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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6391

Chapter 6391 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zaitseva O.V., 1982:
Sensory elements in the central nervous system of the snail lymnaea stagnalis pleuro visceral loop of the ganglia

Fominykh M.Ya, 1984:
Sensory elements in the parapodial cirri of body segments of the polychaetes nephthys hombergii and harmothoe imbricata

Sass, H., 1976:
Sensory encoding of odor stimuli in periplaneta americana

Solov'eva, I.A., 1978:
Sensory endings in intra mural ganglia of the stomach light microscopic and electron microscopic investigation

Louveaux, A., 1972:
Sensory equipment and peripheral nervous system of the buccal sections of locusta migratoria

Herrmann J.; Salam A.E., 1980:
Sensory estimation of the partition coefficients and vapor pressures of flavor compounds with strong positive or negative deviations from raoults law in water oil mixtures

Frijters J.E.R., 1975:
Sensory evaluation a link between food research and food acceptance research

Molonon, B.R.; Bowers, J.A., 1976:
Sensory evaluation and protein value of beef and beef cottonseed blends

Tsuji K.; Takeo T., 1985:
Sensory evaluation chemical analysis and buffer capacity data of green tea

Mast G.; Feldheim W., 1983:
Sensory evaluation content of malate and sucrose and fruit firmness of different apple varieties 1. method for sensory evaluation of apples demonstrated with variety cox holstein

Mast G.; Feldheim W., 1983:
Sensory evaluation content of malate and sucrose and fruit firmness of different apple varieties 2. relation between sensory evaluation and chemical and physical parameters

Modler H.W.; Poste L.M.; Butler G., 1985:
Sensory evaluation of an all dairy formulated cream type cheese produced by a new method

Reddy N.R.; Cooler F.W.; Pierson M.D., 1986:
Sensory evaluation of canned meat based foods supplemented with dried distillers grain flour

Taur A.T.; Pawar V.D.; Ingle U.M., 1984:
Sensory evaluation of chips made from control germinated and germinated fermented grain sorghum sorghum bicolor

Kimoto, W.I.; Wasserman, A.E.; Talley, F.B., 1976:
Sensory evaluation of flavor development in lean and adipose tissues of bacon

Roth, H.R.; Speck, P.; Escher, F.; Solms, J., 1977:
Sensory evaluation of foods with a rank order test

Chastain M.F.; Huffman D.L.; Bertram S., 1982:
Sensory evaluation of forage fed and grain fed beef

Manthey M.; Oehlenschlaeger J., 1983:
Sensory evaluation of frozen stored filets from antarctic fishes

Jelen, P.; Mcintyre, D., 1977:
Sensory evaluation of meat products containing coagulated cheese whey lact albumin

O'mahony M.; Wong S Y.; Odbert N., 1985:
Sensory evaluation of navel oranges treated with low doses of gamma radiation

Oellingrath I.M.; Slinde E., 1988:
Sensory evaluation of rancidity and off flavor in frozen stored meat loaves fortified with blood

Gains L.H.; Marmor R.S., 1987:
Sensory evaluation of sidestream odor using transfer testing methodology

Isima, N.; Kakayama, O., 1976:
Sensory evaluation of stevioside as a sweetener

Vasquez M.; Sanchez F.; Hiche E.; Yanez E., 1979:
Sensory evaluation of textured sunflower and soy protein

Hatano M.; Takahashi K.; Takama S.; Nakajima T., 1987:
Sensory evaluation of the flesh quality of fall chum salmon

Abbott J.A.; Campbell T.A., 1982:
Sensory evaluation of vegetable amaranth amaranthus spp

Watanabe Y.; Gotoh N., 1980:
Sensory evaluation of visco elastic properties of chicken meat and its relation to stress relaxation test

Takemura T., 1988:
Sensory evaluation under tourniquet ischemia

Gardze C.; Bowers J.A.; Craig J.; Allee G., 1979:
Sensory evaluations of roasts from boars barrows gilts and ovariectomized gilts

Wagner, C.J.Jr ; Shaw, P.E., 1978:
Sensory evaluations on tangerine grapefruit juice blends

Brown W.F.; Feasby T.E., 1984:
Sensory evoked potentials in guillain barre poly neuropathy

Kredba J., 1984:
Sensory evoked potentials of the radial and sural nerves in healthy adult subjects age and sex dependent normal values

IIda H.; Tanahashi T.; Terasawa E.; Sone T.; Uematsu H.; Yamamoto M., 1986:
Sensory evoked response during anesthesia with halothane nitrous oxide and oxygen

Syrigou-Papavasiliou, A.; Verma, N.P.; LeWitt, P.A., 1988:
Sensory evoked responses in Tourette syndrome

Duerr, P., 1976:
Sensory examination and evaluation of foods report on a symposium

Curtis, G.C., 1981:
Sensory experiences during treatment of phobias by in vivo exposure

Rincover, A.; Cook, R.; Peoples, A.; Packard, D., 1979:
Sensory extinction and sensory reinforcement principles for programming multiple adaptive behavior change

Vince, M.A.; Lynch, J.J.; Mottershead, B.; Green, G.; Elwin, R., 1985:
Sensory factors involved in immediately postnatal ewe lamb bonding

Rosenbaum, D.A.; Radford, M., 1977:
Sensory feedback does not cause selective adaptation of human "command neurons"

Seath, I., 1977:
Sensory feedback in the control of mouth part movements in the desert locust schistocerca gregaria

Boosfeld, C.H.; Chang, J.C.; Chen, M.S.; Wang, B.X., 1988:
Sensory feedback of the gripping force of an EMG controlled forearm prosthesis

Elliott C.J.H.; Koch U.T., 1983:
Sensory feedback stabilizing reliable stridulation in the field cricket gryllus campestris

Coggeshall, R.E.; Ito, H., 1977:
Sensory fibers in ventral roots l 7 and s 1 in the cat

Dorsett D.A.; Sigger J.N., 1981:
Sensory fields and properties of the esophageal proprioceptors in the mollusk philine

Fellers P.J., 1985:
Sensory flavor characteristics of water extracted soluble orange solids produced in florida usa

Lindblom, U.; Verrillo, R.T., 1979:
Sensory functions in chronic neuralgia

Tong S L.; Bullock T.H., 1982:
Sensory functions of the cerebellum of the thornback ray platyrhinoidis triseriata

Devitsina G.V.; Belousova T.A.; Malyukina G.A., 1981:
Sensory functions of the trigeminal system in connection with olfactory reception in white sea coastal cod gadus morhua maris albi

Eisen, A.; Hoirch, M.; White, J.; Calne, D., 1984:
Sensory group Ia proximal conduction velocity

Sobin A.; Flock A., 1981:
Sensory hairs and filament rods in vestibular hair cells of the waltzing guinea pig organization and identification of actin

Marshall J.F.; Gotthelf T., 1979:
Sensory inattention in rats with 6 hydroxy dopamine induced degeneration of ascending dopaminergic neurons apo morphine induced reversal of deficits

Ljungberg, T.; Ungerstedt, U., 1976:
Sensory inattention produced by 6 hydroxy dopamine induced degeneration of ascending dopamine neurons in the brain

Fleischer S.F.; Turkewitz G.; Finklestein H., 1981:
Sensory influences on homing of stunted rat rattus norvegicus pups

Pitcher T., 1979:
Sensory information and the organization of behavior in a shoaling cyprinid fish

Mitchell B.K.; Sutcliffe J.F., 1984:
Sensory inhibition as a mechanism of feeding deterrence effects of 3 alkaloids on leaf beetle entomoscelis americana feeding

Pac L.; Malinovsky L., 1981:
Sensory innervation in the hedgehog snout epidermis erinaceus europaeus

Yamamoto, T.; Sakada, S., 1986:
Sensory innervation of gingival and alveolar mucosa of the house musk shrew (Suncus murinus)

Palmieri G.; Asole A.; Panu R., 1980:
Sensory innervation of the digital cushions of the pig

Hanzlová, J., 1986:
Sensory innervation of the eyelashes and eyebrows in man

Horácková, L.; Malinovský, L., 1987:
Sensory innervation of the intervertebral joints in man

Byers M.R., 1985:
Sensory innervation of the periodontal ligament of rat molars consists of unencapsulated ruffini like mechanoreceptors and free nerve endings

Turnbull, B.G.; Rasmusson, D.D., 1986:
Sensory innervation of the raccoon forepaw: 1. Receptor types in glabrous and hairy skin and deep tissue

Rasmusson, D.D.; Turnbull, B.G., 1986:
Sensory innervation of the raccoon forepaw: 2. Response properties and classification of slowly adapting fibers

Turnbull, B.G.; Rasmusson, D.D., 1987:
Sensory innervation of the raccoon forepaw: 3. Cutaneous domains and organization of nerves innervating the raccoon forepaw

Fishman, R.B.; Dark, J., 1987:
Sensory innervation of white adipose tissue

Stripling, J.S.; Alpern, H.P., 1976:
Sensory input and cholinergic agents interacting effects on short term memory in the mouse

Salanki, J.; Van-Bay, T., 1975:
Sensory input characteristics at the chemical stimulation of the lip in the snail helix pomatia

Henn, V., 1986:
Sensory input modifying central motor actions

Aoyama, M.; Hongo, T.; Kudo, N., 1988:
Sensory input to cells of origin of uncrossed spinocerebellar tract located below Clarke's column in the cat

Shul'govskii, V.V.; Sidorov, B.M.; Kotlyar, B.I.; Moskvitin, A.A., 1977:
Sensory input to neurons of biceps motor area in the cat cortex

Schall U.; Delius J.D., 1986:
Sensory inputs to the nucleus basalis prosencephali a feeding pecking center in the pigeon

Goh Y.; Alkon D.L., 1984:
Sensory inter neuronal and motor interactions within hermissenda crassicornis visual pathway

Lewis, G.W.; Froning, J.N., 1981:
Sensory interaction, brain activity, and reading ability in young adults

Brankack, J.; Klingberg, F., 1988:
Sensory interaction in the superior colliculus of freely moving rat indicated by evoked potentials

Ovchinnikov A.V., 1986:
Sensory interactions in the central nervous system of the snail helix lucorum

Stroh M.; Setser C.S.; Bruinsma B.; Shogren M.; Redlinger P.A., 1985:
Sensory interactions of formulations to mask potassium chloride flavor using morton lite salt mixture in white pan breads

Jamal, G.A.; Weir, A.I.; Hansen, S.; Ballantyne, J.P., 1985:
Sensory involvement in motor neuron disease: further evidence from automated thermal threshold determination

Barrow, C.S.; Alarie, Y.; Stock, M.F., 1978:
Sensory irritation and incapacitation evoked by thermal decomposition products of polymers and comparisons with known sensory irritants

Nielsen, G.D.; Bakbo, J.C.; Holst, E., 1984:
Sensory irritation and pulmonary irritation by airborne allyl acetate, allyl alcohol, and allyl ether compared to acrolein

Sangha G.K.; Alarie Y., 1979:
Sensory irritation by toluene di iso cyanate in single and repeated exposures

Kane, L.E.; Alarie, Y., 1978:
Sensory irritation of select experimental photochemical oxidants

Weyel D.A.; Rodney B.S.; Alarie Y., 1982:
Sensory irritation pulmonary irritation and acute lethality of a polymeric iso cyanate and sensory irritation of 2 6 toluene di iso cyanate

Nielsen G.D.; Alarie Y., 1982:
Sensory irritation pulmonary irritation and respiratory stimulation by airborne benzene and alkyl benzenes prediction of safe industrial exposure levels and correlation with their thermodynamic properties

Kane, L.E.; Alarie, Y., 1977:
Sensory irritation to formaldehyde and acrolein during single and repeated exposures in mice

Lende, R.A.; Popp, A.J., 1976:
Sensory Jacksonian seizures

Cain, D.P., 1979:
Sensory kindling: implications for development of sensory prostheses

Johnson, E.W.; Kukla, R.D.; Wongsam, P.E.; Piedmont, A., 1981:
Sensory latencies to the ring finger: normal values and relation to carpal tunnel syndrome

Salovaara H., 1982:
Sensory limitations to replacement of sodium with potassium and magnesium in bread

Shevelev I.A.; Tsykalov E.N.; Valovik M.G.; Budko K.P.; Sharaev G.A.; Gorbach A.M., 1985:
Sensory mapping of the brain cortex in rat by the thermovision technique

Grant, S.G.; Woodman, G.; Newman, S.P.; Pavia, D.; Clarke, S.W., 1986:
Sensory mechanisms in the upper respiratory tract affect the inhalation of cigarette smoke in man

Luque, E.H.; Castro-Vazquez, A., 1983:
Sensory mechanisms involved in the induction of pseudopregnancy by progesterone: increased sensitivity to stimulation of the pudendal sensory field

Honegger H W.; Reif H.; Mueller W., 1979:
Sensory mechanisms of eye cleaning behavior in the cricket gryllus campestris

Cardello A.V.; Sawyer F.M.; Prell P.; Maller O.; Kapsalis J., 1983:
Sensory methodology for the classification of fish according to edibility characteristics

Vlietstra, A.G.; Wright, J.C., 1976:
Sensory modality and trans modal stimulus properties in childrens discrimination learning and transfer

Plassmann W., 1983:
Sensory modality interdependence in the octaval system of an elasmobranch platyrhinoidis triseriata

Leong S.K.; Wong W.C.; Tay S.W., 1987:
Sensory motor and postganglion sympathetic neurons forming the ulnar and radial nerves of two macaque species macaca nemestrina and macaca fascicularis

Janjua, M.Z.; Leong, S.K., 1987 :
Sensory, motor and sympathetic neurons forming the common peroneal and tibial nerves in the macaque monkey (Macaca fascicularis)

Krauter E.E.; Wallace J.E.; Campbell B.A., 1981:
Sensory motor function in the aging rat

Sigvardt, K.A., 1977:
Sensory motor interactions in antennal reflexes of the american lobster

Pou-Serradell, A.; Llovet-Tapies, J.; Florensa, R.; Soler, L., 1978:
Sensory motor intermittent claudication syndrome of the cauda equina review of the pathological etiological factors in 25 cases

Bailey, R.O.; Baltch, A.L.; Venkatesh, R.; Singh, J.K.; Bishop, M.B., 1988:
Sensory motor neuropathy associated with AIDS

Karelin Y.A.; Plotnikova S.I., 1983:
Sensory motor region of the deuto cerebrum in the locust locusta migratoria

Tomizawa, M., 1978:
Sensory nerve action potentials in lower extremity of infants and children

Iyer, K.S.; Kaplan, E.; Goodgold, J., 1984:
Sensory nerve action potentials of the medial and lateral plantar nerve

Petersen, K.K., 1987:
Sensory nerve compression syndromes

Jones S.J.; Edgar M.A.; Ransford A.O., 1982:
Sensory nerve condition in the human spinal cord epidural recordings made during scoliosis surgery

Ewert T.; Beginn U.; Winneke G.; Hofferberth B.; Joerg J., 1986 :
Sensory nerve conduction and visual and somatosensory evoked potentials in children exposed to lead

Currier, D.P.; Greathouse, D.; Swift, T., 1978:
Sensory nerve conduction: effect of ultrasound

Currier D.P.; Kramer J.F., 1982:
Sensory nerve conduction heating effects of ultrasound and ir

Sathiamoorthy, A.; Reddy, L.P.; Sathiamoorthy, S.S.; Balachander, J.; Chandrasekar, S., 1983:
Sensory nerve conduction in diabetes mellitus and diabetic neuropathy

Kimura, I.; Ayyar, D.R., 1984:
Sensory nerve conduction study in the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve

Ludvigsson, J.; Johannesson, G.; Heding, L.; Häger, A.; Larsson, Y., 1979:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity and vibratory sensibility in juvenile diabetics. Relationship to endogenous insulin

Robertson, W.C.; Lambert, E.H., 1978:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity in children using cerebral evoked potentials

Redding, R.W.; Ingram, J.T.; Colter, S.B., 1982:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity of cutaneous afferents of the radial, ulnar, peroneal, and tibial nerves of the dog: reference values

Pribyl, R.; You, S.B.; Jantra, P., 1979:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity of the medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve

Holliday, T.A.; Ealand, B.G.; Weldon, N.E., 1977:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity: technical requirements and normal values for branches of the radial and ulnar nerves of the dog

Halata Z.; Munger B.L., 1980:
Sensory nerve endings in rhesus monkey macaca fascicularis sinus hairs

Malinovský, L.; Sommerová, J., 1977:
Sensory nerve endings in the penis in green monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus)

Palmieri, G.; Panu, R.; Asole, A.; Farina, V.; Sanna, L., 1985:
Sensory nerve endings in the peroneus tertius muscle of the ass and horse: a functional hypothesis

Ono R.D., 1979:
Sensory nerve endings of highly mobile structures in 2 marine teleost fishes aspitrigla cuculus and mullus surmuletus

Swanson, G.J.; Lewis, J., 1986:
Sensory nerve routes in chick wing buds deprived of motor innervation

Eisen, A.; Elleker, G., 1980:
Sensory nerve stimulation and evoked cerebral potentials

Fominykh M.Ya, 1982:
Sensory nervous cells in epithelium and subepithelial connective tissue of body segments in the polychaetes nephtys hombergi and harmothoe imbricata

Ishigami H.; Nomura T.; Yamada K., 1985:
Sensory neural hearing loss in acute otitis media

Wouda W.; Vandevelde M.; Oettli P.; Van Nes J.J.; Hoerlein B.F., 1983:
Sensory neuronopathy in dogs 4 cases

Schlue, W.R., 1976:
Sensory neurons in leech central nervous system changes in potassium conductance and excitation threshold

Ghysen, A., 1978:
Sensory neurons recognize defined pathways in drosophila central nervous system

Wheeler S.J., 1987:
Sensory neuropathy in a border collie puppy

Lang A.H.; Kalliomaki J.L.; Puusa A.; Halonen J P., 1981:
Sensory neuropathy in rheumatoid arthritis electro neurographic study

Cornaglia Ferraris P.; Cornara L.; Melodia A., 1986:
Sensory neuropeptides substance p and 4 11 substance p enhance human neutrophil chemiluminescence the role of l arginine

Tysyachnyuk M.S., 1986:
Sensory neuropil of the nervous chain in eurygaster integriceps

Okaka J.C.; Potter N.N., 1979:
Sensory nutritional and storage properties of cowpea vigna sinensis powders processed to reduce beany flavor

Pospisil, J., 1976:
Sensory olfactory and visual orientation of the insects of the tropical zone

Khayutin S.N.; Dmitrieva L.P., 1979:
Sensory organization of nest behavior in the great tit parus major

Hallberg E., 1982:
Sensory organs in ips typographus insecta coleoptera fine structure of antennal sensilla

Hallberg E., 1982:
Sensory organs in ips typographus insecta coleoptera fine structure of the sensilla of the maxillary and labial palps

Knyazeva N.I., 1979:
Sensory organs in the body of the cockroach periplaneta americana receptors with type i neurons

Crouau, Y., 1978:
Sensory organs of an anophthalmic subterranean mysidacean antromysis juberthiei ultrastructural study of the aesthetascs

Hershey J.L.; Forester D.C., 1980:
Sensory orientation in notophthalmus viridescens viridescens amphibia salamandridae

Khatena J.; Parks C., 1987:
Sensory origins of original verbal images

Monga, T.N.; Shanks, G.L.; Poole, B.J., 1985:
Sensory palmar stimulation in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Acton J.C., 1981:
Sensory panel evaluation of pickled eggs

Hoese D.F., 1983:
Sensory papilla patterns of the cheek lateralis system in the gobiid fishes acentrogobius and glossogobius and their significance for the classification of gobioid fishes

Cameron W.E.; Binder M.D.; Botterman B.R.; Reinking R.M.; Stuart D.G., 1981:
Sensory partitioning of cat medial gastrocnemius muscle by muscle spindles and tendon organs

Halar, E.M.; Hammond, M.C.; LaCava, E.C.; Camann, C.; Ward, J., 1987:
Sensory perception threshold measurement: an evaluation of semiobjective testing devices

Janky, D.M.; Arafa, A.S.; Oblinger, J.L.; Koburger, J.A.; Fletcher, D.L., 1978:
Sensory physical and microbiological comparison of brine chilled water chilled and hot packaged no chill broilers

Tsukagoshi, H.; Mori, H.; Enomoto, A.; Nakao, K.; Fukushima, N., 1970:
Sensory poly radiculo neuropathy following spinal anesthesia a clinico pathologic study

Fudim, O.K., 1978:
Sensory pre conditioning of flavors with a formalin produced sodium need

Pfautz, P.L.; Donegan, N.H.; Wagner, A.R., 1978:
Sensory pre conditioning vs protection from habituation

Curley, J.F.; Reilly, L.J., 1983:
Sensory process instruction with learning disabled children

Diamond E.L.; Carver C.S., 1981:
Sensory processing cardio vascular reactivity and the type a coronary prone behavior patterns

Davies, S.N.; Goldsmith, G.E.; Hellon, R.F.; Mitchell, D., 1985:
Sensory processing in a thermal afferent pathway

Livingston R.B., 1978:
Sensory processing perception and behavior

Pokorny J.; Bulantova H.; Davidek J., 1981:
Sensory profiles of browning products from reaction of 2 furaldehyde with l lysine

Pokorny J.; Dvorakova L.; Marcin A.; Bulantova H.; Davidek J., 1979:
Sensory profiles of reaction products between amino acids and d fructose or d arabino hexosulose

Lyon B.G.; Klose A.A., 1980:
Sensory profiling of canned boned chicken comparisons of retail school lunch and military canned boned chicken

Lienhard M.C.; Stocker R.F., 1987:
Sensory projection patterns of supernumerary legs and aristae in drosophila melanogaster

Stocker R.F.; Schmid H., 1985:
Sensory projections from dorsal and ventral appendages in drosophila melanogaster grafted to the same site are different

Boisacq-Schepens, N.; Gerebtzoff, M.A.; Goffart, M., 1977:
Sensory projections to the cerebral cortex in perodicticus potto edwarsi

Persson P E., 1980:
Sensory properties and analysis of 2 muddy odor compounds geosmin and 2 methyl iso borneol in water and fish

Arganosa F.C.; Bandian M.M.; Ibarra P.I., 1979:
Sensory properties and consumer acceptability of fresh and smoked sausages using different levels of chevon

Cherkes V.A.; Zelenskaya V.S., 1984:
Sensory properties of neurons in nonspecific brain structure nucleus caudatus

Shaner K.M.; Baldwin R.E., 1979:
Sensory properties proximate analysis and cooking losses of meat loaves extended with chick pea meal or textured soy protein

Beuchat L.R.; Heaton E.K., 1982:
Sensory qualities of canned peaches and pears as affected by thermal process sorbate and benzoate

Tarver, F.R.Jr ; Ball, H.R.Jr ; May, K.N., 1978:
Sensory qualities of chicken broiler hearts and livers

Hayakawa, K.-Ichi; Timbers, G.-E.S.ier, E., F., 1978:
Sensory qualities of selected canned foods subjected to short term storage

Duran L.; Calvo C., 1984:
Sensory quality of canned lentils lens culinaris

Driscoll N.R.; Brennand C.P.; Hendricks D.G., 1985:
Sensory quality of nonfat dry milk after long term storage

True R.H.; Work T.M., 1981:
Sensory quality of ontario canada potatoes compared with principal varieties grown in maine usa

Karlstrom B., 1982:
Sensory quality of peas handled in food service systems

Cremer M.L.; Richman D.K., 1987:
Sensory quality of turkey breasts and energy consumption for roasting in a convection oven and reheating in ir microwave and convection ovens

Kootz, J.P.; Marinelli, B.; Cohen, D.J., 1981:
Sensory receptor sensitivity in autistic children: response times to proximal and distal stimulation

Ishida C.A.; Engelmann F., 1983:
Sensory receptors on the hind gut of the cockroach leucophaea maderae dictyoptera blaberidae

Baker G.T.; Parrott W.L.; Jenkins J.N., 1986:
Sensory receptors on the larval maxillae and labia of heliothis zea and heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae

Baker G.T., 1982:
Sensory receptors on the mandibles and labrum of grylloblatta campodeiformis

Baker G.T.; Nebeker T.E., 1986:
Sensory receptors on the ovipositor of thanasimus dubius coleoptera cleridae

Behan, M.; Ryan, M.F., 1977:
Sensory receptors on the ovipositor of the carrot fly psila rosae diptera psilidae and the cabbage root fly delia brassicae diptera anthomyiidae

Shea, V.K.; Perl, E.R., 1985:
Sensory receptors with unmyelinated (C) fibers innervating the skin of the rabbit's ear

Mark, D.; Maurice, D., 1977:
Sensory recording from the isolated cornea

Haskett, J.; Hollar, W.D., 1978:
Sensory reinforcement and contingency awareness of profoundly retarded children

Hermanson, A.; Dalsgaard, C.J., 1987:
Sensory reinnervation and sensibility in skin transplants

Chang, K.N.; DeArmond, S.J.; Buncke, H.J., 1986:
Sensory reinnervation in microsurgical reconstruction of the heel

Fullard J.H.; Fenton M.B.; Furlonger C.L., 1983:
Sensory relationships of moths and bats sampled from 2 nearctic sites

Stein B.E.; Gaither N.S., 1981:
Sensory representation in reptilian iguana iguana optic tectum some comparisons with mammals

Allison, T.; Van-Twyver, H., 1970:
Sensory representation in the neo cortex of the mole scalopus aquaticus

Gregg R.A.; Eagles D.A., 1984:
Sensory representation of a nonplanar joint in the walking legs of the horseshoe crab limulus polyphemus

Vastro Vazquez A.; Carreno N.B., 1981:
Sensory requirements for eliciting the pseudopregnancy response

Rovainen C.; Yan Q., 1985:
Sensory responses of dorsal cells in the lamprey ichthyomyzon unicuspis brain

Lyon B.G.; Horvat R.J.; Kays S.J., 1985:
Sensory responses to five cultivars of sweet potatoes ipomoea batatas

Satinder, K.P., 1976:
Sensory responsiveness and avoidance learning in rats

Zin, R.; Conforti, N.; Feldman, S., 1977:
Sensory responsiveness of single cells in the medial septal nucleus in intact and hypothalamic de afferented rats

Takahashi T.; Kamo N.; Kobatake Y., 1986:
Sensory rhodopsin like proteins in halobacterium halobium

Swartz, M., 1980:
Sensory screening of synthetic sweeteners using time intensity evaluations

Nathan, P.A.; Meadows, K.D.; Doyle, L.S., 1988:
Sensory segmental latency values of the median nerve for a population of normal individuals

Moskowitz H.R., 1986:
Sensory segmentation of fragrance preferences

Sand, T.; Hestnes, A., 1985:
Sensory signs and symptoms in scapuloperoneal atrophy: a report of a family

Reisine T.; Soubrie P.; Artaud F.; Glowinski J., 1982:
Sensory stimuli differentially affect in vivo nigral and striatal tritium labeled serotonin release in the cat

Holding, D.H.; Orenstein, H.B., 1983:
Sensory storage of fragmentary displays

Wright, B.R., 1974:
Sensory structure of the tentacles of the slug arion ater pulmonata mollusca part 1 ultrastructure of the distal epithelium receptor cells and tentacular ganglion

Wright, B.R., 1974:
Sensory structure of the tentacles of the slug arion ater pulmonata mollusca part 2 ultrastructure of the free nerve endings in the distal epithelium

Stort A.C.G.; Chaud Netto J., 1980:
Sensory structures and flight activity in africanized bees apis mellifera

Lane, E.B.; Whitear, M., 1982:
Sensory structures at the surface of fish skin 1. putative chemo receptors

Lane, E.B.; Whitear, M., 1982:
Sensory structures at the surface of fish skin 2. lateralis system

Goniak O.J.; Noble A.C., 1987:
Sensory study of selected volatile sulfur compounds in white wine

Starr, B.C.; Staddon, J.E., 1982:
Sensory superstition on multiple interval schedules

Lehtosalo J.I.; Uusitalo H.; Palkama A., 1984:
Sensory supply of the anterior uvea a light microscope and electron microscope study

Janse C., 1982:
Sensory systems involved in gravity orientation in the pulmonate snail lymnaea stagnalis

O'mahony, M.; Goldstein, L.R., 1987:
Sensory techniques for measuring differences in california usa navel oranges treated with doses of gamma radiation below 0.6 kgy

Ito, F.; Komatsu, Y., 1976:
Sensory terminal responses of frog muscle spindle recorded across vaseline gap onto intrafusal muscle fiber

Zelena, J., 1976:
Sensory terminals on extrafusal muscle fibers in myo tendinous regions of developing rat muscles

Arold G., 1986:
Sensory testing as a criterion for the evaluation of the quality of fresh vegetables

Ostrander, J.; Martinsen, C.; Liston, J.; Mccullough, J., 1976:
Sensory testing of pen reared salmon and trout

Yoshida M.; Hagano D.; Koba K.; Iwamoto T.; Matsushima M.; Seima T.; Bansho H.; Kotaki M.; Kato T.; Iesaki H., 1982:
Sensory tests for taste and flavor of chicken meat egg and pork ham produced by feeding single cell protein grown on methanol

Andersson Y.; Lundgren B., 1981:
Sensory texture consistency descriptors of beef patties containing protein products

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Sensory threshold of styrene and the monomer migration from poly styrene food packages

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Sensory transducers of escherichia coli are composed of discrete structural and functional domains

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Sensory transducers of escherichia coli are encoded by homologous genes

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Sensory transduction by phototactic halobacteria

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Sensory transduction in a locust multi polar joint receptor the dynamic behavior under a variety of stimulus conditions

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Sensory transduction in an insect mechano receptor extended bandwidth measurements and sensitivity to stimulus strength

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Sensory transduction in dorsal cutaneous mechanoreceptors of the frog, Rana pipiens

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Sensory transduction in escherichia coli 2 complementary pathways of information processing that involve methylated proteins

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Sensory vagal nature and anatomical access paths to esophagus laminar nerve endings in myenteric ganglia. Determination by surgical degeneration methods

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Sensory vs. dietary factors in cafeteria induced overweight

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Sensuality and venality in bangkok the dynamics of cross cultural mapping of prostitution

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Sentence coding tests of the address contents model and the fragmentation conceptual focus hypothesis

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Sentence comprehension in elderly listeners: the factor of rate

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Sentence comprehension in preschool children: testing an adaptive egocentrism hypothesis

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Sentence comprehension limitations related to syntactic deficits in reading disabled children

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Sentence demonstration ability in reading disabled vs. normal college students

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Sentence interpretation in bilingual speakers of english and dutch

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Sentence interpretation strategies in adult dutch english bilinguals

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Sentence level auditory comprehension treatment program for aphasic adults

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Sentence memory affected by vasopressin analog 1 desamino 8 d arginine vasopressin in cross over experiment

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Sentence production and working memory

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Sentence recall as affected by task instructions and delay

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Sentence structure of trainable and educable mentally retarded subjects

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Sentences for testing speech intelligibility in noise

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Sentential context and the interpretation of unambiguous words

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Sentinel behavior in american crows

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Sentistrobus goodii new genus new species a permineralized sphenophyllalean cone from the upper pennsylvanian of the appalachian basin usa

Takayanagi H.; Ito T.; Kubo Y.; Kusano H., 1988:
Sepabeads fp series new packing materials for industrial scale separation of biopolymers

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Sepaconitine a new alkaloid from aconitum septentrionale

Lee S S., 1984:
Separability of coded attributes in logical rule acquisition a 2 process analysis

Alho K.; Paavilainen P.; Reinikainen K.; Sams M.; Naatanen R., 1986:
Separability of different negative components of the event related potential associated with auditory stimulus processing

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Separable aftereffects of changing size and motion in depth different neural mechanisms

Makarevich I.F., 1985:
Separable conformational isomers in the series of 5 10 secocardenolides 1

Surber C.F., 1982:
Separable effects of motives consequences and presentation order on childrens moral judgments

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Separable forms of radioiodinated ovine lutropin olh subunits fractionated by anion exchange high performance liquid chromatography and analyzed by radioimmunoassay

Ganesh D.; Mowat D.N., 1983:
Separable grain content of mature whole plant corn silage

Parker D.C., 1982:
Separable helper factors support b cell proliferation and maturation to immuno globulin secretion

Tigelaar, R.E.; Gorczynski, R.M., 1974:
Separable populations of activated thymus derived lymphocytes identified in 2 assays for cell mediated immunity to murine tumor allo grafts

Kope, R.G., 1987:
Separable virtual population analysis of pacific salmon with application to marked chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha from california's central valley usa

Ulrich R.; Giray M., 1986:
Separate activation models with variable base times testability and checking of cross channel dependency

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Separate activation sites for cholecystokinin and bombesin on pancreatic acini an electro physiological study employing a competitive antagonist for the action of cholecystokinin

Brodie N.H.; Mcghie R.L.; O'hara H.; O'hara J.; Valle Jones J.C.; Anderson J.A.; Schiff A.A., 1985:
Separate and combined anxiolytic and anti depressant treatment of mixed anxiety depression

Khryanin V.N.; Chailakhyan M.Kh, 1979:
Separate and combined effect of growth regulators on sex expression in hemp cannabis sativa

Churchill, M.C.; Churchill, P.C., 1980:
Separate and combined effects of ouabain and extracellular potassium on renin secretion from rat renal cortical slices

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Separate and combined effects of radopholus similis and cylindrocarpon obtusisporum on areca nut seedlings

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Separate and combined mutagenic action of heavy metals and hyperbaric oxygenation in bone marrow cells of white mice

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Separate and combined use of neodymium yag and carbon dioxide lasers in liver resections a preliminary report

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Separate and combined use of terbutaline and theophylline in asthmatics. Effects related to plasma levels

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Separate and joint scaling of perceived odor intensity of n butanol and hydrogen sulfide

Sprague J.B.; Logan W.J., 1979:
Separate and joint toxicity to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri of substances used in drilling fluids for oil exploration

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Separate and overall renal hemodynamics in reno vascular hypertension prior to and after operation

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Separate anti inflammatory effects of indomethacin flurbiprofen and benoxaprofen

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Separate antigenic determinants on cell wall associated carbohydrate antigens of Mycobacterium leprae defined with monoclonal antibodies

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Separate application of adjuvant and antigen the effect of a water in oil emulsion in the splenic plaque forming cell response to sheep red blood cells in mice

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Separate auxin dependent and cation dependent mechanisms for glutamate utilization by normal and crown gall teratoma cells of tobacco in culture

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Separate binding sites for antimycin and mucidin in the respiratory chain of the bacterium paracoccus denitrificans and their occurrence in other denitrifying bacteria

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Separate binding sites on rat liver ribosomal protein l 6 for 5s and 5.8s ribosomal rna species and for transfer rna species

Youngs, D.A.; Van-Der-Schueren, E.; Smith, K.C., 1974:
Separate branches of the uvr gene dependent excision repair process in uv irradiated escherichia coli strain k 12 cells their dependence upon growth medium and the pola gene reca gene recb gene and exra gene

Khoranov, A.Kh, 1975:
Separate broncho spirography in estimating the operability in lung cancer patients

Hoffmann E.K.; Lambert I.H.; Simonsen L.O., 1986:
Separate calcium activated potassium and chloride transport pathways in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Aissa A.H.; Collard M.; Pozet N.; Zech P.; Traeger J., 1985:
Separate calculation of glomerular and tubular clearance by means of renal scintigraphy with hippuran and diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid

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Separate cell types that express two different forms of somatostatin in anglerfish islets can be immunohistochemically differentiated

Rogers, L.J.; Oettinger, R.; Szer, J.; Mark, R.F., 1977:
Separate chemical inhibitors of long term and short term memory contrasting effects of cyclo heximide ouabain and ethacrynic acid on various learning tasks in chickens

Ranta, R.; Rintala, A., 1984:
Separate clefts of the lip and the palate. A variant of cleft lip and palate

Schnagl H.Y.; Boyle W., 1980:
Separate clones of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes are generated against private and public h 2 antigens

Defranco A.L.; Raveche E.S.; Paul W.E., 1985:
Separate control of b lymphocyte early activation and proliferation in response to anti immunoglobulin m antibodies

Montrose M.H.; Knoblauch C.; Murer H., 1988:
Separate control of regulatory volume increase and sodium proton exchange by cultured renal cells

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Separate determination of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid in water using paper chromatography

Kaivarainen, A.I., 1975:
Separate determination of correlation times of spin labeled proteins and conjugated labels

Hamano T.; Mitsuhashi Y.; Tanaka K.; Matsuki Y.; Oji Y.; Okamoto S., 1985:
Separate determination of edta and its calcium chelate in foods by colorimetry

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Separate determination of isomers of tri cresyl phosphate tri phenyl phosphate phenol o cresol m cresol and p cresol by thin layer chromatography

Vakhmistrov, D.B.; Fedorov, A.A.; Dvornikova, N.E., 1982:
Separate determination of optimal total doses and proportions of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in fertilizers 3. yield of soybean seeds

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Separate effects of exogenous hyaluronic acid on proteo glycan synthesis and deposition in peri cellular matrix by cultured chick embryo limb chondrocytes

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Separate effects of mercurial compounds on the ionophoric and hydrolytic functions of the calcium ion magnesium ion atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum

Tryazev V.A.; Osipov Y.F.; Pokataeva O.P., 1980:
Separate elements of drought resistance of vegetatively propagated rootstocks of apple and pear trees

Dlin V.V.; Mishchenko B.P.; Fokeeva V.V., 1986:
Separate estimation of urinary enzymes in the impairments of glomerular filtration and kidney tissue

Schubert, G.; Brien, G.; Bick, C., 1983:
Separate examinations on core and shell of urinary calculi

Barker D.L.; Wong R.G.; Kater S.B., 1982:
Separate factors produced by the central nervous system of the snail helisoma trivolvis stimulate neurite outgrowth and choline metabolism in cultured neurons

Walker, W.S., 1976:
Separate fc receptors for immuno globulins immuno globulin g 2a and immuno globulin g 2b on an established cell line of mouse macrophages

Sumikawa K.; Parker I.; Amano T.; Miledi R., 1984:
Separate fractions of messenger rna from torpedo electric organ induce chloride channels and acetylcholine receptors in xenopus oocytes

Ganschow, R.; Paigen, K., 1967:
Separate genes determining the structure and intra cellular location of hepatic enz glucuronidase mouse

Lorenc E.; Krzanowska H., 1981:
Separate genetic control of the quality of ova and spermatozoa in the recombinant inbred strains of mice tested by in vitro fertilization

Mikhailenko A.V.; Pulina G.A.; Yazykov A.A.; Gazaryan K.G., 1983:
Separate groups in a cow oocyte population their cyto genetic analysis and capacity for maturation in vitro

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Separate hypo glycemic thresholds for gastric acid and pepsin secretion following insulin or posterior hypothalamic stimulation

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Separate identities of ligandin and the h protein a major protein to which carcinogenic hydro carbons are covalently bound

Riccardi G.; Rivellese A.; Pacioni D.; Genovese S.; Mastranzo P.; Mancini M., 1984:
Separate influence of dietary carbohydrate and fiber on metabolic control in diabetes

Linde Laursen I.; Jensen J., 1984:
Separate location of parental chromosomes in squashed metaphases of hybrids between hordeum vulgare and 4 poly ploid alien species

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Separate lung blood flow in anesthetized dogs a comparative study between electromagnetometry and sulfur hexafluoride and carbon dioxide elimination

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Separate lung ventilation circuit

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Separate mechanisms for procarbazine spermatotoxicity and anticancer activity

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Separate mechanisms for the uptake of high and low density lipo proteins by mouse adrenal gland in vivo

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Separate mechanisms of deformability loss in atp depleted and calcium loaded erythrocytes

Combest, W.L.; Russell, D.H., 1980:
Separate mechanisms of induction for ornithine decarboxylase ec by tri iodo thyronine and aminophylline

Ciriello J.; Calaresu F.R., 1979:
Separate medullary pathways mediating reflex vagal brady cardia to stimulation of buffer nerves in the cat

Benuck M.; Berg M.J.; Marks N., 1982:
Separate metabolic pathways for leucine enkephalin and methionine enkephalin 6 arginine 7 phenyl alanine degradation by rat striatal synaptosomal membranes

Grigor M.R.; Bell R.M., 1982:
Separate mono acyl glycerol and di acyl glycerol acyl transferases function in intestinal tri acyl glycerol synthesis

Yoshimura H.; Miczek K.A., 1983:
Separate neural sites for d amphetamine suppression of mouse killing and feeding behavior in rats

Swerdlow N.R.; Koob G.F., 1985:
Separate neural substrates of the locomotor activating properties of amphetamine heroin caffeine and corticotropin releasing factor in the rat

Payne, W.J.; Riley, P.S.; Cox, C.D.Jr, 1971:
Separate nitrite reducing nitric oxide reducing and nitrous oxide reducing fractions from pseudomonas perfectomarinus

Fisahn J.; Mikschl E.; Hansen U P., 1986:
Separate oscillations of the electrogenic pump and of a potassium channel in nitella flexilis as revealed by simultaneous measurement of membrane potential and of resistance

Smith, L.; Davies, H.C.; Reichlin, M.; Margoliash, E., 1973:
Separate oxidase and reductase reaction sites on cytochrome c demonstrated with purified site specific antibodies

Brahm, J.; Wieth, J.O., 1977:
Separate pathways for urea and water and for chloride in chicken erythrocytes

Ehrnst, A., 1978:
Separate pathways of complement activation by measles virus cyto toxic antibodies subclass analysis and capacity of f ab molecules to activate complement via the alternative pathway

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Separate pathways of maturation of the major structural proteins of vesicular stomatitis virus

Russell, T.R.; Terasaki, W.L.; Appleman, M.M., 1973:
Separate phospho di esterase for the hydrolysis of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in rat liver

Weinstein J.D.; Beale S.I., 1983:
Separate physiological roles and sub cellular compartments for 2 tetra pyrrole biosynthetic pathways in euglena gracilis

Hancock M.B., 1982:
Separate populations of lumbar preganglionic neurons identified with the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase and 4 6 di amidino 2 phenyl indole

Dalsgaard C J.; Ygge J., 1985:
Separate populations of primary sensory neurons project to the splanchnic nerve and thoracic spinal nerve rami of the rat a fluorescent double labeling study

Gross S.J.; Soares J.R., 1976:
Separate radio immune measurements of body fluid delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and 11 nor 9 carboxy delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol

Cohen R.S.; Meselson M., 1985:
Separate regulatory elements for the heat inducible and ovarian expression of the drosophila melanogaster hsp 26 gene

Kutsenko, A.I.; Shpil'kin, V.M.; Rossel's, A.N.; Eliseeva, N.A.; Belyanin, V.I., 1978:
Separate renal blood flow and activity of the renin aldo sterone system in patients with reno vascular hypertension and hypertonic disease

Senoh K.; Koikawa Y.; Kumazawa J., 1987:
Separate renal function assessment for congenital hydronephrosis analysis of 112 patients over a 14 year period

Piepsz A.; Hall M.; Denis R.; Ham H.R.; Schulman C., 1981:
Separate renal function in children with vesico ureteric reflux

Reinberg D.; Zipursky S.L.; Hurwitz J., 1981:
Separate requirements for leading and lagging strand dna synthesis during phi x a protein dependent rf rf dna replication in vitro

Danilchik M.V.; Yablonka Reuveni Z.; Moon R.T.; Reed S.K.; Hille M.B., 1986:
Separate ribosomal pools in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos ammonia activates a movement between pools

Vermilion J.L.; Ballou D.P.; Massey V.; Coon M.J., 1981:
Separate roles of fmn and fad in catalysis by liver microsomal nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase

Falkoff R.J.M.; Zhu L.P.; Fauci A.S., 1982:
Separate signals for human b cell proliferation and differentiation in response to staphylococcus aureus evidence for a 2 signal model of b cell activation

Ticku M.K.; Rastogi S.K.; Thyagarajan R., 1985:
Separate sites of action of optical isomers of 1 methyl 5 phenyl 5 propylbarbituric acid with opposite pharmacological activities at the gamma aminobutyric acid receptor complex

Rimdusit P., 1984:
Separate stitches tubal sterilization a modified pomeroys technique an analysis of the procedure complications and failure rate

Chiao, J.W.; Choi, Y.S., 1981:
Separate t cell subclasses inducing or attenuating graft vs. host reaction

Kuipers, F.; Enserink, M.; Havinga, R.; van der Steen, A.B.; Hardonk, M.J.; Fevery, J.; Vonk, R.J., 1988:
Separate transport systems for biliary secretion of sulfated and unsulfated bile acids in the rat

Van Brussel E.; Freyss Beguin M., 1979:
Separated cultures of rat myo blasts and fibroblasts beating rate and nonesterified fatty acids

Eickhoff, G., 1976:
Separating and counting device aids in reading off and determining micro fossils

Fitzgerald P.; Tattersall A.; Broadbent D., 1988:
Separating central mechanisms by pocs evidence for an input output buffer

Klausnitzer B.; Pellmann H.; Walter S., 1983:
Separating different species and strains of the genus trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae by help of disc electrophoresis

Quinn, J.A.; Colosi, J.C., 1977:
Separating genotype from environment in germination ecology studies

Kozlova G.S.; Roitfel'd F.I.; Gunar V.I., 1983:
Separating racemic 1 phenoxy 2 hydroxy 3 amino propane into enantiomers

Johnston, S.K.; Crowley, R.H.; Murray, D.S., 1978:
Separating seed by species with calcium chloride solutions

Shuman L.M., 1982:
Separating soil iron oxide and manganese oxide fractions for micro element analysis

Rabinowitz D.; Rapp J.K.; Dixon P.M.; Anh Thu Khieu, 1985:
Separating structural and developmental variability in growth rate estimates for andropogon scoparius

Dinsmoor, J.A.; Bowe, C.A.; Dout, D.L.; Martin, L.T.; Mueller, K.L.; Workman, J.D., 1983:
Separating the effects of salience and disparity on the rate of observing

Ekunwe, E.O., 1985:
Separating the factors in measles vaccine failure

Akada Y.; Kawano S.; Tanase Y., 1979:
Separation analysis of acidic components in human urine by high speed liquid chromatography

Kung Y M.; Chu Y Q., 1987:
Separation analysis of heptaene macrolide antibiotics by hplc

John, K.V.; Schutzbach, J.S.; Ankel, H., 1977:
Separation and allo steric properties of 2 forms of udp glucuronate carboxy lyase

Sanchez J.; Mancha M., 1980:
Separation and analysis of acyl thio esters from higher plants

Tanner, R.L.; Cederwall, R.; Garber, R.; Leahy, D.; Marlow, W.; Meyers, R.; Phillips, M.; Newman, L., 1977:
Separation and analysis of aerosol sulfate species at ambient concentrations

Khattab F.I.; E.B.yomi A., 1984:
Separation and analysis of certain pesticides as residue contaminants

Pan, J.Y.; Lei, X.H.; Ling, D.K., 1984:
Separation and analysis of components of mydecamycin 1. study on components of mydecamycin produced by streptomyces mycarofaciens 1748

Garrett, E.R.; Hunt, C.A., 1977 :
Separation and analysis of delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol in biological fluids by high pressure liquid chromatography and gas liquid chromatography

Hecht, T.T.; Ruddle, N.H.; Ruddle, F.H., 1976:
Separation and analysis of differentiating bone marrow derived lymphocytes from mouse spleens

Cadby P.A.; Dirmitriadis E.; Grant H.G.; Ward A.D.; Forbes I.J., 1982:
Separation and analysis of hemato porphyrin derivative components by high performance liquid chromatography

Collard J.G.; Philippus E.; Tulp A.; Lebo R.V.; Gray J.W., 1984:
Separation and analysis of human chromosomes by combined velocity sedimentation and flow sorting applying single laser and dual laser flow cytometry

Yavin, E.; Zutra, A., 1977:
Separation and analysis of phosphorus 32 labeled phospho lipids by a simple and rapid thin layer chromatographic procedure and its application to cultured neuro blastoma cells

Van Ackeren, J.L.; Venable, R.M.; Wainer, I.W., 1984:
Separation and analysis of pilocarpine, isopilocarpine, and pilocarpic acid by reverse phase liquid chromatography: collaborative study

Mauritsas M.M.; Mikalauskene G.Yu; Dikinene N.P., 1986:
Separation and analysis of the blood lymphocytes with leu altered antigens using the antileukemic antisera

Disselnkoetter, H.; Eiter, K.; Karl, W.; Wendisch, D., 1976:
Separation and analytical determination of synthetic pheromones using as an example the isomers of 7 11 hexa decadiene 1 yl acetate gossyplure

Koehler, K.; Vartzopoulos, D.; Ebel, H., 1987:
Separation and anxiety. A validation study

Hearn M.T.W.; Grego B.; Chapman G.E., 1983 :
Separation and assignment of the tryptic peptides of human growth hormone and the 20 kilodalton human growth hormone variant by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Alibert, G.; Puech, J.L., 1976:
Separation and automatic assay of the benzoic aldehydes and cinnamic aldehydes by liquid phase chromatography

Oohata, A.; Takeuchi, I., 1977:
Separation and biochemical characterization of the 2 cell types present in the pseudoplasmodium of dictyostelium mucoroides

Yoo C.M.; Jeong S.E., 1988:
Separation and changes of hemolymph native proteins and hydrolases in cericinus montela by one dimensional and two dimensional electrophoresis

Lemmi C.A.E., 1984:
Separation and characteristics of 2 histaminocytes from rat gastric mucosa

Morgan P.J.; Mordue W., 1983:
Separation and characteristics of diuretic hormone from the corpus cardiacum of locusta migratoria migratorioides

Smart, E.L.; Pharr, D.M., 1981:
Separation and characteristics of galactose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase ec and glucose 1 phosphate uridyl transferase from fruit peduncles of cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar calypso

Saha, B.K.; Schlessinger, D., 1978:
Separation and characterization of 2 activities from hela cell nuclei that degrade double stranded rna

Lai, P.C.W.; Lorscheider, F.L., 1978:
Separation and characterization of 2 bovine alpha 1 feto protein molecular variants by concanavalin a sepharose chromatography

Goers, S.K.; Jensen, R.A., 1984:
Separation and characterization of 2 chorismate mutase ec isoenzymes from nicotiana silvestris

Zatz, M.M.; Mathieson, B.J.; Kannelopoulos-Langevin, C.; Sharrow, S.O., 1981:
Separation and characterization of 2 component tumor lines within the akr lymphoma aktb 1 by fluorescence activated cell sorting and flow micro fluorometry analysis 1. the coexistence of surface immuno globulin positive and surface immuno globulin negative sublines

Mathieson, B.J.; Zatz, M.M.; Sharrow, S.O.; Asofsky, R.; Logan, W.; Kanellopoulow-Langevin, C., 1982:
Separation and characterization of 2 component tumor lines within the akr lymphoma aktb 1 by fluorescence activated cell sorting and flow micro fluorometry analysis 2. differential histo pathology of sig plus and sig minus sublines

Arai, H.; Sato, Y., 1976:
Separation and characterization of 2 distinct hem agglutinins contained in purified leukocytosis promoting factor from bordetella pertussis

Klemme, B.; Jacobi, G., 1974:
Separation and characterization of 2 inorganic pyro phosphatases ec from spinach leaves

Koetting J.; Juergens D.; Huser H., 1983:
Separation and characterization of 2 isolated lipases from staphylococcus aureus ten 5

Mishina, M.; Kamiryo, T.; Tashiro, S.I.; Numa, S., 1978:
Separation and characterization of 2 long chain acyl coenzyme a synthetases ec from candida lipolytica

Huang, F.L.; Glinsmann, W.H., 1976:
Separation and characterization of 2 phosphorylase phosphatase inhibitors from rabbit skeletal muscle

Qian R G.; Glanville R.W., 1984:
Separation and characterization of 2 polypeptide chains from the 7s crosslinking domain of basement membrane type iv collagen

Heinegard D.; Wieslander J.; Sheehan J.; Paulsson M.; Sommarin Y., 1985:
Separation and characterization of 2 populations of aggregating proteoglycans from cartilage

Hilgenfeldt U.; Hackenthal E., 1982:
Separation and characterization of 2 species of rat angiotensinogen

Lobelle Rich P.A.; Reeves R.E., 1983:
Separation and characterization of 2 utp utilizing hexose phosphate uridylyl transferases from entamoeba histolytica

Manam, S.; Van-Tuyle, G.C., 1987:
Separation and characterization of 5' and 3' transfer rna processing nucleases from rat liver mitochondria

Hien N.H.; Fleet G.H., 1983:
Separation and characterization of 6 1 3 beta glucanases from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Hazato T.; Inagaki Shimamura M.; Katayama T.; Yamamoto T., 1982:
Separation and characterization of a di peptidyl amino peptidase that degrades enkephalins from monkey macaca fascicularis brain

Thompson, D.M.; Cochet, C.; Chambaz, E.M.; Gill, G.N., 1985:
Separation and characterization of a phosphatidylinositol kinase activity that co-purifies with the epidermal growth factor receptor

Takagaki Y.; Ryner L.C.; Manley J.L., 1988:
Separation and characterization of a polyadenylic polymerase and a cleavage specificity factor required for pre messenger rna polyadenylation

Zanders, E.D.; Lehner, T., 1981:
Separation and characterization of a protein antigen from cells of Streptococcus mutans

Lehner T.; Avery J.; Jones T., 1985:
Separation and characterization of a subset of human t 8 positive cells which function as antigen presenting and contrasuppressor cells

Fogarty W.M.; Kelly C.T.; Kadam S.K., 1985:
Separation and characterization of an alpha glucosidase and maltase from bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Kawagishi, S.; Araki, Y.; Ito, E., 1980:
Separation and characterization of an autolytic endo b glucosaminidase ec 3.2.1. from bacillus cereus

Scheiner, O.; Stemberger, H.; Kraft, D.; Wiedermann, G., 1978:
Separation and characterization of anti benzyl penicilloyl antibodies part 1 biochemical and biophysical properties of anti benzyl penicilloyl immuno globulin d obtained by affinity and subsequent ion exchange chromatography

Stemberger, H.; Scheiner, O.; Wiedermann, G.; Kraft, D.; Foerster, O., 1978:
Separation and characterization of anti benzyl penicilloyl antibodies part 2 immunological properties of different immuno globulin g fractions

Hladik J.; Sofrova D., 1981:
Separation and characterization of chlorophyll protein complexes from the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum

Abedin, M.Z.; Qadri, M.N.; Hasnain, S.N., 1977:
Separation and characterization of cholin esterase iso enzymes from plasma of different vertebrate species

Mak, A.S.; Jones, B.L., 1976:
Separation and characterization of chymotryptic peptides from alpha purothionin and beta purothionin of wheat

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Separation and characterization of cis isomers of beta beta carotene

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Separation and characterization of different types of vesicles formed during preincubation of erythrocyte membranes in the presence of atp

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Separation and characterization of factors mediating accurate transcription by RNA polymerase II

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Nebinger, P., 1986:
Separation and characterization of four different amylases of Entamoeba histolytica. II. Characterization of amylases

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Separation and characterization of lengkuas languas galanga protease

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Separation and characterization of lymphocytes from rat lung parenchyma

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Separation and characterization of oat avena sativa cultivar froker globulin poly peptides

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Separation and characterization of red blood cells from new borns and infants during the 1st trimenon of life by means of a dextran density gradient density distribution curves of erythrocytes and reticulocytes

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Separation and characterization of red blood cells from new borns and infants during the 1st trimenon of life using a dextran density gradient mean cellular volume and mean cellular hemo globin concentration

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Separation and characterization of the endo beta 1 3 d glucanase from rhizoctonia solani

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Separation and characterization of the membrane bound and aqueously dispersed phosphatidate phosphatidic acid phospho hydrolase activities in rat lung

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Separation and characterization of the outer membrane of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Separation and characterization of the subunits of rna polymerase

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Separation and Characterization of Two Endopeptidases from Cotyledons of Germinating Vigna mungo Seeds

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Separation and chemical characterization of finely sized fly ash particles

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Separation and comparative characterization of the cationic protease and anionic protease from the culture medium of Thermoactinomyces vulgaris

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Separation and comparison of 2 thio ribo thymidine containing transfer rna and the ribo thymidine containing counterpart from cells of thermus thermophilus hb 8

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Separation and concentration of murine hematopoietic stem cells using a combination of density gradient sedimentation and counter flow centrifugal elutriation

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Separation and configuration of syn and anti isomers of testosterone oxime/

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Separation and definition of eyre and lismore soil series on the canterbury plains new zealand

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Separation and detection of neutral lipids and free fatty acids in a liver extract by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and detection of some organophosphoric pesticides by thin layer chromatography

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Separation and determination of cardiac steroids by high pressure liquid chromatography

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Separation and determination of cefpiramide in human plasma by electrokinetic chromatography with a micellar solution and an open tubular fused silica capillary

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Separation and determination of components of spiramycin in bulk powders and in pharmaceutical preparations by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and determination of curcuminoids in curcuma longa and its preparation by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and determination of free sugars in oilseeds by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and determination of intermediates and side reaction products in food red no. 3 erythrosine and stabilities of side reaction products studies on organic impurities in synthetic food colors ii

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Separation and determination of lipids by 1 dimensional micro thin layer chromatography followed by densitometry

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Separation and determination of monoalkanolamides of soybean oil fatty acids by rp hplc of the crude reaction product

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Separation and determination of multiple forms of urinary brush border enzymes alanine aminopeptidase ec alkaline phosphatase ec and gamma glutamyltransferase ec

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Separation and determination of nanogram amounts of inorganic tin and methyl tin compounds in the environment

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Separation and determination of parts per billion concentrations of gallium in biological materials

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Separation and determination of purpurea glycosides in digitalis purpurea leaves by micro hplc

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Separation and determination of racemic 15 methyl pgf 2 alpha and its methyl ester by hplc

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Separation and determination of stable metallo cyanide complexes in metallurgical plant solutions and effluents by reversed phase ion pair chromatography

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Separation and determination of substances present in analgesic mixtures

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Separation and determination of the cholagogic components in bin hao (Artemisia scoparia) by HPLC

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Separation and determination of the cis trans isomers of the vitamin a esters by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and determination of the individual iron species in aqueous solution by electrophoresis under a protective gas atmosphere

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Separation and determination of the ions copper ii zinc ii and magnesium ii from the solutions of amino acids on the chelate forming ion exchanger ostsorb dtta

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Separation and determination of tocopherol homologues in cereal grains and bean seeds

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Separation and determination of vitamin b 1 vitamin b 2 vitamin b 6 and nicotinamide in commercial vitamin preparations using high performance cation exchange chromatography

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Separation and determination of volatile hydrides by gas chromatography with a gold gas porous electrode detector

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Separation and direct chemical determination of nitrosamines by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and direct quantitative estimation of adenine nucleotides on silufol

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Separation and dosage of bile acid by high performance liquid chromatography application to normal and lithogenous bile

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Separation and dosage of the romergan diazepam papaverine and paracetamol from a complex mixture

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Separation and enrichment of rat megakaryocytic cells by continuous density gradients of Percoll

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Separation and estimation of arginine related metabolites in tissues

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Separation and estimation of free nucleotides in barley root tissues by high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation and estimation of mb iso enzyme of creatine phospho kinase in the serum results in 152 cases

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Separation and fluorometric determination of adrenaline and noradrenaline combination of a high pressure liquid chromatograph with an automatic analysis system

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Separation and functional characterization of leptodactylus labyrinthicus hemo globin components

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Separation and functions of two acyl coenzyme a transferases from ascaris lumbricoides mitochondria

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Separation and gas chromatography of esterified and free organic acids in miso

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Separation and gravimetric determination of barium using sulfadimethoxine salicylaldimine

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Separation and identification by gas chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry of nitrogen compounds from deasphalted heavy oil evolution of their distribution after catalytic hydrotreatment

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Separation and identification by thin layer chromatography of shikimic acid quinic acid and cinnamic acid from legumes

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Separation and identification high performance liquid chromatography of some benzo a pyrene hydroxylated derivatives

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Separation and identification of 9 chloro 10 methoxy 9 methoxy 10 chloro hexa decanoic acid and 9 chloro 10 methoxy 9 methoxy 10 chloro octa decanoic acid in adipocere

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Separation and identification of 9 penicillins by reverse phase liquid chromatography

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Separation and identification of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes and isoforms in serum of healthy persons by isoelectric focusing

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Separation and identification of amine carbohydrate reaction product in aqueous solution

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Separation and identification of ascorbic acid and its degradation products by isotachophoresis and r e computer simulation

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Separation and identification of carotenoids and carotenol fatty acid esters in some squash products by liquid chromatography 2. isolation and characterization of carotenoids and related esters

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Separation and identification of ceramides derived from human plasma sphingomyelins inst chromatography inst mass spectrometry

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Separation and identification of certain organophosphorous pesticide residues in vegetable

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Separation and identification of di peptides by paper chromatography and column chromatography

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Separation and identification of drosophila melanogaster myosin light chains

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Separation and identification of ethyl azelate semi aldehyde which contributes to the rancid odor of traditional shochu

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Separation and identification of glycosamino glycans

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Separation and identification of impurities in Chinese norgestrel

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Separation and identification of impurities in parenteral methotrexate dosage forms

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Separation and identification of lipids and fatty acids of the marine alga fucus vesiculosus by tlc and gc ms

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Separation and identification of menaquinones from microorganisms

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Separation and identification of metal dithizonates by thin layer chromatography and its application in toxicological analysis

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Separation and identification of mutagenic constituents of petroleum substitutes

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Separation and identification of myo globin and hemo globin human clinical test inst column chromatography

Nishiya, T.; Yamakawa, M.; Aramaki, I.; Sugama, S., 1978:
Separation and identification of n hexanal 2 4 nonadienal and ethyl pimelate semi aldehyde which contribute to the rancid odor of traditional shochu

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Separation and identification of neutral and acidic metabolites in cerebro spinal fluid

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Separation and identification of odor in oxidized sardine oil

Naikwadi K.P.; Charbonneau G.M.; Karasek F.W.; Clement R.E., 1987:
Separation and identification of organic compounds in air particulate extracts by high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

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Separation and identification of phencyclidine and some of its analogs

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Separation and identification of phenolic acids and related compounds by gas chromatography and fourier transform ir spectroscopy

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Separation and identification of poly nuclear aromatic compounds in coal tar by using glass capillary chromatography including combined gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Verzar Petri G.; Tamas J.; Radics L.; Ujszaszi K., 1980:
Separation and identification of pro chamazulenes of achillea millefolium ssp collina

S.K H., 1979:
Separation and identification of pteridines from the liver and skin of anurans

Brody T.; Shane B.; Stokstad E.L.R., 1979:
Separation and identification of pteroyl poly glutamates by poly acrylamide gel chromatography

Milovanovic G.A.; Sekheta M.A., 1984:
Separation and identification of serotonin 5 hydroxy iaa l dopa methyl dopa and carbidopa by thin layer chromatography on silica gel/

Mikami N.; Takahashi N.; Yamada H.; Miyamoto J., 1985:
Separation and identification of short lived free radicals formed by photolysis of the pyrethroid insecticide fenvalerate

Yuan, H.F., 1977:
Separation and identification of soluble nucleotides in chinese celery oenanthe javanica

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Separation and identification of some hydroxy chalcones and their derivatives

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Separation and identification of steroids in mixtures by thin layer chromatography part 2

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Separation and identification of subpicomole amounts of methotrexate poly glutamates in animal and human biopsy material

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Separation and identification of sugarcane bagasse compounds by organosolv process

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Separation and identification of the constituents of hashish cannabis indica by thin layer chromatography and its application in forensic analysis

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Separation and identification of the cytokinins in mulberry morus alba

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Separation and identification of tomato fruit pigments by tlc and hplc

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Separation and identification of tri methyl silyl derivatives of tyramines and methoxy tyramines by gas liquid chromatography

Greenspan M.D.; L.C.Y.L.; Hanf D.P.; Yudkovitz J.B., 1988:
Separation and identification of triglycerides cholesteryl esters cholesterol 7 dehydrocholesterol dolichol ubiquinone alpha tocopherol and retinol by high performance liquid chromatography with a diode array detector

Sakihama, N.; Shin, M.; Toda, H., 1986:
Separation and identification of two native forms of spinach ferredoxin by hydrophobic chromatography

Foulkes, J.G.; Ernst, V.; Levin, D.H., 1983:
Separation and identification of type 1 and type 2 protein phosphatases from rabbit reticulocyte lysates

Kaseda Y.; Nozawa K.; Mogi K., 1984:
Separation and independence of offspring from the harem groups in misaki horses

Elias, M.M., 1977:
Separation and infectivity of 2 particle types of human rotavirus

Tkachuk, V.A.; Lazarevich, V.G.; Men'shikov, M.Y. ; Severin, S.E., 1978:
Separation and investigation of regulatory properties of 2 forms of cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase from rabbit heart sensitive and nonsensitive to a calcium dependent regulator protein

Huff M.W.; Strong W.L.P., 1987:
Separation and isolation of human apolipoproteins c ii c iii c iii 2 by chromatofocusing on the fast protein liquid chromatography system

Alpers, D.H., 1969:
Separation and isolation of rat and human intestinal enz beta galactosidases enz lactase

Batt, S.; Venis, M.A., 1976:
Separation and localization of 2 classes of auxin binding sites in corn coleoptile membranes

Chashchin V.L.; Vasilevskii V.I.; Shkumatov V.M.; Akhrem A.A., 1983:
Separation and localization of the poly peptide chain domains in the cholesterol specific cytochrome p 450/

Dupuis G.; Doucet J P., 1981:
Separation and localization on sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gels of pig spleen lymphocyte plasma membrane proteins which bind iodine 125 labeled phyto hem agglutinin

Lygre T.; Aarsaether N.; Stensland E.; Aarsland A.; Berge R.K., 1986:
Separation and measurement of clofibroyl coenzyme a and clofibric acid in rat liver after clofibrate administration by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with photodiode array detection

Brodie, R.R.; Chasseaud, L.F.; Hawkins, D.R., 1977:
Separation and measurement of tri cyclic anti depressant drugs in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Thomaskutty P.T.; Agrawal Y.K., 1987:
Separation and microdetermination of rare earth metals with n phenylbenzohydroxamic acid and xylenol orange

Follenius E.; Van Dorsselaer A.; Meunier A., 1985:
Separation and partial characterization by high performance liquid chromatography and radioimmunoassay of different forms of msh from fish cyprinidae neurointermediate lobes

Charron A.; Bebear C.; Brun G.; Yot P.; Latrille J.; Boue J.M., 1979:
Separation and partial characterization of 2 dna polymerases from spiroplasma citri

Armand, G.; Balazs, E.A.; Testa, M., 1970:
Separation and partial characterization of 2 proteins from fraction b of calf lens

Bhatti, A.R., 1973:
Separation and partial characterization of 2 types of alkaline phosphatase ec from serratia marcescens

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Separation and partial characterization of 3 functional steps in transcription initiation by human rna polymerase ii

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Separation and partial characterization of chloroplast and nonchloroplast alpha glucan phosphorylases ec from spinach leaves spinacia oleracea

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Separation and partial characterization of fractions derived from frog lung homogenates. A possible marker system for amphibian pulmonary surfactant

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Separation and partial characterization of two alkaline peptidases from cotyledons of resting kidney beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivar processor

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Separation and partial purification of 2 differentially inducible udp glucuronyl transferases ec from rat liver

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Separation and partial purification of wax and fatty alcohol from okinawan japan sugarcane rind lipids

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Separation and phototoxicity in vitro of some of the components of hematoporphyrin derivative

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Separation and preliminary studies on 2 ketopantoyl lactone and 2 keto pantoic acid reductases of yeast

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Separation and preparation of some chemical compounds from rice husks

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Separation and processing effects on aromatic components of saskatoon berries amelanchier alnifolia

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Separation and properties of 2 aryl amidases from rat cardiac muscle extracts

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Separation and properties of 2 enzyme forms of beta glucuronidase ec from the mollusk helicella ericetorum

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Separation and properties of 2 kinds of sv 40 late transcription complexes

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Separation and properties of 3 forms of cathepsin h like cysteine proteinase from rat spleen

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Separation and properties of 5 distinct acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenases from rat liver mitochondria identification of a new 2 methyl branched chain acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase

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Separation and properties of 5 glycosamino glycan sulfatases from rat skin

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Separation and properties of a neutral hexosaminidase ec from embryonic chicken brain

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Separation and properties of a regulatory gtpase activity associated with the adenylate cyclase ec system in rat brain synaptic plasma membranes

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Separation and properties of beta n acetyl glucosaminidases a b and i ec from horse brain

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Separation and properties of human brain hexosaminidase C

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Separation and properties of molecular forms of alpha galactosidase and alpha n acetyl galactosaminidase ec from blood lymphocytes and lymphoid cell lines transformed by epstein barr virus

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Separation and properties of molecular forms of phospho lipase d ec from plants

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Separation and properties of multiple forms of acid phosphatase ec from the tissues and organs of the silkworm

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Separation and properties of nad dependent glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec and nadp dependent glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenases ec from streptococcus mutans

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Separation and properties of penicillinase ec of an alkalophilic bacillus

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Separation and properties of phospho protein phosphatase ec modulators from brown adipose tissue of young rats and the changes in their concentration during development

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Separation and properties of rabbit buccal mucosal wound hyaluronidase

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Separation and properties of sheep erythrocyte antibody rosette forming lymphocytes in humans

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Separation and properties of the 6 dia stereo isomers of levo erythro tetra hydro biopterin and their reactivities with phenyl alanine hydroxylase ec

Orndorff, P.E.; Dworkin, M., 1980:
Separation and properties of the cytoplasmic and outer membranes of vegetative cells of Myxococcus xanthus

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Separation and properties of the inner and outer layers of the vitelline membrane of hen's eggs

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Separation and properties of the inner and outer membranes of a psychrophilic bacterium vibrio sp strain abe 1

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Separation and properties of the troponin components from carp muscle

Ishii T.; Tillotson L.G.; Isselbacher K.J., 1986 :
Separation and proteolytic mapping of the two tritiated cytochalasin b photoaffinity labeled d glucose sensitive proteins in the chicken embryo fibroblast plasma membrane

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