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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6395

Chapter 6395 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mccaman, M. T.; Gabe, J. D., 1986: Sequence of the promoter and 5' coding region of pep n and the amino terminus of peptidase n from escherichia coli k 12

Riggs A.D., 1984: Sequence of the promoter region of the gene for human x linked 3 phosphoglycerate kinase

Weber J.M., 1987: Sequence of the protease of human subgroup e adenovirus type 4

Kaerner H.C., 1984: Sequence of the putative origin of replication in the u l region of herpes simplex virus type 1 ang dna

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394004

Witt H.T., 1985: Sequence of the redox changes of manganese and pattern of the changes of charges during water cleavage in photosynthesis optical events in the uv and the red region in the presence and absence of hydroxylamine

Frey, T. K.; Marr, L. D., 1988: Sequence of the region coding for virion proteins c and e2 and the carboxyl terminus of the nonstructural proteins of rubella virus comparison with alphaviruses

Markovitz A., 1984: Sequence of the regulatory region of omp t the gene specifying major outer membrane protein a 3b of escherichia coli k 12 implications for regulation and processing

Karlstrom O.H., 1985: Sequence of the rel b transcription unit from escherichia coli and identification of the rel b gene

Donelson J.E., 1984: Sequence of the saccharomyces carlsbergensis gal region and its transcription in vivo

Ruis H., 1988: Sequence of the saccharomyces cerevisiae cta1 gene and amino acid sequence of catalase a derived from it

Rakestraw K.M., 1986: Sequence of the sendai virus l gene open reading frames upstream of the main coding region suggest that the gene may be polycistronic

Davis A.R., 1985: Sequence of the serotype specific glycoprotein of the human rotavirus wa strain and comparison with other human rotavirus serotypes

Barrell B.G., 1986: Sequence of the short unique region short repeats and part of the long repeats of human cytomegalovirus

Weiner H., 1988: Sequence of the signal peptide for rat liver mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase

IIda S., 1983: Sequence of the site specific recombinase gene cin and of its substrates serving in inversion of the c segment of bacterio phage p 1

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394016

Lusty C.J., 1984: Sequence of the small subunit of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae carbamyl phosphate synthetase and identification of its catalytic domain

Elwood H.J., 1986: Sequence of the small subunit ribosomal rna gene from the hypotrichous ciliate euplotes aediculatus

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394021

Kunz C., 1988: Sequence of the structural proteins of tick borne encephalitis virus western subtype and comparative analysis with other flaviviruses

Domingo E., 1985: Sequence of the viral replicase gene from foot and mouth disease virus c 1 santa pau c s8

Smith M., 1981: Sequence of the yeast iso 1 cytochrome c messenger rna

Model P., 1988: Sequence of thioredoxin reductase from escherichia coli relationship to other flavoprotein disulfide oxidoreductases

Schneider, S. L.; Stasiuk, L.; Laskowski, M. Sr, 1973: Sequence of tryptic cleavages in porcine pancreatic secretory inhibitor ii

Henningsen K.W., 1986: Sequence of two genes in pea pisum sativum chloroplast dna coding for 84 kilodalton and 82 kilodalton polypeptides of the photosystem i complex

Mallet J., 1988: Sequence of two messenger rna species encoding active rat tryptophan hydroxylase

Gonzalez, F. J.; Kimura, S.; Song, B. J.; Pastewka, J.; Gelboin, H. V.; Hardwick, J. P., 1986: Sequence of two related p 450 messenger rna species transcriptionally increased during rat development an r.dre.1 sequence occupies the complete 3' untranslated region of a liver messenger rna

Morris, G. P.; Steel, C. G. H., 1977: Sequence of ultrastructural changes induced by activation in the posterior neuro secretory cells in the brain of rhodnius prolixus with special reference to the role of lysosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394032

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394033

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394034

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394035

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394036

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394037

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394038

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394039

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394040

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394041

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394042

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394043

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394044

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394045

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394046

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394047

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394048

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394049

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394050

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394051

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394052

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394053

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394054

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394055

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394056

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394057

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394058

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394059

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394060

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394061

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394062

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394063

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394064

Travers A.A., 1986: Sequence periodicities in chicken nucleosome core dna

Day, A. J.; Willis, A. C.; Ripoche, J.; Sim, R. B., 1988: Sequence polymorphism of human complement factor h

Ueda, H.; Hyodo, A.; Takei, F.; Sasaki, H.; Ohshima, Y.; Shimura, K., 1984: Sequence polymorphisms in the 5' upstream region of the fibroin h chain gene in the silkworm bombyx mori

Gryder, R. M.; Lamon, M.; Adams, E., 1975: Sequence position of 3 hydroxy proline in basement membrane collagen isolation of glycyl 3 hydroxyprolyl 4 hydroxy proline from swine kidney

Adegoke, J. A.; Taylor, J. H., 1977: Sequence programming of dna replication over the s phase of chinese hamster cells

Sriprakash K.S., 1981: Sequence rearrangements between mitochondrial dna of torulopsis glabrata and kloeckera africana identified by hybridization with 6 poly peptide encoding regions from saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial dna

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394071

Barone N.C., 1982: Sequence redundancy under conditions of randomization and spontaneous activity

Piez, K. A.; Trus, B. L., 1978: Sequence regularities and packing of collagen molecules

Yogo Y., 1986: Sequence reiteration required for the efficient growth of bk virus

Foster T.C., 1985: Sequence related changes in sensory evoked potentials in the dentate gyrus a mechanism for item specific short term information storage in the hippocampus

Rho, H. M.; Grandgenett, D. P.; Green, M., 1975: Sequence relatedness between the subunits of avian myeloblastosis virus reverse transcriptase

Knudson D.L., 1985: Sequence relatedness of palyam virus genes to cognates of the palyam serogroup viruses by rna rna blot hybridization

Arber W., 1986: Sequence relations among the inc y plasmid p 15b p 1 and p 7 prophages

Gustafson G.D., 1983: Sequence relations and coding properties of a subgenomic rna isolated from barley stripe mosaic virus

Wu, J. R.; Pearson, W. R.; Posakony, J. W.; Bonner, J., 1977: Sequence relationship between long and short repetitive dna of the rat a preliminary report

Fan H., 1980: Sequence relationship of glycosylated and unglycosylated gag poly proteins of moloney murine leukemia virus

Vincent P.C., 1986: Sequence relationship of three human satellite dna species

Nayak D.P., 1979: Sequence relationships among defective interfering influenza viral rna

Air G.M., 1981: Sequence relationships among the hem agglutinin genes of 12 subtypes of influenza a virus

Kehoe, J. M.; Capra, J. D., 1972: Sequence relationships among the variable regions of immuno globulin heavy chains from various mammalian species

Tal, J.; Craig, E. A.; Raskas, H. J., 1975: Sequence relationships between adenovirus 2 early rna and viral rna size classes synthesized at 18 hours after infection

Chan J.C., 1983: Sequence relationships between kirsten retrovirus genomes and the genomes of other murine retroviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394088

Cornelis G., 1981: Sequence relationships between plasmids carrying genes for lactose utilization

Davis M.M., 1984: Sequence relationships between putative t cell receptor poly peptides and immuno globulins

Van Der Zeijst B.A.M., 1982: Sequence relationships between the genome and the intra cellular rna species 1 3 6 and 7 of mouse hepatitis virus strain a 59

Kennedy, S. I. T., 1976: Sequence relationships between the genome and the intra cellular rna species of standard and defective interfering semliki forest virus

Carlile M.J., 1984: Sequence relationships between virus double stranded rna from isolates of gaeumannomyces graminis in different vegetative compatibility groups

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394094

Osburn B.I., 1986: Sequence relationships of usa prototype and wild type bluetongue virus rna genomes investigated by northern blot hybridization analysis

Yamagishi H., 1984: Sequence repetition and genomic distribution of small polydisperse circular dna purified from hela cells

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394097

Bockstaele, F. Van, 1985: Sequence representation

Gehring W.J., 1986: Sequence requirement for expression of the drosophila melanogaster heat shock protein hsp 22 gene during heat shock and normal development

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394100

Numa S., 1983: Sequence requirement for transcription in vivo of the human pre pro enkephalin a gene

Webster R.G., 1988: Sequence requirements for cleavage activation of influenza virus hemagglutinin expressed in mammalian cells

Greene W.C., 1988: Sequence requirements for ligand binding and cell surface expression of the tac antigen a human interleukin 2 receptor

Smith A.E., 1984: Sequence requirements for nuclear location of sv 40 large t antigen

Groudine M., 1988: Sequence requirements for premature termination of transcription in the human c myc gene

Weissmann C., 1986: Sequence requirements for splicing of higher eukaryotic nuclear pre messenger rna

Craig N.L., 1988: Sequence requirements of escherichia coli att tn7 a specific site of transposon tn7 insertion

Marr, M. J., 1971: Sequence schedules of reinforcement

Waring M.J., 1987: Sequence selective binding of phleomycin to dna

Hashimoto, Y.; Shudo, K., 1983: Sequence selective modification of dna with muta carcinogenic 2 amino 6 methyl di pyrido 1 2 a 3' 2' d imidazole

Pullman B., 1987: Sequence selectivity a test of the nature of the covalent adduct formed between benzo a pyrene and dna

Li H J., 1981: Sequence sensitivity of histone binding

Maizel J.V.Jr, 1986: Sequence signals in eukaryotic upstream regions

Frangione B., 1984: Sequence similarities among kappa iiib chains of monoclonal human immunoglobulin m kappa autoantibodies

Blanquet S., 1986: Sequence similarities among the family of aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases

Frangione B., 1985: Sequence similarities and cross idiotypic specificity of l chains among human monoclonal immunoglobulin m kappa with anti gamma globulin activity

Hoxie J.A., 1987: Sequence similarities between human immunodeficiency virus gp41 and paramyxovirus fusion proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394118

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394119

Davison, D., 1985: Sequence similarity ('homology') searching for molecular biologists

Chambon P., 1986: Sequence specific activation of transcription by adenovirus ei a products is observed in hela cells but not in 293 cells

Ruderman J.V., 1983: Sequence specific adenylations and deadenylations accompany changes in the translation of maternal messenger rna after fertilization of spisula oocytes

Komano T., 1986: Sequence specific alkali labile lesions in dna caused by d isoglucosamine

Lerner R.A., 1981: Sequence specific antibodies show that maturation of moloney leukemia virus envelope poly protein involves removal of a carboxyl terminal peptide

Jacob T.M., 1986: Sequence specific antibodies to a deoxyribodinucleotide

Wuthrich K., 1985: Sequence specific assignment of the backbone proton nmr and phosphorus 31 nmr lines in a short dna duplex with homonuclear and heteronuclear correlated spectroscopy

Poulsen F.M., 1987: Sequence specific assignment of the proton nmr spectrum of barley serine proteinase inhibitor 2

Carter G.W., 1988: Sequence specific assignments in the proton nmr spectrum of the human inflammatory protein c5a

Chirikjian J.G., 1984: Sequence specific b a m h i methylase purification and characterization

Chirikjian J.G., 1985: Sequence specific bam h i endonuclease the proposed role of arginine residues in substrate binding and recognition

Praseuth, D.; Perrouault, L.; Le-Doan, T.; Chassignol, M.; Thuong, N.; Helene, C., 1988: Sequence specific binding and photocrosslinking of alpha and beta oligodeoxynucleotides to the major groove of dna via triple helix formation

Yamamoto K.R., 1983: Sequence specific binding of gluco corticoid receptor to murine mammary tumor virus dna at sites within and upstream of the transcribed region

Waring M.J., 1988: Sequence specific binding of luzopeptin to dna

Tegtmeyer P., 1984: Sequence specific binding of sv 40 a protein to nonorigin and cellular dna

Chen F M., 1984: Sequence specific binding of tetraols of benzo a pyrene diol epoxide to dna in neutral and acidic solutions

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394137

Dervan P.B., 1985: Sequence specific cleavage of single stranded dna oligodeoxynucleotide edta iron ii

Emerson S.U., 1981: Sequence specific contacts between the rna polymerase of vesicular stomatitis virus and the leader rna gene

Summerton J., 1979: Sequence specific cross linking agents for nucleic acids design and functional group testing

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394141

Hayward G.S., 1985: Sequence specific dna binding of the epstein barr virus nuclear antigen to clustered sites in the plasmid maintenance region

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394143

Goodwin G.H., 1986: Sequence specific dna binding proteins which interact with g plus c rich sequences flanking the chicken c myc gene

Normark S., 1983: Sequence specific dna modification in neisseria gonorrhoeae

Jones, C. E.; Olson, M. O. J., 1977: Sequence specific dna protein interaction the lac repressor

Smith H.O., 1979: Sequence specific dna uptake in haemophilus transformation

Sparling P.F., 1982: Sequence specific dna uptake in transformation of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Dervan P.B., 1983: Sequence specific double strand cleavage of dna by penta n methyl pyrrole carboxamide edta iron ii

Cheng Y C., 1987: Sequence specific effects of ara 5 aza ctp and ara ctp on dna synthesis by purified human dna polymerases in vitro visualization of chain elongation on a defined template

Chirkijian J.G., 1980: Sequence specific endo nuclease bam h i effect of hydrophobic reagents on sequence recognition and catalysis

Chirikjian J.G., 1982: Sequence specific endo nuclease bam h i relaxation of sequence recognition

Chirikjian J.G., 1979: Sequence specific endo nuclease bgl i modification of lysine and arginine residues of the homogeneous enzyme

Vonshak A., 1983: Sequence specific endo nucleases in strains of anabaena and nostoc

Blackburn E.H., 1981: Sequence specific fragmentation of macro nuclear dna in a holotrichous ciliate glaucoma chattoni

Khan S.A., 1986: Sequence specific interaction between the replication initiator protein of plasmid pt 181 and its origin of replication

Simpson R.T., 1985: Sequence specific interaction of histones with the sv 40 enhancer region in vitro

Strominger J.L., 1987: Sequence specific interaction of nuclear factors with conserved sequences of human class ii major histocompatibility complex genes

Uhlenbeck O.C., 1983: Sequence specific interaction of phage r 17 coat protein with its rna binding site

Fanning E., 1988: Sequence specific interactions between a cellular dna binding protein and the sv 40 origin of dna replication

Kelly T.J., 1987: Sequence specific interactions between cellular dna binding proteins and the adenovirus origin of dna replication

Chua N H., 1987: Sequence specific interactions of a pea nuclear factor with light responsive elements upstream of the rbcs 3a gene

Edlund T., 1986: Sequence specific interactions of nuclear factors with the insulin gene enhancer

Sugiura M., 1982: Sequence specific methylation of ribosomal rna genes contained in the nuclear dna of tobacco nicotiana glauca

Komano T., 1986: Sequence specific modification of dna by 6 hydroxybenzo a pyrene

Lown J.W., 1988: Sequence specific molecular recognition and binding of a monocationic bis imidazole lexitropsin to the decadeoxyribonucleotide d gatccgtatg catacggatc structural and dynamic aspects of intermolecular exchange studied by proton nmr

Lown J.W., 1988: Sequence specific molecular recognition by a monocationic lexitropsin of the decadeoxyribonucleotide d catggccatg 2 structural and dynamic aspects deduced from high field proton nmr studies

Ford, H.; Chang, C. H.; Behrman, E. J., 1982: Sequence specific osmium reagents for poly nucleotides 2. a method for thymine cytosine pairs

Schmid C.W., 1987: Sequence specific packaging of dna in human sperm chromatin

Calladine C.R., 1987: Sequence specific positioning of core histones on an 860 base pair dna experiment and theory

Hager G.L., 1987: Sequence specific positioning of nucleosomes over the steroid inducible mmtv promoter

Wuthrich K., 1987: Sequence specific proton nmr assignments and determination of the secondary structure in aqueous solution of the cardiotoxins ctxiia and ctxiib from naja mossambica mossambica

Scheraga H.A., 1988: Sequence specific proton nmr assignments and identification of slowly exchanging amide protons in murine epidermal growth factor

Wuthrich K., 1986: Sequence specific proton nmr assignments in rabbit liver metallothionein 2

Wuthrich K., 1987: Sequence specific proton nmr assignments in rat liver metallothionein 2

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394176

Dervan P.B., 1985: Sequence specific recognition of b dna by oligo n methylpyrrolecarboxamides

Reid B.R., 1984: Sequence specific recognition of dna assignment of nonexchangeable proton resonances in the consensus pribnow promoter dna sequence by 2 dimensional nmr/

Reid B.R., 1984: Sequence specific recognition of dna nmr assignments and structural comparison of wild type and mutant lambda or 3 operator dna

Reid B.R., 1984: Sequence specific recognition of dna nmr studies of the imino protons of a synthetic rna polymerase promoter/

Seeman, N. C.; Rosenberg, J. M.; Rich, A., 1976: Sequence specific recognition of double helical nucleic acids by proteins

Clark A.J., 1980: Sequence specific recombination of plasmid col e 1

Wuthrich K., 1983: Sequence specific resonance assignments in the proton nmr spectrum of the lac repressor dna binding domain 1 51 from escherichia coli by 2 dimensional spectroscopy

Miles H.D., 1988: Sequence specific solution structure of d ggtacgcgtacc

Kedinger C., 1985: Sequence specific trans activation of the adenovirus e iia early promoter by the viral e iv transcription unit

Depamphilis M.L., 1984: Sequence specificity for the initiation of rna primed sv 40 dna synthesis in vivo

Humayun M.Z., 1983: Sequence specificity in afla toxin b 1 dna interactions

Sage E., 1988: Sequence specificity in photoreaction of various psoralen derivatives with dna role in biological activity

Vournakis J.N., 1983: Sequence specificity of actinomycin d and netropsin binding to pbr 322 dna analyzed by protection from dnase i

Cooper I.A., 1984: Sequence specificity of cytosine methylation in the dna of the chinese hamster ovary cho k 1 cell line

Hattman S., 1982: Sequence specificity of dna adenine methylase in the protozoan tetrahymena thermophila

Rill R.L., 1988: Sequence specificity of dna cleavage by bis 1 10 phenanthroline copper i

Reynolds R.J., 1985: Sequence specificity of dna cleavage by micrococcus luteus gamma endonuclease

Hattman, S.; Keister, T.; Gottehrer, A., 1978: Sequence specificity of dna methylases from bacillus amyloliquefaciens and bacillus brevis

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394195

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394196

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394197

Dimock, K.; Stoltzfus, C. M., 1977: Sequence specificity of internal methylation in b 77 avian sarcoma virus rna subunits

Martin R.F., 1988: Sequence specificity of iodine 125 labelled hoechst 33258 in intact human cells

Debov S.S., 1985: Sequence specificity of isolated dna adenine methylases from mycobacterium smegmatis mycobacterium butyricum and shigella sonnei 47 cells

Debov S.S., 1984: Sequence specificity of isolated dna cytosine methylases from shigella sonnei 47 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394202

Glickman B.W., 1988: Sequence specificity of mutations induced by benzo a pyrene 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxide at endogenous aprt gene in cho cells

Dixon K., 1986: Sequence specificity of point mutations induced during passage of a uv irradiated shuttle vector plasmid in monkey cells

Boulter D., 1983: Sequence specificity of the post translational proteolytic cleavage of vicilin a seed storage protein of pea pisum sativum

Hattman, S.; Van-Ormondt, H.; De-Waard, A., 1978: Sequence specificity of the wild type dam plus and mutant dam h forms of bacterio phage t 2 dna adenine methylase/

Ames B.N., 1983: Sequence specificity of transfer rna modifying enzymes an analysis of 258 transfer rna sequences

Schuster T.M., 1982: Sequence specificity of tri nucleoside di phosphate binding to polymerized tobacco mosaic virus protein

Brahmachari S.K., 1988: Sequence specificity of z dna formation in oligonucleotides

Harris W.B., 1987: Sequence stratigraphy biostratigraphy and correlation of eocene through lower miocene strata in north carolina usa

Banks, R. D.; Blake, C. C. F.; Evans, P. R.; Haser, R.; Rice, D. W.; Hardy, G. W.; Merrett, M.; Phillips, A. W., 1979: Sequence structure and activity of phospho glycerate kinase ec a possible hinge bending enzyme

Berquist P.L., 1988: Sequence structure and expression of a cloned beta glucosidase gene from an extreme thermophile

Deininger P.L., 1987: Sequence structure and promoter characterization of the human thymidine kinase gene

Bishop J.O., 1985: Sequence structures of a mouse urinary protein gene and pseudogene compared

Yao M C., 1988: Sequence structures of two developmentally regulated alternative dna deletion junctions in tetrahymena thermophila

Wimmer E., 1979: Sequence studies of poliovirus rna part 4 nucleotide sequence complexities of poliovirus type 1 type 2 and 2 type 1 defective interfering particles rna and fingerprint of the poliovirus type 3 genome

Strauss J.H., 1982: Sequence studies of several alphavirus genomic rna species in the region containing the start of the subgenomic rna

Fruchter, R. G.; Jackson, S. A.; Mole, L. E.; Porter, R. R., 1970: Sequence studies of the fd section of the heavy chain of rabbit immuno globulin g

Schiltz, E.; Schnackerz, K. D., 1976: Sequence studies on d serine dehydratase ec of escherichia coli primary structure of the tryptic phosphopyridoxyl peptide and of the amino terminus

Chen, E. Y.; Roe, B. A., 1977: Sequence studies on human placenta valine transfer rna comparison with the mouse myeloma valine transfer rna

Harbers, K.; Spencer, J. H., 1978: Sequence studies on mouse l cell satellite dna by base specific degradation with phage t 4 endo nuclease iv

Pratt, D. M.; Mole, L. E., 1975: Sequence studies on the constant region of the fd sections of rabbit immuno globulin g of different allotype

Johnstone, A. P.; Mole, L. E., 1977: Sequence studies on the heavy chain of rabbit immuno globulin a of different a locus allotypes

Jacq B., 1987: Sequence studies on the soybean chloroplast 16s 23s ribosomal dna spacer region comparison with other angiosperm sequences and proposal of a generalized rna secondary structure model for the intergenic regions

Helene C., 1988: Sequence targeted cleavage of nucleic acids by oligo alpha thymidylate phenanthroline conjugates parallel and antiparallel double helices are formed with dna and rna respectively

Helene C., 1988: Sequence targeted photosensitized reactions in nucleic acids by oligo alpha deoxynucleotides and oligo alpha deoxynucleotides covalently linked to proflavin

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394227

Bell G.I., 1988: Sequence tissue distribution and chromosomal localization of messenger rna encoding a human glucose transporter like protein

Dickson C., 1986: Sequence topography and protein coding potential of mouse int 2 a putative oncogene activated by mouse mammary tumor virus

Crowley, J. C.; Dowling, P. C.; Menonna, J.; Silverman, J. I.; Schuback, D.; Cook, S. D.; Blumberg, B. M., 1988: Sequence variability and function of measles virus 3' and 5' ends and intercistronic regions

Olsen, K. W.; Moras, D.; Rossmann, M. G.; Harris, J. I., 1975: Sequence variability and structure of d glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase

Schechter I., 1982: Sequence variability at the amino terminal leader peptides of rat immuno globulin light chain precursors

Findlay J.B.C., 1984: Sequence variability in the retinal attachment domain of mammalian rhod opsins

Ohta, T., 1978: Sequence variability of immuno globulins considered from the standpoint of population genetics

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394235

Carbon J., 1981: Sequence variation in dispersed repetitive sequences in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394237

Mccutchan T.M., 1987: Sequence variation in putative functional domains of the circumsporozoite protein of plasmodium falciparum implications for vaccine development

Coppel R.L., 1987: Sequence variation in s antigen genes of plasmodium falciparum

Kleid D.G., 1985: Sequence variation in the gene for the immunogenic capsid protein vp 1 of foot and mouth disease virus type a

Kingsman A.J., 1981: Sequence variation in the leu 2 region of the saccharomyces cerevisiae genome

Rosenbloom J., 1987: Sequence variation of bovine elastin messenger rna due to alternative splicing

Eismann D., 1985: Sequence variation of lateral tooth

Blok, J.; Air, G. M., 1982: Sequence variation of the 3' end of the neuraminidase gene from 39 influenza type a viruses

Murgola E.J., 1986: Sequence verification of mutant codon assignments in trp a of escherichia coli

Mak T.W., 1986: Sequences and diversity of human t cell receptor beta chain variable region genes

Kozak, M.; Shatkin, A. J., 1977: Sequences and properties of 2 ribosome binding sites from the small size class of reovirus messenger rna

Mak T.W., 1986: Sequences and repertoire of human t cell receptor alpha chain variable region genes in mature t lymphocytes

Mak T.W., 1987: Sequences and repertoire of the human t cell receptor alpha and beta chain variable region genes in thymocytes

Gold L., 1987: Sequences and studies of bacteriophage t4 rii mutants

Meissner, K., 1978: Sequences and time patterns in the grooming activity and loco motor activity of larvae of the chilopod lithobius forficatus

Colillas O.J., 1985: Sequences and timing of dental eruption in bolivian captive born squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Lueders, K. K.; Kuff, E. L., 1977: Sequences associated with intra cisternal a particles are reiterated in the mouse genome

Tonegawa S., 1979: Sequences at the somatic recombination sites of immuno globulin light chain genes

Horvath, D.; Spiegelman, G. B., 1988: Sequences between the internal control regions of arginine transfer rna of drosophila melanogaster influence stimulation of transcription of the 5' flanking dna

Nevins J.R., 1986: Sequences capable of restoring polyadenylic acid site function define two distinct downstream elements

Grundmann, U.; Knochel, W., 1978: Sequences coding for proteins expressed in liver and for globin in poly adenylic acid positive and poly adenylic acid negative rna fractions from nuclei and cytoplasm of chicken immature red blood cells

Dodd, J. G.; Straus, N. A., 1983: Sequences complementary to cellular deoxy poly pyrimidines are localized in the 3' end of l cell messenger rna

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394259

Soderlund H., 1987: Sequences conserved in the defective interfering rna of semliki forest virus an electron microscopic heteroduplex analysis

Lee A.S., 1988: Sequences contained within the promoter of the human thymidine kinase gene can direct cell cycle regulation of heterologous fusion genes

Heintz N., 1987: Sequences controlling histone h4 messenger rna abundance

Sharp P.A., 1983: Sequences controlling in vitro transcription of sv 40 promoters

Douglas M.G., 1987: Sequences distal to the mitochondrial targeting sequences are necessary for the maturation of the f 1 atpase beta subunit precursor in mitochondria

Berg D.E., 1985: Sequences essential for is 50 transposition the 1st base pair

Berg D.E., 1983: Sequences essential for transposition at the termini of insertion sequence is 50

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394267

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394268

Schatz G., 1987: Sequences from a prokaryotic genome or the mouse dihydrofolate reductase gene can restore the import of a truncated precursor protein into yeast mitochondria

Bastin M., 1985: Sequences from polyomavirus and sv 40 large t genes capable of immortalizing primary rat embryo fibroblasts

Cohen S.N., 1986: Sequences from sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus tu transposons are conserved among multiple eukaryotic species including humans

Roberts R.J., 1979: Sequences from the beginning of the fiber messenger rna of adenovirus type 2

Baluda M.A., 1979: Sequences homologous to baboon endogenous virus component of hl 23v in baboon tissues

Armstrong R., 1984: Sequences homologous to p elements occur in drosophila paulistorum

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394275

Parry Jones N.J., 1986: Sequences homologous to the human d 1s 1 locus present on human chromosome 3

Agabian N., 1983: Sequences homologous to the variant antigen messenger rna spliced leader are located in tandem repeats and variable orphons in trypanosoma brucei

Frenkel N., 1986: Sequences homologous to two separate transforming regions of herpes simplex virus dna are linked in two human genital tumors

Ng K.T., 1981: Sequences in duplication of unilateral memory in mon ocular learning

Faus, I.; Chen, C. Y. A.; Richardson, J. P., 1988: Sequences in the 5' proximal segment of the paused transcript affect nus a mediated enhancement of transcriptional pausing

Shank, P. R.; Schatz, P. J.; Jensen, L. M.; Tsichlis, P. N.; Coffin, J. M.; Robinson, H. L., 1985: Sequences in the gag pol 5' env region of avian leukosis viruses confer the ability to induce osteopetrosis

Aaronson S.A., 1984: Sequences in the long terminal repeats of the moloney murine sarcoma virus 124 genome which control transforming gene function

Chua N H., 1987: Sequences in the pea rbcs 3a gene have homology to constitutive mammalian enhancers but function as negative regulatory elements

Basilico C., 1985: Sequences in the polyomavirus dna regulatory region involved in viral dna replication and early gene expression

Beato M., 1984: Sequences in the promoter region of the chicken lysozyme gene required for steroid regulation and receptor binding

Hyman R.W., 1986: Sequences in the proximal ir l of herpes simplex virus dna hybridize to human dna

Nishikura K., 1986: Sequences involved in accurate and efficient transcription of human c myc genes microinjected into frog xenopus laevis oocytes

Somasekhar, M. B.; Mertz, J. E., 1985: Sequences involved in determining the locations of the 5' ends of the late rna species of sv 40

May E., 1986: Sequences involved in initiation of sv 40 late transcription in the absence of t antigen

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394412

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394414

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394415

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394420

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394421

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394428

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394429

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Morest D.K., 1982: Sequential alterations of neuronal architecture in nucleus magnocellularis of the developing chicken an electron microscope study

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394452

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394453

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394480

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394481

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394509

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394514

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394535

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394547

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394548

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394577

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394578

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394619

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394678

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394681

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394682

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394683

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394686

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394687

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394689

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394690

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394719

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394720

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394773

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394774

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394809

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394839

Krietsch W.K.G., 1987: Sequential expression of maternally inherited phosphoglycerate kinase 1 in the early mouse embryo

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394845

Ikawa Y., 1986: Sequential expression of proto oncogenes during a mouse erythroleukemia cell differentiation

Hoover R.G., 1986: Sequential expression of protooncogenes during lectin stimulated mitogenesis of normal human lymphocytes

Taniguchi N., 1983: Sequential expression of t cell activation antigen and ia determinants on circulating human t cells after immunization with tetanus toxoid

Xavier Filho J., 1981: Sequential expression of trypsin inhibitors in developing fruit of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar serido

Landry J., 1979: Sequential extraction of barley grain proteins

Samuelsson G., 1980: Sequential extraction of chlorophyll from chlorophyll protein complexes in lyophilized pea pisum sativum thylakoids with solvents of different polarity

Sighinolfi G.P., 1988: Sequential extraction of phosphorus and heavy metals from sediments methodological considerations

Bisson M., 1979: Sequential extraction procedure for the speciation of particulate trace metals

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394854

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394855

Trybus L., 1982: Sequential filter for river pollution monitoring

Giordano C., 1986: Sequential fine needle aspiration biopsy in glomerulonephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394858

Wood H., 1986: Sequential flowering of thistles cynareae asteraceae in southern australia

Chard T., 1981: Sequential fluoro immunoassay for measurement of pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein using antibody coupled to magnetizable particles

Dautry Varsat A., 1980: Sequential folding of a bi functional allo steric protein

Tinoco I.Jr, 1981: Sequential folding of a messenger rna molecule

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Maruthainar K., 1988: Sequential formation of beta endorphin related peptides in porcine pituitary

Whitehead J., 1979: Sequential forms of the log rank and modified wilcoxon tests for censored data

Kamp, A.; Vliegenthart, W., 1977: Sequential frequency analysis a method to quantify event related electro encephalographic changes

Hartwell, L. H., 1976: Sequential function of gene products relative to dna synthesis in the yeast cell cycle

Denekamp J., 1983: Sequential functional testing of radiation induced renal damage in the mouse

Kerridge S., 1981: Sequential functions of the bithorax complex of drosophila

Arthur D., 1987: Sequential g to r banding for high resolution chromosome analysis

Shaper J.H., 1981: Sequential galactosyl transferase and carcino embryonic antigen levels in advanced breast carcinoma

Hockstra, D. J.; Miller, S. D., 1976: Sequential games and medical diagnosis

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Richards, G., 1976: Sequential gene activation by ecdysone in polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster part 4 the mid prepupal period

Richards, G., 1976: Sequential gene activation by ecdysone in polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster part 5 the late prepupal puffs

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394877

Richards, G., 1982: Sequential gene activation by ecdysteroids in polytene chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster 7. tissue specific puffing

Labelle M., 1986: Sequential general base acid catalysis in the hydrolysis of rna by imidazole

Adam E., 1983: Sequential genital infections by herpes simplex viruses type 1 and type 2 restriction nuclease analyses of viruses from recurrent infections

Hong W.K., 1981: Sequential germ cell tumor without prior involvement of the testes

Sasaki T., 1981: Sequential glycosylations of endogenous glyco sphingo lipids in hamster fibroblasts incubated with nucleotide sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394883

Jenkins A.M., 1982: Sequential grafts for limb salvage in the presence of widespread occlusive vascular disease a review of 20 patients

Malhotra F.C., 1979: Sequential gross and histo pathological studies on aspergillosis in chicks

Shimura K., 1980: Sequential grouping of nonhistone chromosomal protein from pig thymus

Horowitz, A.; Gutnick, D.; Rosenberg, E., 1975: Sequential growth of bacteria on crude oil

King H.S., 1988: Sequential half body irradiation as salvage therapy in chemotherapy resistant multiple myeloma

Marchesini R., 1982: Sequential half body irradiation as systemic treatment of progressive ewing sarcoma

Doshi V.B., 1987: Sequential health effect study in relation to air pollution in bombay india

Vogel R., 1981: Sequential hemi body irradiation in treatment of advanced neuro blastoma a pilot study

Raich P.C., 1979: Sequential hemi body radio therapy in advanced multiple myeloma

Et Al, 1985: Sequential hemibody and local irradiation with combination chemotherapy for small cell lung carcinoma a preliminary analysis

Et Al, 1986: Sequential hemibody irradiation integrated into a chemotherapy local radiotherapy program for limited disease small cell lung cancer

Shoemaker W.C., 1984: Sequential hemodynamic and oxygen transport abnormalities in patients with acute pancreatitis

Shoemaker W.C., 1981: Sequential hemodynamic and oxygen transport responses in hypo volemia anemia and hypoxia

Swartz C., 1980: Sequential hemodynamic changes in end stage renal disease and the anephric state during volume expansion

Pakrashi, B.; Mary, D. A. S.; Tandon, A. P.; Abid, A.; Ionescu, M. I., 1976: Sequential hemodynamic studies following mitral fascia lata valve replacement

Strata A., 1984: Sequential hemoglobin a 1 determination or oral glucose tolerance test for fetal growth evaluation?

Mabuchi M., 1979: Sequential hepatic changes during sterigmatocystin induced carcinogenesis in the rat

Ruebner, B. H.; Michas, C.; Kanayama, R.; Bannasch, P., 1976: Sequential hepatic histologic and histochemical changes produced by di ethyl nitrosamine in the rhesus monkey

Valentini M., 1981: Sequential hepato biliary scinti scanning in bile duct surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394903

Frank J.R., 1986: Sequential herbicide applications for weed control in azaleas

Johnson, B. J., 1977: Sequential herbicide treatments for large crab grass and goose grass control in bermuda grass

Et Al, 1985: Sequential high dose cytosine arabinoside asparaginase treatment in advanced childhood leukemia

Weber J., 1984: Sequential histamine inhalations cause increased bronchial histamine reactivity in guinea pigs role of platelets thromboxanes and prostacyclin

Iverson F., 1983: Sequential histo pathologic analysis of alpha bhc induced hepatic megalocytosis and adenoma formation in the hpb mouse

Highman, B.; Gaines, T. B.; Schumacher, H. J., 1976: Sequential histo pathologic hematologic and blood chemistry changes induced in mice by a technical and a purified preparation of 2 4 5 t

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Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394914

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Bugelski P.J., 1985: Sequential histochemical staining for resident and recruited macrophages

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Kiehn C.L., 1982: Sequential histologic study of evolving lentigo maligna melanoma

Reddy J.K., 1984: Sequential histologic study of rat liver during peroxisome proliferator 4 chloro 6 2 3 xylidino 2 pyrimidinylthio acetic acid wy 14643 induced carcinogenesis

Mackenzie I.C., 1983: Sequential histological changes and mast cell response in skin during chemically induced carcinogenesis

Driver H.E., 1987: Sequential histological studies of rat esophagus during the rapid initiation of cancer by repeated injection of n methyl n benzylnitrosamine

Tiwari V.D., 1983: Sequential histological study of lepromin reaction

Mendez E., 1985: Sequential homologies between procarboxypeptidases a and b from porcine pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394924

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394925

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394926

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394927

Thomas, F. E. Jr ; Jackson, R. T.; Melly, M. A.; Alford, R. H., 1977: Sequential hospital wide outbreaks of resistant serratia and klebsiella infections

Finney J.L., 1984: Sequential hydration of dry proteins a direct difference ir investigation of sequence homologues lysozyme and alpha lactalbumin

Popiela T., 1983: Sequential hydrolysis of 3 acyl ester bonds in tri olein molecule by human gastric juice lipase

Longas, M. O.; Meyer, K., 1981: Sequential hydrolysis of hyaluronate by beta glucuronidase ec and beta n acetyl hexosaminidase ec

Yaron A., 1983: Sequential hydrolysis of proline containing peptides with immobilized amino peptidases

Laliberte, J. F.; Beaudoin, A. R., 1983: Sequential hydrolysis of the gamma phosphate and beta phosphate groups of atp by the atp di phospho hydrolase ec from pig pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394934

Lin, N., 1978: Sequential hyper malaxation in the digger wasp diodontus franclemonti hymenoptera sphecidae

Aljama P., 1985: Sequential hypertonic dialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394937

Morgan, D. G.; Epstein, M. A., 1977: Sequential immuno fluorescence and infectivity studies on the replication of herpesvirus saimiri in owl monkey kidney cells

Furuichi, K.; Nakamura, T.; Koyama, J., 1977: Sequential immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g 2 anti di nitro phenol antibody responses against di nitro phenol escherichia coli and di nitro phenol lipo poly saccharides in guinea pigs

Wolff K., 1988: Sequential immunohistologic analysis of the skin following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

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De Mey J., 1986: Sequential immunostaining gold silver and complete protein staining aurodye on western blots

Buchbinder D., 1985: Sequential in situ saphenous vein bypass early results and technique

Faiferman I., 1982: Sequential in vitro reactivity of lymphocytes from patients with cervical squamous malignancy in a cyto toxicity assay

Pereira B., 1987: Sequential in vivo measurement of cerebral intracellular metabolites with phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy during global cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in rats

Wuethrich K., 1983: Sequential individual resonance assignments in the proton nmr spectrum of cardio toxin v i i2 from naja mossambica mossambica

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394948

Kishimoto T., 1983: Sequential induction of phospho lipid methylation and serine esterase activation in a b cell differentiation factor stimulated human b cell line

Potter, C. W.; Jennings, R.; Ali, M. J.; Wood, J. M.; Denleavy, U.; Tyrrell, D. A. J., 1987: Sequential infection or immunization of ferrets with a series of influenza a h3n2 strains report to the medical research council's sub committee on influenza vaccines cdvip iv

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394951

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394952

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394953

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394954

Moss R.L., 1980: Sequential inhibitory effect of progesterone on lordotic responsiveness in rats time course estrogenic nullification and actinomycin d insensitivity

Wick M.M., 1986: Sequential inhibitory effects of antitumor agents related to l dopa and dopamine upon dna synthetic enzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394957

Miller J.F., 1984: Sequential interaction of glia maturation factor with insulin

Steinman, L.; Tzehoval, E.; Cohen, I. R.; Segal, S.; Glickman, E., 1978: Sequential interaction of macrophages initiator thymus derived lymphocytes and recruited thymus derived lymphocytes in a cell mediated immune response to soluble antigen

Rothman J.E., 1984: Sequential intermediates in the pathway of intercompartmental transport in a cell free system

Carpentier A., 1986: Sequential internal mammary artery bypass for multiple coronary stenoses

Smith L.L., 1985: Sequential internal mammary artery grafts expanded utilization of an ideal conduit

Vardell, H. H.; Brower, J. H., 1976: Sequential interspecific and intraspecific matings between tribolium castaneum and tribolium confusum coleoptera tenebrionidae effects on fecundity egg fertility and number of progeny

Sanderson, A. C.; Kobler, B., 1976: Sequential interval histogram analysis of nonstationary neuronal spike trains

Et Al, 1985: Sequential intervention procedures after intracoronary thrombolysis balloon dilatation bypass surgery and medical treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394966

Obenshain, S. S.; Isaccsohn, M.; King, K.; Schwartz, R., 1978: Sequential intra venous glucose tolerance responses of new born and adult

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394968

Tsuge, O.; Ueno, K.; Kanemasa, S., 1986: Sequential intramolecular diels alder reaction and intermolecular 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition reaction one pot 6.6.5 annelation reaction leading to the formation of polyazasteroid type skeletons

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394970

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394971

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394972

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394973

Dahlager, J. I., 1978: Sequential iodine 125 iodo hippurate renograms from rabbit kidneys after temporary renal ischemia

Nadeau D., 1983: Sequential isolation of lamellar bodies and surfactant fractions from rat lungs

Sonnenberg A., 1982: Sequential iteration of bayesian formula by pocket calculator and its use in clinical routine

Rule S.J., 1988: Sequential judgment effects in magnitude estimation

Debray J., 1987: Sequential karyotype study on ph positive chronic myelocytic leukemia significance of additional chromosomal abnormalities during disease evolution

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394980

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394981

Beretta, G.; Spinelli, P.; Rilke, F.; Tancini, G.; Canetta, R.; Gennari, L.; Bonadonna, G., 1976: Sequential laparoscopy and laparotomy combined with bone marrow biopsy in staging hodgkins disease

Neumann P.M., 1987: Sequential leaf senescence and correlatively controlled increases in xylem flow resistance

Thelmo, W.; Becker, N. H.; Hagstrom, J. W. C.; Veith, F. J., 1970: Sequential light and electron microscopy of isolated perfused lungs

Ilzenhofer H., 1985: Sequential limited proteolysis of myelin basic protein by neutral protease activities of bovine brain

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394986

Gopinath, P. G.; Singh, D. S., 1976: Sequential liver and abdominal area imaging procedure in the differential diagnosis of jaundice

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394988

Briggs R.C., 1981: Sequential liver spleen scanning for documentation of wandering spleen

Pugh W.J., 1987: Sequential loss of outer membrane lipopolysaccharide and sensitivity of escherichia coli to antibacterial agents

Decker, R. S.; Wildenthal, K., 1978: Sequential lysosomal alterations during cardiac ischemia part 2 ultrastructural and cytochemical changes

Machida T., 1988: Sequential magnetic resonance images of a case of cerebral sinus thrombosis imaging of the thrombosed sinus and its recanalization

Horne M.K.IIi, 1986: Sequential magnetic resonance studies of intracerebral hematomas in monkeys

Mauguiere F., 1988: Sequential mapping favors the hypothesis of distinct generators for na and pa middle latency auditory evoked potentials

Mauguiere F., 1988: Sequential mapping favors the hypothesis of distinct generators for sodium and protactinium middle latency auditory evoked potentials

Rayner K., 1987: Sequential masking during eye fixations in reading

Adenis L., 1985: Sequential measurement of intratumoral platinum concentration in cervix uterine tumors after cis ichlorodiammineplatinum administration

Section 7, Chapter 6395, Accession 006394998

Mahieu P.R., 1985: Sequential measurements of the res function in henoch schoenlein disease of childhood correlations with various immunological parameters

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