoma sarcoma derived growth factor

Kubota, K.; Hashimoto, K., 1973: Selective stimulation of the parasympathetic pre ganglionic nerve fibers in the excised and blood perfused sino atrial node preparation of the dog

Martonosi A., 1981: Selective stimulation of the synthesis of an 80000 dalton protein by calcium ionophores

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384576

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384580

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Rojas Matas C.A., 1984: Selective studies of 4 vessels of the neck angiographic findings on vertebrobasilar circulation

Corkin S., 1984: Selective subject attrition in a longitudinal study of head injured veterans

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384584

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Stenzel K.H., 1979: Selective suppression by adherent cells prostaglandin and cyclic amp analogs of blastogenesis induced by different mitogens

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384605

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Dixon F.J., 1980: Selective suppression of retroviral gp 70 anti gp 70 immune complex formation by prostaglandin e 1 in murine systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384615

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384616

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384617

Ada G.L., 1980: Selective suppression of the cyto toxic t cell response to influenza virus in mice

Hamaoka T., 1988: Selective suppression of the generation of anti tumor l3t4 positive but not of lyt 2 positive t cell mediated immunity in the tumor bearing state

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384620

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384621

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Adler L.T., 1982: Selective suppressive effects of anti allotype antibodies on spleen cells of adult rabbits

Fauci A.S., 1984: Selective suppressive effects of glucocorticoid on the early events in the human b cell activation process

Straus F.H.II, 1984: Selective surface staining of bladder tumors by intra vesical methylene blue with enhanced endoscopic identification

Gemsenjaeger E., 1987: Selective surgery of rectal carcinoma

Wenger D.R., 1981: Selective surgical containment for legg perthes disease recognition and management of complications

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Motta G., 1987: Selective surgical resection in the management of small cell carcinoma of the lung

Machalek R., 1984: Selective survival aging and society

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384639

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Loukopoulos D., 1984: Selective survival of only the healthy fetus following pre natal diagnosis of thalassemia major in bin ovular twin gestation

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Farel, P. B., 1980: Selective synaptic changes following spinal moto neuron axotomy

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384652

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384653

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Imashuku S., 1987: Selective synthesis and retention of 66k protein in a human neuroblastoma cell line ncg treated with cytotoxic dosage of delta 12 prostaglandin j 2

Moss B., 1987: Selective synthesis and secretion of particles composed of the hepatitis b virus middle surface protein directed by a recombinant vaccinia virus induction of antibodies to pre s and s epitopes

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384657

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384658

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Kleinkauf H., 1984: Selective synthesis of depsipeptides by the immobilized multienzyme enniatin synthetase

Banyushin B.F., 1983: Selective synthesis of dna in rat brain induced by learning

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384662

Taber D.F., 1982: Selective synthesis of octa deuterated racemic 5s hydroxy 6 trans 8 11 14 cis eicosatetraenoic acid for use in gas chromatography mass spectrometry quantitation of 5s hydroxy 6 trans 8 11 14 cis eicosatetraenoic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384664

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384665

Revillard J.P., 1987: Selective t cell defects induced by dopamine administration in mice

Dernoeden P.H., 1986: Selective tall fescue festuca arundinacea control in kentucky bluegrass poa pratensis turf with diclofop

Miyauchi Y., 1984: Selective targeting of anti cancer drug and simultaneous image enhancement in solid tumors by arterially administered lipid contrast medium

Fand I., 1987: Selective targeting of boronophenylalanine to melanoma in balb c mice for neutron capture therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384670

Senyei A.E., 1983: Selective targeting of magnetic albumin microspheres to the yoshida sarcoma ultrastructural evaluation of microsphere disposition

Weihrauch P., 1988: Selective termination of pregnancy by small section in the twenty fourth week in a discordant twin pregnancy and spontaneous birth full term of a healthy child

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384673

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384674

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384675

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Averette H.E., 1979: Selective therapy for early cancer of the cervix part 1 surgically explored nonresected cases

Averette H.E., 1979: Selective therapy for early cancer of the cervix part 2 surgically nonexplored cases

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384679

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384682

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Lazaridi K.L., 1983: Selective thrombolytic re canalization of coronary arteries in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384692

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384693

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384694

Fernandez Alvarez E., 1987: Selective thromboxane synthetase inhibitors and antihypertensive agents new derivatives of 4 hydrazino 5h pyridazino 4 5 b indole 4 hydrazinopyridazino 4 5 a indole and related compounds

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384701

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384702

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384712

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384715

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Pandey R.M., 1982: Selective toxicity of ocimum canum extract against cyperus rotundus

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384721

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Adlakha R.L., 1981: Selective toxicity of some insecticides to the adults of ladybird beetle coccinella septempunctata and cabbage aphid brevicoryne brassicae

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384727

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384728

Mansfield J.W., 1981: Selective toxicity of wyerone and other phyto alexins to gram positive bacteria

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384734

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384737

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384738

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384747

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384768

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Deck J.H.N., 1979: Selective traumatic infarction of the human anterior hypothalamus clinical anatomical correlation

Lorber, J., 1974: Selective treatment of myelo meningocele to treat or not to treat

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384772

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Et Al, 1984: Selective tropism of lymph adenopathy associated virus for helper inducer t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384777

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Viravathana T., 1980: Selective tumor heating by shortwave radio frequency

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Cone R.E., 1980: Selective turnover and shedding of h 2k and h 2d antigens is controlled by the major histo compatibility complex implications for h 2 restricted recognition

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384783

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384784

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384785

Gorbunoff, M. J., 1970: Selective tyrosine modification with cyanuric fluoride

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384789

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Ulvik N.M., 1983: Selective uptake by the sertoli cells of cytoplasm from normal spermatogonia in the rat testis

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Skilleter D.N., 1980: Selective uptake of cadmium by the parenchymal cells of liver

Shelley, W. B.; Juhlin, L., 1977: Selective uptake of contact allergens by the langerhans cell

Laxmyr L., 1979: Selective uptake of exogenous catecholamines into nerve fibers in crustaceans a fluorescence histochemical investigation

Angel A., 1988: Selective uptake of hdl cholesterol ester by human fat cells

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384799

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384800

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384801

Kanevskii Yu P., 1981: Selective uptake of lithium and sodium ions from fresh water by the lamprey lampetra fluviatilis

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Detwiler P.B., 1982: Selective uptake of lucifer yellow by retinal cells

Kotz S., 1983: Selective uptake of lucifer yellow into different cell populations of the developing chicken retina

Herschkowitz N., 1986: Selective uptake of neuroactive amino acids by both oligodendrocytes and astrocytes in primary dissociated culture a possible role for oligodendrocytes in neurotransmitter metabolism

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Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384810

Schubert, P.; Kreutzberg, G. W.; Reinhold, K.; Herz, A., 1973: Selective uptake of tritiated 6 hydroxy dopamine by neurons of the central nervous system

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384812

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384813

Pujol J.F., 1980: Selective uptake of tritium labeled gamma amino butyrate by rat supraependymal and subependymal nerve fibers histological and high resolution radioautographic studies

Keen P., 1983: Selective uptake of tritium labeled glutamine and tritium labeled glutamate into neurons and satellite cells of dorsal root ganglia in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384816

Murphy W.M., 1986: Selective urethrectomy following cystoprostatectomy for bladder cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384818

Gieb S.P., 1982: Selective use of black tailed prairie dog cynomys ludovicianus towns by mountain plovers charadrius montanus

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384820

Woods W.G.A., 1986: Selective use of operative cholangiography

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384822

Et Al, 1987: Selective use of the v h q52 family in functional v h to dj h rearrangements in a b precursor cell line

Peters R.M., 1981: Selective use of ventilator therapy in flail chest injury

Ohta T., 1984: Selective utilization of 2 thioribothymidine containing and ribothymidine containing transfer rna by the protein synthetic systems of thermus thermophilus hb 8 depending on the environmental temperature

Ojala A., 1983: Selective utilization of copper and zinc in 3 species of vaccinium ericaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384827

Higashi T., 1980: Selective utilization of fatty acid as energy source in carp cyprinus carpio

Whitehurst M.C., 1982: Selective utilization of omega 6 and omega 3 poly unsaturated fatty acids by human skin fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384830

Bean, B.; Tomasz, A., 1973: Selective utilization of pyrimidine deoxy ribo nucleosides for dna synthesis in pneumococcus

Keppler, D. O. R.; Pausch, J.; Decker, K., 1974: Selective utp deficiency induced by d galactosamine in liver and reversed by pyrimidine nucleotide precursors effect of rna synthesis

Steigleder G K., 1981: Selective uv photo therapy for prophylaxis of polymorphous light eruption

Kleine Natrop H.E., 1981: Selective uv photo therapy in psoriasis especially in exanthematic eruptions

Horoupian, D. S.; Kini, K. R.; Weiss, L.; Follmer, R., 1978: Selective vacuolar myopathy with atrophy of type ii fibers occurrence in a childhood case of acid maltase deficiency

Randall W.C., 1986: Selective vagal innervation of sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes in canine heart

Ardell J.L., 1986: Selective vagal innervation of the heart

Amdrup, B. M.; Griffith, C. A., 1969: Selective vagotomy of the parietal cell mass part 1 with preservation of the innervated antrum and pylorus

Amdrup, B. M.; Griffith, C. A., 1969: Selective vagotomy of the parietal cell mass part 2 with suprapyloric mucosal antrectomy and suprapyloric antral resection

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384840

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Marzilli M., 1981: Selective vaso dilatation of the sub epi cardial coronary vasculature induced by carbocromen

Walsh G.M., 1986: Selective vasodilation produced by renal denervation in adult spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384844

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384845

Makarenko G.I., 1981: Selective venography of retained testes

Tomlanovich M.C., 1987: Selective venous hypercarbia during human cpr implications regarding blood flow

Kageyama N., 1984: Selective venous sampling for acth in cushings disease

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384849

Jensen R.T., 1986: Selective venous sampling for gastrin to localize gastrinomas a prospective assessment

Reid J.L., 1979: Selective venous sampling in the diagnosis and localization of pheo chromo cytoma

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384852

Besson, G.; Leguyader, J.; Bedou, G.; Garre, H., 1975: Selective ventriculography according to the technique of corrales its usefulness for the diagnosis of tumors in the 3rd ventricle and posterior fossa

Et Al, 1983: Selective vertebral angiography

Romano, T. J.; Nowakowski, M.; Bloom, B. R.; Thorbecke, G. J., 1977: Selective viral immuno suppression of the graft vs host reaction

Vallar G., 1984: Selective visual interference with right hemisphere performance in verbal recall a divided field study

Logan, G. D., 1976: Selective visual processing with tilt and color cues

Becker M.M., 1988: Selective visualization of gene structure with uv light

Thomazy V., 1987: Selective visualization of human dendritic reticulum cells in reactive lymphoid follicles by the immunohistochemical demonstration of the subunit a of factor xiii f xiiia

Peterson C.A., 1979: Selective vital staining of companion cells of potato solanum tuberosum cultivar irish cobbler tuber and parsnip root with neutral red

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384861

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Ballas, S.; Hornstein, E.; Jaffa, A. J.; Toaff, R., 1980: Selective vs. routine intra partum monitoring comparison of effects on peri natal outcome

Sano K., 1984: Selective vulnerability in the gerbil hippocampus following transient ischemia

Angermeier W.F., 1986: Selective vulnerability of hippocampus and disturbances of memory storage after mild unilateral ischemia of gerbil brain

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Epstein F.H., 1984: Selective vulnerability of the medullary thick ascending limb to anoxia in the isolated perfused rat kidney

Myers R.R., 1988: Selective vulnerability of unmyelinated fiber schwann cells in nerves exposed to local anesthetics

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384871

Dawson J.H., 1980: Selective weed control from s ethyl di propyl thio carbamate applied with seed of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar vernal

Kapusta G., 1984: Selective weed control in spring planted alfalfa effect on leafhoppers and planthoppers homoptera auchenorrhyncha with emphasis on potato leafhopper empoasca fabae

Dawson J.H., 1981: Selective weed control with s ethyl di propyl thio carbamate treated seed of alfalfa medicago sativa

Kudaktin, A. N., 1978: Selective wolf predation on ungulates in a caucasian nature reserve

Hessen, D. O., 1985: Selective zooplankton predation by pre adult roach rutilus rutilus the size selective hypothesis vs. the visibility selective hypothesis

Li D H., 1986: Selectively antimetastatic effects of aryltriazene methoxypyrimidine on lewis lung carcinoma

Tympner F., 1981: Selectively aspirated pure pancreatic secretion viscosity trypsin activity protein concentration and lactoferrin content of pancreatic juice in chronic pancreatitis

Section 7 , Chapter 6385, Accession 006384879

Matthews, H. R.; Matthews, K. S.; Opella, S. J., 1977: Selectively deuterated amino acid analogs synthesis incorporation into proteins and nmr properties

Volkman A., 1985: Selectively eliminated blood monocytes and splenic suppressor macrophages in mice depleted of bone marrow by strontium 89

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384882

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384883

Browne, D. T.; Earl, E. M.; Otvos, J. D., 1976: Selectively enriched gamma carbon 13 histidine as a nmr probe of enzyme structure and function synthesis and incorporation into escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase

Chashichin V.L., 1984: Selectively immobilized cytochrome c as an effective affinity ligand for electron transfer proteins

Shibata M., 1985: Selectively increased production of acidic actinomycin congener b 1625 fa 2 beta on combined use of sarcosine and ferrous sulfate

King J.L., 1984: Selectively neutral alleles with significant phenotypic effects a steady state model

Stamberg, J.; Koltin, Y., 1971: Selectively recombining b incompatibility factors of schizophyllum commune

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384889

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384890

Kajitani H., 1984: Selectivities of 1 acylglycerophosphoryl choline acyl transferase and acyl coenzyme a synthetase for n 3 poly unsaturated fatty acids in platelets and liver microsomes

Robson L.E., 1984: Selectivities of opioid peptide analogs as agonists and antagonists at the delta receptor

Pennefather J.N., 1986: Selectivities of some agonists acting at alpha 1 adrenoreceptors and alpha 2 adrenoreceptors in the rat vas deferens

Oyamada, M.; Tanaka, T.; Takasawa, Y.; Takematsu, T., 1985: Selectivity and absorption of the herbicide naproanilide in rice plants oryza sativa and sagittaria pygmaea

Okuyama H., 1986: Selectivity and contribution of lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase to plasma cholesterol ester formation

Jenneman G.E., 1986: Selectivity and depth of microbial plugging in berea sandstone cores

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384897

Linhart S.B., 1984: Selectivity and effectiveness of pan tension devices for coyote canis latrans foothold traps

Whang S.C., 1985: Selectivity and efficacy of two new media for classification of klebsiella species

Tamura Z., 1985: Selectivity and efficiency of utilization of galactosyl oligosaccharides by bifidobacteria

Lee R.B. , 1982: Selectivity and kinetics of ion uptake by barley hordeum vulgare cultivar midas plants following nutrient deficiency

Taylor P.S., 1987: Selectivity and patch measurements of a current channels in helix aspersa neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384903

Chandrasekaran S., 1984: Selectivity and reactivity in some oxidations with pentavalent and hexavalent chromium reagents a short synthesis of norbisabolide

Parsons S.M., 1986: Selectivity and regulation in the phospholipase a 2 mediated attack on cholinergic synaptic vesicles by beta bungarotoxin

Onuigbo W.I.B., 1979: Selectivity and rejectivity in cancer metastasis

Khodorov B.I., 1983: Selectivity and sensitivity to hydrogen block of batracho toxin modified sodium channels in nerve fiber membrane

Nakagawa C., 1987: Selectivity and specificity for alpha 1 adrenoceptor blocking activity of r levo and s dextro ym 12617 orally administered to pithed spontaneously hypertensive rats

Gonias S.L., 1988: Selectivity and stereospecificity of the reactions of dichlorodiammineplatinum ii with three purified plasma proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384911

Wegmueller E., 1979: Selectivity as a clue to diagnosis of postural proteinuria

Leonard C.M., 1985: Selectivity between faces in the responses of a population of neurons in the cortex in the superior temporal sulcus of the monkey macaca mulatta

Maire A., 1982: Selectivity by 6 snow melt mosquito species for larval habitats in quebec canada subarctic string bogs

Skobeleva O.V., 1982: Selectivity characteristics of cation channels in nitella flexilis plasmalemma

Meyerhoff M.E., 1982: Selectivity characteristics of potentiometric carbon di oxide sensors with various gas membrane materials

Kobos R.K., 1983: Selectivity enhancement of a bacterial arginine electrode

Rechnitz G.A., 1981: Selectivity enhancement of a tissue based adenosine sensing membrane electrode

Kobos R.K., 1987: Selectivity enhancement of an escherichia coli bacterial electrode using enzyme and transport inhibitors

Harper, D. R.; Appleby, A. P., 1984: Selectivity factors relative to asulam for senecio jacobaea control in medicago sativa 1. retention uptake and translocation

Harper, D. R.; Appleby, A. P., 1984: Selectivity factors relative to asulam for senecio jacobaea control in medicago sativa 2. metabolism

Stjarne, L., 1975: Selectivity for catecholamine of presynaptic alpha receptors involved in feedback control of sympathetic neuro transmitter secretion in guinea pig vas deferens

Simmons A.M., 1988: Selectivity for harmonic structure in complex sounds by the green treefrog hyla cinerea

Takahashi, T.; Konishi, M., 1986: Selectivity for interaural time difference in the owl's midbrain

Helmkamp B.F., 1984: Selectivity for ovarian cancer of an improved serum radio immunoassay for human ovarian tumor associated antigen nb 70k

Tyler, C. W., 1978: Selectivity for spatial frequency and bar width in cat visual cortex

Glezer V.D., 1979: Selectivity for spatial frequency and bar width in cat visual cortex reply to tyler

Onyiriuka S.O., 1986: Selectivity in aromatic substitution effects of micellar 6 hydroxystearate on the chlorination of phenol

Dean, R. T., 1978: Selectivity in endocytosis of serum and cytosol proteins by macrophages in culture

Hylleberg, J.; Gallucci, V. F., 1975: Selectivity in feeding by the deposit feeding bivalve macoma nasuta

Vierucci A., 1988: Selectivity in igg subclass response to hepatitis b vaccine in infants born to hbsag positive mothers

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384932

Siegel, B. Z.; Siegel, S. M.; Speitel, T., 1977: Selectivity in mercury copper and mercury iron accumulation in plants

Subak Sharpe J.H., 1979: Selectivity in metabolic cooperation between cultured mammalian cells

Smith G.L., 1985: Selectivity in mobilization of stored fatty acids by maturing cod gadus morhua

Dipple A., 1979: Selectivity in nucleoside alkylation and aralkylation in relation to chemical carcinogenesis

Trench R.K., 1983: Selectivity in phagocytosis and persistence of symbiotic algae by the scyphistoma stage of the jellyfish cassiopeia xamachana

Turpijn E.W., 1988: Selectivity in progesterone and androgen receptor binding of progestogens used in oral contraceptives

Mitani, T.; Kadota, H., 1976: Selectivity in protein degradation during sporulation of bacillus subtilis

Williams T.P., 1984: Selectivity in rhodopsin phospholipid interactions

Mendell L.M., 1980: Selectivity in synaptic changes caudal to acute spinal cord transection

Jefcoate C.R., 1985: Selectivity in the binding of hydroxylated benzo a pyrene derivatives to purified cytochrome p 450

Baumann P., 1988: Selectivity in the binding of psychotropic drugs to the variants of alpha 1 acid glycoprotein

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384944

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384945

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384946

Viout P., 1982: Selectivity in the reduction of androst 4 ene 3 17 dione and of progesterone by diverse borohydrides role of electrophilic assistance by the cation of a hydroxylated solvent

Bauer G.B., 1987: Selectivity in the responses of hamsters to conspecific vocalizations

Grue-Sorensen, G.; Kjaer, A.; Norrestam, R.; Wieczorkowska, E., 1977: Selectivity in the transfer of specified dia stereotopic methyl groups from a di methyl sulfonium ion

Roe P., 1987: Selectivity in transmission to crab hosts by the symbiotic nemertean carcinonemertes epialti

Sharkey, P. J.; Pate, J. S., 1975: Selectivity in xylem to phloem transfer of amino acids in fruiting shoots of white lupine lupinus albus

Boldt, P. F.; Putnam, A. R., 1980: Selectivity mechanism for foliar applications of diclofop methyl 1. retention absorption translocation and volatility

Takagi M., 1987: Selectivity mechanisms of sethoxydim absorption into tissues of corn zea mays and pea pisum sativum

Guengerich F.P., 1983: Selectivity of 1 phenyl imidazole as a ligand for cytochrome p 450 and as an inhibitor of microsomal oxidation

Hall, J. C.; Swanton, C. J., 1988: Selectivity of 2 4 d in solanum ptycanthum dun. and lycopersicon esculentum mill

Zou G., 1985: Selectivity of 2 d alanine 5 d benzylserine enkephalin on mu and delta opiate receptor subtypes

Keller, W. J.; Ferguson, G. G., 1976: Selectivity of 4 methoxy phenethylamine derivatives as inhibitors of mono amine oxidase

Hough L.B., 1983: Selectivity of 4 methyl histamine at h 1 receptors and h 2 receptors in the guinea pig isolated ileum

Kaldor J., 1980: Selectivity of 5 insecticides for codling moth laspeyresia pomonella control effects on the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae and its predators

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384961

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384962

Elion, G. B.; Furman, P. A.; Fyfe, J. A.; De-Miranda, P.; Beauchamp, L.; Schaeffer, H. J., 1977: Selectivity of action of an anti herpetic agent 9 2 hydroxyethoxymethyl guanine

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384964

Schmid H.H.O., 1985: Selectivity of acyl transfer between phospholipids arachidonoyl transacylase in dog heart membranes

Kawada, M.; Satoh, K.; Taira, N., 1984 : Selectivity of alinidine a bradycardic agent for sinoatrial nodal automaticity vs. other cardiac activities in isolated blood perfused dog heart preparations

Sze, H.; Hodges, T. K., 1977: Selectivity of alkali cation influx across the plasma membrane of oat roots cation specificity of the plasma membrane atpase

Cabeza-Meckert, P. M.; Laguens, R. P., 1988: Selectivity of alterations in skeletal fibers in chronic chagas' disease of the mouse

Janssen, J., 1976: Selectivity of an artificial filter feeder and suction feeders on calanoid copepods

Haber E., 1983: Selectivity of angiotensin ii anti sera

Cavanaugh, P. E. Jr ; Ho, Y. K.; Hughes, R. G. Jr ; Bardos, T. J., 1982: Selectivity of anti templates as inhibitors of dna polymerases ec

Kornguth S.E., 1985: Selectivity of antibody mediated destruction of axons in the cats optic nerve

Tapia, M. C.; Cohen, L. G.; Starr, A., 1987: Selectivity of attenuation i.e. gating of somatosensory potentials during voluntary movement in humans

Lee T.T., 1984: Selectivity of auxin for induction and growth of callus from excised embryo of spring and winter wheat triticum aestivum

Orlova A.M., 1985: Selectivity of baitex detection during forensic chemical study of biological material

Fischer J.L., 1987: Selectivity of basolateral anion exchange in the acidification pathway of turtle bladder

Van Zwieten P.A., 1983: Selectivity of benzodioxan alpha adrenoceptor antagonists for alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors determined by binding affinity

Hargreave F.E., 1979: Selectivity of beta adreno receptor antagonist drugs assessed by histamine bronchial provocation

Lofdahl C G., 1982: Selectivity of beta adrenoceptor agonists and antagonists in asthmatics

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384980

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384981

Vanhoutte P.M., 1981: Selectivity of calcium antagonism and serotonin antagonism with respect to venous and arterial tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384983

Valeev A.E., 1979: Selectivity of calcium channels of somatic membrane of helix pomatia neurons for calcium strontium and barium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384986

Ikuta F., 1987: Selectivity of cell degeneration and histological peculiarities of the repair process in the developing rat spinal cord after ethylnitrosourea administration

Yamada K., 1986: Selectivity of cerebral vasodilators on basilar arteries

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384989

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384990

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384991

Jones J.H., 1985: Selectivity of dextro propyl 9 hydroxynaphthoxazine for dopamine receptors in vitro and in vivo

Yamada, K.; Okuyama, H., 1978: Selectivity of di acyl glycero phosphate synthesis in sub cellular fractions of rat liver

Todd, B. G.; Stobbe, E. H., 1977: Selectivity of dichlofop methyl among wheat barley wild oat avena fatua and green foxtail setaria viridis

Shimabukuro R.H., 1980: Selectivity of diclofop methyl between wheat triticum aestivum and wild oat avena fatua growth and herbicide metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384996

Aleksandrov A.A., 1988: Selectivity of dna methylase bspri

Section 7, Chapter 6385, Accession 006384998

Stalberg E.V., 1985: Selectivity of electromyographic recording techniques a simulation study

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