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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6386

Chapter 6386 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lansac A.R.; Cadahai E.; Garcia Baudin J.M., 1984: Selectivity of euphorbia lathyris to chlortoluron results from the accumulation of the herbicide in the leaves

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Kuz'min S.L., 1985: Selectivity of feeding and feeding behavior of hynobius keyserlingii

Lozano, J. A., 1976: Selectivity of fishing techniques with gill nets on the island of blanquilla venezuela

Klausner R.D.; Wolf D.E., 1980: Selectivity of fluorescent lipid analogs for lipid domains

Leclerc J.; Power G., 1980: Selectivity of fly fishing spinning and gill net for brook char salvelinus fontinalis and ouananiche in a large northern quebec river canada

Carlson, J., 1977: Selectivity of food colors for different organic acid transport systems in rat renal cortex

Heerkloss R., 1979: Selectivity of food intake ingestion rate and fecal discharge in eurytemora affinis calanoida copepoda

Shimazaki K.; Sasaki S.; Yamamoto S., 1981: Selectivity of gill net for pomfret brama japonica

Trent, L.; Pristas, P. J., 1977: Selectivity of gill nets on estuarine and coastal fishes from st andrew bay florida usa

Marquis L.Y.; Comes R.D.; Yang C.P., 1979: Selectivity of glyphosate in creeping red fescue and reed canary grass phalaris arundinacea

Kudaikina I.V.; Dubovoi V.P.; Mikityuk O.D.; Artemenko E.N.; Makeev A.M.; Chkanikov D.I., 1981: Selectivity of herbicidal action of picloram

Shirazi S.S.; Schulze Delrieu K., 1984: Selectivity of histamine for the proximal muscle loop of the cat pylorus

Szalontai B.; Droppa M.; Vigh L.; Joo F.; Horvath G., 1986: Selectivity of homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation in saturation of double bonds of lipids in chloroplast lamellae

Bertrand J., 1988: Selectivity of hooks in the handline fishery of the saya de malha banks indian ocean

Ibragimov A.R.; Shlyapnikov S.V.; Maisuryan N.A.; Arsen'eva E.L.; Bogacheva G.T.; Vengerova T.I.; Rokhlin O.V., 1987: Selectivity of immunoglobulin polypeptide chain interaction quantitative analysis of idiotype and antigen binding activity in reassociated immunoglobulin molecules

Ehrke, M. J.; Cohen, S. A.; Mihich, E., 1978: Selectivity of inhibition by anti cancer agents of mouse spleen immune effector functions involved in responses to sheep erythrocytes

Korot'ko G.F.; Baibekova G.D., 1986: Selectivity of inhibition of the pancreas enzyme secretion after amylase administration into the duodenum

Feng H.T.; Wang T.C., 1984: Selectivity of insecticide to plutella xylostella and apanteles plutellae

Hower A.A.; Davis G.A., 1984: Selectivity of insecticides that kill the potato leafhopper homoptera cicadellidae and alfalfa weevil coleoptera curculionidae and protect the parasite microctonus aethiopoides hymenoptera braconidae

Naslund P.H.; Hultin T., 1981: Selectivity of interaction of univalent cations with mammalian ribosomes studied by equilibrium dialysis in the presence of the potassium analog thallium 204

Garcia Blanco M.A.; Ghosh P.K.; Jayaram B.M.; Ivory S.; Lebowitz P.; Lengyel P., 1985: Selectivity of interferon action in sv 40 transformed cells superinfected with sv 40

Waxman L.; Goldberg A.L., 1986: Selectivity of intracellular proteolysis protein substrates activate the atp dependent protease la

Morgun E.G.; Pachepskii Ya A., 1986: Selectivity of ion exchange sorption in the system calcium chloride magnesium chloride sodium chloride water soil

Clark M.J.; Carter B.D.; Medzihradsky F., 1988: Selectivity of ligand binding to opioid receptors in brain membranes from the rat monkey and guinea pig

Martin J.E.; Sattler C., 1982: Selectivity of melatonin pituitary inhibition for lhrh

Van Charldorp K.J.; Davidesko D.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1988: Selectivity of methoctramine for muscarinic receptors in porcine cerebral arteries

Sager P.R., 1988: Selectivity of methyl mercury effects on cytoskeleton and mitotic progression in cultured cells

Blumberg A.L.; Dubb J.W.; Allison N.L.; Aldins Z.; Ramey K.; Stote R.M., 1988: Selectivity of metoclopramide for endocrine versus renal effects of dopamine in normal humans

Payne J.F.; Bauld C.; Dey A.C.; Kiceniuk J.W.; Williams U., 1984: Selectivity of mixed function oxygenase enzyme induction in flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus collected at the site of the baie verte newfoundland canada oil spill

Chacon, J. D. O., 1978: Selectivity of mono filament gill nets for pescada do piaui plagioscion squamosissimus in reservoir pereira de miranda pentecoste ceara brazil pisces actinopterygii sciaenidae

Doods H.N.; Mathy M J.; Davidesko D.; Van Charldorp K.J.; De Jonge A.; Van Zwieten P.A., 1987: Selectivity of muscarinic antagonists in radioligand and in vivo experiments for the putative m 1 m 2 and m 3 receptors

Heath, J. W.; Burnstock, G., 1977: Selectivity of neuronal degeneration produced by chronic guanethidine treatment

Somogyi P.; Freund T.F.; Halasz N.; Kisvarday Z.F., 1981: Selectivity of neuronal tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid accumulation in the visual cortex as revealed by golgi staining of the labeled neurons

Gorske, S. F.; Hopen, H. J., 1978: Selectivity of nitrofen and oxyfluorfen between portulaca oleracea ecotypes and 2 cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata cultivars

Gambino, M. C.; Passaghe, S.; Chen, Z. M.; Bucchi, F.; Gori, G.; Latini, R.; De-Gaetano, G.; Cerletti, C., 1988: Selectivity of oral aspirin as an inhibitor of platelet vs. vascular cyclooxygenase activity is reduced by portacaval shunt in rats

Odintsov V.S.; Stepura G.S., 1979: Selectivity of organo phosphorus insecticides on the basis of the iso enzyme spectrum of esterases of the bollworm

Reznik S.Ya, 1988: Selectivity of oviposition as a means for the regulation of population density in zygogramma suturalis

Myer Y.P.; Thallum K.K.; Pande J.; Verma B.C., 1980: Selectivity of oxidase and reductase activity of horse heart cytochrome c

Ringdahl B., 1987: Selectivity of partial agonists related to oxotremorine based on differences in muscarinic receptor reserve between the guinea pig ileum and urinary bladder

Layton, T. N.; Frach, G. W., 1981: Selectivity of peak vs. average male urinary flow rates

Mcmillen, B.; Isaac, L., 1974: Selectivity of pentylene tetrazole on brain mono amine metabolism

Gerthoffer W.T.; Shafer P.G.; Taylor S., 1987: Selectivity of phenytoin and dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers for relaxation of the basilar artery

Messer, W. S. Jr ; Hoss, W., 1987: Selectivity of pirenzepine in the central nervous system i. direct autoradiographic comparison of the regional distribution of pirenzepine and carbamylcholine binding sites

Messer, W. S. Jr ; Thomas, G. J.; Hoss, W., 1987: Selectivity of pirenzepine in the central nervous system ii. differential effects of pirenzepine and scopolamine on performance of a representational memory task

Messer, W. S. Jr ; Thomas, G. J.; Price, M.; Hoss, W., 1987: Selectivity of pirenzepine in the central nervous system iii. differential effects of multiple pirenzepine and scopolamine administration on muscarinic receptors as measured autoradiographically

Beutler E., 1983: Selectivity of proteases as a basis for tissue distribution of enzymes in hereditary deficiencies

Hoenig, W.; Kula, M. R., 1976: Selectivity of protein precipitation with poly ethylene glycol fractions of various molecular weights

Page M.; Emond J P.; Smith C., 1982: Selectivity of proteinuria as determined by high pressure liquid chromatography

Lee P C.; Shimizu K.; Rossi T.M.; Cumella J.C., 1988: Selectivity of quercetin inhibition on stimulated amylase release in rat pancreatic acini

Roquebert J., 1986: Selectivity of raubasine stereoisomers for alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the rat

Pym, R. V. E.; Milham, P. J., 1976: Selectivity of reaction among chlorine ammonia and salicylate for determination of ammonia

Wouters I.; Hendrickx S.; Roets E.; Hoogmartens J.; Vanderhaeghe H., 1984: Selectivity of reversed phase packing materials in high performance liquid chromatography of cephalosporins

Miller, J. S.; Burgess, R. R., 1978: Selectivity of rna chain initiation in vitro part 1 analysis of rna initiations by 2 dimensional thin layer chromatography of 5 tri phosphate labeled oligo nucleotides

Miller, J. S.; Burgess, R. R., 1978: Selectivity of rna chain initiation in vitro part 2 correlation of 5 tri phosphate labeled oligo nucleotides on poly ethylenimine cellulose thin layer chromatography with rna transcripts of bacterio phage lambda cb 2 and phage t 7/

Miller, J. S.; Burgess, R. R., 1978: Selectivity of rna chain initiation in vitro part 3 variables affecting initiation of transcription

Mel'nikov, V. K., 1975: Selectivity of sable hunting

Titeler M.; Lyon R.A.; Davis K.H.; Glennon R.A., 1987: Selectivity of serotonergic drugs for multiple brain serotonin receptors role of tritiated 4 bromo 2 5 dimethoxyphenylisopropylamine a 5 ht 2 agonist radioligand

Fresneda J.A., 1985: Selectivity of six media for the detection of fusarium spp in seeds

Kingham, J. G. C.; Loehry, C. A., 1978: Selectivity of small intestinal exudate in celiac disease and crohns disease

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Ter Sarkisyan E.M.; Kutukov D.S.; Evstyugov Babaev L.M., 1979: Selectivity of sorption of ionic forms of lysine by sulfo styrene cationites

Litchfield, W. J.; Wells, W. W., 1977: Selectivity of the 2 deoxy glucose transport system in human and guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Burke T.G.; Sartorelli A.C.; Tritton T.R., 1988: Selectivity of the anthracyclines for negatively charged model membranes role of the amino group

Giraldi T.; Sava G.; Cuman R.; Nisi C.; Lassiani L., 1981: Selectivity of the anti metastatic and cyto toxic effects of 1 p 3 3 di methyl 1 triazeno benzoic acid potassium salt racemic 1 2 di 3 5 di oxopiperazin 1 yl propane and cyclo phosphamide in mice bearing lewis lung carcinoma

Gorman A.L.F.; Woolum J.C.; Cornwall M.C., 1982: Selectivity of the calcium activated and light dependent potassium channels for monovalent cations

Nachshen D.A., 1984: Selectivity of the calcium binding site in synaptosome calcium channels inhibition of calcium influx by multivalent metal cations

Grigor'ev P.A.; Markevich N.I., 1981: Selectivity of the channels formed by flavomycoin in a lipid bi layer as a function of the concentrations of transported ions

Van Crugten J.; Bochner F.; Keal J.; Somogyi A., 1986: Selectivity of the cimetidine induced alterations in the renal handling of organic substrates in humans studies with anionic cationic and zwitterionic drugs

Maillard J N.; Flamant Y.M.; Hay J.M.; Chandler J.G., 1979: Selectivity of the distal spleno renal shunt

Steinman S.B.; Levi D.M.; Klein S.A.; Manny R.E., 1985: Selectivity of the evoked potential for vernier offset

Altamirano Dimas M.; Sklar R.; Strauss B., 1979: Selectivity of the excision of alkylation products in a xeroderma pigmentosum derived lympho blastoid line

Yamamoto S.; Meguro T.; Shimazaki K., 1982: Selectivity of the gill net for pacific saury cololabis saira

Visser, F. R.; Lane, G. A., 1987: Selectivity of the hydrogenation of 2' 4' 7 tribenzyloxyisoflavone

Korot'ko G.F.; Baibekova G.D., 1987: Selectivity of the inhibition of the pancreatic enzyme secretion after lipase administration to the duodenum

Clark A.S.; Fagan J.M.; Mitch W.E., 1985: Selectivity of the insulin like actions of vanadate on glucose and protein metabolism in skeletal muscle

Leff A.R.; Garrity E.R.; Munoz N.M.; Tallet J.; Cavigelli M.; Deitchman D.; Rajfer S.I., 1984: Selectivity of the intrinsic sympathomimetic activity of the beta adrenergic blocking drug bucindolol

Prizhod'ko B.I., 1981: Selectivity of the method of fishing for anchovy kilka clupeonella engrauliformis with electric light in the caspian sea ussr

Rapoport I.A.; Zaitseva A.I.; Orlova V.V., 1986: Selectivity of the onset of mutations in the early stage of drosophila spermatogenesis under the effect of 1 2 dichloroethane

D'amato R.J.; Lipman Z.P.; Snyder S.H., 1986: Selectivity of the parkinsonian neurotoxin methylphenylpyridine toxic metabolite methylphenylpyridine binds to neuromelanin

Capranica, R. R.; Moffat, A. J. M., 1975: Selectivity of the peripheral auditory system of spadefoot toads scaphiopus couchi for sounds of biological significance

D'incan E.; Loupy A.; Maia A.; Seyden Penne J.; Viout P., 1982: Selectivity of the reduction of poly cyclic alpha enones by borohydrides effect of the addition of tetra methyl ethylenediamine to tetra butyl ammonium borohydride

Van Marle J.; Piek T.; Lammertse T.; Lind A.; Van Weeren Kramer J., 1985: Selectivity of the uptake of glutamate and gamma aminobutyric acid in two morphologically distinct insect neuromuscular synapses

Al'tman Ya A.; Bekhterev N.N.; Kotelenko L.M.; Kudriavtseva I.N., 1981: Selectivity of trace responses of the cat medial geniculate body neurons to the velocity of simulated movement of the sound source

Pesce, A.; Casoli, C.; Schito, G. C., 1978: Selectivity of transcription and structure of coli phage n 4 virion associated rna polymerase/

Osborne N.N.; Beaton D.W., 1985: Selectivity of uptake of tritiated glycine gamma aminobutyric acid aspartate and serotonin by rabbit retinal cells in culture

Minami Y.; Yazawa K.; Tamura Z.; Tanaka T.; Yamamoto T., 1983: Selectivity of utilization of galactosyl oligo saccharides by bifidobacteria

Kunkel, J. G.; Pan, M. L., 1976: Selectivity of yolk protein uptake comparison of vitellogenins of 2 insects

Vannieuwenhuyze F.; Sandra P., 1987: Selectivity optimization for the capillary gas chromatographic analysis of bacterial cellular fatty acids

Ginsburg H.; Kutner S.; Zangwil M.; Chabantchik Z.I., 1986: Selectivity properties of pores induced in host erythrocyte membrane by plasmodium falciparum effect of parasite maturation

Wangsa J.; Arnold M.A., 1987: Selectivity properties of sodium glass membrane electrodes under non steady state conditions

Sullivan D.A.; Hann L.E.; Vaerman J.P., 1988: Selectivity specificity and kinetics of the androgen regulation of the ocular secretory immune system

Isaac S.; Gokhale A.V.; Wyatt A.M., 1986: Selectivity to potassium and sodium of protoplast fractions isolated from different regions of aspergillus nidulans hyphae

Corner G.A.; Skinner D.L.; Watson E.R., 1982: Selectron rectal dose rate measurements and modified applicators

Presthus, J.; Berstad, J.; Lien, K., 1987: Selegiline 1 deprenyl and low dose le dopa treatment of parkinson's disease a double blind crossover trial

Di Girolamo M.; Busiello V.; Cini C.; Foppoli C.; De Marco C., 1982: Selena lysine utilization for growth and protein synthesis by a lysine requiring escherichia coli mutant

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