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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6388

Chapter 6388 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Walter, G. R.; Mahl, M. C.; Sadler, C., 1976: Semi automated ring carrier to facilitate and expedite disinfectant testing by the association of official analytical chemists use dilution method

Chiostri R.; Boncinelli L., 1984: Semi automated simultaneous determination of plasmatic high density lipoprotein cholesterol and high density lipoprotein phospholipids with the technicon autoanalyzer i

Gorn V.V.; Zarytova V.F.; Yarmolinskaya E.V., 1983: Semi automated solid phase phospho tri ester synthesis of oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides via activation of p component on the support/

Wang, R.; Sevier, E. D.; Reisfeld, R. A.; David, G. S., 1977: Semi automated solid phase radio immunoassay for carcino embryonic antigen

Wootton, D. G., 1977: Semi automated spectrophotometry of total phospho lipids in plasma

Abdou, H. M.; Ast, T. M.; Cioffi, F. J., 1978: Semi automated system for high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of dissolution rate of fludrocortisone acetate tablets

Chen I W.; Silberstein E.B.; Maxon H.R.; Volle C.P.; Sohnlein B.H., 1982: Semi automated system for simultaneous assays of serum vitamin b 12 and folic acid in serum evaluated

Dzink J.L.; Smith C.; Socransky S.S., 1984: Semi automated technique for identification of subgingival isolates

Kubiatowicz, D. D.; Ithakissios, D. S.; Wicks, J. H.; Heerwald, P. E., 1978: Semi automated tri iodo thyronine uptake test that uses magnetic albumin micro particles

Pitkin, D. H.; Actor, P.; Baldinus, J. G.; Post, A.; Weisbach, J. A., 1978: Semi automated turbidimetric microbiological assay for cefazaflur

Pitkin, D.; Actor, P.; Holl, W.; Post, A.; Weisbach, J. A., 1974: Semi automated turbidimetric microbiological assay for determination of cefazolin

Peele, J. D. Jr ; Gadsden, R. H.; Crews, R., 1977: Semi automated vs visual reading of urinalysis dipsticks

Sauer B., 1983: Semi automatic analysis of microscopic images of the human cerebral cortex using the gray level index

Ktonas, P. Y.; Smith, J. R., 1976: Semi automatic analysis of rapid eye movement patterns a software package

Costin, I. D., 1976: Semi automatic apparatus for determination of the consistency of microbiological culture media and gel forming substances

Winn, R.; Hildebrandt, J. R.; Hildebrandt, J., 1977: Semi automatic blood pressure monitor utilizing an electronic sphygmomanometer

Hunter M.N., 1981: Semi automatic control of soil water in pot culture

Shulman, G., 1978: Semi automatic data processing in clinical chemistry

Gansau H.; Becker U., 1982: Semi automatic detection of gun shot residue by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive x ray analysis

Detzer K.; Buelau P.; Fleischhauer K., 1979: Semi automatic determination of preferential orientations in histological sections by means of the axiomat videomat system

Sapigni T.; Montanari U.; Sarti G., 1981: Semi automatic determination of volume modifications of ls fibroblasts grown in presence of sucrose

Castro, A.; Klein, W. D.; Cryderman, W. G., 1970: Semi automatic device for dispensing adsorbent materials in protein bound steroid assay

Giannazzo E.; Lo Faro S.; Terranova S., 1979: Semi automatic device for the preparation of micro electrodes for electro physiology

Dallant P.; Meunier A.; Christel P.S.; Sedel L., 1986: Semi automatic image analysis applied to the quantification of bone microstructure

Wulf H.C.; Philip J., 1986: Semi automatic karyotyping facility a clinical test

Wulf H.C., 1984: Semi automatic karyotyping with operator classification of banded chromosomes

Rozinov, B. G., 1978: Semi automatic machine for sharpening microtome knives/

Steiner R.A.; Luescher T.F.; Siegenthaler W.; Vetter W., 1980: Semi automatic measurement of blood pressure how reliable is it?

Kulikov A.V.; Makarenko V.S., 1980: Semi automatic measuring of the intensity of aggressive behavior in mice

Lerallut J.F.; Gambier P.; Fontenier G., 1986: Semi automatic medical image processing

Collen, D.; Tytgat, G.; Verstraete, M., 1968: Semi automatic method for routine evaluation of fibrinolytic components

Ito T.; Nakagawa E.; Kawaguchi H.; Mizuike A., 1982: Semi automatic microliter sample injection into an inductively coupled plasma for simultaneous multi element analysis

Zilles, K.; Schleicher, A.; Kretschmann, H. J.; Wingert, F., 1976: Semi automatic morphometric analysis of the nucleolar development in the nucleus nervus oculomotorii of tupaia belangeri during ontogenesis

Burns, M. D.; Delcomyn, F., 1976: Semi automatic processing of neuro physiological data part 1 a device for measuring potential intervals from film

Delcomyn, F.; Burns, M. D., 1977: Semi automatic processing of neuro physiological data part 2 a computer program for data reduction

Bryantsev B.I.; Dubrovin V.I.; Panov V.P., 1981: Semi automatic processing of sedimentation data by computer for calculating medium weight molecular mass by the transient equilibrium method

Hohenberg H.; Mannweiler K., 1980: Semi automatic washing device for simultaneous cleaning of surface replicas under identical conditions

Wyatt D.M., 1983: Semi automation of headspace gas chromatography as applied to determination of acetaldehyde in poly ethylene terephthalate beverage bottles

Empain A., 1985: Semi automatized measurements at the microscope

Munoz Vinuesa A.; Zafra Norte J.; Guerrero Perez F.; Garrido Blasco F., 1985: Semi axial and latero axial projections of the posterior arch of the atlas

Cardini F.; Ginanneschi M.; Selva A.; Chelli M., 1987: Semi beta carotenone from leaves of two cycads

Bodnar E.; Ross D.N., 1981: Semi biological left heart assist

Abe M.; Hoshino M.; Asakura T.; Matsuda M., 1982: Semi carbazide induced convulsions and synaptosomal gamma amino butyric acid

Tomchin, A. B.; Dmitrukha, V. S.; Il'enko, V. I.; Platonov, V. G., 1983: Semi carbazones and thio semi carbazones of the hetero cyclic series 46. activity of alpha di carbonyl compound acyl hydrazones with respect to influenza virus

Loeser, E.; Lorke, D., 1977: Semi chronic oral toxicity of cadmium part 1 studies on rats

Loeser, E.; Lorke, D., 1977: Semi chronic oral toxicity of cadmium part 2 studies on dogs

Wu, J. T.; Tischner, R.; Lorenzen, H., 1986: Semi circadian oscillation of cell productivity in synchronous chlorella culture

Mckay D.W.; Pasieka C.A.; Moore K.E.; Riegle G.D.; Demarest K.T., 1982: Semi circadian rhythm of tubero infundibular dopamine neuronal activity during early pregnancy and pseudopregnancy in the rat

Klompus, W. H.; Owens, J., 1978: Semi closed basket extraction of ureteral calculi

Donders H.P.C.; Wijffels C.C.S.M.; Lobach H.J.C., 1980: Semi closed thrombo end arterectomy of the femoro popliteal artery results of 142 cases 5 years after surgery

Singh, B.; Chang, I. C.; Hammon, W. M., 1973: Semi commercial scale production of japanese b encephalitis virus vaccines from tissue culture

Khan I.; Sattar M.W.A.; Jan M., 1986: Semi commercial trials on radiation preservation of potatoes under tropical conditions

Balgavy P.; Stalmasek M.; Sersen F., 1981: Semi conduction in complexes of tryptophan and pyrimidine bases

Strzelecka T., 1982: Semi conductor properties of natural melanins

Sheinin, R.; Guttman, S., 1977: Semi conservative and nonconservative replication of dna in temperature sensitive mouse l cells

Tempel K.; Wulffius Kock M.; Winkle J.; Schmerold I., 1982: Semi conservative and unscheduled dna synthesis of rat thymocytes under the influence of some radioprotecting and radio sensitizing agents

Reinhard, P.; Burkhalter, M.; Gautschi, J. R., 1977: Semi conservative dna replication in vitro part 1 properties of 2 systems derived from mouse p 815 cells by permeabilization or lysis with brij 58

Gautschi, J. R.; Burkhalter, M.; Reinhard, P., 1977: Semi conservative dna replication in vitro part 2 replicative intermediates of mouse p 815 cells

Dannenberg R.; Mosig G., 1981: Semi conservative dna replication is initiated at a single site in recombination deficient gene 32 mutants of bacterio phage t 4

Rude, J. M.; Friedberg, E. C., 1977: Semi conservative dna synthesis in unirradiated and uv irradiated xeroderma pigmentosum and normal human skin fibroblasts

Iwamura T.; Katoh K.; Nishimura T., 1982: Semi conservative replication of chloroplast dna in synchronized chlorella ellipsoidea

Buck, K. W., 1978: Semi conservative replication of double stranded rna by a virion associated rna polymerase

Vikhanskaya F.L.; Khrebtukova I.A.; Manuilova E.S., 1985: Semi conservative synthesis of dna in uv sensitive mutant cells of chinese hamster after uv irradiation

Van Etten J.L.; Burbank D.E.; Cuppels D.A.; Lane L.C.; Vidaver A.K., 1980: Semi conservative synthesis of single stranded rna by bacterio phage phi 6 rna polymerase

Broderick A.J.; Greenshields R.N., 1982: Semi continuous and continuous production of aspergillus niger spores in submerged liquid culture

Deo Y.M.; Gaucher G.M., 1984: Semi continuous and continuous production of penicillin g by penicillium chrysogenum cells immobilized in kappa carrageenan beads

Blieva R.K., 1982: Semi continuous cultivation of aspergillus hydrolase producers

Livansky K., 1979: Semi continuous cultivation of autotrophic algae

Kopp B.; Rehm H.J., 1984: Semi continuous cultivation of immobilized claviceps purpurea

Weeks M.G.; Munro P.A.; Spedding P.L., 1982: Semi continuous ethanolic fermentation using a novel yeast settling and re cycle technique

Lesniak W.; Stawicki S., 1979: Semi continuous fermentation of citric acid by submerged fermentation

Weiner, R. S.; Richman, C. M.; Yankee, R. A., 1977: Semi continuous flow centrifugation for the pheresis of immuno competent cells and stem cells

Kirkpatrick N.; Palmer J.M., 1987: Semi continuous ligninase production using foam immobilized phanerochaete chrysosporium

Benes, P., 1980: Semi continuous monitoring of truly dissolved forms of trace elements in streams using dialysis in situ 1. principle and conditions

Chen H.T.; Yang W.T.; Wu C.M.; Kerobo C.O.; Jajalla V., 1981: Semi continuous ph parametric pumping process characteristics and protein separations

Deo Y.M.; Gaucher G.M., 1983: Semi continuous production of the antibiotic patulin by immobilized cells of penicillium urticae

Roffey, R.; Bovallius, A.; Anas, P.; Konberg, E., 1977: Semi continuous registration of airborne bacteria at an inland and a coastal station in sweden

Toth M.; Mecs I.; Toth S.; Endresz V.; Beladi I., 1984: Semi crude human leukocyte interferon production in a simple medium

Gravier Bonnet N., 1979: Semi deep hydroida from madagascar malagasy republic coelenterata hydrozoa systematic and ecological study

Diliberto, E. J-Jr ; Allen, P. L., 1980: Semi dehydro ascorbate as a product of the enzymic conversion of dopamine to norepinephrine coupling of semi dehydro ascorbate reductase ec to dopamine beta hydroxylase ec

Guennegan Y.; Rannou M., 1979: Semi diurnal rhythmic activity in deep sea benthic fishes in the bay of biscay france

Mayer V.W.; Goin C.J., 1984: Semi dominance of rad 18 2 for several phenotypic characters in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Matsunaga K.; Maruyama K.; Ikehashi H., 1981: Semi dwarfism and varietal response to exogenous gibberellic acid in rice oryza sativa

Marcelis J.H.; Versteeg H.; Beck H.J.M.; Vinke D., 1980: Semi electronic turbidimeter for automated monitoring of bacterial growth in test tubes

Genest, M.; Ptak, M., 1976: Semi empirical calculations of cyclo l threonyl l histidyl conformations

Loew, G. H.; Kirchner, R. F., 1978: Semi empirical calculations of model deoxy heme variation of calculated electro magnetic properties with electronic configuration and distance of iron from the plane

Kirchner, R. F.; Loew, G. H., 1977: Semi empirical calculations of model oxy heme variation of calculated electro magnetic properties with electronic configuration and oxygen geometry

Poltev, V. I.; Shulga, S. M., 1978: Semi empirical calculations of stacking interactions self associations of nucleic acid bases

Mel'nikov P.N.; Popov E.M., 1979: Semi empirical calculations of the 3 dimensional structure of apamine

Maranon, J.; Sorarrain, O. M.; Grinberg, H.; Lamdan, S.; Gaozza, C. H., 1978: Semi empirical complete neglect of differential overlap calculation of the electronic structure of the dna molecule part 1 ground state potential curves tunneling and tautomeric equilibrium in the nitrogen nitrogen hydrogen bond and oxygen nitrogen bond of the adenine thymine base pair

Brasseur R.; Ruysschaert J M.; Chatelain P., 1985: Semi empirical conformational analysis of propranolol interacting with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine

Karickhoff S.W., 1981: Semi empirical estimation of sorption of hydrophobic pollutants on natural sediments and soils

Atanasov B.P.; Karshikov A.D., 1985: Semi empirical method for calculation of electrostatic interactions in proteins

Ahuja S.D.; Stroup S.L.; Bolin M.G., 1980: Semi empirical model for depth dose distributions of megavoltage x ray beams

Fabian, W., 1978: Semi empirical self consistent field calculations of the excited states of hydroxy coumarins

Habtu F.F.; Samsoe Petersen L., 1987: Semi field method for testing side effects of pesticides on adults of the parasitic wasp encarsia formosa gahan hymenoptera aphelinidae

Kamel E.G., 1984: Semi field studies on the bionomics of biomphalaria alexandrina in egypt

Saito T.; Iso N.; Mizuno H.; Onda N.; Yamato H.; Odashima H., 1982: Semi flexibility of collagens in solution

Schumaker V.N.; Poon P.H.; Seegan G.W.; Smith C.A., 1981: Semi flexible joint in the complement c 1q subunit of the 1st component of human complement

Herrenschmidt, N., 1977: Semi free breeding of tropical celebes macaques macaca tonkeana in a continental european climate

Bogunovic M., 1981: Semi gley soils of slavonia yugoslavia

Regner S., 1980: Semi graphic estimation of parameters of gompertz function and its application on fish growth

Martinson H.G.; True R.; Burch J.B.E.; Kunkel G., 1979: Semi histone protein a 24 replaces h 2a as an integral component of the nucleosome histone core

Dalmacio, S. C.; Nelson, R. R., 1976: Semi incompatibility in cochliobolus carbonum

Beckers C.J.M.; Keller D.S.; Balch W.E., 1987: Semi intact cells permeable to macromolecules use in reconstitution of protein transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the golgi complex

Richard J.; Piton C., 1986: Semi log model for interpreting the results of swabbing surfaces naturally contaminated

Datta Banik N.D., 1982: Semi longitudinal growth evaluation of children from birth to 14 years in different socio economic groups

Berry A.J., 1986: Semi lunar and lunar spawning periodicity in some tropical littorinid gastropods

Rounds H.D., 1981: Semi lunar cyclicity of neuro transmitter like substances in the central nervous system of periplaneta americana

Saha S.K.; Mukhopadhyaya M.C., 1981: Semi lunar rhythm in the mating activity of the grassland millipede orthomorpha coarctata polydesmida paradoxosomatidae

Saigusa, M.; Hidaka, T., 1978: Semi lunar rhythm in the zoea release activity of the land crabs sesarma

Hastings M.H., 1981: Semi lunar variations of endogenous circa tidal rhythms of activity and respiration in the isopod eurydice pulchra

De-Lara-Galindo, S.; Cuspinera-De-Galindo, M. E., 1980: Semi macroscopic studies of a mucous fold in the posterosuperior quadrant of the tympanic membrane of the middle ear in some mammals

Lagakos, S. W.; Sommer, C. J.; Zelen, M., 1978: Semi markov models for partially censored data

Davison J.A., 1984: Semi meiosis as an evolutionary mechanism

Weiser H.I., 1979: Semi membranosus insertion syndrome a treatable and frequent cause of persistent knee pain

Bird M.C.; Bosanquet A.G.; Forskitt S.; Gilby E.D., 1986: Semi micro adaptation of a 4 day differential staining cytotoxicity assay for determining the in vitro chemosensitivity of hematological malignancies

Gonzalez J.F., 1986: Semi micro determination of chemical oxygen demand on fish filleting wastewater

Haroun, I.; Khattab, F., 1978: Semi micro determination of tetracyclines using n bromo succinamide

Armstrong, J. A., 1971: Semi micro dye binding assay for rabbit interferon

Venter B.G.; Scheepers H.P.; Floor J.; Snyman J.H., 1985: Semi micro kjeldahl procedures for protein determination of dairy products

Kersaudy, L.; Georges, P.; Olive, G., 1976: Semi micro method of estimation of vitamin e application in neo natal pharmacology

Beinert H., 1983: Semi micro methods for analysis of labile sulfide and of labile sulfide plus sulfane sulfur in unusually stable iron sulfur proteins

Sati, H.; Albrecht, P.; Shishido, A.; Ennis, F. A., 1978: Semi micro plaque neutralization test for rubella antibody

Pike A.W.; Moynihan C.; Kibler S.; Marsh P.G.; Fennessey P.V., 1984: Semi micro quantitative analysis of complex urinary steroid mixtures in healthy and diseased states

Polson, A., 1976: Semi micro quantitative gel precipitin reaction

Bass, L. R.; Turner, W., 1972: Semi micro rat xc cell assay technique for murine leukemia virus

Hibi K.; Wada A.; Mori S., 1986: Semi micro size exclusion chromatography molecular weight measurement of poly ethylene terephthalate and separation of oligomers and prepolymers

Morgan, J. R.; Liu, P. Y. K.; Smith, J. A., 1976: Semi micro technique for the biochemical characterization of anaerobic bacteria

Lee J.E.S.; Ng W.G., 1982: Semi micro techniques for the genotyping of galacto kinase and galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase

Himebaugh R.R.; Smith M.J., 1979: Semi micro tube method for chemical oxygen demand

Greenspan B.N., 1982: Semi monthly reproductive cycles in male and female fiddler crabs uca pugnax

Katznelson, J., 1971: Semi natural interspecific hybridization in plants

Rasmussen O.C., 1980: Semi opaque arthrography of the temporo mandibular joint

Henriksson K.G., 1979: Semi open muscle biopsy technique a simple out patient procedure

Makiyama K.; Murakami K.; Ichimura T.; Nakazato H.; Hara K., 1981: Semi pedunculated lipoma of the sigmoid colon which was successfully removed by endoscopic polypectomy a case

Tingey, D. T.; Stockwell, C., 1977: Semi permeable membrane system for subjecting plants to water stress

De-Vries, G. P.; Meijer, A. E. F. H., 1977: Semi permeable membranes for improving the histochemical demonstration of enzyme activities in tissue sections part 6 d glucose 6 phosphate isomerase and phospho gluco mutase

Islam M.S.; Begum R.; Choudhury N., 1986: Semi pilot scale production of citric acid in cane molasses by gamma ray induced mutants of aspergillus niger

Judd W., 1979: Semi preparative electrophoresis with pre stained proteins

Ku C.C.; Hwang S.C.; Jacob T.A., 1984: Semi preparative high performance liquid chromatographic separation of carbon 14 labeled avermectin b 1a from a mixture of avermectins

Bushway R.J.; Storch R.H., 1982: Semi preparative high performance liquid chromatographic separation of potato glyco alkaloids

Mohanraj S., 1984: Semi preparative high performance liquid chromatography separations of e and z isomers of new aromatic retinoids

Wingard, R. E. Jr ; Ng, S.; Dale, J. A.; Wang, P. C., 1978: Semi preparative high pressure liquid chromatography of synthetic carbohydrates

Hirano H.; Eckart K.; Kimura M.; Wittmann Liebold B., 1987: Semi preparative hplc purification of ribosomal proteins from bacillus stearothermophilus and sequence determination of the highly conserved protein s19

Hearn M.T.W.; Grego B.; Bishop C.A., 1981: Semi preparative separation of peptides on reversed phase silica packed into radially compressed flexible walled columns

Varma Y.S.; Singh Varma J.; Kohli G.B.; Sharma P.; Dattal M.S., 1981: Semi prone position and continuous intra gastric drip for prevention of aspiration in management of tetanus

Santarem M.M.G.; Porto M.T.; Ferreira P.; Soares R.; Arala Chaves M.P., 1987: Semi purification of an immunosuppressor substance secreted by streptococcus mutans that plays a role in the protection of the bacteria in the host

Tasman Jones C.; Jones A.L.; Owen R.L., 1982: Semi purified dietary fiber and small bowel morphology in rats

Labia R.; Guionie M., 1981: Semi quantification of a microbiological method using beta lactamases in detecting the hydrolysis of beta lactam antibiotics

Sawayama, T.; Yamamoto, S., 1977: Semi quantitative analysis of carotid arterial waveform its physiological changes with aging in normal subjects

Perkkio M.; Savilahti E.; Kuitunen P., 1981: Semi quantitative analysis of immuno globulins and complement fractions 3 and 4 in the jejunal mucosa in celiac disease and in food allergy in childhood immuno histochemical study by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Helminen H.J.; Kuusela T.; Heikkila R.; Kiviranta I.; Tammi M.; Jurvelin J., 1983: Semi quantitative analysis of rabbit knee articular surfaces based on stereo microscopic examination of the cartilage

Fogelman I.; Hay I.D.; Citrin D.L.; Beastall G.H.; Turner J.G.; Bessent R.G., 1980: Semi quantitative analysis of the bone scan in acromegaly correlation with human growth hormone values

Tazawa Y.; Konno T., 1980: Semi quantitative assay of serum lipo protein x in differential diagnosis of neo natal hepatitis and congenital biliary atresia

Koch, M.; Francois-Gerard, C.; Sodoyez-Goffaux, F.; Sodoyez, J. C., 1986: Semi quantitative assessment of anti insulin total immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin g sub classes in insulin immunized patients using a highly sensitive immunochemical micromethod

Bollinger A.; Breddin K.; Hess H.; Heystraten F.M.J.; Kollath J.; Konttila A.; Pouliadis G.; Marshall M.; Mey T.; Et Al, 1981: Semi quantitative assessment of lower limb athero sclerosis from routine angiographic images

Rockhill R.C.; Lesmana M.; Leksana B., 1981: Semi quantitative catalase reaction to differentiate neisseria gonorrhoeae from neisseria meningitidis neisseria lactamica and neisseria subflava

Chester B., 1979: Semi quantitative catalase test as an aid in identification of oxidative and nonsaccharolytic gram negative bacteria

Miale, T. D.; Lawson, D. L.; Rotolo, L. S.; Rotolo, F. S., 1978: Semi quantitative computerized image analysis of fetal hemo globin distribution patterns in sickle cell anemia and its variants

Ratnam S.; Fitzgerald B.L., 1983: Semi quantitative culture of gardnerella vaginalis in laboratory determination of nonspecific vaginitis

Adam R.D.; Edwards L.D.; Becker C.C.; Schrom H.M., 1982: Semi quantitative cultures and routine tip cultures on umbilical catheters

Kohn, D.; Yaari, A.; Efrati, P., 1977: Semi quantitative cytochemical estimation of beta glucuronidase activity in peripheral lymphocytes in healthy human subjects

Norn M.S., 1981: Semi quantitative cytologic analysis of fluid washed through the lacrimal passage

Bush, B.; Narang, R.; Houckt, C., 1977: Semi quantitative determination of disyston and its sulfoxide and sulfone by thin layer chromatography

Jonsson, V.; Christensen, B. E., 1977: Semi quantitative determination of fc and complement c 3 receptors on human lymphocytes by isotope labeled marker cells

Lawrence J., 1980: Semi quantitative determination of fulvic acid tannin and lignin in natural waters

Schmidt K H.; Stracke R., 1986: Semi quantitative determination of igg binding structures on bacteria by direct fluorescence technique

Boss J.H.; Koren G.; Rosenmann E., 1979: Semi quantitative determination of liver specific antigen in the urine of rats with toxic hepatic necrosis

Kulkarni, S. B.; Kundaji, S. G.; Tamhane, R. G., 1975: Semi quantitative determination of m amino phenol in p amino salicylic acid and its sodium salt

Gurewich, V.; Lipinski, B., 1976: Semi quantitative determination of soluble fibrin monomer complexes by chromatography and serial dilution protamine sulfate test

Fuhr E.; Priebe L., 1983: Semi quantitative determination of the cutaneous blood flow/

Chialva F.; Doglia G.; Gabri G.; Ulian F., 1984: Semi quantitative determination of the impurities in high quality ethyl alcohol by means of high resolution gas chromatography

Jernas, B.; Czabajska, W., 1978: Semi quantitative determination of thebaine in fresh leaves of papaver bracteatum

Hodge, V. F.; Gurney, M. E., 1975: Semi quantitative determination of uranium plutonium and americium in sea water

Stanford, C., 1977: Semi quantitative estimation of changes in noradrenaline content and intra neuronal distribution in the rat vas deferens by fluorescence histochemistry

Alund, M., 1978: Semi quantitative estimations of quinacrine fluorescence in intestinal nerve fibers

Korolev S.V.; Eventov A.Z.; Khadzhidis P.K.; Demidov A.Yu; Kramer A.A., 1983: Semi quantitative evaluation of myo cardial scintigrams with thallium 201

Kaneda H.; Irino T.; Watanabe M.; Kadota E.; Taneda M., 1979: Semi quantitative evaluation of ophthalmic collateral flow in carotid artery occlusion ultrasonic doppler study

Chen S Z.; Koike S.; Mizutani K.; Teshima H.; Mori H.; Kigawa T., 1987: Semi quantitative evaluation of the intrapartum variable deceleration of fhr pattern and its association with umbilical cord blood gas analysis

Cernelc P.; Kralj J.; Cernelc D., 1980: Semi quantitative evaluation of the percentage of thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the peripheral blood and tonsils of children

Malkowski K.; Hoffman A., 1979: Semi quantitative facies model for the kapp starostin formation permian spitsbergen norway

Froehlich H.; Wuppermann T., 1981: Semi quantitative functional phlebography

Duffy G.J.; Thirumurthi K.; Casey M.; Barker F.; Brennan N.; Odlum C.; Fitzgerald M.X., 1986: Semi quantitative gallium 67 lung scanning as a measure of the intensity of alveolitis in pulmonary sarcoidosis

Yeh S.D.J.; Rosen G.; Caparros B.; Benua R.S., 1984: Semi quantitative gallium scintigraphy in patients with osteogenic sarcoma

Plavsic F., 1982: Semi quantitative high performance radial chromatography of drugs in urine a method for ascertaining patient compliance

Sasahara M.; Hazama F.; Yamada E.; Kataoka H.; Amano S.; Kayembe K., 1983: Semi quantitative histochemical investigation of lysosomal enzyme activities in the aortic endothelial cells of rats with renal hypertension

Yamada E.; Hazama F.; Amano S.; Sasahara M.; Kataoka H.; Kayembe K., 1983: Semi quantitative histochemical investigation of lysosomal enzyme activities in the aortic endothelial cells of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Sorger, K.; Philippson, C.; Christ, J., 1977: Semi quantitative histological examinations of the kidneys of rabbits 64 day 100 day and 212 day series with experimentally induced pyelo nephritis

Kikuchi A.; Kamo I.; Fujisawa K.; Nonaka I., 1988: Semi quantitative immunohistochemical studies on thy 1 antigen expressed by thymic myoid cells

Arnfred, T.; Pedersen, L., 1976: Semi quantitative measurement of litho cholic acid compounds in bile from patients with gall stones before and during treatment with cheno deoxy cholic acid

Moroz N.S.; Lukina T.V.; Suchkova G.S.; Lokshin G.B.; Korchagin V.B., 1981: Semi quantitative method for estimation of admixtures in fusidic acid and its sodium salt

Tomimoto H.; Hayashi M.; Kawahara Y.; Kiyokawa F.; Fukunaga M., 1988: Semi quantitative method of n isopropyl iodine 123 p iodoamphetamine accumulation in cerebrum cerebrum to cerebellum accumulation ratio

Khmel'nitskii O.K.; Bykov V.L., 1980: Semi quantitative methods of analysis of changes in the thyroid gland

Johnston, D. A.; Bodey, G. P., 1970: Semi quantitative oro pharyngeal culture technique

Burke S.; Aronoff S., 1980: Semi quantitative paper chromatographic separation of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b

Kempczinski R.F.; Berlatzky Y.; Pearce W.H., 1986: Semi quantitative photoplethysmography in the diagnosis of lower extremity venous insufficiency

Montenecourt, B. S.; Eveleigh, D. E., 1977: Semi quantitative plate assay for determination of cellulase production by trichoderma viride

Stocklinski A.W., 1981: Semi quantitative profile of regio isomeric mono hydroxydiphenyl methane metabolites in rat urine feces and bile

Bessalle R.; Lavie D., 1987: Semi quantitative reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of the ecotypes of withania somnifera chemotype iii

Teshigawara S.; Kato T.; Yasue T., 1980: Semi quantitative studies on the severity of myo cardial lesions in ischemic heart disease with special reference to aging and comparison with noncoronary heart diseases

Hussa R.O.; Mattingly R.F., 1979: Semi quantitative use of biocept g radio receptor assay

Ruuge, E. K.; Konstantinov, A. A., 1976: Semi quinone q 10 epr signal with unusual relaxation characteristics

Yoshioka, M.; Kirino, Y.; Tamura, Z.; Kwan, T., 1977: Semi quinone radicals generated from catecholamines by uv irradiation

Friebel K.; Huth H.; Jany K.D.; Trommer W.E., 1981: Semi reversible cross linking synthesis and application of a novel hetero bi functional reagent

Caamano O.; Eirin A.; Fernandez F.; Uriarte E., 1987: Semi rigid models of butyrophenones trans phenyl 2 1 piperidinylmethylcyclopentylmethanone

Webber J.J.; Fales W.H.; Selby L.A., 1982: Semi selective medium for isolation of moraxella bovis from cattle with infectious kerato conjunctivitis

Rauste, J.; Somer, K., 1977: Semi selective renal angiography a useful method for evaluating the vascular supply in both kidneys

Itoh, T.; Ozaki, H.; Ozaki, T.; Nakamura, M., 1977: Semi solid culture medium for oxidative fermentation test of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Vincent P.C.; Joyce R.M.; Croaker G.; Young G.A.R.; Milton G.W.; Mccarthy W.H., 1985: Semi solid cultures of primary melanomas and their correlation with histopathological features

Balasubramanya R.H.; Bhatawdekar S.P., 1980: Semi solid microbial fermentation of rice oryza sativa and wheat triticum aestivum straw for protein enrichment and increased digestibility

Bottari, F.; Giannaccini, B.; Peverini, D.; Saettone, M. F.; Tellini, N., 1979: Semi solid ophthalmic vehicles 2. evaluation in albino rabbits of aqueous gel type vehicles containing lidocaine and benzocaine

Schulte, G., 1976: Semi sterile cultures of phycophagous and mycophagous small arthropods of the sea coast and the interior

Delrio, G.; Cavalloro, R., 1976: Semi sterility in the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata

Bishop G.A.; Dove W.F., 1980: Semi syngeneic hybrid resistance to murine terato carcinoma cells

Buellesbach, E. E.; Naithani, V. K., 1980: Semi syntheses using pro insulin 2. preparation and application of n epsilon 29 n epsilon 59 bis methylsulfonylethoxycarbonyl pro insulin

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