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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6387

Chapter 6387 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zech M., 1980: Self frequencies and oscillation modes of the human skull

Caslavska V., 1985: Self gelling liquid composition for topical application of medications

Ensley E., 1986: Self generated attitude change a person by situation analysis of attitude polarization and attenuation

Stump R.F., 1984: Self generated electrical currents through xenopus neurulae

Merz, R. A., 1984: Self generated vs. environmentally produced feeding currents a comparison for the sabellid polychaete eudistylia vancouveri

Pollack S.B., 1988: Self generating density gradients of percoll provide a simple and rapid method that consistently enriches natural killer cells

Bovet J., 1984: Self grooming and social grooming in the north american beaver castor canadensis

Crowell Davis S.L., 1987: Self grooming by mares and foals of the welsh pony equus caballus

Kirsch, I.; Frankel, A. S.; Valone, K., 1977: Self guided imagery vs systematic de sensitization a preliminary test

Weidner G., 1980: Self handicapping following learned helplessness treatment and the type a coronary prone behavior pattern

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386010

Aubert L., 1980: Self healing juvenile cutaneous mucinosis clinical histological and ultrastructural study

Kohsbaki M., 1982: Self healing reticulo histiocytosis a clinical histologic and ultrastructural study of the 4th case in the literature

Calb, I.; Larralde-De-Luna, M.; Larguia, M.; Solana, 1988: Self healing reticulohistiocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386014

Battey L.L., 1981: Self heard venous hums

Walker, I. K.; Manssen, N. B., 1979: Self heating of wet wood 2. ignition by slow thermal explosion

Manssen, N. B.; Walker, I. K., 1979: Self heating of wet wood 3. spontaneous ignition of chip piles and wood waste dumps

Walker, I. K.; Harrison, W. J., 1977: Self heating of wet wood part 1 exothermic oxidation of wet sawdust

Reese S., 1979: Self heating tree wraps in freeze protection

Tooley J., 1986: Self help computer conferencing

Kesges L.M., 1987: Self help dieting strategies in college males and females

Einstein S., 1983: Self help drug misuse intervention a schema

Cripps A., 1986: Self help group behavioral treatment for obesity an evaluation of weight control workshops

Minde, K.; Shosenberg, N.; Marton, P.; Thompson, J.; Ripley, J.; Burns, S., 1980: Self help groups in a premature nursery a controlled evaluation

Infantino A., 1983: Self help manual for agoraphobia a preliminary report of effectiveness

Ordentlich M., 1984: Self help smoking cessation and maintenance programs a comparative study with 12 month follow up by the american lung association

Cahn T., 1981: Self help treatment for migraine head aches a controlled outcome study

Man N.K., 1984: Self hemodialysis a new mode of treatment for end stage renal disease

Johnson L.S., 1979: Self hypnosis behavioral and phenomenological comparisons with hetero hypnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386030

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386031

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386032

Campos A., 1986: Self ideal congruence as measure of self esteem

Tzelgov J., 1987: Self ideal discrepancies as indicators of self derogation and enhancement formalization of theoretical claims and a method for assessment

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386035

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386036

Laron Z., 1981: Self image in adolescents with delayed puberty and growth retardation

Lewiston N., 1980: Self image of adolescents with cystic fibrosis

Koenig L.J., 1988: Self image of emotionally disturbed adolescents

Stehn R., 1979: Self imposed food deprivation and wheel running activity in field trapped norway rats rattus norvegicus as a function of environmental change time in captivity and age at capture

Henry, J. P., 1978: Self imposed stress

Dardano, J. F., 1973: Self imposed time outs under increasing response requirements

Hoffman A., 1983: Self improvement in a complex cybernetic system and its implications for biology

Gilboa E., 1986: Self inactivating retroviral vectors designed for transfer of whole genes into mammalian cells

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386045

Anderson B.M., 1980: Self inactivation of an erythrocyte nad glyco hydrolase

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386047

Archakov A.I., 1988: Self inactivation of nadh oxidase of mycoplasmic cells in the course of reaction

Jackson J.F., 1986: Self incompatibility alleles control a low molecular weight basic protein in pistils of petunia hybrida

Maguire J.D., 1982: Self incompatibility alleles in broccoli brassica oleracea

Boyle, T. H.; Stimart, D. P., 1986: Self incompatibility and interspecific incompatibility relationships in intraspecific and interspecific crosses of zinnia elegans jacq. and zinnia angustifolia hbk compositae

Mcgrath S., 1984: Self incompatibility and the pollen stigma interaction in tradescantia ohiensis

Nasrallah M.E., 1979: Self incompatibility antigens and s gene expression in brassica oleracea

Nasrallah M.E., 1988: Self incompatibility genes of brassica oleracea expression isolation and structure

Anderson, M. K.; Taylor, N. L.; Duncan, J. F., 1974: Self incompatibility genotype identification and stability as influenced by inbreeding in red clover trifolium pratense

Williams E.G., 1986: Self incompatibility in acacia retinodes var uncifolia site of pollen tube arrest is the nucellus

Larsen, K., 1977: Self incompatibility in beta vulgaris part 1 4 gametophytic complementary s loci in sugar beet

Kress W.J., 1983: Self incompatibility in central american heliconia

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386059

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386060

Lyrene P.M., 1987: Self incompatibility in diploid tetraploid and hexaploid vaccinium corymbosum

Bawa K.S., 1982: Self incompatibility in gmelina arborea verbenaceae

Spoor, W., 1976: Self incompatibility in lolium perenne

Mccraw, J. M.; Spoor, W., 1983: Self incompatibility in lolium spp 1. lolium rigidum and lolium multiflorum

Mccraw, J. M.; Spoor, W., 1983: Self incompatibility in lolium spp 2. lolium perenne

Bhowmik G., 1982: Self incompatibility in pineapple ananas comosus

Osterbye, U., 1986: Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris iii. s loci numbers and allelic identities

Osterbye, U., 1986: Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris iv. pseudo compatibility

Osterbye, U., 1977: Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris part 2 4 s loci in a german population

Osterbye, U., 1986: Self incompatibility in ranunculus acris v. linkage between two s loci an essential evolutionary step

Mahalaxmi, K., 1987: Self incompatibility in rhopalodia gibba ehr o. mull

Arasu, N. T., 1970: Self incompatibility in ribes d

Cornish, M. A.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1979: Self incompatibility in rye grass 1. genetic control in di ploid lolium perenne

Cornish, M. A.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1979: Self incompatibility in rye grass 2. the joint segregation of s and z in lolium perenne

Cornish, M. A.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1980: Self incompatibility in rye grass 3. the joint segregation of s and pg 1 2 in lolium perenne

Cornish, M. A.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1980: Self incompatibility in rye grass 4. seed set in di ploid lolium perenne

Fearon, C. H.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1983: Self incompatibility in rye grass 5. genetic control linkage and seed set in di ploid lolium multiflorum

Fearon, C. H.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1983: Self incompatibility in rye grass 6. self seed set and incompatibility genotype in lolium perenne

Fearon, C. H.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1984: Self incompatibility in ryegrass 7. determination of incompatibility genotypes in autotetraploid families of lolium perenne

Fearon, C. H.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1984: Self incompatibility in ryegrass 8. the mode of action of s and z alleles in the pollen of autotetraploids of lolium perenne

Fearon, C. H.; Hayward, M. D.; Lawrence, M. J., 1984: Self incompatibility in ryegrass 9. cross compatibility and seed set in autotetraploid lolium perenne

Owens S.J., 1981: Self incompatibility in the commelinaceae

Knox R.B., 1985: Self incompatibility in the nitrogen fixing tree acacia retinodes quantitative cytology of pollen tube growth

Piatos, P.; Knight, R. J. Jr, 1975: Self incompatibility in the sapodilla

Li S J., 1980: Self incompatibility in wentan citrus grandis cultivar matou

Gutierres A., 1986: Self incompatibility in white cabbage as a function of cultivation conditions

Lyrene P.M., 1987: Self incompatibility of 19 native blueberry selections

Yamamoto Y., 1985: Self incompatibility reaction of japanese pear in various stages of floral development

Sharma N., 1985: Self incompatibility recognition in petunia hybrida

Sreenivasan M.S., 1984: Self incompatibility studies in coffee

Beach J.H., 1983: Self incompatibility systems in the rubiaceae of a tropical lowland wet forest

Modena G., 1986: Self induced diastereoselective oxidation of vinyl sulfides bearing a chiral hydroxyl group as a way of preparation of optically active sulfinyl dienophiles and their use in the asymmetric diels alder reaction to cyclopentadiene

Carr P., 1981: Self induced myo cardial infarction

Panayiotopoulos C.P., 1979: Self induced pattern sensitive epilepsy

Stanievich J.F., 1987: Self induced pneumoparotitis in an adolescent report of a case and review of the literature

Norton L.A., 1987: Self induced trauma to the nails

Cooper P.J., 1982: Self induced vomiting and bulimia nervosa an undetected problem

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386098

Jacobs B., 1985: Self induced vomiting and subclinical bulimia following gastroplasty surgery for morbid obesity a case description and report of a multi component cognitive behavioral treatment strategy

Rich, C. L., 1978: Self induced vomiting psychiatric considerations

Mallya A.R., 1986: Self induced water intoxication a comparison of 34 cases with matched controls

Clark M.L., 1980: Self induced water intoxication in schizophrenic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386103

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386104

Mansuy D., 1981: Self induction by tri acetyl oleandomycin of its own transformation into a metabolite forming a stable 456 nanometer absorbing complex with cytochrome p 450

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386106

Carney, M. W. P.; Brozovic, M., 1978: Self inflicted bleeding and bruising

Gleichmann U., 1988: Self inflicted bradycardia

Brown L.C., 1985: Self inflicted burns a 5 year retrospective study

Woodruff G., 1985: Self inflicted corneal injuries in children with congenital corneal anesthesia

Stellwag Carion C., 1987: Self inflicted cut and stab wounds as a means for the fabrication of assaults

Danyluk L., 1979: Self inflicted eye injuries and self inflicted blindness

Johnson C.F., 1985: Self inflicted foreign bodies involving lower urinary tract and male genitals

Shuck, L. W.; Orgel, M. G.; Vogel, A. V., 1980: Self inflicted gun shot wounds to the face a review of 18 cases

Clarke W.N., 1982: Self inflicted ocular injuries in children

Magargal L.E., 1981: Self inflicted ocular mutilation

Sahlin Y., 1988: Self inflicted poisoning medical and social aspects

Pueschel K., 1981: Self inflicted skin injuries and false information to the police

Wisheart J.D., 1981: Self inflicted stab wound causing aorto right ventricular fistula

Chaikhouni A., 1982: Self inflicted trans anal stripping of colo rectal mucosa report of an unusual case

Fugelli P., 1987: Self inflicted wounds a survey of patients at the oslo norway emergency medical center

Catania, C. A., 1973: Self inhibiting effects of reinforcement

Gardner D., 1981: Self inhibition alters firing patterns of neurons in aplysia californica buccal ganglia

Groves, P. M.; Young, S. J.; Wilson, C. J., 1976: Self inhibition by dopaminergic neurons disruption by racemic alpha methyl p tyrosine pre treatment or anterior diencephalic lesions

Levinson C., 1984: Self inhibition of chloride transport in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Chaudhry M.A., 1986: Self inhibition of egg laying in physa sp a freshwater pulmonate

Parker C.A., 1982: Self inhibition of rhizobial strains and the influence of cultural condition on microbial interactions

Zobrist P., 1979: Self inhibition of the agaricus bisporus spore by carbon di oxide and or gamma glutaminyl 4 hydroxy benzene and gamma glutaminyl 3 4 benzo quinone a biochemical analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386129

Fisher E.B.Jr, 1980: Self initiated cue extinction and covert sensitization procedures in smoking cessation

Graham J.W., 1985: Self initiated smoking cessation among high school students

Lenard L., 1983: Self injection of amphetamine directly into the brain

Snell J.D., 1981: Self injection of barbiturates and benzodiazepines in baboons papio anubis

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386134

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386135

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386136

Rojahn, J., 1986: Self injurious and stereotypic behavior of noninstitutionalized mentally retarded people prevalence and classification

Mason M., 1986: Self injurious behavior a statewide prevalence survey of the extent and circumstances

Sandman C.A., 1984: Self injurious behavior and stereotypy in an institutionalized mentally retarded population

Rojahn J., 1984: Self injurious behavior in institutionalized severely profoundly retarded adults prevalence data and staff agreement

Corbett J.A., 1987: Self injurious behavior in people with mental handicap a total population study

Frye G.D., 1984: Self injurious behavior in rats produced by intra nigral micro injection of alpha amino butyric acid agonists

Nyhan W.L., 1982: Self injurious behavior produced in rats by daily caffeine and continuous amphetamine

Steelman R., 1986: Self injurious behavior report of a case and follow up

Schaefer, H. H., 1970: Self injurious behavior shaping head banging in monkeys

Henson J.L., 1983: Self injurious lip biting etiology and management

Matson J.L., 1986: Self injury and its relationship to diagnostic schemes in psychopathology

Kroening R., 1979: Self injury following acupuncture treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386149

Singh, N. N.; Dawson, M. J.; Gregory, P. R., 1980: Self injury in the profoundly retarded clinically significant vs. therapeutic control

Gueldner, F. H.; Wolff, J. R., 1978: Self innervation of dendrites in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus

Sula L., 1979: Self inoculation with mycobacterium tuberculosis weiszfeiler w 115

Mitchell, W. M., 1968: Self insertion of urethral foreign bodies human

Marx R.W., 1983: Self instructed relaxation a therapeutic alternative

Whitman T.L., 1987: Self instruction individual differences and mental retardation

Cohen R., 1984: Self instruction training with preschoolers generalization to proximal and distal problem solving tasks

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386157

Meyers A., 1981: Self instructions effects of cognitive level and active rehearsal

Anjum S.H., 1981: Self interaction of meloidogyne incognita on tomato cultivar marglobe and tylenchorhynchus brassicae on cauliflower cultivar snowball

Billings J., 1986: Self involvement and coronary heart disease incidence in the multiple risk factor intervention trial

Aguilar Martin J., 1985: Self learning pattern classification using a sequential clustering technique

Moldovan D., 1981: Self limitation of atrial fibrillation in advanced heart disease

Bongrand P., 1986: Self limitation of the oxidative burst of rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Kates, R. J.; Schifrin, B. S., 1976: Self limited acute de fibrination in pregnancy case report

Weeks G.D., 1979: Self limited and unlimited word usage during problem solving in 2 tele communication modes

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386167

Sarosi G.A., 1979: Self limited blasto mycosis a report of 13 cases

La Greca G., 1984: Self limited dehydration during continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration

Ortiz Vazquez J., 1981: Self limited idiopathic fever 20 cases

Fayal Neto S., 1987: Self limited outbreaks of acute diarrhea affected 3 families in belem para brazil living in one district

Ikeshoji, T., 1977: Self limiting ecomones in the populations of insects and some aquatic animals

Schneck C., 1985: Self limiting extravasation in the unused urinary bladder

Marsh L., 1986: Self love self control and alexithymia narcissistic features of two bulimic adolescents

Barden, L. S., 1977: Self maintaining populations of pinus pungens in the southern appalachian mountains usa

Gurevitch O.A., 1980: Self maintenance ability and kinetics of hemopoietic stroma precursors

Udalov G.A., 1982: Self maintenance ability of circulating hemopoietic stem cells

Chertkov I.L., 1984: Self maintenance ability of hemopoietic stem cells colony forming units in the long term bone marrow culture

Udalov G.A., 1979: Self maintenance ability of migrating hemopoietic stem cells

Gurevich, O. A.; Chertkov, I. L., 1980: Self maintenance and proliferative activity of precursor cells of the hemopoietic stroma

Muksinova K.N., 1984: Self maintenance capacity of hemopoietic colony forming units in late periods after protracted radiation exposure

Gilbert C.W., 1980: Self maintenance capacity of spleen colony forming units

Hurme M., 1981: Self major histo compatibility complex restricted cyto toxic t cell response without thymic influence

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386184

Edwards, J. S., 1976: Self management in children labeled learning disabled

Cole C.L., 1983: Self management of disruptive verbal ruminations by a mentally retarded adult

Moody S.C., 1985: Self management of nutrition

Campbell P., 1981: Self management of problematic behaviors by a response cost procedure

Mitchell, K. R.; White, R. G., 1977: Self management of severe predormital insomnia

Mitchell, K. R., 1978: Self management of spastic colitis

Mitchell, K. R.; White, R., 1976: Self management of tension head aches a case study

Karan O.C., 1985: Self management training of mentally retarded adults presenting severe conduct difficulties

Cipes, M. H., 1985: Self management vs. parental involvement to increase children compliance with home fluoride mouthrinsing

Lakshminarayanan A.V., 1984: Self masking subtraction tomo synthesis

Klebe J.G., 1981: Self measurement of blood glucose by pregnant women with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Saeed A.A., 1988: Self medication among primary care patients in farazdak clinic in riyadh saudi arabia

Abosede O.A., 1984: Self medication an important aspect of primary health care

Laverde S., 1986: Self medication as a form of self control in an intermediate care facility preliminary data

Ponjaert Kristoffersen I., 1985: Self medication in hospitalized patients an explorative survey

Quah S.R., 1985: Self medication in singapore

Brower K.J., 1988: Self medication of migraine headaches with freebase cocaine

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386202

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386203

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386204

Kline S.L., 1987: Self monitoring and attitude behavior correspondence in cable television subscription

Goldsmith R.E., 1987: Self monitoring and innovativeness

Davis L.L., 1987: Self monitoring and perceptions of furniture styles

Ottinger D.R., 1979: Self monitoring and relaxation training in the treatment of medically ordered exercises in a 12 year old female

Jenkins, J. O.; Peterson, G. R., 1978: Self monitoring and self administered aversion in the treatment of bruxism

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386210

Furnham A., 1981: Self monitoring and social perception

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386212

Graziano W.G., 1985: Self monitoring impression management and interpersonal evaluations

Lautenschlager G.L., 1987: Self monitoring in children a differential approach to social development

Baskett L.M., 1985: Self monitoring in children accuracy and reactivity

Blue, F. R., 1978: Self monitoring in the treatment of an acute mania

Rosen J.C., 1981: Self monitoring in the treatment of diurnal bruxism

Billings, A., 1978: Self monitoring in the treatment of tics a single subject analysis

Knoblauch A., 1985: Self monitoring of airway obstruction by peak flow measurement

Balint J.H., 1984: Self monitoring of blood glucose a survey of long term use

Et Al, 1984: Self monitoring of blood glucose by diabetic women during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Walford, S.; Gale, E. A. M.; Allison, S. P.; Tattersall, R. B., 1978: Self monitoring of blood glucose improvement of diabetic control

Deckert T., 1980: Self monitoring of blood glucose in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Klebe J.G., 1985: Self monitoring of blood glucose in pregnant diabetics a comparative study of the blood glucose level and course of pregnancy in pregnant diabetics on an out patient regime before and after the introduction of methods for home analysis blood glucose

Scott M.L., 1983: Self monitoring of blood glucose levels and intensified insulin therapy acceptability and efficacy in childhood diabetes

Piehl E.J., 1984: Self monitoring of blood pressure during pregnancy

Bolle R., 1987: Self monitoring of peak expiratory flow pef

Fisher, E. B. Jr ; Green, L.; Friedling, C.; Levenkron, J.; Porter, F. L., 1976: Self monitoring of progress in weight reduction a preliminary report

James J.E., 1981: Self monitoring of stuttering reactivity and accuracy

Morley R., 1987: Self monitoring processes in stutterers

Lennox R., 1984: Self monitoring shyness and sociability

Goodrich R.L., 1979: Self motion magnitude estimation during linear oscillation changes with head orientation and following fatigue

Henn V., 1984: Self motion sensation influenced by visual fixation

Ickes W., 1981: Self motivation and adherence to therapeutic exercise

Hansen J., 1984: Self mutilation

Clark R.A., 1981: Self mutilation accompanying religious delusions a case and review

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386237

Shapiro S., 1987: Self mutilation and self blame in incest victims

Arons B.S., 1981: Self mutilation clinical examples and reflections

Seng B.K., 1985: Self mutilation in a family case report

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386241

Porter G.L., 1982: Self mutilation in children and adolescents

Hong, C. C.; Ediger, R. D., 1978: Self mutilation of the penis in c 57bl 6n mice

Dotzauer, G., 1976: Self mutilations in private accident insurance cases

Roe, P. F., 1977: Self neglect

Monnanteuil N., 1986: Self nitrogen and oxygen broadening of the 115 gigahertz line of carbon monoxide

Rice C.G., 1987: Self noise problems in hearing aids

Levine, P., 1978: Self nonself concept for cancer and diseases previously known as auto immune diseases

Hogeweg P., 1987: Self nonself discrimination due to immunological nonlinearities the analysis of a series of models by numerical methods

Chu B.M., 1982: Self normalization of highly transformed 3t3 cells through maximized contact interaction

Squyres E.M., 1979: Self observation of ones own reflected image a report

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386254

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386255

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386256

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386257

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386258

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386259

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386260

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386262

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386263

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386264

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386265

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386266

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386267

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386268

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386269

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386270

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386271

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386272

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386273

Nazarenko, V. G.; Sel'kov, E. E., 1978: Self oscillations as the most probable mode of existence of the density controlled cell populations

Green, D. Jr, 1978: Self oscillations for epidemic models/

Sel'kov E.E., 1981: Self oscillations in an open biochemical substrate inhibited reaction interacting with the enzyme producing system

Dynnik, V. V.; Sel'kov, E. E.; Ovtchinnikov, I. A., 1977: Self oscillations in the lower part of the glycolytic system 2 alternative mechanisms

Evtodienko Yu V., 1980: Self oscillations of ion fluxes and redox state of the respiratory chain of mitochondria

Mellor S., 1986: Self other agreement in personality ratings by committed and uncommitted work partners

Fichten, C. S., 1986: Self other and situation referent automatic thoughts interaction between people who have a physical disability and those who do not

Adams Webber J., 1985: Self other contrast and the development of personal constructs

Goldman R.F., 1980: Self paced hard work comparing men and women

Corrigan J.G., 1980: Self paced vs externally paced motor tracking by retarded and nonretarded persons

Bassey, E. J.; Fentem, P. H.; Macdonald, I. C.; Scriven, P. M., 1976: Self paced walking as a method for exercise testing in elderly and young men

Romet T.T., 1987: Self paced work in sleep deprived subjects

Beaury J., 1979: Self pacing during sustained repetitive exercise

Lando, H. A., 1976: Self pacing in eliminating chronic smoking serendipity revisited

Cuthbert A., 1984: Self penetration by the myco parasite dimargaris cristalligena

Brody G.H., 1987: Self perceived and independently observed competence of young adolescents as a function of parental marital conflict and recent divorce

Thukral V.K., 1988: Self perceived knowledge some effects on information processing for a choice task

Wood D.R., 1986: Self perceived masculinity between bearded and nonbearded males

Cherry I.C., 1986: Self perceived psychological effects on males of chronic unemployment by occupational classification

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386293

Lucca A., 1985: Self perception and perception of peers as regards close friendship in adolescence a multivariate investigation

Lee, D. Y.; Syrnyk, R.; Hallschmid, C., 1977: Self perception of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation effects on institutionalized mentally retarded adolescents

Schwartzman A., 1987: Self perception of personality at midlife in elderly people continuity and change

Haskell, J. A.; Baken, R. J., 1978: Self perception of speaking pitch levels

Kleinke, C. L., 1978: Self perception the psychology of personal awareness

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386299

Bacon P.A., 1985: Self perpetuating mechanisms of immunoglobulin g aggregation in rheumatoid inflammation

Snyder M., 1982: Self perpetuating nature of stereotypes about women and men

Gill G.N., 1985: Self phosphorylation enhances the protein tyrosine kinase activity of the epidermal growth factor receptor

De-Jonge, H. R.; Rosen, O. M., 1977: Self phosphorylation of cyclic gmp dependent protein kinase from bovine lung effect of cyclic amp cyclic gmp and histone

Schlessinger J., 1987: Self phosphorylation of epidermal growth factor receptor evidence for a model of intermolecular allosteric activation

Willox D.G.A., 1985: Self poisoning a review of patients seen in the victoria infirmary glasgow scotland uk

Teo L.H., 1984: Self poisoning a study of female patients hospitalized in a general medical department in 1 year

Teo L.H., 1984: Self poisoning a study of male patients hospitalized in a general medical department in 1 year

Owens J., 1988: Self poisoning among four immigrant groups

Walsh, N.; Mcgrath, D., 1975: Self poisoning and psycho historical change in ireland

Aass G., 1986: Self poisoning and the menstrual cycle

Proudfoot A.T., 1987: Self poisoning and therapeutic intoxication with lithium

Molnar G., 1984: Self poisoning as a model for the study of the mutagenicity of chemicals in humans

Hoult J.G., 1979: Self poisoning by sodium chlorate some unusual features

Kinik E., 1987: Self poisoning in children a ten year survey

Kok L.P., 1981: Self poisoning in singapore main causative factors

Kataja M., 1981: Self poisoning patients in an intensive care unit

Sorensen M.B., 1986: Self poisoning treated in an intensive care unit drug pattern acute mortality and short term survival

Selander D., 1979: Self poisoning treated in the intensive care unit

Rotmensch, H. H.; Graff, E.; Ayzenberg, O.; Amir, C.; Laniado, S., 1977: Self poisoning with digitalis glycosides successful treatment of 3 cases

Noel B.J., 1979: Self poisoning with over the counter hypnotics

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386321

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386322

Rygnestad T.K., 1981: Self poisoning with tri cyclic anti depressant drugs

Ockendon, D. J.; Currah, L., 1977: Self pollen reduces the number of cross pollen tubes in the styles of brassica oleracea

Simagin V.S., 1983: Self pollination and cross pollination in bush cherry cerasus fruticosa

Lewinsohn T.M., 1980: Self pollination and cross pollination of encyclia cordigera orchidaceae in santa rosa national park costa rica

Martins P.S., 1980: Self pollination and intraspecific pollination in some species of the genus cattleya

Steckel J.R.A., 1986: Self pollination and open pollination as factors influencing seed quality in leek allium porrum cultivar winterreuzen

Han S.U., 1983: Self pollination effects in a pinus densiflora seed orchard on seed production germination and survival of seedlings

Sorensen, F. C.; Franklin, J. F.; Woollard, R., 1976: Self pollination effects on seed and seedling traits in noble fir

Dukharev V.A., 1985: Self pollination frequency and selection in pinus sylvestris populations

Gowers S., 1981: Self pollination in swedes brassica napus ssp rapifera and its implications for cultivar production

Nucho A.O., 1979: Self portraits and selected indices of psycho pathology of a group of heroin addicted patients

Sitaramam V., 1988: Self potential generated by unscreened fixed charges at the membrane interface of the erythrocyte perturbs the lipid bilayer

Babando, P.; Jeanneret, O.; Raymond, L.; Rieben, A., 1985: Self predicated smoking behavior vs. present smoking habits in switzerland

Spodick D.H., 1982: Self predicting stress tests pre discharge modified stress testing after acute myo cardial infarction

Thiebaux, H. J., 1972: Self prescribed contraceptive education by the unwillingly pregnant

Sterky G., 1986: Self prescribing by way of pharmacies in three asian developing countries

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386339

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386340

Janicki M.P., 1983: Self preservation ability and residential fire emergencies

Patrick P.K.S., 1984: Self preservation confronting the issue of nurse impairment

Patrick P.K.S., 1984: Self preservation treatment intervention for nurse impairment

Nazian S.J., 1988: Self priming effect of lhrh in immature male rats in vivo and in vitro studies

IIzuka R., 1987: Self priming effect of lhrh on pituitary gonadotropins in hyperprolactinemic women

Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386346

Ward R.H., 1981: Self propelled soil sampler evaluation for efficiency in obtaining estimates of wireworm populations in missouri usa corn fields

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Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386557

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Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386577

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Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386636

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Section 7, Chapter 6387, Accession 006386663

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