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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6387

Chapter 6387 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hoyer H E.; Zech M., 1980:
Self frequencies and oscillation modes of the human skull

Gron P.; Caslavska V., 1985:
Self gelling liquid composition for topical application of medications

Leone C.; Ensley E., 1986:
Self generated attitude change a person by situation analysis of attitude polarization and attenuation

Merz, R.A., 1984:
Self generated vs. environmentally produced feeding currents a comparison for the sabellid polychaete eudistylia vancouveri

Patenaude F.; Bovet J., 1984:
Self grooming and social grooming in the north american beaver castor canadensis

Crowell Davis S.L., 1987:
Self grooming by mares and foals of the welsh pony equus caballus

Wright A.L.; Gawkrodger D.J.; Branford W.A.; Mclaren K.; Hunter J.A.A., 1988:
Self healing epitheliomata of ferguson smith cytogenetic and histological studies and the therapeutic effects of etretinate

Hashimoto K.; Griffin D.; Kohsbaki M., 1982:
Self healing reticulo histiocytosis a clinical histologic and ultrastructural study of the 4th case in the literature

Calb, I.; Larralde-De-Luna, M.; Larguia, M.; Solana, 1988:
Self healing reticulohistiocytosis

Walker, I.K.; Manssen, N.B., 1979:
Self heating of wet wood 2. ignition by slow thermal explosion

Manssen, N.B.; Walker, I.K., 1979:
Self heating of wet wood 3. spontaneous ignition of chip piles and wood waste dumps

Walker, I.K.; Harrison, W.J., 1977:
Self heating of wet wood part 1 exothermic oxidation of wet sawdust

Yelenosky G.; Reese S., 1979:
Self heating tree wraps in freeze protection

Klesges R.C.; Mizes J.S.; Kesges L.M., 1987:
Self help dieting strategies in college males and females

Levy S.; Pierce J.P.; Dembecki N.; Cripps A., 1986:
Self help group behavioral treatment for obesity an evaluation of weight control workshops

Holden A.E.Jr; O'brien G.T.; Barlow D.H.; Stetson D.H.; Infantino A., 1983:
Self help manual for agoraphobia a preliminary report of effectiveness

Kohlenberg R.J.; Cahn T., 1981:
Self help treatment for migraine head aches a controlled outcome study

Fournier G.; Gaillard J L.; Matha N.; Man N.K., 1984:
Self hemodialysis a new mode of treatment for end stage renal disease

Smith M.S.; Kamitsuka M., 1984:
Self hypnosis misinterpreted as central nervous system deterioration in an adolescent with leukemia and vincristine toxicity

Johnson, L.S.; Dawson, S.L.; Clark, J.L.; Sikorsky, C., 1983:
Self hypnosis vs. hetero hypnosis order effects and sex differences in behavioral and experiential impact

Campos A., 1986:
Self ideal congruence as measure of self esteem

Hayashi H.; Abramson P.R., 1987:
Self identity of japanese americans interned during world war 2 an archival study

Price E.; Stehn R., 1979:
Self imposed food deprivation and wheel running activity in field trapped norway rats rattus norvegicus as a function of environmental change time in captivity and age at capture

Henry, J.P., 1978:
Self imposed stress

Hartel, B.; Ludwig, P.; Schewe, T.; Rapoport, S.M., 1982:
Self inactivation by 13 hydro per oxy linoleic acid and lipo hydro peroxidase activity of the reticulocyte lip oxygenase ec

Nakamura M.; Peisach J., 1988:
Self inactivation of iron ii bleomycin

Aksenov M.Yu; Kapitanov A.B.; Archakov A.I., 1988:
Self inactivation of nadh oxidase of mycoplasmic cells in the course of reaction

Voss Stern G.A.; Ockendon D.J.; Gabrielson R.L.; Maguire J.D., 1982:
Self incompatibility alleles in broccoli brassica oleracea

Boyle, T.H.; Stimart, D.P., 1986:
Self incompatibility and interspecific incompatibility relationships in intraspecific and interspecific crosses of zinnia elegans jacq. and zinnia angustifolia hbk compositae

Owens S.J.; Mcgrath S., 1984:
Self incompatibility and the pollen stigma interaction in tradescantia ohiensis

Nasrallah M.E., 1979:
Self incompatibility antigens and s gene expression in brassica oleracea

Kenrick J.; Kaul V.; Williams E.G., 1986:
Self incompatibility in acacia retinodes var uncifolia site of pollen tube arrest is the nucellus

Larsen, K., 1977:
Self incompatibility in beta vulgaris part 1 4 gametophytic complementary s loci in sugar beet

Kress W.J., 1983:
Self incompatibility in central american heliconia

Beever R.E., 1981:
Self incompatibility in cordyline kaspar agavaceae

Beever R.E., 1983:
Self incompatibility in cordyline pumilio agavaceae

Vander Kloet S.P.; Lyrene P.M., 1987:
Self incompatibility in diploid tetraploid and hexaploid vaccinium corymbosum

Bolstad P.V.; Bawa K.S., 1982:
Self incompatibility in gmelina arborea verbenaceae

Spoor, W., 1976:
Self incompatibility in lolium perenne

Mccraw, J.M.; Spoor, W., 1983:
Self incompatibility in lolium spp 1. lolium rigidum and lolium multiflorum

Mccraw, J.M.; Spoor, W., 1983:
Self incompatibility in lolium spp 2. lolium perenne

Bhowmik G., 1982:
Self incompatibility in pineapple ananas comosus

Osterbye, U., 1986:
Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris iii. s loci numbers and allelic identities

Osterbye, U., 1986:
Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris iv. pseudo compatibility

Osterbye, U., 1977:
Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris part 2 4 s loci in a german population

Osterbye, U., 1986:
Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris v. linkage between two s loci an essential evolutionary step

Mahalaxmi, K., 1987:
Self incompatibility in rhopalodia gibba ehr o. mull

Cornish, M.A.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1979:
Self incompatibility in rye grass 1. genetic control in di ploid lolium perenne

Cornish, M.A.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1979 :
Self incompatibility in rye grass 2. the joint segregation of s and z in lolium perenne

Cornish, M.A.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1980:
Self incompatibility in rye grass 3. the joint segregation of s and pg 1 2 in lolium perenne

Cornish, M.A.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1980:
Self incompatibility in rye grass 4. seed set in di ploid lolium perenne

Fearon, C.H.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1983:
Self incompatibility in rye grass 5. genetic control linkage and seed set in di ploid lolium multiflorum

Fearon, C.H.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1983:
Self incompatibility in rye grass 6. self seed set and incompatibility genotype in lolium perenne

Fearon, C.H.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1984:
Self incompatibility in ryegrass 7. determination of incompatibility genotypes in autotetraploid families of lolium perenne

Fearon, C.H.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1984:
Self incompatibility in ryegrass 8. the mode of action of s and z alleles in the pollen of autotetraploids of lolium perenne

Fearon, C.H.; Hayward, M.D.; Lawrence, M.J., 1984:
Self incompatibility in ryegrass 9. cross compatibility and seed set in autotetraploid lolium perenne

Owens S.J., 1981:
Self incompatibility in the commelinaceae

Piatos, P.; Knight, R.J.J., 1975:
Self incompatibility in the sapodilla

L.S J., 1980:
Self incompatibility in wentan citrus grandis cultivar matou

Kryuchkov A.V.; Gutierres A., 1986:
Self incompatibility in white cabbage as a function of cultivation conditions

Garvey E.J.; Lyrene P.M., 1987:
Self incompatibility of 19 native blueberry selections

Hiratsuka S.; Hirata N.; Tezuka T.; Yamamoto Y., 1985:
Self incompatibility reaction of japanese pear in various stages of floral development

Shivanna K.R.; Sharma N., 1985:
Self incompatibility recognition in petunia hybrida

Ram A.S.; Sreenivasan M.S., 1984:
Self incompatibility studies in coffee

Bawa K.S.; Beach J.H., 1983:
Self incompatibility systems in the rubiaceae of a tropical lowland wet forest

D.L.cchi O.; Lucchini V.; Marchioro C.; Valle G.; Modena G., 1986:
Self induced diastereoselective oxidation of vinyl sulfides bearing a chiral hydroxyl group as a way of preparation of optically active sulfinyl dienophiles and their use in the asymmetric diels alder reaction to cyclopentadiene

Carr P., 1981:
Self induced myo cardial infarction

Thompson J.K.; Weinsier R.L.; Jacobs B., 1985:
Self induced vomiting and subclinical bulimia following gastroplasty surgery for morbid obesity a case description and report of a multi component cognitive behavioral treatment strategy

Pessayre D.; Descatoire V.; Konstantinova Mitcheva M.; Wandscheer J C.; Cobert B.; Level R.; Benhamou J P.; Jaouen M.; Mansuy D., 1981:
Self induction by tri acetyl oleandomycin of its own transformation into a metabolite forming a stable 456 nanometer absorbing complex with cytochrome p 450

Immanuel C.; Jayasankar K.; Narayana A.S.L.; Sarma G.R., 1985:
Self induction of rifampicin metabolism in man

Eckert S.; Mertens H.M.; Mannebach H.; Gleichmann U., 1988:
Self inflicted bradycardia

Trope G.E.; Jay J.L.; Dudgeon J.; Woodruff G., 1985:
Self inflicted corneal injuries in children with congenital corneal anesthesia

Pollak S.; Reiter C.; Stellwag Carion C., 1987:
Self inflicted cut and stab wounds as a means for the fabrication of assaults

Bjorgaas H.M.; Rugland A.G.; Sahlin Y., 1988:
Self inflicted poisoning medical and social aspects

Schulz F.; Naeve W.; Hildebrand E.; Pueschel K., 1981:
Self inflicted skin injuries and false information to the police

Goddard P.; Jones A.G.; Wisheart J.D., 1981:
Self inflicted stab wound causing aorto right ventricular fistula

Hortemo S.; Gjessing H.; Fugelli P., 1987:
Self inflicted wounds a survey of patients at the oslo norway emergency medical center

White R.L.; Gardner D., 1981:
Self inhibition alters firing patterns of neurons in aplysia californica buccal ganglia

Groves, P.M.; Young, S.J.; Wilson, C.J., 1976:
Self inhibition by dopaminergic neurons disruption by racemic alpha methyl p tyrosine pre treatment or anterior diencephalic lesions

Chaudhry M.A., 1986:
Self inhibition of egg laying in physa sp a freshwater pulmonate

Rast D.; Stussi H.; Zobrist P., 1979:
Self inhibition of the agaricus bisporus spore by carbon di oxide and or gamma glutaminyl 4 hydroxy benzene and gamma glutaminyl 3 4 benzo quinone a biochemical analysis

Doerfler L.A.; Richards C.S., 1981:
Self initiated attempts to cope with depression

Bar Moshe O.; Soeiro Fidalgo D.M.tos J.M.; Vandendris M., 1986:
Self injection of papaverine in the treatment of impotence

Lamb R.J.; Griffiths R.R., 1987:
Self injection of racemic 3 4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine mdma in the baboon

Rojahn J., 1984:
Self injurious behavior in institutionalized severely profoundly retarded adults prevalence data and staff agreement

Oliver C.; Murphy G.H.; Corbett J.A., 1987:
Self injurious behavior in people with mental handicap a total population study

Baumeister A.A.; Frye G.D., 1984:
Self injurious behavior in rats produced by intra nigral micro injection of alpha amino butyric acid agonists

Steelman R., 1986 :
Self injurious behavior report of a case and follow up

Turley P.K.; Henson J.L., 1983:
Self injurious lip biting etiology and management

Donaldson D.; Kroening R., 1979:
Self injury following acupuncture treatment

Singh, N.N.; Dawson, M.J.; Gregory, P.R., 1980:
Self injury in the profoundly retarded clinically significant vs. therapeutic control

Mitchell, W.M., 1968:
Self insertion of urethral foreign bodies human

Brown C.M.; Meyers A.W.; Cohen R., 1984:
Self instruction training with preschoolers generalization to proximal and distal problem solving tasks

Cohen R.; Schleser R.; Meyers A., 1981:
Self instructions effects of cognitive level and active rehearsal

Khan A.H.; Saxena S.K.; Anjum S.H., 1981:
Self interaction of meloidogyne incognita on tomato cultivar marglobe and tylenchorhynchus brassicae on cauliflower cultivar snowball

Lopez D.M.ntaras R.; Aguilar Martin J., 1985:
Self learning pattern classification using a sequential clustering technique

Cotoi S.; Stefanescu M.; Carasca E.; Moldovan D., 1981:
Self limitation of atrial fibrillation in advanced heart disease

Kates, R.J.; Schifrin, B.S., 1976:
Self limited acute de fibrination in pregnancy case report

Ford W.R.; Chapanis A.; Weeks G.D., 1979:
Self limited and unlimited word usage during problem solving in 2 tele communication modes

Recht L.D.; Philips J.R.; Eckman M.R.; Sarosi G.A., 1979:
Self limited blasto mycosis a report of 13 cases

Ronco C.; Brendolan A.; Borin D.; Biasioli S.; Feriani M.; Chiaramonte S.; Fabris A.; Bragantini L.; L.G.eca G., 1984:
Self limited dehydration during continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration

Barbado Hernandez F.J.; Vazquez Rodriguez J.J.; Gil Aguado A.; Arnalich Fernandez F.; Garcia Puig J.; Garcia Seoane J.; Redondo C.; Ortiz Vazquez J., 1981:
Self limited idiopathic fever 20 cases

Freitas R.B.; Gabbay Y.B.; Pereira J.D.M.; Linhares A.C.; Lins Z.C.; Fayal Neto S., 1987:
Self limited outbreaks of acute diarrhea affected 3 families in belem para brazil living in one district

Ikeshoji, T., 1977:
Self limiting ecomones in the populations of insects and some aquatic animals

Barden, L.S., 1977:
Self maintaining populations of pinus pungens in the southern appalachian mountains usa

Chertkov J.L.; Gurevitch O.A., 1980:
Self maintenance ability and kinetics of hemopoietic stroma precursors

Drize N.I.; Chertkov I.L., 1984:
Self maintenance ability of hemopoietic stem cells colony forming units in the long term bone marrow culture

Chertkov I.L.; Gurevich O.A.; Udalov G.A., 1979:
Self maintenance ability of migrating hemopoietic stem cells

Gurevich, O.A.; Chertkov, I.L., 1980:
Self maintenance and proliferative activity of precursor cells of the hemopoietic stroma

Muksinova K.N., 1984:
Self maintenance capacity of hemopoietic colony forming units in late periods after protracted radiation exposure

Schofield R.; Lord B.I.; Kyffin S.; Gilbert C.W., 1980:
Self maintenance capacity of spleen colony forming units

Ando I.; Hurme M., 1981:
Self major histo compatibility complex restricted cyto toxic t cell response without thymic influence

Edwards, J.S., 1976:
Self management in children labeled learning disabled

Cohen R.; Mayhew G.L.; Hill D.; Rogan N.; Page H.; Campbell P., 1981:
Self management of problematic behaviors by a response cost procedure

Mitchell, K.R.; White, R.G., 1977:
Self management of severe predormital insomnia

Mitchell, K.R., 1978:
Self management of spastic colitis

Mitchell, K.R.; White, R., 1976:
Self management of tension head aches a case study

Cipes, M.H., 1985:
Self management vs. parental involvement to increase children compliance with home fluoride mouthrinsing

Espersen T.; Klebe J.G., 1981:
Self measurement of blood glucose by pregnant women with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Salamon M.J.; Fulger R.A.; Laverde S., 1986:
Self medication as a form of self control in an intermediate care facility preliminary data

Maes V.; D.C.ercq H.; D.B.uyn L.; Vercruysse A.; Klerkx J.; Ponjaert Kristoffersen I., 1985:
Self medication in hospitalized patients an explorative survey

Hamilton S.B.; Waldman D.A., 1983:
Self modification of depression via cognitive behavioral intervention strategies a time series analysis

Kline S.L., 1987:
Self monitoring and attitude behavior correspondence in cable television subscription

Goldsmith R.E., 1987:
Self monitoring and innovativeness

Thompson J.A.A.; Davis L.L., 1987:
Self monitoring and perceptions of furniture styles

L.G.eca A.M.; Ottinger D.R., 1979:
Self monitoring and relaxation training in the treatment of medically ordered exercises in a 12 year old female

Jenkins, J.O.; Peterson, G.R., 1978:
Self monitoring and self administered aversion in the treatment of bruxism

Rekers, G.A.; Varni, J.W., 1977:
Self monitoring and self reinforcement processes in a pre trans sexual boy

Furnham A., 1981:
Self monitoring and social perception

Varni, J.W.; Boyd, E.F.; Catalfo, M.F., 1978:
Self monitoring external reinforcement and time out procedures in the control of high rate tic behaviors in a hyperactive child

Gerstein L.H.; Ginter E.J.; Graziano W.G., 1985:
Self monitoring impression management and interpersonal evaluations

Graziano W.G.; Leone C.; Musser L.M.; Lautenschlager G.L., 1987:
Self monitoring in children a differential approach to social development

Baskett L.M., 1985:
Self monitoring in children accuracy and reactivity

Rosen J.C., 1981:
Self monitoring in the treatment of diurnal bruxism

Billings, A., 1978:
Self monitoring in the treatment of tics a single subject analysis

Paky A.; Knoblauch A., 1985:
Self monitoring of airway obstruction by peak flow measurement

Hanson U.; Persson B.; Enochsson E.; Lennerhagen P.; Lindgren F.; Lundstrom V.; Lunell N O.; Nilsson B.A.; Nilsson L.; E.A., 1984:
Self monitoring of blood glucose by diabetic women during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Andersen A.R.; Andersen J.K.; Lorup B.; Svendsen P.A.; Frost Larsen K.; Christiansen J.S.; Deckert T., 1980:
Self monitoring of blood glucose in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Espersen T.; Klebe J.G., 1985:
Self monitoring of blood glucose in pregnant diabetics a comparative study of the blood glucose level and course of pregnancy in pregnant diabetics on an out patient regime before and after the introduction of methods for home analysis blood glucose

Fisher, E.B.J. ; Green, L.; Friedling, C.; Levenkron, J.; Porter, F.L., 1976:
Self monitoring of progress in weight reduction a preliminary report

James J.E., 1981:
Self monitoring of stuttering reactivity and accuracy

Burley P.M.; Morley R., 1987:
Self monitoring processes in stutterers

Lennox R., 1984:
Self monitoring shyness and sociability

Keller G.; Henn V., 1984:
Self motion sensation influenced by visual fixation

Clark R.A., 1981:
Self mutilation accompanying religious delusions a case and review

Dennis S.G.; Melzack R., 1979:
Self mutilation after dorsal rhizotomy in rats effects of prior pain and pattern of root lesions

Arons B.S., 1981:
Self mutilation clinical examples and reflections

Lim, Y.C.; Seng, B.K., 1985:
Self mutilation in a family: case report

Colmont J.M.; Monnanteuil N., 1986:
Self nitrogen and oxygen broadening of the 115 gigahertz line of carbon monoxide R.J.; Hogeweg P., 1987:
Self nonself discrimination due to immunological nonlinearities the analysis of a series of models by numerical methods

Squyres E.M., 1979:
Self observation of ones own reflected image a report

Ricard J.; Soulie J M., 1982:
Self organization and dynamics of an open futile cycle

Babloyantz A.; Kaczmarek L.K., 1979:
Self organization in biological systems with multiple cellular contacts

Kelso J.A.S.; Schoner G., 1988:
Self organization of coordinative movement patterns

Anderson M.J.; Choy C.Y.; Waxman S.G., 1986:
Self organization of ependyma in regenerating teleost apteronotus albifrons spinal cord evidence from serial section reconstructions

Jerman I., 1979:
Self organization of matter as a formation of life

Laschewsky A.; Ringsdorf H.; Schmidt G.; Schneider J., 1987:
Self organization of polymeric lipids with hydrophilic spacers in side groups and main chain investigation in monolayers and multilayers

Babloyantz, A., 1977:
Self organization phenomena resulting from cell cell contact

Grzybowski A.G.S.; Slocombe D.S., 1988:
Self organization theories and environmental management the case of south moresby canada

Ferracin, A.; Panichelli, E.; Benassi, M.; Di-Nallo, A.; Steindler, C., 1978:
Self organizing ability and living systems

Thelen E.; Kelso J.A.S.; Fogel A., 1987:
Self organizing systems and infant motor development

Iriyama K.; Suga S., 1987:
Self oscillation of electrical potential in a dioleoyllecithin coated porous membrane

Nazarenko, V.G.; Sel'kov, E.E., 1978:
Self oscillations as the most probable mode of existence of the density controlled cell populations

Green, D.Jr, 1978:
Self oscillations for epidemic models/

Dynnik, V.V.; Sel'kov, E.E.; Ovtchinnikov, I.A., 1977:
Self oscillations in the lower part of the glycolytic system 2 alternative mechanisms

Kholmukhamedov E.L.; Zinchenko V.P.; Evtodienko Y.V., 1980:
Self oscillations of ion fluxes and redox state of the respiratory chain of mitochondria

Mellor S., 1986:
Self other agreement in personality ratings by committed and uncommitted work partners

Fichten, C.S., 1986:
Self other and situation referent automatic thoughts interaction between people who have a physical disability and those who do not

Adams Webber J., 1985:
Self other contrast and the development of personal constructs

Lando, H.A., 1976:
Self pacing in eliminating chronic smoking serendipity revisited

Jeffries P.; Cuthbert A., 1984:
Self penetration by the myco parasite dimargaris cristalligena

Park C.W.; Gardner M.F.; Thukral V.K., 1988:
Self perceived knowledge some effects on information processing for a choice task

Wood D.R., 1986:
Self perceived masculinity between bearded and nonbearded males

Peretti P.O.; Butcher C.A.; Cherry I.C., 1986:
Self perceived psychological effects on males of chronic unemployment by occupational classification

Peretti P.O., 1981:
Self perceived variables of holiday depression of christmastime of single men and women

Cristante F.; Lucca A., 1985:
Self perception and perception of peers as regards close friendship in adolescence a multivariate investigation

Kleinke C.L., 1978:
Self perception the psychology of personal awareness

Skrypnek B.J.; Snyder M., 1982:
Self perpetuating nature of stereotypes about women and men

De-Jonge, H.R.; Rosen, O.M., 1977:
Self phosphorylation of cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase from bovine lung effect of cyclic amp cyclic gmp and histone

Chee Y.C.; Teo L.H., 1984:
Self poisoning a study of female patients hospitalized in a general medical department in 1 year

Chee Y.C.; Teo L.H., 1984:
Self poisoning a study of male patients hospitalized in a general medical department in 1 year

Czeizel A.; Szentesi I.; Molnar G., 1984:
Self poisoning as a model for the study of the mutagenicity of chemicals in humans

Strom J.; Thisted B.; Krantz T.; Sorensen M.B., 1986:
Self poisoning treated in an intensive care unit drug pattern acute mortality and short term survival

Heath A.; Selander D., 1979:
Self poisoning treated in the intensive care unit

Rotmensch, H.H.; Graff, E.; Ayzenberg, O.; Amir, C.; Laniado, S., 1977:
Self poisoning with digitalis glycosides successful treatment of 3 cases

Rygnestad T.K., 1981:
Self poisoning with tri cyclic anti depressant drugs

Simagin V.S., 1983:
Self pollination and cross pollination in bush cherry cerasus fruticosa

Janzen D.H.; Devries P.; Gladstone D.E.; Higgins M.L.; Lewinsohn T.M., 1980:
Self pollination and cross pollination of encyclia cordigera orchidaceae in santa rosa national park costa rica

Stort M.N.S.; Martins P.S., 1980:
Self pollination and intraspecific pollination in some species of the genus cattleya

Gray D.; Steckel J.R.A., 1986:
Self pollination and open pollination as factors influencing seed quality in leek allium porrum cultivar winterreuzen

J.D.G.; Kwon H.M.; Choi S.G.; Han S.U., 1983:
Self pollination effects in a pinus densiflora seed orchard on seed production germination and survival of seedlings

Sorensen, F.C.; Franklin, J.F.; Woollard, R., 1976:
Self pollination effects on seed and seedling traits in noble fir

Dukharev V.A., 1985:
Self pollination frequency and selection in pinus sylvestris populations

Gowers S., 1981:
Self pollination in swedes brassica napus ssp rapifera and its implications for cultivar production

Sitaramam, V., 1988:
Self potential generated by unscreened fixed charges at the membrane interface of the erythrocyte perturbs the lipid bilayer

Babando P.; Jeanneret O.; Raymond L.; Rieben A., 1985:
Self predicated smoking behavior vs. present smoking habits in switzerland

Giacalone R.A.; Rosenfeld P., 1986:
Self presentation and self promotion in an organizational setting

Leary M.R.; Kowalski R.M.; Campbell C.D., 1988:
Self presentational concerns and social anxiety the role of generalized impression expectancies

Nazian S.J., 1988:
Self priming effect of lhrh in immature male rats in vivo and in vitro studies

Ulloa-Aguirre, A.; Mendez, J.P.; Diaz-Sanchez, V.; Altamirano, A.; Perez-Palacios, G., 1985:
Self priming effect of luteinizing hormone human chorionic gonadotropin upon the biphasic testicular response to exogenous human chorionic gonadotropin i. serum testosterone profile

Smith D.B.; Keaster A.J.; Cheshire J.M.Jr; Ward R.H., 1981:
Self propelled soil sampler evaluation for efficiency in obtaining estimates of wireworm populations in missouri usa corn fields

Knight T.J.; Durbin R.D.; Langston Unkefer P.J., 1987:
Self protection of pseudomonas syringae pathovar tabaci from its toxin tabtoxinine beta lactam

Hagstrum D.W., 1983:
Self provisioning with paralyzed hosts and age density and concealment of hosts as factors influencing parasitization of ephestia cautella lepidoptera pyralidae by bracon hebetor hymenoptera braconidae

Matthews M.D.; Babb H., 1987:
Self punitive behavior effects of number massed acquisition trials and percentage of goal shocked extinction trials

Matthews M.D.; Babb H., 1985:
Self punitive behavior effects of percentage of shocked acquisition trials and percentage of goal shocked extinction trials

Rose J.E.; Fantino E., 1981:
Self punitive behavior in humans effects of a self fulfilling prophecy

Martin, R.C.; Mitchell, D.W.; Rogers, C.J., 1978:
Self punitive behavior nonreinforcement procedure of extinction

Krokker K.; Johnson M.P.; Bulgatz M., 1981:
Self punitive responding as a function of spacing of trials in acquisition and extinction

Bick, H.; Drews, E.F., 1973:
Self purification and ciliate colonization in an acid environment pilot experiment

Vasisht, H.S.; Sra, G.S., 1976:
Self purification in chandigarh india waste waters

Mironov O.G.; Kiryukhina L.N.; Kucherenko M.I.; Tarkhova E.P., 1975:
Self purification in the coastal waters of the black sea

Awad, W.M.J. ; Ochoa, M.S.; Toomey, T.P., 1972:
Self purification of 2 serine endo peptidases

Florczyk H.; Golowin S., 1979:
Self purification of rivers polluted with heavy metals

Mironov O.G.; Georga Kopulos L.A., 1981:
Self purification of the sea from heavy oil fractions

Zabowski J., 1981:
Self purification of utrata river poland waters

Unak P.; Unak T., 1985:
Self radiolysis of iodobenzene labeled with iodine 125

Tieger T., 1981 :
Self rated likelihood of raping and the social perception of rape

Banderet, L.E., 1977:
Self rated moods of humans at 4300 meters pre treated with placebo or acetazolamide plus staging

Greenblatt D.J.; Shader R.I.; Harmatz J.S.; Georgotas A., 1979:
Self rated sedation and plasma concentrations of demethyl diazepam following single doses of clorazepate

Linden M.; Krautzig E., 1981:
Self rating at short intervals an experimental contribution towards validation of the self rating mood scale of von zerssen

Ferraro K.F., 1980:
Self ratings of health among the old and the very old

Whissell C.M., 1984:
Self ratings of mood and emotion predictors of between word variance

Schmitt P.V.; Strein W., 1987:
Self ratings versus actual wais r performance

Carter, C.W.Jr ; Levinger, L.F., 1977:
Self re digestion of native chromatin

Rickard W.H.; Sauer R.H., 1982:
Self re vegetation of disturbed ground in the deserts of nevada and washington usa

Klein I.; Naor D., 1985:
Self reactive delayed type hypersensitivity induced in mice by syngeneic lymphoblasts

Klein, I.; Klein, B.Y.; Naor, D., 1988:
Self reactive delayed type hypersensitivity induced in mice by syngeneic lymphoblasts ii. isolation of two distinct lymphoblast antigens one of which reacts or cross reacts with anti h 2d d monoclonal antibody

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Self reactive t cells 2. transferred syngeneic lympho blasts induce t stimulator cells in vivo to which syngeneic t cells respond in a syngeneic mixed lymphocyte culture in vitro

Reimann, J.; Diamantstein, T., 1980:
Self reactive t cells 3. in vitro re stimulation of t cells responding in vivo or in vitro to syngeneic lymphoid cells

Reimann, J.; Diamantstein, T., 1981:
Self reactive t cells 4. self reactive t cells induce poly clonal differentiation of immuno globulin m producing b cells in vivo and in vitro

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Self reactive t cells 5. t cell mediated suppression of b cell responsiveness to lipo poly saccharide

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Self recognition among institutionalized profoundly retarded males a replication

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Self recognition and social awareness in the disconnected minor hemisphere

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Self recognition deficits in autism syndrome specific of general development delay

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Self recognition in infants

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Self recognition of facial features in same sex twins

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Self recording of blood pressure improved compliance by the hypertensive patient

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Self reduction of chloro hemin in pyridine comparison with the photo reduction process

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Self reference encoding and incidental recall by children

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Self reference in childrens descriptions of peers egocentricity or collaboration

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Self reference in facial recognition

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Self referencing as a mediator of the physical attractiveness stereotype

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Self referent vs. non self referent statements in the induction of mood states

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Self referral social and demographic determinants of consulting behavior

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Self referrals to a community mental health center a three year study

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Self referrals to the hospital emergency room the family doctor's perspective

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Self reflection mood and helpful behavior

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Self regenerating annual forage legumes for double cropping with irrigated wheat or sorghum

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Self regulated eating behaviors in a diabetic mental patient

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Self regulated facial muscle tension effects on intra ocular pressure

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Self regulating of the kidneys in clearance processes

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Self regulation and other regulation during the infancy period

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Self regulation and type a behavior

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Self regulation in mentally retarded children assessment and training of self monitoring skills/

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Self regulation in the treatment of type ii diabetes

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Self regulation of acth secretion by mouse pituitary tumor cells in culture

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Self regulation of behavior in animal societies 1. symmetric contests

Schuster, P.; Sigmund, K.; Hofbauer, J.; Wolff, R., 1981:
Self regulation of behavior in animal societies 2. games between 2 populations without self interaction

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Self regulation of behavior in animal societies 3. games between 2 populations with self interaction

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Self regulation of commercial fisheries of the outer long point bay lake erie canada

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Self regulation of gender role behaviors a case study

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Self regulation of growth in 3 dimensions

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Self regulation of internal activity the interoceptive detection and control of cardiac activity via training procedure of cardiac motor coupling

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Self regulation of intracranial self stimulation duration effects of anxiogenic substances benzodiazepine antagonists and antidepressants

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Self regulation of myocardial contractile function during changes of activating cation concentration

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Self regulation of rat brain opiate receptors after chronic morphine treatment

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Self regulation of the epidemic process of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection under hospital conditions

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Self regulation of the epidemic process of respiratory tract streptococcal infection

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Self regulatory properties of the human cardio vascular system under clinostatic and orthostatic conditions mathematical simulation

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Self reinforcement appealing misnomer or effective mechanism

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Self reinforcement impact of instructions criterion setting and tangible rewards

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Self reinforcement in high aggressive and low aggressive boys following acts of aggression

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Self reinforcement its reinforcing capability and its clinical utility

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Self relevance and goal directed processing in the recall and weighting of information about others

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Self renaturing fractions in the separated strands of mouse satellite dna

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Self renewal and maturation of immature t cell progenitors within phyto hem agglutinin induced agar t cell colonies

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Self renewal capacity and clonal succession of hemopoietic stem cells in long term bone marrow culture

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Self renewal capacity of mobilized murine hemopoietic stem cells

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Self renewal capacity of murine hemopoietic stem cells under internal contamination with plutonium 239 and americium 241

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Self report and behavioral measures in the assessment of assertive behavior

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Self report and physiological changes accompanying repeated imagining of a phobic scene

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Self report assessment of anxiety somatic cognitive and behavioral modalities

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Self report evaluations of training effectiveness measuring alpha beta and gamma change

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Self report inventories as predictors of mens heterosocial skill a multiple regression analysis

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Self report measures of behavioral attributions related to interpersonal flirtation situations

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Self report of heart activity during stress actual heart activity and subsequent ability to control heart rate during feedback

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Self reported activation during the pre menstrual and menstrual phases of the menstrual cycle

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Self reported alcohol consumption among high school students in france epidemiological approach of the alcoholization process and its evolution

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Self reported alcohol consumption among population sub groups in three areas of britain uk

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Self reported alcohol consumption and adverse consequences of drinking in three areas of britain uk general population studies

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Self reported and self attributed scores on personality social skills and attitudinal measures as compared between high and low nominated friends and acquaintances

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Self reported anthropometry

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Self reported cannabis use in great britain uk in 1981

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Self reported compliance with a preventive dental regimen

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Self reported depression in psychiatric pediatric and normal populations

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Self reported drinking behavior social drinking and blood alcohol concentration

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Self reported drinking habits and alcohol related consequences among a cohort of scottish teenagers

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Self reported emotional disturbance and its relation to electro dermal reactivity defensiveness and trait anxiety

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Self reported expression and consequences of embarrassment in the uk and japan

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Self reported fears and electro dermal responsiveness of high and low trait anxious subjects to fear of failure and other stressors

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Self reported health and use of medicine among schoolchildren

Holstein B.E.; Ito H., 1987:
Self reported health status and lifestyle among schoolchildren

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Self reported likelihood of sexually aggressive behavior attitudinal vs. sexual explanations

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Self reported marital quality of military families living off post in a midwestern usa community

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Self reported mood and drinking patterns following hospital treatment for alcoholism

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Self reported physical stress reactions first order and second order factors

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Self reported variability and enhancement of prediction

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Self reports of anxiety level and electroencephalographic changes after a single dose of benzodiazepines double blind comparison of 2 forms of oxazepam

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Self reports on mental processes a response to birnbaum and stegner

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Self reports predictive of mortality from ischemic heart disease a 9 year follow up of the human population laboratory cohort

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Self resistance of colistin producing bacillus colistinus 2. effect of colistin on protoplasts and liposomes derived from colistin producing bacillus colistinus

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Self resistance of streptomyces tenjimariensis which produces istamycins

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Self restoring synaptic transmission in the hippocampus

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Self restriction feed in laying hens

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Self retaining epi cardial retractor for aorto coronary bypass surgery

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Self retaining loop catheter for per cutaneous trans hepatic cholangiography a preliminary report

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Self retaining retractor for use in small animals rabbits

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Self retaining retractors for maxillary sinus operations

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Self reward and self punishment in depression

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Self righteousness cognitive power and religious characteristics

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Self sandwich method an improved immuno peroxidase technique for the detection of small amounts of antigens

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Self schema processing of depressed and nondepressed content the effects of vulnerability to depression

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Self schemata social roles and a self worth contingency model of depression

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Self scratching injuries on the newborns face

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Self screening of visual acuity by elementary school students

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Self sealing of earthen liquid manure storage ponds i. a case study

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Self sealing of earthen liquid manure storage ponds ii. rate and mechanism of sealing

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Self seed production by carbon di oxide gas treatment in self incompatible cabbage

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Self selection and regulation of protein to carbohydrate ratio in foods adult rats eat

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Self selection of an optimal nutrient mix from defined diets by larvae of the corn earworm heliothis zea

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Self selection of diet by hispid cotton rats sigmodon hispidus texianus

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Self selection of dietary branched chain amino acids by rats

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Self selection of dietary protein and energy by diverse populations of chickens

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Self selection of dietary threonine in the rat and the effect of taste stimuli on its selection

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Self selection of salt by gilts during pregnancy and lactation

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Self sensitized photo oxidation of proto porphyrin ix derivatives in aqueous surfactant solutions product and mechanistic studies

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Self similar solution of a distributed model for trans capillary exchange and solute removal by the liver

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Self sowing woody plants in the turkmen ssr ussr

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Self sown wild type coconuts cocos nucifera in the philippines

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Self speech and self regulation of high and low anxious children in the dental situation an interview study

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Self stabilization of the energy charge in a reconstituted enzyme containing phospho fructo kinase ec

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Self starvation and activity stress in brattleboro rats

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Self statement systems of phobic and nonphobic individuals

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Self statements in aggressive withdrawn and popular children

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Self sterile and maturation defective mutants of the homothallic alga chlamydomonas monoica chlorophyceae

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Self sterility and inter sterility among sweet cherries prunus avium as a consequence of incompatibility review of phenomena

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Self stimulation and adreno cortical activity in young rats

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Self stimulation and amphetamine tolerance to dextro and levo isomers and cross tolerance to cocaine and methylphenidate

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Self stimulation and circling differentiation of the neural substrata by behavioral measurement with the use of the double pulse technique

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Self stimulation and endogenous ethanol in rats of both sexes

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Self stimulation and task related responding role of sensory reinforcement in maintaining and extending treatment effects

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Self stimulation and the action of protein and oligopeptide synthesis blockers

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Self stimulation behavior and peripheral autonomic functions under the effect of some drugs

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Self stimulation behavior methods evaluating intra cranial reward and their relations with motivational states

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Self stimulation by direct current as a model of motivated behavior

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Self stimulation frequency in cats during simultaneous changes in 2 parameters

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Self stimulation in 7 day old and 10 day old rats

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Self stimulation in the dorsal pontine tegmentum and the cerebellum

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Self stimulation in the sheep interactions with ingestive behavior and light cycle

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Self stimulation of a hypothalamic site in response to tension or fear

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Self stimulation of phylogenetically young and ancient hypothalamus structures in conditions of a change of the reinforcement routine

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Self stimulation of supracallosal bundle and its associated behavior compared to that of the prefrontal cortex

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Self stimulation of the medial fore brain bundle or ventral tegmental area after micro injection of haloperidol into the prefrontal cortex of the rat

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Self stimulation of the pre frontal cortex after micro injections of pimozide and gamma amino butyric acid into the pre frontal cortex or ventro tegmental area in the rat

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Self stimulation reactions of the cat lateral hypothalamus during different current parameters

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Self stimulation response as an anti stress factor in animals

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Self stimulation salicylate and ambient temperature

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Self stimulation thresholds and dorso ventral variation in the lateral hypothalamus in mouse effects of food and water deprivation

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Self structured gmp a carbon 13 nmr and pmr study

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Self sufficiency of agriculture in finland in 1970 1983

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Self sustained spike and wave rhythmical activity and reactions of neural and glial cells of cat sensorimotor cortex

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Self sustaining activities and reinforcement in the nest building behavior of mice

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Self sustaining induced bone tissue

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Self sustaining multiplication and reproduction of micro systems in photo biogenesis

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Self taming an alternative for the prophylaxis of succinylcholine induced pain

Verma R.S., 1979:
Self taming of succinyl choline induced fasciculation and intra ocular pressure

Baraka, A., 1977:
Self taming of succinyl choline induced fasciculations

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Self tanning a new and important source of stoichiometric error in cytophotometric determination of nuclear dna content in plants

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Self terminated fast movement of the forearm in man amplitude dependence of the triple burst pattern

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Self therapy for hemophilia in norway effect on transfusion frequency and days lost from work

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Self thinning exponent correlated with allometric measures of plant geometry

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Self thinning in trifolium subterraneum not affected by cultivar shape

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Self thinning in trifolium subterraneum populations transferred between full day light and shade

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Self thinning the effect of shading on glasshouse populations of silver beet beta vulgaris cultivar fordhook marter

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Self touching performance and attentional processes

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Self training self optimizing expert system for interpretation of the ir spectra of environmental mixtures

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Self transfer reactions catalyzed by a beta d xylosidase from penicillium wortmanni isolation and identification of some transfer products

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Self transformation of shf 3a nucleic acid into shf 2a and its biological characters

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Self transmissibility test of various shuttle vectors in bacillus subtilis and bacillus stearothermophilus

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Self treatment of agoraphobia by exposure

Von-Krogh, G., 1982:
Self treatment of condylomata acuminata with 0.5 percent podophyllo toxin

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Self wrist biting in arashiyama b troop of japanese monkeys macaca fuscata fuscata

Dannian Y., 1980:
Selfing and genetic equilibrium in an auto tetra ploid population

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Selfing and interspecific hybridization in lolium perenne and lolium multiflorum evaluated by phospho gluco isomerase as isozyme marker

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Selfing effects in eucalyptus regnans

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Selfing in clonal seed orchards of slash pine pinus elliottii

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Selfing mutants from heterothallic strains of physarum polycephalum

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Selfing rates in 2 wild poly ploid solanums

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Selfish genes evolutionary games and the adaptiveness of behavior

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Selidosema plumaria and selidosema brunnearia in czechoslovakia and their developmental stages lepidoptera geometridae

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Selidosema plumaria and selidosema brunnearia lepidoptera geometridae

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Selidosema plumarium new record for northern europe lepidoptera geometridae

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Seligeria brevifolia new record a moss new to north america

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Seligeria careyana new species from the queen charlotte islands western canada

Coker P.D., 1983:
Seligeria carniolica new record and seligeria oelandica new record 2 mosses new to norway

Mogensen, G.S., 1977:
Seligeria diversifolia new record a moss new to greenland

Ode B.; During H., 1987:
Seligeria donniana new record for the netherlands

Favreau, M.; Brassard, G.R., 1987:
Seligeria oelandica new record c. jens and med. a moss new to eastern north america

Klyuiko E.V., 1986:
Selinopsis new record a genus of the family umbelliferae new for the flora of europe and independent of the genus carum

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Sella turcica and hypophyseal tumors

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Sella turcica region tumors simulating hypophyseal adenoma

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Sellar and juxtasellar lesion detection with magnetic resonance

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Sellar lesions

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Sellar lesions associated with isolated hyperprolactinemia morphological immunocytochemical hormonal and clinical results

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Sellar teratoma with melanotic progonoma a case

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Selysiothemis nigra in italy odonata macrodiplactidae

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Sem analysis of colonies of the cyanophyte nodularia water bloom from baltic sea

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Sem analysis of utah usa equisetum stems equisetaceae

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SEM and microradiographic investigation of initial enamel caries

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Sem autoradiography aggregation of inhaled plutonium 239 oxide

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Sem comparison of fruits and seeds of syringodium cymodoceaceae from texas usa usa virgin islands and the philippines

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Sem description of some desmids algae zygophyceae from french guiana south america

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Sem epma observation of three types of apatite containing glass ceramics implanted in bone the variance of a calcium phosphorus rich layer

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Sem investigations on seed of the genus allium l ii

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SEM low magnification stereoscopic technique for mapping surface contours: application to measurement of volume differences in human teeth due to polishing

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Sem observation of scalp hair from normal chinese adults and fetuses

H.Y S., 1986:
Sem observation of the inner surface structure of needle cuticles in pinus

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SEM observations of the neural fold associated with neurulation in the rat

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Sem observations on plerocercus larvae of floriceps saccatus cuvier 1817 and molicola horridus goodsir 1841 cestoda trypanorhyncha from sunfish mola mola

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Sem observations on the structural degradation of epistomatal waxes in picea abies l. karst. and its possible role in the fichtensterben

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Sem researches on the enamel layer during the maturation stage

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Sem studies of spores of four species of pottiaceae from west bengal india

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Sem studies of spores of isoetes l. of rajasthan india

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Sem studies of sterile fungi on roots of sterile wheat seedlings

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Sem studies on coix involucres

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Sem studies on monosaccharides disaccharides and polysaccharides

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Sem studies on seed coat patterns in some taxa of ureneae malvaceae

Vassal J., 1986:
Sem studies on seed coat patterns of genus acacia subgenus aculeiferum vassal

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Sem studies on seed coat structure of some varieties of vigna mungo l hepper

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Sem studies on the spermoderm structure of some medicinally important species of solanaceae

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Sem studies on the spores of culcita presl

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Sem study of megaspore sporoderm of some indian selaginellas

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Semantic activation during memory encoding across the adult life span

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Semantic activation in patients with Parkinson's disease

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Semantic analysis of dreams in an isolated population

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Semantic and contextual cuing of preschool children's recall

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Semantic and episodic constraints on the use of surface order cues in the comprehension of locative sentences

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Semantic and syntactic processes in aphasia: a review of the literature

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Semantic behavior therapy uni dimensional or multi dimensional

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Semantic comprehension in infancy: a signal detection analysis

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Semantic cues and response contingencies in self instructional control

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Semantic differential assessment of benign threat and challenge appraisals of life events

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Semantic distance in memory structure the retrieval of conceptual relationships

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Semantic elaboration and the method of loci: a new trip for older learners

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Semantic errors or statistical flukes a note on allports on knowing the meaning of words we are unable to report

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Semi automated full battery

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Semi automated gel chromatography to characterize broad molecular weight distributions of cytoplasmic extracts from coastal bermuda grass

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Semi automated method for total nitrogen in fertilizers

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Semi automated method of simultaneous determination of phosphorus calcium and crude protein in animal feeds

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Semi automated method of the colorimetric determination of serum tri glycerides by means of the autoanalyzer of the veb kombinat mlw

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Semi automated microplate blood grouping

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Semi automated radioassay of in vitro protein synthesis by fibroblasts

Quirk J.T., 1981:
Semi automated recording of wood cell dimensions

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