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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6390

Chapter 6390 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389000

Dulmadge E.A., 1986: Sensitivity of proliferating cultured murine pancreatic tumor cells to selected antitumor agents

Lan S., 1982: Sensitivity of proliferating human breast epithelial cells to hypotonic treatment

Sidorchuk, I. I., 1977: Sensitivity of propionibacterium freudenreichii to anti bacterial drugs and vitamin b 12 synthesis

Sagar P., 1987: Sensitivity of protein and rna synthesis to emetine in axenic entamoeba histolytica

Shvidenko I.G., 1987: Sensitivity of proteus clinical strains to beta lactam and aminoglycoside antibiotics as a function of the taxonomic position of species and isolation source

Shvidenko, I. G., 1977: Sensitivity of proteus hauseri to some drugs depending on cultivation conditions and medium composition

Lukach I.G., 1986: Sensitivity of proteus mirabilis strains to the bactericidal effect of the human serum

Lukach I.G., 1985: Sensitivity of proteus mirabilis to chemotherapeutic drugs in the presence of human blood sera

Dainelli B., 1981: Sensitivity of proteus strains to amino glycoside antibiotics

Aroca J.G., 1983: Sensitivity of prototheca zopfii to anti mycotic and chemo therapeutic agents

Olvang H., 1983: Sensitivity of pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides to benomyl

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389012

Arutcheva A.A., 1983: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus associations to antibiotics and their combinations

Tomlinson E., 1979: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa envelope mutants to alkylbenzyldimethyl ammonium chlorides

Morales Salas M.D.C., 1981: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa hospital stocks to antibiotics at santiago de cuba province

Mazepa V.N., 1987: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains of different serogroups to virulent bacteriophages

Degtyar N.V., 1984: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains to antibiotics and chemotherapeutic preparations

Waldvogel F.A., 1982: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa to aminosides influence of free calcium and magnesium

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389019

Section 7, Chapter 6390 , Accession 006389020

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389021

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389022

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389023

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389024

Delmotte, A.; Beumer, J., 1976: Sensitivity of pseudomonas aeruginosa towards antiseptics and antibiotics part 9 influence of culture media upon sensitivity of the strains towards antiseptics anti septograms

Shelef L.A., 1988: Sensitivity of pseudomonas strains to polyphosphates in media systems

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389027

Chujo, T.; Yamada, Y.; Yamamoto, C., 1975: Sensitivity of purkinje cell dendrites to glutamic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389029

Pfeifer M.A., 1987: Sensitivity of r r variation and valsalva ratio in assessment of cardiovascular diabetic autonomic neuropathy

Cesareo, R.; Frazzoli, F. V.; Sciuti, S., 1976: Sensitivity of radio isotope x ray fluorescence technique with particular reference to portable units

Christie J.H., 1980: Sensitivity of radio nuclide brain imaging and computerized trans axial tomography in detecting subdural hematoma

Mikhael, M. A.; Mattar, A. G., 1977: Sensitivity of radio nuclide brain imaging and computerized trans axial tomography in detecting tumors of the posterior fossa concise communication

Montebello J., 1979: Sensitivity of radio nuclide brain scan and computed tomography in early detection of viral meningo encephalitis

Brill, D. R.; Shoop, J. D., 1977: Sensitivity of radio nuclide isotope brain scan in cerebral melioidosis case report

Castle, J. W., 1977: Sensitivity of radiographic screens to scattered radiation and its relationship to image contrast

Stevens D.G., 1985: Sensitivity of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri early life stages to nickel chloride

Hayashida Y., 1984: Sensitivity of rapidly acting arterial pressure control system in conscious adult rabbits at different ages

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389040

Baxter C.F., 1982: Sensitivity of rat brain adenylate cyclase to activation by calcium and ethanol after chronic exposure to ethanol

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389042

Hayry P., 1979: Sensitivity of rat heart endothelial and myo cardial cells to allo immune lymphocytes and to allo antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

Flumerfelt B.A., 1984: Sensitivity of rat inferior olivary neurons to 3 acetyl pyridine

Bastlein, C.; Burckhardt, G., 1986: Sensitivity of rat renal luminal and contraluminal sulfate transport systems to 4 4' diisothiocyanostilbene 2 2' disulfonic acid

Raskin, A.; Crook, T. H., 1976: Sensitivity of rating scales completed by psychiatrists nurses and patients to anti depressant drug effects

Thornton, F. C.; Schaedle, M.; Raynal, D. J., 1988: Sensitivity of red oak quercus rubra l. and american beech fagus grandifolia ehrh. seedlings to sodium salts in solution culture

Wariyar B., 1981: Sensitivity of regional cerebral blood flow to focal lesions

Nelson, D. A.; Perry, W. M.; Chalkley, R., 1978: Sensitivity of regions of chromatin containing hyper acetylated histones to dnase i

Bertoncello, I.; Naughton, R. J.; Skinner, S. L., 1976: Sensitivity of renin secretion to volume depletion in the anesthetized dog comparison between urinary drainage and slow hemorrhage

Rider, D. P., 1982: Sensitivity of responding to simple vs. complex contingencies of reinforcement

Szabo K., 1988: Sensitivity of rhabdomyosarcoma and guinea pig embryo cell cultures to field isolates of difficult to cultivate group a coxsackieviruses

Elgamal M.S., 1986: Sensitivity of rhizobium sesbani to some antibiotics and its efficiency on symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Coloma, A.; Pascual, V.; Heredia, C. F., 1978: Sensitivity of ribosomal bound n acetyl phenyl alanyl transfer rna to hydrolysis by a specific hydrolase

Levine H.J., 1987: Sensitivity of right atrial collapse and right ventricular diastolic collapse in the diagnosis of graded cardiac tamponade

Youngner, J. S.; Thacore, H. R.; Kelly, M. E., 1972: Sensitivity of rna and dna viruses to different species of interferon in cell cultures

Miller M.J., 1987: Sensitivity of rna synthesis to actinomycin d inhibition is dependent on the frequency of transcription a mathematical model

Mcneilly T., 1979: Sensitivity of rooting and tolerance to copper in agrostis tenuis

Chest Pain Study Group, 1987: Sensitivity of routine clinical criteria for diagnosing myocardial infarction within 24 hours of hospitalization

Suzzi G., 1985: Sensitivity of saccharomyces cerevisiae vegetative cells and spores to antimicrobial compounds

Hassan H.S., 1985: Sensitivity of salmonella and shigella to antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents in sudan

Foz A., 1980: Sensitivity of salmonella spp to 4 classical antibiotics and 7 new beta lactamic antibiotics

Zhil'tsov-Yu, P.; Aniskin, E. D.; Drachennikov, V. I.; Shchennikov, S. P.; Kuznetsova, T. F.; Krylov, O. R.; Klimova, M. Yu, 1978: Sensitivity of salmonella to antibiotics

Eisenstark, A., 1970: Sensitivity of salmonella typhimurium recombinationless rec mutants to visible and near visible light

Van Coillie R., 1982: Sensitivity of salmons salmo salar of the northern coast of the st lawrence river quebec canada to acidification of 4 rivers

Iwao K., 1985: Sensitivity of satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu to ozone as related to stomatal function indicated by transpiration rate change of stem diameter and leaf temperature

Rohleder H., 1984: Sensitivity of schemes for eco toxicological hazard ranking of chemicals

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389069

Sekhon, A. S., 1975: Sensitivity of scopoulariopsis brevicaulis to some anti microbial agents

Oleksyn J., 1980: Sensitivity of scotch pine needles from mother trees and their progenies to the action of sulfur di oxide ozone a mixture of these gases nitrogen di oxide and hydrogen fluoride

De Wringer T.P.J., 1982: Sensitivity of scrotal scintigraphy in the diagnosis of varicocele

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389073

Chernilovskaya P.E., 1981: Sensitivity of sea urchin embryos to cyto toxic neuro pharmacological drugs the correlations between activity and lipophilicity of indole and benzole derivatives

Hegarty T.W., 1979: Sensitivity of seed germination and seedling radicle growth to moisture stress in some vegetable crop species

Tocci A., 1983: Sensitivity of seed germination and seedling root growth to moisture stress in 4 provenances of pinus halepensis

Javier, R. Q.; Rosario, E. L., 1976: Sensitivity of selected local commercial cultivars of sugarcane to polaris cp 41845 and ethrel ethephon chemical ripeners

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389078

Haverty M.I., 1982: Sensitivity of selected nontarget insects to the carrier of dipel 4l in the laboratory

Mckinney, T. D., 1976: Sensitivity of seminal vesicles to androgen stimulation during puberty in mice effect of treatment duration

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389081

Hirschowitz B.I., 1981: Sensitivity of serum glutamic oxal acetic trans aminase and bile acid levels for the detection of experimental liver injury in rats

Maas E.V., 1979: Sensitivity of sesame sesamum indicum to various salts

Gruener J., 1981: Sensitivity of several commercial thromboplastins to noncarboxylated clotting factor ii and factor x

Kontrohr, T.; Kocsis, B., 1978: Sensitivity of shigella sonnei phase i and phase ii immuno determinants to chemical treatments used in structure analysis

Barber S.A., 1983: Sensitivity of simulated phosphorus uptake to parameters used by a mechanistic mathematical model

Ott, D. J.; Gelfand, D. W.; Wu, W. C.; Kerr, R. M., 1982: Sensitivity of single contrast vs. double contrast radiology in erosive gastritis

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389088

Harris, P. D.; Longnecker, D. E.; Miller, F. N.; Wiegman, D. L., 1976: Sensitivity of small sub cutaneous vessels to altered respiratory gases and local ph

Azimtsev A.G., 1985: Sensitivity of smooth and rough forms of certain phytopathogenic bacteria to antibiotics

Mckee S.P., 1987: Sensitivity of smooth eye movement to small differences in target velocity

Kramer T.T., 1982: Sensitivity of smooth salmonella cholerae suis var kunzendorf field strains to antibody complement under various conditions

Kramer T.T., 1983: Sensitivity of smooth salmonella cholerae suis var kunzendorf to killing by porcine polymorphonuclear neutrophils and its relation to mouse virulence

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389094

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389095

Martynenko F.P., 1982: Sensitivity of somatotropic cells of hyper thyroid rat adeno hypophysis to factors of hypothalamic regulation

Bogen D.W., 1980: Sensitivity of some common food borne bacteria to the spices sage salvia officinalis rosemary rosmarinus officinalis and allspice pimenta officinalis

Karapinar M., 1986: Sensitivity of some common food poisoning bacteria to thyme mint and bay leaves

De Boer S.H., 1980: Sensitivity of some erwinia carotovora serogroups to macro molecular bacteriocins

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389101

Stejskal F.L., 1988: Sensitivity of some marine bacteria a moderate halophile and escherichia coli to uncouplers at alkaline ph

Kandror V.I., 1980: Sensitivity of some metabolic processes to epinephrine and insulin in experimental thyro toxicosis

Tchavdarov T., 1979: Sensitivity of some nicotiana spp to potato virus y potato virus a and to alfalfa mosaic virus

Filippov, V. A., 1976: Sensitivity of some species of lactobacilli of the subgenus betabacterium to bacteriocins of lactobacilli of various species

Kures, L.; Schwertz, A.; Percebois, G., 1975: Sensitivity of some strains of scopulariopsis brevicaulis to different anti fungal and antiseptic drugs

Hoddick W., 1985: Sensitivity of sonography in pyonephrosis a reevaluation

Granero J.E. , 1987: Sensitivity of sonography in the diagnosis of choledocholithiasis retrospective study of 127 cases

Grimard Y., 1985: Sensitivity of southern quebec canada lakes to acidic precipitation

Coan C., 1983: Sensitivity of spin labeled sarcoplasmic reticulum to the phosphorylation state of the catalytic site in aqueous media and in di methyl sulfoxide

Fukuda H., 1987: Sensitivity of spinal reflexes to trh and 5 ht in 5 6 dihydroxytryptamine treated rats

Mahanty, H. K.; Mcwha, J. A., 1976: Sensitivity of spirodela oligorrhiza to a poly chlorinated bi phenyl aroclor 1242

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389114

Lord V.L., 1981: Sensitivity of staphylococci to fatty acids novel inactivation of linolenic acid by serum

Amaral L.A.D., 1986: Sensitivity of staphylococcus aureus isolated from bovine mastitis cases to antibiotics and chemotherapeutics

Kowalska, D., 1975: Sensitivity of staphylococcus aureus to staphylococcinogenic strains and staphylococcal phages

Butcher, G. W.; King, G.; Dyke, K. G. H., 1976: Sensitivity of staphylococcus aureus to unsaturated fatty acids

Volina E.V., 1984: Sensitivity of starfish oocytes and whole half and enucleated embryos to cyto toxic neuro pharmacological drugs

Hosoda, H.; Tsukamoto, R.; Shoriken, K.; Takasaki, W.; Nambara, T., 1988: Sensitivity of steroid enzyme immunoassay use of 3 3' 5 5' tetramethylbenzidine as a chromogen in the assay system with glucose oxidase label

Nambara T., 1987: Sensitivity of steroid enzyme immunoassays comparison of alkaline phosphatase beta galactosidase and horseradish peroxidase as labels in a colorimetric assay system

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389122

Webb, R. B.; Brown, M. S., 1976: Sensitivity of strains of escherichia coli differing in repair capability to far uv near uv and visible radiations

Satybaldieva N.Sh, 1979: Sensitivity of strains of nonagglutinating vibrios and vibrio cholerae eltor to antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389125

Kostrzynska M., 1987: Sensitivity of streptococcus agalactiae and staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from people and animals to selected beta lactam antibiotics

Kostrzynski S., 1985: Sensitivity of streptococcus agalactiae streptococcus uberis and staphylococcus aureus isolated from milk of cows with mastitis to antibiotics

Barreto A.Jr, 1979: Sensitivity of streptococcus bovis to various antibiotics

Ladisich, W.; Ladishich, A.; Langevin, R.; Bain, J., 1978: Sensitivity of stress in the pre menstruum and the effect of progestogen substitution

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389130

Livingston R.S., 1980: Sensitivity of sugarcane saccharum officinarum clones to toxin from helminthosporium sacchari as determined by electrolyte leakage

Ashe, V. M.; Chiszar, D., 1976: Sensitivity of sunfish lepomis gibbosus to qualitative changes in reinforcement

Kamari J., 1986: Sensitivity of surface waters to acidic deposition in finland

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389134

Tevethia S.S., 1987: Sensitivity of sv 40 transformed c57bl 6 mouse embryo fibroblasts to lysis by murine natural killer cells

Loretan P.A., 1987: Sensitivity of sweetpotato weevil coleoptera curculionidae to gamma radiation

Edwards C., 1980: Sensitivity of synchronous cultures of bacillus subtilis to lysozyme

Planel H., 1985: Sensitivity of synechococcus lividus to hydrogen peroxide

Vendrov E.L., 1980: Sensitivity of syrian hamsters to the transplantation of tumor cells during pregnancy and lactation

Paulov, S., 1976: Sensitivity of tadpoles bufo bufo to juvenoid zr 515 altosid

Bron C., 1985: Sensitivity of target cells to immunotoxins possible role of cell surface antigens

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389142

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389143

Urban G.P., 1979: Sensitivity of the acoustic startle response and neurons in sub nuclei of the mouse inferior colliculus to stimulus parameters

Czech M.P., 1979: Sensitivity of the adipocyte d glucose transport system to membrane fluidity in reconstituted vesicles

Krishnakumari, M. K., 1977: Sensitivity of the alga scenedesmus acutus to some pesticides

Farrar, W. H.; Calkins, W. G., 1978: Sensitivity of the amylase creatinine clearance ratio in acute pancreatitis

Sperling H.G., 1982: Sensitivity of the blue sensitive cones across the central retina

Borner J.W., 1979: Sensitivity of the canine pancreatic intra ductal pressure to subclinical reduction in cholin esterase activity

Waters, J. R., 1972: Sensitivity of the carbon 14 di oxide radiometric method for bacterial detection

Frezil J.L., 1986: Sensitivity of the card agglutination test testryp catt to porcine infections by trypanosoma congolense in the congo

Band, D. M.; Mcclelland, M.; Phillips, D. L.; Saunders, K. B.; Wolff, C. B., 1978: Sensitivity of the carotid body to within breath changes in arterial partial pressure of carbon di oxide

Kinnes C.G., 1983: Sensitivity of the cat to delayed neuro toxicity induced by o ethyl o 4 nitrophenylphenyl phosphonothioate

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389154

Byshovets, T. F., 1975: Sensitivity of the chromosome apparatus of mother cells and embryo cells to the effect of influenza in experiment

Piha, M. I.; Munns, D. N., 1987: Sensitivity of the common bean phaseolus vulgaris l. symbiosis to high soil temperature

Beland F.A., 1980: Sensitivity of the conformation of deoxy guanosine to binding at the carbon 8 position by n acetylated and unacetylated 2 amino fluorene

Dethier, V. G., 1972: Sensitivity of the contact chemo receptors of the blow fly to vapors

Earlam R.A., 1984: Sensitivity of the cornea after exposure to uv light

Glascoe F.P., 1986: Sensitivity of the denver developmental screening test in speech and language screening

Airaksinen P.L.J., 1982: Sensitivity of the electronic subtraction method in evaluation of simulated optic disc changes

Gardner W.A., 1986: Sensitivity of the entomogenous fungus beauveria bassiana to selected plant growth regulators and spray additives

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389163

Felber, F., 1987: Sensitivity of the four cytodemes of anthoxanthum odoratum l. sensu lato poaceae to puccinia sardonensis gaumann uredinales

Buchats'kyi, L. P.; Kanyuka, V. Yu ; Lebedynets, N. M., 1976: Sensitivity of the greater wax moth to the mosquito iridescence virus

Manteifel' Yu B., 1987: Sensitivity of the guppy poecilia reticulata to artificial olfactory stimuli and the natural food stimulus as determined by the food conditioned reaction

Anton A., 1985: Sensitivity of the hamster to experimental bacillus anthracis infection and use of this animal in the potency test of anthrax serum

Foelsch D.W., 1983: Sensitivity of the hen beak

Benbassat J., 1987: Sensitivity of the high power field method in detecting red blood cells in the urinary sediment

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389170

Newman, J. R., 1977: Sensitivity of the house martin delichon urbica to fluoride emissions

Woodruff Pak D.S., 1985: Sensitivity of the human neonate to short wavelength and long wavelength stimuli

Popova N.K., 1979: Sensitivity of the hypophyseal adrenal system to catecholamines in early ontogenesis of rats

Taranov A.G., 1986: Sensitivity of the hypophyseal ovarian system to the nonhormonal preparation rl s in animals

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389175

Lescoat, G.; Maniey, J., 1975: Sensitivity of the hypothalamo pituitary adrenal axis to stress in lactating rats

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389177

Rachman N.J., 1979: Sensitivity of the labellar sugar receptors of phormia regina in relation to feeding

Prasad S.S., 1982: Sensitivity of the last and penultimate larval instars of papilio demoleus to a juvenoid

Murata, H.; Kobayashi, M.; Iio, M.; Yamada, H.; Chiba, K.; Matsui, K.; Kawaguchi, S., 1976: Sensitivity of the limulus test and inhibitory factors in the radio pharmaceuticals

Hooker L.F., 1980: Sensitivity of the mature lateral geniculate nucleus to components of mon ocular paralysis

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389182

Majkowski J., 1980: Sensitivity of the model of energy flow through a female simocephalus vetulus to changes in the parameters of energy budget

Rogoza A.N., 1979: Sensitivity of the muscular type minor artery to the blood flow velocity self adaptation reactions of the arterial lumen

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389185

Flack I.H., 1981: Sensitivity of the newly hatched fowl gallus domesticus to acth

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389187

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389188

O'mara H., 1988: Sensitivity of the oviduct to estrogens in broiler and layer chickens differential response in the induction of ovalbumin gene expression

Emas S., 1982: Sensitivity of the oxyntic and peptic cells to penta gastrin in duodenal ulcer patients and healthy subjects with similar secretory capacity

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389191

Galeazzi R., 1982: Sensitivity of the parietal cell to penta gastrin in health and duodenal ulcer disease a reappraisal

Kol'pikova T.I., 1984: Sensitivity of the phage titer increase test in the detection of listeria

Malofeev, V. M., 1975: Sensitivity of the photosynthetic function of leaves to the disturbance in the water balance in the bean in experimentally obtained xeromorphism

Keul J., 1987: Sensitivity of the physiologically hypertrophied heart to isoproterenol

Singh, K. V.; Saad, N.; El-Zein, A., 1970: Sensitivity of the plaque technique for the study of selected vaccine strains and a virulent strain of newcastle disease virus

Popov A.V., 1979: Sensitivity of the polychaete nereis virens to mechanical oscillations in water

Pinegin B.F., 1985: Sensitivity of the process of formation of antigen induced b suppressors to the inhibitors of dna synthesis

Vakhtin Yu B., 1985: Sensitivity of the progeny of rat rhabdomyosarcoma ra 2 clonogenic cells to sarcolysin

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389201

Hanson J.B., 1980: Sensitivity of the proton and ion transport mechanisms of corn zea mays roots to injury

Pringle, K. L., 1977: Sensitivity of the red spider tetranychus cinnabarinus to 2 samples of tri cyclo hexyl tin hydroxide

Briley M., 1988: Sensitivity of the response of 5 ht autoreceptors to drugs modifying synaptic availability of 5 ht

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389205

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389206

Stroeva O.G., 1987: Sensitivity of the retinal pigment epithelium to melanotropins in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389208

Abdalla, M. H.; Suleiman, S. M., 1978: Sensitivity of the root nodule rhizobium leguminosarum to the anti fungal dressing aldrex t

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389210

Pasztor E., 1979: Sensitivity of the short range spinal inter neurons of the cat to experimental spinal cord trauma

Evdokimov S.A., 1982: Sensitivity of the silent and background active neurons of the cat cerebral cortex to anoxia

Yakimenko M.A., 1984: Sensitivity of the skin cold receptors to noradrenaline in cold adapted and control rats

Grover P., 1988: Sensitivity of the skin of different mouse strains to the promoting effect of 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389215

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389216

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389217

Clark, O. H.; Rollo, D.; Stroop, J.; Castner, B.; Rehfeld, S. J.; Loken, H. F.; Deftos, L. J., 1978: Sensitivity of the thyroid and parathyroid glands to radiation

Rickinson, A. B.; Epstein, M. A., 1978: Sensitivity of the transforming and replicative functions of epstein barr virus to inhibition by phosphono acetate

Banerjee, S. K.; Chatterjee, S. N., 1977: Sensitivity of the vibrios to uv radiation

Cho, C. T.; Feng, K. K., 1978: Sensitivity of the virus isolation and immuno fluorescent staining methods in diagnosis of infections with herpes simplex virus

Westermann P., 1985: Sensitivity of thermophilic methanogenic bacteria to heavy metals

Peerschke E.I., 1986: Sensitivity of three activated partial thromboplastin time reagents to coagulation factor deficiencies

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389224

Aldiss, M.; Davison, M., 1985: Sensitivity of time allocation to concurrent schedule reinforcement

Fain, G. L., 1976: Sensitivity of toad rods dependence on wavelength and background illumination

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389227

Marin B., 1983: Sensitivity of tonoplast bound atpase from hevea brasiliensis to inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389230

Scherer, W. F.; Chin, J., 1981: Sensitivity of toxorhynchites amboinensis mosquitoes vs. chicken embryonic cell cultures for assays of venezuelan encephalitis virus

Jones, G. H., 1978: Sensitivity of transcription by purified streptomyces antibioticus rna polymerase to actinomycin

Spiegelman C.H., 1982: Sensitivity of trends in geometric mean blood levels to random measurement errors

Agrawal S.C., 1983: Sensitivity of trichophyton ajelloi to some common agrochemicals

Gissel-Nielsen, M.; Gissel-Nielsen, G., 1978: Sensitivity of trout to chronic and acute exposure to selenium

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389237

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389238

Rock G.C., 1985: Sensitivity of tufted apple budmoth platynota idaeusalis lepidoptera tortricidae larval instars to photoperiodic induction of diapause at 21 celsius

Lavrovskii, V. A.; Razvorotnev, V. A., 1976: Sensitivity of tumor and normal cells to cellular immune reaction in vitro

Lavrovsky, V. A.; Razvorotnev, V. A., 1976: Sensitivity of tumor and normal cells to the effect of immune lymphocytes in vitro and some properties of target cells determining this sensitivity

Kluchareva, T. E.; Matveeva, V. A.; Deichman, G. I., 1978: Sensitivity of tumor specific transplantation antigen and species specific cell membrane antigens of tumor cells to glutaraldehyde treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389243

Cooperberg P.L., 1979: Sensitivity of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Winter, W. A.; Esseveld, M. R.; Warners, P.; Frensdorff, E.; Yap-Tjok-King ; Kruiswijk, H.; Verdegaal, W. P., 1978: Sensitivity of ultrasound in the detection of biliary tract obstruction

Thomas, B.; Sykes, L.; Stickler, D. J., 1978: Sensitivity of urine grown cells of providencia stuartii to antiseptics

Babich, H.; Stotzky, G., 1977: Sensitivity of various bacteria including actinomycetes and fungi to cadmium and the influence of ph on sensitivity

Reid P.R., 1983: Sensitivity of various extra stimulus techniques in patients with serious ventricular arrhythmias

Hilfenhaus, J.; Damm, H.; Johannsen, R., 1977: Sensitivity of various human lympho blastoid cells to the anti viral and anti cellular activity of human leukocyte interferon

Hilfenhaus, J.; Thierfelder, H.; Barth, R., 1975: Sensitivity of various primate cells and animal viruses to the anti viral activity of human leukocyte interferon

Marquis R.E., 1982: Sensitivity of various salt forms of bacillus megaterium spores to the germinating action of hydrostatic pressure

Voitsik A.A., 1986: Sensitivity of various species and stages of mosquito larvae to bacterial preparations

Laber G., 1981: Sensitivity of various spiroplasma strains against ethanol formalin glutaraldehyde and phenol

Raap A.K., 1985: Sensitivity of various visualization methods for peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase activity in immunoenzyme histochemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389255

Aleshkin G.I., 1988: Sensitivity of vibrio cholerae cells to the lethal and mutagenic effect of uv irradiation mediated by plasmids

Padchenio A.G., 1984: Sensitivity of vibrio cholerae to specific phages

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389258

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389259

Ved'mina E.A., 1987: Sensitivity of vibrios and aeromonads to the vibriostatic o129

Hatton T.T., 1982: Sensitivity of watermelons citrullus lanatus cultivar charleston gray to ethylene during storage

Madden L.V., 1984: Sensitivity of weibull model parameter estimates to variation in simulated disease progression data

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389265

Sheedi S.M., 1986: Sensitivity of wheat triticum aestivum coleoptile to variation in temperature

Donini, S. D.; Boyd, J. B., 1977: Sensitivity of wild type and recombination deficient strains of drosophila melanogaster to uv radiation

Amoore, J. E.; Popplewell, J. R.; Whissell-Buechy, D., 1975: Sensitivity of women to musk odor no menstrual variation

Shibata T., 1987: Sensitivity of xanthomonas campestris pathovar citri and some other phytopathogenic bacteria to superoxide uv light and methylviologen

Fortner J.G., 1983: Sensitivity of xeno grafts of human pancreatic adeno carcinoma in nude mice to heat and heat combined with chemo therapy

Petin, V. G., 1977: Sensitivity of yeast cells to a simultaneous exposure to ionizing radiation and high temperature

Sels A., 1987: Sensitivity of yeast cells to reactive oxygen species generated in the extracellular space

Asensio, J.; Ruiz-Argueso, T.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A., 1976: Sensitivity of yeasts to lithium

Grigor'yan, E. G.; Gurleva, G. G.; Mishan'kin, B. N.; Khalyapina, E. E., 1975: Sensitivity of yersinia enterocolitica to antibiotics

Ramos Cormenzana A., 1979: Sensitivity of yersinia enterocolitica to several anti microbial agents

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389278

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389279

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389280

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389281

Lawande R.V., 1985: Sensitivity pattern and beta lactamase screening of neisseria gonorrhoeae strains isolated in zaria northern nigeria

Osoba, A. O.; Montefiore, D. G.; Sogbetun, A. O.; Alausa, K. O.; Anong, C. N., 1977: Sensitivity pattern of neisseria gonorrhoeae to penicillin and screening for beta lactamase production in ibadan nigeria

Dahl O., 1979: Sensitivity patterns of bacteria and antibiotic usage at the national hospital of norway in 1976 and 1978

Peffer I.A., 1982: Sensitivity patterns of bordetella bronchiseptica strains isolated from swine to anti microbial agents

Marshall R., 1986: Sensitivity patterns of coagulase negative staphylococci from neonates

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389287

Hudspeth, A. J.; Corey, D. P., 1977: Sensitivity polarity and conductance change in the response of vertebrate hair cells to controlled mechanical stimuli

Washington J.A.II, 1979: Sensitivity precision and accuracy of the y 1 adrenal cell entero toxin assay

Walkowiak W., 1980: Sensitivity range and temperature dependence of hearing in the grass frog rana temporaria temporaria and fire bellied toad bombina bombina

Carrel S., 1988: Sensitivity selectivity and specificity of monoclonal antibodies directed at tumor associated antigens from metastatic melanoma

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389292

Johnston G.S., 1979: Sensitivity specificity and predictive accuracy of radio nuclide cine angiography during exercise in patients with coronary artery disease comparison with exercise electro cardiography

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389294

Stratton C.W., 1988: Sensitivity specificity and predictive value of body surface cultures in a neonatal intensive care unit

Pohlandt F., 1988: Sensitivity specificity and predictive value of clinical findings m mode echocardiography and continuous wave doppler sonography in the diagnosis of symptomatic patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389325

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389337

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389350

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389368

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389372

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389403

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389419

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389428

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389457

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389469

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389484

Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389485

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Section 7, Chapter 6390, Accession 006389514

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