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Sensitized photo chemi luminescence of serum albumin in the presence of riboflavine

Naidan, D.; Sapezhinskii, I.I.

Revue Roumaine de Morphologie d'Embryologie et de Physiologie Physiologie 17(1): 39-44


Accession: 006389719

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Kinetic research was conducted on riboflavin sensitized photochemiluminescence of human serum albumin solutions. The effect of the concentrations of protein, sensitizer and O2, and the relationship between the intensity and the irradiation time were studied. Experimental and calculated data made it possible to propose a scheme of primary processes responding to chemiluminescence, according to which the formation of protein radicals occurs in reactions of macromolecules with triplet electron-excited states of the sensitizer-riboflavin.

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