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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6396

Chapter 6396 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Inesi G., 1987: Sequential mechanism of calcium binding and translocation in sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase

Siegmund D., 1980: Sequential medical trials

Petkau A.J., 1981: Sequential medical trials involving paired data

De-Renzi, E.; Faglioni, P.; Villa, P., 1977: Sequential memory for figures in brain damaged patients

Wesley R.K., 1982: Sequential mesenteric lymph node histological response following trichinella spiralis infection

Johnson A.J., 1984: Sequential metabolic alterations in the myo cardium during influenza and tularemia in mice

Soeters P.B., 1986: Sequential metabolic characteristics following portacaval shunt in rats

Santoni A., 1986: Sequential metabolic events and morphological changes during in vitro large granular lymphocyte activation and proliferation

Hitchins, V. M.; Sadoff, H. L., 1973: Sequential metabolic events during encystment of azotobacter vinelandii

Carroll S.F., 1980: Sequential metabolic expressions of the lethal process in human serum treated escherichia coli role of lysozyme

Kamatani, N.; Willis, E. H.; Carson, D. A., 1982: Sequential metabolism of 5' iso butyl thio adenosine by methyl thio adenosine phosphorylase and purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec in viable human cells

Poorvin D., 1979: Sequential method for combined screening anti hypertensive and diuretic agents in the same spontaneously hypertensive rat

Orsi F., 1982: Sequential method in evaluating sensory differences

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395013

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395014

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395015

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395016

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395017

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395018

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395019

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395020

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395021

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395022

Cheng, T. C.; Kazazian, H. H-Jr, 1978: Sequential methylation of globin messenger rna in nucleated erythroid cells and reticulocytes of mice

Woerz Zeugner S., 1986: Sequential microultracentrifugation of lipoproteins in 100 microliters of serum

Milstein P.L S., 1986: Sequential molt with age class establishment in the african fish eagle haliaeetus vocifer

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395026

Schieferstein G., 1980: Sequential morphogenesis of liver tumors in mice given benzidine di hydro chloride

Shinohara Y., 1982: Sequential morphogenesis of urinary bladder tumors in balb c mice given 2 acetylamino fluorene

Reznik-Schueller, H., 1977: Sequential morphologic alterations in the bronchial epithelium of syrian golden hamsters during n nitroso morpholine induced pulmonary tumorigenesis

Carter M.W., 1987: Sequential morphologic and biochemical studies of naturally occurring wheat sensitive enteropathy in irish setter dogs

Van Vleet J.F., 1981: Sequential morphologic and clinico pathologic alterations in dogs with experimentally induced gluco corticoid hepatopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395032

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395034

Shirota A., 1982: Sequential morphological studies of the esophageal carcinoma of rats induced by n methyl n amyl nitrosamine

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395037

Botnick L.E., 1986: Sequential multi agent chemotherapy and whole abdominal irradiation for stage iii ovarian carcinoma

Shwedyk E., 1979: Sequential multi state myo electric signal processor

Jama R.H., 1984: Sequential multisystem failure a retrospective study

Jackson, K. M.; Joseph, J.; Wyard, S. J., 1977: Sequential muscular contraction

Kumagai K., 1983: Sequential mutagenesis of drug resistance in streptococcus mutans during synchronous replication

Wiley D.C., 1983: Sequential mutations in hem agglutinins of influenza b virus isolates definition of antigenic domains

Palese P., 1983: Sequential mutations in the ns genes of influenza virus field strains

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395045

Ekestrom S., 1985: Sequential myocardial depressant and nondepressant anesthesia for coronary artery surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395047

Gunner H.B., 1980: Sequential nitrification by an alcaligenes sp and nitrobacter agilis

Wuthrich K., 1987: Sequential nmr assignments of labile protons in dna using two dimensional nuclear overhauser enhancement spectroscopy with three jump and return pulse sequences

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395050

Davis H., 1986: Sequential nonstress testing with use of each fetus as its own control

Chabner, B. A.; Johnson, R. E.; Young, R. C.; Canellos, G. P.; Hubbard, S. P.; Johnson, S. K.; Devita, V. T. Jr, 1976: Sequential nonsurgical and surgical staging of non hodgkins lymphoma

Zamyslowska H., 1981: Sequential observation of changes in thyroxine tri iodo thyronine and reverse tri iodo thyronine during the post natal adaptation of the pig

Maekawa A., 1985: Sequential observations of thymic lymphoma development induced in 10 week old f 344 rats by n propyl n nitrosourea

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395055

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395056

Fukui K., 1983: Sequential occurrence of mutations in a growing rice oryza sativa callus

Pasternak C.A., 1985: Sequential onset of permeability changes in mouse ascites cells induced by sendai virus

Dean, A. L.; Scherzer, E.; Chabaud, S., 1986: Sequential ordering in children's representations of rotation movements

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395060

Shumway N.E., 1980: Sequential orthotopic heart transplantation in man

Lamb V.A., 1980: Sequential outbreaks of infection due to klebsiella pneumoniae in a neo natal intensive care unit implication of a conjugative r plasmid

Tatton W.G., 1980: Sequential output input maturation of kitten motor cortex

Akhtar M.H., 1979: Sequential participation of glutathione and sulfhydryl in reductive dechlorination of 2 4 di chloro phenacyl chloride and 2 4 5 tri chloro phenacyl chloride by soluble fraction 105000 gravity of chicken liver homogenate

Chan, K. M.; Neuhaus, O. W., 1978: Sequential passage of alpha 2u globulin through the hepatic endoplasmic reticulum and golgi apparatus during secretion

Palese P., 1980: Sequential passage of influenza virus in embryonated eggs or tissue culture emergence of mutants

Hilberman, M.; Derby, G. C.; Spencer, R. J.; Stinson, E. B., 1980: Sequential patho physiological changes characterizing the progression from renal dys function to acute renal failure following cardiac operation

Morrison A.S., 1979: Sequential pathogenic components of rates

Castellani, R.; Bonadonna, G.; Spinelli, P.; Bajetta, E.; Rilke, F., 1977: Sequential pathologic staging of untreated non hodgkins lymphomas by laparoscopy and laparotomy combined with marrow biopsy

Bida, S. A.; Dennis, S. M., 1977: Sequential pathological changes in natural and experimental dermatophilosis in bunaji cattle

Boyd M.R., 1985: Sequential pathological changes induced in rats with the anti cancer drug 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea

Singh B., 1979: Sequential pathological response of chick embryos to the agent causing classical mareks disease

Kharole M.U., 1981: Sequential pathology of genital tract in chickens experimentally infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum

Homma, T., 1980: Sequential pattern of limb anomalies in japanese monkeys macaca fuscata on awajishima island japan

Hecker H., 1983: Sequential patterning of emotional interaction in families with a schizophrenic son

Shull, R. L., 1971: Sequential patterns in post reinforcement pauses on fixed interval schedules of food

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395078

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395079

Greene L.A., 1987: Sequential phosphorylation of chartin microtubule associated proteins is regulated by the presence of microtubules

Gurley, L. R.; Walters, R. A.; Tobey, R. A., 1975: Sequential phosphorylation of histone subfractions in the chinese hamster cell cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395082

Filler E., 1986: Sequential photoregulation of fern spore germination

Zelikovski A., 1985: Sequential pneumatic compression for lymphedema a controlled trial

Moustafa T., 1979: Sequential poly chemo therapy for advanced prostatic carcinoma a preliminary cooperative study on 30 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395086

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395087

Van, K.; Teramoto, A., 1982: Sequential poly peptides 5. statistical mechanical analysis of helix coil transition in sequential poly peptides

Sakarellos-Daitsiotis, M.; Gilon, C.; Sakarellos, C.; Goodman, M., 1977: Sequential poly peptides by matrix controlled thermal polymerization synthesis and racemization studies

Prasad K.U., 1981: Sequential poly peptides of elastin cyclic conformational correlates of the linear poly penta peptide

Hausmann K., 1985: Sequential polychemotherapy and large field radiotherapy in case of non hodgkins lymphoma

Okada Y., 1981: Sequential polymerization of flagellin a and flagellin b into caulobacter crescentus flagella

Sakarellos Daitsiotis M., 1986: Sequential polypeptides containing arginine as histone models synthesis and conformational studies

Huner, J. V.; Avault, J. W-Jr, 1976: Sequential pond flooding a prospective management technique for extended production of bait size crayfish

Langlinais P.C., 1981: Sequential post mortem changes of glomeruli their detection by scanning electron microscopy

Miller R.R., 1981: Sequential post operative assessment of left ventricular performance with gated cardiac blood pool imaging following aorto coronary bypass surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395097

Durda, P. J.; Gottlieb, P. D., 1978: Sequential precipitation of mouse thymocyte extracts with anti lyt 2 and anti lyt 3 sera part 1 lyt 2.1 and lyt 3.1 antigenic determinants reside on separable molecular species

Andersson, G. N.; Torndal, U. B.; Eriksson, L. C., 1978: Sequential preparation of rat liver microsomal and golgi membranes

Smyth, P. P. A.; Neylan, D.; Mcmullan, N. M.; Smith, D. F.; Mckenna, T. J., 1988: Sequential presentation of a case of hyperthyroidism with autonomously functioning nodules and graves' disease in the presence of igg thyroid stimulators

Donahoe J.W., 1982: Sequential processes in the generalization and transfer of stimulus control

Tsujita T., 1984: Sequential processes in the occurrence of blooms and red tide in the sea

Sakano, H.; Shimura, Y., 1975: Sequential processing of precursor transfer rna molecules in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395104

Minagawa T., 1985: Sequential production of alpha and beta interferons and gamma interferon in the circulation of listeria monocytogenes infected mice after stimulation with bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Overall J.C.Jr, 1981: Sequential production of alpha interferon and gamma interferon by human mononuclear leukocytes exposed to herpes simplex virus

Hamada T., 1984: Sequential production of birbeck granules through adsorptive pinocytosis

Ishikawa T., 1980: Sequential production of enzymes and basidio spore formation in fruiting bodies of coprinus macrorhizus

Sykes T.J., 1987: Sequential production of specific antibodies in serum and at the skin surface of cattle following intradermal vaccination with dermatophilus congolensis

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395111

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395112

Lefort Tran M., 1981: Sequential protein dependent steps in the cell cycle initiation and completion of division in vitamin b 12 replenished euglena gracilis

Section 7, Chapter 6396 , Accession 006395114

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395115

Mueller L., 1987: Sequential proton nmr assignments and secondary structure identification of human ubiquitin

Fausto N., 1986: Sequential protooncogene expression during rat liver regeneration

Delivoria Papadopoulos M., 1979: Sequential pulmonary function studies of drug dependent infants since birth

Sharma A.D., 1988: Sequential pulse defibrillation in humans orthogonal sequential pulse defibrillation with epicardial electrodes

Fox, R. M.; Firkin, F. C., 1978: Sequential pure red cell and megakaryocyte aplasia associated with chronic liver disease and ulcerative colitis

Hansen K.M., 1982: Sequential q band and c band staining of pig chromosomes and some comments on c band polymorphism and c band technique

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395122

Jennette, J. C.; Feldman, J. D., 1977: Sequential quantitation of circulating immune complexes in syngeneic and allogeneic rats bearing moloney sarcomas

Ragab A.H., 1985: Sequential quantitative electroencephalography analysis in acute lymphocytic leukemia of children

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395125

Kelly, J. F.; Cagle, J. D.; Adler, G. J.; Donovan, R. L., 1976: Sequential quantitative radio nuclide evaluation of mandibular bone graft repair

Ito N., 1979: Sequential quantitative studies on hyperplastic nodules in the liver of rats treated with carcinogenic chemicals

Kumar M., 1987: Sequential radiation changes in cytology of vaginal smears in carcinoma of cervix uteri during radiotherapy

Ohmori H., 1979: Sequential radio immunoassay of unconjugated and conjugated estrogen in male human plasma

Goldstein S., 1984: Sequential radio nuclide angiographic assessment of left and right ventricular performance and quantitative thallium 201 scintigraphy following acute myo cardial infarction

Reduto, L. A.; Berger, H. J.; Cohen, L. S.; Gottschalk, A.; Zaret, B. L., 1978: Sequential radio nuclide assessment of left and right ventricular performance after acute trans mural myo cardial infarction

Berger R.L., 1980: Sequential radio nuclide imaging during paracorporeal left ventricular support

Schrot, J.; Boren, J. J.; Moerschbaecher, J. M., 1976: Sequential reacquisition as a function of timeout from avoidance

Inesi G., 1979: Sequential reactions in ortho phosphate utilization for atp synthesis by sarcoplasmic reticulum

Gavaret, J. M.; Deme, D.; Nunez, J.; Salvatore, G., 1977: Sequential reactivity of tyrosyl residues of thyro globulin upon iodination catalyzed by thyroid peroxidase

Okada, Y.; Ohashi, Y.; Ohno, T.; Nozu, Y., 1970: Sequential reconstitution of tobacco mosaic virus

Rosen K.M., 1981: Sequential regional phase mapping of radio nuclide gated bi ventriculograms in patients with left bundle branch block

Rosen K.M., 1982: Sequential regional phase mapping of radio nuclide gated bi ventriculograms in patients with sustained ventricular tachy cardia close correlation with electro physiologic characteristics

Newton A., 1988: Sequential regulation of developmental events during polar morphogenesis in caulobacter crescentus assembly of pili on swarmer cells requires cell separation

Miller, P.; Church, M. K., 1976: Sequential release of histamine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine during pinnal anaphylaxis in the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395142

Gromet Elhanan Z., 1981: Sequential removal and reconstitution of subunits beta and gamma from a membrane bound f o f 1 atp synthase

Podesta R.B., 1983: Sequential removal of outer bi layer and apical plasma membrane from the surface epithelial syncytium of schistosoma mansoni

Freier, D. T.; Haines, R. F.; Rosenzweig, J.; Niederhuber, J.; Konnak, J.; Turcotte, J. G., 1976: Sequential renal transplants some surgical and immunological implications on management of the 1st homo graft

Tyeryar, F. J-Jr ; Lawton, W. D.; Macquillan, A. M., 1968: Sequential replication of the chromosome of bacillus licheniformis bacterio phage

Fell P.E., 1981: Sequential reproduction by different types of specimens of the estuarine sponge halichondria sp with an emphasis on reproduction of post larval specimens

Fauci A.S., 1984: Sequential requirements for cell cycle progression of resting human b cells after activation by anti immuno globulin

Miles H.T., 1987: Sequential resonance assignment of the 500 mhz nmr spectrum of d cg 6 and its structure under low salt conditions

Braun W., 1982: Sequential resonance assignments as a basis for determination of spatial protein structures by high resolution proton nmr

Van-De-Ven, F. J. M.; Hilbers, C. W., 1986: Sequential resonance assignments as a basis for the determination of a three dimensional structure of protein e l 30 of escherichia coli

Wuthrich K., 1982: Sequential resonance assignments in protein proton nmr spectra basic pancreatic trypsin inhibitor

Wuthrich K., 1982: Sequential resonance assignments in protein proton nmr spectra computation of sterically allowed proton proton distances and statistical analysis of proton proton distances in single crystal protein conformations

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395154

Kaptein R., 1984: Sequential resonance assignments in proton nmr spectra of oligo nucleotides by 2 dimensional nmr spectroscopy

Mahashur A.A., 1987: Sequential respiratory changes in those exposed to the gas leak at bhopal india

Weinland B.T., 1983: Sequential response of milk leukocytes albumin immuno globulins mono valent ions citrate and lactose in cows given infusions of escherichia coli endo toxin into the mammary gland

Okunewick, J. P.; Chervenick, P. A., 1977: Sequential response of pluripotent and committed hematopoietic colony forming cells to rauscher leukemia virus

Chen M.J., 1982: Sequential response tendencies and reading habits a study with chinese readers

Hayry, P.; Andersson, L. C., 1975: Sequential responses of mouse spleen thymus derived cells in mixed lymphocyte culture induced cytolysis

Boyer D.S., 1981: Sequential retinal breaks following a spontaneous initial retinal break

Gaspar T., 1987: Sequential rooting media and rooting capacity of sequoiadendron giganteum in vitro peroxidase activity as a marker

Feinendegen L.E., 1986: Sequential sampling a new acquisition technique for fatty acid kinetics from quasi simultaneous multiple projections

Sachs M., 1986: Sequential sampling and analysis of renal hydroxylase activities of cattle given 1 alpha hydroxyvitamin d 3

Harriss R.C., 1984: Sequential sampling and variability of acid precipitation in hampton virginia usa

Mckibben G.H., 1983: Sequential sampling for boll weevils anthonomus grandis grandis in cotton a simulation study

Stewart R.K., 1980: Sequential sampling for cereal aphids on barley hordeum vulgare cultivar loyola in southwestern quebec canada

Mcmanus S.P., 1988: Sequential sampling in clinical cytogenetics a quality control viewpoint

Allen O.B., 1987: Sequential sampling of adult northern and western corn rootworms coleoptera chrysomelidae in southern ontario canada

De Vries K., 1985: Sequential sampling of fungal air spores inside and outside the homes of mold sensitive asthmatic patients a search for a relationship to obstructive reactions

Gruner, L., 1975: Sequential sampling of phyllophaga patrueloides white grubs coleoptera scarabaeidae and damage prediction in sugarcane fields in guadeloupe french west indies

Tornero M.T.T., 1982: Sequential sampling of plant damage caused by perileucoptera coffeella in parana brazil

Roulette Cadene S., 1987: Sequential sampling of snow in a rural area experimentation and identification of the acidifying agents

Wahi S.D., 1983: Sequential sampling plan for cabbage leaf webber crocidolomia binotalis

Rao G.S.P., 1985: Sequential sampling plan for mango leafhopper idioscopus clypealis

Dively G.P., 1982: Sequential sampling plan for the armyworm pseudaletia unipuncta in maryland usa small grains

Lorbeer J.W., 1987: Sequential sampling plan for timing initial fungicide application to control botrytis leaf blight of onion

Sumangil J.P., 1986: Sequential sampling planthoppers in rice

Ellis, G.; Dixon, K., 1977: Sequential saturation type assay for serum 25 hydroxy vitamin d

Sulik K.K., 1986: Sequential scanning electron microscopic analyses of normal and spontaneously occurring abnormal ocular development in c 57bl 6j mice

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395186

Lajat Y., 1982: Sequential scinti scans an easy method for testing cerebro spinal fluid shunts

Pinsky S., 1981: Sequential scintigraphic staging of small cell carcinoma

Ferber Burillo J.J., 1981: Sequential scintigraphy and manometry of the eustachian tube a comparative study

Ringertz H., 1987: Sequential scintimetry after femoral neck fracture methodologic aspects and prediction of healing complications

Ringertz H., 1987: Sequential scintimetry in prediction of healing rate after femoral neck fracture

Bass M., 1979: Sequential screening for hypertension in primary care

Zalewska Sobczak J., 1985: Sequential secretion of cell wall degrading enzymes by botrytis fabae and fusarium avenaceum during growth on host and nonhost plants

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395194

Robbins J., 1981: Sequential serum thyro globulin determinations iodine 131 scans and iodine 131 uptakes after tri iodo thyronine withdrawal in patients with thyroid cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395196

Gilliom, R. D.; Purcell, W. P.; Bosin, T. R., 1977: Sequential simplex optimization applied to drug design in the indole 1 methyl indole and benzo b thiophene series

Ishikuma, T.; Moon, S. B.; Kaufman, A. S., 1988: Sequential simultaneous analysis of japanese children's performance on the japanese mccarthy scales

Simons E.R., 1987: Sequential sodium proton exchange in thrombin induced human platelets

Bleecker, W.; Capdevila, J.; Agosin, M., 1973: Sequential solubilization of microsomal mixed function oxidases

Touraine, J. L.; Hadden, J. W.; Good, R. A., 1977: Sequential stages of human thymus derived lymphocyte differentiation

Golomb H.M., 1979: Sequential staging in bronchogenic carcinoma

Gurbanov, V. P.; Barkhudaryan, A. S.; Malygina, N. A., 1976: Sequential staining for g banding and c banding of chromosomes in the analysis of the morphology of the short arms of human acrocentric chromosomes

Dutt, M. K., 1978: Sequential staining of dna aldehyde with schiffs reagent and acriflavine sulfur di oxide

Jefferies, C. J., 1977: Sequential staining to assess viability and starch content in individual pollen grains

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395206

Kleinfeld D., 1986: Sequential state generation by model neural networks

Dillman, R. C.; Dennis, S. M., 1976: Sequential sterile autolysis in the ovine fetus macroscopic changes

Dennis S.M., 1979: Sequential sterile autolysis in the ovine fetus microscopic changes

Sirover M.A., 1980: Sequential stimulation of dna repair and dna replication in normal human cells

Adam, J., 1978: Sequential strategies and the separation of age cohort and time of measurement contributions to developmental data

Mcavoy J., 1984: Sequential structural response of lens epithelium to retina conditioned medium

Ebringer, R. W.; Cawdell, D. R.; Cowling, P.; Ebringer, A., 1978: Sequential studies in ankylosing spondylitis association of klebsiella pneumoniae with active disease

Nieuwenhuis P., 1987: Sequential studies of arterial wall regeneration in microporous compliant biodegradable small caliber vascular grafts in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395215

Thomas E.D., 1982: Sequential studies of cell inhibition of host fibroblasts in 51 patients given hla identical marrow grafts

Sjoholm A.G., 1985: Sequential studies of complement activation in systemic lupus erythematosus

Saito, S.; Tamada, R.; Iwamatasu, M.; Inokuchi, K., 1978: Sequential studies of development of gastric carcinoma in dogs induced by n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine

Blackwell J.N., 1984: Sequential studies of gliadin antibodies in patients with dermatitis herpetiformis

Pirani C.L., 1984: Sequential studies of glomerular crescent formation in rats with antiglomerular basement membrane induced glomerulonephritis and the role of coagulation factors

Stanley J.C., 1981: Sequential studies of healing in endothelial seeded vascular prostheses histologic and ultrastructure characteristics of graft incorporation

Costlow M.E., 1986: Sequential studies of lymphoblast glucocorticoid receptor levels at diagnosis and relapse in childhood leukemia an update

Andersen, V.; Hansen, N. E.; Karle, H.; Lind, I.; Hoiby, N.; Weeke, B., 1976: Sequential studies of lymphocyte responsiveness and antibody formation in acute bacterial meningitis

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395224

Hersey, P.; Edwards, A. E.; Murray, E.; Mccarthy, W. H.; Milton, G. W., 1978: Sequential studies of melanoma leukocyte dependent antibody activity in melanoma patients

Purkiss P., 1983: Sequential studies of oxalate dynamics in primary hyper oxaluria

Eddleston A.L.W.F., 1988: Sequential studies of pre s2 antigenemia and anti pre s2 antibodies in relation to viral replication in acute hepatitis b followed from the early incubation phase

Norman J.C., 1981: Sequential studies of pseudoneointimae within long term texas heart institute e type abdominal left ventricular assist device thickness calcification and compositional analyses

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395229

Fialkow P.J., 1987: Sequential studies of skin tumorigenesis in pgk mosaic mice the effect of repeated exposure to a carcinogen on regressed mouse skin papillomas

Fialkow P.J., 1987: Sequential studies of skin tumorigenesis in phosphoglycerate kinase mosaic mice effect of resumption of promotion on regressed papillomas

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395232

Ihse I., 1985: Sequential studies on the development of nitrosamine induced pancreatic carcinoma in the syrian golden hamster

Matsukura, N.; Itabashi, M.; Kawachi, T.; Hirota, T.; Sugimura, T., 1980: Sequential studies on the histo pathogenesis of gastric carcinoma in rats by a weak gastric carcinogen n propyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine

Stein J.H., 1980: Sequential studies on the patho physiology of glycerol induced acute renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395236

Aronson M., 1984: Sequential study of bacterial clearance in experimental cystitis

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395238

Wood C.B.S., 1984: Sequential study of c reactive protein in neonatal septicemia using a latex agglutination test

Conte J.J., 1979: Sequential study of complement c 1q binding substances and of anti dna antibodies in nzb x nzwf 1 mice evidence for an acute phase of the lupus disease in 2 month old mice

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395241

Gooch A.S., 1982: Sequential study of left ventricular function in aortic valvular stenosis

Cazzaniga M., 1980 : Sequential study of liver biopsy in thalassemia

Dolan T.T., 1981: Sequential study of lymph node and splenic aspirates during theileria parva infection in calves

Servadio C., 1988: Sequential study of macrophage migration inhibition factor in renal cell carcinoma patients

Jespersen J., 1983: Sequential study of plasma eu globulin fibrinolytic activity during the normal menstrual cycle and in women on oral contraceptives low in estrogen

Giroud J.P., 1987: Sequential study of pleural peritoneal and blood cells in acute pleurisy induced by calcium pyrophosphate in the rat

Schweisguth O., 1979: Sequential study of the bone marrow granulocytic progenitor cells colony forming cells in children treated by chemo therapy for non hodgkins malignant lymphomas

Postlethwaite R.J., 1986: Sequential study of the immunoglobulin a system in relapsing immunoglobulin a nephropathy

Cruz De Lavin E., 1980: Sequential study of the invasion of the colonic mucosa by entamoeba histolytica

Egozcue J., 1985: Sequential study of the synaptonemal complex in syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus and mouse mus musculus oocytes by light and electron microscopy

Trautwein G., 1987: Sequential study of vasculitis in mrl mice

Wahi P.L., 1979: Sequential study on the effect of autologous hemolyzed blood infusion on pulmonary vasculature in rhesus monkeys

Ballou R.J., 1983: Sequential study on the influence of adriamycin on cell proliferation and ultrastructure of cultured mammary tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395258

Targan S.R., 1984: Sequential substages of natural killer cell derived cytolytic factor mediated cytolysis as defined by glutaraldehyde modulation of the target cell

Gallardo Lara F., 1985: Sequential sulfur availability affected by town refuse compost application

Hirt A., 1980: Sequential surface marker and cytokinetic studies on individual cells from children with acute lymphoid leukemia

Prem K., 1980: Sequential surgery radiation therapy and alkeran in the management of epithelial carcinoma of the ovary

Fauci A.S., 1986: Sequential synergistic effect of interleukin 2 and interferon gamma on the differentiation of a tac antigen positive b cell line

Petrakova E., 1984: Sequential synthesis and carbon 13 nmr spectra of methyl 3 o beta d xylobiosyl beta d xylo pyranoside and methyl 2 o beta d xylobiosyl beta d xylo pyranoside/

Hirsch J., 1982: Sequential synthesis and carbon 13 nmr spectra of methyl beta glycosides of 1 4 beta d xylo oligo saccharides

Iverson, L. E.; Rose, J. K., 1982: Sequential synthesis of 5' proximal vesicular stomatitis virus messenger rna sequences

Kaminskas, E.; Magasanik, B., 1970: Sequential synthesis of histidine degrading enzymes in bacillus subtilis

Adler, K., 1976: Sequential synthesis of membrane poly peptides in chloroplast thylakoids of synchronized chlorella pyrenoidosa cells

Keene J.D., 1983: Sequential synthesis of small capped rna transcripts in vitro by vesicular stomatitis virus

Kakegawa T., 1984: Sequential system failure after abdominal surgery an important problem in postoperative care

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395272

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395273

Rowe M.J.IIi, 1981: Sequential technique for half field pattern visual evoked potential testing

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395275

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395276

Bowyer P.A., 1980: Sequential testing effects and the relationship between recognition and recognition failure

Geary D.N., 1988: Sequential testing in clinical trials with repeated measurements

Koziol, J. A.; Petkau, A. J., 1978: Sequential testing of the equality of 2 survival distributions using the modified savage statistic

Pascho R.J., 1986: Sequential tests for infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus in individuals and populations of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka

Meeker, W. Q., 1978: Sequential tests of independence for 2 x 2 contingency tables

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395282

Roth D., 1988: Sequential thallium 201 myocardial perfusion studies after successful percutaneous transluminal coronary artery angioplasty delayed resolution of exercise induced scintigraphic abnormalities

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395284

Mango G., 1985: Sequential therapy with lithium in chemotherapy induced vomiting

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395286

Saxena S.K., 1987: Sequential thin layer chromatography of 2 4 d and related compounds

Abou-Donia, M. B., 1978: Sequential thin layer chromatography of leptophos and related compounds

Abou Donia M.B., 1980: Sequential thin layer chromatography of phosfolan mephosfolan and related compounds

Markham R.J.F., 1979: Sequential titration of bovine lung and serum antibodies after parenteral or pulmonary inoculation with pasteurella haemolytica

Abraham, G.; Banerjee, A. K., 1976: Sequential transcription of the genes of vesicular stomatitis virus

Sharp P.A., 1981: Sequential transcription translation of sv 40 by using mammalian cell extracts

Lachmi, B. E.; Kaariainen, L., 1976: Sequential translation of nonstructural proteins in chick embryo fibroblast and bhk 21 baby hamster kidney cells infected with a semliki forest virus mutant

Tompkins, R. K., 1970: Sequential translation of tri nucleotide codons for peptide bond formation translocation and termination

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395295

Pattee P.A., 1988: Sequential transposition of tn 916 among staphylococcus aureus protoplasts

Pantopoulos D., 1988: Sequential transvenous pacing and shock therapy for termination of sustained ventricular tachycardia

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395298

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395299

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395337

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395582

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395583

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395584

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395585

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395586

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395587

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395613

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395614

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395629

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395630

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395631

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395641

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395642

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395643

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395656

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395657

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395658

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395659

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395716

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395717

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395718

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395738

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395739

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395756

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395757

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395768

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395769

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395831

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395840

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395841

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395899

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395900

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Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395913

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395914

Section 7, Chapter 6396, Accession 006395915

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